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Leftist Website Io9 Complains Ted Cruz Ruined 'Hitchhiker's Guide' by Mentioning It

Leftist Website Io9 Complains Ted Cruz Ruined 'Hitchhiker's Guide' by Mentioning It
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When opening his round of questioning for Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, Sen. Ted Cruz made what may be the geekiest cultural reference in the history of Congress when he asked:

What is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?

Grinning, Gorsuch replied:


This is a line from the hugely popular science fiction novel The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and a large number of science fiction fans enjoyed the reference. Gorsuch explained that he used to pose the question to nervous law students to break the tension, and that his own children loved the book.

This was all too much for the Leftist scolds at the popular website io9, which subsequently published an article titled:

Senator Ted Cruz Has Forever Tainted The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

What kind of childish halfwit considers something they enjoy “tainted” because the wrong person liked it?

Writer Katharine Trendacosta thinks a political opponent can taint something by being a fan, so — expecting to find hypocrisy — I took a look at her prior writing.

Know of The Mists of Avalon, by Marion Zimmer Bradley? This feminist take on the Arthurian legend is popular with the left, and Trendacosta is at least familiar with the book, having mentioned it previously on io9. If any book is tainted, perhaps it should be Mists: Bradley’s daughter claims she sexually abused her.

Remember, the left — from college students to Hillary, until Bill’s victims reappeared — demands that victims be believed before the evidence is in. Shouldn’t Trendacosta be explaining how Mists is ruined long before she gets to Cruz?

The list of stars and authors accused of terrible crimes is long, yet — see Roman Polanski and Woody Allen — they still are often celebrated if they simply lean left.

It’s one thing to believe in separating the artist from the art itself. But Cruz? He’s a conservative, so Trendacosta can’t even separate the art from a fan.

Yes, it was a softball question from Cruz for a nominee he was already supporting. If you want to take issue with that, fine, and the bulk of the piece does, to be fair. But softballs from supporters isn’t out of the ordinary — in fact, it’s the overwhelming norm.

But Trendacosta is acting like the book has cooties. It’s juvenile, and yet another embarrassment for the Leftist site that claims to be about science and science fiction. The Left insists on politicizing, and attempting to ruin, everything.

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