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Saudi Government Allegedly Tortures Two Trans Activists to Death

Saudi Government Allegedly Tortures Two Trans Activists to Death
(AP Photo/Toby Talbot, File)

Transgender activists in the United States have been behaving as if not being able to use the public restroom of your choice is radical, inhumane oppression.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has allegedly tortured two trans activists to death:

Saudi Arabia has denied claims by Pakistani activists that two transgender women from Pakistan were beaten to death in police custody after being arrested in Saudi Arabia along with more than 30 other members of the community.

Reports of the deaths had been carried in Pakistani media and decried in an activists’ media conference on Monday. However, a statement from the Saudi interior ministry early on Tuesday said the reports were “totally wrong and nobody was tortured”.

Saudi media reported last week that police had arrested around 35 people after they raided a party where men were dressed as women and were wearing make-up. The Saudi outlets did not use the word transgender, nor say anyone had been killed.

In Pakistan, transgender activist Farzana Riaz told a news conference on Monday that sources in the transgender community in Saudi Arabia had told her the two Pakistanis were beaten to death with sticks.

Saudi officials claim one person died of a heart attack — hmm — but deny any torture took place.

Even without the apparent murders, keep something in mind here: the Saudi government arrested people simply for wearing women’s clothing and acting like women. That’s it.

Here in America, land of liberty, no one at all is even considering laws that prevent people from acting like the opposite gender. At least, no one considered sane.

While trans people do have problems in this country — while rare, there have been incidents of violence against them — the LGBT community faces the death penalty in much of the Middle East.

Can the social justice warriors stop pretending that life in the United States is just unbearably awful? You can acknowledge that things are comparably wonderful here without having to negate your efforts to make it just a bit better.

They never will, unfortunately.

Instead, they’ll call people “literally Hitler” because they’re not ready to give any and all ground that the SJWs demand. They’ll pontificate on how horrible our society is because we don’t treat everything they say as gospel as soon as it spews forth from their mouths.

Meanwhile, the Middle East will continue to treat women, religious minorities, and the transgendered as subhumans worthy of death.

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