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Radical Feminists, Conservatives Team Up on Transgenderism and Title IX

No two groups of women are more diametrically opposed to one another than radical feminists and conservatives. One group has members who want to lock men into camps (true story), while the other is a lot more committed to the whole “life, liberty, property” thing.

However, members of the two groups are teaming up to fight against efforts to give Title IX protections to transgendered women:

Radical feminists and conservative women are joining together to defend womanhood from transgender incursions via Title IX, calling it a war on women.

At a Heritage Foundation event titled “Biology isn’t bigotry,” a member of the Women’s Liberation Front explained why her group was suing the federal government to stop it from redefining “sex” in Title IX to mean “gender identity.”

Criticizing the presence of biological males in women’s private spaces, such as school bathrooms and locker rooms, has become “forbidden discourse” on the left, said midwife and activist Mary Lou Singleton.

If you’re laughing hysterically at this, so am I.

Feminism has long advocated for “intersectionality,” the idea that all so-called “oppressed groups” intersect due to the “systemic oppression” and stuff. But now that transgender activists get a lot more attention than they did in the past, the flaws with intersectionality on the drawing board is biting some of them in the butt.

Radical feminists have long argued for what amounts to female separatism, and the idea of biological males being able to enter those spaces is abhorrent to them, much as it is to many conservatives.

Unfortunately, not only is any discussion of transgendered access to restrooms “forbidden discourse” on the left, concerns of such access being used as cover for pedophiles to gain access to children has repeatedly been mischaracterized by the media.

No, no one was saying that transgendered women were inherently pedophiles or rapists. They were arguing that laws permitting anyone who says he “identifies” as female to use the women’s restroom would make it too easy for predators to gain access to their potential prey.

Of all the people on the left willing to express concerns over the potential problems with such a thing, I never thought it would be radical feminists. Don’t get your hopes up too much, however. If the lawsuit put forth by the Women’s Liberation Front fails, there’s not much chance they will accomplish much from the left. Even among feminists they are a minority voice, so it’s unlikely that they’ll manage to change too many minds.

Still, it’s amusing to see the most radical of leftists lining up to speak at The Heritage Foundation.  Maybe next, we’ll get PETA and Ted Nugent siding up on an issue.

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