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10 Moments From 2016 That Sum Up SJWs Perfectly

Social justice warriors have been with us for a while, but 2016 was a special year for them. We decided to find the moments that best exemplify social justice warriors in their natural habitat: anywhere they can be outraged over nothing in particular.

1. Pro-Choice Group Outraged Over Super Bowl Commercials That Had Nothing To Do With Abortion

This was a special kind of stupid. NARAL Pro-Choice America (formerly the National Abortion Rights Action League) got bent out of shape over Super Bowl commercials that literally had nothing to do with abortion. From PJ Media’s Debra Heine:

  • Hyundai was scolded for depicting women as “bad drivers who get distracted by the mere sight of a man.”
  • Buick drew their ire for depicting women fighting over a wedding bouquet. “That was the best you could come up with?” NARAL seethed.
  • Audi was criticized for something they didn’t do. “You couldn’t find a single female astronaut to feature in your ad?” NARAL snarled.
  • Snickers was attacked for being “transphobic” and implying that women are okay with “being objectified as long as they have snacks.”

Additionally, they were upset over a Doritos commercial involving a baby thrusting itself out of its mother’s womb because it wanted a chip. Apparently, babies being born is offensive or something.

2. Group Yells “Black Lives Matter” While Beating Up White Guys

A group of five black men and two white men apparently took on the mantra of the activist group Black Lives Matter while beating the crap out of seven white people in Akron, Ohio.

Police claimed that the victims were approached by the suspects and attacked with bottles while being punched and kicked.  One victim reportedly fell to the ground and was kicked in the head several times.

It wasn’t the first time violence and an SJW cause went hand in hand during 2016.

3. Google’s SJW CEO Looked To Censor Unpopular Speech

Eric Schmidt, the CEO of tech giant Google, announced that the company was looking at developing algorithms to combat “hate speech.”  Of course, hate speech is in the eye of the beholder. As Stephen Kruiser noted:

Words that may offend a delicate millennial campus social justice warrior could be censored too. I’ve seen any number of conservative accounts on Facebook suspended or shut down for not being nice to President Obama while hate-filled, death-threat spewing leftist accounts are allowed to go on.

Heaven forbid social justice warriors have to win with ideas.

4. Academic Paper Claims Climate Change Is Sexist

Yes, you read that right.  The claim was actually made in a paper written by a group of history professors from the University of Oregon. They proposed “a feminist glaciology framework with four key components: 1) knowledge producers; (2) gendered science and knowledge; (3) systems of scientific domination; and (4) alternative representations of glaciers.”

Yeah…I got nothing.

5. The Disney Movie Moana Advances Wrong Agenda

Disney’s Moana was a hit. With its strong female lead and minority characters, it should have been an SJW’s dream. It wasn’t. Apparently, the fact that the character Maui lacked six-pack abs was a slam on a culture known for producing large, powerful men.

The lesson here is that you will never make the SJW legions happy.  You’re always going to be wrong about something.

6. “Protests” Disrupt Candidate Trump’s Rally

Donald Trump may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the SJWs of America really hate him. How much? They protested violently at several of his rallies as he ran for the presidency.  As we now know, if it had any effect on Trump’s candidacy, it wasn’t what they meant for it to be.

Yet another example of violence from the social justice warriors. They try to shut down anyone they disagree with because they can’t win with ideas.

7. Student Argues Athletic Building Name Promotes Rape

The Colorado School of Mines wanted to give its athletic center the nickname “the Mine Shaft.” For a school of mines, it fits perfectly.  Unfortunately, a special snowflake at the school got the idea that since students wanted to tell losing opponents they got “shafted,” the term was all about rape because…well, just because.

Because for the SJW, pretty much everything is about rape.

8.  Author Attacked Because She Said Her Fictional Characters Weren’t Gay

Author S.E. Hinton got blasted on Twitter because she wrote that two characters in her book The Outsiders weren’t gay.  This was unacceptable because every character is, well, supposed to be gay.

Apparently, fictional characters being straight means something other than that they’re just not gay. This wasn’t the only case of someone getting worked up over something like this.

9. Students Go Nuts Over Professor’s Opposition To Being Forced To Use Different Pronouns

A professor at the University of Toronto opposed a law that would force him to use whatever pronouns an individual prefers rather than what he/she presents himself/herself as. In the world of the SJW, that’s an unforgivable sin, so the students went absolutely nuts over it.

Free speech is for bigots, so suck it!

10. SJW Students Battle In “Oppression Olympics”

A “students of color” conference in California went beautifully, horribly wrong when organizers decided to give the conference a theme, something that isn’t the norm at such conferences.  The theme of “anti-blackness” may have felt like a safe bet for the folks calling the shots, but non-black “students of color” disagreed.  The whole thing devolved into “oppression olympics” as each group argued about who was the most oppressed.

Because nothing bothers the SJWs worse than thinking they’re not the most oppressed people in the world.

Obviously, this isn’t a complete list.  There’s no way to put an entire list of SJW stupidity out into the world because of the sheer volume on idiocy they spew annually. So, tell us, what’s your favorite SJW story of the year?