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The Morning Briefing: Steve Kerr Belongs in the Moron Hall of Fame

The Morning Briefing: Steve Kerr Belongs in the Moron Hall of Fame
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This Is Going to Hurt Me More Than It Hurts You

My devotion to University of Arizona sports has kept me from saying anything about Steve Kerr each time he weighs in on politics and says something remarkably stupid, which is quite often.

I’m from Tucson. I went to the UofA. I’m a die-hard Wildcat fan and Steve Kerr is one of the most beloved and iconic alums from the school’s legendary basketball program. Kerr was a guard on the school’s first Final Four team.

Suffice it to say he is well-liked around these parts.

You can cross me off of that list now:

As Kerr says, it is his right as an American to say things like that. I agree. It is also his right to be stupid. Sane people who aren’t stupid have rights too, and we need to call out the Famous Idiot Class.

There was once a presumption of greater responsibility for people in the public eye. That has obviously gone out the window in recent years. The NBA has a lot of young fans, and Kerr’s irresponsible remarks will plant the wrong kinds of seeds in many of them.

Liberals like Kerr fancy themselves as deep thinkers when it comes to politics, when in fact most of them are simpletons. Awash in logical fallacies, they offer false premises and false equivalencies, and because they surround themselves with only like-minded people, they are never challenged on it.

Equating the United States with China in a conversation about human rights abuses isn’t a reality-based thing to do. Kerr didn’t do that to be disingenuous — liberals really are that stupid. They’ve been telling themselves negative stories for so long that they believe them. This is the country where self-made billionaires are buying into the progressive “capitalism and rich people are bad” narrative, after all.

Steve Kerr is a millionaire several times over because he could shoot a ball better than other people in the only major sport that is uniquely American. He gets to pop off about the president of the United States whenever he wants to without fear of recrimination. China jails artists who offend the state.

He shoots, he misses.

Continuing With the NBA Idiot Thing

China good, Israel bad:

The Portland Trail Blazers announced that they have severed relations with a company that does business with Israel following a pressure campaign by activists tied to the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement.

As the NBA is facing outrage after the general manager of the Houston Rockets capitulated to censorship by the Chinese communist government, the Trail Blazers quietly severed ties with the manufacturer Leupold, which has a contract to produce accessories for the Israeli Defense Forces.

Trail Blazers president and CEO Chris McGowan recently announced the decision to bow to pressure from BDS activists, telling a reporter for the Bleacher Report that “Leupold is no longer a part of the organization.”

The move was celebrated by anti-Israel activists and picked up by the pro-BDS blog Mondoweiss, which stated that the decision came “after a year-long campaign by local activists to pressure the Blazers to drop the sponsor.”

Seriously, did anyone think the NBA could step in even more of it this week? I’m almost ready to commend all involved for finding ways to look more ridiculous each day.

My friend Melissa Mackenzie summed it up nicely:

Cancel the 20th Century

Rally Time! 

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TGIF and try the turtle soup. It’s life-changing.

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