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The Morning Briefing: Baseball Heartbreak Over Impeachment Nonsense Edition

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My Annual Heartbreak Is Upon Me

The baseball playoffs begin this week and, despite my heartbreak after the last two World Series — when I swore I’d given up all hope as a Dodgers fan — I’m back for more. Why? Because it is abundantly clear that getting my sports soul crushed again will still be infinitely more pleasurable than reading another overwrought, hyperbole barf of an impeachment story.

I have male and female friends who aren’t into sports at all and find those of us who are passionate about them to be rather odd. I freely admit that we’re freak shows. Our passion overrides our better judgment all the time.

Still, day drinking in a sports bar full of loud people who are having their emotions dictated by the play of a bunch of multimillionaire athletes is, sadly, far less dysfunctional than getting wrapped up in whatever this is that’s passing for political discourse these days.

True, I still have to pay attention to it all for work purposes but, I’m not gonna lie: I will take whatever distractions my Dodgers can give me for however long they remain in the postseason. An ulcer of my own choosing is better than an endless headache from ORANGE MAN BAD MUST GO “think” pieces from the pants-wetting mainstream media.

Did I mention overwrought?!?!?

This is an especially infantile opinion piece, even by New York Times Trump-era standards. It’s a wishful thinking wooing of presumably malleable Republican senators, and it reads more like a teenaged girl’s dream journal than something from what was once the most serious news source in America.

The author is getting way ahead of himself too. The House has merely announced an impeachment inquiry and the Times is already trying to line up Senate votes. The leap-frogging from the posturing of the past week to the endgame is just indicative of just how emotion-driven these people are.

It’s difficult to take anything they say seriously when the slightest crumb of hearsay evidence is used to springboard into a land of pure fantasy.

OK, I really don’t take them seriously under any circumstances.

But wait, there’s more…

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The Kruiser Kabana

A little Uncle Miltie…

Let’s have shrimp tacos.

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