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The Morning Briefing: You're a Mao, I'm a Mao, Everyone's a Mao Mao!

The Morning Briefing: You're a Mao, I'm a Mao, Everyone's a Mao Mao!
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Also Plus Hitler

It was an unusually awful weekend for the always awful leftmedia, both those pretending to be mainstream and those not.

After the unfortunate news of the passing of philanthropist David Koch on Friday, progressive dementia was immediately on display. One writer — from the progressive site Shareblue — accused Koch of being responsible for more deaths than Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and Timothy McVeigh.

After it was announced the Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had undergone more cancer treatment, the lefties who were gleefully cheering Koch’s death began playing a game of “whataboutism” and accusing the right of wishing death on RBG.

Except nobody was. Oh, I’m sure there were a handful of supposed right-wingers out there doing so and I’m even more confident that most of them were progressives pretending to be conservatives.

The real kicker for the progs is that Justice Ginsburg was treated in a hospital that was the beneficiary of a $150 million donation from the man they were likening to Satan.

On Sunday, the two most prominent and egregious offenders in the hit-job faux journalism era — CNN and The New York Times — unwittingly worked in concert to prove that everything the president and his supporters don’t like about the MSM is true.

First, CNN’s Brian Stelter gazed longingly into the distance while a quack shrink claimed that president Trump was responsible for more deaths than Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.

That was just too much for me, and I quickly pointed out the logical fallacy there:

My apologies to those of you who died from the end of Net Neutrality and weren’t included in my response. It really is difficult to keep up with all of the death.

It’s like my mom was fond of saying to me when I was little: “When everyone is Hitler, no one is Hitler, honey.”

KruiserMom has a unique parenting style.

Shortly after Bri-Bri was implicitly agreeing that that current president of the United States was, in fact, one of history’s greatest mass murderers, The New York Times ran an article expressing its horror that a few Trump supporters are going to hold the paper accountable for the hateful bias it and other MSM outlets regurgitate into the universe every day.

Because none of these idiots can help but reveal just how dreadful they are, Stelter proved why the leftist outrage in the Times piece is utter garbage.

After issuing a halfhearted response claiming that he didn’t hear the guy saying those things about the president and would have stopped him if he had, Stelter then went and wrote a post that — I’ll sum it up to save you time — basically says, “But I totally agree with the guy.”

We know the media are awful, and we’re closer than ever to having them on the ropes. Now is not the time to let up. Thankfully, the president gets that.

From the Comments

@craig_zimmerman (Craig Zimmerman)

“Many might question why it’s even relevant to keep talking about this. Well, one reason is that Hillary still does.”

Heck, those of us who are historically minded still study the Soviet penetration of the Manhattan Project, and the reveals following declassification of the Venona Project. Of course, this isn’t the same. In this case, it was an American Secretary of State and major party Presidential Candidate who leaked highly classified information because she was too paranoid to trust her Executive Department to keep her Pay-to-Play corruption from being Archived along with every other Federal record.

Can anybody think of a more important, yet under-reported story than the results of the Venona Project? MCCARTHY WAS RIGHT.

We won’t be finding that in any high school or college history books though.

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I forgot to share this vid last week and figured it’s a good way to start this one:

Be happy. It irritates all the right people.


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