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The Morning Briefing: Ana Navarro Puts Down Her Sandwich and Tweets Stuff

The Morning Briefing: Ana Navarro Puts Down Her Sandwich and Tweets Stuff
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Ok, we really don’t need both, since they’re the same thing but, hey, a little extra never hurts when one is on the job for the first day.

It is imperative that I begin by thanking Liz Sheld for not only her kind words yesterday, but for building the Briefing into something that I didn’t hesitate to agree to take over when asked if I wanted to. All of us at PJ Media are going to miss her and I wish her all the best at American Greatness.

YES — I will link to her there!

I am especially grateful for Liz imbuing the Morning Briefing with her acerbic wit and irreverence for what we are told are supposed to be sacred cows. I won’t have to turn this thing on its head to have fun with it because she already made it fun.

I promise to keep the reasons everyone likes reading the Briefing going but I will also be experimenting with a few changes here and there. They will be rolled out slowly and input from all of you will be greatly valued.

As you all well know, we are under siege in media on this side of the political aisle. Few are more aware of that than I. I’ve been blogging about conservative politics since before we were calling it blogging. While I am most serious about battling the runaway disinformation train of the Left, I like to try and make the fight fun for the readers. Let the leftists be pinched, constipated, and miserable all the time.

Those really are the only things they’re any good at.


You do you, Mr. President.

After the horrors of last weekend, the demands on President Trump to do this or do that got — and this takes some effort — even more shrill than usual.

At first, they complained that he wasn’t around. When he did make himself available to the press they not only whined about what he said, but that the media wasn’t spinning it to reflect poorly on him.

There were demands that, as leader of the free world, President Trump do something to help the healing begin. After he announced that he would be visiting El Paso and Dayton today, a new round of lunatic discontent bubbled up from the leftist underbelly.

The congressional representative in whose district the El Paso shootings occurred immediately made it about her rather than the community, stomping her foot and declaring that she would not accompany the president.

Likewise, Sen. Sherrod Brown from Ohio said he didn’t “have any interest” in joining President Trump in Dayton.

We’ll just tell the people to postpone the healing until the Democrats representing them in Washington are done grandstanding.

No truckload of anti-Trump hypocrisy is full until CNN’s Ana Navarro shows up with her list of demands:

Gotcha, Toots. You want him to speak out against things.

There’s no way this woman has any real friends.

The real beauty of these idiots never being satisfied by anything the president does is that each recurrence of the leftist demand/disappointment cycle seems to strengthen his resolve to pay attention only to his own counsel.

They can’t hurt his feelings but, bless their little hearts, they just can’t figure that out.

Yes, they’ve lost their minds.

One of the “Yo Hablo Poquito” Castro brothers decided to doxx Trump supporters.

Reaction was harsh but Rep. Duolingo remained unapologetic. That’s who they are.

Oh, him again.

As Liz mentioned yesterday, The Lightbringer couldn’t let a tragedy go to waste and wandered back into the spotlight, which gave the MSM a chance to spend yesterday dotting their “i”s with hearts as they scrawled in their feelings journals.

Further analysis: Obama is a narcissistic jackass.

The real laugh line here is the CNN writer saying that Obama was breaking a “self-imposed political silence.” One could travel through a million alternative universes and not find one in which Barack Obama imposed any sort of silence upon himself.

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And thank all who joined me here for my first day. To express my gratitude I leave you with a dude on a unicycle playing the Star Wars theme on flaming bagpipes.

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