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TDS Update: Michelle Obama Is Still Whining About Trump's Inauguration

TDS Update: Michelle Obama Is Still Whining About Trump's Inauguration
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Exhibiting the same lack of post-presidency decorum that her husband increasingly does, former first lady Michelle Obama took some time over the weekend to let everyone know that she’s still an unhappy person.

The Hill:

Former first lady Michelle Obama revealed how she felt during President Trump’s inauguration in an interview during the Essence Festival on Saturday.

Obama told journalist Gayle King that her children cried during the event because they were leaving their home of eight years.

“And then we had to meet the Trumps. That day was very emotional. And then to sit at that inauguration and to look around at a crowd that was not reflective of the country, and I had to sit in that audience as one of the handfuls of people of color. All that I had to hold on to over those last eight years, and it was a lot emotionally,” Obama said.

For someone who has benefited from the modern American experience far more than most, she sure finds a lot to complain about. Of course, that isn’t at all unusual for Democrats and progressives. Ten minutes a day on social media will give you a pretty clear snapshot of just how miserable they all are.

However, Ms. Obama is the former first lady, which at one time presupposed the exhibition of grace once the time in the White House came to an end. Hillary Clinton did away with that notion, and Laura Bush tried to bring it back for a while.

The old unwritten rule was that the couple that just left the White House would refrain from complaining about the new president until he was then out of office.

Put mildly, the Obamas have struggled with that. They’ve embraced the symptoms of their Trump Derangement Syndrome and aren’t seeking a cure.

Ms. Obama wasn’t quite through letting the audience know that the struggle was real:

“By the time I got on the plane, it was a release of 8 years of trying to have to show up.”

It wasn’t having to show up that got to her, it was simply trying to have to show up. She’s basically lobbying for a participation trophy here.

Leaving a taxpayer-funded mansion is no doubt “a lot emotionally” for everyone who has had to do it. Complaining about having to merely try to show up so you could live there is petty and small.

Michelle Obama is a wealthy (thanks to all of that trying to show up stuff), widely admired woman.

Too bad she can’t just enjoy it.