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All Bogus Charges Dismissed Against David Daleiden for Planned Parenthood Vids

All Bogus Charges Dismissed Against David Daleiden for Planned Parenthood Vids
(AP Photo/Pat Sullivan)

Via Life News:

The Harris County District Attorney’s office on Tuesday dismissed all charges against anti-abortion activists who secretly videotaped Planned Parenthood officials in Houston.

David Robert Daleiden and Sandra Merritt were charged with tampering with a governmental record, for using a fake identification to gain access to the facility. In a surprise move before a hearing on the legitimacy of the indictment, prosecutors dismissed the charges.

Deleiden and his attorneys claimed victory for the anti-abortion movement, saying they were satisfied with the decision.

Daleiden, 27, and Sandra Merritt, 62, both of Davis, Calif., were indicted by a Harris County grand jury in January, accused of tampering with a government record for allegedly using fake driver licenses to conceal their identities while dealing with a Houston Planned Parenthood clinic.

This was always only about one thing: creating a distraction for the media to talk about rather than focusing on the most salient point of the saga. The Democrats are brilliant at this (think “Benghazi was a spontaneous response to a video”), and all too often find prosecutors (even Republican appointees, as in this case) and judges who will go along with them. The distraction is dutifully reported on in the media ad nauseam, and by the time it’s revealed to be utter garbage, most of short-attention-span America has moved on. They don’t need the charges to stick, they just need them to create a lot of noise.

Sadly, none of this will keep the pro-aborts from continuing to lie about what Daleiden’s videos actually exposed, which was horrifying.

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