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42 Killed by ISIS in Yemen Suicide Attacks

As our own Instapundit is fond of saying: Nobel Peace Prize Update.

A wave of suicide bombings targeting Yemeni troops killed at least 42 people Monday in the southeastern city of Mukalla, officials said, in attacks claimed by the Islamic State group.

The capital of Hadramawt province, Mukalla had been under the control of Al-Qaeda for one year until pro-government troops backed by a Saudi-led coalition recaptured the city in April.

But IS claimed responsibility for the attacks, saying in a statement that eight of its suicide bombers killed 50 members of Yemen’s security forces, according to US-based monitor SITE Intelligence Group.

Why am I blaming Obama?

Why not? Hey, if he can blame conservative Christian Americans for everything he doesn’t like he will definitely be my go-to.

The concerning tidbit in this story is that this area was an Al-Qaeda stronghold until a couple of months ago. Apparently it matters not what, when, or where a power vacuum is created, ISIS is ready to make a run at filling it.

Really cool that Obama dismissed and ignored them for so long, right?

What’s most disheartening about terrorist activity in the Hope and Change era is that it just seems to pop up everywhere. The public starts to think one area is under control, and the murderous ISIS freak show is quickly seen in another.

Remember the good old days when “experts” told us they were largely contained in Iraq? Al-Qaeda was supposed to be the traveling exporter of death for the Muslim “fringe”. Now ISIS goes out and makes partnerships with other terrorist groups.

It’s not a “phobia” to be worried about this. Phobias are irrational fears and this threat is very real and committed.