May 17, 2021

OPEN THREAD: This town’s never like another when you head down over West Paces brother.

Background on the linked tune here.

HOW’S THAT RED STATE WELCOME WAGON PROGRAM COMING ALONG? New Yorkers Moved to Florida in Droves Amid COVID Lockdowns, New Figures Show.


The ATF has unleashed their proposed rule to change the “Definition of ‘Frame or Receiver’ and Identification of Firearms” and it’s as ugly as it sounds.

If enacted, 2021R-05 would drastically change the Federal definition of a firearm receiver. For starters, this proposed rule would outlaw 3D printing, parts kits, 80% lowers, and other home-built firearms and would apply FFL rules to individuals.

Under the proposed rules, any “externally visible housing or holding structure” will be considered a frame or receiver.

Not only are the definitions ambiguous and ripe for arbitrary enforcement, but the proposed rules also destroy any clearly understood definition of what a gun is and what parts are and give absolute control to the tyrannical ATF to decide if you are breaking their enigmatic B.S. regulations.

Getting caught up in federal gun charges could be a real possibility even for gun owners trying their best to comply.

Here is the proposed rule.

Here’s how you can submit a comment.

KAROL MARKOWICZ: If woke companies really ‘care,’ let them help where it counts: fighting crime.

In Atlanta, home of Coca-Cola, homicides this year are up 60 percent over 2020 at this point, even though 2020 saw the most murders in two decades. How much of Coca-Cola’s ad budget is urging action?

Silicon Valley, home of politically motivated companies like Apple and Uber, openly ignored the Bay Area’s 35 percent murder spike last year.

These firms can do a lot to effect change in their home regions if they wanted to. They can demand more policing. They can spend money on mental-health facilities. They can fund better street lights, which have been shown to reduce crime, and cameras in hot spots to identify assailants faster.

They can speak up on the issue again and again so politicians know it matters. Instead, they’re putting out slickly produced TV commercials telling us they “care” about abstract, often loony issues.

But they won’t, because the woke ruling class are terrified of being trashed en masse by their fellow leftists on social media.

ROGER KIMBALL: The Way We Live Now.

The gimlet-eyed Janet Daley identified one worrisome cluster in a column for the London Telegraph called “Free society is finished if we fail to resist this new Dark Age of unreason.”

Daley begins by noting the irony that the collapse of Soviet Communism, one of the most evil tyrannies the world has ever seen, did not, as some observers predicted, usher in a new age of sweetness and light but rather removed one of the supporting props of global security.

The resulting vacuum has fostered confusion and disarray everywhere. but mostly, Daley argues, in the West, which has been seduced into abjuring its faith in reason and open debate.

“Public discourse,” she writes, “does not consist of competing arguments any more: it isn’t a proper discussion at all. It is a diatribe in which one side tries to destroy, or prohibit, or totally suppress the other.”

She warns that we are on the verge—or perhaps past the verge—of “a Dark Age where reason and actual disputation are considered dangerous: where views contrary to those being imposed by what are often nothing more than activist cults can be criminalized. Not only must those who now hold opinions which breach orthodoxy be banned but historic figures who could not possibly have anticipated current social attitudes must be anathematized as well.”

Daley sees a parallel between our situation the age of religious absolutism in the West when the Church busied itself enrolling books by David Hume and John Locke on its Index Librorum Prohibitorum.

Be that as it may, Daley is surely right that the question is not whether you approve of any particular opinion but whether you insist that orthodoxy be accepted, indeed celebrated, without question or examination.


Twitter Suspends Spanish Politician for Tweeting ‘A Man Cannot Get Pregnant.’

Space Force Commander Fired for Noting, Correctly, That Critical Race Theory Is Marxist.

WAR ON SCIENCE: Some aren’t ready to give up masks despite new CDC guidance.


The largest undercover force the world has ever known is the one created by the Pentagon over the past decade. Some 60,000 people now belong to this secret army, many working under masked identities and in low profile, all part of a broad program called “signature reduction.” The force, more than ten times the size of the clandestine elements of the CIA, carries out domestic and foreign assignments, both in military uniforms and under civilian cover, in real life and online, sometimes hiding in private businesses and consultancies, some of them household name companies.

The unprecedented shift has placed an ever greater number of soldiers, civilians, and contractors working under false identities, partly as a natural result in the growth of secret special forces but also as an intentional response to the challenges of traveling and operating in an increasingly transparent world. The explosion of Pentagon cyber warfare, moreover, has led to thousands of spies who carry out their day-to-day work in various made-up personas, the very type of nefarious operations the United States decries when Russian and Chinese spies do the same.

Increasingly targeting Americans, too, I suspect.

YOU WILL BE MADE TO CARE: Twitter Suspends Spanish Politician for Tweeting ‘A Man Cannot Get Pregnant.’

THE GALAXY’S NEWSPAPER OF RECORD: Luke Skywalker Condemned For Blowing Up Associated Press Office Located On Death Star.

MY FAVORITE ARE THE PEOPLE RIDING A BIKE WEARING A MASK BUT NO HELMET: Bike-linked head injuries plummet for kids, but not adults.

JIM TREACHER: Was Cori Bush Cured of COVID-19 by One of Her Fellow Faith Healers?

Before today, I didn’t know much about Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.) except that, because she’s a black woman, anything I say to rebut or criticize her is automatically racist and sexist. For example, recently Rep. Bush referred to pregnant women as “birthing people” — apparently to avoid offending the 0.0001% of Americans who are or have been pregnant, but somehow identify as male — and all the people who slammed her for it were motivated only by her race and gender.

* * * * * * * *

But back to the point here: Cori Bush is a faith healer. There’s a faith healer in Congress. Possibly more than one, but Bush is the one we know about.

How did we not know this until today? Isn’t this newsworthy?

Can you imagine the media firestorm if a congressional Republican was a faith healer who claimed to have cured him- or herself of COVID-19? CNN, MSNBC, the NYT, and all the rest would present it as evidence that Republicans are a bunch of drooling redneck rubes. The guffaws from the #PartyOfScience would be deafening. The late-night comedians would show clips of convulsing Pentecostal snake-handlers and quip, “That GOP retreat looks like fun, huh?” I can just picture the smirk on Stephen Colbert’s face, although it’s impossible to picture him without it.

Oh sure – next you’re going to tell me that the editor of the Washington Post during its Watergate heyday was married to a birthing person who believed in seances, Ouija boards, and hexes.

SPACE FORCE CANNED HIM FOR WRONGTHINK, but his self-published book, Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military is currently #2 on Amazon. Oft evil will shall evil mar, as they say.

UPDATE: Now #1 on Amazon.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Still #1. (Bumped.)

THAT THEY’RE BOTH CALLED “LINEAR” SHOULD HAVE BEEN A TIPOFF: Minoan Language Linear A Linked to Linear B in Groundbreaking New Research.

9-0, BITCHEZ: Supreme Court rules warrantless home gun confiscation is unconstitutional in 9-0 vote.

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that warrantless gun confiscation from Americans’ homes is unconstitutional, voting unanimously on the side of a Rhode Island man whose firearms were taken by law enforcement without a warrant after his wife expressed concerns that he might hurt himself.

According to Caniglia v Strom, a lower court had previously determined that police confiscating the guns without a warrant fell under the Fourth Amendment’s “community caretaking” exception, but a 9-0 vote from the nation’s top court struck down that ruling.

Justice Clarence Thomas wrote the unanimous opinion for the Supreme Court, stating that law enforcement can execute “many civic tasks in modern society,” but there is “not an open-ended license to perform them anywhere.”

“The very core of the Fourth Amendment,” Thomas wrote, is the “right of a man to retreat into his own home and there be free from unreasonable search and seizure.”

“Community caretaking.” The full opinion is here. It’s very short and to the point.

FRONTIERS IN BIGOTRY: City of Newton, Mass Freaks Out Over a Proposed New Downtown Gun Store.

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO RAPE! (CONT’D): A Louisiana woman is accused of forcing a teenage girl to perform sex acts with boys she lured online by impersonating the underage victim. “She was taken in for questioning two days later and arrested on charges of human trafficking, indecent behavior with a juvenile, online impersonating, second-degree cruelty to a juvenile, pornography involving juveniles and computer-aided solicitation of a minor.”

FRACTURED FAIRY TALES: True love’s first kiss or rape culture? “Disneyland’s Snow White ride, redesigned to be less scary, shows the kiss. The prince kisses Snow White ‘without her consent while she’s asleep, which cannot possibly be true love if only one person knows it’s happening,’ write Julie Tremaine and Katie Dowd on SFGate.”

ACCORDING TO FACEBOOK’S CENSORS: This Article Is “Partly False.” After Facebook’s “fact-checkers” blacklisted my previous City Journal article on the harms of forcing children to wear masks, we appealed the ruling. It was a futile but revealing exercise. Facebook refused to remove its “Partly False” label on the article, but at least we got an inside look at the tactics that social media companies and progressive groups use to distort science and public policy. They exploit Facebook’s News Feed algorithm to reduce the visibility of conservatives at the Wall Street Journal, libertarians like John Stossel, and others who challenge progressive orthodoxy.

These “fact-checkers” are actually fact-blockers.

SWIFT JUSTICE: Israel Kills Islamic Jihad Leader Behind Missile Attacks.

THE ORIGINS OF COVID: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Lab-Leak Theory. Donald McNeil, who was the lead reporter on Covid for the New York Times until being forced out by a woke revolt in the newsroom, was long skeptical of the theory that Covid leaked out of a lab in Wuhan. But after considering a recent article by Nicholas Wade (another former Timesman), McNeil now says the evidence has gotten “considerably stronger.”

NEWS YOU CAN USE: 2022 Acura MDX SUV Insurers’ Top Safety Pick.

TO ASK THE QUESTION IS TO ANSWER IT: The Lab Leak Hypothesis Revisited. “The considerable evidence in favor of the lab leak hypothesis is why numerous medical researchers have signed an open letter in science asking that the lab leak hypothesis be seriously explored.”

SPACE RACE II: US Intel Chief: Chinese Space Station is a Threat to National Security.

OR SO WE’RE TOLD: Radio signals detected on Venus weren’t sent by aliens.

WELL, YES: The Hamas Rocket Attacks Are Based on a Lie.

FASTER, PLEASE: Zapping nerves with ultrasound lowers drug-resistant blood pressure. “Brief pulses of ultrasound delivered to nerves near the kidney produced a clinically meaningful drop in blood pressure in people whose hypertension did not respond to a triple cocktail of medications, reports a new study led by researchers at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons and NewYork-Presbyterian.”

ONLY IF WE LET THEM: Will Democrats mask America forever?

SCIENCE: Owls may have inherited their night-hunting abilities from dinosaurs.

MATT MARGOLIS: Biden Gets Destroyed for Failing to ‘Follow the Science’ on COVID. “We know schools are safe, but Biden and his CDC secretly worked with the teachers’ unions to keep schools closed.”


Insanity Wrap needs to know: Why can’t government officials talk honestly about COVID morbidity?

Answer: Because being held accountable for more than 30 years of bad policy would really suck for them.

Before we get to the sordid details, a quick preview of today’s Wrap.

  • Inflating our way to solvency
  • Nazis return to Austria and they don’t even speak German
  • Tents don’t normally explode, do they?

Bonus Sanity: Don’t mess with Texas.

And so much more at the link, you’d have to be crazy to miss it.

IS THIS REALLY NEWS? FDA: Magnets in cellphones, smartwatches may affect pacemakers. But they’ve been warning pacemaker users of this forever. Anyway, I think the headline is misleading: “The FDA conducted its own testing on some products that use the high field strength magnet feature and said that it considers the risk to patients low. The agency said it is not aware of any adverse events associated with this issue at this time.”

WE’VE BEEN GOING ABOUT THIS WHOLE VACCINE THING TOTALLY WRONG: Meet Rep. Cori Bush and Her Fellow Faith Healers. Missouri Dem supposedly cured of COVID through faith-healing-by-phone. “Since taking office, the congresswoman has focused on issues such as health equity for mothers—whom she refers to as ‘birthing people’—and the alleged rise of white supremacy within Congress. Bush also joined ‘The Squad,’ a clique of far-left members that includes Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) and Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.).”

FIGHT THE GLEICHSCHALTUNG: Va. Cop Fired Over Kyle Rittenhouse Donation Fights to Get His Job Back.

BUT THEY PROBABLY HAVE A “SCIENCE IS REAL” BUMPER STICKER: They’re Vaccinated and Keeping Their Masks On, Maybe Forever.

READER BOOK PLUG: From Stephen Hunter, Basil’s War: A WWII Spy Thriller.

I DUNNO — THIS SEEMS LIKE MORE OF A POUNCE TO ME: Republicans seize on conservative backlash against critical race theory.

NOTHING TO HIDE: GOP Chair Elise Stefanik: Justice Department Is ‘Trying to Block’ Maricopa County Audit. “Transparency is good for the American people. And again, this should be a nonpartisan issue, whether you are Republican, Democrat, independent, or conservative, transparency is important, and the audit was passed by the Arizona state Senate.”


YOU MAY NOT BE INTERESTED IN THE GLEICHSCHALTUNG, BUT THE GLEICHSCHALTUNG IS INTERESTED IN YOU: Random House Cancels Historian’s Book Contract For Not Writing About Black Historians.

BREAKING: Supreme Court Takes Up Major Challenge to Roe v. Wade.

DAVID HARSANYI: Biden Is Off to a Disastrous Start.

What else can the president control? Nationalizing elections isn’t the president’s job. Controlling the southern border is. Yet, when Biden isn’t blaming Donald Trump or seasonal migration patterns for the crisis on the border, he’s pretending nothing is wrong.

There were 178,622 apprehensions on the border in April, according to Customs and Border Protection — the highest total in more than two decades. To put the number in context, last April, there were 17,106 apprehensions.

The president can’t control the movement of migrants outside our borders. But Biden helped trigger this crisis by, among other things, undoing the Trump administration’s “public-charge” policies that barred immigrants from participating in welfare programs and rolling back the “remain in Mexico” policy that impelled migrants to wait in Mexico while their claims were being adjudicated. Moreover, most modern Democrats talk about laws that govern illegal immigration and border control as inherently racist and unnecessary. All of this incentivizes the anarchy we’re seeing at the border.

Demanding we wear masks isn’t the president’s job. Conducting foreign policy is. And since Biden took the reins, the Middle East has dramatically destabilized.

But other than that, how did you enjoy the first 100 days, Mr. Harsanyi?

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Law student faces discipline for saying ‘women have vaginas.’

I remember when higher education was advertised as promoting openness, tolerance, and critical thinking.

YOUR NEWS MEDIA INACTION: Israel Showed U.S. Officials ‘Smoking Gun’ Evidence of Hamas Operating in AP Building. “AP knew that Hamas was there. They just chose not to report it.”


HE ALSO GOT THOUSANDS OF ELDERLY PEOPLE NEEDLESSLY INFECTED AND KILLED: Governor Cuomo exempts faculty and staff from COVID vaccine mandate on public campuses. “College students at the State University of New York system and the City University of New York system will be required to receive a COVID vaccine in order to learn on campus, under a new directive from Governor Andrew Cuomo. However, the Democratic governor did not mandate the vaccine for faculty and staff, even though older people are more likely to die and suffer severe cases of COVID than generally younger college students.”

#JOURNALISM: The Media Hates You And Is Shocked When You Hate It Back.

GENTLEMEN, YOU CAN’T DISCUSS FACTS IN HERE — THIS IS THE ACADEMY! University Opens Investigation Into Student Who Stated Biological Fact.

BECAUSE LABELING IT TERRORISM WOULD REQUIRE THEM TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT: Jonathan Turley: Why the White House won’t define pipeline attack as terrorism.

Also, they’re reserving the “terrorism” label for their political opposition.

MORE GOOD READS FOR THE GOOD BOOK: Latest survey of the American Bible Society and the Barna Group finds millions more Americans are reading the Christian scriptures during the Pandemic than before.

Will be interesting what happens to the trend in the next year as the Pandemic restrictions go away, especially as the overall trend has been somewhat upward since a low point in 2011 of less than a majority of Americans saying they read the Bible in the past year more than a few times.

SKYNET AND THE BORG BOTH SMILE: Skyborg combat drone’s “brain” flies for the first time.

MICHAEL BARONE: British Labour’s problems could hurt US Democrats too.

NEVER UNDERSTIMATE JOE’S ABILITY TO F*CK THINGS UP: Texas Reports Zero Deaths 2 Months After Biden Called its Reopening Plan as ‘Neanderthal Thinking.’

I DUNNO, but it looks like BLUE HADES to me: New video from USS Omaha shows unknown aerial sphere vanishing into ocean.

Longtime InstaPundit readers have some idea of what’s going on.

AT HELEN’S PAGE: Professor Carol’s book Why Freshmen Fail: and How to Avoid It. (Bumped)

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: Israel Could Use a Real American President Right Now. “The world certainly does seem to be unraveling during this time that the United States is going without a grown-up president, doesn’t it? I don’t know about all of you, but I thought it was super cool when Donald Trump was president and there was peace in the Middle East. We were enjoying those halcyon days mere months ago, but it seems like years.”

COLLUSION: In Unprecedented Move, LinkedIn Censors UK-Based China Critic.

CHANGE MORE OF THE SAME: Biden revokes Trump-era executive order on online censorship and Section 230. “Biden isn’t a fan of Section 230, either. In January 2020, then candidate Biden told the New York Times that Section 230 should be revoked due to the spread of misinformation. But the administration hasn’t taken any action on the subject, having other more pressing issues like the pandemic.”

HANNAH COX: Unions are bullying Democrats into giving them more power. “In case you haven’t heard, unions are on the outs. Since they can’t force people to join their ranks in 27 states, and since the Supreme Court ruled they can no longer compel nonmembers to pay dues, participation has fallen to an all-time low. Never one to take no for an answer, though, unions have turned to their old buddies in the Democratic National Committee for an assist. And boy, do the Democrats jump when the unions say jump!”

AT MCGILL UNIVERSITY, A BIG PROGRAM FROM the McGill chapter of the Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship on May 31, including Jordan Peterson, Barbara Kay, Gad Saad, and many others.

PEGGY NOONAN A YEAR AGO: Scenes From the Class Struggle in Lockdown.

There’s a class element in the public debate. It’s been there the whole time but it’s getting worse, and few in public life are acting as if they’re sensitive to it. Our news professionals the past three months have made plenty of room for medical and professionals warning of the illness. Good, we needed it, it was news. They are not now paying an equal degree of sympathetic attention to those living the economic story, such as the Dallas woman who pushed back, opened her hair salon, and was thrown in jail by a preening judge. He wanted an apology. She said she couldn’t apologize for trying to feed her family.

There is a class divide between those who are hard-line on lockdowns and those who are pushing back. We see the professionals on one side—those James Burnham called the managerial elite, and Michael Lind, in “The New Class War,” calls “the overclass”—and regular people on the other. The overclass are highly educated and exert outsize influence as managers and leaders of important institutions—hospitals, companies, statehouses. The normal people aren’t connected through professional or social lines to power structures, and they have regular jobs—service worker, small-business owner.

Since the pandemic began, the overclass has been in charge—scientists, doctors, political figures, consultants—calling the shots for the average people. But personally they have less skin in the game. The National Institutes of Health scientist won’t lose his livelihood over what’s happened. Neither will the midday anchor.

I’ve called this divide the protected versus the unprotected. There is an aspect of it that is not much discussed but bears on current arguments. How you have experienced life has a lot to do with how you experience the pandemic and its strictures.

In the past year, the overclass demonstrated its trademark blend of selfishness, incompetence, and sanctimony to an even greater degree than usual. And, as usual, paid no real price for doing so.

Related: Protests show two Americas — those who lost their jobs and those still getting paid.

Also, from a lefty source:

There’s a huge Covid class divide. The economy has not just bounded back for upper income Americans; it’s given them higher housing values and lower interest rates. Meanwhile, 12 million service industry workers are still out of work. Small businesses are struggling. The affluent see Covid as a health problem, while for the working class it’s about economic survival. And liberals are doing the same thing they did with Trump: Clothing their class privilege as science and facts and morality.

The politicians are even worse. Instead of coming up with a clean Covid bill, Democrats are now trying to pressure Biden into student loan forgiveness. Can you believe it? What kind of society thinks it’s ok to ask 12 million people who lost their jobs to Covid to foot the bill for the student loans of the top 40% of earners? Sure, maybe it will accidentally help someone in a food line who dropped out of college. But college-educated Americans are back at work. The Covid recession is over for them. Why are the Democrats designing legislation to help the people who need it least, in the belief that some of the benefits might trickle down to help those who need it most?

Oh, I think I know why.

SALENA ZITO: In the land of Dunder Mifflin, a critical test for Republican progress.

SO, I HAVE IT ON GOOD AUTHORITY THAT THE MESS IN AMAZON LISTINGS IS NOT INTENTIONAL: It is still a mess and a lot of indies who depend on their income to eat have been hurt. I can’t help everyone (obviously) but I tried to mitigate the situation for some of my regulars and their friends.  We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Promo Post.

(Yes, it’s a little  long, but stick with it. It could be longer, but a couple of links failed and I couldn’t figure how to make it work. And as my husband reminded me, after two hours of entering links “you can’t hug every cat.” Still these are real people, affected by database issues, and the books sound interesting, and I’ve bought a couple. And will likely buy a couple more tomorrow.)

THE BABYLON BEE WITH NEWS YOU CAN USE: Eight Warning Signs You Might Be Sharing Office Space With Terrorists.

If the AP read the Bee, they could have saved themselves a deal of trouble….

(Oh, and I share my office with terrorists. They’re called cats.)

AH, 2021, NEVER QUIT THE INSANITY:  Pentagon Confirms Authenticity of Video Showing UFO Maneuvering Near U.S. Navy Ship.

SNIFF, SNIFF, AND MARXISM. YOU CAN TELL BY THE SMELL:  Woke Higher Ed Is A Mixture of “Cancel Culture, Critical Race Theory, and Cruelty”.

AMERICAN AIRLINES JOINS THE RANKS OF ENEMIES OF AMERICA:  American Airlines Investigating Pilot After Woke Mob Reported Him for Opposing Critical Race Theory.



THE NEW YORK TIMES LIES AGAIN:  Seaton: An Open Letter To Jan Hoffman.

BECAUSE YOU CAN’T DENY THE THEOCRATIC LEFT’S RELIGION:  OUTRAGEOUS: Space Force Unit C.O. Relieved of Duty for Criticizing Marxism in the Military.

YES, I DO REALIZE THAT THIS IS ZERO HEDGE:  New Video Reveals Capitol Police Officer Giving Protesters Permission To Enter Building.

However, this accords with everything we’ve seen of the Glorious Sixth.  (Style Sheet, people, discipline. Do not under any circumstances adopt the left’s wording. The 6th were not riots. A forlorn hope, a desperate attempt to make themselves heard, a Glorious bit of American hopefulness, to yell one last time “but it was stolen” and perhaps to get our corrupt institutions to wake up. But riots, they were not. What damage there was seems to have been the work of tyros. And honestly I wouldn’t have held a little damage against them. Not with what the left has been and is doing. But nothing was set on fire, and the only one killed was poor Ashli Babbit [#Sayhername; #justiceforAshliBabbit.])

THEY’RE NOT THE ONLY ONES:  House GOP Members Want Answers on January 6 Probe.

FAUCI HAS SOME EXPLAINING TO DO:  A Review of ‘Origin of COVID – Following the Clues,’ by Nicholas Wade.

May 16, 2021


OPEN THREAD: I would invite you, but these debutante balls would not excite you.

Background on the linked tune here.

WHO COULD HAVE SEEN THIS COMING, BESIDES ANYBODY WITH A FUNCTIONING BRAIN? Inflation fears grow for White House. Which, to be fair, gets Biden off the hook.

THE NEW SPACE RACE: U.S. senator: China landing on Mars a reminder ‘we don’t own space anymore.’

THE SAINTLY CONSPIRACY BEGAN BEFORE 2020: Scott Walters, the Capital Research Center’s chief, pulls the curtain back on the rest of the story Mollie Ball kept out of her now-famous Time Magazine story about the Left’s shadow campaign that put Biden in the White House:

“So the ‘shadow campaign Ball claims popped up in 2020 actually predates Trump by decades. The mainstream media hasn’t reported on this sophisticated, highly coordinated effort by the Left to find ever stronger tools to turn out Democratic voters. But don’t blame the media for not knowing about it; most Republicans didn’t either.”



WELL, GOOD: Heart study: Low- and regular-dose aspirin safe, effective. “An unusual study that had thousands of heart disease patients enroll themselves and track their health online as they took low- or regular-strength aspirin concludes that both doses seem equally safe and effective for preventing additional heart problems and strokes.”

YOU NEVER WANT TO GET AS HIGH AS HUNTER: Nashville gas station trolls Hunter Biden: ‘Hope gas prices don’t get too high.’

Absolutely savage:


WHAT’S THAT ABOUT WHO YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO CRITICIZE? Space Force Unit C.O. Relieved of Duty for Criticizing Marxism in the Military.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Concealed Carry Myths.

STARLINK UPDATE: It’s worked fine for me so far, still quite fast. According to the statistics panel, it’s had 5 minutes of downtime during the past 24 hours, due to satellite unavailability. The most I’ve noticed is a momentary hiccup lasting maybe 5 seconds, presumably while switching from one satellite to another. To be honest, it seems to be as steady as my Comcast service, which occasionally hiccups too for no obvious reason. (My old Bellsouth DSL service, though slow, never hiccuped.)

I’ve run the speed test several times and it’s been between about 200 and 300+ mbps down, and between 12 and 32 mbps up. Ping times generally around 30 ms, though the stats page shows the longest ping in the last 24 hours to be 327 ms.

One piece of advice for people getting Starlink: It comes with a tripod antenna mount. My excellent installers mounted that but made some modifications because they were afraid if they screwed it into my roof directly it would cause a leak. Starlink sells a number of roof- and wall-mounting kits on the website and you might want to look and order the one that looks best for your situation. They’re not very expensive.

WITH REASON: Poll Shows Low Trust in U.S. Public Health Systems.

SCIENCE DENIERS ABOUND: Despite CDC COVID Guidance, Some Still Require Masks.

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