October 24, 2016

PUNCHING DOWNTICKET: Buoyed by rising polls, Clinton shifts to a new target: the House and Senate.

THE INSTA-WIFE: Early Voting and the “Fed-up” Voter.

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MY USA TODAY COLUMN: We’re At War Around The World, But Our Campaign Is About Groping. “A different Democratic presidential nominee — former senator James Webb, say, or even Sen. Bernie Sanders — could separate himself from Obama’s policies and their results. But Clinton can’t. Obama’s policies, and their ugly results, are Clinton’s policies as well. Better to talk about sex, even Bill’s affairs, than that.”

JAYVEE UPDATE: ISIS Attempting to Establish Caliphate in Afghanistan.

THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE IS #11 in Heterodox Academy’s Ranking of the Top 150 U.S. Colleges By Intellectual Freedom.

NYU, unsurprisingly, is down near the very bottom — though still a few places above Mizzou!

A LITTLE PIECE OF POLAND, A LITTLE PIECE OF FRANCE: In Russia’s ‘Frozen Zone,’ a Creeping Border With Georgia.

Mr. Tatiashvili’s troubles started early in the summer when earth-moving equipment turned up without warning and started digging a wide track through an apple orchard and a field of wildflowers on the edge of the village. He was out at the time, so he avoided being trapped.

“It is too dangerous for me to go home,” he said, complaining that the boundary has become so mobile that nobody really knows its final destination. Mr. Tatiashvili now lives in his brother’s house, away from the border in the village center.

The destitute mountainous area of South Ossetia first declared itself independent from Georgia in 1990, but nobody outside the region paid much attention until Russia invaded in August 2008 and recognized South Ossetia’s claims to statehood. With that, the territory joined Abkhazia in western Georgia, the Moldovan enclave of Transnistria and eastern Ukraine as a “frozen zone,” an area of Russian control within neighboring states, useful for things like preventing a NATO foothold or destabilizing the host country at opportune moments.

Russia has been annexing little bits of Georgia in this manner since at least 2014.

CLARICE FELDMAN: The Incestuous Left and Those Who Provide Cover for them.

As the election nears, the media hype, designed to affect the results, demoralize and demonize Trump and his supporters and confirm the bias of its elite coastal consumers, continues. Saturday’s opinion-posing-as-news lead in the Washington Post says the end is near for Trump — the polls have him down everywhere and he was booed for crass attacks at the Al Smith dinner in New York. What do you expect from media whose reporters are literally in bed with the administration?

Not only are reporters feeding debate questions to the Clinton campaign, we have a video of one of them, Andrea Mitchell, seemingly being fed what to ask by Hillary’s traveling press secretary.

Extensive evidence from Wikileaks, FOIA responses, and “human sources” of the incestuous and improper coordinatioN between the media and the Democrats have been detailed by Sharyl Attkisson. . . .

Wikileaks promises to unleash even more insider accounts of the Clinton campaign and DNC shenanigans this coming week and has said it has even more current information — material respecting serious wrongdoing by the DNC head Donna Brazile and Clinton’s vice-presidential running mate Timothy Kaine coming up next. James O’Keefe of Project Veritas says that on Monday he is releasing a video of Robert Creamer, shown as a vote fixer in previous videos, coordinating with Clinton and Brazile. “Anything happens to me, there’s a deadman’s switch on Part III, which will be released Monday. @HillaryClinton and @donnabrazile implicated.”

Back in the 1990s, Fritz Fiedler and I wrote a (never published) novel called Deadman, in which the MacGuffin involves the scheduled release of damning data about government wrongdoing over the Internet, set up by a guy who turns up dead in the first chapter. Reality, it seems, is catching up.

KURT SCHLICHTER: Trump’s Right – The System Is Rigged And We Don’t Owe It Our Default Acceptance. “We owe the system nothing. Nada. Zip. Instead, the system owes us fairness and honesty, and without them it has no right to our default acceptance of its results. That acceptance must be earned. This means that the system must aggressively police its own integrity, and this year it has utterly failed to do so. . . . Is this dangerous talk? Hell yes – but the danger doesn’t come from us pointing out the corruption. The danger is the corruption. I walked through wrecked villages in the aftermath of a civil war, so I sure as hell don’t need your lessons about what lies at the bottom of the slippery slope your ruling class is tobogganing down. I know.”

NOTHING TO SEE HERE, IT’S OLD NEWS, TIME TO MOVE ON: Clinton Ally Aided Campaign of FBI Official’s Wife.

The political organization of Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, an influential Democrat with longstanding ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton, gave nearly $500,000 to the election campaign of the wife of an official at the Federal Bureau of Investigation who later helped oversee the investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s email use.

Campaign finance records show Mr. McAuliffe’s political-action committee donated $467,500 to the 2015 state Senate campaign of Dr. Jill McCabe, who is married to Andrew McCabe, now the deputy director of the FBI.

The Virginia Democratic Party, over which Mr. McAuliffe exerts considerable control, donated an additional $207,788 worth of support to Dr. McCabe’s campaign in the form of mailers, according to the records. That adds up to slightly more than $675,000 to her candidacy from entities either directly under Mr. McAuliffe’s control or strongly influenced by him. The figure represents more than a third of all the campaign funds Dr. McCabe raised in the effort.

McAuliffe approached McCabe to run on March 7, 2015. The New York Times broke the Clinton email story on March 2.

DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH: Verdict on swimming pool rape case overturned. “An Iraqi refugee who was jailed after claiming it was a sexual emergency when he raped a boy in a swimming pool has had the sentence overturned. An appeal court accepted the defence lawyer’s claim that the lower court had not done enough to ascertain whether or not the rapist had realised the schoolboy was saying no. . . . At the pool, Amir A. dragged the schoolboy, aged ten, into the changing rooms where he locked the door and violently sexually assaulted him, leaving him in need of urgent treatment at a local children’s hospital. The boy is still plagued by massive post-traumatic stress disorder.”

DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: Liberal Jews teach their kids to deal with anti-Semitism on liberal campuses.

Why are Democrat-monopoly institutions such cesspits of rabid anti-Semitism?

ROSS DOUTHAT: The Dangers Of Hillary Clinton:

The dangers of a Hillary Clinton presidency are more familiar than Trump’s authoritarian unknowns, because we live with them in our politics already. They’re the dangers of elite groupthink, of Beltway power worship, of a cult of presidential action in the service of dubious ideals. They’re the dangers of a recklessness and radicalism that doesn’t recognize itself as either, because it’s convinced that if an idea is mainstream and commonplace among the great and good then it cannot possibly be folly.

Almost every crisis that has come upon the West in the last 15 years has its roots in this establishmentarian type of folly. The Iraq War, which liberals prefer to remember as a conflict conjured by a neoconservative cabal, was actually the work of a bipartisan interventionist consensus, pushed hard by George W. Bush but embraced as well by a large slice of center-left opinion that included Tony Blair and more than half of Senate Democrats.

Likewise the financial crisis: Whether you blame financial-services deregulation or happy-go-lucky housing policy (or both), the policies that helped inflate and pop the bubble were embraced by both wings of the political establishment. Likewise with the euro, the European common currency, a terrible idea that only cranks and Little Englanders dared oppose until the Great Recession exposed it as a potentially economy-sinking folly. Likewise with Angela Merkel’s grand and reckless open-borders gesture just last year: She was the heroine of a thousand profiles even as she delivered her continent to polarization and violence.

This record of elite folly — which doesn’t even include lesser case studies like our splendid little war in Libya — is a big part of why the United States has a “let’s try crazy” candidate in this election, and why there are so many Trumpian parties thriving on European soil.

Also, the contempt for those she regards as non-elite. Economic problems, even sheer incompetence, are one thing. But people hate being regarded with contempt.

HMM: Plane crash in Malta kills five people on surveillance operation.

The Maltese government said the plane was taking part in an operation to track illicit trafficking routes, including human and drugs trafficking. The Fairchild Metroliner crashed at 7:20 a.m. local time on Monday, Malta International Airport said.

“Our thoughts are with the families of the people involved in the accident today,” the airport said in a statement.

The Maltese government later said that an investigation was under way. It said in a statement: “The flight was part of a French Customs surveillance operation which has been taking place for the past five months, with the aim of tracing routes of illicit trafficking of all sorts, including human and drug trafficking amongst others.

Malta lies just north of Libya.

VIDEO: Bob Woodward Says Clinton Foundation Is “Corrupt” And Clinton Didn’t Answer The Questions.

But surely…


NO. NEXT QUESTION? The Hill: Could A President Hillary Heal A Divided Nation? “The former secretary of State has been a polarizing figure for decades. She is the most unpopular nominee of modern times, with the sole exception of her Republican counterpart, Donald Trump. To many conservatives, she represents everything that is wrong with liberal politics. . . . If Clinton wins, said former Republican Sen. Judd Gregg (N.H.), ‘for the first time in our history, we will have a president who more than half the people don’t trust and don’t like. That means that, rather than having the historic honeymoon period — being given the benefit of the doubt for a time — she won’t have that, unless she creates it.'”

I hope I’m wrong, but I suspect that a Hillary presidency will be a case of having learned nothing and forgotten nothing.

REVENGE IS A DISH BEST SERVED COLD: UK could slash corporation tax to 10 percent if EU blocks Brexit trade deal.

“People say we have not got any cards,” the newspaper quoted an unidentified source familiar with the British government’s thinking as saying.

“We have some quite good cards we can play if they start getting difficult with us. If they’re saying no passporting and high trade tariffs we can cut corporation tax to 10 percent,” the newspaper quoted an anonymous source as saying,” the source was quoted as saying.

Cutting corporation tax could attract companies away from the EU to Britain, boosting its economy and challenging Ireland’s preeminence as Europe’s low tax home for large international companies.

Just think of Brexit as a contested divorce between a rich old couple with no prenup.

HUMAN SACRIFICE, DOGS AND CATS LIVING TOGETHER, MASS HYSTERIA: “Who would have thought that you’d find something sensible—extremely sensible—about the environment in Cosmo.”

Related: Claudia Rosett on The UN Commissars of Climate Change.

OUR ALLIES THE TURKS: Turkey Is Bombing Anti-ISIS Fighters in Iraq, Syria.

On Wednesday, Turkey launched one of its biggest airstrikes in decades — bombing 18 positions in northern Syria and killing an estimated 200 fighters.

But the strikes north of Aleppo didn’t involve President Bashar al-Assad’s army, or any of the main groups fighting his government like the Free Syrian Army, the Jihadi militia Jabhat Fatah al Sham, or even ISIS.

Instead, Turkey bombed People’s Protection Units, or YPG — Kurdish militia the U.S. considers the most effective force against ISIS in Syria.

Turkey has sent 2,000 troops into Iraq, where they are watching the massive military operation aimed at recapturing Mosul from the extremists. Baghdad maintains Turkey has violated its sovereignty and on Thursday issued an arrest warrant for an ex-Mosul governor who allegedly “invited” in the troops.

These latest in a series of military moves reveal how the government of President Tayyip Erdogan is reasserting its historic territorial claims while also trying to crush the country’s mortal enemies — Kurdish separatists.

If Erdogan’s aim was to occupy the Syrian- and Iraqi-owned Kurdish territories in order to permanently solve “the Kurdish problem,” what would he be doing any differently?

ANN ALTHOUSE: Robby Mook’s sleight of hand about the Democratic operatives who manufactured violence at Trump rallies. “That doesn’t get the DNC off the hook. Why were these people hired? They did something, and then they were hired. Were they hired because they’d shown what kind of dirty tricks they were capable of?”

Of course they were. The Democrats send people to manufacture violence at Trump rallies, then their operative-with-bylines friends in the media cluck their tongues at how Trump is “manufacturing violence.”

Plus: “Mook sounds so guilty there. He’s mad that any video exists (because it hurts his candidate), and he’s also telling us not to make any inferences about anything that isn’t proved by video. Again, I’m thinking: They did something bad before they were agents of the DNC, so why did the DNC hire them and what did they do?”

Well, he sounds guilty because he is guilty. And he’s angry that the video means that even his allies in the press have to take some notice.

IT DOES SEEM THAT WAY: It’s Time to Rename NSA the National INsecurity Agency.

This debacle is another public black eye for the Agency when it really didn’t need one. In the aftermath of Snowden’s appearance in Moscow, NSA and the whole Intelligence Community swore to fix mistakes and finally get serious about security. The “insider threat” problem was going to be addressed, at last. “This time it’s different,” Agency higher-ups told Congress, asking for a chance to repair a broken counterintelligence system that keeps giving us traitors, defectors, and uncaught moles.

Except they didn’t mean it. Congress was skeptical of NSA promises, and the Martin disaster shows they were right to be. How anybody stole 500 million documents from the Agency across two decades without getting caught needs to be answered—in detail and, for once, with total honesty.

At this point, I expect neither.

THE INTERNET OF POLITICAL THINGS: Amazon Echo now fact-checks politicians.

Duke Reporters’ Lab has introduced an Amazon Echo skill that lets you fact-check any politician scrutinized by PolitFact, FactCheck.org or the Washington Post. If you want to know if Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is telling it straight, you just have to ask your wireless speaker whether or not a claim is true.

It’s not perfect. You have to sit through a lengthy introductory spiel before you can ask your question, and Duke stresses that you should mention major keywords to get the right answer. Still, there’s a certain pleasure to knowing that you can call a would-be leader’s bluff while you’re busy making dinner.

RELATED? Could Facebook’s Algorithm Tip an Election?

THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG: A New Climategate Scandal?

DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO WITH VIDEO STRAIGHT OUT OF 1984: Clinton lectured State Dept. staff on cybersecurity in 2010 video.  Now I’m going to have nightmares.

REMEMBER, REMEMBER, IT’S NOT ALL THIS NOVEMBER:  In 2018 Dems Will Be Defending 24 Senate Seats (5 In Red States, 6 More In Purple States), The GOP Will Defend 10. Sorry, Democrats: The GOP isn’t dead yet.

WHAT A REVOLTING DEVELOPMENT: Clinton Ally Aided Campaign of FBI Official’s Wife.

OURS WILL PROBABLY NOT IMPRESS FUTURE GENERATIONS, EITHER: The beauty routine of a Victorian woman was anything but glamorous.

WHAT AN AMAZING COINCIDENCE: You don’t suppose she also has some swamp land in Florida she’d sell at a low, low price? Porn star launched sex shop one day before Trump allegations.


DEVIATIONISM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED: Tim Burton is Right About Hollywood Media Bias.

CHILDREN’S CHORES NEED DEFENDING? In Defense of Chores.  Though to be fair, I raised my sons according to my principles.  I neither believed they should get paid for nothing, nor did I believe they should do chores without pay.  So instead of an allowance we had a table of prices.  Cheap, because they were unskilled labor (very.) And if one of them had a fat bank account by 10 and the other didn’t, well, that was none of my business.  The lesson seems to have gone home for both of them.  They work hard for what they want.

October 23, 2016

YEAH, BUT EVEN IF THEY DID NOTICE, IT’S NOT LIKE THEY’D REPORT ON IT: New emails show Clinton camp worried journalists would notice ‘huge’ gender pay gap at Clinton Foundation.

BACK IN THE SPOTLIGHT: The Electoral College.

CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: WikiLeaks: WhiteHouse EmailGate Damage Control and More Pay to Play. “Abedin to Mook: Hillary ‘created this mess and she knows it’.”

TO BE FAIR, HE’S EMINENTLY MOCKABLE: Maria Bartiromo Mocks Obamacare Architect Emanuel.

As Peggy Noonan recently wrote, “It’s the big fact of American life now, isn’t it? That we are patronized by our inferiors.”

IN THE COMMENTS TO MY DISASTER-PREP POST THE OTHER DAY, a reader recommended this bathtub water-storage bag as a good storm-preparation item. It looks very useful.

I’VE SEEN THE REACTION TO HIS RALLIES, AND THEY’RE WORRIED ABOUT MILO? NYU Cancels Milo Yiannopoulos, Feared ‘Attacks’ on Islamic and Gay Students. “It’s true that Yiannopoulos is a venomous critic of Islam, feminism, and some aspects of LGBT culture (though he is gay himself, as he frequently notes). But he hasn’t ‘attacked’ anyone—he hasn’t assaulted anyone, and his followers haven’t either. Indeed, I would be more worried about someone committing violence against Yiannopoulos. In reality, these sorts of safety concerns are overblown, and are being used to chill speech.”

So I guess NYU thinks it’s DePaul now.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 9.14.54 PM

WHEN SOCIAL MEDIA IS ANTISOCIAL: Facebook employees tried to censor Donald Trump posts: This is what happens when social justice warriors move from college to social media companies. “Keep in mind this is not an issue of a post calling for violence. This was a matter of considering the post offensive.”

BEING SHIRTLESS ON TV CAN BE GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH: Australian swimmer thanks fan who raised alarm over mole.

CREATING A PERMANENT CAR CULTURE IN AFGHANISTAN: A detailed Jim Dunnigan analysis of the problems involved in refurbishing Afghanistan’s humvees. “The normal useful life of a hummer in Afghanistan is 7.5 years and currently nearly 60 percent of Afghan hummers are older than that.” Afghanistan doesn’t “have enough troops trained to do simple maintenance and repairs…” Then: “Corruption (mainly stolen parts and tools) and poor management of maintenance personnel (assigning mechanics to other jobs) adds to the problem.” An informative read.

CULTURAL SIGNIFIERS: Vasectomy Parties are the New Trend for Couples Going ‘Child-Free.’ “Vasectomy parties can be compared to baby showers, except instead, they celebrate the babies that will never be. Guests are invited to live it up ‘in a house with sharp furniture and exposed outlets.’ They can plan on games such as The Price is Right ‘where they talk about what they can buy now that they’ve saved money by not having kids.’ In lieu of suggesting baby names, party attendees can help name the new (not family) car or boat. The trend is attributed to changing attitudes about parenthood among millennials of child-bearing age (15-44).”

SHOULD OBESE AIRLINE PASSENGERS PAY MORE FOR THEIR TICKETS?: Pay-by-weight is not a new idea. This is a BBC report that really addresses more than that specific issue. The gist of the argument: “A kilo is a kilo is a kilo…” and “…Aircraft only have weight to sell…” Of course individual rights are in the discussion. A passenger’s total weight includes the passenger’s baggage, and the article notes this.

OF COURSE IT DOES: Clinton Campaign Says It Has Nothing To Do With Trump Accusers.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Nonsense paper written by iOS autocomplete accepted for conference: New Zealand professor asked to present his work at US event on nuclear physics despite it containing gibberish all through the copy. “The text really does not make any sense.”

I don’t think this is an Alan Sokal-level hoax. I think instead that this is one of those bogus conferences that will accept any paper, allowing professors to fill their vita with “presentations” while spending their travel budgets.






I REMEMBER WHEN WE USED TO HAVE ANTITRUST LAWS: AT&T-Time Warner deal raises concern from both Trump and Clinton camps.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Focus On Reputation/Selectivity Over Earnings/Outcomes Will Render U.S. News Rankings An Anachronism.

AMAZON’S CURRENTLY OFFERING J.D. Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy for $4.99 on Kindle.

SO MUCH FOR “DEMOCRACY, WHISKEY, SEXY:” Iraq parliament in surprise vote to ban alcohol.

(Classical reference in headline.)


Shot: “Donald Trump being elected president ‘would cause a 15 per cent drop in global markets, claims study.”

—The London Daily Mail, today.

Chaser: “Brexit ‘would have huge economic impact and spark turmoil in global markets.’”

—The London Daily Mail, June 1, 2016.

Hangover (or the lack thereof): “Did the Brexit Armageddon Occur? Why, no it didn’t. A lot of dire predictions made by academic, political and media elites don’t happen, do they?”

—Austin Bay, Instapundit, August 21, 2016.

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IT’S NOT JUST PETER THIEL: ABC News: Gay Republicans Explain Why They Are Proudly Supporting Donald Trump.

NANOTECHNOLOGY UPDATE: New Record for Nanowire-Based Solar Cells Achieved.

WHY YOU SHOULDN’T make out with your pet.

EVERYTHING IS BROKEN: “A non-nuclear physicist was invited to present a paper at a nuclear physics conference. He submitted a gibberish response and was accepted to present!”

Christoph Bartneck, an associate professor at the Human Interface Technology laboratory at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, received an email inviting him to submit a paper to the International Conference on Atomic and Nuclear Physics in the US in November.

“Since I have practically no knowledge of nuclear physics I resorted to iOS autocomplete function to help me writing the paper,” he wrote in a blog post on Thursday. “I started a sentence with ‘atomic’ or ‘nuclear’ and then randomly hit the autocomplete suggestions.”

Idiocracy wasn’t meant to be a how-to guide for life in the 21st century.

SECURITY: Massive Internet Outage Could Be a Sign of Things to Come. “The Dyn attack was clearly more than a test, and its severity certainly fits with Schneier’s hypothesis that someone, somewhere is trying to learn how to cause widespread disruption. The question of who is behind attacks like this, though, remains unanswered. Criminals are unlikely to be motivated by such attacks, as there’s little to gain from them other than widespread disruption. That lends some weight to Schneier’s suggestion that a large nation state, such as China or Russia, could be developing large-scale DDoS capabilities. Though it’s impossible to say for sure.”

THE 21ST CENTURY ISN’T TURNING OUT AS I’D HOPED: ‘He didn’t know the boy didn’t want to be raped’ Austrian court throws out Iraqi migrant child sex charge.

Take a bow, Angela.

BIG TALK FROM A GUY WHO COULDN’T BUILD A WEBSITE: President Obama Pokes Fun At Samsung’s Fire-Prone Phone.

THE EMPIRE BUILDS THE BIGGEST DEATH STAR YET: “AT&T-Time Warner deal would create the nation’s largest entertainment company and is already raising antitrust concerns… Just 15 months ago, AT&T became the nation’s largest pay-TV operator when it acquired DirecTV. Time Warner would give it HBO, CNN, TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network and Hollywood’s biggest television and film studio, Warner Bros.”

As Ed Morrissey writes, Everything old is new again. Thirty-five years ago, the government forced AT&T into ending its telecom monopoly, breaking the company up into its component parts and touching off an era of rapid communications innovation and expansion. Rather than reassemble its former monopoly, AT&T has begun to verticalize itself within a telecom-entertainment delivery paradigm.”

It’s the media world’s equivalent of the Penn Central merger or Beatrice. And as with the Penn Central merger in 1968, “AT&T-Time Warner may signal start of new media industry consolidation,” Reuters notes. What could go wrong with such a giant conglomerate?

(Classical reference in headline.)

IBD/TIPP TRACKING POLL: Trump Up 2 Points Nationwide, While Clinton Campaigns As If The Race Is Already Won.

Well, most polls show Trump way behind, but IBD, Rasmussen, and LAT/Dornhiser show him tied or ahead.

THE NEW CRITERION: Here’s to 35 years of required reading.

TAXPROF ROUNDUP: The IRS Scandal, Day 1263.

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE: Tom Hanks and Black Jeopardy.

HILLARY CLINTON: Architect Of Failure.

Let’s briefly review her qualifications to be commander in chief and focus on key international decisions considered to be, by her supporters, a strength. Clinton’s policy decisions have affected thousands: decisions that resulted in the loss of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines; decisions that have cost this country trillions of dollars; decisions that have destabilized the Middle East and decisions that demonstrate her decision-making quality (a quality that is sadly lacking).

Unlike Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton was a sitting United States senator who voted for the war in Iraq. By that vote in 2003, she bears some responsibility for our involvement. Later, when the war was at a tipping point in 2007 and General David Petraeus advocated for a surge of U.S. forces to regain lost momentum, she voted against it.

As secretary of state she failed to negotiate a residual force that would have prevented Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki from creating sectarian strife. The ensuing strife led to the creation of an irregular war between Sunni and Shia with the Islamic State growing from that turmoil.

Each decision point was a critical event in U.S.-Iraq relations, and each a significant failure. Each have Clinton’s fingerprints on them. The latter two clearly demonstrate arrogance and a a disdain for military recommendations.

Clinton considers the 2011 overthrow of Moammar Gadhafi in Libya to be one of her finest hours as secretary of state. President Obama considers it one of his worst failures. As secretary of state, she pushed for U.S. and NATO involvement against Gaddafi. When he was overthrown, there was no plan for follow-up governance. The result was instability, a huge refugee flow into southern Europe and the Islamic State gaining a foothold in Libya.

Read the whole thing, and you’ll see why she’d rather run on women’s issues.

JONATHAN HAIDT: Why Universities Must Choose One Telos: Truth or Social Justice. It’s true that they are mutually incompatible.

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WHEREVER HE GOES, BILL CLINTON KEEPS RUNNING INTO PROTESTERS WHO CALL HIM A RAPIST. It’s not really the discussion we need to be having as a nation right now, but it’s still kind of gratifying to see that they’re unable to shut this stuff down the way they used to.

ANALYSIS: TRUE. It’s Time To Make The Supreme Court Boring Again.

Ideally, in the Glenn Thrush definition of the word.


“You know that I’m going to first of all denounce the utilization of this intrusion by Wikipedia through the Russian intrusion,” Jackson Lee said in an interview with MSNBC on Friday. “This is what it’s about. Espionage just like what was said over these last couple of days. We need to be concerned about the intrusion of Russia and Putin in these elections.”

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) confuses Wikipedia with WikiLeaks (Video.)

FLASHBACK: In 2008, Obama said the party in power can manipulate elections.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, LEGAL EDUCATION EDITION: ABA Council Approves 75% Minimum Bar Pass Rate. “The council voted for the stricter standard over the opposition of diversity advocates who warned that schools with large numbers of minority students could lose their accreditation and that the stricter rule would prompt schools to admit fewer minority students. That, in turn, would exacerbate the legal profession’s longstanding diversity problem, they argued.”


Shot: Penn Station, Reborn? A visionary plan to restore the transit hub to its former glory as part of West Side redevelopment.

—Catesby Leigh, City Journal, Summer 2016 issue.

Chaser: Penn Station: Back to the Future.

—Me, Tech Central Station, September 13, 2005.

(Via Maggie’s Farm.)

HUFFINGTON POST: Fox News Just Landed A Brutal, Clean Hit On Hillary Clinton’s Campaign: The campaign is having to answer for $12 million the Clinton Foundation received from the king of Morocco. “Campaign manager Robby Mook and longtime Clinton confidant John Podesta thought the deal ― in which Clinton had committed to speak at an event for the king on the condition of his $12 million donation ― would look bad. Clinton aide Huma Abedin tried to explain that it was simply too late to back out.”

That was then. This is now: “‘There’s nothing new here,’ Mook replied, deflecting to Donald Trump’s sagging poll numbers.”

I WOULD SAY THE ANGER STIRRED UP TRUMP RATHER THAN THE REVERSE, BUT YEAH. Joel Kotkin: Trump Will Go Away, but the Anger He’s Stirred Up Is Just Getting Started.

Exacerbating this cultural and class discussion is the growing division between the coastal and interior economies. Essentially, as I have argued elsewhere, the country is split fundamentally by how regions makes money. The heartland regions generally thrive by producing and transporting “stuff”—food, energy, manufactured goods —while the Democrats do best where the economy revolves around images, media, financial engineering and tourism.

Energy is the issue that most separates the heartland from the coasts. The increasingly radical calls for “decarbonization” by leading Democrats spell the loss of jobs throughout the heartland, either directly by attacking fossil fuels or by boosting energy costs. Since 2010, the energy boom has helped create hundreds of thousands of jobs throughout the heartland, many of them in manufacturing. At the same time, most big city Democratic strongholds continued to deindustrialize and shed factory employment. No surprise then that the increasingly anti-carbon Democrats control just one legislature, Illinois, outside the Northeast and the West Coast.

Trump’s romp through the primaries, like that of Bernie Sanders, rode on the perceived relative decline of the country’s middle and working classes. For all her well-calculated programmatic appeals, Hillary Clinton emerged as the willing candidate of the ruling economic oligarchy, something made more painfully obvious from the recent WikiLeaks tapes. Her likely approach to the economy, more of the same, is no doubt attractive to the Wall Street investment banks, Silicon Valley venture capitalists, renewable energy providers and inner city real estate speculators who have thrived under Obama.

Trump hasn’t lost yet, but yeah: Even if Hillary wins, a lot of the country is angry. Remember: The Tea Party was polite, and was insulted and destroyed. Trump voters aren’t polite, and they’re angry. If Trump loses, what comes next? Nothing you want to see.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. NOW COUGH UP THE CASH. Thousands of California soldiers forced to repay enlistment bonuses a decade after going to war.

Short of troops to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan a decade ago, the California National Guard enticed thousands of soldiers with bonuses of $15,000 or more to reenlist and go to war.

Now the Pentagon is demanding the money back.

Nearly 10,000 soldiers, many of whom served multiple combat tours, have been ordered to repay large enlistment bonuses — and slapped with interest charges, wage garnishments and tax liens if they refuse — after audits revealed widespread overpayments by the California Guard at the height of the wars last decade.

Investigations have determined that lack of oversight allowed for widespread fraud and mismanagement by California Guard officials under pressure to meet enlistment targets.

But soldiers say the military is reneging on 10-year-old agreements and imposing severe financial hardship on veterans whose only mistake was to accept bonuses offered when the Pentagon needed to fill the ranks.

This is a disgrace. But these guys are little people, and little people are the only ones who have to worry about the rules nowadays.

October 22, 2016

HEH: Anti-Hillary ‘Walking Dead’ Posters Surface in Los Angeles. “The artwork from conservative artist Sabo consists of blood-spattered text reading, ‘Negan wants 50% of your shit. Hillary demands it all.’ The sentiments are based on Negan, a new villain on AMC’s hit show who expressed his desire for stuff that doesn’t belong to him.”

FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMED: America, land of opportunity? Not for young people, study says.


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Also, Top Gift Ideas for 2016.

FASTER, PLEASE: Vaccine Trial for Common Cold Nothing to Sneeze At.

Per an Emory press release, even though scientists in the ’60s were able to develop a vaccine effective against one type of rhinovirus, it didn’t work against the many other varieties that exist; Mashable pegs that figure at more than 160. So Moore mixed together 50 different rhinoviruses—gathered from immunologist James Gern, who keeps what he calls “one of the world’s biggest collections of kid snot”—into one vaccine, “like a bunch of slightly different Christmas ornaments.” Post-vaccine, the monkeys had developed antibodies in their blood for 49 out of the 50 viruses; similar results were found in the mice. Moore is hoping to eventually test the vaccine out on humans. “We think that creating a vaccine for the common cold can be reduced to technical challenges related to manufacturing,” he says.

We think the common cold is just a nuisance, but in terms of lost productivity and sheer human misery, it’s pretty major.

FALL STARGAZING: Deals on Binoculars and Telescopes.

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AT GETTYSBURG, Trump Outlines His First 100 Days.

LIFE IN 2016: Skydiving dogs are helping to fight poachers in South Africa.

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GOOD: Bridge Named In Memory of Zaevion Dobson. “Back in April, lawmakers approved changing the name of the bridge near the Lonsdale neighborhood where the 15-year-old Fulton High School sophomore lost his life in December 2015 while shielding his friends from gunfire.”

IT SOUNDS LIKE THOSE OSS GENIUSES HAD ATTENDED THEIR SHARE OF FACULTY MEETINGS: The 16 best ways to sabotage your organization’s productivity, from a manual published in 1944.

PETER BERKOWITZ: Giving Israel Its Due.

TRY TO PLACE THE PLACE, WHERE WE CAN FACE THE FACE: Neo-Neocon on the joys of makeup.

“JUST TURBOCHARGE IT ALREADY:” Review: 2017 Subaru BRZ Manual. “At this rate, the BRZ and its counterpart, the Toyota 86, are destined to suffer the same fate as the late Nissan 240SX—another coupe with a fantastic chassis that desperately needed an engine to match. The Nissan died at the hands of bean counters disgruntled about low sales volume. The benefits a turbocharged engine would bestow on the BRZ are too great to ignore,­­­ both for driving enthusiasts and for its longevity. Are you listening, Subaru?”

THE NEW YORK TIMES IS ALWAYS THE LAST TO KNOW: The Rich Vote Republican? Maybe Not This Election.

File under: breaking news from 2004.

REUTERS: Trump gains on Clinton, poll shows ‘rigged’ message resonates. Hmm.

TEST DRIVE: 2016 BMW i8 Hybrid.

THE COUNTRY’S IN THE VERY BEST OF HANDS: E.P.A. Waited Too Long to Warn of Flint Water Danger, Report Says.

DUMBASS PRENDA LAW FIRM NOW BEING HIT WITH SANCTIONS FOR going after critics. Make the rubble bounce.