June 6, 2020

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THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED: WHO reverses position on face masks as coronavirus cases climb.

BRENDAN O’NEILL: I did not kill George Floyd. The attempt to hold all whites responsible for the death of Floyd shows what a dead-end woke politics is.

As with pretty much all racial politics, it’s never about solving a problem or making things better or helping people get along.

WELL, YES: Public Health Experts Have Undermined Their Own Case for the COVID-19 Lockdowns: Police violence is a metaphorical disease. Coronavirus is a literal disease.

Many people all over the country were prevented from properly mourning lost loved ones because policymakers and health officials limited public funerals to just 10 people. For months, public health officials urged people to stay inside and avoid gathering in large groups; at their behest, governments closed American businesses, discouraged non-essential travel, and demanded that we resist the basic human instinct to seek out companionship, all because COVID-19 could hurt us even if we were being careful, even if we were going to a funeral rather than a nightclub. All of us were asked to suffer a great deal of second-order misery for the greater good, and many of us complied with these orders because we were told that failing to slow the spread of COVID-19 would be far worse than whatever economic impact we would suffer as a result of bringing life to a complete standstill. . . .

People who failed to follow social distancing orders have faced harsh criticism and even formal sanction for violating these public health guidelines. To take just one extreme example, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio threatened to use law enforcement to break up a Jewish funeral.

After saying no to so many things, a significant number of public health experts have determined that massive protests of police brutality are an exception to the rules of COVID-19 mitigation. Yes, these protests are outdoors, and yes, these experts have encouraged protesters to wear masks and observe six feet of social distance. But if you watch actual footage of protests—even the ones where cops are behaving badly themselves—you will see crowds that are larger and more densely packed than the public beaches and parks that many mayors and governors have heavily restricted. Every signatory to the letter above may not have called for those restrictions, but they also didn’t take to a public forum to declare them relatively safe under certain conditions.

“For many public health experts who have spent weeks advising policymakers and the public on how to reduce their risk of getting or inadvertently spreading the coronavirus, the mass demonstrations have forced a shift in perspective,” The New York Times tells us.

But they could have easily kept the same perspective: Going out is dangerous, here’s how to best protect yourself. The added well, this cause is important, though, makes the previous guidance look rather suspect.

Well, yes. It suggests that they weigh politics — the right sort of politics, that is — ahead of public health. And it suggests that because they do.

RICHARD FERNANDEZ: The Collapse of Social Distancing and Establishment Authority.


Over at Ed Driscoll.com, I take a deep-dive, quoting numerous articles, on the future of the American city — or the lack thereof, post-CCP virus and the week and a half (so far) of riots and looting.


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THE WOKE BEAST CANNOT BE APPEASED: Woke Employees at Woke Ohio Taco Joint Walk Off Job After Refusing to Fill Order for Cops.

A LONELY VOICE OF SANITY IN ACADEMIA: I Must Object. A rebuttal from Glenn Loury, the Brown University economist, to his university’s letter on racism in the United States: “The roster of Brown’s ‘leaders’ who signed this manifesto in lockstep remind me of a Soviet Politburo making some party-line declaration.”

JUNE 6, 1944, D-DAY: The Invasion That Saved The World.

I’VE ALWAYS BEEN A PRO-VAXXER, BUT AT THIS POINT I CAN’T BLAME PEOPLE FOR BEING SKEPTICAL OF EXPERTS: ‘Operation Warp Speed’ is fueling vaccine fears, two top vaccine experts worry.


FIRST-GENERATION RESPIROCYTES: Scientists Just Created Artificial Red Blood Cells That May Be Even Better Than The Real Thing.

COMING THIS FALL: MONDAY NIGHT WOKEBALL? NFL encourages players to peacefully protest, admits it was wrong.

WELL, GOOD: Do-it-yourself COVID-19 tests found to be effective, more comfortable.


Before the riots and looting of the past week, New Yorkers were facing existential questions about their continued residence in the city going forward. Primarily this: How can we stay here when the compensating pleasures of a life lived in crowds might be putting us and our families in danger?

The economic crash caused by the coronavirus response also raised the prospect of an increasing tax burden in this very highly taxed city to deal with the inevitable budgetary shortfalls that will come in its wake — which will inevitably mean paying more for fewer services.

Now, however, there’s a third existential question: How can we stay here when we’ve seen mass lawlessness go unpunished and the authorities in charge entirely ineffectual (at best) when it comes to keeping the streets safe?

The dream vision of the newest generation of activist urban politicians — living in a world in which job-creating businesses like Amazon are treated like pariahs and the systems by which law is enforced are viewed as enforcers of inequality and injustice — is getting closer to reality.

And people who were already thinking of fleeing for their health are thinking even harder about hitting the road to protect their personal safety and long-term security.

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Related: The Collapse of Social Distancing and Establishment Authority.

THEY SAID OH, NO — WILLIAM AND MARY WON’T DO. Lessons From The ABA’s Attempt To Revoke William & Mary Law School’s Accreditation In The 1970s.

But the accreditation process is basically a joke. As a friend comments, ABA law school accreditation is the TSA in suits: kabuki theatre.

HOW ABOUT NO? Minneapolis Mayor to Seek Federal Aid after Looters Cause At Least $55 Million in Damage.

Minneapolis’s government, top-to-bottom controlled by Democrats, is the author of Minneapolis’s misfortunes. Minneapolis voters voted for them, and they deserve to get what they voted for good and hard. Why should taxpayers from more civilized parts of the country foot the bill.


As the Times tells its reporters, a story needs at least two corroborations to make sure it ‘stands up’. Here’s the second: Tom Cotton’s staff have told Rich Lowry, the editor of National Review, that this op-ed, like Cotton’s previous op-eds for the Times, received a ‘rigorous’ and ‘onerous’ fact-checking. Three drafts went back and forth.

So who’s telling the truth? The management, for whom this is only the latest in a series of unprofessional foul-ups — or The Spectator’s source and Tom Cotton’s staff?

The member of Cotton’s staff who worked with Rubenstein on the edits told The Spectator this morning that while he emailed only with Rubenstein, there were sticking points in the process when it was necessary for Rubenstein to consult with unnamed Times colleagues. These points were all resolved. The inference, Cotton’s staffer tells The Spectator, is that Rubenstein was not, as the Times now claims, working alone or unsupervised:

‘What they have attempted to do to a young editor who is doing his job, and also doing it well, is a disgrace.’

All is happening in accordance with the prophecy:

FAKE NEWS: Media Falsely Claim Trump Invoked George Floyd When Discussing Jobs Report.


He’s got a GoFundMe. I donated. But there are lots of other people in the same situation.



HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, STASI EDITION: Syracuse invented evidence to find fraternity guilty of racial slur after investigation cleared them: lawsuit.

When Syracuse University found Alpha Chi Rho collectively responsible for shouting a racial slur at a black female student, it not only ignored the woman’s family but overruled its own appeals board, according a lawsuit by the fraternity last week. . . .

The allegations would mean the administration had continually defamed AXP going back to last fall, when Chancellor Kent Syverud said four members had been placed on interim suspension for “a verbal assault.”

The suit provides details from the past several months that Syracuse does not appear to have previously acknowledged, including that the members were quickly exonerated back in December, owing to video evidence and “consistent” testimony.

Make ’em pay. Also, why is it only fraternities and sports teams that are subjected to collective punishment?

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WASHINGTON POST: Let’s cancel all the cop shows on TV.

Writing at the Washington Post, author Alyssa Rosenberg has a unique solution for the problems with our policing: Cancel all the cop shows on television. She argues we need to do that because there’s a “reactionary streak” behind the “surface liberalism” in these shows.

● October, 2018: Steve Carell: The Office Would Be Too Offensive Today. If So, What’s Left?

● January, 2018: The post-Pervnado era has made a lot of classic TV cringeworthy.

I’m not expecting sitcoms and cop shows to vanish from TV anytime soon, as those are the genres that have defined American network television since its inception in the late 1940s. Regarding the latter format, as lefty academic Todd Gitlin wrote in his 1983 look at the American TV industry, Inside Prime Time (which served as a textbook at my college, and presumably, loads of others), in the early 1970s, David Gerber, the producer of the NBC series Police Story and Police Woman, “took to cop shows not only because the police were society’s blue line but because they could be the networks’. In the industry jargon, they afforded a franchise — a hero’s right to interfere every week in the lives of others. ‘In television there are a certain amount of franchises,’ Gerber points out. ‘What do you got? You got doctor, lawyer, and chief. Throw in some Indians, for westerns. So doctor, lawyer, and police; the westerns are gone. You try to do something offbeat — White Shadow, Paper Chase, American Dream — and you get shot down. So you stay with the franchise or you take a chance. In June the networks have patience with anything. The flowers are blooming, hooray, hooray. Come September, they lose patience, because they’re in a competitive race.’”

But the left’s desire, whatever the struggle session du jour, whether it’s #metoo or #blacklivesmatter, to airbrush out offending swatches of pop culture is telling, and will slowly take its toll. (See also: Messrs. Woody Allen and Bill Cosby, who were omnipresent in American culture until becoming unpersons.)

As I wrote in May of 2018, the Great Purge of 20th Century Mass Culture will be astonishing to watch, a much more insidious version of the way the arrival of the Beatles to America completely pushed swing music, America’s pop music from the 1920s through the early 1960s, into the dustbin of history

WHICH IS SAYING SOMETHING: Eli Lake: The FBI’s Investigation Into Trump and Russia Now Looks Even Worse.

The FBI’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential campaign has taken a beating in the last six months. Late last year, the Justice Department’s inspector general found the bureau’s application to eavesdrop on a former aide to then-candidate Donald Trump’s campaign was riddled with factual errors and omissions. The surveillance court that approved that warrant has barred the agents who submitted it from appearing before it. And last month the Justice Department dropped its case against former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

On Wednesday, things got worse. In testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said that all of the irregularities and short cuts exposed in recent Justice Department reviews were kept from him when he signed the warrant applications into that campaign aide, Carter Page. Had he known about them at the time, he said, he would have never signed them.

Rosenstein even reluctantly acknowledged that his own August 2017 memo specifying the parameters of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation was deeply flawed.

By August 2017, it was clear that there was no support for “the whole concept that the campaign was colluding with the Russians,” said Senator Lindsey Graham at the hearing. “There was no there there.”

“I agree with that general statement,” Rosenstein responded.

In normal times this would be a bombshell. Rosenstein’s memo listed the alleged crimes that Mueller’s team was investigating. Rosenstein said that Mueller’s office helped him draft it. This reflects poorly on Rosenstein. As the most senior Justice Department official overseeing the Mueller investigation, his job was to check its work. He didn’t.

This also reflects poorly on the FBI. The bureau knew, for example, that the opposition research dossier on which it relied to seek the Page warrant was not reliable. By January 2017, the dossier’s primary source had told FBI agents that its most explosive claims were rumor. The former British spy who helped prepare it was fired as an FBI source after the bureau learned he had been speaking to reporters. The Justice Department’s inspector general concluded that none of the unique information in the dossier was corroborated.

It doesn’t stop there. Rosenstein also acknowledged that the FBI never shared its draft memo from January 2017 to close the counter-intelligence investigation into Flynn. That investigation was kept open after former FBI Director James Comey discovered Flynn’s calls with Russia’s ambassador at the end of 2016. While such communications would be unusual for most private citizens, the calls were routine for an incoming national security adviser.

Rosenstein also said exculpatory information collected from FBI informant approaches to the investigation’s targets were not shared with him. One such example involved Trump campaign staffer George Papadopoulos, who told an informant that a campaign reaching out to Russia to obtain stolen emails would be treason.

It’s as if the whole thing was a political hit job designed to overturn an American election. Which is because it was a political hit job designed to overturn an American election.

ORANGE MAN BAD: Guess What Happens if You Search for ‘Racist’ People on Twitter…

TWITTER IS GARBAGE AND JACK DORSEY SHOULDN’T BE ABLE TO SHOW HIS FACE IN PUBLIC WITHOUT BEING BOOED: Twitter Mistakenly Disables Video Of A GOP Candidate Doing A Pushup Challenge For PTSD Victims, Offers No Explanation. “Mistakenly.”

COLLUSION: Marco Rubio: China threat to college campuses not ‘traditional espionage.’

AMERICA’S MOST ANNOYING GOVERNOR. OKAY, SECOND-MOST. OKAY, PROBABLY REALLY ONLY ABOUT #5, BUT STILL, WHAT A DICK: NC Gov. Cooper vetoes bill to allow outdoor seating at restaurants.

Outdoor protests with thousands of people yelling are fine. Brunch, however, will kill grandma because reasons.

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NOT THE BABYLON BEE: Planned Parenthood actually said it’s “devastated, grieving, and outraged by violence against black lives.”

Margaret Sanger could not be reached for comment.


KRISTI NOEM 2024: South Dakota National Guard quickly shuts down violence as governor calls for swift action against looters. Her pandemic handling was also excellent.