September 23, 2021

NOW OUT FROM MY FRIEND HIAWATHA BRAY, Power in the Blood. We were talking about this when we had lunch in Boston over the summer.

Also, congrats to his son, a Marine who just completed the Crucible with, as it turns out, a broken leg the entire time.

OPEN THREAD: I got another confession, my friend — I ain’t no fool.

NOT THE BABYLON BEE: Scientific American: Why the term ‘JEDI’ is problematic for describing programs that promote justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.

This is stuff that would get a C- and an “oh, come on” comment from a professor even somewhere like Oberlin (I think): “Although they’re ostensibly heroes within the Star Wars universe, the Jedi are inappropriate symbols for justice work. They are a religious order of intergalactic police-monks, prone to (white) saviorism and toxically masculine approaches to conflict resolution (violent duels with phallic lightsabers, gaslighting by means of “Jedi mind tricks,” etc.).”


UNEXPECTEDLY: Biden, Who Demands People ‘Pay Their Fair Share’ In Taxes, May Owe Up To $500,000 In Back Taxes: Report.

Has Joe Biden ever met Joe Biden? A Joe divided against itself cannot stand!* Flashback: Biden calls paying higher taxes a patriotic act.

* Classical allusion:


I don’t want to say that sense of doom that the young have (re: the Lancet survey) is inappropriate. There can be no doubt that they face tremendous challenges trying to build a life today. We have deprived them of the only real source of hope: the conviction that there is God who orders the universe, and who loves them, and who guarantees that their suffering is not meaningless. To refuse to have children on the principle that it would be wrong to bring them into this world is to surrender hope in the future. It’s an extraordinary thing, given the dismal prospects that most people who have ever lived faced — and yet, they carried on. Not us. We face this global crisis at precisely the time when we in the West, with our global communications reach, have denied ourselves and the world what we all need to endure, even triumph over, adversity.

Hear me clearly: the therapeutic gospel — whether in its left-wing forms (woke Christianity) or right-wing forms (prosperity gospel) is false teaching. If you are in a therapeutic church, now is the time to make plans to leave. If you are not in a church that is teaching you why and how to endure suffering for the truth, then you are not in a church that is preparing you for the world as it is today, and the world very shortly to come.

Here is an instructive clip. It’s about a megachurch pastor whose congregation became “affirming” in 2015. It’s now falling apart. Watch this:

Here’s a link to the longer unedited video, from the pastor, Ryan Meeks. He is no longer a Christian. He calls EastLake “a laboratory for unorthodox and heretical ideas, which was really fun for me.” The mind boggles. This guy is the epitome of West Coast blissed-out egomania. He talks about the decline of his church — the decline he presided over — as a fun thing. He says, “The slippery slope is real,” and explains that he doesn’t mean it in a bad way. If he writes a book one day, he said, he will have a chapter titled, “My Fantastic Ride Down The Slippery Slope.”

As he writes on his website:

My wife and I founded EastLake Church in 2005, just east of Seattle, Washington. I’m so thankful for the container EastLake was for my ongoing transformation. It’s ironic that I started it so regular people could find a place to pursue an authentic spirituality and to explore truth no matter what it cost them or where it led. I had no idea I would end up needing exactly that, myself.

Wait … the church, this community, was a “container” for Ryan Meeks’s “ongoing transformation”?! My God, the ego! He says in the video that he has learned that “there’s a whole Universe of Ryan behind Pastor Ryan.” Golly.

Read the whole thing.

“What is sin?”, a legendary community organizer was asked by a Chicago Sun-Times reporter covering religion-themed topics in 2004. He famously replied, “Being out of alignment with my values.” Or as the late Tom Wolfe wrote in his epochal 1976 article, “The ‘Me’ Decade and the Third Great Awakening,” “It is entirely possible that in the long run historians will regard the entire New Left experience as not so much a political as a religious episode wrapped in semi military gear and guerrilla talk.”

IF YOU CAN’T BE SPACEFARING, BE LAWFARING: Court filing outlines Blue Origin’s case against NASA SpaceX lunar lander award.

RALPH THE WONDER LLAMA YIELDS RESULTS: Llama antibodies may fight COVID-19 in humans, researchers say.

IF ONLY THERE WERE SOME WAY TO GET RID OF MOSQUITOES: Researchers detect malaria resistant to key drug in Africa.

Flashback: how we almost won, but lost, the fight to eradicate malaria.

BOOM: Evergrande crashes as China dumps ‘build, build, build’ playbook.

Evergrande is proving to be the first big victim. As the company falters, its undoing raises a fundamental question for the world’s second-largest economy: has China’s property-driven growth model – the global economy’s most powerful locomotive – run out of road?

Yes, says Leland Miller, chief executive of China Beige Book, a consultancy that analyses the economy through proprietary data. “The leadership in Beijing has been more worried about Chinese growth than anyone in the West.

“There is a recognition that the old build, build, build playbook does not work any more and that it is actually getting dangerous. The leadership now appears to be thinking that it can’t wait any longer to change the growth model,” Miller says.

Ting Lu, chief China economist at investment bank Nomura, says he does not expect Evergrande’s woes to trigger an economic collapse. But he believes Beijing’s attempts to transition from one growth model to another could significantly depress annual growth in coming years.

Two thoughts come to mind.

The first is that the post-Tiananmen deal was that mainland Chinese would trade any hopes of political reform in exchange for ever-increasing prosperity.

The second is that authoritarian regimes often look invincible until shortly before they unravel.

Update: More here from Battleswarm Blog.

Not only is Evergrande possibly facing complete liquidation, but word came down that the company might make payments on Chinese-owned debt, but stiff foreign debt holders.

But the word this morning is that the Chinese government is now telling them to avoid default on dollar-denominated bonds. After all, if investors worldwide decided that all Chinese debt was potentially toxic, that would leave connected Chinese communists in a world of hurt.

What’s that old Chinese curse about interesting times?

TRUNALIMUNUMAPRZURE! Majority Says Biden Isn’t ‘Mentally Sharp’: Poll.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: A Generation of American Men Give Up On College.

You can hear the Insta-Wife talk about this here.

NO ENEMIES TO THE LEFT: Why isn’t the media more upset about Antifa’s attacks on journalists?

Ngo isn’t alone in thinking that these attacks on the press are being downplayed. So does Nancy Rommelmann, who as a journalist has written for the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, and has been an author for decades…

She was attacked in the streets, she says, and threatened online, with her photo publicly posted. Rommelmann believes the traditional media are ignoring the street violence for political reasons – they don’t want antifa’s extremism to be seen as discrediting to liberal causes. “I can tell you that 100% of the people that have attacked and continue to attack me, they’re all on the left – all of them. And I consider myself a liberal,” Rommelmann said.

To the extent that traditional news media are forced to cover antifa, Rommelmann says, they do so only when its adherents clash with right-wing protesters, and draw equivalencies with right-wing violence regardless of whether comparisons are warranted. After the assault on Staab last month, Rommelmann began venting on Twitter about why the media refused to acknowledge that “black bloc protesters [those wearing black ski masks and other garments to obscure their identities] in Portland are the MAIN source of violence. Proud Boys and right-wing groups rolled through [just] four times in 2020. Then who tf was committing the violence every night?”

* * * * * * * *

Eventually some in the media did catch on but the reality of what was happening never quite overtook the conventional wisdom about what was happening. The left-wing politics of most reporters always seemed to lead them to shield Antifa, BLM and other violent left-wing agitators from as much criticism as possible. If some journalists got roughed up in the process, better not to focus attention on that.

As Fredo would say, these guys were the first to arrive on Normandy Beach — you’ve got to cut them some slack when they get aggressive.

WHERE’S HUNTER, FAT? Hunter Biden boasted of access to White House and China in $2M Libyan deal.

THIS SHOULD BE A BIGGER STORY: After Mandating Masks Outdoors, Oregon’s Active COVID-19 Cases Increased 73 Percent.

2024 PREVIEW? Trump Still Rising. “The latest Rasmussen poll shows that in a hypothetical matchup between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in 2024, Trump would win 51 percent to 41 percent. Independent voters give their support to Trump by a whopping 20 points over Biden.”

I ACTUALLY FIND IT KIND OF RELAXING: Gun Cleaning For People Who Hate It.

NEW HUNTER BIDEN EMAILS: Hunter Biden emails boast ties to White House and China.

Hunter Biden’s business contacts touted his access to his father, “State, Treasury,” his relationship with then-Secretary of State John Kerry’s stepson, as well as his ties to the “highest level” in China, as they weighed whether to work with him on a potential Libya deal in 2015, newly uncovered emails show.

The two emails — published by Insider on Thursday — date back to 2015, when Joe Biden was vice president, and reference getting Hunter’s help on a deal regarding billions in Libyan assets frozen by the Obama administration.

The emails are unrelated to Hunter’s infamous laptop.

I’m sure journalists will be right on it.

HOW THE HELL IS ANYTHING LIKE THIS WITHIN AN AMERICAN TEACHERS’ UNION’S PURVIEW? San Diego Teachers’ Union Passes Resolution That Rejects Israel’s Legitimacy.

I guess they’ll do anything but teach.

LIVE AT 3:30PM EASTERN: ‘Five O’Clock Somewhere’ with Kruiser, VodkaPundit, Special Guest.

DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: It’s time to end the taxpayer-subsidized vacation for student loan payments.

THIS WORKS FOR PEOPLE, TOO: Social robots may be more persuasive if they project less authority.


The ACLU did its bizarre impersonation of Nineteen Eighty-Four’s Ministry of Truth on Twitter. Just as that dystopian ministry exists to rewrite history to ensure that it corresponds with the Party’s current view of the world, so the ACLU now seems to think its job is to mangle old quotations so that they don’t offend 21st-century woke sensibilities. This is what the ACLU has Ginsburg saying in its tweet: ‘The decision whether or not to bear a child is central to a [person’s] life, to [their] wellbeing and dignity… When the government controls that decision for [people], [they are] being treated as less than a fully adult human responsible for [their] own choices.’

Person? People? They? Ginsburg didn’t use those words. She said woman, women, she. In two short sentences, the ACLU has carried out five acts of censure. It has corrected what it clearly believes was wrongthink on the part of Ginsburg. Ginsburg, who was a justice of the Supreme Court from 1993 until her death in 2020, may have been a much-honoured warrior for women’s rights, but she is guilty of having used incorrect speech in the eyes of the woke scolds who appear to have taken over the ACLU. She said ‘woman’, when as every good and obedient PC person now knows, we don’t use that word. It is potentially offensive to trans women or men who identify as women or non-binary people or whatever other group we are currently elevating above women and their right to talk about themselves and their lives.

There are many disturbing things about this erasure of past speech, this perverse falsification of RBG’s words. It is such a back-stabbing by the ACLU of a woman – yes, woman – who played a central role in the ACLU in the 1970s. Ginsburg co-founded the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project in 1972. The project fought hundreds of sex-discrimination cases on behalf of women. The Women’s Rights Project still exists, but imagine if it had been launched in 2021. Would the ACLU even do such a thing today? It can’t even bring itself to say the word ‘woman’. Today it would have to be a Cervix-Havers’ Rights Project. Or perhaps a Non-Male Rights Project. Or a Ciswomen, Transwomen and Non-Binary People’s Rights Project. Anything but a Women’s Rights Project.

Exit quote: “When even an institution whose entire raison d’etre is defending liberty feels the need to take a Year Zero cudgel to a past utterance of the w-word, we know that speech-policing – and its ultimate goal of thoughtpolicing – is out of control.”

Meanwhile, on the non-distaff side of the equation: Marvel Studios May Drop The ‘Men’ From X-Men.

And the answer is none. None more woke.

CRISIS BY DESIGN: Afghan Refugees at Fort McCoy Charged With Sexual Assault of a Minor, Spousal Abuse.

Previously: Just 3 Percent of Afghan Evacuees in U.S. Are Special Immigrant Visa Holders.

Biden evacuated a lot of people he shouldn’t have and left behind a lot of people who should have been evacuated.

COLOR ME UNSURPRISED: Young women with breast cancer who opt for mastectomies report lower quality of life.

#WHIPGATE: Mayorkas Suspends Horseback Border Patrol Agents from Duties Pending Probe. “Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas has taken action against horseback Border Patrol agents accused by left-leaning media figures and Democrats of using ‘whips’ and reins to assail Haitian migrants trying to enter the U.S. illegally.”

There were no whips and there was no whipping — background here.

SALMAN RUSHDIE: ‘I’m Afraid Cat Stevens Got Off the Peace Train a Long Time Ago.’

In “The Meaning of Yusuf/Cat Stevens,” Howard Fishman, whom the Post describes only as a “writer, composer and performer based in Brooklyn,” states the key elements of the case matter-of-factly: In 1989, “after Rushdie had officially been targeted because of his portrayal of the prophet Muhammad in his novel ‘The Satanic Verses,’ Stevens had matter-of-factly confirmed that the Koran prescribes death as the punishment for blasphemy.” Confronted on a BBC show, “Stevens was asked directly whether Rushdie deserved to die. ‘Yes, yes,’ he replied, without much hesitation. Were Rushdie, a marked man, to come to him for help, how would he respond? With what he subsequently insisted was nothing more than an ill-advised attempt at dry humor, a straight-faced Stevens said: ‘I might ring somebody who might do more damage to him than he would like. I’d try to phone the Ayatollah Khomeini and tell him exactly where this man is.’ When asked whether he would participate in the burning of an effigy of the author, he replied that he would instead hope it were ‘the real thing.’”

Not long after that, I allowed some friends to drag me along to see the alternative rock band 10,000 Maniacs, with which I had been unfamiliar. The 10,000 Maniacs had had a hit with a version of Stevens’s “Peace Train” in 1987. I hadn’t known that until the Maniacs’ Natalie Merchant explained during the concert that the band was not going to play the song, and never would again, because “Cat Stevens has gone insane.” The audience applauded wildly.

It may have been the high-water mark of pop culture support for the freedom of speech.

Fishman details how Stevens/Islam immediately began backtracking amid the furor at the time: He issued a press release “indicating that his comments had been manipulated in the editing room and taken out of context (this, despite the fact that the New York Times reported that Stevens had ‘watched a preview of the program today and said in an interview that he stood by his comments’).”  On his official website, he makes this patently false claim: “I never called for the death of Salman Rushdie; nor backed the Fatwa issued by the Ayatollah Khomeini – and still don’t.” In the very next sentence, he blames Rushdie’s book, not Khomeini’s fatwa, for all the trouble: “The book itself destroyed the harmony between people and nations and created an international crisis.”

Salman Rushdie himself would have none of Stevens’ denials, telling Fishman: “For many years, Yusuf Islam has been pretending he didn’t say the things he said in 1989, when he enthusiastically supported the Iranian terrorist edict against me and others. However, his words are on the record, in print interviews and on television programs.…I’m afraid Cat Stevens got off the peace train a long time ago.”

As Dennis Miller said of radical Islam, “We are starting to bridle at how you treat your women, and I don’t like how you f***ed up Cat Stevens.”

WHERE’S MY FLY SWATTER? Winged microchip is the world’s smallest human-made flying structure.

LONGTERM HEALTH TIME BOMB: Killing Children with Safety: Child Obesity SOARED During COVID Lockdowns.

SOMEBODY ORCHESTRATED THIS: This, as in the growing crisis on our Southern border. Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Joshua Trevino has a lengthy but incredibly revealing and disturbing report from the border. It is quite likely much worse than you imagined.

(Bumped, by Glenn).

I’VE SEEN THE LOCKDOWNS AND THE DAMAGE DONE: Study: Lack of outdoor time likely impacted quality of life, sleep during pandemic.

NOW THAT’S A CORRECTION: “This story has been corrected to show Lake Powell has a 3% chance of reaching a point where hydropower from Glen Canyon Dam would be impacted in 2022, not 90%.”

Also, from the friend who sent this: “Also never mentioned in the article is the increased water draw from those reservoirs because of very large population growth since those dams were built 60 years ago.”

DO I HAVE TO CHOOSE JUST ONE? Evil, crazy, or just plain stupid? Top 10 quotes from Middle East studies professors.

ASKING THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: Is college football killing COVID as we know it? “What would happen if hundreds of thousands of screaming, particulate-spewing, laughing, jovial, high-fiving, chest-bumping, embracing fans convened together each week all late-summer, all fall, and all winter, and it didn’t result in mass casualties, uncontrolled death spikes, and the overwhelming of all hospital resources in those forlorn areas? Might that speak louder than even Dr. Fauci’s mainstream media-enhanced voice? Because it’s happening.”

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): And don’t forget the barstool conservatives.

BOOK RECOMMENDATION: 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back: Natural Posture Solutions for Pain in the Back, Neck, Shoulder, Hip, Knee, and Foot. I read this years ago, it’s still good.


Federal judges are weighing legal challenges to one of the leading felony charges that government lawyers have brought in Capitol riot cases, potentially setting the stage for protracted legal battles over the Justice Department’s prosecutorial strategy in the wake of Jan. 6.

In several cases, defendants have moved to throw out the obstruction of an official proceeding charge, which carries a maximum possible sentence of 20 years in prison, arguing that the statute is unconstitutionally vague and the Jan. 6 certification of the Electoral College results does not qualify under the law as an “official proceeding.”

At least three judges in recent weeks have pressed prosecutors on whether the charge is appropriate in the context of the riot. If courts rule that the felony count cannot be applied to Jan. 6 defendants or that the law is unconstitutional, it would deal a blow to prosecutors’ efforts to crack down on those who overran the Capitol.

Some federal judges overseeing the prosecutions have expressed concerns about the application of the law in the context of the Capitol riot and whether that could potentially prove problematic when applied to other circumstances.

Earlier: Prosecutors Lost A Fight To Keep A Set Of Jan. 6 Capitol Surveillance Videos Under Seal. As John Cardillo tweeted, “Hell they weren’t even trespassers, they were a tour group.”

JOE BIDEN’S RETURN TO CLEAN GOVERNMENT: John Kerry’s Million-Dollar China Conundrum. “Kerry’s latest filing with the Office of Government Ethics shows Teresa Kerry benefits from an investment of at least $1 million in a hedge fund specializing in private partnerships with Chinese government-controlled funds.”

HMM: Latest Durham Indictment May Make Russiagate the Most Corrupt Scandal in U.S. History. “Durham alleges that a tech executive used by the Democrats, and who hoped to work in cyber security for the Clinton White House, used his insider knowledge to conjure up phony internet links between candidate/president Trump and Alfa Bank, based in Russia.”

K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: California Parents Contributing to the Homeschool Boom.

I mean, at this point staying in the public schools is practically child abuse.

THE ATLANTIC: ‘Post-Vax COVID’ Is a New Disease.

The measles virus is ultra-infectious, much more so than SARS-CoV-2, and kills many of the uninoculated children it afflicts. But for those who have gotten all their shots, it’s a less formidable foe, which we’ve learned to live with long-term. That’s the direction that many experts hope we’re headed in with SARS-CoV-2 as it becomes endemic, as my colleague Sarah Zhang has written.

We’re not yet at the point where we can officially label post-vaccination COVID-19 cases as “modified”; maybe we never will be. Some immunized people are still getting dangerously sick. But the shots are softening COVID-19’s sharp edges: On average, breakthrough infections seem to be briefer, milder, and less contagious. Among the fully immunized, catching the coronavirus doesn’t mean the same thing it did last year. “It’s a very different kind of infection than in people who are immunologically naive,” Lindsey Baden, an infectious-disease physician and COVID-19 vaccine researcher at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, told me.

If this virus becomes as inescapable as the culprits behind the colds and flus that trouble us most years, we could all have to grapple with one of these infections, and learn that lesson on a personal level. That’s the social tax of a forever virus: Nearly everyone may eventually know what it is to get COVID-19—but a tamer, more domesticated version of its pre-inoculation self.

Politicians and social media panicmongers don’t see it that way — they won’t follow the science — and keep pushing the same social and economic controls.

I GOT TOOK, SORT OF: My apologies to InstaReaders who pointed out that the photo of Steven Colbert’s house in Montclair, NJ I posted yesterday is not accurate, and was instead a picture of the house in Caldwell, NJ used to film “The Sopranos.” My bad.
Drenched in shame, I researched it more fully, and here’s a pic of Colbert’s house: still pretty swank, a massive carbon footprint, and guess what? No solar panels.
So I’m still calling bullsh*t on this nonsense.




MAKE THEM PAY: University falsely accused softball players of racism: lawsuit.

PJ MEDIA VIP ROUNDUP: Don’t forget that VODKAPUNDIT promo code if you’ve been thinking of joining us.

AJ Kaufman: Manchin and Sinema Aren’t the Only Democrats Concerned With the Direction of the Party. “It’s unclear exactly how many Democrats are siding with prominent House and Senate moderates. One centrist Democrat up for reelection next year, Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.), declined to say whether she’s comfortable with the $3.5 trillion spending number on Monday, or whether she agrees with pausing the legislation.”

Matt Margolis: The Hypocrisy of Those Complaining About ‘Missing White Woman Syndrome.’ “The thing is, she’d have a point if the same people who complain about ‘Missing White Woman Syndrome’ or otherwise inject race into this story weren’t also the same people who show little to no outrage over black-on-black crime—particularly the plague of black kids being victims of gun violence.”

Yours Truly: Ho-Ho-NO! Supply Chain Disruptions Could Be This Year’s Grinch. “Seroka said that all that spending has shipping traffic there up 50% from pre-pandemic levels, and that the infrastructure simply doesn’t exist to get all those goods off the ships and on the trucks.”

CURRENTLY #1 IN “POLITICAL FREEDOM:” The Ruling Class: How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It. By the late Angelo Codevilla, with an introduction by the late Rush Limbaugh. Both represent huge losses, but those of us who remain will just have to do our best to pick up the load.

ONCE LOST, TRUST IS DIFFICULT TO REGAIN: Biden Falls into the Trust Trap. “In the United States, government and health authorities must admit fault, take full responsibility, and tell the truth. The vaccinated must not harshly condemn the unvaccinated. Research on social norms suggests that shaming people can boost compliance with important social norms, but it can backfire when we shame those who believe they have done nothing wrong. Enforcing norms works when people accept them. Blaming people for violating norms they reject creates resentment, antagonistic behavior, and ongoing cycles of blame. Since the unvaccinated believe their mistrust of authorities is justified, they often respond to sanction with outrage. And the truth is, their mistrust is not entirely mistaken.”

Well, our health and political authorities lied a lot, got a lot wrong, never apologized for their mistakes, and kept getting caught flaunting their own rules.

DON’T GET COCKY: It’s All Falling Apart for Biden and Democratic Leadership in D.C.

BY AMAZING COINCIDENCE, BOTCHED MEDIA NARRATIVES ARE ALWAYS FAVORABLE TO THE DEMOCRATS: New York Times Botches the History of Budget Conflicts and Government Shutdowns.

THE ANSWER IS NO: Jeffrey Rendall at CHQ asks “Do Democrats Truly Understand What Their Problem is with the Budget?” As Rendall observes: “There haven’t been any reports of book throwing or intra-caucus knife fights, but it’s getting down to crunch time and the liberals aren’t close to finalizing their grand slush fund in its full form.”

CREATIVITY IN THE HELP-WANTED SECTION: Help Wanted signs are in every storefront window these days and employers are seeking out creative new ways of getting the word to the right people about the right job.

Now along comes direct-mail czar Richard Viguerie channeling Steve Jobs and asking if you’re tired of selling sugar water. Well, are you?

WOEING: Boeing still studying Starliner valve issues, with no launch date in sight.

Since returning Starliner to Boeing’s Commercial Crew and Cargo Processing Facility in Florida, engineers have been able to gather data about the “dry” side of the valves, but they may need to remove the valves from the spacecraft to assess the “wet” side, Lueders said. This would be a cumbersome process.

Boeing and NASA will reach a decision point in the “next few weeks,” she said, when they will decide whether to remove the valves from the service module for additional study. If this is the case, Boeing would likely pull forward a service module intended for a future crewed flight and use it for the uncrewed Orbital Flight Test-2 mission.

A new date for this OFT-2 mission has yet to be set, and Lueders indicated one may not be set any time soon. She suggested the mission probably will slip to 2022. “My gut is that it would probably be more likely to be next year, but we’re still working through that timeline,” she said.

Plus this from the comments: “Sticking valves not identified until flight hardware is on the pad is bad but what is worse is the kind of processes that woudl allow that to happen. What else is wrong that they just don’t know about yet? They may not know regardless but at least another uncrewed flight gives Boeing and NASA more real world data (not Boeing’s cost saving simulations which showed everything good to go).”

MEN AND COLLEGE RADIO SHOW: You can listen to a segment I did with News Talk 590 WVLK in Lexington about why only 40% of college students are men.

NEW LOW SO FAR: New Gallup low for Biden, even below Harris. I guess that’s why they’re keeping her in witness protection.

Related: Failures: Most hit Biden, media for border disaster.

Maybe someone should ask the FCC if we’re going to have to shoot the media to reclaim our democracy.

REALCLEARINVESTIGATIONS: Biden Security Adviser Jake Sullivan Tied to Alleged 2016 Clinton Scheme to Co-Opt CIA and FBI to Tar Trump. “White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan figures prominently in a grand jury investigation run by Special Counsel John Durham into an alleged 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign scheme to use both the FBI and CIA to tar Donald Trump as a colluder with Russia, according to people familiar with the criminal probe, which they say has broadened into a conspiracy case.”

CAN THE FTC BE BOUGHT? A group of Facebook shareholders think the answer to that question is yes and they have filed suit in Delaware. Their key claim is that members of the Facebook board of directors paid fines totaling $5 billion with the understanding the FTC would then spare Mark Zuckerberg from personal liability for the Cambridge Analytic data debacle. This could be litigation to watch.

NO WONDER OUR KIDS ARE SCREWED UP: Our schools and media keep telling them we’re all doomed, thanks to Climate Change, and they believe it.

STICKER OF THE DAY: Beer Only Fridge Refrigerator Decal.

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEFING: We Might Be Spared the Burden of Biden’s Infrastructure Boondoggle. “I can remember a time when ‘trillion’ didn’t routinely come up in proposed legislation. It really wasn’t even that long ago. Now it often seems like a default starting point. We’re playing with Monopoly money now and the D.C. folk spend like drunken sailors on leave in Thailand.”

Sailors in Thailand get some value for their dollar.

BUT OF COURSE: Liberal Group Includes Call to ‘Shoot Republicans’ in Letter to FCC. A left-wing group funded by the Center for American Progress and George Soros’s Open Society Foundations submitted a letter to the government that advocated for murdering Republicans. Free Press, a well-funded liberal group that aims to “reshape media” in the United States, sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission that included the question: ‘Are we going to have to shoot Republican[s] to reclaim our democracy?'”

“Our democracy” is a leftist code phrase that means “untrammeled power for the left.” So the answer is yes, but be careful — they may shoot back.

‘SCIENCE UPRISING’ AND THE ELITES: Just as there is a gathering revolt against the political elites in this country, so there are a growing number of smart folks with lots of PhDs on their walls who have had it with being blackballed, denied tenure, kicked out of research granting because they dissent from the current secular materialist orthodoxy.

The Discovery Institute’s latest episode of the “Science Uprising” provides an introductory summary of Intelligent Design evidence, but more importantly, it also makes clear that this debate isn’t going away any time soon. If anything, like the Flat Earthers of the past, the secular materialists could be in for some surprises. And don’t miss those ‘Chicken and Egg’ dilemmas, either.

CHRISTIAN TOTO: Was Monica Lewinsky the First Cancel Culture victim? “’15 Minutes of Shame’ suggests that without understanding the true nature behind it.”

FLASHBACK: “Nothing says, ‘This was a perfectly normal election, and now it’s time to come together as a united nation,’ like having your swearing-in behind 12-foot-high razor wire surrounded by 25,000 troops whose loyalty you doubt. That’s what we witnessed at President Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday: a grim testament to the fundamental insecurity and fragility of the re-ascendant liberal elite.”

MATT TAIBBI: Russiagate, More Like Watergate: The indictment of Michael Sussmann sheds new light on the outrageous pre-election activities of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, which have a familiar ring. “These people didn’t just keep quiet about that fact, but actively lied to the public about it. The deception went all the way up to Hillary Clinton herself, who tweeted about the original report from Foer in Slate. Hillary’s tweet, which is still up — this should tell people a lot — contains a lengthy statement from Sullivan.”

Plus: “The only thing preventing all of this from being thought of as a scaled-up version of Watergate is the continued refusal of institutional America to own up to the comparison. Dick Nixon’s low-rent escapades like the ‘Canuck letter,’ distributing fliers offering free ‘balloons for the kiddies’ on behalf of Hubert Humphrey in black neighborhoods, or sending masses of pizzas to Ed Muskie’s hotel, all paled in comparison to the massive, ongoing campaign of fake news stories — political sabotage — planted by Clinton campaign figures in 2016 and beyond. The fact that the accompanying program of illegal surveillance was effected by lying to obtain FISA authority instead of a “third-rate burglary” and a bug doesn’t improve the situation. If the target had been anyone but Donald Trump, no one would bother even trying to deny how corrupt all this was, and continues to be.”

That insiders of both parties united to destroy an outsider who had somehow managed to be elected President says all you need to know about the corrupt uniparty that rules America today.

BIDEN VOTERS POSTING THEIL L’S ONLINE: Worse Than Carter? Meghan McCain Obliterates Biden — AGAIN.

CREATING A HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT BASED ON RACE: True Privilege: CVS launches a program that forces hourly employees to discuss their “privilege.”


September 22, 2021

IT’S COME TO THIS: ACLU Rightfully Ripped to Shreds After Butchering an RBG Quote to Omit Women. “The ACLU changed RBG’s quote because RBG isn’t woke enough for 2021:”


Why did they try to keep this video secret? You know why.


WHAT COULD GO WRONG? San Francisco is finally building tiny cabins for homeless people. One reason: it may be cheaper than tents.

After years of resistance, San Francisco is finally jumping onto the trend of sheltering homeless people in tiny homes, with plans to install them on two parking lots about nine blocks away from City Hall.

The lots at 33 Gough St., between Market and Mission streets, have been used since December as a city-sanctioned “safe sleeping village,” holding 44 tents for unhoused people while they get counseling aimed at routing them into permanent homes. Those tents will be replaced by late fall with 70 tiny homes, dubbed cabins, similar to those already in use for years in Oakland, the Peninsula and San Jose.

Each 64-square-foot cabin will have a steel frame, 2-inch-thick walls, heat, a desk, a bed and a window. The revamped village will get improved bathrooms, storage spaces and a dining area.

The cost of up to $1.7 million for building and installing the cabins, along with the dining and other facilities, will be paid for by the nonprofits DignityMoves and Tipping Point Community. The cabins will remain for 18 months, when the lease the city signed for using the parking lots as outdoor shelter spaces runs out.

Related: It’s mental health, stupid: How Team Biden misunderstands homeless crisis.

What links all these troubled populations is a desperate need for treatment. There was a time not long ago when we understood this — and every state maintained an extensive network of residential psychiatric hospitals to provide care, or at least try to do so.

Now tent encampments (and jails and prisons) have replaced those inpatient facilities. The Treatment Advocacy Center reports that 20 percent of those in jails and 15 percent of those in prisons are estimated to suffer from serious mental illness: “Los Angeles County Jail, Chicago’s Cook County Jail and New York’s Riker’s Island Jail each hold more mentally ill inmates than any remaining psychiatric hospital in the United States.”

The total behind bars: as many as 383,000.

These are unfortunate souls who could be helped by treatment — but who lack the financial means to get private care or a practical publicly supported alternative. In other cases, their disease itself prevents them from realizing they need help, and the autonomy-obsessed, libertarian approach pushed by activists bars governments from offering involuntary inpatient treatment.

Exit quote: “We don’t leave those suffering from most ailments to forage for food from garbage cans, as many homeless must. We provide treatment, including through Medicare and Medicaid. Yet we pretend that the mentally ill, addicted souls on our streets just need more government housing. They are being cruelly used by subsidized-housing advocates, the activists who first started applying the very term homeless to them and who believe that government-provided housing is the universal substitute for a flawed private housing market.”

OPEN THREAD: Ain’t no fury like a woman scorned.

OLD AND BUSTED: Biden launches review of Guantanamo prison, aims to close it before leaving office.

—Reuters, February 12th.

The New Hotness? Biden Administration Eyes Guantanamo Bay To Hold Migrants.

Forbes, today.

DISPATCHES FROM THE HOUSE OF STEPHANOPOULOS: Joy Behar Snubs Bill Clinton Accusers: ‘Real Victim’ Was Hillary!

The View co-host Joy Behar callously dismissed the women who accused former President Bill Clinton of sexual assault and rape as “so-called victims,” on Wednesday’s show. She went on to passionately argue that Hillary Clinton was “the real victim,” and America, for losing such a worthy would-be president.

The hosts were discussing whether or not Monica Lewinsky should be considered a victim of Bill Clinton and whether he faced any consequences. Talking about his impeachment, Ana Navarro claimed that Democrats would’ve impeached him today, because they “tend to hold themselves and their own accountable and to a higher standard.”

Related: Bill Clinton lays out a stark choice for voters in his Democratic National Convention speech.

—CNBC, August 18th, 2020.

ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: Maxine Waters bashes Biden for ‘whipping’ of Haitian migrants and calls it worse than slavery: ‘What the hell are we doing here?!’

“And I want to know in the first place, who is paying these cowboys to do this work? They got to be gotten rid of! They got to be stopped! It cannot go on!” she continued.

Waters had previously pushed the false accusation that the Border Patrol agents had used whips on the migrants.

For her Wednesday media briefing, she instead said that they had used their reins to whip the migrants away.

She also called for the children at the Del Rio encampment that want to come to the U.S. be allowed in immediately.

“Let people know that they trying to take us back to slavery days! And worse than that!” she yelled.

More here: Maxine Waters Has the Craziest Remark You May Find on the CBP and Haitians.

But funny thing, on top of all that, is Waters saying that it is “worse than what WE witnessed in slavery.” I know that Waters is bordering on ancient, right up there with the rest of the over-80 Democratic crew like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), but I didn’t know that she was actually so old that she had witnessed slavery which hasn’t been around since 1865. Tell me more, please, Maxine? And she didn’t “witness” what happened in Del Rio either. Because had she “witnessed” it, she would have known there were no whips and no one was whipped.

Earlier: Border Patrol Debunks the Fake ‘Whipping’ Haitians Story but Media Doesn’t Care About the Truth.

After Biden’s infamous smear that Mitt Romney would “put you all back in chains” in 2012, Biden deserves everything he’s getting from Waters.

Related: Why Trump Didn’t Have a Haitian-Migrant Crisis.

Trump was willing to use sticks, and not just carrots, to ensure cooperation from Mexico and Northern Triangle countries.

Morgan cites the importance of Trump’s “commitment that if Mexico didn’t step up he was going to take very specific actions on tariffs. The same thing with the Northern Triangle countries where relief and assistance was temporarily removed until they stood up and did what they needed to do to address this as a regional crisis.”

By last year, the former administration official says, “the relationship we had with Mexico was in a very solid place.” The Mexicans had initially been skeptical of the Trump approach but changed their view when it began to show results. “They saw,” he adds, “that suddenly their border towns weren’t overwhelmed. Suddenly their immigration services weren’t overwhelmed.” So the Trump team and its Mexican counterparts had, he continues, “this professional understanding that a little bit of preventative work today would prevent a much bigger problem tomorrow.”

Morgan points out that caravans that gathered to our south in 2020 didn’t go through. The Mexicans, Morgan says, “increased their southern border enforcement between them and Guatemala. So, Guatemala stepped up. A lot of the caravans were stopped in Guatemala before they even reached the Guatemala–Mexico border. And those that got through Guatemala, Mexican officials stopped.”

But hey, no mean tweets anymore.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): Via a friend:

WHEN THINGS GET SO BIG, I DON’T TRUST THEM AT ALL. YOU WANT SOME CONTROL, YOU’VE GOT TO KEEP IT SMALL: The triumph of bedroom pop. From Joe Meek to Taylor Swift: a short history of lo-fi.

I must have been about 16 when I got my first Portastudio. The compact home recording unit had first been introduced by Japanese electronics firm Teac in 1979, offering unprecedented multitrack dubbing to the bed-bound amateur musician. For a little less than $1,000, you could record four separate tracks of instrumentation — as much as the Beatles had when making Sgt. Pepper — on an ordinary cassette tape. By the time I got my teenage hands on a four-track machine of my own, that price had come down by an order of magnitude. It was a chunky little unit in pigeon blue with just two microphone sockets and a small handful of mixing dials for volume control and stereo panning. Anything you fed into it would be squashed and smudged into its limited dynamic range and smeared all over with a waterfall of tape hiss. But to me that little box was magic.

Recording music myself in the comfort of my bedroom made sound into something plastic. It gave me a sense of agency and allowed me to think in a different, more holistic, but also more experimental way. At that time, most of the songs in the charts and on the radio seemed to be made in big, expensive studios with mixing boards that looked as though they could launch a space shuttle, by highly paid producers wielding microphones that cost, individually, more than everything I owned put together. My friends and I were grabbing beats from the presets on toy Casio keyboards, plugging our guitars directly into the Portastudio jack inputs, then turning the tape over so the sound would play backwards, looping the signal from a daisy chain of cheap effects boxes until it fed back a sound that fooled my friend Marc’s older brother into thinking we had a Moog synthesizer. We bought records by artists with an aesthetic (almost) as scrappy as our own, poring over the badly photocopied sleeves of short-run CDs issued by micro-labels in Nottingham, Wetherby and Olympia, Washington. Never would I have imagined that scarcely more than two decades later, some of the biggest pop stars on the planet would be embracing lo-fi aesthetics and making records in their bedrooms just like us.

To be fair, people are making records on laptops in their bedrooms these days, because digital audio workstation (DAW) software is ubiquitous, and as such, it’s done much to kill the traditional recording studio. Also, it’s much cheaper for an artist to rent a real studio to bring the band in to record the drum tracks, and then everything else can be edited and overdubbed at home, in a small project studio, or a bedroom with some decent acoustic treatment on the walls.

And the notion that “For a little less than $1,000, you could record four separate tracks of instrumentation — as much as the Beatles had when making Sgt. Pepper — on an ordinary cassette tape,” isn’t quite true. I’m surprised that Fostex never got sued for false claims for this mid-’80s ad:

Sure you can make the next Sgt. Pepper — you just need John, Paul, George, Ringo, George Martin, and engineer Geoff Emerick, and plonk them down into one of the best equipped recording studios in the world. And hire plenty of sidemen to play the exotic instruments that the Fab Four couldn’t. And an orchestra for the finale. Oh, and ditch the hissy cassette four-track which jams all those tracks onto a 1/8th” wide audio cassette, and invest in a few Studer J-37 reel-to-reel machines, which spreads the four tracks over one-inch-wide tape for infinitely greater fidelity. And noticed I said “a few.” Martin and his engineers used two J-37s synced together to record the massive orchestral overdubs on Pepper’s closing track, “A Day in the Life.” There was also an additional reel-to-reel recorder that ran when mixing to create the Beatles’ famous Artificial Double-Tracking (ADT) effect on many of their lead vocals. But hey, other all of that, you’re good to go with a portable Fostex X-15 cassette recorder!

To be fair though, the impact of the cassette four-tracks of the 1980s was long-lasting: it democratized music recording and songwriting; and it’s not a coincidence that several of us early bloggers had our roots tinkering in that earlier DIY-era.

Speaking of which, classical reference in headline:


SCIENCE! Study: More women using marijuana to help ease menopause symptoms.

FASTER, PLEASE: Study finds that catheter-based valve replacement helps more heart patients.

RAN ACROSS MY OLD InstaVision interview with Camille Paglia. Still fun to watch.

IRON DOME FLAP PUTS DEMS’ ANTI-SEMITISM ON FRONT BURNER: Jeff Dunetz at The Lid has the full story on how and why it happened — in a word, bigotry — and why there remains hope that $1 billion in Iron Dome funding for Israel will yet be approved by Congress.

THE VIRTUE SIGNAL GAME SEEMS MORE LIKE REALITY THAN A GAME: You can still get all the games on sale here. They make fun gifts for those in your life who would get the humor or maybe even better for those who don’t.


STILL #1 IN ARGENTINIAN HISTORY: The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse.

IT’S FAIR TO CONCLUDE THEY JUST WANT PEOPLE DEAD: Bureaucrats and Politicians Seem Determined To Cripple a Lifesaving Alternative to Smoking.

GUN CONTROL IS PEOPLE CONTROL: The Media Make It Clear The Problem Isn’t The Guns, It’s You.

ANOTHER RED LINE CROSSED WITHOUT CONSEQUENCE: Another Russian Ransomware Attack on America’s Food Supply Because Nobody Takes Biden Seriously.

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