March 2, 2021

LIKE BOB ZIMMERMAN, I’LL BELIEVE IT WHEN I SEE IT:  State legislatures proposing repeals of 2020 election revisions that made fraud easy.

OH, BELIEVE ME HONEY, THIS IS JUST ONE MORE STRAW O THAT CAMEL’S BACK:  Tensions over vaccine equity pit rural against urban America.

I’m not ready to call it the last, but the beast is getting angry.

NOBODY TELL MY HUSBAND:  Go nuts: Reese’s making chocolate-free, all peanut butter cups.

CAUTION: OBJECTS IN FUTURE MAY BE FARTHER AWAY THAN THEY APPEAR:   First-ever space hotel slated to be operational by 2027.

I, FOR ONE, DON’T WANT TO LIVE IN A NATION WHERE ITALIANS CAN’T PUSH SAUSAGE:   Cuomo accused of pressuring reporter to ‘eat whole sausage’ in video.

Though the least said about Cuomo’s sausage, the better.

AMERICAN JOURNALISTS WILLINGLY SURRENDERED THEIRS:  Foreign journalists in China see ‘rapid decline in media freedom’.

And would like to import the system here.

March 1, 2021

FLORIDA RULES: Why does anyone still live in the northeastern United States?

I’m researching this and will report back later.

SHADES OF HARRY REID: Mitt Romney knocked unconscious, suffers black eye during fall.

K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: Public School Superintendent Who Warned Pod-Based Learning ‘Causes Inequities’ Is Sending His Own Kid to Private School.

It’s lying, hypocritical hacks all the way down.

UNDOING WELFARE REFORM: The Biden Child Allowance: Examining the Impact of Welfare on Work. “Critically, the Biden plan would eliminate all existing work obligations from the current child credit program. By doing so, President Biden rejects the foundational principles of welfare reform established in the 1990s. That reform was rooted in the concept that welfare should no longer be a one-way handout. Instead, welfare should be based on reciprocal obligation: Society should support those who need assistance, but able-bodied recipients of aid should in turn be required to work or at least prepare for work in exchange for the aid given. The Biden plan abandons that principle.”

OPEN THREAD: Speak, friend, and enter.

ASK THE GANG AT THE LAUNDRY WHAT IT MEANS: Mysterious stripes spotted over Russia in satellite images — and NASA is perplexed.

HOW BAD IS THE EU’S VACCINE FAIL? THIS BAD. Hard-hit Czech Republic turns to Russian jabs after EU delays.

AND THE HITS JUST KEEP ON COMING: Third Woman Accuses Andrew Cuomo of Harassment.

HOW PUBLIC HEALTH MESSAGING FAILED US IN THE PANDEMIC: “One of the most important problems undermining the pandemic response has been the mistrust and paternalism that some public-health agencies and experts have exhibited toward the public.”

Plus: “Throughout the past year, traditional and social media have been caught up in a cycle of shaming—made worse by being so unscientific and misguided. How dare you go to the beach? newspapers have scolded us for months, despite lacking evidence that this posed any significant threat to public health. It wasn’t just talk: Many cities closed parks and outdoor recreational spaces, even as they kept open indoor dining and gyms. Just this month, UC Berkeley and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst both banned students from taking even solitary walks outdoors.”


AND AFTER AMAZON WENT ALL-IN TO CRUSH PARLER FOR HIM: Biden Backs Amazon Warehouse Workers’ Union Drive.

R.I.P. ANDREW BREITBART. NINE YEARS AGO: Goodbye, Andrew. “No figure on our side was more despised in the whited sepulchers of the media/academic/political Left, and Breitbart wore their loathing as a daily badge of honor. His refusal to grant even a glimmer of moral absolution constantly enraged them, and his very existence was an affront to their carefully constructed — to use one of Andrew’s favorite words — ‘narrative’ of moral superiority. Naturally, they are already dancing on his grave, with the manic joy of being suddenly and miraculously delivered from one of their most potent enemies.”

HEH: Via a friend.

GET WOKE…TV Ratings: Golden Globes Crater, Headed for Multi-Year Low.

Related: In contrast, this report: “31 million viewers for Donald Trump’s CPAC speech. And that was just online.”

HISTORY: See rare video of 14 year old Dolly Parton performing in Knoxville. In Fountain City, near where Litton’s restaurant is today.

IT’S COME TO THIS: Yale Law Journal Editor Apologizes For ‘Unwelcoming Culture:’ The prestigious Journal admitted 60 percent of black applicants in 2020, far higher than any other demographic group.

That sounds, if anything, excessively welcoming. But the solution is to change Yale University’s name from that of an infamous slave trader, to something like Harriet Tubman University. As long as they keep Eli Yale’s name, everything else is window-dressing. If they’re still too racist to name it after Harriet Tubman, there’s always Jeremiah Dummer.

MY LATEST FOR PJ MEDIA/TOWNHALL VIP SUPPORTERS: You Didn’t Think Google’s ‘Incognito’ Mode Really Protected Your Privacy, Did You? “Google’s Chrome might not remember your activity locally, on your computer or on your smartphone, but it seems that Google’s servers remember everything.”

Don’t forget that VODKAPUNDIT discount code if you’ve been thinking of joining.

FREEDOM IS THE FREEDOM TO SAY THAT TWO PLUS TWO MAKE FOUR: There Is No Such Thing as “White” Math. I naively believed that STEM would be spared from the ideological takeover. I was wrong, says Princeton professor Sergiu Klainerman.

ANALYSIS: TRUE*: Florida rules.

* But don’t tell anyone.


OLD AND BUSTED: “Believe All Women.”

The New Hotness? Cuomo Asks America To Hold Off on Believing Women This Time.

SPOILER ALERT: YOU’RE PROBABLY A HATE GROUP. SPLC Urges Biden, Big Tech to Block ‘Online Funding’ for ‘Hate Groups’ to Fight Domestic Terrorism.

“PLEDGES” ARE CHEAP. BigLaw Eschews Recruiting At Lower Ranked HBCU Law Schools Despite Pledge To Hire More Black Associates. Also, in the current climate you have to be extra careful, since people who don’t make it are more likely to sue or badmouth you. Much safer hiring white males, or maybe asians.

JOANNE JACOBS: Teacher slams ‘rich, white parents.’ “All the rich white parents suddenly concerned about mental health can take a seat.”

“Suddenly” after kids spent a year locked down at home while even teachers with vaccinations refuse to go back to school.

VDH: Was COVID-19 Our Neutron Bomb?

Shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline, opening up the border in a time of pandemic to illegal immigration, nominating a number of big-government zealots, and institutionalizing unproductive, commissar-like wokism do not promote economic growth.

Yet natural processes are underway that Joe Biden likely will be unable to thwart immediately by his redistributionist policies. So we should imagine that the now labeled “Trump virus” will at some point sooner than later grow dormant. The “Trump quarantine” will then lift, and with it the “Trump recession.” The “Biden vaccination” will help to end the pandemic, along with the number of those previously infected with “Trump antibodies,” as the “Biden recovery” will take off, at least for a few months.

All sorts of known unknowns follow. When will Biden’s tax hikes, new regulations, subsidized green add-ons, gas and oil curtailment, and massive accumulating debt begin to slow things down?

Will a near $30 trillion debt growing at $2 trillion a year, with a progressive laundry list of ever more “essential” entitlements, finally lead to inflation, or stagflation, or permanent zero interest rates—or an abrupt recession, or worse?

No one knows.

But in the political sense, Republicans might wish to prepare for an artificially inflated but robust economy that could last until late in the midterm year 2022. It will do no good to argue that Operation Warp Speed, an end to the failed New York-California blue-state lockdown model, and the remnants of the Trump economic package mostly account for the upswing. The president in power when economies tank or roar gets commensurate blame or credit.

All the talk of a dismal Trump response to the virus will soon and reluctantly wane, as our vaccination rate, our prior national leadership in creating vaccines, and our earlier end to the pandemic will be positively compared with other nations, especially those in Europe. As a result, Biden will transmogrify from a shrill critic of what he inherited to a plagiarist of that recovery.

If Biden and his team get what they wish—a neo-socialist, big government transformation—we will enter tough times. But not yet and perhaps not until after 2022.

As a prominent member of Biden’s earlier administration famously said, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

NEWS YOU CAN USE: What Is Bitcoin and What Makes it Special? An Economist Explains.

But can you buy GameStop stock with it?

ADDS YEARS TO YOUR LIFE AS WELL AS LIFE TO YOUR YEARS: Sildenafil for the Treatment of Heart Failure.

REFILL THE SWAMP: Top Biden aides cashed in advising major corporations.

Biden has leaned on veterans of the Obama and Clinton administrations to staff his White House. Many of these longtime Democratic policy operatives have passed through Washington’s so-called “revolving door,” cashing in via work with private-sector companies before returning to control the highest levers of government.

And despite interludes consulting for major defense industry, Silicon Valley, or federal contracting companies, these so-called “reverse revolvers” don’t ever appear on official lobbying registries. Such firms now have old friends in high places.

“Large corporations like to have real interpersonal ties to people within the government whom they call and chat with on a basis of a real personal relationship and past collaboration,” said the Revolving Door Project’s Jeff Hauser.

I’m sure they do.

MICROBIOME NEWS: The future of probiotics and gut microbiomes is bright.


(Classical reference in headline.)


Insanity Wrap needs to know: If every puppet needs a puppetmaster, then whose hand is making Joe Biden’s mouth function?

Answer: If that’s his mouth functioning, then America is being run by the worst puppeteer in history. But as you’ll see, our Mystery Puppeteer was bad at most everything else, too.

Before we get to the sordid details, a quick preview of today’s Wrap.

  • Zuckerberg millions “helped” the vote in Michigan
  • Riots come to Georgia over voter ID
  • How to properly wear and use two masks at the same time: A handy video guide for newbies

Bonus Sanity: LinkedIn backtracks on anti-white propaganda training materials.

And so much more at the link, you’d have to be crazy to miss it.

SO MEN CAN COMPETE SO LONG AS THEY IDENTIFY AS WOMEN, BUT ACTUAL WOMEN CAN’T HAVE TOO HIGH A LEVEL OF NATURAL TESTOSTERONE: Caster Semenya appeals to European Court of Human Rights over ‘discriminatory’ testosterone limit.

OF COURSE:  Berkeley teachers’ union honcho videotaped while delivering his child to an in-person private pre-school (while arguing for continued closure of public schools).

TURNABOUT: Joe Biden is a China patsy.

Look at his recent statement in which he suggested that ‘cultural differences’ might explain why the Chinese thought it was OK to brutally oppress Uighurs. An unnamed source within the intelligence community has revealed that Biden could not unequivocally condemn China’s human rights abuses because Xi Jinping has ‘has something’ on him. The 46th President therefore cannot be trusted to stand up to Xi on the world stage.

‘The Russians deploy kompromat as leverage over foreign assets,’ says my source. ‘Chinese agencies use something called “black materials” to extort western authority figures into doing what they want.’

I’m making this stuff up. Rather, I’m blending truths with half-truths; hearsay with nonsense. I’m concocting a grandiose conspiracy theory that an authoritarian state is now controlling the leader of the free world. If that sounds familiar it is because that is exactly what a lot of supposedly serious journalists spent the first two years of the Trump administration doing.

Read the whole thing.

SHOCKER: Southern states outperforming northern states amid COVID-19.

FLASHBACK: WOKE CAPITAL ISN’T A GAME. “The people who work at these companies do, in fact, hate you.”

THE REVOLUTION DEMANDS YOUR ACQUIESCENCE: SUNY student suspended for Instagram post saying, “A Man Is A Man, A Woman Is A Woman.” The college’s rationale for suspending the student is that he is an education student, and his professed ideas would prevent him from treating all students appropriately. In cases like this, the question should not be what one’s personal ideology is, but whether one is willing to comply with whatever rules are established. For example, if a school district was to require this young man in the future to call a biologically male transgender boy “he,” and it’s lawful to require him to do so, would he do it? If so, then his personal ideology should matter no more than that of a Communist or libertarian teacher who agrees to use the prescribed textbook and curriculum even though they disagree with it. To suggest that only teachers who buy into the prevailing ideology are allowed to teach is worthy of the USSR, not the U.S.

AND THEY COMPLAIN ABOUT TRUMP’S EGO? Jerry Nadler on Equality Act: ‘God’s Will Is No Concern of This Congress.’

ANALYSIS: TRUE. British TV newsman loses it during story on diversity & Little House on the Prairie, hilarious. “You pampered, privately-educated cunts.”

I LIKE THE CUT OF HIS JIB: NC Lt. Governor Mark Robinson Demonstrates Punching Back Twice as Hard. “After being elected Lt. Governor, here he is fighting about the media’s ‘insurrection’ bullshit on January 6, and slamming a newspaper for depicting him, a black man, as a member of the Klu Klux Klan.”


The wokeness vocabulary joins the thesaurus of corporate buzzwords used by executives trying to hide from their investors that they don’t know what they’re doing. Making headlines for their wokeness changes the conversation from their business model to their politics. Touting a brand as socially responsible evades questions about its financial viability.

Take Coke, please.

Coca-Cola’s global sales fell 28% in the second quarter of 2020 from $10 billion to $7.15 billion. The corporate giant blamed the pandemic which had shuttered movie theaters and bars, and began cutting its small brands while concentrating on its big signature brands.

But Coke was struggling even long before the pandemic.

Despite all the international marketing, North America is still the biggest soda market. And the average American is down to drinking 40 gallons of soda from 50 gallons two decades ago. The shift was driven by the same demographic that tends to go woke, young white urban lefties, who became more likely to drink bottled water. Coke chased them by going into bottled water and vitamin drinks, but also by shifting away from a family brand once associated with Santa.

Santa and the polar bears reflected a Coke that was marketed to children. But fewer parents are comfortable with their children living off soda. That’s why one survey found that the number of children drinking over 3 cans of soda a day fell from 10% to 3.3%. The drop in soda consumption, once again, was heaviest among younger and wealthier urban white lefties.

The economic consequences of young white wealthy lefties dropping soda wasn’t just a sales issue. Wokes are a politically narcissistic demographic that legislates its tastes into law, pursuing the legalization of drugs, and bans on soda. Both drug legalization and soda bans were, as usual, done in the name of oppressed minorities, but had little impact on them.

Legal drugs are too expensive for minorities and the infamous soda taxes don’t work. But the soda industry remembers what happened to tobacco and other lifestyle habits that fell afoul of the cultural values of the new woke ruling class. That’s another reason why it went ‘woke’.

Banning soda from schools and taxing it in stores precedes the class action lawsuits and national legislative activities that would effectively eliminate sodas from the marketplace.

Coke isn’t just virtue signaling to prop up sales in a declining market: it’s also afraid.

Read the whole thing. As Glenn noted last night, it’s been quite a ride for Coke, as it tries to incorporate the zeitgeist into its advertising over the decades:

CANCEL CULTURE IS ALL IN YOUR MIND: SUNY student suspended for Instagram post saying, ‘A Man Is A Man, A Woman Is A Woman.’

ROGER SIMON: CPAC Grand Finale — If Not Trump, Who?

As he put it himself in the speech: “I stand before you today to declare that the incredible journey we began together four years ago is far from over …”

What did he mean by that? Well, we know.

But things happen to a man of a “certain age,” even though we don’t want them to… or they can change their minds, unlikely as that seems.

So let’s play a game. If not Trump, who? (Beyond being academic, it might tell us who will be his vice-presidential pick as well. We can forget about Mike Pence.)

For starters, like it or not, the Republican Party is Trump’s now. The old Bush party, already a faint and diminishing speck on the horizon, can only dream of resuscitation. Further, Trump’s critics in the monumentally misnamed Lincoln Project have imploded spectacularly.

A staggering 95 percent of CPAC attendees supported all of Trump’s policies, according to the Washington Times Straw Poll. His job-approval level was even higher—97 percent. Who does that? (Only Stalin, but this was a free election.)

If you’re not “Trumpy,” forget about the nomination—for just about anything.

Republican officials not on Trump’s team and upholding his policies should therefore beware, those who waffled also. Primaries are coming and on the minds of many.

Again in Trump’s words from his speech: “The Republican Party is united. The only division is between a handful of Washington, D.C., establishment political hacks, and everybody else all over the country.”

CPAC itself was a ratification of this, but also an audition of sorts for a possible replacement for the former [sic] president, if necessary, or, looking far ahead, probably too far, the election of 2028.

What follows are my reactions to this audition, but my sense of the room is that they are not that far from the view of many attendees. (Overall, the CPAC atmosphere was surprisingly optimistic considering the very much still-festering wound of the dubious 2020 election.)

The three most obvious favorites in no particular order (so ladies first) are South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

None of these people have made previous runs at the presidency, at least in any obvious manner. To have done so would, to some degree unfairly, have made them damaged goods, having come under assault by Trump’s take-no-prisoners style during the 2016 primary season.

Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, both with eyes on the prize for some time, have undergone that, so are in essence disqualified. (Cruz’s unfortunate jetaway to Cancun while his state power grid was down has not helped him either.)



Earlier: Trump eviscerates Biden’s record in CPAC speech.

ANALYSIS: TRUE. This Administration Is Already a Failure.

What has this desiccated, old weirdo achieved in his six weeks of semiconsciousness in the Oval Office? Well, there’s putting tens of thousands of Americans out of jobs, including union guys who voted for him. There’s telling the American people that their kids can’t go to school because public school teachers take priority over children because of science or something. There’s another war in the Middle East. Those are kind of accomplishments, but not really good ones.

His administration had someone named “Ducklo” who was mean to women. He had another who wants to be a woman and who wants to let your little boys be surgically turned into women. And Neera Tanden’s confirmation was blocked because she was a woman and totally not because she was an inept loudmouth.

If this is normalcy, what’s a freak show look like?

Kurt Schlichter, so read the whole thing.

30 YEARS OF SOBRIETY AND GRACE: And on a personal note, so many blessings have come to me in these three decades, including becoming part of this Instapundit community that is one of Blogdom’s most original and positive contributions to America’s public policy debates. I so enjoy enjoy reading and engaging with Instapundit readers of all stripes.

I FAVOR LAWSUITS FOR DEFAMATORY STATEMENTS, EVEN BY COLLEAGUES: Fellows with conservative think tank at Stanford fire back after attempt to investigate them fails.

WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY: “Lockdowns are quietly improving cities around the world,” as World Economic Forum goes full Orwell.


A tragedy occurred last month when Vicha Ratanapakdee, an 84-year-old immigrant from Thailand, was fatally assaulted in San Francisco.

A rally among wokesters followed, with calls to “unite against white nationalism.” While it’s great to call out violence and racism, “my truth” does not count; facts still matter.

Antoine Watson, the 19-year-old charged with murdering Ratanapakdee, is black. Watson therefore probably is not a white supremacist. And most suspects in recent troubling attacks against Asian Americans are from other minority groups.

Across the bay two weeks ago in Oakland’s China Town, Yahya Muslim committed one of the highest-profile attacks on Asian Americans. Muslim is not a Klansmen either.

Matters aren’t helped when disingenuous outlets like CNN often avoid identifying the ethnicity of the recent assailants.

It seems progressive activists hope to use a spike in violent crimes against Asian Americans to ignore reality and promote their ideological agenda; unsurprisingly, this includes blaming former President Donald Trump’s rhetoric for the violence.

“There’s a clear correlation between President Trump’s incendiary comments, his insistence on using the term ‘Chinese virus’ and the subsequent hate speech spread on social media and the hate violence directed towards us,” Russell Jeung, a professor at the radical San Francisco State University, told Time Magazine. “It gives people license to attack us.”

Explain the “clear correlation,” sir.

In an article headlined “Asian-Americans Under Attack?,” City Journal’s Charles Fain Lehman writes:

Trump’s words were reckless, but it is unlikely that a year later they are the primary cause of these attacks. More generally, police have not officially established that prejudice motivated any of the assailants. And it makes no sense to blame “white supremacy” when most of the offenders captured on camera in these attacks thus far have been young black men, including Ratanapakdee’s alleged killer.

A more likely culprit is the climate of lawlessness that has reigned in many of America’s big cities following this summer’s protests against law enforcement. It should also come as no surprise that the Bay Area, which has been at the forefront of progressive criminal-justice reforms for years, is bearing the brunt of these attacks.

Historically, American cities have had a simple response to the sort of lawlessness that Chan and others describe: put additional cops on the beat, stop potential violent offenders before they do serious damage, and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law when they do commit violent crimes. But in Northern California, that system is breaking down. Oakland slashed $14.3 million from its police budget and charged a task force with cutting the remaining budget in half over two years, even as homicides in the city have surged. In San Francisco, cops have fled the force “in record numbers,” and Mayor London Breed has pushed for a $120 million cut to the police and sheriff’s department. Statewide, research has linked an increase in the felony-theft threshold passed in 2014 to soaring retail burglaries of the sort now terrorizing Oakland.

Rather than enforce law and order, San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin and Santa Clara County D.A. Jeff Rosen are working to weaken prosecution, ending cash bail and waiving gang and “three strikes” enhancements to sentencing. That means criminals feel greater freedom to offend and reoffend.

San Francisco has already felt the effects of prior “reforms,” as vagrancy, public drug use, and other public-order offenses have soared. That disorder has spilled over into higher transit crime, including a series of high-profile murders on the Bay Area Regional Transit system that an Alameda County grand jury pinned on lax quality-of-life enforcement. The crime wave is now clearly hurting the region’s Asian citizens as well.

As Steve would say, paraphrasing H.L. Mencken, the Bay Area is once again getting it “Gooder and Harder.”

THAT ’70S SHOW WITH A DIGITAL TWIST: COVID Stimulus Spending May Lead to Inflation. Are Cryptocurrencies and Gold Viable Hedges?

STANDING UP AGAINST BIGOTRY: Students for Fair Admissions appeals Harvard case to Supreme Court, expands challenge to Yale.

RIP: Irv Cross, NFL veteran and CBS legend, dead at 81. “In 1971 Cross was hired by CBS Sports as a game analyst. Four years later, CBS took a gamble putting together Cross, Brent Musburger, Phyllis George and Jimmy ‘The Greek’ Snyder for what would become a legendary pregame show. Cross became the first Black network sports show anchor, on what became the first live pregame show. Previous pregame packages were taped.”

BEING UNPREPARED WAS THE PLAN: The Border Surge Is Underway, And The Biden Administration Is Unprepared. “Since November, the number of minors in federal custody has tripled to 7,000 after the Biden administration decided it would stop expelling minors and teenagers apprehended at the border without their parents. One official from the Department of Health and Human Services told Axios on Thursday, ‘We’re seeing the highest February numbers than we’ve ever seen in the history of the [Unaccompanied Alien Child] program’.”

COLD WAR II: CHINESE BOOGALOO. China said to speed up move to more survivable nuclear force.

MATT MARGOLIS: Stick a Fork in Andrew Cuomo… He’s Done.

HUGO GURDON: Tolerant Democrats have a plan — and it’s coming for you.

THEIR CREEP FACTOR GOES UP TO 11: Facebook is ‘looking at’ facial recognition technology for upcoming smart glasses, executive confirms.

DISPATCHES FROM THE “IT’S DIFFERENT WHEN WE DO IT” PARTY: After Leading School Closures, Berkeley Teachers’ Union President Spotted Dropping Daughter Off at In-Person Preschool.

Looking to prove a double-standard by the Berkeley Federation of Teachers union president, they followed Meyer and his 2-year-old daughter to her preschool, camera in hand. The footage they captured has ignited the ire of parents groups fighting teachers unions — and Meyer in particular.

“It’s completely opposite of what he’s pushing,” said Jonathan Zachreson, the founder of Reopen California Schools, which counts Berkeley parents among many of its members. “So why is that safe for him and those people who work there (at the preschool), but not for all of the kids in Berkeley Unified and the teachers? The answer is: It is safe.”


De Blasio under fire for dancing in deserted Times Square.

Dr. Birx Took Family Trip to Delaware After Thanksgiving, Despite Her Own COVID Advice.

Gavin Newsom’s French Laundry Outing Crystallizes the Arrogance of COVID-19 Dictators.

San Jose Mayor Attends Thanksgiving Party After Telling Citizens to ‘Cancel Big Gatherings This Year.’

San Francisco Mayor London Breed had her own French Laundry party — the night after Gavin Newsom’s.

As Stephen Kruiser suggested: Let’s Start Jailing Lawmakers Who Violate Their Own COVID Restrictions. “Imagine the pure, poetic justice of seeing Newsom, Cuomo, and some of the other Hitler youth (stole that from Animal House) cooling their heels in a holding cell after being caught with their masks off and their pants down.”

A NEW CPAC FOR A NEW ERA: The Federalist’ David Marcus was in Florida for the 2021 edition of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and came away with a number of interesting observations, including this one:

“I would not be terribly surprised if CPAC moves permanently to Florida. It speaks to a GOP and a conservative movement that its moving away from big city establishmentarianism and reliance on suburban white voters to a more national party. It sees its future in smaller and more diverse communities. The increase of diversity has been remarkable at CPAC these four years. Anyone who thinks this is a blip and not a trend really isn’t paying attention.”

I am and I think Marcus is exactly right.

PUSHBACK: As an industry faces destruction, it grows a voting coalition.

Imagine if you had a job. A good job, one that required skill and critical thinking and had a broad impact in the community where you lived. A job you didn’t just show up to do. It was a job you were good at, and because of it, you were able to provide a roof over your family’s head, put your children through college, or help pay for their wedding, and once a year, it gave you the ability to carve out a week or two to take the family on vacation.

Now, imagine that job becomes the center of political debate, one far removed from the Laurel Mountains, where this town sits. Within two decades, your profession goes from being championed by the Democratic Party and labor officials to one that they want to destroy. . . .

Several things bother Fisher and Charles regarding how others look upon those in the mining industry. One is the stereotype of anyone in their business as either anti-intellectual or anti-clean environment. The former they consider insulting, the latter ridiculous.

“Not only do we drink the water and breathe the air here, but we also hunt, fish, and swim here. We are the first people who want whatever we do here to be safe,” Fisher said. It is a common refrain from energy workers across the country.

The other thing that gets under their skin is when politicians flippantly suggest they can quickly get another job. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg recently said people who lost their job to climate justice might find a climate-conscious job.

And President Biden himself suggested coal miners should just learn to code. Last year in New Hampshire, in the middle of a brag of how Barack Obama had placed him in charge of judging what the jobs of the future would be, he said, “Anybody who can go down 3,000 feet in a mine can sure as hell learn to program as well.”

It is still astounding to witness the contempt and disdain politicians and the press have toward the lives and livelihoods of people who aren’t like them, people who don’t live in their ZIP codes or attend the same universities they did.

The Democrats are now the party of the Upper Class, pretty much openly aligned against the working class.

JUST THINK OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS AS DEMOCRATIC PARTY OPERATIVES WITH A WIRE SERVICE, AND IT ALL MAKES SENSE: The AP Is Not Happy With the ‘Label,’ ‘Democrat Party,’ Conservatives, and It Couldn’t Be More ROFL Whiny About It.

ARE WE REALLY THAT FAR GONE?:  Senator Rand Paul asked Biden’s nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services, “Do you support the government intervening to override the parents’ consent to give a child puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and/or amputation surgery of breast and genitalia?” This was not a crazy question.  The nominee–Dr. Rachel Levine–is a trans activist and self-described champion of transgender youth.  He got a deliberately evasive non-answer to his question.

How could any responsible U.S. Senator vote yes without an answer to that question?  As Paul notes, 80 to 95% of prepubertal children with gender dysphoria snap out of it by late adolescence.  Minors can’t even go to the movies without parental consent.  How can it be that they can decide whether to the chop their body parts off?

BIDEN LIED, PEOPLE DIED: Issues & Insights says the Biden total for his first two months in the Oval Office exceeds 100,000 fatalities. Sorry, Joe, but it works both ways.

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: The Trump Comeback Has Begun. “If you thought the Left went ape-stuff crazy the first time Trump did this, by 2024 the bat-guano is really gonna hit the fan.”

JUDGES NOT BUYING TRUMP INCITEMENT THEORY: “Blame Trump” Defense Not Working Out Well For Rioters. “Defense attorneys representing many of the rioters have come up with one tactic to try to clear their clients of wrongdoing. They’re blaming former President Trump, saying that he was the one who ‘summoned’ them to the White House and ‘instructed’ them to shut down the count of the electors. Unfortunately for them, judges don’t seem to be buying that defense so far.”

Well, the big weakness with this claim is that it isn’t true.

Plus, a key question: “I would first note that there’s something rather strange about a group of people so dedicated and loyal to Donald Trump that they would travel across the country to attend his rally outside the White House, now turning around and trying to throw him under the bus. People so dedicated to the idea of ‘stopping the steal’ that they were willing to risk injury or death (in at least one case) to defend the President are now casting the blame on him in an effort to avoid jail time.” Yeah, go figure.

JOHN HINDERAKER: Cuomo is going down.

THE LAW SO NICE THEY HAD TO FIX IT TWICE: At Last, Democrats Get Chance to Engineer Obamacare 2.0.

I was especially fond of the “at last” in the headline to a purportedly straight news item.

AN IDEA SO CRAZY IT JUST MIGHT WORK: Arizona Lawmakers to Cops: You Should Convict People Before You Take Their Stuff.

OLD AND BUSTED: Break Up the Deep State!

The New Hotness? Break Up the Deep State! Trump railed against the ‘deep state,’ but he also built his own. Biden is trying to dismantle it. “From high-high level agencies to low-level boards, Biden’s administration is trying to rid the broader federal bureaucracy of Trump loyalists.”

TO BE FAIR, THAT’S NOT EXACTLY A DIFFICULT ACCOMPLISHMENT: Trump eviscerates Biden’s record in CPAC speech.

IT’S FUN WATCHING ASIANS BECOME HONORARY WHITE PEOPLE: NBC Rushes To Explain Why Crimes Against Asians Aren’t Always Hate Crimes.

RICHARD FERNANDEZ: Biden and the Nuclear Codes: Solving the last century’s strategic challenge. “No sooner had September 11 started to establish itself as the paradigm of war in the public imagination than another disturbing event occurred in the shape of the Covid-19 pandemic. The vague origins of the pandemic meant that the decision problem is whether one is experiencing an attack at all or just a misfortune. How ambiguous this remains is was underscored by Joe Biden‘s White House.”

THE ‘REALITY-BASED COMMUNITY’ STRIKES AGAIN: Leftists Cook Up Crazed Fever Dream to See Nazi Symbolism at CPAC.

FLASHBACK: Trump would have won 311 Electoral Votes if media wasn’t biased: Survey. “The liberal media’s efforts to hide Joe Biden-related scandals from voters and bury good news about the Trump administration cost the president the election, according to two new voting surveys. Had voters known about troubling issues swirling around the Democrat and some of the successes of the Trump White House, including the Middle East peace deals, job growth and energy independence, enough would have turned away from Biden to give Trump 311 Electoral Votes, more than enough to win, said the polls ”

This is science. Don’t be a science-denier, folks.

Flashback: Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley Demand FTC Investigate Big Tech Firms That Can ‘Sway Elections.’

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EVERY SUNDAY I DO A BLOG POST TO SUPPORT INDIE AUTHORS: Book Promo And Vignettes by Luke, Mary Catelli and ‘Nother Mike.

Yes, I know. None of us is ecstatic with Amazon, but building competition will take time, and meanwhile most of our people laboring in fiction are dependent on stuff like this.

Oh, and there’s a vignette writing thing too, that has ended up starting many novels.

YEAH. I KNOW AUSTRALIANS:  Hilarious lies Aussies tell foreigners.

DONALD TRUMP: We will take the House, we will take the Senate, and then a Republican president will make a triumphant return to the White House. . . . and I wonder who that will be.

Most striking to me is that he looks as good as he did in 2016. I’ve never seen a president who aged so little in office.

YES: Is Biden Losing the Immigration Debate? The question is how much the “debate” matters given his freedom of action for the next four years.


BIDEN STATE DEPT. NOMINEE DEFENDS CHINA SPY TOOL: Does Victoria Nuland not know that China’s Confucius Institutes on multiple U.S. campuses are used by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to buy allies and public defenders in this country’s debate about how to respond to the Asian giant? Right, and let’s talk about the great deal I have for you on that bridge I own in Brooklyn.


I HOPE HE’S HAD SOME OF THE NAIVE KNOCKED OUT OF HIM:  Strategic and Smart, President Trump Begins “Save America PAC”.

THIS IS GOING TO END IN TEARS:  “Culturally responsive” Illinois teacher training.

THEY’RE MISSING ONE LITTLE THING:  China’s Parliament to Roll Out Road Map to Overtake U.S. Economy.

Their vassal, Zhou Bai Den is taking down the American economy. And we’re China’s biggest CUSTOMER. In other words, Chinese economics makes as much sense as Chinese Science. (I.e. none at all.)


IF HE’S LUCKY, HIS FAMILY WON’T SIGN IT:  Recall Newsom petition hits significant milestone of 1.8 million signatures.

And yeah, they’ll control the election, but the left should be taking note of how much they’re not loved. They won’t. But they should. This doesn’t end well.

AND JUST LIKE THAT, WE’RE GOING TO STAY AT HYATT A LOT:  Hyatt Hotels Pushes Back on Leftist Boycott Calls Over Hosting CPAC.

AREN’T YOU LOVING ALL THE UNITY?   “These People” Don’t Belong On 1/6 Commission Say House Democrats.

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