July 29, 2016

THOMAS LIFSON: Something very weird about Hillary’s face at the convention. “There has to be a lot of resentment. The stories of screaming matches, thrown lamps, and the rest are credible to me because Hillary has endured a level of private humiliation at her husband’s hands, in ways overt as in all the extracurricular sex, but also in ways completely unintended, the product of her negative charisma. The result of all this is a burning desire to surpass Bill, to occupy the Oval Office, and get revenge for his casual ease at being liked. And the facial expression? I think it is a window into the intensity of Hillary’s desire, buried deep within her soul, and rarely allowed out. Professor Althouse chose to compare Hillary’s picture to The Scream, the famous painting by Munch. I think that comparison makes my point.”

Related: America Can’t Stand Hillary: “I have thought for a while that pretty much everyone’s mind is made up about Hillary, after all these years. But Gallup finds a remarkable fall from grace, with Hillary having been at 59% favorable as recently as last year. Apparently the FBI’s finding her to have been ‘extremely careless’ in handling classified information, together with ongoing focus on her Libya/Benghazi failings, have seriously hurt her in the eyes of many Americans. That, plus the fact that she is always most popular when out of sight. When people see Hillary, as during the current campaign, they tend not to like her.”

THE NEWPORT JAZZ FESTIVAL: Started today, runs through Sunday. Here’s Mahalia Jackson at the festival in 1958. And Anita O’Day– also 1958. Both clips are from the classic documentary Jazz On A Summer’s Day.

HOW DO WORD PROCESSORS change authors’ writing style? When I read back over my old stuff, it doesn’t seem like it’s changed much at all, but then I’ve been using some sort of word processor for pretty much my entire adult life.

THIS ISN’T THE 21st CENTURY I WAS PROMISED: ‘Freedom Fairy’ Protests Trump at RNC (Video).

ADDRESSING THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: What High Heels Say About The Gap Between The Rich And The Poor. Pretty much exactly what you’d expect, actually.

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THE SCALE ISN’T A LIE, IF IT ACCURATELY TELLS YOUR WEIGHT. But your body composition and general fitness matters just about as much. Fitness blogger proves that weight is a meaningless number.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 9.20.20 AM

And, honestly, she looks pretty good in all of them.

THE DEMISE OF THE TRADITIONAL COLLEGE LECTURE is bad for students. Well, but student learning isn’t the priority.



Shot: The shameful moment Black Lives Matter chants interrupt silence for fallen police officers led by their relatives at the DNC.

Chaser: Jack Dunphy on “The Mothers of the Movement.”


Mothers of the Movement (L-R) Maria Hamilton, mother of Dontre Hamilton; Annette Nance-Holt, mother of Blair Holt; Gwen Carr, mother of Eric Garner; Geneva Reed-Veal, mother of Sandra Bland; Lucia McBath, mother of Jordan Davis; Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin; and Cleopatra Pendleton-Cowley, mother of Hadiya Pendleton; Lezley McSpadden, Mother of Mike Brown; and Wanda Johnson, mother of Oscar Grant stand on stage prior to delivering remarks on the second day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on July 26. (Photo by Riccardo Savi, Sipa via AP Images.)

GOOD: ASU biochemist invents a more comfortable condom. The ultimate goal, of course, is to make a condom that feels better than nothing. And note how federal regulation is holding things up.

TROUBLE IN PARADISE: Kaine Says He Still Disagrees with Hillary on Hyde Amendment.


I dunno — his firmware seems a lot more reliable.


LET’S FACE IT — TODAY WOULD BE THE PERFECT MOMENT FOR SMOD 2016’s ACCEPTANCE SPEECH: Will the world end tonight? Conspiracy theorists predict doomsday caused by ‘second coming of Jesus Christ’ and a magnetic polar flip.

HOW HILLARY BLEW HER BIG MOMENT: “We’ve seen candidates transcend their past ineloquence in these circumstances before, to great effect,” John Podhoretz writes in the New York Post, listing modern presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle rise to the occasion of their nomination speech. “Not Hillary. Which is why her supporters and fans should be disappointed in her rather than mad at me.”

Read the whole thing.

DAVID MASTIO: The Election Is Over: Trump Won. “No one is listening anymore. When mild-mannered technocrat Mitt Romney was running for president, Clinton’s obscure Obama-administration colleague Joe Biden told a black audience that Republicans ‘are going to put ya’ll back in chains.’ If you listen to Democrats, every Republican who has run for anything in my lifetime has Klan robes in their closet and secret Confederate memorabilia collection.” (Bumped).


Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 4.24.02 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 4.24.11 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 4.24.38 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 4.24.53 PM

When everyone is Hitler, no one is Hitler.

Related thoughts here.

MOST GENEROUS CITIES ARE ALSO MOST CHURCH-GOING: The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Thomas Phippen looks at a new Barna Group data analysis that found some huge surprises among the nation’s 50 most generous cities. Take El Paso, for example, where 92 percent of the adults in that Texas border metropolis donate to charity regularly, most through local churches.

If you are guessing there is a connection between church attendance and generosity, you got it. Just imagine how America’s social welfare scene would change if 92 percent of the adults living in the 50 largest cities were as generous as those in El Paso.

NO, BUT POLITICS IS: Wired: Cool Catchphrase, Hillary, But Science Isn’t About Belief.

UNDER THE RADAR: Obama Issues Executive Order That May Drive Gunsmiths Out of Business.


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Yeah, we’ve heard that line at least once before:

MY GOD MAN, PICK YOUR BATTLES A BIT MORE CAREFULLY: “A minor matter it may be, and with no legal repercussions, I hope, but let me mention that I hate Piet Mondrian:”

I only realized this yesterday. Prior to that I rather liked him, or more precisely, dutifully applauded his uncompromising abstractions, his pursuit of “the absolute” in growing disregard of all the traditional “content” of painting, such as representation, draughtsmanship, colouring and shading; the “pure plasticity” he advertised. The actual enjoyment was tepid at best.

Funny, I really like Mondrian. As with Mies van der Rohe, he’s a fascinating case study to watch his transition from a trained traditional artist to radical modernist. And as with postwar pop culture, modernism in general was only interesting when it had a traditional culture to push against. Once that was vanquished, both high and low art lost a great deal of vitality.

(Via Maggie’s Farm.)

NEWS YOU CAN USE: How to Run a Successful Mobile Crowdsourcing Project.

SECURING THE AIRSPACE along the Mexican border.

LIGHT THERAPY: Study shows amber-tinted glasses can reduce manic symptoms in just 3 days.



WHO EMPOWERED PUTIN?: This is a bump, but the last half of the essay documents the culprits– with dates and actions.

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THIS DOESN’T SEEM ESPECIALLY SURPRISING: Being Unfit May Be Almost as Bad for You as Smoking. “Poor fitness turned out to be unhealthier even than high blood pressure or poor cholesterol profiles, the researchers found. Highly fit men with elevated blood pressure or relatively unhealthy cholesterol profiles tended to live longer than out-of-shape men with good blood pressure and cholesterol levels.”

TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED: U.S. Economy Grew Less-Than-Forecast 1.2% in Second Quarter.

So much for “Morning in America.” As Jim Hofted noted in April, Obama will be the only president never to have seen a year of three percent or more economic growth during his administration.*

Of course some radical environmentalists, such as John Kerry and Claire McCaskill consider that to be good news.

* No wonder Paul Krugman longs for “the miracle of the 1940s,” his euphemism for that minor bit of unpleasantness the rest of us call World War II.

I HOPE WE PUT AN EXPLOITABLE FLAW IN THE PLANS THEY STOLE: The Chinese CH-4B looks and acts a lot like the American Reaper drone.​


In an interview with free speech advocacy group FIRE, George Carlin’s daughter Kelly Carlin, Richard Pryor’s daughter Rain, and Lenny Bruce’s daughter Kitty confirm their dads would have a few choice words on today’s “thought police.”

Kitty Bruce brings up campus censorship: She’s found no comic willing to open the Lenny Bruce archives at Brandeis. Those she’s asked tell her, “Kitty, they want our comedy to be beige.” Lenny Bruce, like him or not, was anything but beige, and his bestselling album recorded live at UC Berkeley.

And according to Ms. Pryor, political correctness holds us back from a collective healing: “We’re afraid to laugh at what is painful. Do you know what I mean? We’re afraid to go to that line and cross it and then, if we do cross it, we’re not crossing it for the sake of enlightenment, right?”

“Enlightenment” may be a bit of a stretch. The legacy of the three funny men led to the erasure of the lines they, sometimes brilliantly, crossed. They made their livings and won their fame offending and amusing the cultural sensitivities they helped to push our culture past. And yet new lines, too many to keep in order, have replaced these. Kelly Carlin cites identity politics’ requirement everyone honor everyone else’s self-image, leaving little room for laughs.

As with John Cleese in 2011 having second thoughts about the current state of England after Monty Python spent years on the (state-owned) BBC going to war against its former postwar version, all of the (admittedly brilliant) comedic fathers referenced above worked very hard in the 1960s and ‘70s to coarsen American culture. Curiously, as their daughters belatedly discovered, their efforts to advance the left didn’t result in a liberated free-speech nirvana. If only someone could have predicted that.




Last Friday, a funeral was held in Baton Rouge for a police officer murdered there last week. Saturday brought two more police funerals, one in Kansas City, and another in Baton Rouge. The funeral for the third Baton Rouge officer killed last week was held on Monday.

Also on Monday, to far greater attention than any of these funerals received, the Democratic National Convention began in Philadelphia. Among the speakers to address the convention on Tuesday night was a group of women collectively known as the Mothers of the Movement, the members of which are connected by way of having lost children under violent or otherwise controversial circumstances. The group includes the mothers of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, Dontré Hamilton, Jordan Davis, and Hadiya Pendleton.

Read the whole thing.


Mothers of the Movement (L-R) Maria Hamilton, mother of Dontre Hamilton; Annette Nance-Holt, mother of Blair Holt; Gwen Carr, mother of Eric Garner; Geneva Reed-Veal, mother of Sandra Bland; Lucia McBath, mother of Jordan Davis; Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin; and Cleopatra Pendleton-Cowley, mother of Hadiya Pendleton; Lezley McSpadden, Mother of Mike Brown; and Wanda Johnson, mother of Oscar Grant stand on stage prior to delivering remarks on the second day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on July 26. (Photo by Riccardo Savi, Sipa via AP Images.)


TALKING POINTS MEMO: How These Former Obama Voters Came To See Trump As Their Champion. Short version: They voted for Obama but now they’re racist.

MARK RIPPETOE: Once Again, Terrible Exercise Science Gets Praised by Mainstream Media.

WHY ARE ALL THESE DEMOCRAT-ALIGNED COMPANIES hiding so much money overseas to avoid taxes?

IN THE MAIL: From Charles J. Sykes, Fail U.: The False Promise of Higher Education.

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TAXPROF ROUNDUP: The IRS Scandal, Day 1177.

NOBEL PEACE PRIZE UPDATE: The World is at War and the Peace Has Been Lost.

From the quiet country churches of Normandy through the civil wars of Africa, the killing fields of Syria, Putin’s war against the modern European order and China’s lawless surge into the waters beyond its shores, the dark storm clouds gather. Pope Francis has noticed. . . .

Francis is not always the world’s clearest thinker on matters of politics and policy, but he hit the nail right on the head here: we have lost the peace. It is an interesting counterpoint to the Democratic establishment’s celebration of itself and its wisdom last night. And the Pope’s point suggests what is likely to be the starting point of historians’ analysis of Barack Obama’s foreign policy legacy: not how he succeeded, but how and why was the peace lost on his watch?

Hillary Clinton is pursuing a job that will be much harder than the job her husband faced, and she will need to do something that many of her most ardent supporters hope she won’t have to do: when the world is at war because it has lost the peace, you have to think outside the box and go well beyond the world of stale liberal truisms of the Boomer Progressive Synthesis.

Related: Turkey and the Ruins of U.S. Foreign Policy.

ANDREW McCARTHY ON THE BROUHAHA OVER TRUMP’S ‘TREASON:’ “Hillary has committed serious felony violations of federal law. So naturally, the left is acting as if Trump committed ‘treason:’”

Come in from the strange echo of the Cold War and read the whole thing.


CAMBODIA BACKED CHINA: And may pay a political price for its sell-out. I posted on this a few days ago.

Cambodia ignored its neighbors and used its support for China to water down a traditional statement in regards to the South China Sea dispute. The communique failed to mention China’s July 12 defeat in The Hague where an international tribunal ruled “there was no legal basis for China to claim historic rights to resources within the sea falling within the nine-dash line.” China refused to recognize the jurisdiction of the court – a move backed by Cambodia – or the legal action initiated by the Philippines.

Thanks to Cambodia, China won a tactical political victory at the ASEAN meeting. Beijing didn’t want the arbitration decision mentioned– nope, can’t state that fact. China’s bought Cambodia’s vote. As the article notes, over the last two decades China has given Cambodia $15 billion in aid and soft loans.

ANOTHER POLICE OFFICER SLAIN: In San Diego. One officer killed, one wounded. Blue Lives Matter.

SHOCKER: Networks give Democrats 40% more airtime than GOP.

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Dems go full Joe McCarthy.

TWO WEEKS SINCE TURKEY’S COUP: No, it isn’t ancient history. Erdogan is consolidating personal power. Today the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet says the government is claiming Gulen planned to return to Turkey like Khomeini returned to Iran.

JAMES O’KEEFE GOES #IMWITHHER UNDERCOVER AND FINDS NO HILLARY LOVE OUTSIDE #DNCINPHL (Video): Watch as an enraged Bernie supporter (is there any other kind) tackles a Hillary t-shirt-wearing O’Keefe to the ground.


Few would ever want to follow that Dream Team lineup of gifted political orators at the Democratic National Convention.

Then again, Hillary Clinton doesn’t really have a choice.

She wants to be president, and the acceptance speech is a rite of passage for anyone seeking the White House.

When the former secretary of State and first lady steps on stage here at the Wells Fargo Arena Thursday night, she will become the first woman in American history to accept the presidential nomination of a major political party.

But Clinton also finds herself in the difficult spot of going last, after some tremendous speeches by her top surrogates — all of whom have demonstrated an uncanny ability to inspire and connect with huge audiences like the one that will fill the Wells Fargo Arena.

When I was in the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota at the start of September of 2008 as part of the team that kicked off PJTV, I’ll never forget how Sarah Palin had the crowd absolutely enraptured by the end of her speech. (She was so good that night, no wonder the DNC-MSM decided they needed to utterly crush her.) Then the last night was McCain, who seemed oddly flat, particularly by comparison. I remember walking out of the arena thinking that it’s never a good sign when the opening act blows away the headliner, and this does not bode well for November. I wonder if Hillary voters in Philadelphia had a similar reaction last night.

Related: Bernie Sanders’ delegates wore glow-in-the-dark t-shirts reading “enough is enough” during Hillary’s speech, Joel Pollack tweets with an accompanying photo.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: The University of Tennessee College of Law is Hiring Business Law Faculty!

ANNALS OF PREJUDICE: Nancy Pelosi thinks she has white men figured out.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi thinks she knows why white men prefer GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. Surprisingly, she didn’t blame sexism, but her attempts to speak for white men could be viewed as, well, sexist.

“So many times, white — non-college-educated — white males have voted Republican,” Pelosi told PBS. “They voted against their own economic interests because of guns, because of gays, and because of God, the three G’s — God being the woman’s right to choose.”

First, she starts off by implying these men are stupid because they didn’t go to college. That right there might be a reason many working-class men don’t support the Democratic Party. But I’m not a white man, so I can only speculate as to their reasoning.

Second, she insists these men care more about social issues than economic issues. Many people vote Republican because they recognize that free stuff from the government isn’t free, and that raising taxes on the rich can’t pay for it all. So they are voting in their own economic interests. There’s also a point in here about how people in low-income areas keep voting to keep the Democratic Party in power even though their lives don’t improve. It’s also possible that many white men don’t like Clinton because of her mishandling of classified information and promises to continue President Obama’s legacy, which has seen record numbers of people leave the workforce.

Let’s flip the script and think of how it would look if a white male politician gave an interview and suggested women prefer Hillary because of “abortion, contraceptives and the belief that women are paid less than men for equal work.” There would be outrage from certain feminist circles. Shouts of “no uterus, no opinion!” would echo.

Perhaps men should start responding with “no penis, no opinion!” when women try to speak for them.

Related: Hillary Ad Text: ‘Girls Rule, Boys Drool.’

No, sadly, that’s not a joke or parody. “The Clinton campaign did not respond to an inquiry about the use in the ad of the phrase ‘boys drool’ or how little boys might be affected by this.”

How will little boys fare, when we have a President who hates them?


As the Daily Mail noted last year, “Hillary marriage ‘is a total fake’: Secret Service expert claims Clintons have ‘business relationship’ for benefit of her presidential campaign.”

Does anyone believe the media-generated fiction that the Clintons are a happy stable couple? Does Brokaw?

WHY ARE DEMOCRAT-RUN CITIES SUCH CESSPITS OF SOUL-CRUSHING POVERTY? A few blocks from the DNC, tales from the city with the highest poverty rate among major U.S. cities.

Reminder: Philadelphia’s last Republican mayor left office at the beginning of 1952.


HE DOES THAT A LOT: Trump: Obama talked about a ‘world that doesn’t exist.’

Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, tweeted that almost three-quarters of the population think “our country is going in the wrong direction.”

President Obama spoke last night about a world that doesn’t exist. 70% of the people think our country is going in the wrong direction. #DNC
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 28, 2016

He also mocked the president by retweeting a link to a video showing that Obama referred to himself 119 times during Wednesday night’s speech.

Obama Refers to Himself 119 Times During Hillary Nominating Speech… https://t.co/TyJI2DuqEk

During his speech, Obama criticized Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” by saying that “America is already great” and accusing Trump of having a “deeply pessimistic vision” of the country.

“I promise you, our strength, our greatness, does not depend on Donald Trump,” Obama said.

“Our power doesn’t come from some self-declared savior promising that he alone can restore order. We don’t look to be ruled,” he added.

Funny, Obama ran as a self-declared savior in 2008. To be fair, that did turn out pretty disastrously.

And if America was already great, why was Obama promising to “fundamentally transform” it?

WELL, AFTER MILQUETOASTS LIKE McCAIN AND ROMNEY, THAT WOULD MAKE FOR A PLEASANT CHANGE: Aggressive Trump threatens to ‘HIT’ DNC speakers ‘so hard’ over speeches that criticized billionaire GOP nominee.


REMINDER TO THE POLITICAL AND PUNDIT CLASSES: You Smeared and Sneered at Polite People. Now You’re Shocked at What You’re Getting Instead.

BYRON YORK: Byron York: Has Obama’s act worn thin? President paints rosier picture of U.S. than voters see.

In the most recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, 73 percent of registered voters said the country is on the wrong track, while just 18 percent said it is headed in the right direction. The 73 percent figure is the second-highest in the president’s nearly eight years in office.

The poll was no outlier. These are the wrong-track numbers for the last ten polls in the RealClearPolitics average of polls: 67, 70, 67, 71, 73, 69, 79, 68, 60 and 66.

And yet, in spite of clear evidence that a majority of Americans believe the U.S. is headed in the wrong direction, the president exhorted the nation, “Thank you for this incredible journey — let’s keep it going.”

Obama spoke as if broad areas of American life are better than ever.

Well, for him and his cronies, that’s true.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: College learning takes 2.76 hours/day.

The average full-time college student spends only 2.76 hours per day on all education-related activities,” according to a Heritage study. No wonder few complete a four-year degree in four years, write Lindsey Burke, Jamie Bryan Hall and Mary Clare Reim.

Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’s American Time Use Survey from 2003–2014, full-time college students average 1.18 hours in class per day and 1.53 hours studying for a total of 19.3 hours per week.

By contrast, they spend 31 hours a week on socializing and recreation.

Sixty percent of full-time college students have jobs, Heritage reports. They average 16.3 hours per week of work. That doesn’t add up to a very tough schedule, the authors point out. “Why are taxpayers heavily subsidizing a period in some people’s lives when combined education and work efforts are at their lowest?”

Because the higher education industry is a major source of funding, propaganda, and footsoldiers for the Democratic Party.

July 28, 2016

UNSKEW! Clinton campaign manager rejects poll numbers as bad as Trump’s.

Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook told reporters and delegates that the campaign does not accept poll numbers that show her and Donald Trump having similar unfavorable ratings.

“I don’t necessarily accept their data and their premise,” Mook said of the Gallup polling that shows Clinton and Trump having similar negative ratings. “However, this has been a challenge for her and I think you’re going to hear her touch on it a bit tonight, knowledge that some people are still skeptical.”

Mook says that he believes the best way for Clinton to boost these numbers is for voters to “get to know” the Democrat better, which is something she will try to communicate in her speech tonight.

I question whether getting to know Hillary will make voters like her any more.


HILLARY AN UNLOVED NOMINEE: “…at best level-pegging with Mr Trump…” Hey, The Economist is trying to give her a positive spin and claims the Dems have “successfully united” behind her.

THEY HATE ANYONE WHO IS A BARRIER TO POWER: Hacked voicemails reveal Democratic rage against Bernie.

KURT SCHLICHTER: The Coming (And Hilarious) Democrat Implosion.

WHAT’S THAT SPOT ON HER TONGUE? Is there some reason why Hillary keeps doing this gaping-maw face?

21ST CENTURY RELATIONSHIPS: Guys are still picking up the tab, while some women offer but don’t really mean it.

UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS TO COMMEMORATE 1966 SNIPER ATTACK: 50 years ago on August 1. This will be a memorial service for the victims and survivors of the massacre.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): Flashback: Armed Citizens and the 1966 University of Texas Sniper Attack.

OVER AT POLITICO: “Sunny, edgy” Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook continues his ugly Joe McCarthy reanimation. Robby sounds a bit desperate. Hey, Joe McCarthy was edgy and desperate. But, yeah, Robby admits that Hillary is a hard sell. Politico’s Glenn Thrush says the whole Democratic convention was a “Rube Goldberg contraption built for the sole purpose of making a skeptical America trust Hillary Clinton.” Robby was the convention’s Rube — according to Thrush, not me. But I won’t disagree, I’d just employ a lower case “r.” Indeed, Robby, your boss has got a trust problem. For so very many reasons. But let me give you three, with documentation: (1) Loretta Lynch’s compromising encounter; (2) Jim Comey’s sell out of the rule of law; (3) Hillary’s criminal compromise of US national security. We’ll get to Clinton Foundation corruption and her Benghazi fiasco later. I promise.



On Tuesday, film industry house organ Variety ran the headline, “Box Office Meltdown: Hollywood Races to Win Back Summer Crowds.”

Apparently by alienating half their audience, as Heat Street notes: The Internet Is Furious Over Ghostbusters’ Hillary Clinton Endorsement.

In a world of hundreds of TV channels and somewhere in the (very crowded) neighborhood of a billion Websites, Hollywood is the last mass media left – but a crappy hyper-politicized product and insulting its potential consumers doesn’t sound like a very good strategy to preserve its existence.

ARE PUBLIC-UNIVERSITY SUBSIDIES a handout for the wealthy?


JEFFREY SINGER: Medicaid For None, Not All.

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IRANIAN CLERIC IN KOSOVO ARRESTED FOR FINANCING TERRORISM: Kosovo has an Islamist radicalization problem and Obama’s Iran deal gives the ayatollahs the bomb.

DEMOCRATS FALL FOR TRUMP’S RUSSIAN-HACK TROLLING: Sorry, Hillary: Friday’s Headlines Will Be About Trump.

One of Trump’s great skills is his ability to lure people into making complete fools of themselves. Like Larry Tribe, here: Former Obama mentor: Trump’s Russian hack ‘jokes’ could ‘constitute treason.’

But after all the wolf-crying, smears, and nastiness aimed at inoffensive GOP candidates, they deserve Trump.

UPDATE: Trump The DNC:

Donald Trump owned the news media on Day Three of Hillary’s Coronation. He even topped President Obama, who gave a wonderful speech that rallied Democrats behind Her Royal Clintoness. Nevertheless, Trump owned the news cycle.

He did so by holding a press conference. The press conference is now his favorite format. He is sharp, funny, spontaneous, and quick on the uptake. As is usually the case, at the press conference he fielded more hostile questions from the media in one hour than Hillary has in her entire pampered, Ivy League, first lady life.

Think about that for a moment. Has any journalist ever confronted her about all those real scandals? The Whitewater swampland real estate deals. Her covering up rapes and sexual harassment by her husband. Her stealing White House furniture. Not once has anyone in the press pressed her for an answer.

Meanwhile, Trump has to explain why two lines in his wife’s 20-minute speech were similar to a speech Michelle Obama gave eight years ago.

Throughout her life, the press gave Hillary a pass. Now she pays for that lifelong free ride by being unprepared for this campaign.

Don Surber wrote the book on this stuff.


Shot: Eric Metaxas: LGBT Activist Government Effectively Establishes a Religion.

—PJ Media, today.

Chaser: “Supposedly we don’t have a state religion. Such a thing is forbidden by the Constitution. But increasingly, we do have a de facto state religion — Islam.”

—Ace of Spades, 2007.

As with Orlando, and as Europe is discovering seemingly every day this month (and again), this divergent mix of polar opposite worldviews isn’t likely to end well.


UNEXPECTEDLY: Hillary Obstructed Boko Haram’s Terror Designation as Her Donors Cashed In.

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO MAKE EXCUSES FOR RAPE: It’s the school’s fault I had sex with teen, teacher says.


When you listen to Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech tonight — seriously, America, why? — expect to hear a lot of compassionate talk aimed at working Americans. Specifically, about the Democratic Party’s plans to raise the national minimum wage to $12/hour, force companies to offer paid parental leave, double-down on ObamaCare, expand Medicaid, and push for greater education subsidies.

Then, ask yourself: Are these policies going to make life less or more expensive for Americans?

As I wrote at the beginning of 2009 after watching DNC operatives with bylines infected with a serious case of what Virginia Postrel dubbed “Depression Lust,” and Tom Brokaw begging Obama for higher gas prices, you and I have a rendezvous with scarcity.

Or as Hillary warned us over a decade ago, “We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.”

And she has a very good chance of making her will a reality next year.


(Classical reference in headline.)


To paraphrase Austin Bay in the New York Observer, Hillary Clinton turned into Joseph McCarthy so slowly, I hardly even noticed. But behind her campaign’s “have you no shame, sir?” faux-outrage at Trump, as Roger Simon asks, Who Is Putin’s Real Ally?



BETTER THAN A BREATHALYZER: Temporary Tattoo Keeps Tabs On Alcohol Intake.

MORE JOURNALISTS DETAINED IN TURKEY: It sure looks like Erdogan’s going too far.

THIS ISN’T THE 21st CENTURY I WAS PROMISED: Gay “oil sands ambassador” under fire — for posting PRO gay meme on Facebook.

And for purely expository reasons, here’s a reminder of the “controversial” ad in question:



REAPING THE WHIRLWIND: A reminder for press and pundits.