APPARENTLY, DEM VOTERS LOVE OLD WHITE MEN: Joe Biden places second in Nevada caucuses, ahead of Pete Buttigieg. “With almost 88% of precincts reporting, Biden has 20.9% of the Nevada votes and Buttigieg has 13.6%.”

Also, it’s hilarious that with caucuses, they’ve only got less than 90% of the votes in at this point.

THE REAL REASON YOU CAN’T USE THE GROCERY BAG OF YOUR CHOICE: The Perverse Panic over Plastic. The green campaign against plastic isn’t merely a waste of time and money. Besides inconveniencing humans, it’s harmful to the environment. Banning plastic grocery bags contributes to global warming because it leads to more carbon emissions. Forcing Americans and Europeans to recycle plastic leads to more plastic pollution in the ocean because some of the recyclables end up being dumped in Asian rivers.

So why do greens keep stoking this panic? Because it makes them feel virtuously superior. The plastic bans are best understood as a modern version of medieval sumptuary laws, which forbade merchants and other commoners to wear clothes or use other products that offended the sensibilities of  aristocrats and clergymen. The sumptuary edicts consistently failed to accomplish their stated purpose, but they kept getting issued anyway (there were thousands of them across Europe, as I explain in City Journal) because they enabled nobles to lord it over their social inferiors.

The plastic panic also serves to provide employment for green activists. It’s one more example of what I call the Crisis Crisis: the never-ending series of hyped threats leading to policies that grow the government and leave everyone worse off. (There’s more on this in my new book, The Power of Bad: How the Negativity Effect Rules Us and How We Can Rule It.)


REST IN PEACE TO MY UNCLE TOM BEATY, who died this weekend. He was a good man and a very smart one, a great part of my childhood and of my life. He was a fan of the blog, too.

OPEN THREAD: Discuss the news of the day, if any.


FASTER, PLEASE: DARPA’s hypersonic ‘Glide Breaker’ could blast missile threats out of the sky.

AT AMAZON, LED Lanterns, Batteries Included, Set of 2.

TONY KATZ: Chris Matthews Didn’t Compare Bernie To A Nazi, But Indecent Leftists Do It All The Time. That’s different because shut up.

DEMAND A RECOUNT: Buttigieg Campaign Alleges Numerous ‘Errors’ In Nevada Caucuses Vote-Counting.

MUSSOLINI MADE THE TRAINS RUNS ON TIME, BERNIE SANDERS EDITION: It’s not surprising that Bernie still sympathizes with Communist Cuba, but it is remarkable that he doesn’t seem to either recognize or care that this sort of thing is politically deadly, especially in Florida.

ROGER KIMBALL: Media Serves Up Comedy in Effort to Get Trump.

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Venice Cancels All Public Events Including Carnival As Coronavirus Spooks Europe.

Austria stops train from Italy due to coronavirus suspects – report.

Northern Italy shutting down as coronavirus cases surge; three dead.

Spread of coronavirus triggers European travel curbs.

Iran says 43 infected with coronavirus, eight dead – official.

Seven nations including Turkey and Pakistan ban people crossing the border from Iran after eight people die from coronavirus and 43 are infected.

Moscow targets Chinese with raids amid virus fears.

Impact of the Coronavirus Ripples Across Asia: ‘It Has Been Quiet, Like a Cemetery.’

Pandemic Seems Likely as Coronavirus Outbreaks Worsen in Several Countries.

Feds backtrack on transfer of quarantined coronavirus patients to Alabama.

Coronavirus is China’s fastest-spreading health crisis, Xi Jinping says.

What happens if the coronavirus can’t be contained?

Central bankers will look at options for responding to coronavirus – Mnuchin.

Emerging Market Review: Spread of Coronavirus Beyond China Saps Risk Appetite.

Coronavirus Hits the Global Supply Chain.

Coronavirus could start to empty shelves in some U.S. stores by mid-April.

P&G Says 17,600 Products Could Be Affected By Coronavirus In China, Highlighting Supply Chain Risk.

Coronavirus outbreak could cause shortages of 150 drugs.

Coronavirus crisis shows pharmaceuticals have offshored supply chain, Navarro says.

Shipping lines, ports count cost as coronavirus hits supply chains.

Coronavirus to test supply chain analytics, business demand visibility.

Flashback: Coronavirus outbreak fuels concerns about pharma’s global supply chain.


NEWS YOU CAN USE: Antidepressants Can Cause Intense Withdrawal-Like Symptoms That Can Trigger Dependence. “With extended use, [antidepressants] can be notoriously difficult to quit because they can produce a state of physical dependence.”

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K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: Maryland High School History Lesson Compares Trump With Nazis, Communists.


HE’S NOT WRONG: Pop music needs a new kick up the arse, says the Damned’s punk pioneer.

WILL REPUBLICANS BE POUNCING* OR SEIZING? Will Bernie Sanders’ long-ago praise of Socialist regimes hurt Democrats in November? If Sanders is the nominee, some Democrats worry Trump will hammer him on his long-buried words in defense of governments in Nicaragua, Cuba and the USSR.

Well, we know why those words were “long buried:”

Similarly, note that for NBC, “The issue is not Bernie’s support for dictatorships. The issue is Republicans pointing out Bernie’s support for dictatorships,” Natalie Johnson, Senate press secretary tweets.

Think of the media as Democratic Party operatives with bylines, and it all makes sense:

* For what it’s worth, the Grauniad believes it will be pouncing: Donald Trump pounces on reports Russia is seeking to help Bernie Sanders.

DISPATCHES FROM THE JUNIOR ANTI-SEX LEAGUE: Fingerprinting California porn actors would set a bad precedent.

WAS IT OVER WHEN THE GERMANS BOMBED LAS VEGAS? Chris Matthews faces calls for resignation after comparing Sanders victory to Nazi invasion.

Comparing politicians and their supporters on the right to Nazis (and occasionally to North Koreans and the Khmer Rouge as a slight change up play) is what Matthews does on MSNBC. But it’s fun to watch the left freak out when he goes after one of their own for a change.

Update: Why is Anyone Surprised That Chris Matthews Went All Nazi Comparison About Bernie?

THE APOCALYPSE SHALL NOT INTERFERE WITH THE PRODUCTION OF LAWYERS: Mitchell Hamline to Train Peking Faculty to Deliver Online Legal Instruction to Replace Classes Cancelled Because of Coronavirus.

YOU’RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BLOG: The curious political cases where Democratic AGs jumped in to meddle.

TODAY IS THE 75th ANNIVERSARY OF THE RAISING OF THE FLAG ON IOWA JIMA: Here’s the story behind that iconic World War II photo.

THE CORBYNIZATION OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY ACCELERATES: Bernie Sanders is The Corbynizer. A true socialist, Sanders has been poised on his Marx all his life for this moment:

The Democrats are now being unraveled by what Sanders might call the ‘contradictions of capitalism’. While the Democratic leadership was soaking Wall Street and Silicon Valley and pandering to the public sector unions, it outsourced the maintenance of its coalition to the radicals, and indulged them as they built their Potemkin villages of intersectionality. Now, as the party structure hollows out and the party leadership fails convincingly to answer Donald Trump, the radicals have the ground game and the ideology to remake the party from the bottom up. The result is a radically depraved version of the rainbow coalition, with Sanders as its Corbyn-style ‘Magic Grandpa’, a deceptively cuddly fellow traveler determined to ride their youthful exuberance into office.

When Magic Grandpa shakes the money tree, it’s not just that other people’s money falls out. A tangle of poisonous roots is also exposed. A coalition of coalitions has mobilized for Sanders: acrimonious initials like the DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) and CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), Jew-baiting proxies like Ilhan Omar and Linda Sarsour, woke warriors like IfNotNow and the Justice Dems, and bongwater conspiracists like the Chapo Trap House chaps and the campus wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Read the whole thing.

Related: Bernie Sanders: Twenty Things You Didn’t Know About Him.

ANSWERING THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: Is sex the answer to your relationship woes?

The answer is generally “yes,” of course: “When the so-called ‘low-desire’ partner – who is, she is at pains to emphasise, just as likely to be a man or a woman – was encouraged to have sex they didn’t particularly want, not only did they end up enjoying themselves but the high-desire partner became a much nicer person to be around.”

Hey, “maintenance sex” has saved many a marriage. Including, as you can see, some InstaPundit readers’.


This, seen on Facebook, was funny, too:

HOW DARE YOU! Greta Thunberg humiliation: Activist mocked as she’s named after ‘annoying slimy bug.’

A decade from now, her Mommy Dearest style-memoirs are going to make for fascinating reading.

THIS WAS A BAD IDEA: Nearly 45 weeks pregnant, she wanted a “freebirth” with no doctors. Online groups convinced her it would be OK. “As well as she can figure, it started with the podcasts.”

OKAY, WHO’S SURPRISED, REALLY? Video of the Day: Nicaragua’s murderous socialist dictator endorses Bernie Sanders.

BOB ZUBRIN: Elon Musk’s Plan To Settle Mars.

RICHARD FERNANDEZ: For the Left, Morality Needs Muscle Behind It.

Riding in a motorcade in Lima, Peru, shortly after the 2016 election, President Barack Obama was struggling to understand Donald J. Trump’s victory.

“What if we were wrong?” he asked aides riding with him in the armored presidential limousine.

He had read a column asserting that liberals had forgotten how important identity was to people and had promoted an empty cosmopolitan globalism that made many feel left behind. “Maybe we pushed too far,” Mr. Obama said. “Maybe people just want to fall back into their tribe.”

His aides reassured him that he still would have won had he been able to run for another term and that the next generation had more in common with him than with Mr. Trump. Mr. Obama, the first black man elected president, did not seem convinced. “Sometimes I wonder whether I was 10 or 20 years too early,” he said.

The only possibility of error was timing. With respect to the overall arc of history, how could that be wrong? With Brexit an accomplished fact, globalism under threat from a looming pandemic, and his own party in disarray, it might occur to Obama that his ideology was not 20 years too early so much as a hundred years too old. But it probably won’t. There is no refutation of  “this is a moral issue, my friends.”

Read the whole thing.

THE GROWING DESPERATION OF OUR RULING CLASS: The Lost 110 Words of Our Constitution. A friend on Facebook comments:

Well, here’s a Georgetown Law professor and national-security eminence speculating openly upon mechanisms for stripping conservative states of self-governance. In brief, the Fourteenth Amendment provides for reduction in representation for states that unjustly restrict the franchise; the received wisdom on the left is that voter-ID laws and comparable measures qualify; therefore states with them should have their national representation in the Congress reduced.

Set aside the empirical weakness of the case: specifically that voter-ID laws and the like have not appeared to suppress voting by anyone in any meaningful way, as the turnout numbers of the past decade amply demonstrate. Focus instead on the intent, which is that Acela-Corridor types are growing increasingly creative — and overt — in their efforts to find means of retaining and extending their rule over the rest of us.

If that means casting themselves in the role of Parliament and Crown c.1775, so be it.

Want to start a legit civil war? Go down this path. A violent response to such an effort would be entirely justified. I doubt, however, that it will ever be tried, for exactly that reason.

OLD AND BUSTED: Florida Man.

The New Hotness? Florida Peacock! Poop, Screams and Divebombing Birds: How Miami Plans to Deal With a Peacock Problem.

IF SO, IT SHOULD SPREAD MUCH MORE SLOWLY IN PLACES WHERE HYGIENE IS BETTER: Fecal transmission may be responsible for coronavirus’s rapid spread.

CRISIS IS INEVITABLE. DRAMA IS OPTIONAL: Software Project Management and the inevitable Crisis

This is another “day job” piece. There seems to be a lot of interest among the Instapundit readers on this stuff.

IT’S SCOTT ADAMS’* WORLD; WE’RE JUST LIVING IN IT: We’re living in a golden age of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ journalism.

* No, not that Scott Adams, the other Scott Adams.


MONICA SHOWALTER: “ALI WATKINS, IT SEEMS, WASN’T THE ONLY ONE.” More sleeping with sources in the swamp: Trump-hating DIA analyst pleads guilty to leaks to honeytrap reporter. “It’s apparently widespread practice in the mainstream media. . . . The Times, for one piously characterizes this whole sorry picture is an issue about the importance of protecting ‘whistleblowers,’ (sound familiar?), the First Amendment, and the press’s right to do its job. The rest of us see lovebird honeytrap journalism becoming more and more the norm as none of these reporters ends up seriously punished. Apparently, the managers up at the top of these organizations see nothing wrong with this news standard other than a little bit of egg on their faces, raising questions as to whether they are now hiring these comely women for just this purpose.”

REMINDER: A Bernie Bro Shot Steve Scalise. And was trying to massacre the entire Republican congressional leadership.

BERNIE HITS JACKPOT IN NEVADA: “It should be an interesting four years. As for me, I look forward to the ‘Draft Hillary’ movement preceding the Democratic convention,” Jon Gabriel writes at Ricochet.

THE CANDIDATES COMPARED: Bernie Sanders may be a disaster for the Democratic Party.  But it isn’t clear that the other candidates are preferable on the crucial issues.  For example, Sander proposes to cut the number of people incarcerated at both the federal and state level by a whopping 50%.  Alas, that’s absurdly unrealistic.  But Pete Buttigieg has made the same proposal.

Since some people have the idea that Buttigieg is a moderate, my friend Barry Latzer’s discussion of the candidate’s criminal justice proposals may be worth a look.

(My own thoughts on crime—and in particular the racial aspect of it—are here.)


THE LARGELY FORGOTTEN BOMBARDMENT OF ELLWOOD: On this day in 1942, less than three months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, a Japanese submarine bombarded an oil field near Santa Barbara. Panic ensued.

It’s not surprising that Californians were on edge. In the weeks following Pearl Harbor, a number of Japanese submarines had been patrolling the American West Coast. They had sunk two merchant ships and damaged several more. Although the submarines had left the area, everyone knew they could come back.

In February at least one of them did. The 365-foot long I-17 submarine with a crew of 101 was commanded by Commander Kozo Nishino. Under orders from his superiors, Nishino had his men fire repeatedly. Mercifully, little damage was done. A derrick and pump house were destroyed, but it could have been much worse.

Santa Barbarans had no way of knowing what would come next. Fearing the attack was a prelude to an invasion, hundreds fled.

Some reported that they had seen individuals signaling the submarine (or several submarines) from the shore. This apparently false information caused pressure for the internment of Japanese Americans to mount. But such is war—false information is the norm, not the exception.

The panic didn’t end there. On the next night came the so-called Battle of Los Angeles—an epic false alarm in which a weather balloon was possibly mistaken for an air attack.

PAUL BEDARD: White House Report Card: Trump winning the Democratic race.

If the nominee is Breadline Bernie, it’s going to be a big drag on down-ticket races, too.

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UPDATE (FROM GLENN): People have asked me what I think about MREs, freeze-dried food, etc. My thoughts: If you expect just to be hunkered down at home for a while, just stock up on regular food that will keep: Canned goods, pasta, dry beans and rice, even frozen foods unless you expect an immediate power outage when things go bad. (Which in the case of a coronavirus quarantine, what everyone’s worrying about now, is unlikely).

MREs are mostly for when you may have to travel light and want to be able to eat without cooking — or for if you worry that you may not be able to cook because, say, your house is knocked down by an earthquake. (Or if you think you might be too sick or shocked to cook, I guess). The chief virtue of freeze-dried food is that it keeps for many years, so once you’ve got it you’re covered for quite a while. Also you can get freeze-dried things that will augment whatever other food you have — fruit, vegetables, other things that don’t keep well in ordinary form. You might also want to stockpile things like canned bacon (it’s bacon!) and coffee and other stuff that might help augment whatever food you might be able to come by in bad times. Me, I keep a mix of stuff. I also keep some MREs, canned water, and other short-term essentials (blankets, clothing, medicine) in a shed outside that’s likely to be accessible in the event of an earthquake or similar disaster.

Also, if you’re stocking up, don’t forget about prescription meds — try to get a 90-day supply, which isn’t a bad idea anyway as supply chains from China, which affect a lot of drugs, may be interrupted — as well as nonprescription meds, toothpaste, toilet paper, paper towels, dish and laundry detergent, etc.

ANOTHER UPDATE: People in the comments are talking about water. Probably not an issue in a quarantine situation, but you might want a water filter, or LifeStraws, or a Water Bob. (Bumped).

HULK MAD! Mark Ruffalo: ‘Hollywood has been white supremacist for 100 years.’

Related: Joe Biden has a photo with Cher (and some modified song lyrics) to counter Bernie’s support from Dick Van Dyke, Bloomberg’s Clint Eastwood endorsement.

To carry Ruffalo’s “logic” to its ultimate conclusion, why is the Democratic Party such a cesspit of white supremacy?


THE LIMITS OF NUDGING: Why Can’t California Get People To Take Free Money?

YOU’RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BLOG. Don Surber: DC press ignorant of how government should run.


PAST PERFORMANCE IS NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE RESULTS: Bernie Sanders Again Links Low Wages With Immigration.

At the Chamber of Commerce event in Washington, Mr. Sanders said in response to a reporter’s question, “You’ve got to be careful about defining the word, ‘immigrants.’”

The question is whether there should be “a completely open border, so that anybody can come into the United States of America,” the senator said. “If that were to happen, which I strongly disagree with, there is no question in my mind that that would substantially lower wages in this country.”

Mr. Sanders voted against an immigration overhaul bill in 2007. Since then, the issue has gained support among Democrats, who see Hispanics as a fast-growing voting bloc and a key part of President Obama’s coalition. The topic is one of the few areas where Democrats can position themselves to Mr. Sanders’s left.

“I don’t think there’s any presidential candidate, none, who thinks we should open up the borders,” Mr. Sanders said, adding that the percentages of black and Hispanic people searching for work would only become worse in that case.

That’s from the New York Times in 2015. Fast-forward to the Times this past November: Bernie Sanders Wants to ‘Break Up’ ICE. “Sanders on Thursday called for ending virtually all of the Trump administration’s immigration policies and creating a ‘swift, fair pathway to citizenship’ for undocumented immigrants, including by allowing people who have been in the United States illegally for five years to stay without the risk of deportation.”


Mr. Castro’s people loved him so much that nearly 20 per cent of the population tried to escape, taking off across the ocean in leaky homemade boats. Tens of thousands of them never made it. (The most complete account of the regime’s victims can be found at the Cuba Archive’s Truth and Memory Project.)

It’s hard to single out the worst atrocity committed by the Castro regime. One might surely be the execution of 166 Cubans back in 1966. Before they died, their bodies were drained of blood – an average of seven pints a person. The blood was sold for $50 a pint to Communist Vietnam, in order to support the Viet Cong aggression and gain hard currency for Cuba. After the victims were exsanguinated, their limp bodies were carried off to the firing squad.

Where did Justin Trudeau get his man crush on Fidel? Clearly he inherited it from his dad. Pierre Trudeau had a certain fondness for socialist dictators, of whom Fidel Castro was just one. He was an honorary pallbearer at Pierre’s funeral, which also marked a turning point in Justin’s life. His affecting tribute to his father was his first adult appearance on the public stage.

Like many other left-wing strongmen, Fidel was beloved of public intellectuals. Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre were among his early acolytes. They lionized him as a freedom fighter against American imperialism (but were eventually repelled by his human rights abuses.) This alone has been enough to turn Fidel into a folk hero – especially in Canada, where there’s plenty of sympathy for a small nation struggling to survive in the shadow of a big, bad cultural and economic oppressor.

Related: Bernie Sanders: ‘Very Excited When Fidel Castro Made the Revolution in Cuba.’

I’M BEGINNING TO HAVE MY DOUBTS ABOUT THE INTELLIGENCE AND LAW ENFORCEMENT COMMUNITY: Former Miami DEA agent arrested in Puerto Rico on money-laundering charges.

February 22, 2020

FEELIN’ THE BERN IN NEVADA: So at what point does the political establishment realize that it’s not a coincidence that the most popular figures in each of the major parties are the ones the establishment most obviously can’t stand, and start making some adjustments?

NOTHING TO SEE HERE, MOVE ALONG: Philip Haney, DHS whistleblower, found dead, police say. “Haney, 66, ‘appeared to have suffered a single, self-inflicted gunshot wound,’ the Amador County Sheriff’s Office said in a release.” Hmm.

Plus: “Haney, a former DHS agent, was also the author of ‘See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad.’ He was an outspoken critic of the Obama administration, specifically its handling of radical Jihadist elements and Islamic terrorism.”

POSTMODERN PROBLEMS: Stunning: A Delusional Socialist Just Blew Away the Democrat Competition in Nevada. Now What?

My worry is less that Sanders could win in the fall — although I don’t completely discount the possibility — but that there’s enough of a constituency for bolshevism in the Democratic rank-and-file that he could win the nomination.

This is when sane people might encourage the DNC to go Full Bill Clinton and cheat, cheat, cheat.

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ROGER KIMBALL: Mike Bloomberg, American Julianus. “The billionaire former New York City mayor is throwing a lot of money around and renouncing plenty of sensible positions to win the Democratic Party’s presidential nod. His effort to buy the presidency will fail.”

Plus: “In fact, I’d like to go on record here to say that for a mere $5 million, I would be happy to endorse Mike Bloomberg. I am not sure how valuable my endorsement would be, but I calculate that it represents only .0078125 percent of his $64 billion fortune. I hope he will consider it. I will happily supply wire instructions. I should add that I have many friends who would be delighted to help out the mayor with a similar offer.”

I would require at least ten million.


UPDATE: You can assume that Trump would crush Bernie, and you’re probably right. But any major-party nominee, however lame, has a nonzero chance of becoming President, and that’s bad when we’re talking about a commie.

ANOTHER UPDATE: From Richard Fernandez:


THE DEMOCRATS WILL NOMINATE AN ACTUAL COMMUNIST A “DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST” FOR PRESIDENT, WON’T THEY? Bernie Sanders Wins the Nevada Caucus. He’s on Track To Win the Democratic Presidential Nomination.

OPEN THREAD: Disport yourselves as usual.

HOW’S THAT SPACE PROGRAM COMING ALONG? What should we do if a ‘planet-killer’ asteroid takes aim at Earth?

IT LOOKS LIKE AN OUTTAKE FROM THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN: Coronavirus flight from hell for American Diamond Princess passengers, as seen in photos.

IT’S A PLANET, DAMMIT. Pluto was discovered 90 years ago this week. Controversy about its identity rages on.

ROGER SIMON: Crap Shoot: Caucusing at the Bellagio.

NEVADA CAUCUS MINIDRUNKBLOG: Results are coming in fast.

WAS IT OVER WHEN THE GERMANS BOMBED LAS VEGAS? Chris Matthews compares Bernie’s likely victory in Nevada to the Nazis conquering France in 1940:

“I’m reading last night about the fall of France in the summer of 1940 and the General Renault calls up Churchill and says ‘It’s over.’ And Churchill says, ‘how can it be? You got the greatest army in Europe. How can it be over?’ He said ‘It’s over.’ So I had that suppressed feeling. I can’t be as wild as Carville but he is damn smart and I think he’s damn right on this one.”

Responding to James Carville, “‘You’re describing what sounds a lot like political suicide,’ said ‘Deadline: White House’ host Nicolle Wallace. ‘I think we need a psychologist to understand that.’” Video at link.

Flashback: Kevin Williamson in 2015 on “Bernie’s Strange Brew of Nationalism and Socialism.”

A year later, MSNBC Pushed Socialist Sanders as ‘Not Radical.’


A 17-year-old, Corey Johnson, murdered a 13-year-old, Jovanni Alexander Sierra, and stabbed two others in Florida in 2018, and this week it was reported that the victim’s family is suing the Publix grocery store chain for selling Johnson the knife, as the sale violated a Florida law that prohibits the sale of knives to anyone under age 18. That’s all well and good, but there is a good deal more to this story: this was a jihad massacre committed in the name of Islam and in accord with its teachings, but it has been swept under the rug. Apparently it doesn’t fit the establishment media narrative.

Read the whole thing. Evergreen:


I SAW A TOM STEYER AD LAST NIGHT AND I WAS LIKE “HE’S STILL RUNNING?” Democrat Presidential Candidate Tom Steyer Chickens Out of Interview with The Tennessee Star Report’s Michael Patrick Leahy.

SHOULD YOU EVEN BOTHER TO CARRY A RELOAD? “Let’s get this out in the open: You can count the number of private-citizen defensive gun uses in the U.S. when a rapid reload made the difference between a dead good guy and a live one without taking off both mittens. Reloading a handgun mid-gunfight, outside of a military or law enforcement context is pretty unlikely.”

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