October 27, 2020

MICHAEL WALSH: Voting and Democracy.

Predictions based on early voting numbers and party registration are risky, and anyone who says he can forecast the future in the crazy year of 2020 needs his head examined. This is a campaign that has seen candidate Donald Trump shake off the virus and barnstorm vigorously around the country.

Meanwhile, candidate Biden is senescent, increasingly confused, feeble and even more gaffe-prone than usual, with his replacement, Kamala Harris just itching to succeed him via the 25th Amendment. Biden has for months conducted a basement campaign in the hopes that the people who hate Trump are more motivated to vote early (and perhaps often?) than those who love him. And whatever happens after Jan. 20, 2021 will be Harris’s problem.

For the Democrats, therefore, the more votes they can pile up early the better, in order to withstand the surge of the Republican electorate, which prefers to wait until the constitutionally mandated time—and then deliver a rebuke to the Democrats and their partners in electioneering, the media, who apparently have learned nothing from the beating they took four years ago.

Soon enough, then, we’re going to find out just whose “democracy” this is. That of the “progressive” Left, aided by its thugs from Antifa and the Black Lives Movement, who wish to dispose of the hated Trump and resume their pedal-to-the-metal, Thelma-and-Louise rush to propel the country through our previous electoral norms and safeguards and over the precipice?

Or the patriotic Americans who love their country despite its real or imagined failings, don’t want to be bullied and buffaloed by the coastal elites into turning their backs on their patrimony, and wish to keep the Republic the founders bequeathed them?

Earlier: How Things May Look on November 4.



This one isn’t worth your click. I just think the headline is revealing.

SO LIKE SOCIAL MEDIA AND THE BODY POLITIC, THEN: COVID-19 Can Make Patients’ Immune Systems Attack Their Own Bodies, Study Shows.

FLASHBACK: Obama Repeatedly Tried to Get Biden Not to Run for President.

I DUNNO, MAYBE PREPPING FOR A BIDEN PRESIDENCY? Why Are TikTok Teens Listening to an Album About Dementia?

CONSTRUCTION OF TRUMP’S WALL PROCEEDS APACE: The Lid’s Michael Cantrell reports from Western Arizona.

BYRON YORK: The big Trump rallies you don’t see.

“I can’t believe there aren’t any newspeople here,” said Linda of Greene County, Pennsylvania, as she stood among hundreds of cars and pickup trucks idling in long parallel lines in a vast big-box-store parking lot Saturday, waiting to join the Interstate 70 Trump Train. Indeed, although there were carloads of Trump supporters as far as one could see, and many more on the way from Ohio and West Virginia, and this enormous political event was happening less than two weeks before the presidential election, as far as I could tell, I was the only newsperson there.

It was the biggest political rally no one saw. And gatherings like it have been happening for months in some of the places President Trump needs most to win if he is to be reelected. And, remarkably, the rallies are not the work of the Trump campaign. The road rally in Washington, Pennsylvania, was organized and staged by local Trump supporters, linked together largely by Facebook, who want to show that enthusiasm for the president in western Pennsylvania and surrounding areas is not just strong but stronger than it was when Trump eked out a victory in Pennsylvania in 2016. If Trump wins this critical state, it will owe in significant part to this organic movement and the energetic organizers who have nothing to do with his campaign.

That’s genuine grassroots, quite unlike the astroturfing the Left specializes in.

FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS: ‘Kid influencers’ promoting food brands online tout unhealthy choices.

HEINLEIN’S CRAZY YEARS (CONT’D): Emily Ratajkowski Confirms She’s Pregnant, Says She Won’t Know Gender Of Child Until 18th Birthday.

UNLIKE MANY NEWSPAPERS: The Boston Herald Endorses Trump.

OUT: OKAY, BOOMER. IN: OKAY, SENATOR. Amy Coney Barrett puts the nail in the coffin of TV politics.

WOW, TODAY’S USA TODAY COLUMN IS GENERATING A LOT MORE HATE MAIL THAN USUAL. As usual with such, none of it explains why I’m wrong, it just calls me a bad person.





TRUMP LOOKS AND SOUNDS LIKE HE GIVES A DAMN, AND IS HAVING FUN AT IT: Trump’s Non-Stop Campaign Schedule Versus Biden’s Basement Strategy Is Paying Off.

MY USA TODAY COLUMN: Sorry, there will be no return to normalcy under Joe Biden.


Insanity Wrap needs to know: Why is Joe Biden wandering around, apparently lost, on his own stage?

Answer: Seriously, the video has us even more worried about his brain than usual.

Before we get to the sordid details, a quick preview of today’s Wrap.

  • Sex bully Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv is at it again.
  • Shepard Smith’s new show crashes, burns, then burns some more.
  • Hmmm… No one is dying of the flu in 2020.

And so much more at the link, you’d have to be crazy to miss it.

Bonus VodkaPundit content for our VIP members: Joe Biden Called a Lid Again on Monday, Something POTUS Can Never Do. “Biden took four days to prepare for a debate for an office he’s been running for since 1987. Now he’s taking just as much time to rest up from the 90-minute performance — and he was barely there for the last half-hour.”

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THE LATEST STRATEGYTALK PODCAST: Another take on Turkish president Erdogan’s Neo-Ottoman dreams — and his mercenaries in Libya, Syria and Azerbaijan.


HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: 2020 Has Been A Hard Year For Higher Ed With 337,000 Jobs Lost. Could 2021 Be Worse?

Yes. Ironic that the colleges are praying for relief from the coronavirus bill that Nancy Pelosi has been blocking.

JOURNALISM: ‘Economist’ Failed to Disclose Lucrative Beijing Ties. “UK mag cashed Huawei checks as it covered telecom giant.”

WHAT PASSES FOR SCIENCE TODAY: Columbia medical school professor wants President Trump declared a ‘public health threat.’

XI’S GOTTA HAVE IT: The Erasure of Mesut Özil.

LONDON — Everything started with a tweet. Mesut Özil knew the risks, in December last year, when he decided to offer a startling, public denunciation both of China’s treatment of the Uighurs, a largely Muslim minority in the region of Xinjiang, and the complicit silence of the international community.

Friends and advisers had warned Özil, the Arsenal midfielder, that there would be consequences. He would have to write off China as a market. His six million followers on Weibo, the country’s largest social network, would disappear. His fan club there — with as many as 50,000 signed-up members — would go, too. He would never play in China. He might become too toxic even for any club with Chinese owners, or sponsors eager to do business there.

Özil knew this was not fearmongering. He was aware of China’s furious response — both institutionally and organically — to a tweet by Daryl Morey, the general manager of the N.B.A.’s Houston Rockets, only a few weeks earlier. Yet Özil was adamant. He had been growing increasingly outraged by the situation in Xinjiang for months, watching documentaries, consuming news reports. He believed it was his duty, he told his advisers, not so much to highlight the issue but to pressure Muslim-majority nations — including Turkey, whose president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, had served as best man at Özil’s wedding — to intercede.

And so he pressed send.

Read the whole thing.

OPPOSITION PARTIES WILL BE ILLEGAL IN THE PEOPLE’S PARADISE: Student newspaper rips Harvard Republicans for endorsing Trump.

WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE: Creepy Democrat Organization ‘Vote America’ Plans to Come Around After the Election to Check on Your Vote.

This is a VIP article, use promo code CHARLIE to get a discount.

MY USA TODAY COLUMN: Sorry, there will be no return to normalcy under Joe Biden.

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: ACB Is In, Now Let’s Savor Watching Liberals Freak Out Over Nothing. “The greatest thing about the Trump presidency is that he forced the Democrats to stop being coy about their inexorable march to the psychotic progressive fringe. They’d done a brilliant PR job for years that hid their true intentions from regular Americans who live outside of the coastal commie bubbles. Once the permanent screaming and tears started after Trump’s election, their intentions were laid bare.”

THEY NEED TO LOSE, AND KEEP LOSING UNTIL THEY UNLEARN THIS CRAP: Left’s Post-Election Agenda: More Riots, ‘Truth Commissions,’ Other Punishment For Their Foes — That Means You.

A LOOK AT AMERICA’S MOST CORRUPT POLICE. A new book shows how the Baltimore Police Department let dirty cops flourish right under its nose.

Baltimore’s last Republican mayor left office in 1967.

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Sen. Ron Johnson: Biden ‘Lying’ About His Son Not Making Money in China.

WHO OWNS YOUR STUFF? Delete Facebook and your Oculus games will go down with it.

Facebook recently announced that owners of its new Oculus Quest 2 would be required to link a Facebook account to use the headset. But what’s more, should you ever delete the Facebook account linked to your headset, you’ll lose any games you’ve purchased.

It’s not just deleting your account that will result in losing purchases. According to GameSpot, even deactivating your account temporarily will cut access to purchased games, or you can have your account suspended for violating terms of service and have no say in the matter.

Older headsets like the original Quest don’t need to be linked to Facebook, but support for separate Oculus accounts ends in 2023, after while all Oculus VR users will need a Facebook account. Following the acquisition of Oculus by Facebook in 2014, founder Palmer Luckey said users would never need an account with the social network. We probably shouldn’t be surprised that’s no longer the case. Not only is Luckey no longer with the company, but Facebook was always going to eventually tighten it’s grip on its property… like it has on Instagram and WhatsApp.

Don’t trust Facebook. Facebook is asshole.

SEEN ON FACEBOOK: “Three massive campaign rallies, and a SCOTUS swearing in ceremony. All in a day’s work for President Trump.” And just a couple of weeks ago we were told by all the best people that he was going to die of coronavirus due to his age and obesity.

HMM: Trending: Trump tops Biden, 48% to 47%, with 52% approval rating.

Polls schmolls. Vote, and get your friends to vote too.

UNFORTUNATELY, IT’S NOT SO:  The authors of a new report featured in Washington Post would have us to believe that arrests of African Americans are higher than for other races mainly because cops are biased and African American neighborhoods have historically been “over-policed.”

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights recently made the similar claim that students of all races misbehave in school at equal rates, and that (by implication) disproportionate discipline rates should be blamed on biased teachers. It was easily proven false.

The reasons for arrest/discipline disproportionality are complex and nobody should claim to fully understand the problem.   But the notion that it’s primarily the fault of overzealous police and teachers is off base.

FORGING THE ANGLOSPHERE: India says to sign military agreement with U.S. on sharing of satellite data.

Peace breaking out across the Middle East, shrinking footprint in Afghanistan, a growing anti-Communist China alliance, and even frontline European nations like Sweden boosting defense budgets.

I could have sworn I remember being told Trump was going to alienate all our allies and bumble his way into war.

AT AMAZON, Le Creuset Stoneware Mini Round Cocotte, 8 oz., Flame.

AND THEY DIDN’T EVEN GET ANY PIECES OF SILVER: Church Leaders Sell Their Souls to the Democratic Party.

Over the past couple of months, while the world has been distracted by all-things-COVID-19, a very important bit of news slipped under our radar and went virtually unnoticed. The contemporary church sold its soul to the Devil for a pot of political porridge.

Consider the evidence.

Last week “pro-life” evangelicals across the land started stumbling over themselves to endorse a political party and a candidate who is openly against life and against evangelicals.

Christianity isn’t about being socially popular, but a lot of people — especially among church leaders who want to be socially popular — seem to think so.

THE CULTURE OF JOURNALISM IS A CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: ‘Economist’ Failed to Disclose Lucrative Beijing Ties: UK mag cashed Huawei checks as it covered telecom giant.

THE RETURN OF HISTORY: Sweden To Increase Defense Spending By 40% Amid Russia Fears.

CHANGE: 2016’s Reluctant Trumpers Are 2020’s Avid Trumpers.

Andy Warren is a former county commissioner of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, one of the collar counties wrapped around Philadelphia. With more than 625,000 residents, it’s larger than Wyoming or Vermont. It’s the ultimate purple area with a diverse population. Warren knows it well. He was county commissioner there for 16 years.

In those days, he was a moderate Republican. When 2016 rolled around, Trump was No. 17 of the 17 major Republican presidential candidates on Warren’s dance card. Not this year. “I’m 1,000% in support of Donald Trump,” Warren told me recently. “Even when I was running myself, I didn’t feel as strongly as I feel about this election.”

Warren believes that Trump will be regarded as a great president, not merely a good one. He also sees Joe Biden’s aggressive move leftward as genuinely frightening. “I fear as I’ve rarely feared anything what a Biden win would do to America.”

You can build a convincing story for the election going either way. I’ll just say that out of a small group of friends, two who never voted say they’re voting for Trump, one who always votes Democrat is reluctantly voting for Trump, and one who was planning to vote Biden wound up voting Green. Anecdotes aren’t data, but I’ve never seen that before.

ARE YOU A WHITE SUPREMACIST? One Minute Apologist Bobby Conway says we really ought to do a little defining of terms before throwing around such terms. One has to wonder if, however, in view of Stephen Green’s preceding post on the violence of the Left, there isn’t much time left for civil discussion (Lord, help us, please).

GOIN’ SOUTHBOUND: “Kimber Manufacturing, a company that makes a variety of firearms and ammunition, is transitioning its corporate headquarters from New York to its facility in Troy, Alabama.” “The gunmaker was founded in Yonkers, New York, in 1979 and remained headquartered there until its recent transition to Alabama.”

Why be headquartered in the bosom of your enemies? “Alabama and New York had a contest. Alabama won.”

NICE: NASA Legend Buzz Aldrin Endorses Martha McSally In AZ Senate Race.

THESE APPOINTEES ARE OUT IF TRUMP STAYS IN: The silly season has already begun as Washington assesses the aftermath of next Tuesday.

HEH: AOC Enraged To Learn Long Line Is For Voting And Not Bread.

ICYMI, THIS IS NOW BEING TOUTED BY MIKE ROWE, WHICH IS COOL: A Modest Proposal: Make Universities Pay for Student Debt Forgiveness.

MOSTLY PEACEFUL LOOTING AND BURNING OF POLICE CARS: Protests swell after police shoot and kill man in West Philly. “Police officers fatally shot a 27-year-old Black man armed with a knife during a confrontation Monday afternoon in West Philadelphia that quickly raised tensions in the neighborhood. Late into the night, growing anger turned into a violent standoff at the local police district headquarters with several police officers injured by bricks or other objects hurled from the crowd. There were reports of stores being looted and at least one police vehicle was set on fire.”

UPDATE: Philadelphia cop hit by truck amid protests over police shooting.

October 26, 2020

THE “FACT CHECKERS” ARE JUST LAME-ASS POLITICAL WHORES: Kamala Harris Tells a Coronavirus Whopper *Twice*, Fact Checkers Nowhere To Be Found.

WELL, JAKE TAPPER. Seen on Facebook:

WALL STREET JOURNAL: The Press of Conformity: A case study in how the media stigmatize opposing views.

This is laughable coming from the crowd that spent four years pushing the Russia-Trump collusion narrative from 2016 that was ginned up and promoted by the Hillary Clinton campaign. They spun the claims of the Steele dossier, despite no supporting evidence and no on-the-record witnesses. Yet now they claim that on-the-record statements from a former Hunter Biden associate, along with emails and texts that the Biden campaign hasn’t disputed, should be kept from the public.

All of this is relevant beyond next week’s election. If Democrats win up and down the ballot, progressives will control the commanding heights of nearly every American elite institution: Congress, the administrative state, Hollywood and the arts, the universities, nonprofits, Silicon Valley and nearly all of the media.

Yet instead of playing watchdog for the public, today’s progressive press partisans devote themselves to attacking anyone who breaks from their orthodoxy. They denounce independent voices like Ms. Strassel with their Twitter brigades, then they unleash reporters who are ideological enforcers masquerading as media critics. They can’t tolerate any opposing political view. This is why Americans in record numbers don’t trust the media, and it’s why we will keep reporting the news others won’t.

If the press doesn’t want to be thought of as partisan garbage people, it should stop being partisan garbage people.


COCAINE MITCH IS HERE TO CHEW GUM AND CONFIRM JUDGES, AND HE’S ALL OUT OF GUM: Seen on Facebook: “After confirming a Supreme Court justice, McConnell is filing cloture motions on district court nominees.”

THE BIX BEIDERBECKE MEMORIAL SOCIETY puts on a festival every summer to celebrate Bix Beiderbecke, the Jimi Hendrix of the jazz trumpet. My mom is a big supporter. They’re having hard times due to the coronavirus, so I donated. If you’d like to donate too, the link is here.



It’s gonna turn out that Trump was the only one in Washington who wasn’t colluding with foreigners, isn’t it?

SO IN MY The Judiciary’s Class War, I called for the appointment of judges who weren’t graduates of the Ivy League, and who had practice experience outside the government. Amy Coney Barrett went to Rhodes College and Notre Dame law school, and did, in fact, engage in the private practice of law before becoming a professor. She didn’t attend a state school, and she never served as an elected judge, but still, this is progress. Don Willett can replace Breyer next.

UPDATE: Seen on Facebook: “Black man swears in woman appointed by racist misogynist.”

OPEN THREAD: You know what to do.

IT’S CHAMPAGNE TIME: [WATCH LIVE] Amy Coney Barrett Sworn in by Justice Clarence Thomas at the White House.

Has a sitting judge ever sworn one of his clerks into the Court?

ROGER KIMBALL: How Things May Look on November 4.

So what happens next? “We need to show that we’re ungovernable under a continued Trump administration. . . . That can mean blocking traffic at major intersections and bridges, shutting down government office buildings . . . or blockading the White House.”

But you again ask, What if Trump wins fair and square?

Super loud siren blast, followed by a full minute of ear-splitting static . . .

Didn’t you listen? Trump cannot win. If he does, he didn’t. If he says he did, it’s a coup. And how does one respond to a coup? Pullman quotes from a document that worked up its advice following the direction of the Bill-Kristol-endorsed Transition Integrity Project.

“We’ll keep it going until Trump concedes,” they promise. “We could be in the streets throughout the fall and into the winter—maybe as lots of rolling waves of action or possibly as a few major tsunamis! In other parts of the country, as vote counts conclude, our focus will turn from protecting the vote counts to themselves being ungovernable.”

Sound like fun? There’s more. “As it becomes clear that Trump’s coup is failing, institutions and the elites will start to abandon him – or we will approach them as part of the problem. Either Amazon will shut down AWS for the Trump loyalists in the government or we’ll shut down their fulfillment centers. Either governors will tell their national guards to stand down or we’ll shut down their state capitals as well. Over time, Trump will grow increasingly isolated and his empire will crumble down around him.”

But If Trump Wins

To be frank, I do not think this will happen.

I think that Donald Trump will win on Nov. 3 (or shortly thereafter, after the fraudulent votes have been sorted through) and that the people writing this sort of thing will go nuts.

Then police will arrest some scores of activists and the hangers on will be frightened and discouraged and trudge home grumbling about how unfair life is.

It won’t be the end of Trump Derangement Syndrome. That’s bred in the bones of these folk. But a goodly amount of air will have been let out of that party favor.

The exact lineaments of what awaits us are unclear. We have to live our lives forward, after all. But soon enough we’ll be in a position to make that sweeping backwards glance. The owl of Minerva will do her thing.

If Trump loses on Nov. 3, he will leave office on Jan. 20, as ordained by the Constitution. The country will then be in the hands of the radical Left and we’ll come to know first hand what authoritarian tyranny is really like.

But if, as I expect, he wins, there will be much wailing and gnashing of liberal teeth, but widespread peace and prosperity will dull the pain and transform the anguish into the guilty pleasure of histrionic self-indulgence.

As for this week, as Glenn wrote at the beginning of the month, “don’t get cocky. You should be donating and working on this election, and putting out the max effort, because everything is up for grabs. And encourage your friends to turn out and vote too.”


THE MEDIA CENSORSHIP APPEARS TO HAVE FAILED: Most voters believe Joe Biden knew about Hunter’s overseas deals: poll. And that he profited from them.

HE SEEMS PRETTY CONFIDENT OF A SECOND TERM: President Trump Opens the Valve to Drain the Swamp With a New Executive Order.

HANDMAID’S FAIL: Liberal Cosplay Couldn’t Stop Amy Coney Barrett from Joining Supreme Court. Sworn in on one year anniversary of President Trump’s successful assassination of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Nice troll in the subhead of the above Washington Free Beacon article as well: Supreme Gift: Social media trolls Hillary Clinton on her birthday ahead of Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court confirmation vote.

BERNARD GOLDBERG: American Journalism 2020: R.I.P.

As a personal favor, I ask you to please not laugh out loud when I say: Let’s take journalists at their word when they tell us the only reason they’re not running the Hunter Biden story is that, because they’re unbiased, honest, trustworthy professionals, they don’t want to traffic in an unsubstantiated smear campaigns.”

Okay, you can laugh your heads off now.

Let’s be generous and say that at the outset they had reasonable concerns. How could they know if the emails were real? The story might be Russian disinformation. Rudy Giuliani, the president’s lawyer and pal, is involved — that’s a reason to be skeptical. The story broke in the New York Post, a tabloid owned by the conservative tycoon Rupert Murdoch. Fox News, another Murdoch property, ran with the story. How could they even know the computer in question belonged to Hunter Biden? Isn’t the computer repairman almost blind? And what a coincidence, they say, that all of this comes out just days before the presidential election!

It’s not their reasoning, dishonest as it is, that’s so annoying. It’s the sanctimony of these journalists that’s galling. They’re not running the story because they don’t want to be participants in a smear campaign that might affect a presidential election – and they want us to really believe that?

Let’s make sure we understand that these are the same people who ran story after story about a fake dossier that was packed with lies about Donald Trump.

They’re the same people who ran countless stories informing us that Donald Trump was a Russian asset.

These are the same noble journalists who gave Adam Schiff more airtime than their own anchors get – all because he said he had solid proof that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians.

Where was their concern for authenticity and their aversion to smear campaigns back then? Do they think reasonable people don’t notice how hypocritical – and corrupt – they are?

So if the story about Hunter Biden and his father Joe were about Donald Trump and his son or daughter, are we supposed to think that these journalists would show the same restraint they’re now showing?

Do they think anyone who’s been paying attention would actually believe that?

And speaking of American Journalism: RIP: Glenn Kessler, Brian Stelter laud NBC News for adding an editor’s note to its piece on ‘four more years of George.’

Just think of the media as Democratic Party operatives with bylines who have gone all-in to drag an aging Biden across the finish line.

CHANGE: Kurt Schlichter: All But the Lamest RINOs Are Getting Conserva-Woke Now.

SEGREGATION NOW, SEGREGATION TOMORROW, SEGREGATION FOREVER! The New Segregation: In the name of social justice, Seattle government agencies conduct employee training sessions separated by race.

COCAINE MITCH BRINGS IT ON HOME: Senate Votes to Confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

Related: George Orwell, call your office: Sen. Chuck Schumer says ‘generations of unborn will suffer’ if Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed.

TRIGGERED! Gov. Whitmer Completely Falls Apart When Asked About Hunter Biden Scandal.

NICE: Stray kitten found on Muhammad Ali Airport ramp adopted by worker who found it. “I said hey, bring him over here let me see him. As soon as he brought him over, he got on my shoulder sat down and started purring.” Who adopted who?

SEEN ON FACEBOOK: “Some Christians say they can’t vote for Trump because of his past. I say be thankful God doesn’t have that same standard for you.”

BREAKING: Justice Clarence Thomas to Administer Constitutional Oath to Amy Coney Barrett.

What a thumb in the eye that is for Joe Biden.

DON’T GET COCKY: Rasmussen White House Watch: Trump 48%, Biden 47%.

VERY INTERESTING NEW PIECE FROM MY COLLEAGUE GREG STEIN: The Impact of Autonomous Vehicles on Urban Land Use Patterns. And a useful read for anyone involved in real estate.


ROGER SIMON: I’m Ready to Be Reeducated, Mr. Reich.

I volunteer to be the first guinea pig for Robert Reich’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission during the period after the election in which he assumes a Biden victory.

I assume Mr. Reich would concur some degree of testing and experimentation must be done to make his plan effective and, while taking nowhere near the bravery of being, say, a first COVID vaccine tester, someone has to do it.

I have several reasons I think I would be ideal for this task that I will get to in a minute, but first, for those who don’t know or those whose memory is sketchy—it’s already more than a week since Reich made his proposal—the former Clinton Labor Secretary wrote the following on Twitter, Oct. 17:

When this nightmare is over, we need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. It would erase Trump’s lies, comfort those who have been harmed by his hatefulness, and name every official, politician, executive, and media mogul whose greed and cowardice enabled this catastrophe.”

Reich uses post-apartheid South Africa as a model for his proposal—a country that continues to have more than its share of civic disruption, poverty, and violence—but no matter. There are others.

Cultural Revolution Pig Farm

Which brings me to my qualifications for Mr. Reich’s—let’s be blunt without being sneering—reeducation program.

To begin with, I have been a Trump supporter in the elections of 2016 and 2020, and far from a “shy” one. While not much of a media mogul in the fat cat sense (alas), and therefore at best a medium-sized enabler of what he calls a “catastrophe,” I have written what must now be several hundred essays in support of the president, before and after his election, for PJ Media (which I cofounded), The Epoch Times, Real Clear Politics, City Journal, The New York Times (once) and the New York Post, among others. I have also appeared on television and radio, multiple times with a similar viewpoint.

None of this, admittedly, makes me especially qualified to be that guinea pig for Mr. Reich’s commission—many have done the same. Nonetheless, I stand for the job.

What makes me qualified was that years ago (1979), when I identified with the left, I was invited with about a dozen others on an “activist’s tour” of the People’s Republic of China.

I know about reeducation camps, because I have seen one.

Not having the equivalent of the Nuremberg Trials when the Soviet Union fell was a gigantic mistake.

NOTHING SAYS ‘ANTIFASCIST’ LIKE HARASSING JEWS: Antifa Mob Throws Rocks, Pepper-Sprays, and Assaults Jews for Trump in New York.

BE VERY AFRAID: The Hidden Threat of the Home Office.

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