October 31, 2020

STANDING UP TO TYRANNY: Trump greets throngs of fans outside Minnesota rally after state allows just 250 seats.

#HIMTOO: Dem Senate Candidate Kelly Wanted Ex-Wife Jailed Amid Custody Dispute. “Arizona Democratic Senate candidate Mark Kelly made an odd request years after his 2004 divorce: The famed astronaut petitioned a Texas court in 2010 to sentence his ex-wife to 6 months in jail and 10 years of supervised release after she moved to a new town a few miles outside of their children’s school district. . . . The documents, which include a temporary restraining order issued against Kelly in 2004, appear to contradict his description of the divorce as ‘amicable’ in his 2011 autobiography.”

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IF JOE BIDEN IS ELECTED, SOME WILL REGARD HIS PRESIDENCY AS ILLEGITIMATE BECAUSE OF THIS: Mollie Hemingway: Yes, Media Are Rigging The Election Against Half The Country. Here’s How.

PAUL BEDARD: Trump success wooing black vote seen as key reelection clincher.

MATTHEW CONTINETTI: The Next Populist Revolt: The combustible politics of a coronavirus ‘dark winter’.

Governments resort to shutdowns to impose discipline on an unruly population. But shutdowns do not solve the problem. They turn public health crises into economic and social ones. After a while, the price of shutdowns grows too high. The government reopens the economy. The virus returns. Before long, the cycle repeats.

There are plenty of ways to think about the politics of the Trump era. You can analyze the parties according to the traditional left-right axis. You can study public debate through the prism of liberal democracy versus authoritarianism. You can understand recent elections as pitting establishment insiders against populist outsiders. You can see the ideological contest as a three-way grudge match between common-good conservatives, neoliberals in both parties, and woke progressives. Coronavirus has spawned yet another interpretive framework. In this frame, politics is the struggle between the faction that wants to keep the economy and society relatively open during the pandemic and the faction that is ready and willing to shut them down.

Joe Biden has been able to straddle these two poles. He says you can have a (relatively) open society as well as a public health system that reduces infection to a negligible level. He says he will “shut down the virus, not the country.” What he hasn’t explained is how that can happen in the absence of a widely administered vaccine. Only Taiwan and South Korea contained outbreaks without nationwide lockdowns. It is hard to see the United States replicating their success. Taiwan benefited from its rapid response at the outset of the crisis. South Korean authorities rapidly approved tests while enjoying access to cell phone data. None of that happened here.

If Biden takes office during the “dark winter” he prophesied at the final presidential debate, he will have to decide, in addition to his national mask mandate, whether to put the country through another “30 days to slow the spread.” The bureaucratic pressure to shut down will be immense. The media, entertainment, and technology sectors will be sure to support and promote his decision. Polarization between “red” states and the nation’s capital will intensify. The commanding heights of culture and business will consign the Republican Party to the ash heap of history. And opposition to the restoration of progressive rule will manifest itself as a populist revolt whose character, magnitude, disposition, and endgame can only be imagined.

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FORWARD ARMING AND REFUELING: U.S. Marines refuel a Bell AH-1Z Viper attack helicopter during Integrated Training Exercise 1-21 at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, Twentynine Palms, California. Photo taken Oct. 22, 2020.

GREAT ORATORS OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. To borrow an old recurring leitmotif of James Taranto, when he was writing the Wall Street Journal’s Best of the Web Today:

● “One man with courage makes a majority.” — attributed to Andrew Jackson.

● “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt.

● “The buck stops here.” — Harry S. Truman.

● “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” — John F. Kennedy.

● “I’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize trunalimunumaprzure!” — Joe Biden.

PENNSYLVANIA 2020: Inside The Democratic Strongholds That No Longer Recognize Their Party.

With a soul patch and a piercing in the top of his left ear, working in a typically blue industry in a deep-blue city, his politics don’t fit into the stereotype, a sentiment that echoes all over eastern Pennsylvania. From coal country to steel town, God is taken seriously, but so is party affiliation. While in some parts of the country parents and children vote differently without a second thought, in Luzerne and Northampton counties, generations of pro-life, pro-labor Democrats feel untethered from once-familiar parties, torn between traditions and beliefs.

“My wife told me, ‘It sounds like you’re going to the other side,’” he says. “But I don’t know what my side is anymore.”

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is poised to be either the Rustbelt keystone that secures a second term for Trump, or the capstone on a one-term presidency. While much of the attention is focused on the riotous streets of Philadelphia and the machine that runs its elections, it’s a decision that might well be made in the places where the sky truly gets dark, the mines lay empty, and the ruins of industry stand cold.

Flashback: After Trump shockingly won Pennsylvania, we should remember that when Obama talked about “bitter clingers” back in 2008, he was talking about Pennsylvania.

October 30, 2020

AT AMAZON, Leupold Rifle Scopes.

NAMES THAT ARE WORTH TEN THOUSAND LANCES: Bobby Orr endorses Donald Trump with full-page ad. “NHL and Boston Bruins icon Bobby Orr took out a full-page ad in Friday’s New Hampshire Union Leader endorsing Donald Trump in the upcoming U.S. election. . . . Orr is just the latest sports legend to endorse Trump this week alone, joining Nicklaus and Pro Football Hall of Famer Brett Favre as front-seat passengers on the ol’ Trump train.”

The Greatest Generation in sports renders a final service.

Out of sight, but not out of mind: There’s an old sawhorse in media about the “Streisand Effect,” namely, that when someone tries to suppress a story it backfires and gets more attention than it might have without the suppression. There’s a lot about the Hunter Biden story and its suppression that proves this true.

The news that Glenn Greenwald had resigned from The Intercept because management there have joined the open conspiracy among so-called news providers to pretend that there is no substance or legitimacy behind allegations – or even asking questions – about Joe Biden’s involvement and financial interest in his son’s business dealings in Ukraine, Russia or China was stunning. NPR was surprisingly honest about their dishonesty when they “explained” that they would not cover the story because:

“We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste the listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions […] And quite frankly, that’s where we ended up, this was a politically driven event, and we decided to treat it that way.”

As has been said repeatedly, they and other legacy media operations’ newfound devotion to media ethics is both amusing and depressing at the same time. These are the same people who had no problem alleging that Justice Kavanaugh was a gang rapist on the say-so of a somewhat mentally frail woman who could produce no documents or corroborating witnesses, could not recount any details and yet, these same publications applied “woke logic” by insisting we “believe all women.”

Every insane allegation and false witness propounded by Michael Avenatti was breathlessly reported and touted as the truth by CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and Washington Post. Avenatti was convicted last year of extortion in a $20 billion scheme against Nike, and still faces trial for defrauding his client Stormy Daniels. Up until this week, these kinds of witnesses and “sources” were more than credible enough to publish defamatory and salacious stories.

If you need a reminder, this is the same media who promised you “pee tapes” of President Trump cavorting with Russian hookers based on evidence that never existed. In one of his magnificent histories of LBJ, Robert Caro retold the story of then-congressional candidate Johnson asking his aide to help spread a rumor that his opponent engaged in sex with barnyard animals:

“We can’t prove that Mr. Johnson,” the aide said.

But we can make the son of a bitch deny it!” Johnson purportedly replied.

For a story that the Biden surrogates and stenographers insist has no factual foundation, they have been rather vocal, splashing a tremendous array of defensive claims. Despite the fact that neither Biden nor his son Hunter have yet to deny the authenticity of any of the documents and emails being reported on by smaller news organizations dismissed as “conservative” those committed to dragging Biden across the finish line no matter what, have said (like NPR) that the story doesn’t pass their standards of integrity; that the timing of the story being advantageous to Trump somehow nullifies its factual underpinning (welcome to political journalism); and perhaps most laughably, social media surrogates insist that “nobody cares.”

This last chimera is perhaps the most revealing. It reveals the arrogant elitism that led the mainstream off the rails in 2016 and shows us how this small group has a genuine disdain for most Americans. Moreover, it underscores the denial they suffer about the inevitable extinction of their long-held and highly profitable grip on public opinion.

The data show how remarkably wrong our moral and intellectual betters are. In the last ten days – and before Tucker Carlson’s bombshell interview – The Daily Caller’s Hunter Biden stories drew 554,566 unique internet visitors. That’s more than half a million “nobodies.”

One of their initial stories, about the laptop left behind by a crack-addled Hunter Biden drew 16,474 unique readers; another story, about Hunter Biden’s setting up a meeting with his father (then Vice-President) and Chinese businessmen was read by at least 89,649 people. Oh, I mean “nobodies.” As JustTheNews’ Editor in Chief John Solomon pointed out:

“[C]riminality isn’t the only standard by which Americans evaluate their leaders. Judgment, ethics and transparency are also essential attributes.”

JustTheNews.com has been doggedly breaking news on Hunter and Joe Biden’s “pay to meet me” scheme. Rough estimates show that JTN’s coverage of this issue has been read by as many as 7.5 million people. Moreover, Tucker Carlson’s interview with whistleblower and ex-Biden partner Tony Bobulinski broke cable news records: as many as 7.6 million viewers tuned in. That’s a lot of nobodies. I’ll bet NPR’s Public Editor Kelly McBride wishes she got a third as many “nobodies” to pay attention to her.

It’s little wonder the mainstream media is going broke. They don’t serve you: They insult you. When they say “nobody cares” what they really mean to say is that the only people who count, who deserve any say in our political process are those who agree with them. Everyone else is a nobody. (Bumped, by Glenn, because this is important).

OPEN THREAD: Post your election predictions here.

SPACE FORCE: NASA’s Crew-1 SpaceX mission commander will join the US Space Force.

ANALYSIS: TRUE. New York Times opinion section comes unhinged ahead of the 2020 election.



AFTER SIX MONTHS OF SCARING PEOPLE ABOUT A VIRUS: Wisconsin governor urges voters to come to polls rather than mail ballots.


STANDOFF REPORTED OVER: Twitter backs down, unlocks NY Post’s account.

Twitter backed down Friday in its battle with The Post and unlocked its main account after a two-week stalemate over its Hunter Biden exposé.

The Post never deleted the tweets during the standoff.

Jake Tapper hardest hit: Principled CNN Journalist Jake Tapper Tells NY Post to Bow to Twitter’s Demands, Gets Wrecked in Response.


Related: Twitter shares plunge as user growth slows.

EVERGREEN HEADLINE: Yikes! Can You Translate Biden’s Latest Gibberish?

SO EVERYTHING WE SEE WAS THE PRODUCT OF A SORT OF MENTAL MASTURBATION? EXPLAINS A LOT. New hypothesis argues the universe simulates itself into existence.

PANIC A LIBERAL, SHOW THEM THIS VIDEO OF MINORITY KIDS FOR TRUMP: From Campus Reform. Might want to have an ER on hand, though.

ROSETTA WEPT: Yikes! Can You Translate Biden’s Latest Gibberish?

JOHN PIPER IS A FAMOUS THEOLOGIAN, KYLEE ZEMPEL IS NOT: Piper made a lot of disruptive waves in conservative and evangelical circles last week with his essay entitled “Policies, Persons and Paths to Ruin.” Essentially, Piper is mystified by Christians who vote for Trump despite his abundant and obvious character flaws.

Zempel is an assistant editor at The Federalist where her official bio says nothing about her holding any theological degrees. Be that as it may, Zempel takes Piper’s arguments apart and leaves them in a scattered pile on the floor. Her basic critique is seen in these two graphs:

“Piper’s framing is at best problematic and at worst intellectually dishonest, for he doesn’t make an appropriate comparison. Piper doesn’t juxtapose Trump’s character with Biden’s character or Trump’s policies with Biden’s policies. Instead, he compares Trump’s immoral character with Biden’s immoral policies.

“It’s here that he finds himself ‘baffled’ that Christians don’t take Trump’s character seriously. Many Christians, however, refuse to equate these two unequal realms. Character should be weighed against character, and policy against policy. Piper’s value judgment comes at the disposal of Trump’s policy victories, many of which are advantageous to those pursuing godliness, and at the oversight of Biden’s demonstrably depraved character.”

If the brutal clarity of this piece is indicative of what to expect from Zempel in the future, we should all take note and look forward to her future work.


STILL A FEW BUGS IN THE SYSTEM: Watch a Self-Driving Race Car Crash before It Starts.

HERE WE GO AGAIN? Anti-Trumpers Worry About a Potential Repeat of 2016.

TODD HENDERSON: Court-Packing is Unconstitutional.

TO BE FAIR, HE’S A TERRIBLE PERSON AND THEY’RE PROBABLY BETTER OFF: CNN’s Don Lemon Brags About Abandoning His Friends for Disagreeing With Him. “Imagine being cut out of Don Lemon’s life for disagreeing with him. What a bad deal for his friends, huh? Who wouldn’t leap at the chance to repent and be welcomed back into the warmth of his embrace?”

ANDREW CUOMO, GRANDMA-KILLER: DOJ Expands Probe of COVID-19 Deaths in New York Nursing Homes.

GODWIN ALERT: Disgusting! Biden-Harris Uses Hitler Footage in Campaign Ad.

SPACE: Asteroid samples tucked into capsule for return to Earth.

“HOW DARE YOU QUESTION MY PATRIOTISM!”:  Remember when that question was on the lips of so many left-of-center elected officials?  It turns out that almost a third of Democrats don’t have a positive view of the United States of America.  By contrast, 95% of Republicans do, according to the poll conducted by YouuGov.

WELL, IF YOU THINK YOU MIGHT BE LOOTED BY “PEACEFUL PROTESTERS,” THIS MAKES SENSE: Walmart Removes Guns and Ammo From Store Displays, Citing Potential ‘Unrest.’

Related: Two Birds With One Stone: Man Protests Racial Injustice, Completes Christmas Shopping In One Trip.


Stay tuned…

WHEN THE HEADLINE DOESN’T MATCH THE ARTICLE: “Biden did not eulogize former KKK ‘grand wizard,’” AP “reports,” but notes six paragraphs in that ‘As a young man in West Virginia, Byrd recruited members to a local KKK chapter and was elected to the post of ‘exalted cyclops’ according to his 2005 autobiography.”

It’s come to this: in order to help drag Biden over the finish line, AP is doing cleanup work for a former “grand wizard” “exalted cyclops” of the Klan.


WOW: Lockheed to research air-dropped packaged missiles in $25M contract. “Initial studies show that airlifters have the potential to deploy large quantities of Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile Extended Range missiles, providing a significant increase in long-range standoff scale and complementing traditional strike and bomber aircrafts.”

TURNING THE OTHER CHEEK TO RIOTERS: When they threw flammable chemicals on his Philadelphia church’s roof and set it ablaze, Vietnamese Baptist Church Pastor Philip Pham said he had no idea why they did so. His church, after all, has been a valuable community resource for years.

In the aftermath, Pham claimed a miracle involving a computer hard-drive that wasn’t destroyed in the flames, and he counseled his congregants “to love and pray for” those who committed the senseless violence against them. I know it would be exceedingly tough for me to have such a forgiving spirit. How about you? Of course, forgiveness does not preclude the administration of justice to wrong-doers, either.



Or to put it another way:

As David Harsanyi asks Tapper, “Why should they delete a story that is true? Would you?”

Why, it’s as if Twitter is “running a blackmail operation” with the New York Post’s account.

DON’T GET COCKY: Forget the polls, these Rust Belters offer real election insight.

Fran Coombs, managing editor of Rasmussen Reports, sees the numbers this year as very similar to the 2016 presidential election, when Hillary Clinton and Trump were neck-and-neck to the end.

In its daily national tracking poll Wednesday, Rasmussen had Trump ahead of Biden by one point for the second day running, after trailing by as much as 12.

The margin of error is 2.5 percentage points, but the trajectory is in the right direction.

Coombs says polls have picked up a “level of Trump hatred [that is] is mind-boggling” and accounts for a high “shy” Trump vote. Republicans are 10 to 15 points less likely than Democrats to divulge their voting intentions.

Democratic talk about “truth and reconciliation councils” and the like seems to be skewing the polls, which in turn skews Democrats’ ability to make sound campaigning decisions.

It’s almost as though they’re trying to lose.

WELL, THIS IS THE 21ST CENTURY, YOU KNOW: Scientists program robot swarm to count penguins.

IF SOLAR ENERGY IS SO CLEAN, WHY IS IT SO DIRTY? Do you know about the incredible environmental clean-up problem being created by those thousands upon thousands of solar panels being installed across America? Don’t expect to hear about it from Joe Biden.

BOOM: Hunter’s ‘Smoking Gun’ Email Implicating Joe Biden Just BLEW UP.

COMING SOON: Mostly Peaceful Post-Election Riots. Democrat-Run Hellholes Prepping for Election Night Violence Because Of Course.

LEAVE THE OLD ONES BEHIND: Elon Musk’s SpaceX will ‘make its own laws on Mars.’


IS IT JUST ME, OR HAS THE MEDIA TONE SHIFTED IN THE PAST COUPLE OF DAYS? S.E. Cupp: I have uneasy feeling about what may happen … again.


NEWS YOU CAN USE: How to Run a Meeting. Let me just add that every pre-meeting email should include the time and date AND THE ZOOM LINK for the meeting if it’s a Zoom meeting. I hate having to search back through my email for a Zoom link someone sent out two weeks ago, especially when it’s buried under other emails from the same person about the same meeting. And no, it’s not enough just to add “Zoom” to the search because half the memos mention that it’s a Zoom meeting but don’t include the link.

TO THE LEFT THAT’S NOT A BUG, IT’S A FEATURE: No Newsroom Is Safe If The Intercept Can Fall Victim to Media Groupthink.

SAD BUT NOT UNEXPECTED: The 2021 SHOT Show has been cancelled.

QUESTION ASKED: Say…what’s Biden doing in Minnesota today?


TYLER O’NEIL: 7 Key Corruption Questions Joe Biden Must Answer After FBI Bombshell.

TRUMP DOES A LITTLE OLD-FASHIONED MEDIA CAMPAIGNING: Via an op-ed in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel (MJS). For puzzled younger readers, the MJS is one of the few surviving newspapers that still sells a print edition made of paper that people pick up from their driveways or front yards each morning, hold in their hands, and read it by successively “turning pages.”

Yes, I held one in my hands as a child, reading it while trudging the five miles to school in the snow, uphill, both ways. No, it didn’t even have a search button.

VODKAPUNDIT PRESENTS YOUR DAILY INSANITY WRAP: Joe Biden’s Most Extraordinary Projectile Word Vomit Ever.

Insanity Wrap needs to know: When Joe Biden promises that he will “reduce prescription drug crisis experts acknowledge,” what the hell is that supposed to mean?

Answer: We don’t know, but we do have the video.

Before we get to the sordid details, a quick preview of today’s Wrap.

  • AP does CYA for KKK
  • Marrianne Williamson, Biblical scholar.
  • Literally the worst tweet of all time.

And so much more at the link, you’d have to be crazy to miss it.

CHECK OUT GLENN GREENWALD’S FINAL INTERCEPT PIECE. It discussed “Mighty Ira,” a new documentary from FIRE about the man who led the ACLU through the brickbats it got for defending the Nazis’ right to speak in Skokie, and why he did it. Read Greenwald’s column before it gets memory-holed, and consider watching the doc too. (It’s available for streaming lots of places, including free on Amazon Prime.)

OOPS: Watch a self-driving Roborace car drive directly into a wall.

RACIAL GRIFTING PAYS WELL, FUNDED WITH OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY: UW-Madison spends $12,750 to host ‘White Fragility’ author Robin DiAngelo.

Speaking fees for lefty activists, authors, and filmmakers, paid by universities out of student or taxpayer funding, are an important part of the left’s financial ecosystem.


SEEN ON FACEBOOK: “If the media narrative were real and this race was a potential Dem blowout, Uncle Joe would be in Texas. If it were a straight tossup, he’d be in Pennsylvania. But he’s going to MINNESOTA. And that absolutely SCREAMS that he’s on defense, and knows it. On defense so much that he can’t even worry about obviously LOOKING like he’s on defense.”

EMBRACE THE HEALING POWER OF ‘AND’: Is Jack Dorsey a Pathological Liar or Has He Simply Lost All Control Over Twitter?

THAT WOULD BE YUGE: Will Trump Get One-Third of the Black Vote?

VIDEO: Young minorities share why they are voting for Trump.

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: Who Had ‘Lil Wayne Chillin’ With Trump’ On Their 2020 Bingo Cards? “Sure, I’m being flippant and having some fun here, but this story does provide a perfect example of the stark contrast between Democratic rhetoric and Republican reality in the Trump era.”

#JOURNALISM: Glenn Greenwald On His Resignation From The Intercept. “The only reason people are getting interested in and ready to scrutinize what I write is because everyone is afraid of being accused of having published something harmful to Biden.”

Most of our institutions are run by people who care more about the opinion of their social group than about doing their jobs.

MARK JUDGE: Zen in the Mulch Pit.

AUSTRALIAN LIGHTNINGS OVER ARIZONA: Two USAF and two Royal Australian Air Force F-35A Lightning II’s break formation during a commemoration flight over Bagdad, Arizona. Photo taken October 8, 2020.

WELL, IT CERTAINLY DIFFERENTIATES HIM FROM MOST OF HIS PREDECESSORS: Border Chief Morgan Is Criticized for — Wait for It — Wanting to Secure Border.

KAROL MARKOWICZ: The New York Post will not ‘bow down’ to Twitter censors.


BYRON YORK: “Anonymous” caper ends in disgrace for writer, New York Times.

It certainly illustrates — as so many things have — that the NYT was willing to lie in order to put out an anti-Trump story.

HMM: Apple is building its own version of Google Search, report says.

Google pays Apple something like $10 billion per year to be the default search engine on iPhones and iPads. My guess is that cozy arrangement might not survive antitrust scrutiny.

LAURENCE JARVIK: Here are some reasons why I’ll be voting to re-elect the President on November 3rd, 2020.

Democrats seem to believe that President Trump is as much of a threat as Neo-Nazi and former Grand Wizard of the KKK David Duke when he ran for Louisiana Governor against Edwin Edwards in 1991.

Edwards won with the slogan, “Vote For The Crook: It’s Important.”

Despite corruption, he was endorsed by President George H.W. Bush, and the Louisiana GOP leadership repudiated Duke, winner of the Republican primary.

The Biden campaign appears to be following a similar strategy, recruiting prominent Republicans such as Colin Powell, John Kasich and Christine Todd Whitman in addition to the Lincoln Project, while focusing on charges of racism.

However, Trump is no David Duke, so America doesn’t need to elect a crook.

Unlike Duke, Trump has never been a member of the KKK or a Neo-Nazi. Nor has he supported school segregation–as Joe Biden did in the 1970s.

Far from embracing racism, he aggressively seeks support from African-American voters. Black Voices for Trump has generated increased poll numbers and endorsements.

Likewise, he doesn’t pander to anti-Semites, unlike Joe Biden, who accepted support from Rev. Louis Farrakhan, Congresswomen Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Iran.

Unlike Biden, President Trump pursues pro-Israeli and pro-Jewish policies, and works with Jews Choose Trump in the Jewish community. He was recently endorsed by thirteen Orthodox rabbis.

Not the record of a racist.

Is Joe Biden a crook?

I think recent reports in The New York Post highlighting payments from China, Ukraine and elsewhere to the Biden family, show that he is.

I agree.

LOOKS LIKE BOBBY, DRIVES LIKES TED, CAMPAIGNS LIKE JOE III: Beto O’Rourke Thinks Joe Biden Isn’t Doing Enough to Lose the Election. “Failed candidate slams campaign for targeting ‘white Dems’ in Pennsylvania instead of trying to win Texas.”

THE ART OF THE DEAL: Facebook Charged Biden a Higher Price Than Trump for Campaign Ads. “The Markup analyzed every known Trump and Biden ad purchased between July 1, 2020, and Oct. 13, 2020, and found that Facebook has charged the presidential nominees wildly varying prices for their ads, with Biden paying, on average, nearly $2.50 more per 1,000 impressions than Trump.”

What a chump.

FINGERS CROSSED: New Data Suggests President Trump May Be Right About Success of Regeneron.

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