July 25, 2017

QUESTION ASKED: Would a Supervolcano Eruption Wipe Us Out?

The past 500 years have been fairly peaceful ones for Campi Flegrei. There have been no eruptions at all since 1538, and that was a comparatively small event that resulted in the formation of the “New Mountain”, Monte Nuovo. But recent events suggest that this period of quiescence may be coming to an end.

An acceleration of processes causing deformation and heating within the caldera saw the Italian government raise the volcano’s threat level in December 2016. Fears are growing that magma deep inside Campi Flegrei could be reaching the “critical degassing pressure”, where a sudden large-scale release of volcanic gases could abruptly inject heat into surrounding hydrothermal fluids and rocks. When this happens on a significant scale, it can cause catastrophic rock failure within the volcano, triggering an eruption. In line with this, a study published in May 2017 found evidence that the supervolcano has been building towards an eruption for decades.

But the difficult question is not if, but when, and just how big an event this would be.

When will environmentalists finally get serious about putting a stop to climate-destroying tectonic plate movements?

JOE PAPPALARDO: Why the First True Spaceliner Will Change Everything: We need a DC-3 for space to finally democratize travel off our planet.

In the 1930s, before the DC-3, the state of aviation in the early 1930s was dire. Airplanes were slow, leaked fumes into the cabin, and had limited range. That range thing was a big deal, especially since there were hardly any airports around. Touchdowns for maintenance meant landing in fields, empty roads, or anywhere else it looked flat. Back then, it was standard operating procedure. Today we’d call it an emergency landing.

What aviation needed was a machine that could be safe, comfortable, and cheap enough to carry paying customers. C.R. Smith, the president of American Airlines in 1934, demanded Douglas Aircraft build an airplane that could serve as an airliner. The result was the DC-3, which first flew at the end of 1935.

The plane had twin 1200-hp engines and clever, cantilevered wings. Before the DC-3 it took 25 hours and 15 stops to cross the country in an airplane. The new airplane cut that down to three stops for fuel. And the passengers were treated well, with sleeping berths, drinks, and fine meals served for a $300 ticket. Rich people could fly and feel comfortable – physically and mentally.

Which, frankly, is an accomplishment even today.


The Boy Scouts as the Hitler Youth – run with that analogy, lefties – run hard with it. I’m so old though, I can remember when Newsweek declared that America had entered into a lengthy period of socialism, nationally:

Earlier: If you missed it last night, our look at the rest of the MSM predictably losing what’s left of their sanity over Trump’s Boy Scout appearance. If only Trump could play Congress so reliably.

PRIORITIES: As chaos envelops Venezuela, Caracas spends millions on lobbyists in Washington.

“The costs for representation is a drop in the bucket when compared to the potential economic loss” of oil sanctions, said C.J. Gimenez, the son of Miami-Dade mayor Carlos Gimenez and a lobbyist who left Avenue Strategies, a firm started by former campaign aides, after the firm decided to pick up Citgo as a client.

U.S. sanctions on Venezuela’s oil market could have major financial implications for the Maduro regime and for average Venezuelans. Although Venezuelan crude makes up a small fraction — about 8 percent in 2016 — of all U.S. oil imports, the U.S. buys nearly half of Venezuela’s oil, and oil revenues account for 95 percent of Venezuela’s export earnings, according to OPEC.

Gimenez said Venezuela’s greatest asset is its oil and that Maduro “uses it to fund his continued existence.”

Frack that.

GOOD LORD: A hefty reward awaits the murderer of an Israeli family — courtesy of U.S. taxpayers.

Ironically and appallingly, just last week the US State Department published a report blaming Israel for Palestinian terrorism and claiming that the PLO-led, and US-funded Palestinian Authority doesn’t incite terrorism and violence and hatred.

The State Department also opposes the Taylor Force bill which if passed — along the lines passed in the House of Representatives, (the Senate bill is an insult to our intelligence), would end US taxpayer subsidization of Palestinian terrorism to the tune of more than half a billion dollars a year.

The State Department — Tillerson included, apparently, doesn’t see anything wrong with the fact that the PA uses more than $300 million every year to pay people like the murderer who butchered the Solomons and their families.

Having murdered the Solomons in their home, this terrorist is guaranteed a lifetime salary and pension for his family that ensure them all an upper middle class economic status — courtesy of US taxpayers via the “moderate” PA, PLO, Abbas, terror machine.

There’s a lot of swamp to drain at State, but beware the crocodiles.

QUANTUM CRYPTOGRAPHY SYSTEM breaks daylight distance record.

OFFICIAL CORRUPTION: Kremlin’s Black Cash Described as the ‘New Red Menace.’

HE’S NOT WRONG: “ICE Chief Slams Sanctuary Cities, Calls Them ‘Un-American’…[Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Thomas Homan] also named San Francisco, New York City, and Philadelphia as cities that are particularly crime-heavy because of their sanctuary city policies.”

WELL, THEY SHOULD: GOP Fears Health Care Fail Could Thin Senate Majority.

WE HAVE THESE MOTION-SENSOR SOLAR LED LIGHTS scattered around our property. They work quite well.

WHAT COULD GO WRONG? We Could Resurrect the Woolly Mammoth. Here’s How.

AMANDA MARCOTTE: The sad story of Charlie Gard shows there’s no limit to right-wing political vampirism. “A dying baby and his parents have been exploited by conservatives who want to strip Americans of health care.”

Forget it, Jake — it’s Marcotte.

IMPORTANT NEWS FROM THE WORLD OF SCIENCE: How To Have Hot Sex, According To Scientists.

CIVIL RIGHTS UPDATE: A DC Federal Court Just Ruled Carrying Guns In Public Is A “Core” 2nd Amendment Right.

The full D.C. Circuit opinion in Wrenn v. District of Columbia is here.

PATRICK POOLE: Media Cartel Feigns Outrage After Trump Tweets on Cancelling CIA’s Syria Program.


PUNCH BACK TWICE AS HARD: Bret Weinstein, the Evergreen State College professor who was driven from campus by a mob of students earlier this year, is preparing to file a $3.8 million claim against the public institution. “The claim accuses Evergreen State of “fostering a racially hostile work and retaliatory environment” by encouraging the student protests that forced Weinstein to flee campus for his own safety. The students were upset with Weinstein for objecting to a ‘Day of Absence’ event that called for white students and faculty to leave campus for a day of diversity programming.”

I think the facts here would sustain a federal civil rights conspiracy action against both the administration and the students (and faculty) involved.

COLLUSION: Videos suggest Russian government may be arming Taliban.

The Taliban have received improved weaponry in Afghanistan that appears to have been supplied by the Russian government, according to exclusive videos obtained by CNN, adding weight to accusations by Afghan and American officials that Moscow is arming their one-time foe in the war-torn country.

US generals first suggested they were concerned the Russian government was seeking to arm the Afghan insurgents back in April, but images from the battlefield here corroborating these claims have been hard to come by.

These two videos show sniper rifles, Kalashnikov variants and heavy machine guns that weapons experts say are stripped of any means of identifying their origin.

Maybe it’s time to let the Russians handle Afghanistan — again.

THE GOLDEN AGE OF MUSCLE CARS (CONTINUED): Ford Bumps 2018 Mustang’s Power, Claims Sub-four-second 0-60 Time for GT.

RICHARD EPSTEIN: The Diversity Fundamentalists.

CIVIL DISCOURSE: Kat Timpf Assaulted At Campaign Event.

ANDY McCARTHY: Yes, a President May Be Indicted … and May Pardon Himself.

TONI AIRAKSINEN: College Speech Codes Discriminate Against People With Asperger’s, Prof. Argues.

Worse, they discriminate against anyone with something interesting to say.

‘LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF FREE WIFI.’ Confirmed: ‘There’s No Joy Reid Parody Account For A Reason.’

Read the whole thing – and don’t miss the surprise cameo appearances by the ghosts of Eisenhower, Hanna, Barbera, and Gene Roddenberry!

Speaking of Roddenberry, Chevy Chase as Spock’s response when he mind-melded with an earlier NBC employee in the classic Michael O’Donoghue-penned “Last Voyage of the Starship Enterprise” parody from the first season of Saturday Night Live sums up Reid’s brain as well: “It was all dark and empty in there. And there were little mice in the corners and spiders had spun this web…”

NIALL FERGUSON: The meaning of Dunkirk.

The release of Christopher Nolan’s film “Dunkirk” provides a welcome reminder that there have been bigger disasters in British history than last year’s referendum vote to leave the European Union. We have made the best of worse jobs.

May 1940 was, as Winston Churchill said at the beginning of his peerless “finest hour” speech, a “colossal military disaster.” Nolan’s film is a powerful and moving work, but it still understates the magnitude of the calamity. The German newsreels of the time are more chilling for their black and white sobriety. For once, Joseph Goebbels had no need to exaggerate for propaganda purposes: Hitler’s forces really had inflicted a crushing defeat on Britain, not to mention France and Belgium. So chaotic was the retreat of the British Expeditionary Force that the shattered survivors had to be quarantined on their return for the sake of civilian morale.

The key point about “Dunkirk,” however, is that it could have been much, much worse. In a fateful decision often wrongly attributed to Hitler himself, Field Marshals Gerd von Rundstedt and Günther von Kluge recommended that the German forces around Dunkirk should halt, at a moment when their marauding panzers might well have finished off the encircled BEF. The killing or capture of around 338,226 Allied troops — the total number evacuated in Operation Dynamo, of whom roughly a third were in fact French — would have been a devastating blow from which British morale might never have recovered.

Read the whole thing.

PERHAPS SARAH HOYT COULD LEND ME HER SHOCKED FACE: Researchers Have Been Underestimating the Cost of Wind and Solar.

How should electricity from wind turbines and solar panels be evaluated? Should it be evaluated as if these devices are stand-alone devices? Or do these devices provide electricity that is of such low quality, because of its intermittency and other factors, that we should recognize the need for supporting services associated with actually putting the electricity on the grid? This question comes up in many types of evaluations, including Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE), Energy Return on Energy Invested (EROI), Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), and Energy Payback Period (EPP).

I recently gave a talk called The Problem of Properly Evaluating Intermittent Renewable Resources (PDF) at a BioPhysical Economics Conference in Montana. As many of you know, this is the group that is concerned about Energy Returned on Energy Invested (EROI). As you might guess, my conclusion is that the current methodology is quite misleading. Wind and solar are not really stand-alone devices when it comes to providing the kind of electricity that is needed by the grid. Grid operators, utilities, and backup electricity providers must provide hidden subsidies to make the system really work.

You don’t say.

SUSTAINABILITY: Medicaid Enrollees Set to Climb 40,000,000 Under Obamacare.

Under current law—including the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare)—there will be 112,000,000 people who enroll in Medicaid at some time during fiscal 2027, according to the latest baseline estimate published by the Congressional Budget Office.

That would be an increase of 40,000,000 from fiscal 2013, the last year before Obamacare’s expansion of the Medicaid program went into effect.

In fiscal 2013, according to CBO, there were 72,000,000 enrolled in Medicaid at some point during the year.

The US population is expected to increase by less than 15% from 2013 to 2027, while the CBO now reports that Medicaid enrollment will grow by nearly two-thirds.

So just a reminder that anything which can’t go on forever will stop, and promises which can’t be kept, won’t be kept.

GOOD FOR HIM: Trump’s Labor Secretary Tells State Lawmakers: ‘Fix Occupational Licensing.’

F-16 ON A SORTIE OVER JAPAN: This Fighting Falcon was participating in an exercise involving air to air combat and “suppression of enemy air defenses” (SEAD).


Under former US President Barack Obama, the US suspended freedom of navigation operations in the South China Sea from 2012 to 2015. In 2016, the US made just three such challenges. So far, under Trump, the US has made three challenges already.

“You have a definite return to normal,” chief Pentagon spokesperson Dana White told Breitbart News.

“This administration has definitely given the authority back to the people who are in the best position to execute those authorities, so it’s a return to normal,” she said.

Freedom of navigation operations have an acronym: FONOPs.

HEY, MAYBE THIS IS WHY CNN CHOSE TO DOX A GIF-MAKER ON THE FOURTH OF JULY. CNN’s Brian Stelter: Reporters Obsess Over Russia Because ‘Journalists Love America.’

This is CNN: If you don’t believe how much we love America, we’re prepared to dox each and every one of you, too! Or to paraphrase Ted Knight’s Judge Elihu Smails character in Caddyshack, “Danny, there’s a lot of badness in the world today. I see it in the editing room today. I’ve sentenced boys younger than you to be doxxed. Didn’t wanna do it, but felt I owed it to them.”


PATRICK POOLE: Bay Area ISIS Supporter Wanted to ‘Redefine Terror,’ Kill 10,000.

Make no mistake — they’ll keep trying until they do.

PERSEVERANCE: Sen. McCain will return to Senate Tuesday ahead of health care showdown.

INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY: Mueller’s Russia Probe Is A Political Hit Job: Either Rein Him In, Or Fire Him.

CONGRESSMAN LUIS GUTIERREZ: When Democrats Take Majority We’re Going To “Eliminate” Trump.

The Lincoln United Methodist Church is a sanctuary church and according to Gutierrez’s website, he “spoke to a packed house about the need to defend DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and other forms of legal immigration status that are under attack from Republicans and Donald Trump.”

Gutierrez said that while Trump is attempting to criminalize immigrants, the president is the “real criminal.” The Congressman said illegal immigrants are not criminals and that history will determine who the true criminals are.

“For me, the major criminal that exists in the United States of America is called Donald Trump, he lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue at the White House,” Gutierrez said to the congregation. “And we’re going to take actions today, and we’re going to take actions tomorrow. And there will soon be a majority in the House of Representatives, and I’m going to make sure that I am there to make sure of one thing, that we write those articles of impeachment and take him to trial before the Senate and eliminate him as president of the United States of America.”

I’m so old I can remember when eliminationist rhetoric was an incitement to violence.

LAYING THE GROUNDWORK? Trump taking aim at Sessions for ‘weak’ position on Clinton, reportedly discussing firing.

Trump’s intensifying criticism has fueled speculation that Sessions may resign even if Trump opts not to fire him. During an event at the White House, Trump ignored a shouted question about whether Sessions should step down. The attorney general said last week he intended to stay in his post.

If Trump were to fire Sessions, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein would be elevated to the top post on an acting basis. That would leave the president with another attorney general of whom he has been sharply critical in both public and private for his handling of the Russia probe, according to four White House and outside advisers who, like others interviewed, spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss private conversations.

It could also raise the specter of Trump asking Rosenstein — or whomever he appoints to fill the position — to fire Robert Mueller, the special counsel leading the investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election and potential collusion with Trump’s campaign.

The firestorm is going to be yuge, even if Trump does take Kurt Schlichter’s advice.

JAMES KIRCHICK: Why It’s Hard to Take Democrats Seriously on Russia.

But as much as Democrats may be correct in their diagnosis of Republican debasement, they are wholly lacking in self-awareness as to their own record regarding Russia. This helps explain why conservatives have so much trouble taking liberal outrage about Russia seriously: Most of the people lecturing them for being “Putin’s pawns” spent the better part of the past eight years blindly supporting a Democratic president, Barack Obama, whose default mode with Moscow was fecklessness. To Republicans, these latter-day Democratic Cold Warriors sound like partisan hysterics, a perception that’s not entirely wrong.

Not entirely.

AT AMAZON, 70% off or More on Outdoor Gear Deals.

“WHO ARE THESE ROGUE HOMOS?” Democrats: If You Meet A Gay Republican, Try and Figure Out Where Your Party Went Wrong.

EXACTLY HOW DID MAXINE WATERS GET SO RICH? That and more in Liz Sheld’s morning brief.

SIGNS POINT TO YES: Have Repeal Efforts Always Been a Republican Ruse?

All this opposition to funding Obamacare led to the latest of 17 government shutdowns in American history. Despite all the bluster about how it would prove harmful to Republicans, 2014 was another landslide victory for them – giving them the largest majority in Congress and state legislatures since 1928.

Forward to 2015. Now in command of the House and Senate, Republicans spearheaded and passed a bill to repeal Obamacare. Naturally, Obama vetoed the bill in January of 2016, and Republicans did not have the votes to override the veto.

Later that year, Democrats lost the presidency to candidate Donald Trump, who vocally railed against Obamacare.

The American people, after nearly seven long years of struggle which led to a complete reversal in the balance of power at the federal level, had created the circumstances necessary to eliminate the ever-unpopular Obamacare once and for all, relegating it the annals of immediate history as a failed socialist experiment. Republicans had, after all, proven that they’re driven to repeal Obamacare at all costs, hadn’t they?

But once in power, Republicans didn’t try to repeal Obamacare at all.

They’ve put on quite a show of it — all sound and fury, signifying nothing.

TRUTH IS A DEFENSE: Trump calls top Intel Dem ‘Sleazy Adam Schiff.’

NO. Can Democrats Deliver Like Papa John’s?

What Democrats thought they needed most in the midst of the Trump-losion was a slogan — and not even a good one. They should have kept their mouths shut and let voters think they were rudderless rather than announcing their mantra and removing all doubt.

Here, in their infinite political savvy, is what they’ve reportedly come up with: “A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages.”

The Twitterverse took about 10 seconds to compare the mantra to Papa John’s “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.”

It borders on blasphemy to place an order for an extra-small, half-Franklin Roosevelt, half-Papa John’s pie.

But, more astoundingly, the Democrats missed the basic point of the Papa John’s slogan: Better ingredients are the predicate for a better pizza.

It’s cute when statists try to mimic the results of the free markets they abhor.

WHY DO YOU THINK THEY’RE TRYING TO BLAME TRUMP NOW? Reminder: The Obama Administration Has A Terrible Record On Russia.

HARD TO SEE THIS CREW AS NONPARTISAN, INDEPENDENT, AND PROFESSIONAL: Mueller probe: Meet the lawyers who gave $$ to Hillary, now investigating team Trump.

Then there’s the nonstop leaking. . . .

WELL, GOOD: Defense Official: Next Moves Against ISIS Up to Iraqis, ‘No Matter What.’

Although it’s a safe bet that the pounding from the USAF will continue.

YES, PLEASE: Marijuana Smokers Should Be More Considerate. “Like cigarette smokers, marijuana smokers get used to the smell and don’t notice how loathsome it can be to those who don’t share their habits. Unlike cigarette smokers, however, pot smokers haven’t yet developed strong norms about not bothering the neighbors.”

Just because it’s not tobacco smoke doesn’t mean it’s not smoke. It’s also worth noting that even in places where pot is “legal,” it’s not actually legal, because it’s still against federal law.



MORE GO OUT THAN COME BACK: The deadly secret cruise lines don’t want you to know.

WOMEN WORLDWIDE MOST AFFECTED: Men are ditching women for bro-filled ‘mancations’.

OF COURSE THEY DO: Rich parents spend big bucks sending their kids to ‘normal’ summer camp.

LIKE… PETS? This tech company will start microchipping their workers.

INMATES IN HELL DEMAND ICE WATER: New York Times demands apology from ‘Fox & Friends’.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: The Eight Things You’re Doing on Facebook that Are Driving Everyone Else Crazy.

FROM SGT. MOM: Saturday at the Movies: A Review of Dunkirk.

July 24, 2017

AT AMAZON, deals in Men’s Underwear.

Also, Men’s Socks.

WHY ISN’T JEFF SESSIONS PROTECTING THE LITTLE SISTERS OF THE POOR? DOJ Lawyers Still Battling Christians Over Obamacare Contraception Mandate.

NOTHING TO HIDE: Co-founder of firm behind Trump-Russia dossier to plead the Fifth.

‘CNN WILL BE DOXXING EVERY BOY SCOUT IN AMERICA:’ Trump drives DNC-MSM (further) insane by appearing earlier tonight at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree in West Virginia. In response to Trump essentially forcing the media to show the size of the crowd by insisting they didn’t have the guts to, Kristin Donnelly of NBC News tweets a shot of a television monitor, presumably somewhere in NBC’s offices or a remote truck, with some sort of creepy-looking Obama doll grinning into it:

With those big ears and dog-eating grin, NBC would have an aneurysm if that appeared in a shot from a Fox News studio. And as Twitchy spots in the above link, because of Trump’s appearance tonight, our totally objective, unbiased media is comparing the Boy Scouts to the Hitler Youth, and MSNBC’s Chris Hayes of all people (and all networks) is tweeting, “Everything is culture war. Everything.”

Which side started the culture war? Who kept advancing the front lines until they reached all the way into the pizza parlor, cake baker, and the lady’s room? If we’re going to talk about a culture war involving kids, just as a reminder, MSNBC ran an ad that said (speaking of partying like it’s 1939) that children belong the government – a commercial that aired with the goal of increasing its audience size by saying something that would flatter “Progressive” sensibilities – in 2013:

Choose the form of your destructor

WELL, FOR ONE THING THERE WERE NO RIOTS: What the response to a police shooting sounds like when a black cop kills a white woman.

Though Mohammed Noor, a Somali, was a “black cop” only when convenient to the narrative: “He has little respect for women he has little respect for blacks and kids.”

IT’S NOT “STEALING,” IT’S “REDISTRIBUTION:” Apparently Bernie Sanders Is Stealing His Neighbor’s ‘Washington Post.’

BY “OLD-FASHIONED,” HE MEANS “CRONY:” Schumer: Old-fashioned capitalism has failed.

And he plans to replace it with old-fashioned — i.e., crony — socialism.

ANTONIA OKAFOR: Why I Bring My Gun To School. Heads exploding like fireworks in the NYT comments.

THE TRUMP EFFECT: Deprogramming The American Mind.

PHILOSOPHERS CAN BE BRAVE, TOO: Anne Dufourmantelle dead: French philosopher who wrote book on risk-taking dies rescuing children.

DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH: Minnesota cop who fatally shot Australian woman was ‘fast-tracked’ into the force. They claim his training was just as rigorous as anyone’s in spite of this, but given the mayor’s eagerness to tout his presence on the force, I have my doubts.

UPDATE: From the comments:

“This officer completed that training very well, just like every officer.”

So, all your officers are panicky little bitches?

Ouch. But I suspect that if any journalists dig into Noor’s training record and the emails discussing it, they’ll find out that he wasn’t doing so well and there was pressure to push him through anyway.


NEWS YOU CAN USE: 23 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do.

MY USA TODAY COLUMN: Forget Russia. I’d fire Jeff Sessions over civil forfeiture. “Sessions is doing exactly the wrong thing by doubling down on asset seizure. The message it sends is that the feds see the rest of us as prey, not as citizens. The attorney general should be ashamed to take that position. And, really, he should just be gone.”

KURT SCHLICHTER: Trump Needs To Be Smart About How He Fires Mueller.

Trump must eventually fire Robert Mueller, a partisan tool carrying water for his Establishment pals as he oversees an utterly corrupt “investigation” where the only person we actually know committed any wrongdoing is his bestest buddy Jim Comey. But Trump can’t just lash out and do it, though it is well within his political and moral right to do so. No, he’s got to do it cleverly, with cunning, in a way that shows the American people exactly why Mueller’s witch hunt is a flaming dumpster fire of conflicts of interest and contempt for the right of normal Americans to have a say in their own governance.

Trump has to set the stage before he pulls the trigger and puts the coup de grace into the temple of this appalling fiasco. He has to do it so the American people will see and understand why ending this idiocy is so absolutely necessary to preserve our Republic despite the mainstream media’s best effort to hide the truth.

Trump needs to seize the initiative from Leaky Bob. You know, I keep hearing how Mueller was this squared-away Marine officer, but through these incessant leaks his organization demonstrates a complete lack of both integrity and discipline. Mueller seems unwilling or unable to exercise any kind of leadership over his team of Hillary donors, or to instill a culture of seriousness and impartiality. The continuing misconduct of his out-of-control, ever-expanding fiefdom demonstrates that he must be relieved of command. And here’s the letter the president should send to him to set the stage to do it.

More at the link.

HAVE YOU HUGGED A FRACKER TODAY? IEA: U.S. has unique role in oil, LNG. “The United States stands in a unique position in the energy market with a robust shale oil sector and prospects for liquefied natural gas, the IEA said. . . . ‘The United States stands today at the heart of a twin energy revolution — a booming shale oil and gas industry and also rising supplies of liquefied natural gas.'”

SWISS CHAINSAW RAMPAGE: A madman’s rampage that occurred in Switzerland.

The troubled suspect, described as a drifter, is accused of then assaulting at least three others before making off in a white VW Caddy.

One of the injured victims is being treated for serious but non-life threatening injuries.

Police confirmed that Wrousis is a schizophrenic who was a client of the health insurance firm he attacked.

He is of no fixed abode and, in between living in hotels and community lodgings, routinely camped out in woodlands living in his VW Caddy.

This is a real tragedy with real victims, not a cult movie about a fictional massacre in Texas. But the tragic reality doesn’t fit the stereotypical media narrative, does it?


Steve Jobs said in a 1995 interview, “The unions are the worst thing that ever happened in education.”

Jobs spoke with Computerworld’s Daniel Morrow in a 1995 interview, which covered a wide range of topics, but frequently delved into Jobs’s views on the American education system. As he said, “I’d like the people teaching my kids to be good enough that they could get a job at the company I work for making $100,000 a year.”

But Jobs blamed teachers unions for getting in the way of good teachers getting better pay. “It’s not a meritocracy,” said Jobs. “It turns into a bureaucracy, which is exactly what’s happened. And teachers can’t teach, and administrators run the place, and nobody can be fired. It’s terrible.”

He noted that one solution is school choice: “I’ve been a very strong believer that what we need to do in education is go to the full voucher system.” Jobs explained that education in America had been taken over by a government monopoly, which was providing a poor quality education for children.

He wasn’t wrong. And the products he built provide one solution to the problem.


(Via NewsAlert.)

POLITICS AIN’T THERAPY. SO HE SAYS, ANYWAY: “Impeachment is an outlet for anger and frustration, which I share, but politics ain’t therapy. [The President] would much rather debate impeachment than….”

People have been calling for Trump’s impeachment literally since he was elected and before he was sworn in. It’s just more evidence that our political class is dumber and less sensible than the people it purports to rule.


Desi Lydic is a field correspondent and Michele Wolf is a writer and on-screen contributor for the not-so-funny comedy show. Here are just a few comments made by the pair:

DESI LYDIC: How did you feel the day after the election?

MICHELLE WOLF: I was so sad. That’s when I cried on camera.


LYDIC: My husband and I, we looked at each other [On election night] and we were like, oh my god we just brought a child into this world. Maybe that’s dramatic, but it really felt like that.

* * * * * * * *

WOLF: We’re clearly a liberal leaning show, but I would argue we are the most factually accurate news source. Like we have a fact checker, and he won’t let anything slide by that’s not accurate.

In a Bizarro World sort of way, she’s on to something there — given the postmodern media overculture in which the DNC-MSM consists of seemingly nothing but fake news these days, why accept poor substitutes when you can watch a show that’s premised on being fake news?

To paraphrase Nigel Tufnel, it’s like, how much more fake could the Daily Show be? and the answer is none. None more fake.

(To which CNN would reply, “hold my beer.”)

THE REAL SOUTH CHINA SEA BULLY: The BBC reports China threatened to attack Vietnamese bases in the Spratly Islands if Hanoi continued to explore the area for oil.

The threat came a few days after a Spanish company working for Vietnam confirmed the discovery of a major natural gas field.

RELATED: The 2014 drilling clash between the Communist neighbors. As the column says, when it’s one on one, Vietnam has the weaker hand.

PHOTO: China’s Maritime Security Agency (coast guard) has muscle. This is an off-shore patrol vessel.

NEWS OF THE OBVIOUS: Study: Severe antisocial behavior differs for boys, girls.


It’s not a bad maneuver, but it unravels at a certain point. The British team consists of well-educated and experienced civil servants. In claiming that this team is not up to the task of understanding the complexities of EU processes and regulations, the EU has made the strongest case possible against itself. If these people can’t readily grasp the principles binding Britain to the EU, then how can mere citizens understand them? And if the principles are beyond the grasp of the public, how can the public trust the institutions? We are not dealing here with the complex rules that allow France to violate rules on deficits but on the fundamental principles of the European Union and the rights and obligations – political, economic and moral – of citizens. If the EU operating system is too complex to be grasped by British negotiators, then who can grasp it?

As Ayn Rand wrote in Atlas Shrugged:

“Did you really think that we want those laws to be observed?” said Dr. Ferris. “We want them broken. You’d better get it straight that it’s not a bunch of boy scouts you’re up against — then you’ll know that this is not the age for beautiful gestures. We’re after power and we mean it. You fellows were pikers, but we know the real trick, and you’d better get wise to it. There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced nor objectively interpreted — and you create a nation of law-breakers — and then you cash in on guilt. Now, that’s the system, Mr. Rearden, that’s the game, and once you understand it, you’ll be much easier to deal with.”

Why, it’s as if European elites went from vanquishing both National Socialism and International Socialism, and had second thoughts, and decided that parts of them weren’t so bad after all – and that’s never happened before there!

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): We all know what happened to the Gordian Knot. And I’m guessing the Knot didn’t enjoy it much.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Meet the lawyers who gave $$ to Hillary, now investigating team Trump.

MODIFIED LIMITED HANGOUT: Mohamed Noor’s attorney: Maybe Justine Damond was on sleeping meds?

As Ed Morrissey writes, “So what if Damond did take Ambien? Its side effects can include some odd behaviors, such as sleepwalking and night eating, but neither of those present a lethal danger to others, especially police who are presumed to be responsible enough to defuse odd situations. The speculation that Damond might have taken some widely used sleep medication created an angry backlash, especially in Damond’s native Australia.”

As well it should. Read the whole thing.

CERTAINLY NOT WITH INSTAPUNDIT READERS: Is Gwyneth Paltrow’s pseudoscience winning?

SHOT: Schumer’s Criticism of Hillary Is Worse Than It Seems.

—Roger Simon, today.


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MY USA TODAY COLUMN: Forget Russia. I’d fire Jeff Sessions over civil forfeiture. “Sessions is doing exactly the wrong thing by doubling down on asset seizure. The message it sends is that the feds see the rest of us as prey, not as citizens. The attorney general should be ashamed to take that position. And, really, he should just be gone.”

BUT WHO WOULD BELIEVE THEM? “Progressives must preach understanding, not shame, to be effective,” Andrew Redlawsk writes in USA Today. His bio describes him as “a Democratic organizer and activist and is currently pursuing his Masters in Political Management at George Washington University.” Embrace the smugness dripping from his article:

The other night, I had an amazing conversation with a friend who admitted he was a Donald Trump voter. Having known him for most of my life, I was shocked. But as a result, as a proud member of The Resistance, I’m even more certain that we progressives are largely responsible for the rise of Trump’s America.

Amazed that a lifelong friend was one of those people. Shocked that he’s part of the other, deplorable half of America. Whereas fortunately, Redlawsk declares himself a “proud member of The Resistance,” as if he’s in the French underground in WWII. More Redlawsk:

If we’re waiting for people who hold a different view to change their minds without being guided through that process, we’ll be waiting an awfully long time. I think progressives would all agree that time is not something we have to waste. It may not be fair, but progressives must be willing to put aside their anger and hate and take responsibility for creating the change they wish to see in the world. To vilify, shame and condemn only causes those who don’t understand to dig in their heels. If we are the ones who want change, the responsibility is ours to do what it takes to encourage it.

To summarize: Progressives, stop insulting, stop shaming, and stop condescending. Start listening. Start teaching.

Start “teaching.” Guide them through the process.

Yes, Middle Americans love to feel like they’re the left’s students – that always plays really well – particularly knowing that the lessons come with a fair amount of “anger and hate” behind them as Redlawsk admits.

And if the instructions from our would-be betters are rejected?  That dovetails quite well into another piece making the rounds concurrently with the above USA Today article: “Rolling Stone Confirms: Ultra-Rich Gay Activist Is Targeting ‘Wicked’ Christians,” Bre Payton writes at the Federalist:

Ah, so “the wicked’” whom [tech millionaire turned gay rights activist Tim Gill] says need to be “punished” are indeed Christians, as well as everyone who agrees with them. Anyone who stands up for a Christian’s right to live in accordance with his or her religious beliefs will also be targeted for harassment in public and the legal system. Further, he clearly defines “wickedness” as adhering to centuries-old Christian (and Jewish and Muslim) beliefs on human identity and sexuality. To Gill, orthodox Christian beliefs comprise “wickedness.” Thanks for clearing that up.

* * * * * * * *

Nevertheless, asking a judge to think twice before throwing the book at a Christian baker who doesn’t want to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding is a “wickedness” that ought to be stamped out, according to Gill.

This must be part of that “Better Deal” that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are promising us. As Erick Erickson likes to say, you will be made to care.

One way or another – we can do this the easy way, or the hard way, as they say in the Corleone family.

UPDATE: I think Steve’s phrase earlier today regarding another column by a lefty trying to make sense of what happened — “If this column is any indicator, even lefties who think they get it still haven’t gotten it” — might need to go into a macro for rapid and frequent deployment.

CHINESE JET INTERCEPTS U.S. RECON PLANE: Sure, happens all the time. But the USN says the interception was unsafe and in international airspace. The East China Sea, like the South China Sea, is a contested area.

The East China Sea, where Beijing is embroiled in a dispute with Tokyo over the Japanese-controlled Senkaku Islands, known in China as the Diaoyus, has seen an uptick in similar incidents — including dangerous encounters between Chinese military aircraft and Air Self-Defense Force fighter jets.

The U.S. Navy plane was an EP-3.

RELATED: Old history but worth remembering. The April 2001 collision between a Chinese fighter and a USN EP-3 ARIES recon plane. In 2014 Jim Dunnigan noticed that China’s “aggressive attitude” toward U.S. electronic recon aircraft had returned. The EP-3 is the elint version of the P-3 Orion (photo).

I’D RATHER NOT: Meet a Man Who WANTS Kids’ Lemonade Stands Shut Down.


Cancer patients’ gray hair unexpectedly turned youthfully dark while taking novel drugs, and it has doctors scratching their heads. The AP reports chemotherapy is notorious for making hair fall out, but the 14 patients involved were all being treated with new immunotherapy drugs that work differently and have different side effects. A Spanish study suggests that may include restoring hair pigment, at least in patients with lung cancer. With the first patient, “we thought it could be an isolated case,” said Dr. Noelia Rivera. But she said the research team found the same thing when they asked other patients for photos from before treatment.

Let’s hope this turns into something big.

ARMED AND FABULOUS: In Chicago, women worried about violence join gun club.

“My husband influenced me and we thought about it a long time. Maybe you need a gun these days, in your house at least,” said Crowder, who lives in a gated community with her retired banker husband.

A fellow retiree, Javondlynn Dunagan, came up with the idea of gun training classes geared toward women, and for the “Ladies of Steel” gun club — after successful training, the women gather twice a month to practice their skills.

Dunagan served as a parole officer for 25 years before finishing her career in January, but had rarely held a gun when dealing with convicts.

She said she started carrying one after divorcing her police officer husband.

“I was at home by myself with my daughter, and I was used to having a firearm in a home with my ex-husband,” she explained. “So, I wanted to make sure that we were safe.”

But Dunagan noticed something curious when she visited gun ranges around Chicago to practice.

“I noticed that I never saw two women at the range together or a group of ladies,” she recounted.

Welcome to the club.

SECURITY THEATER OF THE ABSURD: TSA Bans Comic Books in Checked Luggage for Comic-Con.

According to the report, United — surprise — seems to be the only airline actually enforcing the ban.

UPDATE: TSA denies.

WELL, THAT’S ONE WAY TO PUT IT: Ouch! “Twin Cities Police Easily Startled.”