September 22, 2019

SAME OLD SAME OLD:  Aiming At Trump, Shooting Biden (Updated).

WAIT, IS THAT STILL A THING?  Myth Busting: Cell Phone Cancer.

THE ONGOING EUROPEAN SUICIDE:  Now that Salvini’s gone, the EU wastes no time…

ALL THE MASKS ARE OFF: Speak Up, America.

OH, DEAR LORD:  Roundup Time: Please Protect Your Foreheads.


September 21, 2019

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ELIZABETH WARREN IS BEHIND THIS WHOLE “WHISTLEBLOWER” THING, ISN’T SHE? There’s Enough Evidence Proving Ukraine SHOULD Investigate Hunter Biden.

OPEN THREAD: Have fun, kids!

IT TAKES A LOT TO GET ONE OF THOSE WHEN YOU’RE A DEMOCRAT: PolitiFact Gives Hillary Clinton ‘Pants on Fire’ for Voter Suppression Claim.

BIG “BOMBSHELL” IS JUST LAME HEARSAY: Whistleblower ‘didn’t have direct knowledge of the communications’ between Trump and Ukraine.

A HERO OF GENDER FAIRNESS: One brave young man takes on gender inequality at USC.

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Meanwhile, in response to the Peggy Noonan piece referenced earlier, reader Ray Martin writes:

I haven’t read her column in many years (since she voted for Obama).

But I am surprised that nobody seems to grasp the major takeaway from her latest, and that is this:

If Peggy Noonan has figured out what the Dems are doing, then so has everybody else.

And that has major implications for the 2020 election.

Good point.



HEH: Liberals Clarify Their Racism Is Actually Democratic Racism.

Liberals seem to have a problem as more Justin Trudeau blackface photos have surfaced. Meanwhile, Democratic politicians in America continue to say anti-semitic things.

In their defense, liberals have come out to clarify that their racism isn’t the destructive kind condemned by most of humanity, but rather, it’s a new improved form called “democratic racism.”

“It’s not racism—it’s democratic racism,” Justin Trudeau assured supporters as 78 new images surfaced of him in various shades of brown makeup. “It’s totally different from regular racism, and to imply that our racism is the same as the bad kind of racism is ignorant.”

To separate the new democratic racism from old, boring racism, liberals pointed out that their form is very popular, and that their base is willing to defend their racist actions and comments. “See, they voted for us, and no matter what crazy racist comments we make, they’ll vote for us again,” said Ilhan Omar. “Where regular racism is condemned by all, democratic racism is voted for by our supporters. So it’s, like, democratic.”

This is supposed to be satire.

SAME: Donald Trump says he keeps cash on hand so he can leave tips. “​​I do like leaving tips to the hotel. I like to carry a little something. I like to give tips to the hotel. I’m telling you, maybe a president’s not supposed to do it, but I like to leave a tip for the hotel, etc., etc.” Trump understands service workers.


The attack of a woman in the doorway of the Watermark condominium building allegedly by a homeless man who said he was trying to save her from robots has sparked outrage, largely because the crime was captured on video. But it wasn’t an isolated incident — not by any stretch.

“We’re hearing it more and more,” said Supervisor Matt Haney, whose district includes the Watermark and the modern art museum. “When people walk outside, they’ve been accosted, assaulted, yelled at. A lot of that falls on my constituents — they’re angry and frustrated about it, and I’m angry and frustrated too.”

Gilles DeSaulniers, owner of Harvest Urban Market in the South of Market, reported being bitten this month by a violent homeless man he was trying to subdue. He told various TV outlets the man said, “Why are you even calling the police? They’re not going to do anything.”

San Francisco’s last Republican mayor left office at the beginning of 1964.

Related: The California Left Decide They Are Against Environmentalism Because Orange Man Bad.


● Shot: “After the recent CNN ‘Climate Change Townhall,’ one gets the impression that the candidates are no longer running against Trump but instead running against beef. Kamala Harris and Andrew Yang both called for either cutting back meat consumption dramatically or even nudging most of the world to go vegetarian completely. Beto O’Rourke says people who eat meat are part of the problem—and Cory Booker went full veggie a long time ago.”

—“Jerry Bowyer: Campaign 2020: Is it Dems v. Trump or Dems v. Beef?”, Monday.

● Chaser: Iowa Republican Party accuses anti-meat Democrats of hypocrisy for “Iowa Steak Fry” Saturday.

—Kerry Picket, the Washington Examiner, yesterday.

BLOOMBERG DISCOVERS HUGE BREAKING NEWS FROM 2006: Corporate America Has Found a Way to Turn a Profit Off Being Green.

It’s time to stop crediting corporate sustainability efforts as acts of altruism. For big business, protecting the environment often means padding the bottom line.

Nike Inc. has come up with a way to weave more efficiently, reducing the raw material and labor time needed to make each shoe. That has kept more than 3.5 million pounds of waste from reaching landfills since 2012. But the good news doesn’t stop with the environmental impact. The company is spending less on transportation, materials and waste disposal.

The shoemaker’s “more environmentally conscious product has been a source of cost savings,” said James Duffy, an analyst at Stifel.

Those flimsy plastic water bottles sold by Nestle SA? The ultra-thin design has a smaller impact on the environment while pushing down costs associated with packaging and shipping. Inc. and Walmart Inc. have poured tens of millions of dollars into a fund that builds out recycling infrastructure, reducing landfill tipping fees and recovering material that could be sold as new products.

Tech giants have spent billions of dollars on solar and wind power, cutting greenhouse-gas emissions and energy expenditures at the same time. Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Amazon and Facebook Inc. are now some of the largest buyers of green power in America.

Turns out it’s not just easy being green—it’s also profitable.

Heaven forefend! But as Katherine Mangu-Ward of Reason wrote in 2006, during the 1990s, big business “learned that it’s pretty easy being green:”

Ask Bob Langert about the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and he starts to chuckle. “When we meet the regulators, it’s kind of nice,” says the senior director for social responsibility at the McDonald’s Corporation. “We just got an award from the EPA. When we see the regulators, we always hope it’s because they’re giving us an award.”

* * * * * * * *

The idea of the rich corporate villain gleefully dirtying Mother Earth is powerful and appealing. Children of the 1980s encountered this supervillain in comics, movies, public awareness videos, and science textbooks. Times were good for mandatory recycling, for mandatory emissions reductions, for anything mandatory aimed at restraining corporate polluters.

But in the late ’90s, something peculiar started happening. The men in suits were still middle-aged, round, and white. They were still just as concerned with profit and golf. Very few of them sported tie-dyed attire, aside from the occasional whimsical Jerry Garcia tie. But the men in suits started caring. Or at least acting like they cared. Which, if you ask a spotted owl, is the same thing.

So environmental activists across the nation bought their own ties and started dealing with corporations as almost-equal partners in planet saving. Businesses in turn learned that it’s pretty easy being green.

All the way up to Obama’s crony corporatism and beyond.


MOLON LABE: Woman Confronts Beto On Gun Confiscation Plan, ‘Hell No You’re Not.’

MANAGEMENT BY MEDIA HYSTERIA: Walmart to halt sales of e-cigarettes.

LEFTISTS ARE STILL TRYING TO COPE WITH THE LOSS OF THEIR ACCUSTOMED IMPUNITY: White Liberals Lecture Candace Owens On White Supremacy. She Leaves Them In Tatters.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Study: Two weeks of no exercise enough to damage fit people’s bodies.

NOT IN FRONT OF THE SERVANTS: Long live Downton Abbey.

Americans forbid themselves titles and hierarchy in their present lives, but they indulge their inner lives by dreaming of forbidden past lives. The presidency is weak magic compared to the hard stuff; an ex-president totters away to a golf cart and book tour, but Meghan Markle will always be a duchess. Providing it’s kept in its proper place, this undemocratic recidivism is, as a masochistic carpenter might say, a harmless vice.

The proper place for the contemplation of these matters is PBS on a Sunday night. The unspoken secret at the heart of liberal media is that PBS exists for only two purposes, neither of them to do with the news. One is making children’s programs with a cryptically soft-left moral. The other is buying in ‘Masterpiece’ costume dramas, packed with reactionary, sexist and discriminatory content that makes Laura Linney’s nostrils flare when she introduces it. The first of these import hits was Upstairs, Downstairs, a saga of masters and servants in the early 20th century. The most recent is Downton Abbey which, being a saga of masters and servants in the early 20th century, is Upstairs, Downstairs reincarnated.

The milking of the Downton phenomenon has now produced a movie.

Which seems to have the winning formula, at least for this weekend: Box Office: Genteel Downton Abbey Takes Brad Pitt’s Ad Astra And Stallone’s Rambo, Gives Studio Highest Debut Ever.

BURIED LEDE: THE HILL COMMITS JOURNALISM. The Hill’s Saagar Enjeti Torches Dubious NYT Reporters Behind Kavanaugh Hit Piece.

THAT’S NICE, BUT WHERE’S MINE? I WANT ONE LIKE GEORGE JETSON HAD. Why the U.S. Air Force Is Looking Into Its Own ‘Flying Cars.’

IT’S COME TO THIS: Trader Joe’s removes pictures of circus elephants from packaging after PETA complaint.

WELCOME BACK MY FRIENDS, TO THE MALAISE THAT NEVER ENDS: Jimmy Carter Wishes He Had Donald Trump’s Legendary Stamina.

(Classical reference in headline.)

THE POWER LINE WEEK IN PICTURES: Buffoonpalooza Edition.

PROFILES IN COURAGE: Alleged Army Vets Yell at Dan Crenshaw, Post Video to Internet.

TITLE IX UPDATE: Fake Claims of Rape Due to Trauma Under Scrutiny.

The big news in campus sexual misconduct hearings is that believers in trauma-informed adjudications are on the defensive. What that verbal mouthful means is that apparent weaknesses in a complainant’s case—inarticulateness, contradictions, lying, or being too “frozen’’ or fearful of testifying—must not be automatically taken as evidence that sexual trauma has occurred.

In recent years, the one-sided nature of “trauma-informed” training has formed a noticeable trend in the flood of lawsuits filed by accused students. In a lawsuit against Penn, the court cited the university’s trauma-informed training as a key reason why the complaint survived a motion to dismiss. During the Brown university bench trial, the decisive vote in the adjudication panel testified that she ignored exculpatory text messages because of the training she had received. Ole Miss’ trauma-informed training suggested that an accuser lying could be seen as a sign of the accused student’s guilt. And at Johnson & Wales, the university was so disinclined to make public the contents of its training that it refused a request by the accused student’s lawyer to see it before the hearing.

Amidst this legal backdrop came Emily Yoffe’s blockbuster article in the Atlantic. Published on September 2017, the piece reviewed the dubious science behind the trauma-informed training used at many schools. Yoffe’s conclusion: “The result is not only a system in which some men are wrongly accused and wrongly punished. It is a system vulnerable to substantial backlash. University professors and administrators should understand this. And they, of all people, should identify and call out junk science.”

A few weeks ago, in a remarkable statement, ATIXA, the Association of Title IX Administrators, an organization that generally defended the Obama administration’s accuser-friendly approach to Title IX adjudications, added to these concerns. In a seven-page statement, the organization acknowledged that “Emily Yoffe did not win many friends for her critical piece on the topic in The Atlantic in 2017, but ATIXA believes her points needed to be made.”

The ATIXA statement expressed support for the principle of investigators understanding trauma but worried that a one-sided approach permeates too many campus adjudications: “To assert that trauma cannot be faked is as flagrantly false a claim as asserting that trauma is proof of assault. Individuals can fake sleep disorders, nightmares, heightened arousal, trust issues, triggering, and more.”



[Melissa] Barnett has apparently removed the tweet, which featured a photo of trash bins filled with books. This also means the Paul Gorski tweet to which she responded has been removed. Gorski, a Social Justice Warrior pedagogue appears to have deleted his Twitter account. His tweet saying that the literary canon “is white supremacy” prompted the affirmative tweet from Barnett. — RD]

This woman is the head of “English Language Arts” for the public schools in Washington Township, NJ. That’s right: the head of the English department for public schools in this town celebrates throwing books into the Dumpster. She’s a self-described “servant leader,” and apparently a Christian. Who throws unwoke books into the Dumpster so all the geniuses in her school (and they’re all geniuses) won’t be tainted by what’s in the pages…I got sucked into Mrs. Barnett’s Twitter feed, and read everything she posted this year. It’s a fascinating look into the mind of one high school English teacher. There is little evidence that she actually loves literature, but lots and lots of evidence that she loves education, and educational theory. In Mrs. Barnett’s school system, they’re all about “equity” in learning. They created a position for a guy, one Steve Gregor, to oversee the implementation of equity there — read all about it.

Here’s the tweet that Barnett deleted:

As Ray Bradbury wrote in the introduction to the 50th anniversary of Fahrenheit 451, “There is more than one way to burn a book. And the world is full of people running around with lit matches.”

IF YOU AGREE, YOU’RE A MISOGYNIST. IF YOU DISAGREE, YOU’RE AN ISLAMOPHOBE. ‘Islam is RIGHT About Women’ flyers spark concern in Winchester.

MASS HOCUS-POCUS IN THE MIDDLE EAST? There are new reports from devout Muslims living in the most repressive and intolerant corners of Islam of appearances of Jesus. These aren’t from people in “backwater fundamentalist, snake-handling freak shows,” either. And people are converting to Christianity, even when the penalty for doing so is death, according to Reuters, NPR, NBC, etc.

YOU’RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BLOG: Environmental apocalypse predictions have failed for half a century.

MATTHEW CONTINETTI: Kavanaugh and the Crisis of Legitimacy: Why the Supreme Court justice became a symbol of polarization.

Democrats are not dissuaded by the fact that Kavanaugh and the Court unite the conservative movement and Republican Party like no other figure and issue. What counts to them is the Democratic base, not the Republican one. Anger, outrage, and animosity whip up voters, boost enthusiasm, and drive people to the polls.

Nor does it matter to the activist left if the source of the allegation did not speak to the Times; if the alleged victim does not recall the incident; if the Times accompanied its story with a weird and gross tweet that it later deleted; if everyone involved in the publication of the essay turned on each other in an orgy of blame-shifting and buck-passing; if one of the authors resorted to sharing Vox articles on social media to rationalize her behavior. The goal is neither objectivity nor factuality. It is de-legitimization.

All of the Kavanaugh coverage for the last year has been intended to undermine his confirmation and subsequent rulings and lay the predicate for structural reform of the U.S. judiciary if the Democrats win the presidency and Senate. The disastrous rollout of this latest smear has had the ironic effect of highlighting the weakness of the original charges against him.

Of course, the party that has relied heavily on rule by judiciary is still shooting itself in the foot if it delegitimizes the Supreme Court.

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TOO MANY TIMES TO REMEMBER: Canada’s Justin Trudeau cannot say how often he wore blackface.

CHANGE: A Crackdown on Islam Is Spreading Across China.

The directive, titled “Reinforcing and Improving Islam Work in the New Situation,” has not been made public. It was issued by the State Council, China’s cabinet, in April of last year and classified as confidential for 20 years.

The directive warns against the “Arabization” of Islamic places, fashions and rituals in China, singling out the influence of Saudi Arabia, the home of Islam’s holiest sites, as a cause for concern.

It prohibits the use of the Islamic financial system. It bars mosques or other private Islamic organizations from organizing kindergartens or after-school programs, and it forbids Arabic-language schools to teach religion or send students abroad to study.

The most visible aspect of the crackdown has been the targeting of mosques built with domes, minarets and other architectural details characteristic of Central Asia or the Arabic world.

Taken in isolation, some of these measures seem limited. Others seem capricious: some mosques with Arabic features have been left untouched, while others nearby have been altered or shut down.

But on a national scale, the trend is clear. Mr. Cui, the poet, calls it the harshest campaign against faith since the end of the Cultural Revolution, when so-called Red Guards unleashed by Mao Zedong destroyed mosques across the country.

The Chinese favor multiculturalism in their adversaries, not at home.

THE DIVINE RIGHT OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY: ‘They lost the battle:’ Peggy Noonan triggers #MeToo with piece on why they’re really targeting Kavanaugh.

(Classical reference in headline.)

JOEL KOTKIN: Silicon Valley’s Useful Idiots: Tech elites paid for the rope that may hang them.

The term “useful idiot,” often credited to Vladimir Lenin, applies to people supporting a cause or movement injurious to their own self-interest. Nowhere is this more relevant these days than in Silicon Valley, a place dominated by brilliant technologists and marketers who often seem to have the social and political acuity of middle schoolers, as evidenced by their strong support for progressive Democrats poised to destroy the underpinnings of their businesses.

California governor Gavin Newsom is expected to sign the recently passed Assembly Bill 5, which will effectively turn many contractors into employees. AB5 codifies the California Supreme Court’s unanimous May 2018 ruling in Dynamex Operations West, Inc. v. Superior Court of Los Angeles that many contractors should be treated as employees. The legislation’s prime backers are the state’s unions, which see it as an ideal way to organize now out-of-reach workers.

The new measure is potentially devastating, though, for companies like Uber, Lyft, and Postmates, all built around part-time employees, and none yet profitable. Many other tech firms—including profitable ones—use contractors for everything from app development to catering to cleaning. As many as 2 million Californians are employed in so-called gig work. If AB5 passes, job losses won’t just be felt by the ride-hailing firms but also by many other businesses, including newspapers, small trucking firms, some medical providers, and even franchise owners.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Silicon Valley, like many industries, placed its bets on both political parties. Moderate Republicans like Pete McCloskey, Ed Zschau, and Tom Campbell routinely won congressional elections, as did similarly minded members of the state legislature. But over the past few decades, the Valley has become politically monochromatic, with virtually no elected Republicans. Almost all contributions from Silicon Valley tech owners and employees in the 2016 and 2018 elections went to Democrats. Tech money helped Newsom outspend his GOP rival by three to one—with major contributions from former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, and Lauren Jobs (widow of the Apple founder) at the top of the donor list. Former Google chairman Eric Schmidt heads data efforts for several Democratic presidential candidates, including Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and arch-populist Elizabeth Warren. Tech employees are, if anything, more progressive-leaning in their political contributions than their corporate masters.

Just a few years ago, these investments seemed to be paying off.

Now not so much.

WHAT COULD GO WRONG? The Economist Calls for ‘Complete Overhaul’ of Economy to Fight Climate Change.

PETER SUDERMAN REVIEWS THE LATEST SPIDERMAN EFFORT: At times I had to remind myself that I was watching a Marvel movie, not paging through an issue of the Columbia Journalism Review.

My question: What did Alex Jones do that CNN and MSNBC don’t do every day?

BUT OF COURSE THEY DO: PolitiFact Somehow Blames PJ Media, Not NY Times, for Kavanaugh Accuser Mess.

Flashback: Politifact Exposed.


BOB MCMANUS ON The end of de Blasio’s not-so-excellent presidential misadventure.

GREAT SLOGAN: “WE’RE GOING TO TAX YOU INTO VEGETARIANISM:” 2020 Dem Yang Says He’ll Get People to Stop Eating Meat by Taxing Producers to Make It More Expensive.

September 20, 2019

SOUTH AFRICA’S TRANSITION TO ZIMBABWE CONTINUES: Pregnant mom hacked to death in front of son at luxury South African resort.

IF I RAN FEDEX, I’D SUSPEND ALL SERVICE TO AND FROM CHINA: China ramps up ‘hostage-taking binge’ by detaining FedEx pilot.

UH OH: CNN Discovers Minnesota Is ‘Turning to Trump.’ I credit Ilhan Omar.

FLASHBACK: Politico: Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire: Kiev officials are scrambling to make amends with the president-elect after quietly working to boost Clinton. “Ukrainian government officials tried to help Hillary Clinton and undermine Trump by publicly questioning his fitness for office. They also disseminated documents implicating a top Trump aide in corruption and suggested they were investigating the matter, only to back away after the election. And they helped Clinton’s allies research damaging information on Trump and his advisers, a Politico investigation found.”

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FLASHBACK: Why the Demand for Fake News is a Far More Serious Problem than the Supply. “The fake news generated by Russian and other foreign plants is trivial compared to that produced by our own political parties and their homegrown partisan and activist allies.”

Just look at the Kavanaugh accusations, or the entire “Russian collusion” story arc.

GOOD, THAT ARREST WAS CLEARLY ILLEGAL: Appeals Court Rejects Qualified Immunity Claim by Dallas Transit Cop Who Arrested a Photographer for Taking Pictures.

WELL, LET ME JUST SAY THAT JUDGE RACHEL RANCILIO IS AN ASSHOLE: A Michigan Man Has Been Acquitted by a Jury for Criticizing a County Judge on Facebook. Trying to imprison a man for criticizing a judge whose decision may have led to the death of his child seems pretty assholeish. But there are a lot of nasty, entitled government employees out there, and some of them are on the bench.

Juries are an important protection for liberty, but this should never have gotten that far. Judge Sebastian Lucido also seems unfit for the bench.


And Trump isn’t exercising presidential power here, so much as speaking truth to media power.

UPDATE: For example.

OPEN THREAD: It’s Friday!


I’m so old, I can remember when the Babylon Bee was still churning out satire, before morphing into America’s Paper of Record.

Found via Ace of Spades, who has a tweet from Greta Thurnberg with a photo of her wearing an Antifa T-shirt, and the statement:

“Yesterday I posted a photo wearing a borrowed T-shirt that says I’m against fascism. That T-shirt can apparently to some be linked to a violent movement. I don’t support any form of violence and to avoid misunderstandings I’ve deleted the post. And of course I am against fascism.”

Says the girl (perhaps via a ghostwriter) who is being used by a mascot of the anointed by the those who want to rearrange and control every aspect of your life.

Meanwhile, as Scott Whitlock of NewsBusters notes, “MSNBC Hypes Simulated Hangings By Climate Protesters:”

No climate protest is too extreme for MSNBC. The network has been pushing global warming activism all week and on Friday featured, without any critical commentary, a simulated hanging. The network also touted the climate protests featuring far-left Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, anti-Semite Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Senator Bernie Sanders.

In the 2PM hour, guest co-host Yasmin Vossoughian approvingly hyped pictures of hangings, “Millions of young people are taking to the streets to call for action on climate change. The global march includes events in 150 countries. What started this morning in Australia, Asia and Africa is now surging across Europe and the Americas. In Berlin, protesters used a striking visual message to push for action. Standing on ice blocks with nooses around their necks. A stark call for change before it’s too late.”

With all the mental health issues and suicide prevention issues, it’s irresponsible to promote simulated hangings.

In January of 2011, in the immediate wake of the Tucson massacre, MSNBC had a guest on who demanded “a moral sanction against gun metaphors similar to the ‘N’ word,” as the Daily Caller reported at the time:

National Journal’s Michael Hirsh wants to raise the bar on decorum to an entirely new level. On Thursday’s MSNBC airing of “Hardball,” Hirsh told host Chris Matthews certain “gun” terms should be stricken from political discourse and referred to instances where Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann and former Republican Nevada senatorial candidate Sharon Angle used such off-limits language.

“Well we don’t want any more duels and thankfully that was the last one,” Hirsh said. “[B]ut the point I was trying to make is you can draw a line particularly in the use of certain kinds of metaphors. The use of gun metaphors – killing, murdering, taking out, which was another metaphor for a – Michele Bachmann used in one of her statements, Sharon Angle – the Nevada Senate candidate’s now infamous comment about quote, unquote, ‘second amendment remedies’ to deal with the problem Harry Reid, her opponent.”

His proposal? Make such language inappropriate in the same racial slurs are inappropriate.

That’s the kind of language I think we got to have a hard think about now,” Hirsh said. “Do we really want to continue to use that kind of language at these levels? Or, should there be kind of a social sanction, not a legal one, but a moral sanction in the way that we’ve stopped using certain epithets like the ‘n’-word public forums. Stop using that kind of language, those kinds of metaphors.”

But simulated hangings on the same network? That’s fair game, because, hey, Gaia.


More: Child Hostages Obey Their Climate Captors. The emotional, physical, and intellectual damage wrought by the climate change movement now is coming into clear view. It’s an outcome that should enrage every parent.

AD ASTRA REVIEW: Brad Pitt Goes Interplanetary in a Stunning Space Epic.

AIDE WHO CARRIED NUCLEAR FOOTBALL WARNS TRUMP ABOUT ‘CIVIL SERVANTS,’ ‘OBAMA HOLDOVERS: Former presidential military aide Buzz Patterson carried the bag with the big red button for President Bill Clinton for three years. He lived and worked in the White House throughout those years and when everybody else left for the day, he was the guy who screened incoming calls from all over the world.

Patterson told The Epoch Times’ Patrick Howley President Donald Trump should be especially wary of two classes of officials around him: “There are a lot of Obama holdovers who are still working in the State Department, White House, Pentagon. They’re not happy their team didn’t work. I was a commander for civil service people in 20 years.

“It is really hard to root out civil servants. Hard to root out people who are counter-productive. I think Trump has a lot of people still that don’t want him to last, or be successful in 2020. That’s how DC works,” Patterson said. As Glenn says, read the whole thing.


Computers, airplanes, population levels — nothing is off limits. But the downside of this militance is it engenders its mirror image. As Megan McArdle pointed out, in a zero sum game there are no points for second place. “Democrats who think court packing is justified by Garland forget that [Whispers] Garland was justified by Bork. In this game, you don’t move last.” When one side attacks the other must counterattack. The first side to falter loses. That fear, as Victor Davis Hanson notes, is what keeps the weary populists together. They will stand fast because for them the alternative to Trump is the abyss.

Read the whole thing.

ANDY NGO ON TODAY’S LEFT: ‘Political violence has been normalised.’

WELL, THE PRESS AND MANY POLITICIANS HAVE BEEN DELIBERATELY DIVIDING AMERICA FOR HALF A CENTURY: No Matter Who Wins In 2020, There Will Be Blood. I actually doubt this. When you get off of Twitter and out of a few deep-blue fever swamps, people seem pretty mellow.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Penn Law student government holds a “town hall” featuring Dean Ted Ruger to discuss “the Amy Wax situation.” (The “Amy Wax situation” is that law professor Amy Wax has expressed unpopular-at-Penn beliefs on race and immigration.) Yet somehow, local expert on Amy Wax-ian beliefs Amy Wax was not invited or even told about the event. Classy.

YOU’RE GONNA NEED A SMALLER BLOG: Farewell to Bill de Blasio, 2020’s least consequential candidate.

VIA ONE OF MY COUSINS WHO’S GOING THROUGH THIS VERY THING: A Letter To My Younger Self: A Navy Wife’s Reflection.

QUESTION ASKED: What Do “Progressives” Have against Vaporous Substances? “It’s weird how science and harm reduction are important lodestars for progressives, except when they aren’t.”

Related: Walmart, Sam’s Club will halt e-cigarette sales amid string of vaping deaths.


HEADLINES FROM 1969: Democrats and Republicans Aren’t Just Divided. They Live in Different Worlds.

At the end of 1969, Time magazine named “The American Middle Class” its collective “Man of the Year,” and with Henry Luce having left the building a few years prior, the magazine wondered just who are these strange conservative people in flyover country — the people our magazine was originally created to serve.

HMM: Did Mark Judge’s Memoir Cause Christine Blasey Ford to Revise Her Assault Story?

Good stuff from Matt Margolis.

COOL: 2019 Tesla Model 3 Named IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus.

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RACISM, STRAIGHT UP: Trump’s Approval Rating Better Than Obama’s Eight Years Ago.

DEMOCRACY DIES IN IMMANENTIZING THE ESCHATON: “Yes, God cancels people, and we can, too,” threatens a young writer at the Washington Post.  

(Classical reference in headline.)

SKYNET SMILES: Engineers build robot fish that keeps pace with yellowfin tuna.

MEANWHILE, OVER AT VODKAPUNDIT: Florida Man Friday: DUI Couple Gets It On in Backseat of Police Cruiser.

SNOWFALLS ARE NOW JUST A THING OF THE PAST: Homework for the climate strikers.

(Classical reference in headline.)

JONATHAN KAY: Conservatives shouldn’t unleash cancel-culture insanity on the wounded Trudeau.

Oh, hell no. The right needs to collect scalps the way the left has done for years, until they decide to start playing by the old rules again.

DEMOCRATS: VOTE FOR US AND WE’LL TAKE AWAY YOUR CARS, YOUR GUNS, AND YOUR MEAT. Yang: Climate Change May Require Elimination of Car Ownership.

DISGRACEFUL ACTION BY THE KNOXVILLE CITY COUNCIL: Gun show owner calls potential Knoxville ban ‘discrimination.’ “Barring gun shows on city-owned property is ultimately enacted by the mayor. Mayor Madeline Rogero and both of the mayoral candidates to replace her in November expressed support for the resolution.”

I hope they get some pushback on this.

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