January 27, 2022

UH UH. DOES YOUR CONSCIENCE BOTHER YOU, LIZZY?  Cheney slams Gingrich for saying Jan. 6 panel members could be jailed.

COLONIAL EXPLOITATION OF THIRD WORLD RESOURCES IS ONCE AGAIN ACCEPTABLE:  Omicron pushes wealthy countries to recruit nurses from poorer nations.

BY GUM! I THINK THE WORM IS TURNING:  One doctor’s perspective on COVID.

HAVE I MENTIONED MY FACE IS EXTREMELY SHOCKED????   Must-see TV: Mark Levin interview with Peter Schweizer exposes $31 million in CCP money to the Biden family and much more.

I THINK THEY’RE RIGHT:  A New, FEARLESS, Chicagoboyz Prediction!

OF COURSE:  Meritocracy Is Only Discriminatory If You’re A Bigot.


DE SANTIS IS NOT ALONE:  DeSantis wants election crimes to be prosecuted.

MAYBE. BUT HOW CONCILIATORY IS MITCH?  Remember When Liberal Law Profs Said VP Can’t Cast Tiebreaker On Supreme Court Nominations? I Bet Mitch Does.

BEHOLD! MY SHOCKED FACE:  Video: NYC Rite Aid Closing Its Doors Due to Out-of-Control Shoplifting and Theft.

WHAT DID YOU THINK THE COMMIE CARAVANS WERE FOR?   VIDEO: Govt. Releasing a Lot of Single Adult Migrants Into the U.S..

(Seriously. Go look at who organizes those.)

January 26, 2022

OF COURSE SHE DOES: Councilwoman in neighborhood where two NYPD officers were killed wants to abolish the police.

OPEN THREAD: I know that there is pain.

#RESIST: Seen in Billings, Montana:

Plus, Nazareth, Pennsylvania:

And, location unknown:

The #Resistance is everywhere.

CHANGE: Military space advocate Rep. Jim Cooper to retire from Congress. “Cooper’s decision was expected as his current district in Nashville was redrawn by the state legislature and his seat is likely to be won by a Republican candidate. Cooper has been in office for 32 years.”

NOTHING TO SEE HERE, MOVE ALONG: 8500 US and 40,000 NATO Troops Placed on Standby.


IT’S THE DEEP SEVENS, ISN’T IT? Wild New Paper Suggests Earth’s Tectonic Activity Has an Unseen Source.

HAHA: So much for “rocking in the free world,” Neil, you big jerk.

MARY KATHARINE HAM: Be Resilient For Your Kids, Not The Other Way Around.

IT DOESN’T HELP KIDS, BUT DEMS WANT IT ANYWAY FOR INDOCTRINATION PURPOSES: “It’s a pre-K study that has many virtues . . . and it says kids who were assigned to the pre-K condition actually did worse than kids who were not.”

#AB5 UPDATE: San Diego lawmaker Lorena Gonzalez used false data to peddle her disastrous AB 5 law.

Eventually, we did find what we were looking for. It turns out that in 2012, a report issued by an Obama Administration commission headed by Joe Biden stated that the nation, not California alone, loses $7 billion because contractors don’t pay payroll taxes—not annually, but rather over a 10-year period. Their report covered all people who provide contracting services, not just those in rideshare and high-tech.”

Lewin and his team then analyzed numbers to determine the actual potential loss to the state of California annually due to independent contracting.

The loss is closer to zero, he said. In fact, in the rideshare and delivery sector alone, the state would actually gain about $111 million annually from the independent contractor arrangement relative to the employment arrangement, they found.

“That supposed $7 billion putative annual revenue loss in California due to independent contractors has no basis in fact or in empirical evidence whatsoever,” affirmed Lewin.

The $7 billion estimate continues to be promoted to this day, not just in California, but nationally.

Those numbers were just a pre-COVID modified limited hangout that did its job — to further wreck California’s economy, and possibly serve as a dry run for a similarly disastrous Federal version.

OUT ON A LIMB: Meat Loaf blamed China for COVID, revealed he couldn’t sing months before death.

Serious, no kidding around question: Where does the New York Post’s Natalie O’Neill think that COVID came from?

TOP SELLER: New Balance Men’s 510 V5 Trail Running Shoe. #CommissionEarned (Bumped)

UNDER TRUMP WE WERE A NET OIL EXPORTER: Russian crude exports to US highlight risks to Ukraine talks for Biden.

Shipments of Russian crude to the US in 2021 averaged 202,000 b/d, the highest in 11 years, according to data from S&P Global Platts trade-flow analytics tool cFlow. Most of these imports consist of Russian export grades, such as Urals, ESPO Blend and Varandey.

Overall Russian crude and product shipments accounted for 11% of total US imports between January and October 2021, according to data from the US Energy Information Administration. Imports of Russian crude and products averaged 704,300 b/d in this period, EIA data showed. The US is now importing higher volumes from Russia than it is from key ally Saudi Arabia. . . .

The growing importance of Russia’s crude to US refiners underscores the challenge facing US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in negotiations with his counterpart Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, set to resume next month, as the two sides attempt to resolve tensions over the buildup of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border, as well as Moscow’s requests for security guarantees from NATO.

Everything is going swimmingly.

IT’S A BIG COUNTRY: Survey Says: Americans Want Big Range from EVs. “It seems Americans want more EV range than anyone else in the world. A lot more. Generally speaking, consumers in the States expect the driving range of a fully charged BEV to be north of 500 miles, while people in places like China and Japan are content with a range of half that amount. The quick-minded in our audience will point to the massive amount of land which comprises America, meaning our driving distances are often much longer on average than they are for folks living in countries on the Pacific Rim.”

Americans want enough range to be able to drive all day. 500 is a minimum for that.

Plus: “Other interesting results to parse from this survey? Americans seem to abhor the idea of a vehicle subscription service, at least compared to drivers in China and India. Nearly 4 out of 5 respondents in those countries cotton to the idea, compared to less than a third of those surveyed in America. In a stat that will surprise no one, personal vehicles are far and away the preferred mode of transportation in this country, compared to about 50 percent in most of Asia and a surprisingly low 67 percent in Germany.”

I’VE SEEN THE LOCKDOWNS AND THE DAMAGE DONE: Only Four States Have Regained All the Jobs Lost Since the Pandemic. They’re All Run By Republicans.

THE FDA’S COVID TRACK RECORD HAS BEEN DREADFUL: The FDA is wrong to pull life-saving COVID-19 antibody treatments.

SATIRE (I THINK): Biden’s Supreme Court Pick Sexually Assaulted Me 25 Years Ago.

NOW WE KNOW WHAT ULTIMATELY HAPPENED TO THE BRADY BUNCH’S ASTROTURF BACKYARD: Behold the deeply unsettling creep factor of this “luxury bunker” in Las Vegas that’s located 26 feet below ground but is made to look as if it’s outside.

I’M SAD TO REPORT THAT I OWN NO BELT-FED WEAPONS: Mandatory Safety Recall of All FN M249S Rifles.

Please do not mock me in my shame.

COLORADO: Parents at Aspen council meeting speak out en mass against mask mandate for children.

While people party unmasked in packed bars and eat and drink in restaurants throughout Pitkin County and at the ski resorts, hundreds of children are forced to wear face coverings all day long in school and it’s impeding their education, eroding their mental health and creating fear of authority.

That’s according to two dozen parents who spoke for an hour during public comment at Aspen City Council’s meeting on Tuesday, urging elected officials to convince their colleagues on Pitkin County’s board of health to lift the mask mandate in public schools and child care facilities.

Julia DeBacker, a parent of six children in Aspen, said two years of forcing them to wear a mask has led them to be socially incompetent, fearful, full of anxiety and untrusting of authority.

Sense broke out here in southern Colorado over a year ago, but Aspen (and Pitkin County) are deep blue.

ATHENA THORNE: I’ve Learned Some Wild Stuff Since I Came to PJ Media.

DON’T GET COCKY: Red wave alert for Senate Democrats.

The race-by-race analysis hasn’t kept up with the deteriorating macro-political reality for Democrats. At the beginning of the cycle, Senate Democrats looked like they would benefit from a favorable Senate map, not defending a single state that Trump carried in 2020. But with Biden’s downturn, the swing states that the president carried narrowly (Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin) now look like tough territory for the party in power. Meanwhile, Republican-leaning states like Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio, which once looked competitive, now look like longer shots—even with a solid Democratic recruit in Florida, the presence of a Trump-endorsed candidate in North Carolina, and an underwhelming Republican field in Ohio. At the same time, Democratic-leaning Colorado and New Hampshire could get competitive, even without popular Gov. Chris Sununu running in the former and with a muddled GOP field in the latter.

Outside of Sununu’s decision to pass on the Senate race, most recent developments have played to Senate Republicans’ advantage. Scandal-plagued, Trump-endorsed Sean Parnell dropped out of the Pennsylvania race, allowing for a more mainstream hedge fund co-CEO (David McCormick) and a celebrity doctor (Mehmet Oz) to fill the vacuum. The Democratic primary field has gotten pulled so far to the left in Wisconsin that even vulnerable Sen. Ron Johnson has a clear path for a third term. Republicans have released internal polling showing their challengers are already leading in Nevada and Georgia; even older Democratic surveys underscore the precarious predicament for Sens. Raphael Warnock and Catherine Cortez Masto.

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s decision to put all senators on the record to roll back the legislative filibuster—in a failed attempt to pass a voting-reform package—only gives Republican challengers fodder to argue that even the swing-state Democratic senators (except Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema) are doing the bidding of the progressive base.

Two real weak spots are Arizona and Georgia. I bet the GOP in those states could use some volunteers.

HMM: Strongest evidence yet that MS is caused by Epstein-Barr virus.

STACEY LENNOX: Military Whistleblowers May Blow Up the COVID Vaccine Narrative.

FASTER, PLEASE: Stem cell discoveries hold potential to improve cancer treatment.


EVERYTHING IS SEEMINGLY SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL: U.S. records most unprovoked shark attacks in 2021.

J CHRISTIAN ADAMS: DeSantis Aims to Fix Failure to Prosecute Florida Election Crimes. “We now have hard data from Florida that shows serious potential election crimes have been ignored by both county and federal prosecutors in the Sunshine State.”

SO NO BOOSTERS, THEN? Vaccination plus infection creates ‘super immunity’ against COVID-19, study finds.

NO, BECAUSE THEY’RE NOT GRIFTERS CATERING TO WELL-OFF WHITE PEOPLE: “Do they really believe that the Black voters who formed the base of the Democratic Party think like Ibram X. Kendi, or the leaders of BLM? Are they crazy?”

PRIVACY: Google Just Gave You the Best Reason Yet to Finally Quit Using Chrome.

Google is introducing an alternative [to cookies] it calls Topics. The idea is that Chrome will look at your browsing activity and identify up to five topics that it thinks you’re interested in. When you visit a website, Chrome will show it three of those topics, with the idea that the site will then show you an ad that matches your interest.

Google says that Chrome will allow users to view the Topics they are associated with, and give them the ability to delete them. Google isn’t asking users if they’d like to be part of Topics, it’s just leveraging the fact that it owns Chrome in order to force users to be a part and then giving them a way to opt out if they want. That’s great, except almost no one is ever going to do that. Google knows that.

“At root is Google’s insistence on sharing information about people’s interests and behaviors with advertisers, trackers and others on the web that are hostile to privacy,” Peter Snyder, who is Brave’s director of privacy, said in a statement. “These groups have no business–and no right–to learn such sensitive information about you.”

Ultimately, that change in the way Google is looking at Chrome–that it isn’t a tool that serves its users, but is a tool that serves up users to advertisers, albeit in a slightly more privacy protective way–is a bad sign. It’s also the best reason to finally ditch it altogether.

I’m usually happy using either Brave or Safari.

CHANGE: Justice Stephen Breyer to Retire. Well, that should keep things interesting.


WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG? Biden to ‘Expedite’ Bringing More Afghan Refugees to US.

JAMA: Myocarditis Cases Reported After mRNA-Based COVID-19 Vaccination in the US From December 2020 to August 2021. “In this descriptive study of 1626 cases of myocarditis in a national passive reporting system, the crude reporting rates within 7 days after vaccination exceeded the expected rates across multiple age and sex strata. The rates of myocarditis cases were highest after the second vaccination dose in adolescent males aged 12 to 15 years (70.7 per million doses of the BNT162b2 vaccine), in adolescent males aged 16 to 17 years (105.9 per million doses of the BNT162b2 vaccine), and in young men aged 18 to 24 years (52.4 and 56.3 per million doses of the BNT162b2 vaccine and the mRNA-1273 vaccine, respectively). . . . Based on passive surveillance reporting in the US, the risk of myocarditis after receiving mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines was increased across multiple age and sex strata and was highest after the second vaccination dose in adolescent males and young men. This risk should be considered in the context of the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination.”

This is particularly significant since adolescent males and young men are at low risk of death or serious illness from Covid.

GEORGE KORDA: From Biden to Blackburn, from CNN to Fox, just stop with election fraud nonsense.

But it’s a big lie to say that this is Trump’s issue alone: A month before the election, Biden was setting himself up if he lost to make similar claims. A Reuters story from Oct. 10, 2020, lays it out: “Biden says ‘chicanery’ at polls is the only way he could lose U.S. election.”

Reuters reported: “Biden encouraged potential voters at a campaign stop in the must-win battleground of Pennsylvania, telling them ‘make sure to vote because the only way we lose this is by the chicanery going on relative to polling places.’ ” He later “clarified” to say he’d accept the results of the election.

A few months earlier, Biden had gone farther. In June 2020 he said in an interview on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,” “This president’s going to try to steal this election.” How can you say that you can’t lose except if you’re cheated, but then say you’ll respect the outcome of the crooked election? That can’t be true. They are irreconcilable positions.

It’s easy when the press is on your side.

BLUE STATE BLUES: Funko closing warehouse locations in Washington in consolidation move to Arizona.

LET’S GO BRANDON: Kid Rock’s Anti-Biden Anthem Dethrones Disney Hit on iTunes.

NOW OUT: From Christian Toto, Virtue Bombs: How Hollywood Got Woke and Lost Its Soul. #CommissionEarned

YOU CAN MUST LEAVE YOUR HAT MASK ON: Washington DC Requires Nude Strippers To Be Masked.

VIDEO: Mexican Drug Cartel Modifies Drone, Drops Bombs.

WELL, THEY’LL CHANGE AGAIN BEFORE THE NEXT ELECTION WHERE A REPUBLICAN MIGHT WIN: University quietly changes controversial policy, months after telling College Republicans not to campaign for Youngkin.

PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE? U.S. District Court Judge David Carter rejected Chapman University Professor John Eastman’s request to stop the House January 6 inquisitors from gaining access to more than 11,000 documents via the school.

In his ruling, according to Politico, Carter said he rejected the request because “Dr. Eastman’s actions clearly fall within the bounds of an investigation into ‘the influencing factors that fomented such an attack on American representative democracy.’”

I’m from out of town and all, and I’m not a lawyer, but Carter’s reasoning seems to presuppose Eastman’s guilt. Am I mis-reading it? Asking for a friend.

SUPER-SIZE ME: Bidenflation Has Crushed Fast Food Value Meals.

“With fast food chains and restaurants facing higher costs across the board, one thing you’re probably seeing is that deals are not as cheap as they once were,” NBC correspondent Tom Costello said. Restaurants are raising wages to confront labor shortages and “those costs get passed down to all of us. … Especially for restaurants where the margins are already very very thin, they can’t afford to eat those extra costs.”

“As a result, you and I are going to be paying more for that burger,” Costello said.

The Biden administration has faced criticism for the nation’s spike in inflation, with consumer prices climbing 7 percent over the last year, the Labor Department reported this month. A 6 percent rise in restaurant prices has contributed to the country’s economic woes. Little Caesars, for example, raised the price of its famous Hot-N-Ready pizza for the first time in 20 years, from $5 to $5.55. Popeyes has raised the price of its Big Box Deal by $1, and Domino’s Pizza has limited purchases of its $7.99 meal deal to online only.

Previously: “That raise meant nothing”: Inflation’s “unexpected” reality dawns at WaPo.



Er, turns out they’re big donors, so instead we’re going after eBay sellers and Etsy moms.

COMPLY OR DIE, THEY EXPLAINED: Unvaxxed Dad Removed From Heart Transplant List, He’s Not The First.

YES: Afghanistan Taught Putin That Biden ‘Is a Guy Who Can Be Pushed Around.’

“I believe that our response in 2014 was too slow and too incremental. And it’s confirmed by the lessons that I learned, and that I believe others in the national security community learned, to better address Russia’s ongoing aggression… I believe one of the lessons I learned is that it would have been appropriate and necessary to provide Ukraine with what it needed to defend its territory.”

That tough appraisal is from Celeste Wallander, President Biden’s nominee to be assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs. From 2013 to 2017, Wallander served on the National Security Council as special assistant to the president and senior director for Russia and Central Asia.

In other words, not even the people who thought up the Obama-era response to Putin thought it was tough or effective, and no one is willing to argue it amounted to an effective deterrent. The Russian dictator likely already thought Biden was all bark and minimal bite. And then he watched the debacle of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Even worse — or better for an opportunistic thug like Putin — Afghanistan showed that Biden will commit the kind of f***-ups that create the situation where he can be pushed around.

SOUNDS LIKE THE PUBLIC UNDERSTANDS WHAT’S GOING ON: Zogby Poll: Biden lied to get elected and life is worse.

Voters are not buying President Joe Biden’s claim that he didn’t overpromise during the 2020 election but has been thwarted by the GOP, and they instead feel he lied just to get elected, according to a new survey.

In the latest Zogby Poll, provided to Secrets, more voters than not said Biden oversold to the point of “lying” in his campaign against former President Donald Trump.

Asked if Biden has “delivered” on campaign promises or “was lying just to get elected,” 45.7% chose lying and 38.2% chose delivering on promises. The rest of the voters were unsure.

The polling analysis cited Biden’s failure to end the COVID-19 crisis, but it also noted inflation and other problems that are driving key support groups into GOP arms.

There are more Democrats abandoning ship and calling for the president not to run in 2024. Things are so bad for the Democrats right now; you are starting to see Bill and Hillary Clinton reappear in public. Imagine, Democrats trotting out Hillary as the change candidate in 2024! That could make Donald Trump look appealing to swing voters!” the poll analysis said.

Zogby Analytics also looked at life under Biden, and the breakdown was similar, with more than not saying that Biden has made their life worse.

Well, that’s because he has, and it’s no accident.

Related: Team Biden seeks to stop yet another pipeline even as gas prices rise.

Flashback: Obama Wants $7-$9 Gas Prices and His Secretary of Energy Steven Chu Admitted it.

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: Like a Hobo’s Bad Foot Odor, Pelosi Is Sticking Around. “The real laugher in her statement is that Pelosi thinks that she’s an integral part of the ‘democracy’ that she thinks needs saving. Our Republic is in peril, but people of sound mind know that it’s Nancy and her commie friends who are threatening it.”

SO PRETTY MUCH THE SAME AS THE OLD MEDIA, THEN: New Media Outlet Grid Backed by Progressive Stars, Gulf Money, and Foreign Agents.



Tausifa Haque, a 17-year-old daughter of Bangladeshi immigrants, walks in the early morning from her family’s apartment in the Bronx to the elevated subway and rides south to Brooklyn, a journey of one and a half hours.

There she joins a river of teenagers who pour into Brooklyn Technical High School — Bengali and Tibetan, Egyptian and Chinese, Sinhalese and Russian, Dominican and Puerto Rican, West Indian and African American. The cavernous eight-story building holds about 5,850 students, one of the largest and most academically rigorous high schools in the United States.

Her father drives a cab; her mother is a lunchroom attendant. This school is a repository of her dreams and theirs. “This is my great chance,” Tausifa said. “It’s my way out.” . . .

Liberal politicians, school leaders and organizers argue such schools are bastions of elitism and, because of low enrollment of Black and Latino students, functionally racist and segregated. Sixty-three percent of the city’s public school students are Black and Latino yet they account for just 15 percent of Brooklyn Tech’s population.

For Asian students, the percentages are flipped: They make up 61 percent of Brooklyn Tech, although they account for 18 percent of the public school population.

Some critics imply that the presence of so many South and East Asian students, along with the white students, accentuates this injustice. Such charges reached a heated pitch a few years ago when a prominent white liberal council member said such schools were overdue for “a racial reckoning.”

Richard Carranza, who served as New York’s schools chancellor until last year, was more caustic. “I just don’t buy into the narrative,” he said, “that any one ethnic group owns admission to these schools.”

Yes, by all means we must quash the overweening privilege of daughters of Bangladeshi cab drivers and lunch ladies.

And it’s not just New York:

Officials in Fairfax County, Va., replaced the entrance exam at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology with a combination of grades and socioeconomic criteria. The next year the percentage of incoming Black and Latino students jumped and the percentage of Asian students, who skew more middle and upper middle class than in New York, declined. White student enrollment increased.

When Asian parents sued, a federal judge told their lawyer, “Everybody knows the policy is not race-neutral and that it’s designed to affect the racial composition.”

That case is awaiting a decision.

The imbalances are huge but — shockingly — they’re the result of bias on the part of lefty school officials:

Decades ago, when crime and socioeconomic conditions were far graver than they are today, Black and Latino teenagers passed the examination in great numbers. In 1981, nearly two-thirds of Brooklyn Tech’s students were Black and Latino, and that percentage hovered at 50 percent for another decade.

Black and Latino students account for 10 percent of the students at Bronx Science; that percentage was more than twice as high in the 1970s and ’80s.

To understand this decline involves a trek back through decades of policy choices, as city officials, pushed by an anti-tracking movement, rolled back accelerated and honors programs and tried to reform gifted programs, particularly in nonwhite districts.

Black alumni of Brooklyn Tech argue that this progressive-minded movement handicapped precisely those Black and Latino students most likely to pass the test. Some poor, majority Black and Latino districts now lack a single gifted and talented program.

The enemies of excellence — who mostly hate excellence because they themselves are far from excellent — hurt the poorest and worst-connected of the excellent students the most. If you wish, you can try to convince yourself that this is an unintended consequence.

If the money followed students instead of schools, parents could send their kids to the place that best fit their needs. This is the education professionals’ worst nightmare, of course.


These students voice a fear that harks back to earlier generations of working-class Jewish students who dealt with antisemitism. If officials toss the test and substitute portfolios, interviews and extracurricular accomplishments, it could be easier to dismiss Asians as faceless “grinds,” the students said.

Well, especially if you’re at an Ivy League admissions office. Related: Asians Get The Ivy League’s Jewish Treatment.

But there’s this hopeful bit from one student:

“I don’t feel like a minority,” he said. “We resist being pitted against each other at this school.”


WELL, GOOD: NYC Mayor Adams Brings Back Plainclothes Unit That de Blasio Disbanded.

ROUNDUP: More Commentary On The Amy Wax Controversy At Penn.

So far, though, Penn’s admissions office hasn’t weighed in on the “too many Asians” angle.

January 25, 2022

VIDEO: Karol Markowicz shuts down ‘petty tyrants’ trying to silence parents.

AN ACQUAINTANCE COMMENTS: “Weird how people who spend decades undermining objective truth suddenly miss it when it’s gone.” My Gentle, Intelligent Brother Is Now A Conspiracy Theorist And His Beliefs Are Shocking.

From this defender of science and objective reality: “As a Libra, I pride myself on finding balance.”

NOTHING TO SEE HERE, MOVE ALONG: Woman Who Stopped at Lab Monkey Crash Site Is Now ‘Sick.’ “It sounds like every sci-fi virus film ever made.”

OPEN THREAD: I’m not a robot.

AN EARTH-SHATTERING KABOOM: Tonga undersea volcano eruption released up to 18 megatons of energy.

CROOKS, LIARS, AND PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICIALS — BUT I REPEAT MYSELF: New internal documents reveal COVID origins downplayed.

PUSHBACK: Truckers fighting government vaccine mandate march to Canadian capital.

BUMMER: Underground lakes on Mars may be a mirage.

MARK JUDGE: Journalists Need to Learn How to Lay Bricks. “In order to support my writing I often take seasonal jobs, a lot of them temporary—washing dishes, selling Christmas trees, working in a deli. At each and every one of them it has taken me about five minutes to discover, or reconfirm, that the working class—particularly young male minorities—is essentially conservative. It’s obvious why the elites don’t know what’s going on, but the grifters of Conservatism, Inc., are equally clueless.”


In most professions, there are intermittent periods of tutoring required to sharpen skills. Professional athletes practice in the off-season, studying strategy and doing drills to master the fundamentals. Airline pilots have to take tests to make sure their senses stay sharp. Doctors bone up on the latest illness and treatments.

Journalists, on the other hand, are not required to have such training. As a result, they tend to isolate themselves—living among similar types, hanging out at the same New York and Washington parties or network green rooms, never leaving the small radius of their beat. They lose touch with the people they claim to cover. Their coverage becomes a tape-loop, repeating the same talking points for hours on end.

The solution is easy: Journalists should be required to get seasonal jobs working with real people to be taken seriously. They can work manual labor part time, or for a few months over the holidays. A job in a restaurant kitchen, or at a home-improvement retailer or hardware store, or steel mill or a coal mine, or on a construction crew or in nursing home, can reintroduce journalists to the people they claim to cover. It also might reintroduce them to the concept of humility. . . .

If journalists spent any time at all with actual working people, they would realize a couple things very quickly. The first is that most Americans are not race obsessives the way Hollywood and the media are. I worked Christmas season in a large home-improvement store, and my coworkers were from Africa, Ireland, Mexico, the Middle East, everywhere. We were all focused on various tasks and made friends with each other easily, usually bonding in the break room over whatever professional sport was playing on TV. It was, in short, the real world.

Liberals depend on a crisis culture of “breaking news” to give them things to do. They don’t like to hear it, but the American experiment is working fine without their interference and advice. We all tend to respect each other.

If the news is what gives meaning to your life, you’re in trouble. But it is for a fair number of people.


THE REAL REASON IS BECAUSE “CONSERVATION” IS A LUXURY OF WEALTHY SOCIETIES: Many Indigenous languages lack a word for ‘conservation.’ Here’s why.

Primitive humans have a long history of promoting extinctions and environmental change.

SHOULD’VE BEEN SHOT ELSEWHERE, OBVIOUSLY: CHICAGO JUSTICE: Armed Home Invasion Nets A Few Weeks In Prison For Perp Who Was Shot In Butt.

THEY ALSO AREN’T NECESSARY: We’re a Physician and Mathematician and a Data Scientist. N95s Won’t Work for Kids.

The Berkeley Unified School District (BUSD) in the SF Bay Area where we live, announced on Tuesday that it was planning on “transitioning all students and staff” to KN95 respirators. If worn properly, such respirators filter 95 percent of particles the size of those that carry the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The BUSD has proposed this measure as a means to slow the spread of COVID-19 and keep schools open. These respirators would be required for the entire school day, including outdoors during gym and recess.

Unfortunately, the effectiveness of respirators is vastly overestimated, and there is scant evidence that they stop community transmission. Moreover, NIOSH-approved respirators are tight, uncomfortable, and can impede breathing. OSHA requires both fit testing and a medical evaluation before workers can wear them. We’ve all seen images of health care workers with bruised faces from properly worn respirators.

This is legally-mandated child abuse.


● How it started: Biden Administration Green Lights Putin’s Pipeline. Nord Stream 2 will boost the Russian president’s influence in Europe.

—The Washington Free Beacon, July 21st, 2021.

● How it’s going: White House seeks energy security plan for Europe amid Russia-Ukraine crisis.

—CNBC, today.

As a wise community organizer reportedly said, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up.” Biden’s “energy security plan for Europe” will likely be as effective as Biden’s “energy security plan” for America.

Related: What Does Vladimir Putin Have on Joe Biden? Joe and Hunter Biden’s seedy involvements in Ukraine may have given the Russian leader all the ‘kompromat’ he needs to keep America at bay.

I’M STILL HOLDING OUT FOR THE MAVERICK “GRABBER:” Ford Pausing Reservations on Maverick Hybrid Until Summer.

NICK ARAMA: The Real Biden Peeks out From Behind the Mask.

The problem wasn’t just that Biden was being nasty, using a curse word and trying to diminish press who dares question him. It’s also that he doesn’t have the basic judgment left to understand it will be picked up on the mic and come back to bite him. This was the second time in the past week where he attacked a reporter, also striking out at Fox’s Jacqui Heinrich, calling her question about being reactive to Putin a “stupid question.”

Now remember too, this is the guy who claimed he was going to be the anti-Trump, that he was going to be the “unifier.”

The truth is, Biden has always been a nasty piece of work, using his position and authority to belittle anyone who dares question him.

He was never worthy of high office, but our “elites” hoisted him into the highest office regardless.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): The ‘cabal’ that bragged of foisting Joe Biden on us must answer for his failed presidency.

K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: Meet ‘Dr. Tarece’ — And Pray for the Families in Georgia’s Largest School District.

MY STARLINK ROUTER IS WIFI 6, WHICH IS FASTER AND LONGER-RANGED THAN MY OTHER ONE: Wi-Fi 7 Stomps on the Gas. “Wi-Fi 6 already reaches a level of performance that exceeds the Internet service available to most people. Yet the standard isn’t letting off the gas. MediaTek plans the first demonstration of Wi-Fi 7 at CES 2022 (the standard is expected to be released in 2024). Wi-Fi 7 is expected to boost maximum bandwidth up to 40 gigabits per second, four times as fast as Wi-Fi 6. Such extreme bandwidth is obviously overkill for Web browsing, but it’s a necessity for streaming augmented- and virtual-reality content. This rapid improvement stands in contrast to the struggles in cellular networking. In theory, 5G can meet or beat the performance of Wi-Fi; Qualcomm claims its latest hardware can hit peak data rates of 20 Gb/s. But the reality often falls short.”

CRISIS BY DESIGN: Why is the Biden Administration Delaying December’s Border Arrest Numbers?

OLD AND BUSTED: “Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World.”

The New Hotness? Neil Young Demands Spotify Remove His Music Over ‘False Information About Vaccines.’ “They can have [Joe] Rogan or Young,” Neil Young wrote in a letter to his manager and label. “Not both.”

But what if this is Neil Young’s way of saving his fans from themselves? Neil Young hates what the internet has done to music.

Spotify may not be literally damaging our brains, but he’s not entirely wrong, either.

There’s an epic interview slash feature in the New York Times with music legend Neil Young. The notoriously particular audio purist explains why he believes the internet is killing music through poor quality streaming, and how it’s harming our brains.

Young appears not only to believe that the quality of the music is poor, which few would argue in comparison to vinyl. He also believes it’s literally harming our minds.

Neil Young, described here as “crankier than a hermit being stung by bees,” loathes Spotify, Facebook, Apple, and Steve Jobs, who it must be noted, is dead.

“He hates what digital technology is doing to music,” most of all, writes David Samuels in today’s NYT.

“It’s gotten to the point where he doesn’t want to write music anymore.”

This is merely an update to Young’s 1980s response to another then-emerging digital technology:

“‘Everything recorded between 1981 and say, 2010 will be known as the dark ages of recorded sound,” Young began. On the surface, his distaste for the CD seems a little over-dramatic, but he had a number of important reasons for disliking the format. The compact disc took over from the cassette tape in the early 1980s and was released in tandem with stereo players fitted with the newly-invented programming button, allowing the listener to reorganise album tracklists to suit their own tastes, essentially giving the middle finger to the intentions of artists such as Young, who believed so strongly in the sanctity of their artistic vision.

But for Young, the CD heralded something much worse – the dominance of digital sound. “It’s almost like torture,” he argued. “Digital makes you think that you’re hearing it better than you heard it before [but] you’re hearing a facsimile of it, you’re only hearing the surface of it,” he continued. He’s got a point. Digital sound – unlike analogue formats like cassette and vinyl, which are physically imprinted with recorded sound waves – are often regarded as mere representations of recorded sound.

Spotify should call Young’s bluff with a statement that “Based on Mr. Young’s earlier comments about Spotify and other digital media, while we hate to see him go, we believe that it’s in the mutual best interests of Mr. Young, his fans and Spotify, that we, reluctantly, must let him go.”

UPDATE: Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it. Ed Morrissey writes that Young has since pulled his letter. “ Young has now given Rogan even greater cachet as someone fighting off cancel culture and muzzling by the establishment. It’s as self-defeating as it is oppressive, and as it should be offensive to others who work in the free-speech environment … like aging protest singers. Perhaps Young pulled down the letter after rethinking that context. Or perhaps he and his business managers considered the money context, a point to which we must return. Spotify isn’t going to eat $100 million dollars just so senior citizens can still access ‘Heart of Gold.’ That kind of ultimatum is ludicrous on its own, but especially so given the business relationship between Spotify and Rogan. When someone declares, ‘It’s either him or me,’ it’s an act of arrogance at best — and in this case, ignorance about Young’s cultural relevancy in this moment. If we didn’t know any better, it would look like a cynical attempt to boost his relevancy.”

Via a platform that as recently as 2019, Young professed to loathe, at least according to his New York Times interviewer.

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K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: This Pennsylvania school board member wrote an op-ed in a local newspaper, and I kid you not this is the title:

“‘I don’t work for you?’ Yeah, bud… ya do.”

At least until the next election, perhaps.

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