August 12, 2020

NEWS YOU CAN USE: How To Reduce Recoil With Shotguns.

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There will be cocktails.

PAINFUL: The 10 Most Cringeworthy Kamala Harris Endorsements.

DIXIECRATS TRIUMPHANT: The Confederate Roots of the Administrative State.

(Classical reference in headline.)

SHOCKER: Bias more likely in medical journals that accept reprint fees.

DON’T GET COCKY: Kamala Harris on the Ticket Is an In-Kind Donation to Trump-Pence 2020.

GREAT MOMENTS IN WOKE BRANDING: Only 3% of U.S. Hispanics use term “Latinx;” 76% have never heard of it.

ROGER KIMBALL: President Kamala, mistress of puppets?

NICE: South Korea Plans to Build F-35B Lightning Aircraft Carrier.

Beijing won’t be happy so you know it’s a good idea.


WHILE LOCKING UP 1,500 PEOPLE FOR SMOKING WEED: Kamala Harris Promoted Group That Paid Bail for Murderers and Sex Offenders.

OUT: FLORIDA MAN. IN: FLORIDA VANILLA. Researchers, growers seek vanilla production in Florida.


How you can tell they’re desperate about it:

WHO COULD HAVE SEEN THIS COMING, BESIDES ANYONE WITH A BRAIN? A mad rush for the exits as New York City goes down the tubes. I mean you elect Bill De Blasio twice, you’re going to get it good and hard: “New Yorkers are fed up with the shootings and lootings, homelessness on the streets, sub-par online schools, sky-high taxes and the sheer obliviousness of pols like Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo.”

Someone really needs to get started on my Welcome Wagon project.

THIS HAS BEEN WIDELY OBSERVED FROM THE EARLIEST: Study: Obesity increases risk of hospitalization for COVID-19 patients.

I WON’T BE WATCHING: President Hopes For No NFL Season If Players Don’t Stand For National Anthem.

FELLOW KNOXVILLIAN VICTOR ASHE IS RUNNING FOR A SEAT ON THE YALE CORPORATION. (For non-Yalies, that’s basically the Board of Trustees of Yale.) If you’re a Yale alumn, please sign his petition. The place could use a little adult supervision.

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Who or What Exactly Is Running Against Trump? “The inner-Biden at 77 is turning out to be an unabashed bigot in the age of ‘cancel culture’ and thought crimes that has apparently declared him immune from the opprobrium reserved for any such speech.”

Related: Deroy Murdock dubs Biden “a Left-wing Archie Bunker, the stereotype-spewing lead character of the brilliant 1970s comedy series ‘All in the Family.’ Producer Norman Lear’s top-rated show was a high-water mark for ethnic humor, which was how Americans once cheerfully addressed and overcame racial differences, unlike today’s corrosive techniques of in-your-face confrontation and Maoist re-education. Like Archie Bunker, Biden is White, seems vaguely blue-collar and routinely says racially disturbing things, but without the legendary writers who made Bunker’s remarks hilarious. Anything funny that Biden says on race is strictly unintentional.”

TO THE LEFT: Biden Picks Kamala Harris, But Will It Move The Needle?

K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: Get Your Kids Out of Public School. This is the Right’s greatest opportunity in decades. Will we take it?

Does Betteridge’s Law of Headlines also apply to subheads?


Now consider: Even Republican Supreme Court appointees come exclusively from Harvard and Yale now.

THE POLITICS OF ENVY: Dan Mitchell asks what would happen if America introduced a wealth tax. I suspect you know the answer, but Dan has the analysis.

KRUISER: Kamala Harris on the Ticket Is an In-Kind Donation to Trump-Pence 2020.

IN SHORT, SHE’S NO MODERATE: Hans Bader: The Progressive Media Mislabels Kamala Harris. Anyone who isn’t the favored candidate of the woke far left (in this case it was Liz Warren) is now a moderate.

IN THE MAIL: The Art of Mixology: Classic Cocktails and Curious Concoctions.

VODKAPUNDIT PRESENTS YOUR DAILY INSANITY WRAP: Kamala Harris Got the Nod, Biden to Get the Knife?

Insanity Wrap needs to know: Could Biden have made a worse Veep selection?

Answer: Only in theory, since neither Zombie Stalin nor Vampire Hitler fulfill certain constitutional requirements.

Before we get to the sordid details, a quick preview of today’s Wrap.

• The gaslights are turned up to 11.

• Liberty is racist.

• Those who don’t learn range safety are doomed to… well, you’ll see.

And so much more, you’d have to be crazy to miss it.

HANNAH COX: Kamala Harris built her career on injustice. “Kamala Harris’s career ascension was built with the bricks of injustice, misfortune, and the corruption of the prison industrial complex. . . . In between advocating for harsher penalties (including some truly bonkers repercussions for truancy), privacy violations like familial DNA searches, and civil asset forfeiture, Harris even found time to block new DNA evidence from being tested for a potentially innocent death-row inmate, Kevin Cooper. It should not go without comment that California’s justice system is one of the biggest hot messes in the country, highlighting the fact that Harris’s policies were both punitive and unsuccessful at producing better public safety outcomes. They also greatly harmed communities of color.”

I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS SINCE SIMCITY 2000 CAME OUT IN THE MID ’90S: Beaming solar power from space to Earth is becoming practical.

IS SHE SAYING BLACK PEOPLE ARE OKAY IN THEIR PLACE? Professor: American Dream a ‘damaging’ ideology to black people.

AT AMAZON, AeroGarden Bounty Basic Indoor Hydroponic Herb Garden, Black.

FAIRFAX COUNTY: WE WON’T EDUCATE YOUR KIDS AND WE DON’T WANT YOU TO EITHER. “While FCPS doesn’t and can’t control these private tutoring groups, we do have concerns that they may widen the gap in educational access and equity for all students.”

Defund public schools and give the money to parents.

IT’S CHINESE SPYWARE DIGUISED AS A SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM: French privacy watchdog opens investigation into TikTok.

TikTok, owned by China’s ByteDance, is already under investigation over privacy concerns by U.S., European Union and Dutch authorities.

“The CNIL began investigations into the website and the TikTok application in May 2020. The CNIL had indeed received a complaint at that date,” a spokesman for the authority said in written comments sent to Reuters on the case.

“To date, the CNIL continues its investigations and participates in ongoing European work.”

Asked about the CNIL probe, TikTok said: “Protecting TikTok users’ privacy and safety is our top priority. We are aware of the investigation by the CNIL and are fully cooperating with them.”

Related: TikTok Tracked User Data Using Tactic Banned by Google.

A SMALL MEASURE OF ACCOUNTABILITY: Harvard Law Prof Bruce Hay Sues New York Magazine Over Its Article: ‘The Most Gullible Man In Cambridge’.’

Hey, he’s got a point. I mean here’s Larry Tribe talking about imprisoning Kanye West for voter fraud.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Prof: ‘The Constitution is racist.’

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: MSM Plays a Preemptive Misogyny Victim Card for Kamala Harris. “The interference the MSM runs for AOC is going to look calm and measured compared to how much they’re going to have to cut out of whole cloth to make Kamala Harris seem less awful to, well, almost everyone.”


In late July, the Trump administration announced that the U.S. Army’s V Corps headquarters would be reactivated and permanently stationed in Poland. The Kremlin, its Twitter bots and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s propaganda twits objected. Chinese Communist Party flacks likely hissed (if so, I missed it).

Reactions throughout still-free Europe were either quiet nods of agreement or reserved acceptance. These reactions reflect strategic reality. (1): Putin’s nuclear-armed Russia is an expansionist threat that requires military deterrence. (2): Russia has demonstrated its military and political threat overtly and covertly from the Scandinavian arctic south through the Baltic States to the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea.

Check the map — Poland is the lynchpin of NATO’s current eastern flank.

It’s my latest Creators Syndicate column.

FROM 2015, A VERY RELATED COLUMN: Confessions of a NATO Trip Wire: Why Poles and Balts Want U.S. Trip Wire Forces.