October 25, 2020

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LAURENCE JARVIK: The Plot Against The President.


COLLUSION: Investigation Prompts Schools to Report $6.5 Billion in Undisclosed Foreign Gifts and Contracts.

OPEN THREAD: Disport yourselves in the comments.

TRUMP RALLIES IN NEW HAMPSHIRE: ‘This is not the crowd that comes in second.’ “Polls show Trump losing the Granite State. . . . Despite the recent polls, Trump said he’s going to take the Granite State and return to the White House for a second term.”

Plus: “Sleepy Joe voted for NAFTA, which was the worst thing that ever happened to your state and all of New England.”

SPACE: SpaceX reaches 100 successful launches with Starlink mission.

THEY ALWAYS SHOW YOU WHAT THEY’RE AFRAID OF: Schumer sends letter to FBI director to ignore Biden scandal, says investigation could ‘undermine the rule of law.’

In the Democrats’ lexicon, “rule of law,” like “democracy” means “our untrammeled power.”

EXCELLENT ADVICE FROM AMERICA’S NEWSPAPER OF RECORD: Texas Passes Law Banning Californians From Voting After They Move There.

To the relief of Texans across the state, Governor Greg Abbott has signed a law prohibiting escaping Californians from voting after they move to Texas. Experts say this will prevent the happy and prosperous slice of heaven from sliding into the endless despair and crushing poverty of leftist policy.

“Yeah, all you weirdo Californians are welcome to partake with us in this blessed land,” said Chuck Dillon, a local accountant who dresses like a cowboy. “Bring your music and your little girly men and your avocado toast, but please leave your godless heathen communism in California where it belongs!”

As a long time resident of Texas who is (hopefully) grandfathered in, I highly approve this law, y’all.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): You couldn’t actually do that, which is probably too bad, but you can implement my Welcome Wagon proposal for migrants from blue states to red states.

If I were one of those conservative billionaires (hello, Koch brothers! hi, Sheldon Adelson!) who are always donating tens of millions to support Republican candidates, I think I might try spending some of the money on something more useful: A sort of welcome wagon for blue state migrants to red states. Something that would explain to them why the place they’re moving to is doing better than the place they left, and suggesting that they might not want to vote for the same policies that are driving their old home states into bankruptcy.

Would it work? I don’t know. But it’s likely to be more useful than money thrown down the political-consultant rat hole. And if nothing else, it might spread a bit of economic literacy, which is always in short supply.

And somebody really should.


Really? Then how do we explain these NPR stories, which were not just unverified at the time, but turned out to be outright lies?

SPACE: SpaceX stacks Starship SN8 prototype ahead of epic test flight.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Netflix Cancellations Soar 800% After Cuties Debacle: Analysis.

JUST THINK OF THE MEDIA AS DEMOCRATIC PARTY OPERATIVES WITH BYLINES, AND IT ALL MAKES SENSE: Washington Post calls on media to report Hunter Biden leaks as foreign disinformation, even if it ‘probably’ isn’t.

Related: With the Hunter Biden Expose, Suppression is a Bigger Scandal Than The Actual Story.


ANALYSIS: TRUE. The media promised to do better after Trump’s 2016 win — instead, they got worse.

Related (From Ed): It’s just a pose; the media always promise “to do better” after, somehow, despite the DNC-MSM throwing everything they have against him, a Republican wins the White House.



● Chaser: CNN: Online memes were a factor in drivers ‘attacking’ protesters in the street this summer.

Twitchy, Thursday.

● Hangover: Top 10% Of Twitter Users Create 92% Of Tweets In US – And 69% Of Them Lean Left.

ZeroHedge, yesterday.

Why, it’s like “Twitter sentiment is a Styrofoam iceberg. You may think 9/10 of it is underwater, but actually, 9/10 of it is visible,” to coin an Insta-phrase. Somebody should write a book about this stuff.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: CNN Misses Revenue Targets by $100+ Million.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Did You Know? The Ignorance of College Graduates.

IN SENECTUS VERITAS: Joe Biden says he’s built “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” Video at link.

IF I CAN’T HAVE ORION I AT LEAST WANT A TORCHSHIP: The Direct Fusion Drive That Could Get Us to Saturn in Just 2 Years.

SOMEBODY’S STARTING TO NOTICE THE PROBLEM OF CORONAVIRUS FALSE POSITIVES. “Although false positives may seem relatively harmless in comparison with their false-negative cousins, ‘people can absolutely get hurt,’ said Dr. Benjamin Mazer, a pathologist and diagnostics expert at Johns Hopkins University. . . . In places where the virus is relatively scarce, false positives may even outnumber actual positives — eroding trust in tests and, under some circumstances, prompting outbreaks of their own. A positive result on a coronavirus test sets off a cascade of consequences. According to guidelines published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people who test positive should immediately isolate for at least 10 days after their symptoms start (if they experience symptoms at all). That is 10 days spent away from friends and family, and 10 days of potential productivity in a school or workplace lost. . . . False positives can also be disastrous from a treatment standpoint, said Linoj Samuel, a clinical microbiologist at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit. People with the flu or Covid-19, for example, often show similar symptoms, but may only be tested for one of them at a time. If a patient is given an incorrect diagnosis of Covid-19, that person could be deprived of treatment that could alleviate their illness, or be given a costly therapy that does little to speed their recovery.”

Plus: “As testing in the United States continues to increase, experts have expressed concerns that frequent and high-profile diagnostic errors could seed disillusionment among the general public.”

And if you get sent to isolation with other coronavirus-positive people, you could catch it, when you were actually disease-free before.

FLASHBACK: Make DC A Swamp Again.

HUNTER BIDEN’S MAGICAL MOSCOW LAPTOP. “The only Russian disinformation operation here is the one being waged by the media.”

Flashback: Russians! Under my bed!

Related: Mueller report: Donald Trump collusion conspiracy theories are now exposed. Will they end? Spoiler: No.

ARE MILLENNIALS AND GEN Z DOOM FOR THE GOP? Earlier in the 21st Century, the demographic silver bullet for Democrats was the “Rising Electorate” of Blacks, Hispanics and other “voters of color.” Now, Ronald Brownstein says the silver bullet is the Millennial and Gen Z generations.

And why do these younger voters — who will soon make up the largest generational voting block — represent the end of the line for Republicans? Here’s Brownstein’s governing assumption: “Given that the younger generations align much more closely with Democratic ideological views on almost all policy questions …”

But is that “given” actually a given? What if Trump wins another four years, gets the economy expanding again, as it was just prior to the pandemic lockdown, and continues the trends of increasing household income, record low-unemployment among Blacks, women, Hispanics and young people, and new-job creation?

Where will Democrats find a new silver bullet?

BRYAN PRESTON: From the Avengers to Coyotes and Nylon Rope: Blue-Check Ignorance and Intolerance Threaten Freedom and Our Way of Life.

What if the Avengers actors hadn’t defended Pratt? Would we have seen cancel culture destroy a good and decent man not for saying something offensive, but for saying nothing at all? Probably.

Recent blue-check stupidity doesn’t stop at the Avengers’ defense of the Bill of Rights. During the final presidential debate, President Trump brought up the issue of “coyotes” smuggling people across the border. Twitter idiots erupted with guffaws. Because they’re stupid.

Someone went and gathered blue-check reaction to the president’s factual and accurate coyotes remark. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so tragic.

A couple of those blue-checkers are actually famous. Peri Gilpin, originally from Waco, Texas, played Roz on Frasier. Lexa Doig has starred in a few B-grade and below TV series and movies.

As both of them and all Americans ought to know, coyotes are human smugglers and traffickers. They charge poor people exorbitant sums of money to get them into the United States against our laws by whatever means their evil minds may devise. Coyotes do not care about the welfare of their customers at all. They care about cash and breaking laws. They tend to move the human cargo in the backs of trucks and in conditions that subject them to the real threat of injury and death. No food. No water.

Given Snopes’ target audience, no wonder they get the vapors over the Babylon Bee’s headlines.

TWITTER ALSO CENSORING REAL CLEAR POLITICS: Just tried to tweet RCP’s link to new Biden revelations from Peter Schweizer and Seamus Bruner in The New York Post. Check out the result (giving it another shot produces the same result, over and over):

UPDATE (Charlie): Here’s a link to the story: Hunter’s Emails Confirm Claims of Biden Corruption.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Episcopal Church Marriages Plunge by Two-Thirds.

THE CORBYNIZATION OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY CONTINUES APACE: Some Groups, Residents Say Gov. Cuomo Has Taken Criticism Of Orthodox Jewish COVID-19 Noncompliance Too Far.

The governor’s words came a day after he announced he would withhold funding from local governments that do not enforce the rules at schools, including yeshivas.

“If the local government does not effectively enforce the law, we will withhold funds from the local government… If they don’t, we will withhold funding from the government. I don’t like to do that. Budgets are tough all across the board. I don’t know how else to get them to do the enforcement they need to do. So, hopefully that will motivate them because nothing else I have done has motivated them – not my rapier wit, not my sense of humor, not my guilt, not my blame, not my admonition, and not my pleas. Maybe money works,” Cuomo said.

He later pointed out that yeshivas receive a significant amount of funding.

“I guarantee if a yeshiva gets closed down, and they’re not going to get state funding, you will see compliance,” Cuomo said.

The above link goes to CBS’s New York affiliate. Though I assume Cuomo’s attacks against New York Jews are approved by the top-level CBS brass: Former Comedian Stephen Colbert Bows Before ‘Your Excellency’ Andrew Cuomo.

WHY IS CNBC TAUNTING THE OWNER OF THE NEW YORK TIMES? NBC Host Taunts Cotton About Big Tech Suppression Of Biden Story. Cotton’s Matchless Answer Leaves Him Speechless (Video).

IS THERE A STRONG MAN DICTATOR THE NEW YORK TIMES HASN’T ADMIRED? Biden is Wrong: U.S. Didn’t Have a Good Relationship With Hitler — But the New York Times Did.

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SLATE REALLY NEEDS TO STOP IMITATING THE BABYLON BEE: Beethoven Has a First Name. It’s time to “fullname” all composers in classical music.

There will be a time when we’ll go to concerts again. We will buy our tickets, shuffle shoulder to shoulder down the aisle, and find our seats. The lights will dim, and the conductor will walk onto the stage to introduce the program. They might talk about Beethoven, Schumann, and Bartók. And they might talk about Alma Mahler, Florence Price, Henry Burleigh, and Caroline Shaw. Many of us, used to the conventions of classical performance, will hardly notice the difference: “traditional” white male composers being introduced with only surnames, full names for everyone else, especially women and composers of color.

The habitual, two-tiered way we talk about classical composers is ubiquitous. For instance, coverage of an early October livestream by the Louisville Orchestra praised the ensemble’s performance of a “Beethoven” symphony, and the debut of a composition memorializing Breonna Taylor by “Davóne Tines” and “Igee Dieudonné.” But ubiquity doesn’t make something right. It’s time we paid attention to the inequity inherent in how we talk about composers, and it’s time for the divided naming convention to change.

* * * * * * * *

As we usher wider arrays of composers into our concerts and classrooms, this dual approach only exacerbates the exclusionary practices that suppressed nonwhite and nonmale composers in the first place. When we say, “Tonight, you’ll be hearing symphonies by Brahms and Edmond Dédé,” we’re linguistically treating the former as being on a different plane than the latter, a difference originally created by centuries of systematic prejudice, exclusion, sexism, and racism. (Dédé was a freeborn Creole composer whose music packed concert halls in Europe and America in the mid-19th century.)

Going forward, we need to “fullname” all composers when we write, talk, and teach about music. If mononyms linguistically place composers in a canonical pantheon, fullnaming never places them there to begin with. When we say, “Tonight, you’ll be hearing symphonies by Johannes Brahms and Edmond Dédé,” we’re linguistically treating both composers as being equally worthy of attention. And while fullnaming might seem like a small act in the face of centuries of harm and injustice, by adopting a stance of referential egalitarianism, fullnaming at least does no more harm.

The author is right about one thing: There will be a time when we’ll go to concerts again. I’m especially looking forward to seeing new concerts performing the splendid works of Johann Gambolputty de von Ausfern-schplenden-schlitter-crasscrenbon-fried-digger-dingle-dangle-dongle-dungle-burstein-von-knacker-thrasher-apple-banger-horowitz-ticolensic-grander-knotty-spelltinkle-grandlich-grumblemeyer-spelterwasser-kurstlich-himbleeisen-bahnwagen-gutenabend-bitte-ein-nürnburger-bratwustle-gerspurten-mitzweimache-luber-hundsfut-gumberaber-shönendanker-kalbsfleisch-mittler-aucher von Hautkopft of Ulm.

ROGER KIMBALL: A Momentous Election.

A preview of this new order was recently vouchsafed by the diminutive satrap Robert Reich. “When this nightmare is over,” he tweeted, “we need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. It would erase Trump’s lies, comfort those who have been harmed by his hatefulness, and name every official, politician, executive, and media mogul whose greed and cowardice enabled this catastrophe.”

Noted. And the truly frightening thing is that it would be susceptible neither to repeal nor revision but, having cast our political life into a Manichaean struggle between heresy and the regime, would hearken only to competing entreaties from its own medium of exchange, naked power.

The prospect of that malign dispensation is why I believe the 2020 election is the most momentous of my life.

Read the whole thing.

LIKE THE NYPD, FORMER NEW SOCIALIST “IT GIRL” ALSO NOW JUST PHONING IT IN: AOC returns to her tiresome and hypocritical victimhood stunt.

“AOC is a name given to me by community & the people,” she continued. “Y’all can call me AOC. Government colleagues referring to each other in a public or professional context (aka who don’t know me like that) should refer to their peers as ‘Congresswoman,’ ‘Representative,’ etc. Basic respect 101.”

This is asinine. Male or female, politicians are commonly referred to by last names or abbreviations. Consider how often you have heard President Trump called “Trump,” former President Barack Obama referred to as “Obama,” and so on. Ocasio-Cortez is creating a sexist victim narrative for herself where none exists.

In fact, she has referred to government officials and colleagues in this exact manner many times. Just on Aug. 20, Ocasio-Cortez referred to “Kamala” and “Biden.” On multiple occasions, the congresswoman has referred to Hillary Clinton as “Hillary.”

Ironically, Ocasio-Cortez regularly refers to Vice President Mike Pence as simply “Pence” but has publicly chastised him for referring to her without her title.


There’s also something inherently condescending and reductive about Ocasio-Cortez’s complaints. She claims to be advocating on behalf of women and speaking out against sexism. But in reality, the view Ocasio-Cortez is espousing suggests that women in politics can’t handle being referred to in the same manner as their male colleagues. She’s essentially using woke vernacular to say that female politicians are particularly delicate and fragile.

It’s all about getting attention, by any means necessary.

GLEICHSCHALTUNG! School district fires principal who questioned ‘coercive’ Black Lives Matter measures. You shall not question the woke ideology!

Somebody report this to the Department of Education, and the Justice Department.

ANSWERS TO THE MOST BAFFLING QUESTIONS: “How the hell did Milton Friedman’s epic, pro-capitalism Free To Choose series air on PBS, of all networks, in 1980?,” Nick Gillespie of Reason tweets. Gillespie answers that question here: Bob Chitester: How Free To Choose Changed the World. Here’s the inside story of Milton Friedman’s path-breaking PBS series about economic and political freedom, from the man who produced it.

IN OTHER NEWS, CADILLAC DEALERS CLAIM FREE CADILLAC PLAN WILL PAY FOR ITSELF: Profs claim Joe Biden’s free college plan will pay for itself. Other experts disagree.

SALENA ZITO: Why Pennsylvania miners are voting Trump — even though he didn’t bring jobs back.

He doesn’t hate them, and the Democrats do?

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TAR. FEATHERS. Government Cameras Hidden on Private Property? Welcome to Open Fields.

Seated at his kitchen table, finishing off the remains of a Saturday breakfast, Hunter Hollingsworth’s world was rocked by footsteps on his front porch and pounding at the door, punctuated by an aggressive order: “Open up or we’ll kick the door down.”

Surrounded on all sides of his house, and the driveway blocked, Hollingsworth was the target of approximately 10 federal and state wildlife officials packing pistols, shotguns and rifles. And what was Hollingsworth’s crime? Drugs, armed robbery, assault, money laundering? Not quite.

Months prior, in 2018, the Tennessee landowner removed a game camera secretly strapped to a tree on his private land by wildlife officials in order to monitor his activity without apparent sanction or probable cause. Repeat: Hollingsworth’s residence was searched by U.S. government and state officials, dressed to the nines in assault gear, seeking to regain possession of a trail camera—the precise camera they had surreptitiously placed on his private acreage after sneaking onto his property at night, loading the camera with active SD and SIM cards, and zip-tying the device roughly 10’ high up a tree—all without a warrant.

This is a physical trespass, and any claim that the “open fields” doctrine should apply here is absurd.

THE NEW YORK TIMES IS SHOCKED — SHOCKED! — THAT THE NYPD ARE NOW PHONING IT IN: 6 Are Shot in Brooklyn as N.Y.C.’s Summer of Violence Spills Into Fall. Shootings that plagued the city for most of the summer have not abated, and some city leaders question whether the police have backed off enforcement.

Flashback: New York City Proves You Don’t Have to Defund the Police, You Can Just Demoralize Them.

And between the New York Times and Mayor Bane, that has to be one demoralized police squad.

Or perhaps thanks to Mayor Bane, the police now have new priorities: Wow: Black Lives Matter protests are OK, but watch this cop harass Jews in a private residence.

MATERIAL SUCCESS/RELATIONAL FAILURE ON A GLOBAL SCALE: If that sounds like a prescription for civilizational failure, it is. Dr. Patrick Fagan of MARRI looks at the social science data in an around-the-world assessment.

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Jeffrey Toobin Proves Hating Trump Means You Can Do No Wrong.

How do you think the women on this particular conference call feel? I’m not talking about the Eek, a mouse! moment; I’m talking about knowing Toobin was masturbating with your live image up on his computer screen.

How would that make you feel?

How would it make you feel if that was your daughter or wife?

I know I’d want to knock his block off.

I’m not here to call for Toobin’s firing. But I know I’d be fired for such a thing.

I also know that if Toobin were Sean Hannity or Donald Trump or anyone on the right, all the oh-so lofty principles expressed above would go right out the window. Because there are no principles at work here. Wagon-circling the indefensible is not principled, and you never saw me defending Bill O’Reilly or Roger Ailes.

As far as the mockery, I believe in shame. Shame is a good thing in a circumstance like this one. Society is better off and so are individuals if they fear being shamed for something like this.

The sad truth is that if you are not a member of America’s degenerate elite, you are a second-class citizen in this country who will lose your job for wearing an Obama mask. But if you are a member of the elite, you are allowed to lie, commit violence, and even get caught charming the cobra during a work meeting, and the fault and shame will all be laid at the feet of those appalled by a grown man who would do something so reckless and, yes, sick.

As Iowahawk tweeted, “the main difference between working in journalism and working at Panda Express is you probably can get fired for masturbating at work at Panda Express.”

THAT CAN’T BE RIGHT BECAUSE #ORANGEMANBAD: EU Coronavirus Cases Twice As Bad As US, And Climbing.

K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: School Threatens 12-Year-Old With Arrest for Allegedly Missing 90 Minutes of Zoom Class. “Mastrov assumed the school had been sent in error, so he called the school. He was shocked to learn that the authorities meant business: The law says any kid who misses three full days of school or is tardy for a 30-minute class period on three separate occasions can face jail time. The policy was obviously intended to cover unexcused absences for in-person education, but the district apparently intends to apply it to virtual education as well.”

Allowing your kids to attend public school, even virtually, borders on parental malpractice.

THE PALACE GUARD MEDIA: Former Comedian Stephen Colbert Bows Before ‘Your Excellency’ Andrew Cuomo.

Former comedian Stephen Colbert on Thursday continued to turn The Late Show into a show of Democratic talking points as he metaphorically bowed before Andrew Cuomo, unironically calling the New York Governor “your excellency.” Of course, the politician’s disastrous nursing home decision never came up.

Burying the idea that the ex-comedian would speak truth to power, Colbert gushed, “Please welcome governor Andrew Cuomo! Governor, your excellency, thanks for being here. Nice to see you again.” Speaking to the man whose decision to force nursing homes to take COVID patients killed thousands, the host cheered:

Not that you did everything right from the beginning, but the people of New York saw that you took this seriously, and that you did your best to mitigate, and you continue to do your best to mitigate the problem in New York and that on a daily basis you kept them informed.

Related: Over 1,000 New Yorkers hospitalized for COVID-19, the state’s highest level since June.

More: Muslim Group Says Cuomo Is ‘Targeting And Unjustly Blaming’ Jewish Communities For Coronavirus Spread.

Cuomo is a uniter, not a divider!

CHANGE: Birth rates will drop, people will stay single for longer and women will sexualise themselves more: Scientists predict how society will change in a post-COVID world.

In turn, the team suggest, this trend could lead to a ‘large-scale backslide toward “traditional” gender norms’ — where women end up dependant on their men as ‘breadwinners’ — and related shifts further into social conservatism.

‘A consequence of the pandemic, therefore, could be a reduction in tolerance across a range of issues,’ the researchers wrote.

These could include, they added, less acceptance for ‘non-monogamous mating arrangements, legal abortion, and rights for sexual minorities —who violate traditional gender roles and are also stereotyped as promiscuous.’

Furthermore, Professor Haselton said, economic inequality could see many women sexualise themselves more in order to compete with each other for desirable men.

Well, the scientists’ predictions have certainly been spot-on so far.


Got all that?

This is a coherent, if strange, position. I would note, however, that Murkowski has made an art form of tying herself in knots over whether to support confirming high quality conservative jurists nominated to the Supreme Court.

She agonized — we know because she told us — over whether to back Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination. In the end she didn’t.

Now, she has agonized over whether to back Amy Barrett’s. In the end, she will — sort of.

Just about every other Senator finds it easy enough to take a position in these cases. For some reason, Murkowski finds it a monumentally difficult.

Or to put it another way: Lisa Murkowski Decides She Wants a Political Future.

YOU CAN THANK BLM AND ANTIFA FOR THIS: Leading gun control group misses 2020 spending target… by more than half.


[Harrington] then pushes Amanpour further by noting that CNN ran with the unverified, Russian garbage that is the Steele Dossier.

You may recall that CNN’s Jake Tapper first dabbled in the aforementioned, now infamous, dossier, attempting to spread it via unnamed sources without revealing the true origin and its veracity. When Buzzfeed dropped the entire dossier publicly, Tapper actually got upset because he felt like they had stepped on his story. What he was really upset by was that he could no longer peddle bits and pieces of the dossier, without having to answer for the entire document. In other words, for CNN to complain about Russian misinformation, when they were a chief purveyor of Russian misinformation, is extremely rich.

Amanpour then dives headfirst in misleading, fake news by trying to bring up the FBI’s latest press conference as proof that the Biden laptop could be due to Russia. Again, there’s no evidence of that, and the press conference in question made no such mention. But as I predicted in my write-up at the time (see The FBI Throws Joe Biden a Bone), the media were always going to latch onto the vague, unrelated allegations made by the FBI earlier in the week, to muddy the waters and pretend it somehow shows Hunter Biden didn’t make millions peddling influence while paying his dad off. He did.

I figure that Amanpour didn’t think she’d get pushed back on so hard in this interview, but Harrington absolutely takes her to the woodshed, and the full clip is worth the watch. It got so bad that Amanpour gets visibly upset, starts rolling her eyes, and desperately tries to mislead about the FBI presser to change the subject. When that all happens, you know you’ve done a good job combating CNN’s nonsense for the day.

NewsBusters has a transcript of the interview, including this moment:

AMANPOUR: As you know perfectly well, I’m a journalist and a reporter and I follow the facts. And there has never been any issues in terms of [Biden] corruption. Now, let me ask you this. Yesterday, the FBI —

HARRINGTON: Wait, wait, wait!


HARRINGTON: How do you know that?

AMANPOUR: I’m talking about reporting and any evidence. I’m talking to you now —

HARRINGTON: I would love if you guys would start doing that digging and start doing that verification.

AMANPOUR: Now, we’re not going to do your work for you. I want to ask you a question —

HARRINGTON: That’s a journalist’s job!

AMANPOUR: — contrary to what —

HARRINGTON: It’s a journalist’s job to find out if this is verified!

Now who’s being naive, Liz?

A TIME FOR CHOOSING: “Why all this anger, and all this fear? Without a doubt, Americans are served up many arguments, regularly, and in generous helpings, why they should be angry and fearful. But, and also without a doubt, Americans also have good reasons not to be either angry or fearful. In the end, whether we are angry and fearful is up to us.”


October 24, 2020

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Sorority member put on probation for ‘unbecoming’ conservative values expressed on social media.

JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH MICHAEL YON, who’s got some interesting plans for covering America in the next few months. Visit his Patreon page if you’re interested in helping.

FLASHBACK: “I’VE PROBABLY JUST GOTTEN PARANOID OVER THE YEARS, but the sudden wave of concern over ‘deepfakes’ makes me think maybe there’s some (genuine) video out there that’s really bad for the Democrats.”


OBAMA ERA FLASHBACK: OPM’s ‘Cyber Pearl Harbor’ might affect 14 million.

AN OBITUARY FOR OUR TIMES: Leonard Louis Greendorfer.

Leonard Louis Greendorfer passed away peacefully on October 11, 2020, at age 92, leaving this earth to join the souls of his loved ones on the joyous Simchat Torah holiday. Len was raised in the Richmond District of his beloved San Francisco and spent much of his young life working at the family’s used furniture business on McAllister Street. When San Francisco razed the traditionally Jewish neighborhood of the Fillmore District in favor of redevelopment, the city lost its Jewish core. Len always enjoyed telling his family, friends and anyone else who would listen about the rich Jewish life that used to exist in San Francisco.

Len spent most of his career after the destruction of the Fillmore District in the tobacco industry, but his passion in life was family, friends and faith. . . .

Without pulling punches, Len had disdain for the dramatic changes taking place in local politics and religion. After a brief experiment with a Reform temple, Len and Hannah found a new religious home, as well as a physical home, when they left Daly City to move to Pleasanton. Chabad of the Tri-Valley restored Len’s faith in faith, and the election of President Trump gave Len hope that the American republic would be saved. Len was an ardent Zionist as well and took delight in seeing the re-establishment of the Jewish homeland of Israel as well as its growth into a modern Jewish nation. As proud as he was of the accomplishments of his people in Israel, he was just as shamed at the conduct of progressives who abandoned the Jewish faith for the religion of the Democratic Party. The highlight of recent years for Len was President Trump’s courageous and unprecedent support of Israel and the President’s strong actions to confront progressive anti-Semitism in the United States. . . .

A family service was held at Eternal Home in Colma, in defiance of the politically motivated lockdown that likely shortened Len’s life. In lieu of flowers, Len would appreciate everyone reading this obituary to vote to re-elect President Trump.

His memory is already a blessing.

OPEN THREAD: This is your special place.

SALENA ZITO: Meet the suburban women who may yet win the election for Trump.

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Long-standing claims of Biden corruption all but confirmed with Hunter’s emails.


So, just like 2016, then.

RICK TUMLINSON ASKS, how long before the commies go after the NewSpace phenomenon?

I think the billionaires involved expect this. Jeff Bezos has tried to protect himself by assuming lefty coloration. Elon Musk has chosen bravado and rapid movement. The Google folks have just buried their space stuff in a confusing jumble of projects.

FOUR YEARS AGO THIS WEEKEND: Clinton Vaults to a Double-Digit Lead, Boosted by Broad Disapproval of Trump (POLL). “All told, Clinton leads Trump by 12 percentage points among likely voters, 50 to 38 percent, in the national survey, her highest support and his lowest to date in ABC News and ABC News/Washington Post polls.”

WHEN THE LEFTY WASHINGTON MONTHLY IS SAYING THIS . . . Why Trump Has a Serious Chance of Winning. Really. “First, the president is actually more popular now than on the day he was elected. Yes, that’s right. His personal favorability rating around election day in 2016 was 37.5%. Now, it is 43.2%. There are, in fact, hundreds of thousands of Americans (if not millions) who have grown fonder of Trump.”

Related: Feeling pushed towards Trump. “The reason I am feeling pushed towards Trump, and at such a late date, and despite my strong inclinations otherwise, is that I no longer feel this is a Kang v. Kodos scenario. From the right, I continue to see the usual callous indifference to the lives of ordinary people, but it’s just indifference. The message I am getting from the left is that I am a target they mean to destroy. I’m not real comfortable with that.”

MEMORIES TAKE UP RESOURCES, AND MOST MEMORIES LACK SURVIVAL VALUE: To Remember, the Brain Must Actively Forget: Researchers find evidence that neural systems actively remove memories, which suggests that forgetting may be the default mode of the brain. Which raises the question of why I can remember cigarette jingles from when I was 5 years old.

Actually, I have a theory on that. For the vast majority of evolutionary history, people were preliterate, and songs were the chief means of longterm information transmission. (Rhyme and meter, etc. even serve as primitive error-checking mechanisms.) So being able to remember the songs that told you where to find famine foods, etc., had definite survival value.


AMERICA’S NEWSPAPER OF RECORD: Democrats Propose Stopping Coyotes By Distracting Them With Decoy Roadrunners.

CHAMPAGNE FOR BREAKFAST, AND A SHERMAN IN MY HAND: Nat Sherman International Closed. Manhattan Townhouse and wholesale cigar operations shuttered by end of September, ending 90-year history in New York City. “‘We worked hard to successfully transition Nat Sherman International to a new home. The Covid-19 pandemic created new challenges that were unfortunately too big to overcome,’ said Jessica Pierucki, general manager, managing director for Nat Sherman.”

NEWS YOU CAN USE: How to Gain Political Influence.

DISPATCHES FROM PORTLANDIA: Seattle LGBTQ Commission wants their lesbian mayor to resign.

NOT THE BABYLON BEE: Tampax gets ratioed into outer space after tweeting “Not all people with periods are women.”

Yes, that is indeed some ratio. You can read a few of the many replies at the above link.

SO, A BITTERLY CLINGING BASKET OF DEPLORABLES, IN OTHER WORDS? Watch: Joe Biden Calls Trump Supporters Outside His Rally ‘Chumps.’

SADLY, YES: Politics key to views on COVID-19 in U.S., poll shows.


NEWS YOU CAN USE: The Importance of Readiness for Self Defense. “I was involved in two shootings. In the first, I killed the man. In the second, I got shot down. Both of them were a total surprise.”


It should be noted that the backlash against immigration is often expressed within racial categories. Workers from Nigeria, Zimbabwe, and other African countries who’ve migrated to South Africa have faced terrible violence from locals who resent their competition in the job market. And in the mid-19th century, it was white Christian Irish immigrants fleeing the Potato Famine who stoked the anger of restive urban workers—as dramatically portrayed in Martin Scorsese’s 2002 masterpiece Gangs of New York. Bad economic times tend to push people into tribes—and race is just one way that such tribes self-organize.

A modern-day (and decidedly less violent) version of this intra-racial pattern is represented by London’s so-called Polish Plumbers. Something like a million Poles migrated to Western Europe since their country joined the EU in 2004. A majority settled in the United Kingdom—part of the nearly 17 million “posted workers” in the European Union who live and work in a country other than their own. For the most part, they come from Eastern Europe and seek jobs in the more affluent west.

What drives them is what drives Central American migrants who seek entry into the United States. They’re looking for higher incomes, better schools, a brighter future for their families. These are dreams that everyone shares. The difference is that posted workers are legal, while many Central American migrants who cross the border are not. The idea that whole nations—including their low-paid workers—will someday celebrate the ideal of “open borders” is a fantasy, just as Sanders told us five years ago. And given the crushing effect on the poorest members of our society, it is ironic that it is progressives who embrace this fantasy most fervently. In Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who campaigned to yank Great Britain from the EU (and hence its acceptance of posted workers), can thank the Polish Plumbers for giving him the greatest Conservative majority since Margaret Thatcher—as their presence helped him sweep formerly Labour-voting working-class constituencies across northern England.

I’m not supposed to say this, but I will: Taking a knee to Black Lives Matter, or hauling down monuments, isn’t going to change any of this. Nor will corporate diversity policies, many of which are trumpeted on social media by the same conglomerates that are hiring low-cost labor in droves. What we need are policies—including trade and immigration policies—that help us carve up the economic pie in a way that sees all workers get their fair share, no matter what their ethnicity.

In America, class war is disguised as cultural war, and cultural war is often cloaked in the language of race and civil rights, to coin an Insta-phrase.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): When Rulers Despise The Ruled. “If the rulers feel neither loyalty nor empathy toward the ruled, the ruled can be expected to return the favor.”

Related: Trump is a symptom of a new kind of class warfare raging at home and abroad: “But the New Class isn’t limited to communist countries, really. Around the world in the postwar era, power was taken up by unelected professional and managerial elites. To understand what’s going on with President Donald Trump and his opposition, and in other countries as diverse as France, Hungary, Italy and Brazil, it’s important to realize that the post-World War II institutional arrangements of the Western democracies are being renegotiated, and that those democracies’ professional and managerial elites don’t like that very much, because they have done very well under those arrangements. And, like all elites who are doing very well, they don’t want that to change.”

LIFE IN DE BLASIO’S NEW YORK: The Latest: UNGA Head Concerned NY Mayor Won’t Meet on Virus. “The president of the United Nations General Assembly has expressed concern that New York Mayor Bill de Blasio rejected a meeting with him to discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the work of the 193-member world organization.”

GREEN NEW DEAL SNEAK PREVIEW: PG&E to cut power to over one million people in California.

SCIENCE, UNSETTLED: Venus might not have signs of life after all, say astronomers.

MARK JUDGE IS ASKING THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: Revisiting the New Romantics — Was Duran Duran more important than the Clash?

And for those looking for more deep dives into early ’80s music:


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