March 7, 2021

DAN MARKEL UPDATE: Katherine Magbanua May Be Retried In The Fall For Dan Markel’s Murder.

“DO YOU WANT TO BE FOUND IN CONTEMPT OF THE REGIME?” “WHY NO, I WAS TRYING TO CONCEAL IT.” A Verdict Makes History in Cuba by Rejecting ‘Contempt’ as a Crime. “In its eagerness to cover up a totalitarian system with a veneer of the rule of law, the Cuban regime has flooded the set of laws that govern the country with ones that punish the slightest dissent. The logic is simple: the Government creates laws that shield it against any threat, including a simple phrase such as “Patria y Vida” (Homeland and Life). Contempt, as a crime, violates even the simplest forms of the freedom of expression, such as criticism. The sweeping purview of said law, as with others found in the PC, is only possible thanks to a deliberate ambiguity in its wording.”

Sounds increasingly familiar. Plus: “In Cuba, precedent is not considered a source of law. Therefore, the sentence handed down by the Municipal People’s Court of Santiago de Cuba will not serve for judges to act in the same way in similar cases. Nevertheless, the decision issued in Dairon Duque de Estrada’s case does mark a shift in the interpretation of the law that can be invoked by lawyers in subsequent cases. Moreover, the fact that several judges agreed to reject the crime of contempt as it has been wielded by the regime ruptures the judicial coherence with which dissent is criminalized in Cuba. This, on a symbolic level, represents a great victory for those fighting for the right to freedom of expression on the island.”

MARK JUDGE: I Knew the Name of the Dragon.

With each passing hour, the rope was tightening … not around me, but around the conspirators. They asked for extensions to testify, they made excuses, they launched attacks through the media. They scrubbed [Christine Blasey] Ford’s internet history and tried to use my high school yearbook against me and Brett while memory-holing Ford’s salacious history and own yearbook. They protested, they yelled, they asked for an FBI investigation.

They claimed Ford, a lifelong and enthusiastic traveler to remote locations, was afraid to fly. They couldn’t produce any of the evidence they had cited, not even notes from Ford’s therapist. This had nothing to do with assault or parties or yearbook slang. It was, as Senator Lindsey Graham put it, “a bunch of garbage.” Graham also knew the dragon’s name.

After more than a week, Ford’s Leviathan grew truly malevolent and reckless. On September 24, 2018  – my birthday – I got a very sinister phone message from a California number. A reptilian voice on the other end told me I was about to be messed with (the caller used more colorful language), and then abruptly shifted to a slightly softer tone: “Hey, give me a call. We’ll work something out.” This was flat-out extortion, witness-tampering, Mafia-style strong-arming. The voice, both menacing and solicitous, was just as I imagined the sound of the voice of the dragon Yevaud in A Wizard of Earthsea. I could almost smell the smoke coming from the nostrils.

Call you back? I don’t think so.

I know your true name.

Read the whole thing.

“WE FEEL USED AND BETRAYED.” Yeah, who could have seen that coming, “Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden?” Sheesh. I’ll bet you don’t even get an ambassadorship to Malta out of it, either.

JOE BIDEN, FRIEND OF THE WORKING CLASS: Nothing says ‘America is back’ like taking someone’s job away.

Related: America’s elites are waging class war on workers and small biz.

GENTLEMEN, YOU CAN’T VACCINATE OLD PEOPLE HERE, THIS IS A PANDEMIC! Ron DeSantis and Larry Hogan are vaccinating old people; Democrats and the media are angry about it.

I DON’T LIKE BOSTON DYNAMICS’ AESTHETIC: Boston Dynamics Robots Dance to ‘The Humans Are Dead.’


What’s a home worth?

It’s a tough question, and it’s one that Vicki Baker found herself trying to answer the hard way after a SWAT team mutilated her house in McKinney, Texas, during a standoff with a fugitive who had barricaded himself inside.

“For two days, I couldn’t quit crying,” Baker says. “The tear gas was everywhere. It was on the walls. It was on the floors. It was on the furniture. It was everywhere.”

Prior to the SWAT showdown, Baker’s daughter, Deanna, gave officers a key to the home, as well as a garage doorInstitute for Justice opener and the back gate code. Agents took a different route. They smashed six windows. Instead of using the code, they maneuvered a BearCat armored vehicle through her fencing. Instead of using the clicker, they detonated explosives to blow off the garage entryway. And instead of using the key, they drove right on through her front door.

“It was after the insurance company told me there was no coverage that I really fell apart,” Baker adds. The company furnished a clause that protects them from liability in cases where the government is at fault for the damage. The city demurred: There would be no coverage. She was not a victim, according to the state.

“I’ve lost everything,” Baker says. “I’ve lost my chance to sell my house. I’ve lost my chance to retire without fear of how I’m going to make my regular bills.”

Tar, feathers, and a lawsuit. The latter is coming: Former McKinney resident suing city for damages after her home was ‘destroyed’ in a SWAT raid.

AS I MENTIONED IN THE NEW SCHOOL, EARLY AMERICANS WERE EXTREMELY LITERATE: The Myth that Americans Were Poorly Educated before Mass Government Schooling: Early America had widespread literacy and a vibrant culture of learning.


Related: The short answer is chutzpah: “Charlotte Bennett, who has accused Cuomo of sexually harassing her, claims she overheard Cuomo’s office director Stephanie Benton complaining about having to take the training for the governor. If true, I think it’s pretty funny. And telling. Many men who have taken sex harassment training must probably wished they could have delegated that duty. Few would have thought of delegating it to a woman.”


March 6, 2021

THE MAN IN THE MEDIA MASK: Tracking the Course of Joe Biden. “The Biden administration can be subjected to two empirical tests by any observer: first whether there will there be a new outbreak of war in the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) owing to the repudiation of the Abraham Accords and second, will it endorse restrictions on the exercise of the First and Second Amendments?”

Yes, and yes.

EXPLAINING THINGS TO CHARLES BLOW, who generally needs the help.

Plus: “Never noticed Pepe LePew behaved like a Democrat pol before.”

DON SURBER: Sidney Poitier: Enemy of the People. “The problem with Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? is it stars Sidney Poitier. He’s too white.”

Back in the early ’90s, ABC did a — really good — docudrama on the Brown case called Separate But Equal. It closely tracks Richard Kluger’s Simple Justice, an oral history of the case done while the major figures were still alive. My old lawprof and mentor Charles Black (who wrote the brief with Thurgood Marshall in the case) was still alive then, and we talked about it on the phone after we’d watched it. Charlie’s comment: “They got Sidney Poitier to play Thurgood, and then they got some S.O.B. that looked just like me.” I show the film in class sometimes, as its treatment of the legal issues is shockingly good for a movie, much less a TV movie.

The DVD is $59.99 on Amazon, which is a lot more than I remember. I wonder if that’s in anticipation of Poitier being cancelled as insufficiently black. It would be hilarious, except that mass hysteria on the part of people running all our major institutions isn’t actually funny. “Liberals now make the same argument the Ku Klux Klan did in denying the civil war was about slavery. Demoting Poitier to Stepin Fetchit status should serve as a warning not just to Will Smith and Obama, but to all black people. You may not be next, but you are on the list.”

Related: Study Finds Book Burners Always Stop With Just A Few Fringe Books, So There’s Nothing To Worry About.

OPEN THREAD: Party like the Bay City Rollers.

SPACE: DoD space agency to award multiple contracts for up to 150 satellites.

SO A MAJOR CHANGE HAD A MINOR IMPACT. States that allowed indoor dining saw 3% rise in COVID-19 deaths, CDC finds. That’s margin-of-error stuff even on a well-designed study.

I KNOW HOW I’M GUESSING: Online dating: Super effective, or just… superficial? “People’s reason for swiping right is based primarily on attractiveness and the race of a potential partner, and that decisions are often made in less than a second.”

FASTER, PLEASE: Huntington’s disease driven by slowed protein-building machinery in cells.

DON’T LOOK TOO CLOSELY, THE DEEP SEVENS MIGHT NOT LIKE IT: Scientists Detect Signs of a Hidden Structure Inside Earth’s Core.

EVERGREEN HEADLINE FOR THE 21st CENTURY: I can’t believe this is not satire. But this is not satire. They’re really doing this. “Yes, this a real product. Yeah. It’s a ridiculous-looking Groucho-style air filter you wear over your schnoz all day long. So that the air you breathe in through your nose is cleaner and less virus-y. Because nowadays everything is trying to kill you, remember?”

The above link goes to Not the Bee — because in 2021, even the Babylon Bee’s satire can’t keep up with how crazy reality has become.


REVIEW: Walther PDP Handgun in 9 mm.

SCIENTISTS EXPECTING AN EARTHSHATTERING KABOOM: South-West Iceland’s Been Hit by 17,000 Earthquakes This Week. It May Be About to Erupt.

THINK OF IT AS EVOLUTION IN ACTION: Humans evolved to use water much more efficiently than apes.


In the short time since taking office, Biden has already snubbed Iranian dissidents who courageously wrote to him from inside Iran, some writing from prison, urging him to maintain sanctions and other pressures on the regime and to provide support and solidarity for their democratic struggle. Instead, their message was received as an inconvenience by a White House national security team staffed with some of the regime’s leading U.S.-based apologists. The administration then quickly provided other sweeteners to the regime, including the lifting of sanctions on their proxy in Yemen, the lifting of restrictions on its arms buying and selling, the lifting of U.S. opposition to an IMF loan, and the neutering of a pro-freedom public diplomacy initiative from the State Department, which went overnight from being a popular source of information on the regime’s repression and corruption to the butt of jokes among Iranian democracy activists. The initiative‘s Persian-language Twitter account has had a steep drop in followers since the U.S. election because of its canceling of real-time statements about the regime’s human rights abuses in favor of promotion of the Biden team’s appeasement measures. When angry Iranians on Twitter pushed the State Department into taking a stand about the regime’s torture and killing of Behnam Mahjoubi, it only raised their ire by saying he was “mistreated.”

Biden’s decided U-turn away from maximum pressure on the regime to a posture of maximum accommodation has been accompanied by silence about the regime’s escalation of its war against its own people, and anyone else who is unfortunate enough to fall within its reach. Biden’s policy of appeasement has been accompanied by large increases in the number of executions and deaths in custody of political prisoners, the taking of foreign hostages for ransom, and threats to kill dual nationals like Swedish Iranian researcher Ahmadreza Djalali. The new administration has, in effect, taken every opportunity to demonstrate to Iran’s thuggish theocracy that it will give in, even signaling that the regime’s holding of American hostages will not be an impediment to negotiations on the nuclear program.

The results of this policy of accommodation are clear. Khamenei has not hesitated to respond by intensifying belligerence by the Islamic Republic’s proxies, who shell American troops in Iraq. America’s other leading adversaries, particularly China and Russia, are also taking note; they do not expect to be confronted for their aggressions and can more easily plot to fill the vacuum left by the United States in the Middle East.

Earlier: ecological Terrorism: Iran Behind Major Oil Spill Off Israel’s Coast.

THIS SOUNDS PRETTY GOOD: Recipe: Creamy French Mustard Chicken.

THE GRAUNIAD, ONE YEAR AGO TODAY: Why I’m taking the coronavirus hype with a pinch of salt.

SOMEBODY SET UP US THE BOMB. MSNBC’s Joy Reid: Conservatives would trade tax cuts to ‘openly say the n-word.’

BOB ZUBRIN: A Method for Creating Enormous Space Telescopes.

LIKE MY GRANDFATHER SAID, SMOG MEANS JOBS: Air pollution fell sharply during lockdown.

TRUNALIMUNUMAPRZURE! Biden: ‘Indian-Descent Americans Are Taking Over the Country.’ “Can you even imagine if the previous president had said this out loud into a microphone? You’d have to peel Brian Stelter off the ceiling. Hell, last week Biden blurted out what sounded a lot like the N-word, and all the libs pretended it never happened because they just don’t want to deal with it.”

NANCY ROMMELMANN: Kids and Cowards: What Really Happened to Donald McNeil at the New York Times.

I don’t know who leaked the information (neither does McNeil). But the why seems easier to fathom: It’s one way to get ahead these days, a shortcut whereby you can chop down someone’s 45-year career in a few days, killing their reputation while burnishing your own as someone who’s fighting the unassailable good fight. And in 2021, that fight is combatting racism. Drop that blood in the water and watch it spread.

* * * * * * * *

The repercussions were swift. As Baquet kept repeating, “Donald, you’ve lost the newsroom.”

“Let me give you an alternative view of ‘who’s lost the newsroom,” McNeil countered. “If you fire me over this, you’re going to lose everybody over age 40 at the paper, all the grown-ups.”

“We’re not firing you,” Baquet said. “We’re asking you to consider resigning.”

It was the exact same abdication of leadership Baquet has become famous for. What kind of executive editor allows the newsroom—indeed, the most activist subset of the newsroom—to lead him?

Yeah, who does Baquet think he is, Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic?


BIDEN VOTERS POSTING THEIR L’S ONLINE: Liberals melt down on Twitter over video of Sen. Sinema’s thumbs-down vote against the minimum wage hike.

If you haven’t seen it yet (it broke Twitter yesterday), do not miss the clip of her thumbs down/curtsy gesture on the Senate floor.

(Classical reference in headline.)

YES. DO. Stop Saying We Can’t Go Back to Normal After Vaccines.

Some people don’t want to go back to normal.

NEANDERTHAL THINKING: U.S. Optimism About COVID-19 Situation Reaches New High, Gallup poll finds.

SHOCKING NEWS FROM THE WORLD OF SCIENCE: Covid deaths high in countries with more overweight people, says report.

NEWS YOU CAN USE? You’re Not Trans. You’re Just Weird:

Editor’s note: This hypothetically open letter was originally posted by its anonymous author on Medium and was rapidly removed as “hate speech.” We found it to be a refreshing dose of honesty, a charming and relatable open letter from one parent to other parents (not to the child, obviously!) about dealing with a challenging and dangerous moment in raising children, especially “weird” adolescents who search for their identities harder than others and risk making life-damaging mistakes in a way never before possible. We are reposting it here on New Discourses with the permission of the author.

by Donna M.

My dear, sweet, son,

I’ve got to break it to you: you’re not trans, you’re just weird.

This seems like a cruel thing to point out right now. Clearly, you are struggling and feeling pretty awful about things. I can see that you are in a rough patch, and one of the first rules of parenting is to not pile on. The world is pretty heavy on your shoulders. You’re fifteen. There’s a pandemic going on. But here I come anyway. I’m about to throw more on you.

When you were two ­– a happy, chubby, little tyke in pull-ups, you watched the world with wary eyes behind the thumb in your mouth. You leapt with joy in the rhythm of the toddle music classes. You chattered and shared stories about your stuffed animals. You loved your little sister. Enjoyed cookies and finger painting. That was all pretty normal.

But you also started to count to one thousand on our walks. And you started to call out the store names as we drove around. And you preferred reading books rather than playing with the other two-year-olds at preschool. And you hated sitting in the circle when instructed. And you hated the feel of blue jeans. And you threw big tantrums when you lost any kind of game. In other words, you started to show signs that you were… weird.

The grandparents were the first to notice. They said gentle things like “You oughta keep an eye on that one,” and sent us links to Wall Street Journal articles about child prodigies. And then the other parents in the play groups started to comment; “He’s pretty intense, huh?” And the teachers were on to it pretty quickly. They started to use fancy terms like “asynchronous development.”

Read the whole thing.

BIDEN’S RECKLESS IMMIGRATION TALK ISN’T JUST BAD FOR AMERICA, it lures immigrants into deadly danger. Michael Yon: Deadly Funnel: The Darien Gap. “There is no road at all connecting Panama and Colombia, thus the infamous Darien area is called the Gap. Or the Darien Gap. Reminds me of the Desert of Death in Afghanistan, only this is mountains, jungle, and murderers. And so, they must go on foot for roughly 4O miles and six days. . . . The osmotic human pressure has dramatically increased since January. The Biden administration established a Green Zone in D.C., unfurled a welcome-to-hell carpet across our Southern border, and now people are flooding through Darien. Communist Guerrillas and drug smugglers, along with naked tribesmen, fill the Darien. Even the Armies stay clear.”

ETHICS: Ethics professor who advises Cuomo caught scrubbing nursing home deaths from report by health officials.

Way back before InstaPundit was a thing, Peter Morgan and I argued that the “Ethics Establishment” was essentially corrupt, and nothing has happened since then to suggest we were wrong.

K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: Baltimore Student Who Failed All But Three Classes In Four Years Was Ranked In Top Half Of His Class.

Baltimore’s last Republican mayor left office in 1967.

HEY, IT’S NOT ABOUT INCLUDING POOR PEOPLE. Northeastern hires first-ever ‘chief inclusion officer’…while hiking tuition 3.7 percent.

(HOW REFRESHING.) Biden Press Secretary: Trump Admin Doesn’t Deserve Credit for COVID Vaccine Rollout.

It’s hard to determine which has been more infuriating: Biden, Harris, and other Democrats deliberately undermining the vaccine last year by telling people it could be unsafe if “rushed through because of politics,” Democrats conveniently flip-flopping on that position after the election, or the Biden administration delivering slaps to the faces of Operation Warp Speed members who worked their fannies off to help make what was said to be impossible happen before the end of the year.

Biden can try and cover himself in glory all he wants on how the vaccine rollout has gone so far, but the facts are what they are. No amount of posturing and “circling back” on the issue from Psaki or any other spinmeister in this administration is going to change that.

In other news regarding the Circle Back Girl: Jen Psaki Tries to Explain Joe Biden’s ‘Neanderthal’ Insult, and People Feel the Unity.

(Classical reference in headline.)

GOODER AND HARDER: Walgreens shutters 10 stores in San Francisco as residents point to rampant shoplifting. “Under California law, theft under $950 is considered a misdemeanor, but many prosecutors throughout the state have opted to free those charged with the offense under certain conditions rather than holding them in jail for the maximum sentence of six months.”

Related: California Is Lost, Getting Rid of Newsom Won’t Save It.


Well, some people are.

It’s Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life.

SHOULD HAVE DONE IT YEARS AGO: NRA move to Texas cheered by Cruz, Jordan, and Pompeo.

DAVID BERNSTEIN: Is non-Orthodox American Judaism doomed?


MICHAEL YON EMAILS: “Am in Colombia by Panama border. Edge of Darien Gap. Tons of migrants coming north. I’ve been talking with them and making many photos/videos.”

Stay tuned.

THE NEW BORDER CHAOS: A crisis of Biden’s own making.

Trump had a number of false starts at the border, but, by the end, had created an entirely reasonable system based on his lawful authorities to impose order at the border. There is no good reason to rip up much of this arrangement, though that’s exactly what Biden has done.

During the pandemic, Trump turned around illegal crossers at the border on public-health grounds. Biden has created an exception for unaccompanied minors, which is an obvious incentive for families to send children under age 18.

Under Trump, the Migration Protection Protocols, also known as Remain in Mexico, ended the practice of letting Central American migrants into the US while their asylum claims were adjudicated.

This was crucial because, under the old arrangement, asylum seekers were allowed in while their claims were considered. Even if the claims were ultimately rejected, as the vast majority of them were, the migrants overwhelmingly ended up staying anyway. This was a huge magnet to migrants — get to the border and claim asylum and you’re in the United States, very likely to stay.

Related: Dana Loesch explores The Rage Hypocrisy Over Texas’s Reopening:

Either the pandemic is a concern terrifying enough to close businesses forever; rob a year of life from children; set schools back a year; enforce policies that cause drug and alcohol abuse rates, anxiety percentages, suicide, and abuse to skyrocket; terrifying enough to hysterically invoke rhetoric like “They literally want to sacrifice the lives of our fellow Texans” — or it’s not.

O’Rourke and other Democrats haven’t expressed any hysteria over releasing often untested and/or coronavirus-positive illegal entrants and asylum-seekers into the country. In fact, they haven’t said a word.

I thought they were concerned about the pandemic and the lives affected?

Speaking of which: Biden administration tells facilities for migrant children to reopen to pre-pandemic levels.

IT’S ONLY A PANDEMIC CRISIS WHEN THEY WANT IT TO BE A PANDEMIC CRISIS: “Extraordinary circumstance”: Feds to reopen border shelters for child migrants — at full capacity, despite COVID.

SHOCKER: USA Today: Support for BLM has fallen and support for police has risen. “But perhaps the most interesting finding in this survey is that support for BLM has dropped more among Black Americans than white Americans. Similarly, trust in police has gone up slightly more among Black Americans than among whites.”

GLENN GREENWALD: As the Insurrection Narrative Crumbles, Democrats Cling to it More Desperately Than Ever: If the threat of “armed insurrectionists” and “domestic terrorists” is as great as some claim, why do they have to keep lying and peddling crude media fictions about it?

It was a made up line, for domestic political purposes. If there were a real insurrection, they’d deny it.

Plus: “(Two FBI operatives have since anonymously leaked that it is looking at a ‘suspect’ who may have engaged with Sicknick in a way that ultimately contributed to his death. But nothing still is known; Sicknick’s mother claims he died of a stroke while his brother says it was from pepper spray; and all of this is worlds away from the endlessly repeated media claim that a bloodthirsty pro-Trump mob savagely bashed his head in with a fire extinguisher.)”


So I figure the “intelligence” about new “uprisings” on January 20, March 4, March 20, etc. is just people spreading rumors to make the authorities look stupid. If so, it’s working!


Last week, Ryan Anderson’s When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment, vanished from “the world’s largest bookstore.” The hardbacks, the paperbacks—even the used copies of When Harry Became Sally sold by third-party sellers through Amazon—poof, gone. When questioned by Anderson’s publisher, Amazon lamely pointed to a new policy that permits it to bar “inappropriate and offensive” works and also “hate speech.” It never bothered to offer proof or explain how Anderson’s book ran afoul of these guidelines; it apparently didn’t think it needed to.

The New York Post’s editorial board attempted to explain why Amazon targeted this particular three-year old book: Anderson’s “scholarly analysis of transgenderism . . . questions politically correct sacred cows.” But there are plenty of other politically-incorrect volumes sold on Amazon, including Anderson’s 2012 book, What is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense—a conservative objection to gay marriage. I suspect What is Marriage’s home on will remain undisturbed—not for lack of controversy, but for lack of relevance.And here we get to the key difference between the two books: The legality of gay marriage has been settled in America. Whatever people’s private feelings about gay marriage, its legality in America is beyond dispute, and its acceptance by American society, widespread. Opposing it is a dead issue, a loser.

And as Amazon well knows, no book is likely to change that.But transitioning minors—that’s another story. For all the sloganeering about how the sanctity of affirmation-based treatment is settled practice, it isn’t. Leading psychotherapists have challenged “affirmative care” and its abuses have been acknowledged in open court. J.K. Rowling’s well-publicized alarm at the spike in transgender identification among teen girls, followed by the publication of my book, encouraged a widespread backlash against the idea that it is wrong or repressive to question the protocols governing the medical transition of minors.

One week after Black History Month concluded, it’s…really something to see “Item Under Review” and “not currently available for purchase” on Amazon’s page for the Kindle edition of Thomas Sowell’s classic 1996 book, The Vision of the Anointed:

Click to enlarge.

Related: We didn’t start this culture war. The woke left rages against increasingly bizarre things, and then calls everyone else crazy. “All this, and in the service of what? A new woke orthodoxy whose authoritarianism is matched only by its stupidity. If you genuinely think that building a better society starts with rebranding the kids’ toys, you have no business calling anyone else crazy. The left’s embrace of wokeness has made it look utterly ridiculous to the very people it should be representing. Nothing will be gained from this censorious, divisive movement. But a hell of a lot could be lost. Those of us on the anti-woke side of politics, which extends far beyond the lazy right-wing caricature, did not start this culture war. But we do need to win it.”

OUR GARBAGE ELITES ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF YET ANOTHER WAVE OF MASS HYSTERIA: Gone With the Wind, Breakfast at Tiffany’s among TCM’s nearly 2 dozen ‘problematic’ films.

It’s easier to succumb to mass hysteria when you’re garbage people performing for other garbage people, unrelieved by much in the way of intellect or values.

WAR ON THE WORKING CLASS: Democrats Just Snuck a $1 billion tax hike on workers into their Covid bill.



Tom is a cat in trouble. The worst possible kind of trouble: he’s been turned into a human. Transformed by an irascible old magician in need of a famulus — a servant and an assistant, Tom is as good at being a servant as a cat ever is. The assistant part is more to Tom’s taste: he rather fancies impressing the girl cats and terrorizing the other toms by transforming himself into a tiger. But the world of magic, a vanished and cursed princess, and a haunted skull, and a demon in the chamber-pot, to say nothing of conspiring wizards and the wickedest witch in the west, all seem to be out to kill Tom. He is a cat coming to terms with being a boy, dealing with all this. He has a raven and a cheese as… sort of allies.
And of course there is the princess.
If you were looking for ‘War and Peace’ this is the wrong book for you. It’s a light-hearted and gently satirical fantasy, full of terrible puns and… cats.

AND RIGHTLY SO: Poll: Most support tough stance towards China on human rights, economics. “Roughly nine-in-ten U.S. adults (89%) consider China a competitor or enemy, rather than a partner, according to a new Pew Research Center survey. Many also support taking a firmer approach to the bilateral relationship, whether by promoting human rights in China, getting tougher on China economically or limiting Chinese students studying abroad in the United States. More broadly, 48% think limiting China’s power and influence should be a top foreign policy priority for the U.S., up from 32% in 2018.”

IT’S BEEN A YEAR LIKE THAT:  Picking Up The Pieces.

I AGREE WITH HIM. WHICH PROBABLY MEANS NOT THAT LONG:  US politics have now become a war for survival – for both sides.

RESISTANCE GROWS TO CREEPING EVANGELICAL WOKISM: Natasha Crain is an evangelical blogger, podcaster and author who normally focuses on family life issues. But she recently took up the issue of reputation and the public perception of the evangelical community.

In the course of a sterling analysis, Crain pointed to some fundamental flaws in a widely read piece by Russell Moore of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention:

“Similarly, Moore says that we all must acknowledge the reality of systemic racism. But systemic racism is a loaded term that has a very specific meaning today — it’s the idea that racism is baked into the very structure of our society, and any disparity in outcomes between people is due to oppressive social structures. There are many Christians who would not agree with Moore that this is a ‘truth’ we should be lining up behind in order to salvage our cultural credibility.”

Crain is likely not well known to many Instapundit readers. I would humbly suggest that she should be.

HOW LONG WILL WE TOLERATE THIS?  Border Crisis: California, Feds Spending Millions on Hotel Rooms for Illegal Migrants.

I’M SURE TWITTER DISAPPROVES OF HIM TOO:  Today’s blacklisted American: Student blackballed for saying “a man is a man, a woman is a woman”.

WELL! IF TWITTER HATES IT, IT CAN’T BE ALL BAD:  Suit Supply ad that looks like an orgy causes Twitter frenzy.

(Yes. That really is where I live these days. Too bad. So sad.)

WELL THEN, THAT SETTLES IT – OFF WITH HIS RACIST HEAD:  Woke parents agree: Dr. Seuss books are canceled.

Did anyone see my eyes. I rolled them so hard I think they’re under the sofa. The cats are probably playing with them.

OH, FOR THE LOVE OF BOB:  CDC offers ‘zombie preparedness’ tips in case Nostradamus is right.

John Ringo’s Black Tide Rising novels have a better chance of being right. For one, he’s smarter and a more rational thinker than all of the CDC together or one by one.

AIRLINES. ONE MORE CASUALTY OF COVIDIOCY:  Masks still needed on airplanes, FAA says in updated recommendations.

BECAUSE THEY’RE NOT STUPID? Why blue-collar workers are going red. .

Oh, oh oh, and they know where food comes from!

I HAVE A CURE FOR THAT: OPEN UP THE ECONOMY:  Pushed out by pandemic, women struggle to regain footing in US job market.

Let my people go!

TOO LATE TO CONSENT, IF HE’S READING YOUR PANTIES:  Sex assault survivor launches lingerie line, ‘Assk first’.

March 5, 2021

OBVIOUSLY CORRECT, BUT ALSO NO DOUBT EVIDENCE OF PATRIARCHY: Federal judge says states acted too late to ratify Equal Rights Amendment.

Of course, assuming fair enforcement the ERA would be a disaster for feminists.


Well, also vaccines and most cookery.

WELL, THEY CERTAINLY WANT TO REPLACE US: America Must Replace Its Failed Elites.


OPEN THREAD: Ring in the weekend with stellar blog comments.

THIS SOUNDS LIKE HE MAY BE TAKING A JOB IN THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION: Whitesides steps down from Virgin Galactic. “According to company sources, Whitesides said he was leaving the position of Virgin Galactic’s chief space officer to pursue unspecified opportunities in the ‘public service sector.'”

I’ve known him since he was NSS Executive Director. An able guy and very pro-space. I hope I’m right about what this means.

IAN FAITH HAS LEFT THE BUILDING: Tony Hendra, This Is Spinal Tap Actor and National Lampoon Alumnus, Dies at 79.


DO SCIENTISTS KNOW ABOUT SHRINKAGE? Mercury may not have shrunk nearly as much as scientists think.

BIDEN MOVES TO FIRE EEOC GENERAL COUNSEL:  Sharon Gustafson’s term as General Counsel at the supposedly independent EEOC doesn’t expire until 2023.  So far, she has refused to resign.  (Of course, if Trump had done this, it would have been an outrage.)

BOB MCMANUS: Andrew Cuomo’s insidious lies are finally catching up with him.

MEDICARE PART A BANKRUPTCY IN 2026: Congress and Presidents have been warned over and over and over. Robert Moffit of the Heritage Foundation explains how the coming insolvency will affect everybody, not just seniors.

GOOD: Researchers discover new way to halt excessive inflammation.

WEST VIRGINIA: Restaurants back to 100% seating capacity; small business & retail store restrictions lifted; but mask mandate still in effect. Restrictions also lifted on gyms, fitness centers, museums, youth travel sports.

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Texans and Mississippians might be forgiven for wondering why their governors did not earlier follow the courageous path of Governor Kristi Noem (R-S.D.), who has garnered national headlines for her stubborn refusal to enact various mask-wearing mandates and other lockdown orders. But still: Better late than never.

Abbott now joins Florida’s standout Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, who recently finished second behind former President Donald Trump at the 2024 presidential straw poll conducted at the Conservative Political Action Conference, as a fellow leader of a highly populous red/red-leaning state who has dared to defy the histrionic groupthink and draconian lifestyle restrictions that have far too often defined America’s COVID-19 response. DeSantis’ leadership on getting Florida back to seminormal again (the conference itself, normally held outside Washington, D.C., was held in Orlando, this year due to laxer COVID-19 restrictions) has dramatically elevated his national political profile. Abbott, a less surefire 2024 presidential contender, similarly stands to benefit politically, at least within the Lone Star State.

Joe Biden, never known for his eloquence, lambasted Abbott and Reeves for making a “big mistake” and succumbing to “Neanderthal thinking.” But federalism is a stubborn thing, and Uncle Joe has no say in how Texas and Mississippi exercise—or don’t exercise, as the case may be—their “police power” regulatory authority over their respective citizenries.

No word yet if Biden’s “neanderthal thinking” crack also applies to Ned Lamont’s Connecticut: Capacity Limits to Be Lifted at Restaurants, Gyms & More; Mask and Distancing Guidelines Maintained.


During his opening monologue on Thursday, Fox News’s Tucker Carlson excoriated the ongoing military occupation of Washington, D.C. and explained why it’s still there and what has liberals so fearful.

While the left is admittedly scared of pretty much everything, he acknowledged, fear of “the other” has them most wound up now.

“When you’re a liberal, the world is a very scary place, but there is one fear that rises above all other fears in the liberal mind: The fear of “the other.” Like all primitive cultures, modern liberalism is tribal,” he said. “Liberals understand most of the American continent as a mysterious dark space, like a medieval map populated by drooling Trump voters and violent illiterates with extra chromosomes.

“Liberals despise people like this, of course, and on some level, they know they’re hated right back,” he continued. “They worry that someday there will be a backlash against the people in charge, which, of course, is them. That’s their biggest fear, a peasant revolt.”

And so, D.C. looks like Baghdad’s Green Zone, he said.

The left and right were fully prepared for another “insurrection” on March 4, but like a child fearful of the monster in the closet, the threat wasn’t real.

Open up the Capitol now. The People’s House for the People!

HOWIE CARR: Coronavirus has the Karens and Biden voters cowering.

Three states announced they were ending the absurd yearlong “mask mandates,” and the left’s collective head exploded in outrage.

The reason is because this isn’t about public health anymore, or even politics, if it ever was. COVID is now the state religion, and the decisions by these GOP governors aren’t seen as a policy dispute, they’re considered heresy. . . . Remember the 15 days to flatten the curve? That was a year ago. And there is no end in sight.

Masks have been transformed from tools that are moderately useful in the right circumstances to magical totems. The sort of thing that a . . . neanderthal might employ against disease.

TAMARA KEEL: “Funnily enough, I’ve never noticed a single Chevy commercial ever mentioning that it’s illegal to operate their products in at least fifty states without a driver’s license, yet I don’t see the NYT clutching their pearls at General Motors’ ad agency. Anyhow, the point of the lawsuit isn’t to win, it’s to go on a hunt for something that, quite frankly, probably isn’t there. . . . Still, though, I wouldn’t want you rifling through my emails for stuff to cut-and-paste out of context, either. Would you want me rummaging through your stuff, Mr. Grewal?”

NEWS YOU CAN USE: 5 Great Types of Shotgun for Personal Defense.

21ST CENTURY HEADLINES: ‘Space hurricane’ that rained electrons observed for the first time.

IT DIDN’T WALK THERE BY ITSELF: How Did This Skull End Up All Alone in a Cave in Italy? We Finally Have an Answer.

GETTING ABDUCTED BY ALIENS IS NOT THE ONLY WAY TO GET A MANDATORY ANAL PROBE: Passengers Arriving in Beijing And Shanghai Being Forced To Undergo Covid-19 Anal Swab Testing.


Shot: Why Joe Biden Might Be the Best Bet to Beat Trump.

—Andrew Sullivan, New York magazine, May 3rd, 2019.


(Classical reference in headline.)

FAKE NEWS FROM AL JAZEERA: Sorry, but I take this one personally. As many of you know, last year, I co-chaired the “No on Proposition 16” campaign here in California. I was also the campaign’s second largest donor (behind the first highest by 1 cent), even though I am by no stretch of the imagination a wealthy woman. Our campaign was outspent by about 14 to 1. We tried as best we could to make up for that disadvantage by working 14 times as hard. And somehow, we managed to win. (It helped a lot that California voters agreed with us .)

Al Jazeera, however, has managed to find an American academic who attributes Proposition 16’s defeat to the supposed big money financing of an “anti-affirmative action industry.” I know … it’s just Al Jazeera.   What was I expecting?  Still, it’s annoying.  I assume I’m not supposed to cuss on this blog, so I’d better stop now …

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