September 22, 2019

WELL, OF COURSE:  Big three ignore Kavanaugh correction.

LOS ANGELES: HE CLEANS AGAIN BY NIGHT. Before and after footage of homeless camp after Scott Presler’s team cleaned it is shocking.

AT AMAZON, Fall Savings on Wheels and Tires. Winter is coming.

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GREAT AGAIN: Modi visit to Houston backdrop for one of the largest LNG deals in U.S. history.

DEMENTIA MAKES THAT HARD: Joe Biden and his son Hunter can’t keep their Ukraine story straight.

SHE’S AWFUL: Elizabeth Warren’s plan to slash your retirement funds.

Related, seen on Facebook:

COATES IS A WILDLY OVERRATED WRITER, who focuses his efforts on “crowd pleasing,” but who has chosen a particularly inferior crowd to please.

I also like the reference in the comments — about the professor of economic history who was a policeman in Papua New Guinea — to Andrew Wareham, who’s written a lot of novels well, and based on detailed knowledge of the subject matter.

DAVID BARON, CALL YOUR OFFICE: Bear claws its way into the back of a Pigeon Forge family’s house. A bear who tries that at my house will be a rug.

OPEN THREAD: Have fun!


SPACE: Russia Says It Will Keep Source of Hole (and Air Leak) on Soyuz Secret— But NASA Wants to Know. I’m suspicious.


To paraphrase Alvy Singer, leftwing activism is like a shark — it has to constantly keep moving forward or it dies. And with global warming, what the left has on its hands…is a dead shark.




PERSON OF TOLERANCE AND DIVERSITY KEYS PRO-2ND AMENDMENT OWNER’S CAR: Student’s Car Vandalized Because Of Pro-2nd Amendment Stickers.

Some things never change; in 2016, a Seattle car received $5,000 worth of damage, including slashed tires, because it had a Trump bumper sticker. In 2012, there were multiple reports of cars with Romney bumper stickers being keyed. In 2004, Glenn reported from the bullet-riddled Bush-Cheney headquarters, amidst reports of Bush-Cheney-adorned cars being keyed and causing road rage in leftists who espouse an ideology that preaches tolerance and diversity. Speaking of which, back then, a T-shirt manufacturer sold a Shirt with the image of a scratched-out Bush-Cheney 2004 bumper sticker and the words “A person of tolerance and diversity keyed my car.” Someone with a Café Press account should update the design for 2020.

THE MEDIA COVERED FOR OBAMA’S INCOMPETENCE LIKE IT COVERED FOR NOBODY SINCE AT LEAST FDR: Jamie Kirchik: Critics of the Trump administration’s foreign policy have forgotten the mistakes and misjudgments of its predecessor:

This was the constant, tediously narcissistic background music of the Obama presidency—that his youth and personal sympathy for those who perceive themselves to be the victims of American global hegemony somehow obviated the forces of history and ideology and culture, never mind what other nations perceived to be in their national interest. The Obamians’ determinist view of history could not recognise that the Cuban communists lock up independent journalists because the stale doctrine of Marxist-Leninism demands it; that Iran pledges “Death to Israel” because it sincerely seeks it, that the men in the Kremlin acquire actual glory from the serial humiliations they inflict upon Russia’s smaller neighbours; and that these phenomena derive from cultures and ideologies that will not be attenuated by American apologies and appeasement.

21ST CENTURY PROBLEMS: YouTube Influencers Are Oversharing Their Surgeries.

FEELING THE HEAT: Yikes: Biden Loses His Cool With Fox News Reporter.

I BLAME VENUSIAN SUV DRIVERS: “Venus may have been a temperate planet hosting liquid water for 2-3 billion years, until a dramatic transformation starting over 700 million years ago resurfaced around 80% of the planet.”

Forty years ago, NASA’s Pioneer Venus mission found tantalising hints that Earth’s ‘twisted sister’ planet may once have had a shallow ocean’s worth of water. To see if Venus might ever have had a stable climate capable of supporting liquid water, Dr. Way and his colleague, Anthony Del Genio, have created a series of five simulations assuming different levels of water coverage.

In all five scenarios, they found that Venus was able to maintain stable temperatures between a maximum of about 50 degrees Celsius and a minimum of about 20 degrees Celsius for around three billion years. A temperate climate might even have been maintained on Venus today had there not been a series of events that caused a release, or ‘outgassing’, of carbon dioxide stored in the rocks of the planet approximately 700-750 million years ago.

“Our hypothesis is that Venus may have had a stable climate for billions of years. It is possible that the near-global resurfacing event is responsible for its transformation from an Earth-like climate to the hellish hot-house we see today,” said Way.

So the watery, tropical Venus of 1950s SF wasn’t wrong, just . . . out of date.

NOBODY WANTS THAT: Treating the Incredible Shrinking Vagina: What is “vaginal atrophy,” and how can you stop it? Luckily, it’s easily treated.

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IT WAS YUGE: “Howdy Modi” Event In Houston: Trump And Indian PM Modi Celebrate U.S.-India Alliance.

This, too, is part of Trump’s diplomatic response to the Chinese.


If being idiotic were a barrier, the Democrats wouldn’t have any narratives.

UPDATE: At a rally like no other, Trump woos Indian American voters ahead of 2020. “Instead of red Make America Great Again hats, there were turbans and Islamic caps. Women in traditional Indian garb danced to bhangra drums. And tens of thousands of cheering Indian Americans chanted ‘USA!’ and snapped photos.”

WELL, YES: Biden Dealings With Ukraine Raise Troubling Questions, despite Dem criticism.

The proposed investigation involves Hunter Biden’s involvement with a controversial Ukrainian natural gas company while then-Vice President Biden was overseeing America’s Ukraine policy.

Critics of the president have accused Trump of attempting to “extort” Ukrainian officials for “dirt” on Biden, the current front-runner for the Democratic nomination to run against Trump next year.

But why would Ukraine have dirt on Joe Biden? For answers, one must look at Burisma, the Ukrainian gas company which, until earlier this year, employed Hunter Biden.

Yes, but the media has been pretty ruthless in avoiding looking into the Biden family’s dealings with Ukraine or China. Trump, however, is fair game for perhaps trying to push the Ukrainians into doing what the American press won’t.

Old school media: “It’s not the crime, it’s the coverup.”

New school media: “It’s not the crime, it’s the investigation.”

QUESTION ASKED: More Fracking, or More War?

“No war for oil!” they chanted when George W. Bush’s administration prepared to invade Iraq. It was always a stupid slogan — if we’d wanted to get our hands on that Iraqi oil, we could simply have bought it at a discount rather than pay a horrifying blood premium for it — but now that chant can reasonably be turned back on its authors: If you want less war, then you should want a lot more fracking.

Related: What Happens to Saudi Arabia When the World Doesn’t Need Its Oil?

PESTILENCE: This Week’s Scary Bug—Is EEE Really Coming To Get You?

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EVERGREEN HEADLINE: The Far Left is Making Teens Miserable Over the Imminent Destruction of the World.

A statement that’s been true since about 1968 or so.

DISPATCHES FROM TRUDEAUPIA: CTV News reporter melts down after Rebel News asks ban-all-the-things Liberal Minister Catherine McKenna tough questions (video).

Just think of the Canadian media as Liberal Party activists with Chyrons, and it all makes sense.

FASTER, PLEASE: Small Trial Reverses a Year of Alzheimer’s Cognitive Decline in Just Two Months.

EVERGREEN HEADLINE IN THE ROGER GOODELL ERA: Start to NFL season has been a nightmare for league.

THE MICROBIOME: Do gut bacteria affect bowel cancer development?

NOW IT ALL MAKES SENSE: Trudeau Claims He Was Known As ‘Corn Pop’ Until A Cool White Dude Turned His Life Around.

Note to Snopes: This is the Babylon Bee, so it’s satire – or is it?

FASTER, PLEASE: FDA approves new pill for Type 2 diabetes.

DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: Trump Administration to UNC and Duke: Quit Promoting Islam on Our Dime.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Five Signs You’re In The Midst Of A Moral Panic.


NOW: UK Police Stop Publishing Pictures of Seized Knives in Case They Frighten People. Or maybe it’s really just to keep from looking like idiots: “May 2018 saw a number of such weapons busts proudly displayed on Facebook and Twitter, with London’s Hackney Police being forced to delete their social media posts of ‘weapons’ after being mocked for confiscating a butter knife and a bicycle wheel. . . . Britons also mocked Regents Park Police for displaying, along with machetes, butcher knives, and a fencing sword that had been handed over to them, a rusty dessert spoon.”

Mock them more.

BLUE ON BLUE: Working Families Party Staffers Face Harassment After Warren Endorsement. “WFP staffers were inundated with messages calling them ‘liberal sellouts,’ ‘corporate frauds,’ and ‘just as corrupt as the DNC,’ often accompanied with the hashtag #BernieorBust.”

Bernie Bros gonna Bernie Bro.

LEFTY PROTESTERS ARE ALWAYS PIGS: So much for clearing up the planet! Climate change protesters who marched through Manhattan are branded hypocrites for leaving litter strewn across the city.

That’s why it was so shocking when the Tea Party folks left things cleaner than they found them.

STRIKE A POSE, THERE’S NOTHING TO IT: Dems Cook 10,500 Steaks While Lecturing Americans About Eating Less Meat.

HMM: Missing piece to the Ukraine puzzle: State Department’s overture to Rudy Giuliani. “Among the casualties of our domestic political war is the abandonment of professional standards. For proof, consider how two of America’s premier institutions are being dragged through the mud because their leaders decided that standards are for other people. I speak of the FBI and The New York Times, and the men who damaged them, James Comey and Dean Baquet. It is no coincidence that Baquet’s newspaper became an errand boy for Comey’s corrupt team of G-men. Birds of a feather, you know.”

HOLLYWOOD, INTERRUPTED: Megan Fox suffered ‘psychological breakdown’ from being hypersexualized.

“I think I had a genuine psychological breakdown where I wanted just nothing to do,” the 33-year-old actress shared.

“I didn’t want to be seen, I didn’t want to have to take a photo, do a magazine, walk a carpet, I didn’t want to be seen in public at all because the fear, and the belief, and the absolute certainty that I was going to be mocked, or spat at, or someone was going to yell at me, or people would stone me or savage me for just being out … so I went through a very dark moment after that.”

Fox felt like she spiraled into an even deeper hole when she spoke out about being treated poorly by “Transformers” director Michael Bay, saying she felt like no one cared. Even worse, her career suffered for opening up about Bay.

As Jim Geraghty recently noted:

The cultural power of celebrities — or more specifically, the average American’s misplaced trust in the judgment of people who they recognize from being on television or in the movies or hearing their music — is profoundly disturbing. I suspect that the process of becoming a celebrity is almost inherently psychologically damaging. They enjoy the cheers and adoration of large crowds but have difficulty developing and sustaining real behind-the-scenes relationships. Their fans love the characters they play, sometimes oblivious to the fact that the actor is not the character. Most of them are constantly evaluated based upon their appearance by strangers, developing all kinds of obsessions and disorders and frequently going under the knife to preserve their youthful looks. Their ideas for maintaining good health would give the American Medical Association nightmares. Addictions flourish and are almost endlessly enabled. Almost everyone they encounter wants something from them — an autograph, a picture, sex, to read a script, to play a role, or to offer help breaking into the business. And this is before we get to the point that their world lets the likes of Harvey Weinstein thrive and flourish.

Most of the people who create our popular culture are constantly marinating in a culture of exploitation, greed, envy, objectification, abuse, hedonistic excess, and runaway lust of every kind. It’s amazing any of them come out of the process of becoming famous with their head on straight. And yet so many of our fellow countrymen are endlessly fascinated with the inmates of the asylum.

Fascinated, but increasingly often in a watching a train-wreck sort of way, as the late Andrew Breitbart once told me in 2005:

We certainly need our diversions in the age of Terror, where most Americans are worried that an American city will be annihilated by nuclear bombs, by people who are fanatics that are ten times worse than the Christian Right.

I think that you need to divert your attention; you can’t be 24/7 focused on the impending problems that exist in our culture, and that exist within world politics.

So I think that what Americans have done, is that when handed lemons, they have made lemonade. And so I think that by taking the sourpusses of Hollywood, the ones who refuse to deign to treat the average American as worthy of their focus, I think that Hollywood has created a vacuum that has been filled by entertainment that is basically Schadenfreude. I think that we now look to watch people fail, especially celebrities, the people who have been handed the most, for the least amount of contribution to society. In the past, we used to look up to them, and wanted to dress like them, and wanted to imitate the way that they spoke; they way that they dressed. We’d have pin-ups.

I think that now, we’re willing to pay Paris Hilton an enormous amount of money, just so long as she behaves like an idiot on film. And I think that most successful reality shows that have involved celebrities, who are no longer going on cattle-calls to be in sitcoms, are going on cattle-calls to be in reality series. And the ones that they choose to pick are the ones whose lives would be the most manifestly dysfunctional.

So I think that what you see now is an adversarial relationship between the audience and the celebrities themselves. The celebrities are rewarded out here for maintaining a certain political posture. And so, the more they talk up left-wing politics, the more they are going to warm up to the hiring infrastructure.

Hollywood is the one place where affirmative action really couldn’t work. If a casting director wanted to pick a black person who’s pregnant, who’s 32 to 33 years of age, they’re allowed to. You’re not allowed to do that kind of thing in the real world. And if you’re Woody Allen, you’re not going to get sued if you hire the same ten actors for all of your movies.

And that was over a decade before we discovered, after Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein became household names, that “Hollywood Is a Sex-Grooming Gang,” as Kyle Smith noted last year.

A COUNTRY TOO FAR: Iran is overextended in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. A StrategyTalk podcast discusses the situation.

F-35S ARRIVE IN VERMONT: As the caption says, Vermont’s 158th Fighter Wing is the first Air National Guard unit to receive the stealth aircraft. The wing will ultimately deploy 20 F-35s. Photo taken September 19.

THE SUMMER OF PINCH: The New York Times’ Disastrous Summer of Fake News and Public Meltdowns.

WELL, THIS CRAZY “WOKE” STUFF IS MOSTLY OF INTEREST TO ADMINISTRATORS; ONLY A FEW USEFUL IDIOT STUDENTS ARE REALLY COMMITTED TO IT: On campus of 30,000 students, fewer than 10 attend university’s white privilege workshop.

SKYNET REVIEWS ITS PORTFOLIO, SMILES: Vanguard Bets on Robo-Only Adviser.

LEFTISTS WANT THE RIGHT TO SHUT UP. RIGHTISTS JUST WANT THE LEFT TO KEEP TALKING. Clown with bike horn shuts down College Republicans event.

21st CENTURY QUESTIONS: What Comes After Transgender?

ROGER KIMBALL: Another Week, Another Pseudo-Scandal.

Can anyone keep them all straight? They rise like noxious bubbles from the cauldron of deep-state anti-Trump sentiment, only to pass away almost immediately, carried off by their own insubstantiality and the contrasting bright-light series of real achievements on the part of the Trump Administration.

Just this last week, we saw the New York chapter of the left-over Left make a last-ditch effort to smear Justice Brett Kavanaugh by fabricating yet another spurious complaint that an 18-year-old Kavanaugh had been over-served and acted rudely to a fellow female student at Yale. Only the student in question had no memory of the incident.

Like every other complaint against the teenaged Kavanaugh, it was a matter of “my cousin Ernie’s brother’s girlfriend heard from her college roommate that three people whose names she cannot remember told her best friend that someone who might have been Brett Kavanaugh was rumored to have exposed himself at a drunken white-privilege party at Yale 35 or maybe 36 years ago.” That was enough for the wretched New York Times reporters Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly to take to the bank.

In fact, it was worse, for the fount of the rumor they published, without mentioning that the woman in question had no memory of the incident, wasn’t even your cousin Ernie; it was a Democratic Party activist named Max Stier. The dynamic duo did not mention the ideological coloration of their source, nor did they mention that Stier was part of Bill Clinton’s defense team when the priapic former president was endeavoring to extricate himself from l’affair Lewinsky without damaging any more cigars.

But wait, there’s more:

But back to the Ukraine. On Friday, the oyez, oyez, oyez boys in the press whipped up the big display type to announce that someone in the “intelligence community” (we don’t know whom) issued an official complaint that President Trump made a “promise” (we don’t know what) to an unnamed foreign leader that the complainant, whoever it is, found “troubling.” . . .

Stepping back for a moment from that snarling imbroglio, I do wonder whether the latest “Trump abused his powers, let’s impeach him!” gambit is not rather an impressive deployment of a rhetorical-political gambit known as the “preemptive tu quoque I-tagged-you-first” strategy. The media and anti-Trump commentariat is jumping up and down in unison saying, “Trump is leaning on a foreign power in order to gain a political advantage.”

But what is that charge cover for? A chap called Robert Barnes, writing on Twitter, reminds us of a pertinent fact. “The same Democrats who used all the powers of the Presidency to spy on an opposing campaign, and continue to use every power of the House to invade the privacy of the President, are deeply offended that Trump would want corruption investigated involving a former Vice President?” That’s what Latinists called a nonne question, one that expects the answer “Yes.”

In military terms, it’s a spoiling attack.

UPDATE: Just another Schiff show?

TEXAS: Imelda left Satchel Smith as the lone employee at a Homewood Suites in Texas. He smiled and went to work. “We can’t get in or out. The hotel a mile from us is under water. Satchel has been here all night. His coworkers couldn’t make it to work, so he stayed. He has manned the phones, answered each of our questions, ensured that we have had a hot cup of coffee or tea, and helped serve us a hot breakfast.”

AND RIGHTLY, RIGHTLY SO: Washington Post mocked for comparing Elizabeth Warren selfies to Frederick Douglass photos.

BILL WHITTLE: Gamers Rise: Driven from Progressive Society to Become Who They Were Meant to Be.

AND MUCH MORE WIDESPREAD: Why left-wing anti-Semitism is just as bad as white supremacy.

REMINISCENT OF HARVEY WEINSTEIN’S PLEDGE TO GO AFTER THE NRA: Canada’s Trudeau pledges assault rifle ban, pivots campaign amid blackface scandal.


WELL, NARRATIVE MANAGEMENT IS WHAT THE NYT SEES AS ITS MAIN JOB: New York Times Claims Ed Buck Was ‘Small-Time’ Democrat Donor. He Was Not.

TEXAS: Food truck driver makes meal on I-10 for stranded drivers.


COMBATING THE CHILDREN’S CRUSADE:  The best pushback to the misinformation of @GretaThunberg you’ll find.

NO, WE REALLY DON’T NEED ANOTHER CALIFORNIA:  CA Capitol Groundskeepers Want Pepper Spray Following Attacks.


IGNORE THE LEFT:  Do It For The Humans.

SAME OLD SAME OLD:  Aiming At Trump, Shooting Biden (Updated).

WAIT, IS THAT STILL A THING?  Myth Busting: Cell Phone Cancer.

THE ONGOING EUROPEAN SUICIDE:  Now that Salvini’s gone, the EU wastes no time…

ALL THE MASKS ARE OFF: Speak Up, America.

OH, DEAR LORD:  Roundup Time: Please Protect Your Foreheads.


September 21, 2019

AT AMAZON, Men’s Fall Jackets & Coats.

ELIZABETH WARREN IS BEHIND THIS WHOLE “WHISTLEBLOWER” THING, ISN’T SHE? There’s Enough Evidence Proving Ukraine SHOULD Investigate Hunter Biden.

OPEN THREAD: Have fun, kids!

IT TAKES A LOT TO GET ONE OF THOSE WHEN YOU’RE A DEMOCRAT: PolitiFact Gives Hillary Clinton ‘Pants on Fire’ for Voter Suppression Claim.

BIG “BOMBSHELL” IS JUST LAME HEARSAY: Whistleblower ‘didn’t have direct knowledge of the communications’ between Trump and Ukraine.

A HERO OF GENDER FAIRNESS: One brave young man takes on gender inequality at USC.

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Meanwhile, in response to the Peggy Noonan piece referenced earlier, reader Ray Martin writes:

I haven’t read her column in many years (since she voted for Obama).

But I am surprised that nobody seems to grasp the major takeaway from her latest, and that is this:

If Peggy Noonan has figured out what the Dems are doing, then so has everybody else.

And that has major implications for the 2020 election.

Good point.



HEH: Liberals Clarify Their Racism Is Actually Democratic Racism.

Liberals seem to have a problem as more Justin Trudeau blackface photos have surfaced. Meanwhile, Democratic politicians in America continue to say anti-semitic things.

In their defense, liberals have come out to clarify that their racism isn’t the destructive kind condemned by most of humanity, but rather, it’s a new improved form called “democratic racism.”

“It’s not racism—it’s democratic racism,” Justin Trudeau assured supporters as 78 new images surfaced of him in various shades of brown makeup. “It’s totally different from regular racism, and to imply that our racism is the same as the bad kind of racism is ignorant.”

To separate the new democratic racism from old, boring racism, liberals pointed out that their form is very popular, and that their base is willing to defend their racist actions and comments. “See, they voted for us, and no matter what crazy racist comments we make, they’ll vote for us again,” said Ilhan Omar. “Where regular racism is condemned by all, democratic racism is voted for by our supporters. So it’s, like, democratic.”

This is supposed to be satire.

SAME: Donald Trump says he keeps cash on hand so he can leave tips. “​​I do like leaving tips to the hotel. I like to carry a little something. I like to give tips to the hotel. I’m telling you, maybe a president’s not supposed to do it, but I like to leave a tip for the hotel, etc., etc.” Trump understands service workers.


The attack of a woman in the doorway of the Watermark condominium building allegedly by a homeless man who said he was trying to save her from robots has sparked outrage, largely because the crime was captured on video. But it wasn’t an isolated incident — not by any stretch.

“We’re hearing it more and more,” said Supervisor Matt Haney, whose district includes the Watermark and the modern art museum. “When people walk outside, they’ve been accosted, assaulted, yelled at. A lot of that falls on my constituents — they’re angry and frustrated about it, and I’m angry and frustrated too.”

Gilles DeSaulniers, owner of Harvest Urban Market in the South of Market, reported being bitten this month by a violent homeless man he was trying to subdue. He told various TV outlets the man said, “Why are you even calling the police? They’re not going to do anything.”

San Francisco’s last Republican mayor left office at the beginning of 1964.

Related: The California Left Decide They Are Against Environmentalism Because Orange Man Bad.


● Shot: “After the recent CNN ‘Climate Change Townhall,’ one gets the impression that the candidates are no longer running against Trump but instead running against beef. Kamala Harris and Andrew Yang both called for either cutting back meat consumption dramatically or even nudging most of the world to go vegetarian completely. Beto O’Rourke says people who eat meat are part of the problem—and Cory Booker went full veggie a long time ago.”

—“Jerry Bowyer: Campaign 2020: Is it Dems v. Trump or Dems v. Beef?”, Monday.

● Chaser: Iowa Republican Party accuses anti-meat Democrats of hypocrisy for “Iowa Steak Fry” Saturday.

—Kerry Picket, the Washington Examiner, yesterday.

BLOOMBERG DISCOVERS HUGE BREAKING NEWS FROM 2006: Corporate America Has Found a Way to Turn a Profit Off Being Green.

It’s time to stop crediting corporate sustainability efforts as acts of altruism. For big business, protecting the environment often means padding the bottom line.

Nike Inc. has come up with a way to weave more efficiently, reducing the raw material and labor time needed to make each shoe. That has kept more than 3.5 million pounds of waste from reaching landfills since 2012. But the good news doesn’t stop with the environmental impact. The company is spending less on transportation, materials and waste disposal.

The shoemaker’s “more environmentally conscious product has been a source of cost savings,” said James Duffy, an analyst at Stifel.

Those flimsy plastic water bottles sold by Nestle SA? The ultra-thin design has a smaller impact on the environment while pushing down costs associated with packaging and shipping. Inc. and Walmart Inc. have poured tens of millions of dollars into a fund that builds out recycling infrastructure, reducing landfill tipping fees and recovering material that could be sold as new products.

Tech giants have spent billions of dollars on solar and wind power, cutting greenhouse-gas emissions and energy expenditures at the same time. Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Amazon and Facebook Inc. are now some of the largest buyers of green power in America.

Turns out it’s not just easy being green—it’s also profitable.

Heaven forefend! But as Katherine Mangu-Ward of Reason wrote in 2006, during the 1990s, big business “learned that it’s pretty easy being green:”

Ask Bob Langert about the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and he starts to chuckle. “When we meet the regulators, it’s kind of nice,” says the senior director for social responsibility at the McDonald’s Corporation. “We just got an award from the EPA. When we see the regulators, we always hope it’s because they’re giving us an award.”

* * * * * * * *

The idea of the rich corporate villain gleefully dirtying Mother Earth is powerful and appealing. Children of the 1980s encountered this supervillain in comics, movies, public awareness videos, and science textbooks. Times were good for mandatory recycling, for mandatory emissions reductions, for anything mandatory aimed at restraining corporate polluters.

But in the late ’90s, something peculiar started happening. The men in suits were still middle-aged, round, and white. They were still just as concerned with profit and golf. Very few of them sported tie-dyed attire, aside from the occasional whimsical Jerry Garcia tie. But the men in suits started caring. Or at least acting like they cared. Which, if you ask a spotted owl, is the same thing.

So environmental activists across the nation bought their own ties and started dealing with corporations as almost-equal partners in planet saving. Businesses in turn learned that it’s pretty easy being green.

All the way up to Obama’s crony corporatism and beyond.


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