July 27, 2021

OPEN THREAD: Hear the noise.

FINALLY: Break Dancing Will Be An Olympic Sport In 2024.

ASKING THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: Would you like a volcanic rock that’s actually the exploded brain of an ancient Roman?

THE NEW SPACE RACE: Chinese rocket company Space Pioneer secures major funding ahead of first launch.

RADICAL CHIC: THE GERITOL YEARS. Every Dem senator votes to advance eco-terrorist-linked nominee who endorsed population control.

NOT THE BABYLON BEE: The Pittsburgh Steelers are making unvaccinated players wear yellow wristbands. “[T]he NFL is little more than a propaganda machine if you ask me. So this stuff is just a sneak-peak into the world the rest of us will soon be living in. Also, the Babylon Bee satirized this marking of the unvaccinated back in late March, so maybe they should just stop writing satire over there because a lot of it is coming true and it is possible that they’re giving our elites ideas.”

AERIAL RECONNAISSANCE: Mars helicopter’s new photos will determine rover’s path.


IT’S COME TO THIS: Barbara Boxer robbed, assaulted in Oakland shortly after they defund police.

‘I HEARD YOUR TALKING POINTS AND I’M TIRED OF HEARING THEM,’ TOM COTTON SLAMS COCA-COLA EXECUTIVE: “You’re afraid of what [China] will do to your company if you say a single word, like for instance, saying that both the Biden and the Trump administration are correct when they say that China is committing genocide against its own people.”


HEALTH: Moderate drinking linked to lower heart attack risk, study says.

I GOT MY GAMES recently, hope you will order yours.
The Virtue Signal game is still in stock but the Deplorables game is now out. So if you want the Virtue Signal game, order now before it runs out.


STILL HAVEN’T READ A Dubious Expediency: How Race Preferences Damage Higher Education? :  It’s not too late to add it to your summer reading list.  With essays by John Ellis, me, Peter Kirsanow, Heather Mac Donald, Peter Wood, me & Carissa Mulder, Lance Izumi & Rowena Itchon, and Maimon Schwarzschild, it just might be worth your time.

HMM: Lower-wealth volunteers experience greater health gains from volunteering than wealthier volunteers: study. “Formal volunteering in later life is beneficial for both physical and psychological well-being. However, research has shown that older adults with key advantages, such as wealth, are more likely to volunteer and reap its benefits. In a new study appearing in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, investigators found that lower-wealth volunteers may experience even greater health gains than higher-wealth volunteers.”

DEMOCRATS SURE GOT IT GOOD: Why NY Governor Andrew Cuomo May Get Away With the Scandal of the Century.

(Classical reference in headline.)

BREAKING: Gov. Ron DeSantis Responds to New CDC Masking Guidelines.

BIDENFLATION: Thanks To Inflation, American Wages Drop By Nearly 2%.

QUESTION ASKED: Did Simone Biles choke?

HMM: GM Sues Ford over BlueCruise Name For Hands-Free Driving Tech. “Cruise” is pretty generic, and that’s the only part that overlaps. “Ford compared this situation to GM trying to assert trademark ownership on a term such as hybrid or turbo.”

ADJUST NEWSPEAK DICTIONARIES ACCORDINGLY: Immigration Judges Forbidden to Use the Word ‘Alien.’

(Via Off The Press.)

HOME RECORDING UPDATE: How to Rebuild a Recorded Song When You’ve Lost the Multitracks.

My latest, over at Ed Driscoll.com, is a somewhat deep dive into the Music Rebalance app of Izotope’s RX8 audio restoration software for fellow DIY music recording enthusiasts.

WHAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED? The Failure of Lori Lightfoot’s Anti-Violence Plan is an Impenetrable Mystery.

NEW CENSORSHIP, SAME AS OLD CENSORSHIP, BUT WORSE: It’s worse because the Internet makes it so easy for those with power to impose their views while keeping you from reading anything to the contrary.

Writing for City Journal, John Steele Gordon points out that disagreement among scientists is precisely what drives scientific discovery. But social media censorship is radically contrary to disagreement in science, politics, medicine, and pretty much every other area of inquiry.


JIM TREACHER: Andrew Cuomo Is an Evil Ghoul and I Hate Him. “Here’s a question for my lib acquaintances who are reading this: If you think it’s justified to yell at Tucker Carlson in a tackle shop because you disagree with him about vaccines, how can you turn a blind eye to what Andrew Cuomo has done? If you actually believe Carlson has blood on his hands, why aren’t you screaming about the governor of New York? Cuomo has killed at least four times more New Yorkers than Mohamed Atta did. How do you rationalize condemning a TV pundit for expressing an opinion, while excusing a corrupt, incompetent elected official who’s been caught red-handed abusing his power? How much do you actually believe the things you claim to believe?”

WHAT COULD GO WRONG? Med Schools Are Now Denying Biological Sex.

Why would medical school professors apologize for referring to a patient’s biological sex? Because, Lauren explains, in the context of her medical school “acknowledging biological sex can be considered transphobic.”

When sex is acknowledged by her instructors, it’s sometimes portrayed as a social construct, not a biological reality, she says. In a lecture on transgender health, an instructor declared: “Biological sex, sexual orientation, and gender are all constructs. These are all constructs that we have created.”

In other words, some of the country’s top medical students are being taught that humans are not, like other mammals, a species comprising two sexes. The notion of sex, they are learning, is just a man-made creation.

The idea that sex is a social construct may be interesting debate fodder in an anthropology class. But in medicine, the material reality of sex really matters, in part because the refusal to acknowledge sex can have devastating effects on patient outcomes.

In 2019, the New England Journal of Medicine reported the case of a 32-year-old transgender man who went to an ER complaining of abdominal pain. While the patient disclosed he was transgender, his medical records did not. He was simply a man. The triage nurse determined that the patient, who was obese, was in pain because he’d stopped taking a medication meant to relieve hypertension. This was no emergency, she decided. She was wrong: The patient was, in fact, pregnant and in labor. By the time hospital staff realized that, it was too late. The baby was dead. And the patient, despite his own shock at being pregnant, was shattered.

Professors Running Scared of Students

To Dana Beyer, a trans activist in Maryland who is also a retired surgeon, such stories illustrate how vital it is that sex, not just gender identity — how someone perceives their gender — is taken into consideration in medicine. “The practice of medicine is based in scientific reality, which includes sex, but not gender,” Beyer says. “The more honest a patient is with their physician, the better the odds for a positive outcome.”

The denial of sex doesn’t help anyone, perhaps least of all transgender patients who require special treatment. But, Lauren says, instructors who discuss sex risk complaints from their students — which is why, she thinks, many don’t. “I think there’s a small percentage of instructors who are true believers. But most of them are probably just scared of their students,” she says.

Read the whole thing.

ANOTHER GHOSTBUSTERS? COLOR ME SKEPTICAL: Finally, A Reboot/Sequel I’m Excited About.

IS SUBSTACK THE “LAST, BEST HOPE FOR FREE SPEECH?” I think it’s proved that people will actually pay for journalism when it’s interesting and useful (as opposed to solely click-driven) but Substack is still a single point of failure – and the pressure to censor that will be brought on its management once enough powerful people get angry is immense. It would be wise for them, or someone who’d want to compete with them, to come up with a monetized, distributed model to flee to when the time comes.

MICHAEL WALSH: Americans, Choose Freedom and Take Off the Mask.

I’M EXPECTING AN EARTH-SHATTERING KABOOM: Twin meteor showers could spark fireballs to close out July.

DON’T GET COCKY: Sen. Lindsey Graham predicts midterms will be ‘1994 all over again.’

Related: Democrats’ Third Wave: Victory or Death. If they don’t act now, they may not have another chance to enact their agenda for decades to come.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): Really, don’t get cocky: GENERIC BALLOT: DEMOCRATS 41% REPUBLICANS 38%. If you want to win, donate and volunteer. Winning takes work, and commenting on Internet blogs, even this one, doesn’t count.

READER BOOK SUGGESTION: Commenter Agesileos mentioned Steven Pressfield’s Gates of Fire: An Epic Novel of the Battle of Thermopylae. Rather than just post my own book suggestions, please drop your own suggestions in the comments for books you think readers here would like. Maybe we can start an online book club.

UPDATE: Great suggestions so far, thanks everyone!

WHEN YOU’RE A LEFTY WHO’S LOST THE NATION…: What happened to Andrew Cuomo?

SHOCK POLL: Newsom might lose the recall after all.

MARK PULLIAM: An Elegy for the Boy Scouts. “With recent moves more closely resembling the actions of a Fortune 500 HR department, the BSA now has a Chief Diversity Officer, boasts a Diversity and Inclusion Statement, and in 2020 even proposed an Eagle-required merit badge requiring mastery of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to achieve scouting’s highest rank. . . . Change is inevitable, of course, but what does the impending demise of the BSA portend? Is scouting merely a cultural relic of 20th-century America, the obsolescence of which is no more consequential than the disappearance of drive-in movie theaters, Roy Rogers lunch boxes, transistor radios, or poodle skirts? Or does the BSA represent a canary on our cultural coal mine—a warning sign of a mortal threat to our collective well-being that we ignore at our peril?”

Get woke, go broke. Leftism is poison, for organizations and for societies.

DEFUND WHAT? Dallas Mayor Wants To Hire 275 More Police.

CRISIS BY DESIGN: ICE Snags 302 Illegal Immigrant Sex Offenders.

GOODER AND HARDER: ‘We won’t be coming’: Washington state police reform goes into effect, law enforcement warns of consequences.

Washington state legislators passed a series of new police reform bills that went into effect on Sunday, the most noteworthy being HB 1310 where law enforcement officers can only make arrests on the grounds of “probable cause” instead of “reasonable suspicion,” giving a green light for criminals to commit crimes without being held accountable.

Signed into law by Democratic Governor Jay Inslee without a vote from the people, HB 1310 also called the “use of force bill” drastically limits the way police officers respond to calls.

“It’s going to change the level of service we give to our citizens. Not because we want to, but because we have to,” Moses Lake Police Chief Fuhr said, according to Columbia Basin Herald.

“This is changing completely the way we’ve responded to some of these calls … and there will be some calls that we just absolutely don’t respond to from here on out,” Fuhr added.

Yet another Democrat crisis-by-design.

COLLUSION: Cornell’s new partnership with Peking University exposes its fealty to China.

BIDEN, INC. IS A PARTLY-OWNED SUBSIDIARY OF THE CCP: Hunter Biden’s ‘Art’ Dealer Has Ties to China. Because Of Course He Does.

MAKE THEM PAY: U Alabama in Huntsville violates 1A rights, YAL lawsuit says. “The lawsuit claims that the university’s speech policy, which requires students to seek a permit to speak on campus three days in advance, is in direct violation of Alabama state law.”

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: It’s a Good Time to Purge the ‘Pelosi Republicans.’ “The Democrats and their flying monkeys in the media have been talking a lot this year about the Big Lie. The real big lie is the nonsense about Jan. 6, 2021 being an insurrection that was caused by President Trump, neither of which is true. Republicans feeding that lie deserve to be marginalized, weakened, and eventually replaced. These guys don’t deserve a second chance. They’re too far on the dark side for a shot at redemption.”

OUR POLITICAL CLASS IS LOOKING TO CHINA AS A MODEL: Hong Kong protester convicted in 1st trial under Chinese security law. “Leon Tong Ying-kit, a former restaurant cook, volunteered as a medic during the 2019 pro-democracy protests that rocked the city. He was convicted of terrorism and secession and faces a possible sentence of life in prison.”

All around the world, the global ruling classes are trying to bring the proles under firm control.

IT’S A BAD OLYMPIC YEAR FOR AMERICA: US women’s gymnastics team claims silver in team final after Simone Biles withdraws at Tokyo Olympics.

I’m hearing people say that her problem is mental, and it’s plausible. As Arnold once said, the mind generally fails before the body. I used to be on the same schedule as a female competitive powerlifter, who was quite serious and successful — she could lift nearly as much as me, despite only weighing like 150 lbs. We usually wound up next to each other in the racks. We were both squatting, and she missed her lift, the only time I ever saw her do that. 60 seconds or so later, I started my next set — and missed my lift, the only time I’ve ever done that. It was purely psychological: Seeing her do that put it in my mind. It was then that I realized that sports psychologists probably do earn their money . . . .

UPDATE: More: “The Olympics broadcast said it was not injury related, but instead a ‘mental health issue.’ USA Gymnastics said Biles dropped out over a ‘medical issue.'” The stress of being expected to perform at a superhuman level, even as the Olympic Committee makes special rules changes to disadvantage you, must be enormous.

AGENDA FIRST, LAST, AND ALWAYS: For Democrats, the pain of inflation is no reason to stop spending.

IT WAS, OF COURSE, ANOTHER WOMAN WHO BLOCKED HER: Woman says she was refused entry to garage over ‘inappropriate’ top. “In a follow-up video Tia explained how a female member of staff had asked whether she had another shirt she could put on and when she said no she was asked to wait outside the garage until the inspection was finished.”

#METOO COVERUP COLLUSION: Biden, Mark Kelly Worked With Intel Firm Hired To Smear Harvey Weinstein Accuser: Disgraced mogul’s legal team hired K2 Intelligence to discredit rape allegations.


Wife of Boston Marathon Hero Claims Biden Groped Her.

Flashback: It’s time to talk about former Vice President Joe Biden, the open sexual predator.

Biden Swims Naked, Upsetting Female Secret Service Agents:

“Agents say that, whether at the vice president’s residence or at his home in Delaware, Biden has a habit of swimming in his pool nude,” Kessler writes in the book – due for release Aug. 5.

“Female Secret Service agents find that offensive,” he writes.

“Biden likes to be revered as everyday Joe,” an unnamed agent told Kessler. “But the reality is no agents want to go on his detail because Biden makes agents’ lives so tough.”

Plus: Washington Post: What Are We Going To Do About Creepy Uncle Joe Biden?

And: ‘Creepy Veep’ Joe Biden ‘nuzzles’ wife of colleague and claims he is friends with lots of Somali cab drivers.

Also: Joe Biden’s Woman-Touching Habit.

Related: Talking Points Memo: Why Does Creepy Uncle Joe Biden Get A Pass From Liberals?


Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 9.04.03 AM

And the lefty press would even talk about this stuff, until all of a sudden it wouldn’t.

Exit question: Which sold out faster: Toilet paper during the pandemic, or #MeToo when Biden was nominated?

IF HE WERE A REPUBLICAN, THIS WOULD LEAD THE NETWORK NEWS. ALERT: Biden’s COVID-19 Death Count Hits 200K, the Equivalent of 83 Pearl Harbors.

Is a plane full of Democratic Party superspreaders headed for your community?

FOR THOSE WHO MAY BE INTERESTED: It’s the third installment in HillFaith’s look at Jesus’ seven great “I AM” claims.

BOOK SUGGESTION: Michael Walsh’s Last Stands: Why Men Fight When All Is Lost. I am re-reading the book and it is even better than I remember. (Bumped)

OH, PLEASE: So the vaccinated are “running out of patience,” eh?

It seems as if every day we see another slew of headlines about the Delta variant and “resurgence” of the virus in this or that place. In reality, even some of these surges involve a number of new positive tests that are still vastly lower than during the height of the pandemic last winter. Still, there are cities that are bringing back mask mandates and complaining loudly about the slow vaccination rates. These complaints are being picked up in the liberal media, with the vast majority of the blame being cast at a predictable group: white, Republican Trump voters. If you think I’m making that up, I’ll prove it in a moment, but I wanted to briefly address a couple of these liberal talking points and the threats being tossed around today.

In my community, the loudest opposition to the Covid vaccine seems to come from yoga instructors. Plus:

Did you note the highlighted portions? Marshall is quick to point out that these are “Latino immigrants.” That means that everyone on the left has to rush to the bulwarks and make sure nobody suggests there’s anything disruptive or “bad” about their decision to wait this long to get a shot. And of course, there was nothing political about it. (Perish the thought.) And yet for the “couple dozen” people who bothered to show up in one of the most populous cities in the world (great sample size, by the way) they cited reasons including “apprehension about a vaccine without a long testing history,” and a previous satisfaction with their own antibodies since they had already survived the disease.

Pardon me, but the vast majority of unvaccinated people I’ve heard from among the “stereotypical Trumpers refusing for reasons tied to political commitment and ideology,” (that’s Josh’s description one paragraph later of the real bad guys in this story) have cited the exact same reasons. But somehow, if a white Republican Trump voter says the exact same thing, one is political warfare while the other is “justifiable apprehension.” Does anyone proofread this stuff before it’s published?

Oh, it says exactly what they want it to.

Also: “There’s also a huge assumption in these arguments being put forward by both Marshall and Stelter, along with the rest of their cohort. That assumption is that being ‘fed up’ with the choices of others somehow implies that they have the right to enact some course of action to correct the perceived errors of their political opponents’ ways.”

Yeah, I don’t care much about Democrats’ feelings. I’m out of patience with a lot of folks myself.

GLEICHSCHALTUNG: PayPal Teams Up With Left-Leaning Group to Combat ‘Hate’ Funding.

WHY DO DEMOCRATS HATE POOR MINORITY CHILDREN? Democrats’ disgraceful war on schools that actually teach poor, minority children.

MUGGED BY REALITY: Former Sen. Barbara Boxer Assaulted & Robbed In Oakland.

July 26, 2021

WELL, THEY HAVEN’T WON A WAR IN DECADES, SO WHAT’S THERE TO LOSE? The Conservative Case for Cyberbullying America’s Generals.

On July 22, Major General Patrick Donahoe, the Commanding General of Fort Benning, reported from his official Twitter account that he was seeing a “surge” in ICU visits among young soldiers due to Covid. He reported that he would mandate the vaccine if he had the power to do so.

I replied, pointing out that the DOD has lost a total of 26 out of over 2 million personnel in the last year and a half to the virus. In the fourth quarter of 2020, there was a 25 percent surge in suicides across all services. In those three months alone, 26 additional servicemembers took their lives compared to the prior year.

The military’s response to the Coronavirus is almost certainly to blame for the rise. I exited the service in May of 2020, having had plenty of time to witness these policies firsthand. Deployed troops returning home were forced to quarantine for weeks at a time. Masks were required in all public spaces on base. Gyms were shut down. Commanding officers dramatically reduced liberty limits to within only a few miles of base. Those, like me, who were stationed in Camp Pendleton, were prohibited from traveling just 30 minutes south to San Diego during our off hours.

In light of these draconian policies, it is no wonder that troops experienced a surge in psychological illness and suicidal ideation. Turning barracks into prisons is a recipe for problems. Nor did the catastrophic “outbreaks” of Covid materialize. Virtually all servicemembers known to be infected with the virus recover. The handful of Covid related deaths are sad, but they never rose to the level of a crisis. On average, nearly a thousand military personnel die because of training accidents, suicide, and illness every year.

General Donahoe accused me of engaging in “false equivalency” and of downplaying the vaccine, arguing that it was the path to “normalcy.” As the return of mask mandates for both the vaccinated and unvaccinated in cities like Los Angeles attest, this is clearly not true. The real path to normalcy is for military leadership to adjust their risk tolerance. Treating healthy people like biohazards over an illness that has killed two dozen personnel in a force of millions is insane. Those preventative policies have consequences, too; the surge in depression and suicide among the young is real. . . .

He also tweeted at the university where I am a student, Hillsdale College, and told them to “come get your boy” for questioning the military’s quarantine and lockdown policies. General Donahoe, apparently, thinks the private sector is just like the military, where criticism can be stopped, and careers ended, with a mere snap of the fingers. As the thread attracted more attention, one commenter asked the General “how many wars he’d won.” The General responded by accusing the questioner of “shilling for Putin.” When I asked if Putin was the reason America had lost in Afghanistan, the General blocked me.

My interaction with the General serves as a microcosm of the American military’s cultural rot. Here we have a two-star General who spends his days on social media hyping a vaccine for an illness that poses minimal risk to his troops. When pressed on why America can’t win wars and why he embraces policies that treat healthy people like biohazards, his first response is to accuse his critics of treachery and then block them from view.

This is what $693 billion a year buys you: unbridled arrogance from the leaders of a military that can’t win against third world tribesmen armed with small arms and homemade explosives. A significant portion of our military leaders, like General Donahoe, are totally detached from reality. They face no consequences for losing wars or losing troops to preventable suicides. Many of them don’t really command anything at all. They are so ensconced in layers of bureaucrats, staff, operations and logistics shops, briefs, intelligence reports, public affairs officials, and aides that there is usually no danger of the public uncovering their true character, lack of leadership, or empty careers.

Twitter, for all its many flaws, provides a direct line into the thought process and values of the military’s elite class. Too often, the minds of our great and courageous “warriors” are filled with nothing more than anodyne policy statements, automatic deference to other members of the elite expert class, and received wisdom from the mouths of MSNBC hosts. A painful lesson for patriotic citizens, perhaps, but a necessary one.

As these leaders spend their days scrolling twitter in the twilight of their careers, waiting to secure their pensions and post-retirement defense contractor gigs, they deserve to feel some heat from the people they allegedly serve. Getting “ratio’d” is, for many of them, the worst consequence they’ll ever face for overseeing institutional failure.

Our generals don’t have the record of success that justifies a high-handed attitude. They should be displaying contrition for the blood and treasure lost on their watches instead.

STARLINK UPDATE: My experience has been utterly reliable and boring. It just works. Here’s an excerpt from an email I just got from them:

Since our last update, the Starlink team has been hard at work building the systems and infrastructure to enable growth while continuously improving service quality. Below are some of the highlights:

Space Lasers
As Elon recently mentioned, the Starlink team is preparing to launch upgraded satellites that will include space lasers. Space lasers enable our satellites to transfer data between each other without having to go through a ground station. Once fully deployed, space lasers will make Starlink one of the fastest options available to transfer data around the world.

Connecting to the Best Satellite
The team completed roll out of a new feature to all users that enables your Starlink to seamlessly switch to a different satellite in real time if communication with your assigned satellite is interrupted for any reason. There can only be one satellite connected to your Starlink at any time, but this feature will enable choice of the best satellite, resulting in far fewer network disruptions.

High Temperature Management
The Starlink team has initiated a series of software improvements that change how your Starlink responds to high temperatures. These improvements will roll out over the next few weeks and should address invalid “Thermal Shutdown” app alerts seen by some customers.

Continuous improvement, baby.

OPEN THREAD: Everybody come together and let’s love one another right now.

FOLLOW THE SCIENCE: Five Times More Children Died By Suicide Than Died From COVID In The UK.

SPACE: The Success of Artemis Hinges on NASA’s Commitment to Competition.

WHY IS THE LEFT SUCH A CESSPIT OF RACISM? Lightfoot says she would ‘absolutely’ exclude white journalists from interviews again.

WHAT COULD GO WRONG? PayPal Teams Up With Left-Leaning Group to Combat ‘Hate’ Funding.

FROM MY COLLEAGUE ALEX LONG: All I Really Need to Know About Defamation Law in the 21st Century I Learned From Watching Hulk Hogan. There’s a lot of interest in revisiting the current libel rules, and should be.

INSERT “POLICE” REFERENCES HERE: The Oldest Confirmed ‘Message in a Bottle’ Contained Some Fascinating Questions.



If it’s true they are saying anti-government right-wing groups or domestic extremist groups are THE greatest threat to national security, which is what Biden and the intelligence community are saying . . . greater than ISIS or al Qaeda or China or Russia, why do they need to manufacture a plot — and put in people’s heads — the idea let’s go kidnap Governor Whitmer? There should be tons of plots that they are detecting? That leads to the question people on your network and others have asked to the horror of the liberal sector of the corporate media, which is: What did the FBI know about the planning of the January 6 attack? How embedded were they in these groups? Because what happens is when these kinds of attacks happen, the FBI and the security state seize on them to say See? there are grave dangers, we need more money, more power, more surveillance authorities in order to keep you safe. And so if they are the ones driving it, it leads to the question of what those motives are.

I think I know the answer to that question.


As Jon Gabriel tweets, “This history lesson serves as another reminder that Woodrow Wilson was the Worst President Ever.

ZOOM: First Ride: 2022 Aston Martin Valkyrie Unleashed.

DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: Dear Rich White Parents: Keep Your Kids Out Of Ivy League Schools To Make Room For POC — OR ELSE!

Click to enlarge.

HMM: Among effective antihypertensive drugs, less popular choice is slightly safer. “Our study shows that ARBs are associated with fewer side effects than ACE inhibitors. The study focused on first-time users of these drugs. If you’re just starting drug therapy for hypertension, you might consider trying an ARB first. If you’re already taking an ACE inhibitor and you’re not having any side effects, there is nothing that we found that would indicate a need for a change.”


A study by two economists at the University of California, Berkeley examined the impact that Uber, specifically, has had on alcohol-related traffic deaths and total traffic deaths in the US. They sought to investigate a simple question. By providing people with a safe, convenient, and relatively inexpensive alternative means of transportation, would Uber reduce drunk driving and traffic deaths?

According to their findings, the answer is a resounding yes.

Uber has reduced alcohol-related traffic fatalities by 6.1 percent, the study finds, which equates to roughly 214 lives in 2019. Similarly, Uber reduced overall traffic deaths by 4 percent, likely by reducing other forms of dangerous driving such as driving while very tired. This equates to 494 lives saved in 2019. (And that’s just Uber: To understand the full life-saving impact of ride-sharing technology, we would have to factor in competitors like Lyft, too).

They work extremely well, so naturally California and the Biden administration are trying to shut Uber and Lyft down:

Biden’s Labor Secretary Just Threatened Independent Contractors.

Biden’s ‘Rescue Plan’ Will Sic the IRS on Anyone Who Earns $600 in the Gig Economy: What does this have to do with the pandemic? Nothing.

With PRO Act, Congress Readies National Version of California’s AB5 Fiasco.


GOOD AND HARD: LA County Gas Prices Highest Since 2012.

Flashback: Aren’t California’s High Gas Prices What The Left Have Wanted?

Well, it’s a start, as Steven Chu, former President Obama’s then-incoming energy secretary, told the Wall Street Journal in the fall of 2008: “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.”

So is it fair to ask if Biden is on the payroll of Putin? As Walter Russell Mead wrote in 2017:

If Trump were the Manchurian candidate that people keep wanting to believe that he is, here are some of the things he’d be doing:

Limiting fracking as much as he possibly could
Blocking oil and gas pipelines
Opening negotiations for major nuclear arms reductions
Cutting U.S. military spending
Trying to tamp down tensions with Russia’s ally Iran.

“Yep,” Glenn added in late 2019. “You know who did do these things? Obama. You know who supports these things now? Democrats.”

GLENN GREENWALD: The Biden Administration Is Launching A “Second War On Terror” Against American Citizens.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): If it turns out like the other war on terror, right-wing militias will be seizing Washington, DC while Democrats chopper out under cover of darkness.

WELL, SOME ARE CERTAINLY TRYING TO PROVOKE ONE: Are Americans Preparing For a Second Civil War?

ATTEMPT NO LANDING THERE: No Antenna Could Survive Europa’s Brutal, Radioactive Environment—Until Now.

HARRISON BERGERON WAS JUST A CAUTIONARY TALE, RIGHT? RIGHT??? BLM Group Demands Parents Pledge to Hold Back Their Kids’ Education. “Parents in Dallas just got a wake-up call. The local Black Lives Matter group Dallas Justice Now launched a new campaign, urging white parents in wealthy Highland Park to sign a pledge to keep their children back from America’s top colleges — in the name of ‘equity.’ The organization’s letter to parents lays on the guilt thick.”

WELL, THIS IS THE 21ST CENTURY, YOU KNOW: Drones could help save soldiers’ lives by delivering blood on demand.

JIM TREACHER: Being Rude to Tucker Carlson Will Not Fix What’s Broken in You.

This kind of stuff is why I use a pseudonym and don’t go on TV. Being famous seems like hell on earth to me. The first time I ever met Tucker in 2009, he flew to Indianapolis on a day’s notice to interview me to work for the Daily Caller, I met him at the Starbucks in the airport, and he hired me on the spot. (It’s still bizarre to me that it happened, but it happened.) And as we were sitting there chatting, a middle-aged woman walked up to our table, unprompted, and launched into a monologue about how she didn’t like Tucker and he should be more liberal and Keith Olbermann was better.2 No “Hello,” no “I watch your show,” nothing like that. She just marched up and went right into her speech, because she saw somebody she recognized from TV and somehow assumed they knew each other.

Tucker was very polite and cordial to her, and I got the impression that it happened to him all the time. He just brushed it off, but I was mortified. My momma raised me better than that. In our family, if you have a problem with somebody, you don’t make a big spectacle of yourself in public. You do the civilized thing and type up a snotty blog post about it.

This Montana incident also shows a big difference between Fox News and CNN. At CNN, the roles are reversed. It’s the employees who out of their way to call out the regular Americans who are just minding their own business.

But Tucker doesn’t need to resort to that sort of behavior because he isn’t desperate for ratings.

Read the whole thing.


TEXAS FLEEBAGGERS UPDATE: What to Know About How Those ‘Fugitive’ Texas Democrats Will Pay for Stay in DC.

As of Friday, the midpoint of the special session, taxpayers in Texas were spending at least $476,630 on a session that isn’t happening because of House Democrats’ exodus, according to an ongoing tally by GOP state Rep. Jared Patterson.

Texas is still losing money from a special session that isn’t happening because Democrats flew to Washington, Patterson explained.

“A session costs $43,000 per day and that equals a teacher’s salary,” the GOP lawmaker told The Daily Signal in a phone interview. “This is a conservative estimate that just looks at a couple of components.”

Those two components are the daily per diem of $221 for every day that a legislator is in session. The other is the increased budget to operate legislative offices during a special session.

“I don’t know anyone who thinks it’s better to choose fundraising in D.C. and lobbying Congress over their constituents in Texas,” Patterson said. “Texans believe you should show up for work.”

A small number of lawmakers reportedly said they would pay back their per diem to the state treasury.

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” Patterson said of Democrats’ forgoing their pay. “They haven’t yet, and have to fill out the paperwork to do so.”

KHOU-TV News reported that all the Texas legislators are continuing to receive their per diems.

The Texas House Democratic Caucus did not respond to inquiries from The Daily Signal for this article.

Still though, give what you can:

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Don’t get cocky.

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