April 15, 2021

EVERYTHING IS GOING SWIMMINGLY ON THE COVID FRONT: Denmark health official faints while announcing halt of WHO-approved vaccine. “Video of the briefing shows Tanja Erichsen, the head of Denmark’s Medicines Agency, standing in front of reporters and then collapsing without warning, BBC News reported.”

MARK JUDGE: As the Left Trashes Due Process, Black Men Speak Up in its Defense.

“Leftists who see any loop as a potential lynching noose have started making and selling the rope. Well, at least it’s made of hemp.”


“Spreading misinformation” is only bad if it hurts the establishment’s narrative. Spreading misinformation that helps the narrative is lauded and rewarded.

I THINK WE SHOULD ELIMINATE MIDDLE SEATS ALTOGETHER, JUST TO BE SAFE: Study finds that blocking seats on planes reduces virus risk.

NITA GHEI: Painful Consequences of Federal Prescription Guidelines: The CDC Guideline for opioid prescribing, five years later.

I’m shocked, shocked to learn that CDC guidelines on something were more political than scientific, and wound up making the problem worse.

NEWS FROM THE WORLD OF SCIENCE: New Report Identifies 4 Techniques That Help Women Experience More Pleasure.

Why no research for guys?

BREAKING: James O’Keefe to Sue Twitter Over Suspension Following CNN Sting Videos.

PROGRESS TOWARD A BODY COMPUTER: Tiny wireless implant detects oxygen deep within the body.

FLORIDA, MAN: Watch this Florida driver blast through a gate at high speed and successfully jump an opening drawbridge.

WE LIVE IN A GOLDEN AGE OF CARRY GUNS: Springfield Armory Hellcat: One of 2020’s Top-Selling Pistols.

AMERICA’S NEWSPAPER OF RECORD: Minneapolis City Council To Offer Looting Passports.

LIVE AT 3:30PM EASTERN: ‘Five O’Clock Somewhere’ with Kruiser, Preston, VodkaPundit.

STACY MCCAIN: The Ultimate ‘Florida Woman’? It’s Everybody Blog About Rebekah Jones Day.

Most people have forgotten who Rebekah Jones is, assuming they had ever heard of her before, but the media celebrated Jones as a “whistleblower” last year when she claimed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was manipulating his state’s COVID-19 case numbers. Jones got fired from her job at the Florida state health department. In December, police raided her home with a search warrant (photo above) and in January, she was charged with gaining “unauthorized access to state Department of Health systems in November to send an unauthorized message to employees and to download a list of contact information for approximately 19,000 people.” None of that really interests me at all, but last week I learned that Jones has moved to Maryland, where she has sought a peace order against Christina Pushaw, who in February published a devastating 2,000-word exposé about Jones.
At 9 a.m. Friday morning, there will be a hearing in a Montgomery County district courtroom about that peace order, so we have declared today to be “Everybody Blog About Rebekah Jones Day.”

Much more at the link.

CHRISTIAN TOTO: Texas Venue Wanted to Censor Comedian Chad Prather’s Jokes.

“The last bastion of free speech in America is comedy, People have so lost that concept,” Prather said before sharing a chilling example of how some in the culture don’t see it that way.

He told Mayr how a theater outside of Austin, Texas warned him about the material a comedian on his tour shared at a recent stop.

“We don’t want your opener to tell some of the jokes he told last night.,” he said. “I said, ‘you can’t tell a comic what to do on stage.”

“Some of the people who work at the theater, they said, ‘they were kind of offended last night, and I said, ‘f*** ’em. What are you gonna do? You asked for a comedian to come in here. You can’t ask for a guy to change what he does. Lenny Bruce, George Carlin … they went to jail for comedy. We’re not going back to those days when we tell somebody what they can and cannot do,” he said.

Less shocking when you remember that it happened in the Austin area.

SKYNET SMILES: Robotic Exoskeletons Could One Day Walk By Themselves.

VODKAPUNDIT PRESENTS YOUR DAILY INSANITY WRAP: While Biden Bumbled, Putin Went on War Footing on Land and Sea.

Insanity Wrap needs to know: What do you call it when Presidentish Joe Biden talks tough while acting weak in the face of determined aggression?

Answer: We’re hoping the answer isn’t “World War III.”

Before we get to the sordid details, a quick preview of today’s Wrap.

  • The silliest nine seconds of video you’ll see all day
  • Remember Rebekah Jones?
  • Court-packing for dummies

Bonus Sanity: Peacefully protesting the violent rioters.

And so much more at the link, you’d have to be crazy to miss it.

THE VACCINE BAD NEWS JUST KEEPS COMING: Pfizer CEO says third Covid vaccine dose likely needed within 12 months. “He also said it’s possible people will need to get vaccinated against the virus annually. . . . Researchers still don’t know how long protection against the virus lasts once someone has been fully vaccinated.”

So the argument for vaccination after you’ve had Covid is that they don’t know how long your post-infection immunity will last. But they also don’t know how long your post-vaccination immunity will last. I mean, I know they pushed vaccines out at great speed and that that was a major accomplishment. But with this many unanswered questions, maybe a little more humility in how they push the vaccines?

STEPHEN GREEN, MOST INTERESTED: Researchers map brain regions responsible for intoxicating effects of alcohol.

WAIT, I THOUGHT THE WALL WAS RACIST AND A MORAL OUTRAGE: Biden Admin Wins ‘Immediate Possession’ Of Private Land To Expand Border Wall.

NOBODY WANTS TO BE THE NEXT REGINALD DENNY: Immunity for running down rioters moves forward in Oklahoma.

WELL, GOOD: Scientists can now silence genes without altering underlying DNA sequence.

‘THE MODERATE LEFT IS GONE:’ Republicans line up to condemn Dems’ plan to introduce a bill to pack Supreme Court with four new justices — erasing the GOP majority.

Mondaire Jones [D-NY], who is sponsoring the bill through the House, tweeted: ‘Our democracy is under assault, and the Supreme Court has dealt the sharpest blows. To restore power to the people, we must #ExpandTheCourt.’

He added: ‘Supreme Court expansion is infrastructure.’

Not the Babylon Bee.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): If it’s “power to the people” we’re concerned about, how about going to an elected Supreme Court?

Or just follow my Supreme Court reform plan.

THE ADL SHOULD KNOW BETTER: 1,500 Rabbis Slam the ADL for ‘Grossly Misplaced Charges of Anti-Semitism.’

POWER GRAB: Senate Democrats Are Padding The Filibuster Numbers To Lie About Why They Want To Kill It.

Dog bites man.

KURT SCHLICHTER: The Coming Backlash.

They want to blind us. They want to gag us. They want us tip-toeing through the PC minefield, afraid to take a step less we trigger a detonation of cancellation.

But have you noticed the rumblings of resistance?

Have you noticed the stirrings of pushback?

For a while we had Trump to do the pushing, but with him in Florida we can now see others stepping up. Ron DeSantis is banning critical racism. Brian Kemp found some vertebrae and he’s defying Delta, Coke, and “Major League Chinaball” to demand election integrity. The other night, Tucker Carlson charged into the “replacement theory” ambush where we are not supposed to say what the Democrats explicitly say, which is that they intend to import pliable foreign peasants to replace American citizens at the ballot box (of course, sensible Latinos had other ideas, coming around to Trump significantly in 2020). The garbage media and establishment announced that this fact must not be spoken and Tucker spoke the hell out of it.

The backlash begins.

Read the whole thing.

CANCEL CULTURE IS ALL IN YOUR MIND: The Truth About ‘Papa John’ Schnatter Finally Comes Out. “‘Papa John’ Schnatter was destroyed by a lie, and the transcript of the call on which he ‘used’ the N-word reveals the truth.”


ROBERTS COURT HIGHLY FAVORABLE TO RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: That’s the conclusion of a new study published by The Supreme Court Review, which found the high court has ruled in favor of religious freedom 81 percent of the time since John Roberts became the Chief Justice.

That compares with just 46 percent by the infamous Warren Court led by Chief Justice Earl Warren, and only 51 percent during the tenure of Chief Chief Justice Warren Burger, according to the study, Christian Headlines reports.

So why has the conservative majority that doesn’t include Roberts so studiously declined to accept cases that might provide credible evidence that His Fraudulency’s handlers stole the 2020 presidential election?

NEWS YOU (OR YOUR KIDS) (OR YOUR GRANDKIDS) CAN USE: Durable Trades: Professions That Have Stood the Test of Time for Hundreds of Years.

POWER THE NEXT ONE WITH NUCLEAR: NASA Takes Emergency Action to Save Dying Mars Lander. “NASA typically relies on powerful gusts of wind to clear off the solar panels on its Mars landers and rovers. But there hasn’t been a breeze in Elysium Planitia, InSight’s landing spot, so dangerous quantities of dust have piled up.”

NONSENSE. IF IT WERE BASED ON PARASITISM, THE LEFT WOULD SUPPORT IT. California county teacher training: U.S. a ‘parasitic’ system due to ‘invasion’ of white men.

CANCEL BRIE LARSON: Here We Go Again… Now Cheese Is Racist. “In this year alone, we’ve learned that trees are racist, as are fonts. Heck, even not being racist is racist!”

WELL, IT CERTAINLY DOESN’T PAY AS WELL AS RACIAL GRIFTING: While spending millions on luxury homes, BLM co-founder told college students that capitalism is ‘more tragic’ than COVID-19.

UPDATE: Via a friend:

LOCKDOWNS ARE OVER: More COVID state shutdowns unlikely, despite CDC suggestion. “When one of the nation’s top health officials this week suggested states dealing with a spring spike of coronavirus cases should ‘shut things down,’ the remark landed with a thud.”

IF COLD WAR II GOES HOT: China building space missiles and lasers to ‘blind’ US satellites, intel report says.

The Pentagon has already identified China’s growing ASAT weapons capabilities. A 2019 Pentagon report states, “Multiple attack options—cyber, electronic, or directed-energy weapons; anti-satellite missiles; or space-based weapons—enable potential adversaries to achieve a range of damaging effects.”

The portion of the report continues, stating, “China has already fielded ground-based ASAT missiles intended to destroy satellites in [Low Earth Orbit] and ground-based ASAT lasers probably intended to blind or damage sensitive space-based optical sensors on LEO satellites.”

Broadly describing China’s strategic goals, the report states the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is continuing “whole-of-government efforts to spread China’s influence, undercut that of the United States, drive wedges between Washington and its allies and partners, and foster new international norms that favor the authoritarian Chinese system.”

Biden, Inc.’s business partners are nasty people.

AT HELEN’S PAGE: Artist Stacy Tabb (also the web designer for Helen’s Page) has some amazing new art up (including a Jaguar print I have my eye on). You can buy directly at her website here.

JOE BIDEN’S RETURN TO NORMALCY: We’re in a ‘Perpetual Pandemic’ With No End in Sight.

IT IS UNWISE TO THINK DANGEROUS THOUGHTS, COMRADE: A Majority of Voters Think Cheating Affected the Results of the 2020 Election.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): May I suggest that this is as much due to the over-the-top hysterical reaction to criticism, and the censoring of critics, as to the criticism itself? Act like you’re hiding something, people will think you have something to hide. Act like you’re insecure, and people will think you’ve got something to be insecure about.

HMM: ACIP Punts on J&J COVID Vaccine — CDC advisors back continued “pause” until more data available.

Related: J&J Pause: ‘Gasoline’ for Vaccine Hesitancy. Well, yes. “So this looks like it’s a function of the adenovirus vector of the vaccine. We’re not seeing it at all in the mRNA vaccines. But tell me this, Vinay, help me understand this. Six cases of blood clots out of about seven million administrations, and one death. And they shut it down. I mean, help me understand. If they started doing that with all the medicines we use, we wouldn’t have Tylenol.”

Based on what we know, I’d still get the J&J vaccine since I’m not a woman of reproductive age. But we’ll see other weird low-frequency results, because we always do. And it’s hard to separate the signal from the noise. I have a friend who got her second Pfizer shot last week and has been without taste or smell since a couple of days afterward. Vaccine side effect? Late case of otherwise asymptomatic Covid? Unusually bad allergies? Unclear.

UPDATE: From the comments, apparently there are clots associated with the mRNA vaccines, too, at a similar low frequency: “Still, he said there were 35 cases of serious blood clots with the vaccine made by Pfizer/BioNTech among 54 million doses given; five cases with the Moderna vaccine among 4 million Europeans dosed.”

Plus: Thrombocytopenia following Pfizer and Moderna SARS‐CoV‐2 vaccination.

So if there are clots at roughly the same low rate with the other vaccines, why is only the J&J vaccine suspended? Seems to me that either they’ve overreacted on J&J, or they’ve underreacted on Moderna/Pfizer, or there’s a double standard here. But perhaps I’m missing something.

#METOO: The Pentagon Wants to Launch a Nuclear Thermal Rocket in 4 Years.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): Yeah, but what I really want is to launch a Nuclear Orion rocket in 4 years.

LIFE IN THE BLUE ZONES: Murders surge as police are defunded, up 64% in Minneapolis.

COKE BACKING AWAY FROM EARLIER STANCE UNDER PRESSURE: Coca-Cola says it’s ‘time to find common ground’ on voting measures after pressure from the Right. Keep up the pressure.

HELEN TRIES IT: Last night, I finally got the time to read Howard McEwen’s awesome book Daddy Issues: A Hard Man Novel (The Hard Man Series). His books take a look at men who have led tough lives and in this one, it was so refreshing to hear from a guy’s perspective how he felt about coming home to a dismissive wife and disrespectful teenage daughter. Everyone tells you men are the problem in our society these days but missing from that woke stereotype is the voice of men who have real feelings and real reasons to be upset.

The protagonist in the story is a guy named Wag who runs a successful car repair shop and he has numerous reasons to be unhappy. No one much cares though as the women in his life seem out of touch and distant. His mother leaves him when he is 12 and his wife and daughter are self-centered and out for themselves. The book should have been titled “Mommy issues” because Wag’s desperate need for loving looks from women leads him to do stupid and dangerous things. I will leave it at that but buy the book and the others in the series, they are worth staying up late for. (Bumped)

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: Democrats to America—Screw You, We Wanna Expand SCOTUS. “They’ll tell you that that’s not really what they’re up to but they’ve been talking about ‘transformation’ ever since The Lightbringer got into office in 2009. What they want to transform the country into won’t be America anymore. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that they’ve got a secret list of new names for the place. They’re probably mad that Soviet Socialist Republics has already been used.”

WELL, SO FAR, ANYWAY: Fauci Fallacies at All-Time High.

PUSH HARDER:  The Pushback Against Critical Race Theory.

DON’T QUESTION THEIR PRIVILEGE: A Black Activist Is Questioning BLM’s Finances—and They Don’t Like It.

FROM JASON FUESTING:  By Dawn’s Early Light (Echoes of Liberty Book 1).

Eric Friedrich was supervising the last ice harvesting shift for his ship’s shot-up environmental systems when they detected an anomalous ice comet drifting by. Investigating the icy tomb, Eric finds a ship that couldn’t exist–a relic from a nation the Protectorate killed billions to erase from history… And will kill even more to keep secret.

When his world explodes, Eric must make allies in the unlikeliest places, and seize even the slimmest chance of survival while unraveling a conspiracy that shattered planets and set off interstellar war!

RACE TO THE BOTTOM: MLB now less popular than the NFL among Republicans.

WAIT, DIDN’T I WRITE THIS BOOK? Satanic Metal Bands For Jesus And Join The Corporate Resistance.  [Video: fun part at 44:14. That’s the “Corporate Resistance” part.]

(The part of the video about Satanist bands for Jesus, I mean. And if you’re really curious, it’s this one. And yes, the sequel will come.  Life has been interesting last few years.)


I’ll just say: not any time I’ve actually watched them.


SHE’S NOT WRONG:  The Age of Duty.

I’d call it the age of Noblesse Oblige.

YO. LET’S HAVE A WHIP AROUND TO SEND HER TO CUBA! I’LL PERSONALLY HELP HER PACK:  Biden’s UN Ambassador Says White Supremacy Woven into America’s ‘Founding Documents and Principles’.

Or China. Or North Korea. Or any other communist sh*thole.
Of course, she’s right at home in that nest of commie vipers known as the UN.  UN out of the US. US out of the UN. It’s time.

THIS IS WHY THE LEFT IS SO KEEN ON “CULTURAL APPROPRIATION IS BAD”:  The Art Spirit – Beloved Painter and Philosopher Robert Henri on How Art Binds Us Together.

They want to isolate us, and deny the existence of unifying human experience.

BEING ABLE TO TAN AND CONSERVATIVE IS THE ULTIMATE CRIME:  Today’s blacklisted American: A black conservative professor, because he is black.

IF THEY DIDN’T HAVE DOUBLE STANDARDS, THEY’D HAVE NO STANDARDS AT ALL:  Officer Potter charged in Daunte Wright shooting; no charges for unidentified Capitol Police officer who shot Ashli Babbitt.

Ashli Babbitt. Say her name!

ACTUALLY THE IMAGE LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE PUT A CUP DOWN HARD:  Evidence of glaciers in the Martian equatorial regions?

Yes, I am silly. Next?

DRUNKARDS SAY THE WEIRDEST THINGS:  Street Fighter Pelosi and Insurrection Kabuki Theater.

TRUST ME WHEN I SAY IT WAS BAD 20 YEARS AGO. NOW IT’S INSANE:  I Refuse to Stand By While My Students Are Indoctrinated.


April 14, 2021

HERE WE GO: Wait, How Many Seats?! Democrats to Reveal Court-Packing Bill on Thursday.

OPEN THREAD: Start your engines.

WHY IS THE LEFT SUCH A CESSPIT OF RACISM? When leftists celebrate medical abuse of white people.

Recently, ten years after Dr. Kollab’s undergraduate antisemitic tweets, Drs. Bram Wispelwey, a 2014 Ben-Gurion University medical school graduate, and Michelle Morse, a 2008 University of Pennsylvania medical school graduate, both on the faculty at Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, published “An Antiracist Agenda for Medicine” in the March 17, 2021 Boston Review.  In this article, they go beyond standard calls for reparations in the direction of what they term “redress.”  They describe their algorithm for their hospital’s electronic medical record, which, in their own words, provides “a preferential admission option for Black and Latinx heart failure patients to our specialty cardiology service” by specifically flagging for specialty cardiology care the medical records of patients with specific adverse cardiovascular risk factors, but only if they are non-white.  Here, they advocate intentionally withholding medical care from white patients in favor of non-white patients — never mind the violence that this does to medical ethics, to the trust essential to the doctor-patient relationship, and to the principles of equal protection and non-discrimination enshrined in the Fourteenth Amendment and subsequent legislation.

Combining medicine and racism? That’s never been done before! Somebody needs to ask, “Are we the baddies?”


PUNCH BACK TWICE AS HARD: Rand Paul Calls Out Democrats’ Jim Crow Legacy at Election Forum.

The Kentucky Republican said it’s not acceptable for President Joe Biden and other Democrats to refer to election reforms as “Jim Crow” laws, which were racist laws in the South that barred black Americans from voting as well as from employment, housing, and educational opportunities. Such laws persisted well into the 1960s.

“For Democrats to stand up and claim ‘Jim Crow’ should be called out on the face of it as ridiculous, and we should throw it right back in their face. Not only is this not Jim Crow, the Democrat Party is the party of Jim Crow,” Paul said.

“You have to look long and hard in history to find a Republican that voted for a Jim Crow law. In my state, when they passed Jim Crow laws at the turn of the last century, 1900, 1905, these despicable laws were passed entirely by Democrats. Every Republican voted no. Unfortunately, we only had a handful of Republicans in Kentucky at the time,” he said at the Heritage event.

Well, that has changed.

PAST PERFORMANCE IS NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE RESULTS: RCP’s Tom Bevan flashes back to times when Kamala Harris was way more alarmed by ‘human rights abuses’ at the border.

IT’S OVER 50 YEARS OLD AND EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT NOW: Time to Replace the Outer Space Treaty?

JIM TREACHER: BBC’s Head of Creative Diversity Says Idris Elba’s Luther Character ‘Isn’t Black Enough to Be Real.’

First of all, until today I was unaware that the BBC has a “Head of Creative Diversity.” Let’s just pause for a moment and savor that.


“But Luther doesn’t have any black friends!” If you’ve ever watched the show, you know he doesn’t have any friends. He’s a cop who works within the system because he has to, but he has very little use for people when he’s not saving them. One of his classic lines: “You get a reputation for answering phones, and all they do is ring.” He’s the prototypical loner character. Almost comically so. If he’s bound to a stereotype, it’s that one. But this BBC “diversity” genius doesn’t think he’s stereotypically black enough?

I really don’t want to know how much this moron is making per year to tell Idris Elba he’s somehow a victim. Believing that a person who looks a certain way should talk and think and behave a certain way is the opposite of diversity.

Here’s another BBC veteran with a much better outlook: Inspired by Hank Azaria’s apology ‘to every single Indian person in this country’ for voicing Apu, John Cleese issues an apology of his own.


Related: Biden commemorates 9/11 anniversary with surrender to Taliban.

Which makes a grimly appropriate sequel to his former boss: As Bill McGurn noted in the Wall Street Journal on the day of Obama’s inauguration in 2009, “Bush’s Real Sin Was Winning in Iraq.” To the point where shortly thereafter, Obama and Biden were bragging about what a success Iraq was, before, as Dexter Filkins of the New Yorker noted, Obama unilaterally withdrew all American troops for a reelection talking point, thus throwing it all away and giving rise to ISIS.

THE REPUBLICAN GOVERNORS ARE THE KEY TO SUCCESSFUL #RESISTANCE: Gov. Ricketts Declares Nebraska a ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary State.’

THAT’S NOT BAD, BUT IS IT BETTER THAN THE NATURAL IMMUNITY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE HAD IT? Moderna says studies show COVID-19 vaccine 90% effective after 6 months.

HMMMM: The strange death of the Democrats.

Despite the police shootings, the riots and the media’s constant racial hype, the 2020 presidential election was less racially polarized than any since at least to 2004. Donald Trump, a man who Democrats and their allies perceive as the embodiment of white diabolism, actually won a greater percentage of Hispanics and blacks than liberal-sensitive Republicans such as John McCain and Mitt Romney. And Trump achieved that amid a record-high turnout.

For well over two decades Republicans listened as the top pundits and political consultants told them that the only way to win more minority votes was to sound exactly like the Democrats: maybe talk about religion and inner-city Empowerment Zones a little, but whatever you do, don’t mention immigration or crime. Donald Trump defied that conventional wisdom and he made gains by doing so. Now Republicans may for the first time try a right-wing message to minorities, even as Democrats are devoured by the left.

Republicans have a long way to go before making any progress in the cities, of course, even as the cities bleed. Political machines aren’t dismantled easily. But if the GOP can make little headway in Democratic cities, the Democrats face the more serious problem of losing ground in the states. Hence the sudden panic about political arrangements they were content with until the day before yesterday. Joe Biden is alive, but his party is dead. And the newborn radical Democrats can’t win — not without rewriting the rules to get around competition at the state level, where elections are closer to the people.

Flashback: Whatever Your Ideology, Your Opponents’ Worldview Is Officially Dead.

NEWS YOU CAN USE? An FAQ About Your New Birth Control: The Music of Rush.

What’s in it?

Every woman deserves to know exactly what’s in her birth control. Rush is a Canadian progressive rock power trio whose golden era is generally considered to be from 1975 to 1982. Thankfully, for your long-term family planning strategy, the band has an extensive discography that spans from 1974 to 2012.

The music of Rush is marked by erratic signature changes, unconventional chord structures, heavy use of synthesizers and electronic effects, and, most importantly, lead vocals that sound like an ancient witch is being exorcised out of your body with live wires. In less clinical terms, imagine taking the most annoying parts of science fiction and Libertarianism, isolating them, and then somehow blending them up into a cursed musical slurry. Then, infuse that slurry with a distinctive incel vibe, and presto! You’ve got one of the most powerful contraception options on the market.

How effective is it?

No one has ever gotten pregnant while listening to the music of Rush. Clinical studies show that when combined with watching a male sexual partner play air bass along to the extended solo in “Freewill,” the contraceptive efficacy of Rush approaches 100%.

Will I experience any discomfort?


Heh. Fly by night, step into the limelight, roll up the power windows on your red Barchetta and read the whole thing.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): Never a huge fan of Rush — I liked “Fly By Night” and “Spirit of the Radio” — but while most Rush fans were male, the female fans were absolute freaks, which was nice.

I’D HAVE PAID GOOD MONEY TO SEE THAT: Stiletto Combat? Now Pelosi Thinks She’s a ‘Street Fighter’ Who Could Have Fought Off Capitol Rioters.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): If an 80 year old woman could have defeated the threat, the Ashli Babbitt shooting was murder.

BIGLAW ATTORNEYS GET PAID A LOT FOR THE SAME REASON SEWER WORKERS DO: NO ONE WOULD DO IT FOR LESS. BigLaw Associates Are Burned Out. Special $60,000+ Bonuses May Not Be Enough To Keep Them.

TIME FOR UNMASKING: The mindless mask regime might be here to stay, unless YOU resist it.

In my own life, I notice more people skipping masks, even at places like Whole Foods, and the staff seems much less interested in enforcing the rules.

ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA: Revealed: the Facebook loophole that lets world leaders deceive and harass their citizens.

The investigation shows how Facebook has allowed major abuses of its platform in poor, small and non-western countries in order to prioritize addressing abuses that attract media attention or affect the US and other wealthy countries. The company acted quickly to address political manipulation affecting countries such as the US, Taiwan, South Korea and Poland, while moving slowly or not at all on cases in Afghanistan, Iraq, Mongolia, Mexico and much of Latin America.

“There is a lot of harm being done on Facebook that is not being responded to because it is not considered enough of a PR risk to Facebook,” said Sophie Zhang, a former data scientist at Facebook who worked within the company’s “integrity” organization to combat inauthentic behavior. “The cost isn’t borne by Facebook. It’s borne by the broader world as a whole.”

Facebook pledged to combat state-backed political manipulation of its platform after the historic fiasco of the 2016 US election, when Russian agents used inauthentic Facebook accounts to deceive and divide American voters.

But the company has repeatedly failed to take timely action when presented with evidence of rampant manipulation and abuse of its tools by political leaders around the world.

Not to mention in the United States.

WELL, HE IS: Nate Silver Accuses Dr. Fauci of Gaslighting on COVID Transmission.

IN BIDEN’S AMERICA, ONLY SOME LIVES MATTER: No Charges Against Officer Who Shot Ashli Babbitt: DOJ. Lawyer for Babbitt’s family calls decision ‘baffling.’ “I find it to be baffling given the circumstances that it’s a clear case of shooting an unarmed person without any legal justification, but I have no idea what went into their decision.”

The — still unnamed — officer’s lawyer:

“This is the only correct conclusion following the events of January 6. The lieutenant exercised professionalism and fantastic restraint in defending and protecting members of Congress.”

The officer remains unidentified in the public sphere.

“As unfortunate as it is that the lieutenant had to resort to deadly force, he fired only one shot at the only person who breached the locked doors and makeshift barricade that had been erected. He did so after clearly identifying himself and ordering the mob not to come through the barricade,” Schamel added. “He used tremendous restraint in only firing one shot, and his actions stopped the mob from breaking through and turning a horrific day in American history into something so much worse.”

Missing from this: Any claim that the unarmed Ashli Babbitt posed a threat of death or great bodily harm, the necessary predicate for deadly force, to anyone. There’s no “members of Congress were scared” exception to the law on deadly force.

But this is a police shooting that all the Best People heartily approve.

SHOCKER: Mindfulness can make you selfish: study.

TODAY IS ISRAEL’S INDEPENDENCE DAY: Jeff Dunetz at The Lid explains how God used Harry Truman to do a modern-day miracle. The greater miracle may well be that Israel has survived to this day and remained America’s best ally in the Middle East.

LONG-TERM TEST: Our 2020 Toyota Supra 3.0 Had a Rough Winter: Our six-cylinder Supra was a handful in the snow, and our experience with Toyota’s roadside assistance was a minor disaster.

The handful-in-the-snow part isn’t a huge shock for a powerful rear-wheel-drive car, though not as inevitable as it once was with modern tires and traction. But that wasn’t the issue: “We have no issues with driving sports cars in winter; we’ve always done so with our long-termer vehicles after fitting them with winter tires, most recently with a Corvette, a Porsche, a Miata, and a Mustang. But those cars never gave us the kind of trouble that we experienced with our Supra, which largely can be explained in two words: ground clearance, of which the Supra 3.0 has but 4.5 inches.”

A JOURNALIST WRITES ON THE MINNEAPOLIS RIOTS and James Lileks unleashes the Fisking of the year. “What may strike the author as a ringing series of J’accuses! might strike others as the obsessive mutterings of a meth-head with one leg jackhammering up and down, but I suppose that’s a matter of opinion.”

IS THERE ANYONE LEFT IN WASHINGTON WHO HASN’T TAKEN BEIJING BUCKS? Biden’s Deputy Energy Sec Spoke For Chinese Communist Party.

THOSE WOKE CEOS ARE HEADED IN WRONG DIRECTION: Issues & Insights argues the movement represented by the more than 100 CEOs who met Sunday to proclaim their virtuous opposition to restrictive election laws has bad ending written all over it.

SO LONG AS NO ONE IS BEING RAPED, WE’LL CALL IT A WIN: “The Lincoln Project is not known for making the best tweets. Today it may have made its worst one yet.”

SPACE: Blue Origin launches what may be final test flight before carrying people. “The rocket lifted off about 12:50 p.m. EDT from the company’s spaceport near Van Horn, about 120 miles southeast of El Paso. New Shepard soared into the hazy spring sky, reaching velocity of more than 2,200 mph. . . . Upon landing with the aid of parachutes, the capsule was to be tested by crew to practice exiting after a mission. The goal is to allow true space tourism for anyone, said Kevin Sproge, Blue Origin’s director of space architecture for New Shepard, during the broadcast.”

GOOD. AMERICA NEEDS MORE AMMO. Remington Ammunition Begins Production at Arkansas Facility.

CAVING TO THE MOB IS HOW YOU GET MORE MOBS: Hank Azaria Apologizes To Every Indian For Voicing Apu: The Character ‘Is Practically A Slur.’

BREAKING: CNN Director Reveals the Awful Truth Behind CNN’s COVID-19 Death Toll.

SHUT UP, THEY EXPLAINED: Jason Whitlock Gets Twitter Jail After Criticizing BLM for Buying Large Mansions.

USD PROF SUGGESTS CHINESE GOVERNMENT MIGHT BE LYING ABOUT COVID, INVESTIGATION RESULTS. Of the American professor, of course, not the Chinese government, even though the University of San Diego promises free expression. If you’d like, you can help FIRE hold USD accountable by emailing to remind it to live up to its own promises.

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