January 25, 2021

BECAUSE THIS IS THE EARLY 20th CENTURY:  Biden’s Transport secretary Buttigieg tells laid-off Keystone XL workers he hopes they get ‘different union jobs’.

BECAUSE BOTH ARE PREMEDITATED ATTACKS ON THE US? Why Post-Inauguration Reminds Me of Post-9-11.

BEHOLD. MY SHOCKED FACE:  Mitch McConnell Shivved Us All In The Back.

IT’S NOT A SHOW OF FORCE:  A Guardsman at the Capitol.

They want the guard to protect them till March, because they intend to do things they know we’ll want to shoot them for.

REMEMBER THE LEFT PROJECTS LIKE AN IMAX?  Confessions of a Deprogrammed Trump Supporter.

So, maybe we should read this guy’s book?

EUGENICS BY ANY OTHER MEANS:  Biden Freezes Rule Capping Insulin And Epipen Prices.

THE PERFECT PUPPET FOR THE PSY-OPS:  A Short History Of How Anthony Fauci Has Kept Failing Up Since 1984.

AH, BUT THE ONLY TERRORISTS THAT EXIST ARE TRUMP SUPPORTERS:  Robert Spencer: The ‘Muslim Ban’ Is Gone. Now Come the Reminders of Why We Needed It..

IS THAT SO? Cindy McCain says Arizona GOP censure is ‘a badge of honor’.
And perhaps we should eat cake?

THERE ARE FOUR FINGERS: The River of Forgetfulness.

We will not be gaslighted.



Sauve qui peut! Now is the time for all hands on deck. Build alternatives. Now.

January 24, 2021

JUST SENT OUT THANK-YOU NOTES TO PEOPLE WHO DONATED VIA PAYPAL. Sorry that some were a bit late; I got a bit behind with the Covid and other stuff. I very much appreciate your support, especially now that the Amazon stuff is no longer happening as before.

AND THE ANSWER IS NONE. NONE MORE RACIST: “Software that monitors students during tests perpetuates inequality and violates their privacy,” and Technology Review is on it!

I’m a university librarian and I’ve seen the impacts of these systems up close. My own employer, the University of Colorado Denver, has a contract with Proctorio.

It’s become clear to me that algorithmic proctoring is a modern surveillance technology that reinforces white supremacy, sexism, ableism, and transphobia. The use of these tools is an invasion of students’ privacy and, often, a civil rights violation.

If you’re a student taking an algorithmically proctored test, here’s how it works: When you begin, the software starts recording your computer’s camera, audio, and the websites you visit. It measures your body and watches you for the duration of the exam, tracking your movements to identify what it considers cheating behaviors. If you do anything that the software deems suspicious, it will alert your professor to view the recording and provide them a color-coded probability of your academic misconduct.

Depending on which company made the software, it will use some combination of machine learning, AI, and biometrics (including facial recognition, facial detection, or eye tracking) to do all of this. The problem is that facial recognition and detection have proven to be racist, sexist, and transphobic over, and over, and over again.

In general, technology has a pattern of reinforcing structural oppression like racism and sexism. Now these same biases are showing up in test proctoring software that disproportionately hurts marginalized students.

A Black woman at my university once told me that whenever she used Proctorio’s test proctoring software, it always prompted her to shine more light on her face. The software couldn’t validate her identity and she was denied access to tests so often that she had to go to her professor to make other arrangements. Her white peers never had this problem.

Similar kinds of discrimination can happen if a student is trans or non-binary. But if you’re a white cis man (like most of the developers who make facial recognition software), you’ll probably be fine.

It’s not only the software that’s racist and homophobic — it’s [Al Pacino voice] the whole damn system itself! [/Pacino  voice] According to this professor, ‘Science, statistics, and technology are all inherently racist:’”

University of Rhode Island and Director of Graduate Studies Erik Loomis recently claimed “science, statistics and technology” are racist.

“Science, statistics, and technology are all inherently racist because they are developed by racists who live in a racist society, whether they identify as racists or not,” Loomis tweeted in reference to a New York Times article.

“This is why I have so much contempt for those, including many liberals, who ‘just want the data.’ The data is racist!” he continued.

“You’re out of order! You’re out of order! The whole trial is out of order! They’re out of order!”


ABANDON YOUR AUDIENCE AND YOUR AUDIENCE WILL ABANDON YOU: Fox News Ratings Crash: Trailing CNN and MSNBC For The First Time Since 2000.

MAYBE HE DIDN’T ACTUALLY WANT TO LOWER THE TEMPERATURE: Andrew Sullivan: Biden’s Culture War Aggression: He may have needlessly crippled his chances for lowering the temperature already. Excerpt:

Biden has also signaled (and by executive order, has already launched) a very sharp departure from liberalism in his approach to civil rights. The vast majority of Americans support laws that protect minorities from discrimination, so that every American can have equality of opportunity, without their own talents being held back by prejudice. But Biden’s speech and executive orders come from a very different place. They explicitly replace the idea of equality in favor of what anti-liberal critical theorists call “equity.” They junk equality of opportunity in favor of equality of outcomes. Most people won’t notice that this new concept has been introduced — equity, equality, it all sounds the same — but they’ll soon find out the difference. . . .

In less tortured English, equity means giving the the named identity groups a specific advantage in treatment by the federal government over other groups — in order to make up for historic injustice and “systemic” oppression. Without “equity”, the argument runs, there can be no real “equality of opportunity.” Equity therefore comes first. Until equity is reached, equality is postponed — perhaps for ever.

It means a government empowered to reward its supporters and punish its enemies, along race/ethnic/sex lines. That certainly won’t lower any temperatures anywhere.

Related: Biden brings back Critical Race Theory, which Trump called ‘divisive, anti-American propaganda.’


Shot: Pompous Ali Velshi Declares Trump Caused ‘The Death of Shame.’

NewsBusters, yesterday.

Chaser: Ali Velshi Doesn’t Condone Rioting (Unless It Gets Him What He Wants).

—Jim Treacher, PJ Media, January 19th.

ENDORSED: Josh Hawley: It’s time to stand up against the muzzling of America.

Related: Liberal authoritarians like John Brennan are real threat to democracy.

Every time former CIA Director John Brennan appears on cable news to warn about some new “insidious threat to democracy,” I am reminded again that he deserves to be in federal prison.

In this corrupt media environment, however, the official who oversaw an illegal domestic-spying operation on the legislative branch of the US government, who tried to cover it up and blame innocent Senate staffers when discovered and who then brazenly lied about it to legislators and the American people — this man is held up as a paragon of civic virtue.

We still don’t even know what role Brennan played in spying on his political opponents during the 2016 campaign. We do know he went on TV for years after, alleging to have insider knowledge of an unprecedented seditious criminal conspiracy against the United States. Never once was he challenged by his hosts. And when an independent multimillion-dollar investigation couldn’t pull together a single indictment related to those claims, Brennan shrugged it off by saying that he may have “received bad information.”

Brennan was back on MSNBC last week, contending American intel agencies “are moving in laser-like fashion to try to uncover as much as they can about” the pro-Trump “insurgency” that harbors “religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists, even libertarians.”

Even a former Communist such as Brennan surely understands there is nothing prohibiting Americans from being religious extremists, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists or even libertarians.

He’s a disgrace, and a tool.

HE’S NOT WRONG: The Moronic Firing of Will Wilkinson Illustrates Why Fear and Bad Faith Mob Demands Reign Supreme. “All of this is especially ironic given that the president of this colorless, sleepy think tank — last seen hiring the colorless, sleepy Matt Yglesias — himself has a history of earnestly and non-ironically advocating actual violence against people.”

My days of disrespecting the Niskanen Center are coming to a middle.

Plus: “The recent extraordinary removal of the social media platform Parler from the internet was clearly driven by these dynamics. It is inconceivable that Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos and Google executives believe that Parler is some neo-Nazi site that played anywhere near the role in planning and advocating for the Capitol riot as Facebook and YouTube did. But they know that significant chunks of liberal elite culture believe this (or at least claim to), and they thus calculate — not irrationally, even if cowardly — that they will have to endure a large social and reputational hit for refusing mob demands to destroy Parler. Like the Niskanen and Times bosses with Wilkinson, they had to decide how much pain they were willing to accept to defend Parler, and — as is usually the case — it turned out the answer was not much. Thus was Parler destroyed, with nowhere near the number of important liberal friends that Wilkinson has.”

Also: “Social media is one of the most powerful generators of group-think ever invented in human history, enabling a small number of people to make decision-makers feel besieged with scorn and threatened with ostracization if they do not obey mob demands. The other is that the liberal-left has gained cultural hegemony in the most significant institutions — from academia and journalism to entertainment, sports, music and art.”

Related: Is It Time to Boycott Niskanen? Why Jerry Taylor Must Resign.

OPEN THREAD: It’s there, it’s there for you, it’s what you want.

SPACE FORCE: U.S. Space Force is ‘on solid ground’ despite speculation.

TO BE FAIR, IT COULD BE MUCH LONGER: A Short History Of How Anthony Fauci Has Kept Failing Up Since 1984.

SALENA ZITO: Why the US Hispanic conservative movement is surging — even without Trump.

I’D LIKE THAT BETTER IF I TRUSTED THEM MORE ON OTHER FRONTS: Smart watches can detect symptoms of COVID-19 before wearer knows they are infected. “One of the early signs of a COVID-19 infection is inflammation in infected areas of the body. And when inflammation begins, the body responds by slightly altering blood flow. That change in blood flow can be seen in slight changes to a person’s heartbeat, detectable via smart watches like the one from Apple. By noting a person’s heartbeat over long periods of time, a smart watch can determine a normal baseline for the person wearing the watch. And when a sudden prolonged change happens, such as sustained heart rate variability, the device can detect that, too. In the test at Mount Sinai, the volunteers were asked to wear the smart watch full-time and also to install a watch app that specifically looked for sustained changes in their heartbeat. The researchers found that the watches were able to identify two-thirds of those people who were infected an average of seven days before the volunteers noticed any symptoms.”

IF THIS HAPPENED IN CHINA, NO ONE BUT PRC STOOGES WOULD DEFEND IT: Pretrial Release Condition: Can’t Speak About “the [Capitol] Protest or the Matters Related to the United States Government.”

Eugene Volokh comments: “The restriction on all speech about the riot, or criticisms of the federal government (even if read as limited to criticisms related to the substance of the riot) strikes me as pretty clearly unconstitutional, even given the extra authority the government has as to pretrial release conditions. . . . The protest attendance restrictions also seem to be unconstitutional, unless there’s specific evidence that Beckley is likely to engage in trespass, vandalism, or violence at future protests. (Note that the Oregon no-protest restrictions were quickly dropped.)”

WHERE IS THE SPICE? Giant sand worm discovery proves truth is stranger than fiction.

ANN ALTHOUSE: Rand Paul versus George Stephanopoulos. A great confrontation, and I do not agree with the title on this video, that Rand Paul “melts down.” “Paul never accepted or rejected the word ‘stolen,’ and he made his point very clearly and with detail and he effectively scolded Stephanopoulos for taking sides.”

A reminder of what you used to be able to say, the day before the election: Will your ballot be safe? Computer experts sound warnings on America’s voting machines.

SHOCKING NEWS FROM THE WORLD OF SCIENCE: MRI study reveals slowed brain activity during light sleep.

ERECTION CENSORED: ABC’s This Week edits out Schumer’s unfortunate Trump gaffe on Senate floor.


BY ITS FRUIT THE TREE IS KNOWN: Sen. Rand Paul says Biden’s push for raising minimum wage shows he hates Black teenagers.


Shot: Walter Bernstein, Celebrated Screenwriter, Is Dead at 101. His movies included “Fail Safe,” “Paris Blues” and, perhaps most notably, “The Front,” based on his own experience of being blacklisted:

Mr. Bernstein and other blacklisted writers were forced to work under assumed names for sympathetic filmmakers like Sidney Lumet, who used Mr. Bernstein, now back in New York, throughout the ’50s on “You Are There,” the CBS program hosted by Walter Cronkite that re-enacted great moments in history.

It was during this period that Mr. Bernstein and his colleagues, notably the writers Abraham Polonsky and Arnold Manoff, began the ruse of protecting their anonymity by sending stand-ins to represent them at meetings with producers, a ploy later dramatized in “The Front.” (In addition to Mr. Allen, the movie starred Zero Mostel, who, like the film’s director, Mr. Ritt, had also been blacklisted.)

“Suddenly, the blacklist had achieved for the writer what he had previously only aspired to,” Mr. Bernstein joked in “Inside Out.” “He was considered necessary.”

—The New York Times, yesterday.

Chaser: New York Times Reportedly Cancels Contract of Editor Who Tweeted Having ‘Chills’ on Biden Inauguration Day.

Mediaite, Friday.

In accordance with the prophesy:

UPDATE: You may not be interested in cancel culture — but cancel culture is interested in you:

Or is this a case of the Gray Lady using cancel culture to provide cover while firing someone for other reasons?

MORE: NYT Rebukes Claims That Editor Was Fired Over ‘Single Tweet:’

The Times is now saying her tweet about Joe Biden was not the cause for her termination.

“There’s a lot of inaccurate information circulating on Twitter,” a Times representative said. “For privacy reasons we don’t get into the details of personnel matters but we can say that we didn’t end someone’s employment over a single tweet.  Out of respect for the individuals involved we don’t plan to comment further.”

“Developing,” as they say.

(Updated and bumped.)

JOURNALISTS AGAINST FREE SPEECH: The New Censors. When I wrote in 2019 about journalists’ new antipathy to free speech, it seemed bad enough that they were targeting rivals in their own profession with advertising boycotts and smear campaigns that led to conservative journalists being fired and banished from social media. But since the Capitol riot, they’ve gone beyond “de-platforming” individual heretics. Now they want to eliminate the platforms, too.


THEY BLAME PARLER BUT DID WORSE THEMSELVES: Andy Ngo: Twitter Did Nothing to Stop Antifa Planning, Promoting Riots in Portland, Seattle.

GOOD: SpaceX launches record-setting mission without a hitch.

STALINIST PSYCHIATRY FROM YALE’S DR. BANDY X. LEE: The ‘Shared Psychosis’ of Donald Trump and His Loyalists.

I remember when it was considered a breach of professional ethics to diagnose the mental health of people you hadn’t personally evaluated. Another casualty of Trump-hatred, which has exposed our professional classes as ethical frauds more or less across the board.

GIVING NEW MEANING TO “FAT HEAD.” Study: Rising number of people getting weight-linked headaches.

QUESTION ASKED: Is 30 Minutes of Cycling A Day Enough for Weight Loss?

GLENN GREENWALD: Journalists Are Authoritarians.

‘YOU SAY WE’RE ALL LIARS:’ Rand Paul Has Fiery Debate With George Stephanopoulos. “You’re forgetting who you are as a journalist if you think there’s only one side.”

Paul understands of course that Stephanopoulos is not a journalist, merely a Democratic Party operative with a byline. But as Saul Alinsky would say, “Make the enemy live up to [his] own book of rules.”


[Bari] Weiss said she believes that “in a normal non-upside down world,” a publisher would have reacted differently to the Cotton controversy. Journalists at the newspaper publicly condemned the article and said that “running this puts Black @NYTimes staff in danger.” In response, The NYT eventually issued an apology.

“I felt like in a normal non-upside down world, I felt like the response on the part of any publisher, in the case of journalists claiming that an op-ed by a senator put their lives in danger would be, I respect that you have this position, perhaps working in a newspaper is not the right career path for you,” Weiss said. “But instead, what happened in the wake of that was really unbelievable. It was like a struggle session, with people crying, with people being praised by the masthead for their moral clarity and their courage. It was quite a spectacle.”

Weiss and Kelly also got into the attitude of the media as former President Donald Trump’s tenure continued. Weiss suggested that as time went on, pieces that did not overtly indicate Trump was bad became viewed as “traitorous.”

“It was strange, because this is the kind of environment where inclusion and diversity are the watchwords and bullying is wrong,” Weiss noted. “But bullying the right people, it’s not just okay there, it’s kind of like a virtue. One of the ways this played out was this just really, really insidious double standard. If you had the right politics, and you have the right perspective, you could basically be unscrutinized and you could act totally unprofessionally, for example, on Twitter, and nothing would happen to you.”

Related: James Lindsay on “Psychopathy and the Origins of Totalitarianism.” Exit quote: “Pseudo-realities are, simply put, false constructions of reality. It is hopefully obvious that among the features of pseudo-realities is that they must present a plausible but deliberately wrong understanding of reality. They are cult ‘realities’ in the sense that they are the way that members of cults experience and interpret the world—both social and material—around them. We should immediately recognize that these deliberately incorrect interpretations of reality serve two related functions. First, they are meant to mold the world to accommodate small proportions of people who suffer pathological limitations on their abilities to cope with reality as it is. Second, they are designed to replace all other analyses and motivations with power, which these essentially or functionally psychopathic individuals will contort and deform to their permanent advantage so long as their pseudo-real regime can last.”

DON SURBER: Liberals Suffer Trump Withdrawal. “After obsessing over him in their every woken moment for the past 5 years, liberals face the terror of withdrawal as Donald John Trump has gone home to Florida. . . . He has lived rent-free in their heads for so long that they feel an emptiness.The Meatheads feel lonely. There is an emptiness inside them. They need something new to obsess about.”


FIGHT THE POWER, STICK IT TO THE MAN: Music professor sues university for punishing him over defense of ‘racist’ composer.

JASON WHITLOCK: I stand by my comparison of BLM to the KKK — no matter who might object.

Cultural changes and technological advances explain the difference in tactics between the KKK of old and its modern-day successor, BLM. Burning buildings have replaced burning crosses. Social media lynch mobs destroy a person’s character, strike fear, and silence dissent.

In the KKK’s heyday, a black man could have his life destroyed for making eye contact with a white woman. In BLM’s heyday, a black man can have his life destroyed for expressing an opinion that contradicts the ideology of white liberals.

The Klan has been described as “the terrorist wing of the Democratic Party.” The events of the last summer would lead one to believe that BLM are the shock troops of the Democratic Party, at a minimum.

GLEICHSCHALTUNG: Loyola asks ‘each academic unit’ to teach ‘identity and privilege.’

Cost of attending Loyola University Chicago: $65,168 per year.

‘IT’S GOT A GREAT BEAT AND YOU CAN DANCE TO IT:’ Wonder if that’s what they’d said on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand of “Graves Into Gardens” by Elevation Worship. Christian music sure isn’t what it used to be. I miss the old hymns, but there is a boatload of raw talent doing Gospel music these days.

HOW MANY MORE THOUSANDS OF JOBS WILL JOE KILL? The Lid’s Jeff Dunetz surveys the unemployment wreckage for His Fraudulency’s first day on the job in the Oval Office.


I JUST WANT TO SAY GOOD LUCK. WE’RE ALL COUNTING ON YOU. Republican Steve Scalise and Democrat Donna Brazile point way to an undemonized politics.

A REMINDER OF THE IMPORTANCE OF LIMITS: Senate Republican threatens impeachments of past Democratic presidents. “The Texas Republican senator John Cornyn warned on Saturday that Donald Trump’s second impeachment could lead to the prosecution of former Democratic presidents if Republicans retake Congress in two years’ time.” Given Cornyn’s importance in the leadership, this suggests that there will be no conviction.

MARCO RUBIO: Why is McKinsey & Co. supporting Vladimir Putin? “With every new report of McKinsey & Company’s work with authoritarian regimes, I grow increasingly concerned about its work on behalf of the U.S. Government. It is unclear why the U.S. Government, or any democratic government with whom your firm works, should accept that McKinsey’s work maintains the high standards that you claim, or believe that your recommendations have not been tainted by your stated willingness to assist authoritarian regimes in Beijing, Moscow, and elsewhere.”

FOREIGNERS ARE STARTING TO WORRY: NZ Herald: Troubling signs in Joe Biden’s first days as President. “Hopefully, now that inauguration week is out of the way, we can start to critique this presidency with the same rigour as the last one.” Well, maybe in Australia or New Zealand. Not going to happen here.

Related: Premiers tell Trudeau they ‘want to go to war’ with U.S. over Keystone XL.

CHANGE: Florida is ‘new HQ of the MAGA movement.’

SPACEX IS GOING TO TRY LAUNCHING AGAIN TODAY AT 10 AM EST. 143 satellites in one launch.

PUBLISHED THE DAY BEFORE THE ELECTION. HOW LONG UNTIL IT’S MEMORY-HOLED OR STEALTH-EDITED? Will your ballot be safe? Computer experts sound warnings on America’s voting machines.


WE CAN’T LET THIS GO ON:  Build To Last.

We cannot let them steal the future.


To be fair, men in men’s sports will have to compete with women who identify as men, too. . . .

THESE FOOLS TALK AS IF THIS WERE A GOOD THING RATHER THAN WHAT GOT TRUMP ELECTED:   Return of the technocrats: Biden aims for ‘normal’ after four years of tumult.

Well, again, ask yourselves — what are you going to do? Vote them out?

CHALLENGES? PFUI HE’S THEIR VICE-ROI:  China Watch: Beijing Challenges Biden Over Taiwan.

Being Gropey McPedo granted more vice than roi.

AGAIN, THEY LIED TO YOU:  Now Biden Tells Us: ‘Nothing We Can Do to Change Trajectory of Pandemic in Coming Months’.

THAT CAMEL-HO IS A PEACH:  WaPo Caught Stealth Editing 2019 Story About Kamala Harris Mocking Prisoners Begging for Food and Water.

And her enablers are peachy keen. I wonder if Bezos knows he’s on the menu next.

THEY LIE WITH EVERY TOOTH IN THEIR MOUTHS: Reuters: CDC’s early COVID response “marred by . . . career scientists and frontline staff”.

It was just a psy-ops. Which almost worked for what they wanted. In the end they had to use in your face fraud to steal the election. but now they don’t need the super scary virus anymore.

THEY THINK IT DOESN’T MATTER ANYMORE:  Shocker: MSNBC host admits ‘Trump would be getting crushed’ if he had done what Joe Biden did.

WHY SHOULD HE? Will Biden Leave Little Sisters Free to Choose?

What are you going to do? Vote him out?

THEY’RE ABOUT AS CATHOLIC AS BERGOLIO:  Biden’s Catholic Praetorian Guard.

THINGS ARE GOING TO GET POWERFULLY UGLY:  China-Taiwan threat: Beijing jets breach island defence zone – missile systems deployed.

ALL OVER THE WORLD:  Anti-Putin Demonstrations Erupt Across Russia.

All over the world, the stupid would be elites have decided it’s a grand idea to have permanent fraud ins and police states.  I don’t think it holds.  I hope it doesn’t hold.

NOTE WHEN IT’S SOMETHING THEY DON’T WANT THEY KNOW VOTE BY MAIL IS FRAUD:  Amazon Fights Against Mail-In Voting in Union Decision to Preserve ‘Vote Fidelity’.


Here’s the thing, guys: we let them do this to state after state. Fraud themselves in, go all fraud by mail. State after state.  And we shrugged and moved away while they turned the state into desolate occupied land.
BUT we, Americans, have nowhere else to go. So what now?

January 23, 2021

UNITY WATCH: Sorry President Biden, the Honeymoon Is Over Before It Even Started.

COEXISTENCE: Coexistence Is the Only Option: Millions of Americans sympathize with the Capitol insurrection. Everyone else must figure out how to live alongside them. Forget the patronizing language and the use of “seditionist” to refer to Trump supporters, and all the other lefty hysteria. She’s telling The Atlantic’s readers something they won’t hear many other places: You’re stuck with Trump supporters, and you can’t bully them into submission, however much you want to. You have to live with them.

And, you know, even Paul Krugman has noticed that all the sedition talk is bogus.


OPEN THREAD: Spend your wild Saturday night partying here.


THIS POSSIBLY BODES WELL FOR SPACE: A moon rock in the Oval Office: President Joe Biden’s lunar display. “The Biden Administration requested an Apollo-recovered moon rock for display as ‘a symbolic recognition of earlier generations’ ambitions and accomplishments, and support for America’s current moon to Mars exploration approach,’ according to NASA.”

TULSI GABBARD: Domestic-Terrorism Bill Is ‘a Targeting of Almost Half of the Country.’

Far too many on the American left watch The Lives of Others as a how-to guide for good government.

EVERYONE IS CONSERVATIVE ABOUT WHAT HE KNOWS BEST: Jeff Bezos, Amazon Refuting Mail-in Votes For Unionization.

Jeff Bezos — a strong Democratic supporter — and Amazon are aiming to postpone a unionization vote at one of its warehouses in Alabama, the Wall Street Journal reports. Interestingly, Amazon is requesting that the National Labor Relations Board reconsider allowing mail-in voting, claiming the voting process has “serious and systemic flaws.”

Got that? Bezos’ Amazon is doing all it can to prevent any shady activity when its workers cast their ballots.

You are likely trying to figure out how that adds up, right? The Bezos-owned Washington Post called any claims of mail-in voter fraud by Donald Trump or his supporters dangerous and inexcusable. Amazon even banned Parler from its servers, in part, to ensure no one could claim voter fraud stemmed from November’s mail-in ballots. But stop trying, it is not supposed to add up.

In this case, mail-in voting is disadvantageous for Bezos’ e-commerce behemoth. As a result, mail-in voting is now deemed seriously flawed.

Exit question:

(Classical reference in headline.)

OUT OF MILLIONS VACCINATED: CDC: 10 life-threatening reactions linked with Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. “The 10 cases of anaphylaxis all occurred in women who received the shot, half of whom had a history of having a reaction to a vaccine and all but one of whom had medication allergies, the CDC said. . . . All 10 were treated with the epi pen, which contains the drug epinephrine, and all are believed to have recovered fully, according to the agency.”

NONSENSE, LIKE BLACK LIVES MATTER PROTESTS THEY’RE EXEMPT FROM VIROLOGY: Birx suggests inauguration-related gatherings could amount to “superspreader” event.

R.I.P. Larry King. His show was my very first big-TV appearance, many, many years ago.

NOW OUT FROM ANDREW WAREHAM: The Balloonatics: A Tale of the Great War.

Also, The Pinchbeck Peer, Book Four.

K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: Another teachers union refuses to return to work.

WELL, THAT’S THE PLAN: If Hawley and Cruz Are Cancelled, Conservatism Is Next.

HMM: NSAIDs might exacerbate or suppress COVID-19 depending on timing, mouse study suggests. “Dr. Wilen and his team expected that there would be little to no effect of NSAIDs on viral infection, which turned out to be correct.They also thought that NSAIDs would not significantly affect the antibody response to natural infection. ‘In fact, we initially didn’t even carefully look at the antibody response, because we didn’t expect it to be altered by NSAIDs. This turned out to be wrong,’ said Dr. Wilen.”



And of course, this classic moment from 2008:

Just NBC all the gaslighting!

And so, as he flies the blue lady of the skies into the sunset, we say “Aloha!”, Five O’clock Tom, and return to our duties.  Let me remind you, the Weblog is open twenty-four hours for your dining and dancing pleasure.

VALUE: Cars that won’t depreciate.

GOOD AND HARD: “Release Them All:” Tucker Exposes Full Biden Jailbreak Order for Illegal Aliens.

Biden’s determined to show his old boss that there’s a new (pro-ACAB) sherif in town!

GOOD AND HARD: Biden’s Culture War Blitzkrieg.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Mastering The Element of Surprise for Personal Defense.

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