February 28, 2020

MY CONGRESSMAN, TIM BURCHETT, HAS ALWAYS PREFERRED FIST-BUMPS: Coronavirus ‘no-contact, no-handshake policy’ at Seafood Expo in Boston. “The expo will have significantly fewer visitors from Asia.”

SHOCKER: AP FACT CHECK: Democrats distort coronavirus readiness.

Democratic presidential contenders are describing the federal infectious-disease bureaucracy as rudderless and ill-prepared for the coronavirus threat because of budget cuts and ham-handed leadership by President Donald Trump. That’s a distorted picture. For starters, Trump hasn’t succeeded in cutting the budget.

He’s proposed cuts but Congress ignored him and increased financing instead. The National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention aren’t suffering from budget cuts that never took effect.

Also, you could cut the budget for a lot of CDC activities and not affect disease-fighting readiness at all, except maybe to improve it, because a lot of CDC activities are worthless mission creep.

AMERICA’S PAPER OF RECORD:  Joe Biden Claims He Is Only Human Left On Earth Not Killed By Gun Violence.

ROLLS EYES SO HARD THEY GO UNDER THE SOFA AND BECOME COATED IN CAT HAIR:  Indie Shocker Shows White Couple Torturing Illegal Immigrants.

ALL COLLEGES DO. WE LET BEARDO THE WEIRDO TAKE THEM OVER:  It’s unsurprising that Ivy League colleges churn out dangerous leftists.

SO LONG AS SHE’S USEFUL FOR SOMETHING:  In an often crazy world, Meghan Markle provides much needed comic relief.

LIKE… THE FACT HE DOESN’T HAVE ONE OR THAT HE HAS THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO IN ITS PLACE?  Bernie Sanders is hiding critical heart health information.

CNN’S WAR ON REALITY:  CNN Anchor Claims Coronavirus Part Of Trump’s War On Truth.

SERIOUSLY, CALIFORNIA?  CA Nannies: Thou Shalt Have No Boys Nor Girls Depts.

DEMOCRATS WISH ALL OF US WILL DIE, IF ONLY IT WILL MAKE TRUMP LOOK BAD. STILL NO VACCINE FOR TDS:  Democrats (and media) react to Trump’s Coronavirus response.

I’M SORRY…. THEY WANT WHAT ON CAMPUS?  ARE THESE REAL BLACK STUDENTS, OR A “FRIENDS OF RALPH NORTHROP” GROUP?  U. Oklahoma: Anti-racism Protesters Demand Provost Resign and University Bring Popeyes to Campus.


As Ted Cruz asks, “How exactly would open borders protect us from the potential spread of a worldwide pandemic?”

UPDATE: California sees surge in Chinese illegally crossing border from Mexico, the L.A. Times reported in 2016.

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February 27, 2020


MORE ON THE CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK, from Trent Telenko. “In hindsight the gloom and doom CDC newsconference Tuesday by Doctor Nancy Messonnier, the Director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Disease in the CDC seems to be an attempt to distract the public from the CDC’s role in delaying this identification of community spread in California with the uber-flawed CDC testing program and guidelines.”

WE CALL IT “PYONGYANG QUARANTINE.” North Korea’s first confirmed Coronavirus COVID 19 patient shot dead.

AT AMAZON, save on Medical Supplies and Equipment.

Plus, deals on Vitamins and Dietary Supplements.

WELL, OKAY THEN: Doctors are warning people not to put frozen potatoes in their anus.

But don’t give up on anal cures just yet: Applying essential oil to anus ‘cures coronavirus’: Iranian cleric.

THE PRESS AND DEMOCRATIC POLS ARE CERTAINLY DOING THEIR BEST TO MAKE IT SO: Coronavirus could cost Trump the election, Goldman Sachs warns. Won’t work for them, though, unless Trump lets it.

MIKE WILL GET IT DONE — OR AT LEAST TAKE CREDIT, AFTER SOMEONE ELSE DOES IT: Bloomberg takes credit for leading NYC through 9/11 — when Giuliani was mayor.

CHINA SYNDROME: Justice Dept. charges professor with hiding ties to China. “A professor at the University of Tennessee has been arrested on charges that he hid his relationship with a Chinese university while receiving research grants from the federal government, the Justice Department said Thursday. Anming Hu, an associate professor in the department of mechanical, aerospace and biomedical engineering at the university’s flagship Knoxville campus, was charged with three counts of wire fraud and three counts of making false statements.”

OPEN THREAD: We live in interesting times.

52 YEARS AGO TONIGHT: The ‘Cronkite Moment’ of 1968: Remembering why it’s a media myth.

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Debt related to criminal justice undermines aims of system.

DON SURBER: Why Trump targeted Minnesota and New Mexico.

DOWN AND OUT WITH PIERRE DELECTO: Charlie Kirk Boos Romney at CPAC: ‘He Lied to Every Single Person in This Room.’

NOW OUT FROM DANA LOESCH: Grace Canceled: How Outrage is Destroying Lives, Ending Debate, and Endangering Democracy.

FLASHBACK: Serfs of Academe. Remember, academics think the world is a place of abusive feudalism because that’s how their world actually works.

Plus, some advice for President Trump.

NINTH CIRCUIT JUDGE JAY BYBEE REPROVES CONGRESS. “It matters not to me as a judge whether Congress embraces or disapproves of the administration’s actions, but it is time for a feckless Congress to come to the table and grapple with these issues. Don’t leave the table and expect us to clean up.”

CPAC: VP Pence Says ‘America Will Never Be a Socialist Country!’

Trump and Pence, with an unwitting assist from the Democrats, might just make this the most meaningful, issues-based campaign since 1980.

WAS THE EXCESSIVE DEATH RATE IN THE 1918 “SPANISH” FLU driven by aspirin overdoses? “The hypothesis presented herein is that salicylate therapy for influenza during the 1918–1919 pandemic resulted in toxicity and pulmonary edema, which contributed to the incidence and severity of early ARDS-like lungs, subsequent bacterial infection, and overall mortality. Pharmacokinetic data, which were unavailable in 1918, indicate that the aspirin regimens recommended for the ‘Spanish influenza’ predispose to severe pulmonary toxicity.”

I’M STICKING WITH EBOLA LAGER, JUST TO BE SAFE: First it was a joke, but Corona beer is really suffering from coronavirus news.

WHY ARE DEMOCRAT MONOPOLY CITIES SUCH CESSPITS OF CORRUPTION? Former Baltimore Mayor Sentenced to Three Years in Prison over Children’s Book Fraud Scheme.

Baltimore’s last Republican mayor left office at the beginning of 1967.

GREAT, WHEN DO WE GO? This Exoplanet Could Actually Be Habitable After All, And It’s Not Even That Far.

CALIFORNIA STATE HEALTH OFFICIALS ARE MONITORING 8,400 CASES OF THE NOVEL CORONAVIRUS. “All of these people have travel history from China, but are not currently showing symptoms. Those individuals have been advised to stay in their homes for 14 days, the recommended incubation period for the virus. 28 of the confirmed cases currently reside in California. The other five have left the state, Newsom indicated. It’s unclear whether the 33 cases are from the evacuated Diamond Princess cruise ship that was quarantined off the coast of Japan. California health officials have 200 testing kits on hand and will be receiving more next week, according to Newsom.


PLUTOCRAT SEEKS PLUTOCRAT: Michael Bloomberg’s Campaign Sought Andrew Yang’s Backing, Floated Vice- Presidential Slot.

TYLER O’NEIL: Obama Finally Breaks His Silence on Joe Biden’s 2020 Race.

NOT THE ORION, THOUGH. The Pentagon Is Working on a Nuclear Thermal Rocket. But so is China. Welcome to the next space race.

Well, the Chinese might still build Orion. If they do, don’t say you weren’t warned.

BOEING REALLY FOCUSED ON GETTING BACK ON TRACK: Boeing Company Funds Al Sharpton Event; Executives Refuse Comment.

IT’S COME TO THIS: Billy Idol teams up with NYC on anti-car and truck idling campaign that pays citizens to snitch. Complete with the slogan “‘Billy Idol never idles and neither should you’—Mayor Bill de Blasio.”

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CPAC SPEAKER: Socialized Medicine Killed Princess Diana.

WELL, GOOD: Adult boosters for tetanus, diphtheria may be unnecessary.

MEGAN FOX ON THE RADIO: Megan (our Megan, not Transformers Megan) will be on the Mark Griffiths show KLZ 560 AM in the Denver area, at 3PM Eastern Time today, 1PM Mountain Time.

You can listen on the web at https://www.klzradio.com/

WHEN YOU’VE LOST THE BULWARKSierra Blanca Is How Trump Crushes Bernie.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: I Regret to Inform You Expensive Vacuums Are Worth It. I bought a not-too-expensive but not cheap Simplicity. I went to the vacuum cleaner store — yes, Knoxville still has a vacuum cleaner store, and they’re great — and asked the guy for the lightest, easiest-to-use HEPA upright he had. It works great, and Helen can use it comfortably.

MEANWHILE, OVER AT VODKAPUNDIT: What Will the Left Do When A Billion-Jillion Americans Don’t Die of Coronavirus?

ROGER SIMON: For Democrats, Coronavirus Is the New Russia… Or, Is It Ukraine?

#FEELTHEBERN: 20 Years After Socialist Takeover, 1 In 3 Venezuelans Are Starving.

FREE FLOW OF INFORMATION: The Coronavirus Outbreak: How Democratic Taiwan Outperformed Authoritarian China.




MY USA TODAY COLUMN: Across the country, rural communities want to secede from their states. Here’s why.

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: Notes From #CPAC2020 Day One. “I’m here at CPAC, which is the largest annual gathering of conservatives. It’s my first time back at the conference since President Trump was inaugurated in 2017. I don’t know what the last couple of years have been like but I can honestly report that the feeling here now is positively electric.”

It really is.

BILL BARR – MAINSTREAM CONSERVATIVE: Mario Loyola points out in The Atlantic that the President and Bill Barr both echo the mainstream conservative position on executive power. It was Obama and co that were abusing that power. I’ll just add that it’s astonishing this has to be said.

HE’S NOT WRONG: Attorney General William Barr Skewers ‘Remarkably Monolithic’ Liberal Press. Think of them as Democratic Party operatives with bylines and you won’t go far wrong.

A HERO OF THE REAL RESISTANCE: Powerline’s Scott Johnson stays on the Ilhan Omar case with A Message from Abdi Nur.

From Powerline:

“My name is Abdihakin Osman Nur and I live in Minneapolis Minnesota. I am an American citizen. I am the person who spoke to the media and said that Ilhan Omar married her brother and made legal papers for him to stay in America. I confirmed that the marriage was fraudulent and that I was personally aware since I was a close friend and neighbor to both Ahmed Hirsi and Ilhan Omar. It is also an open secret in the Minnesota Somali community but everyone is afraid of problems from supporters of Ilhan Omar, at least one of whom has a felony criminal record.”


“I would like to inform the public and the government of the USA. If anything were to happen to me and my safety that Ilhan Omar and her team will be responsible. I also ask for the support of the American people in case I’m set up or something happens to me because I have talked.”

Read the entire post. Be proud that there are brave Americans like Mr. Nur.

WELL, I GUESS I’M OKAY WITH THAT, PERSONALLY: Sierra Blanca Is How Trump Crushes Bernie: There’s an avalanche of opposition research coming for Bernie Sanders. The story of Sierra Blanca is just the start. “It’s especially damning because it’s pretty much true. And, as an added bonus, it doesn’t help that this isn’t Jane Sanders’ first brush with scandal.”

WELL, AS “LESSER BREEDS WITHOUT THE LAW,” THEY CAN’T POSSIBLY BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN ACTIONS BECAUSE REASONS. U. Michigan panel: Western colonialism at fault for gender violence among immigrants.

#FIGHTFOR15: Amazon opens full-size, ‘cashierless’ grocery store in Seattle.

LESLIE EASTMAN: A biochemist’s analysis of President Trump’s coronavirus press conference.

THIS IS STARTING TO GET SCARY: Japan closes schools through the end of March

YOU’RE NOT FIT FOR COLLEGE. GO HOME. Students stage sit-in, cry racism after prof reads ‘historical document’ containing n-word.

MY USA TODAY COLUMN: Across the country, rural communities want to secede from their states. Here’s why.

FROM THE PHOTO VAULT: The last UN forces tank retreats across the Han River as the UN forces evacuate Seoul. Photo taken January 4, 1951.

NEW SOCIALIST “IT GIRL” CONTINUES TO PAY DIVIDENDS: AOC Has Warning For Migrants Caravans: Mike Pence literally does not believe in science. It is utterly irresponsible to put him in charge of US coronavirus response as the world sits on the cusp of a pandemic. “Migrant caravans listen to AOC!!! Why come up to America? Your country is safer according to AOC not be dominated by white males.”

ROOTING FOR THE OTHER SIDE. NEXT QUESTION? Where was Bernie when Americans fought for Soviet Jewry?

CHOOSE THE FORM OF YOUR DESTRUCTOR: Betting odds show Sanders winning 13 of 14 Super Tuesday races.

SO YOU’RE SAYING IT’S HONEST JOURNALISM? Bloomberg TV Segment Rips Entire Dem Presidential Field, Including Michael Bloomberg.

THE SPEECH THAT CONVINCED REPUBLICANS THAT ABRAHAM LINCOLN WAS PRESIDENTIAL TIMBER:  On this day in 1860, Lincoln gave his famous Cooper Union address in New York.

One eyewitness described it this way:  “When Lincoln rose to speak, I was greatly disappointed. He was tall, tall, — oh, how tall! and so angular and awkward that I had, for an instant, a feeling of pity for so ungainly a man.” However, once Lincoln warmed up, “his face lighted up as with an inward fire; the whole man was transfigured. I forgot his clothes, his personal appearance, and his individual peculiarities. Presently, forgetting myself, I was on my feet like the rest, yelling like a wild Indian, cheering this wonderful man.”


THE REAL INDIANS ARE UNIMPRESSED: Elizabeth Warren criticized, again, over bogus claims of Cherokee heritage: 200 Native Americans issue open letter to candidate as Super Tuesday looms. “You have yet to fully address the harm you have caused.”

SO SIMPLE, LIKE THE JITTERBUG, THAT IT PLUMB EVADES PEOPLE: Why hand washing really could slow down an epidemic.

AS ALWAYS, FOR THE LEFT, BAD NEWS IS GOOD NEWS: The Left Prays for Coronavirus Black Swan Event to Take Out Trump, But it Won’t Happen. Here’s Why.

WELL, YES. Cuomo and the Urbanites Are Squeezing Rural New York to Death.

ONLY SUCKERS THINK SOCIALISM IS ABOUT EQUALITY. Fidel Castro lived like a king in Cuba, book claims.

DON SURBER: Corona Virus proves Trump is correct on borders and trade.

On January 31, as the Corona Virus began making the news, Joe Biden said, “We have, right now, a crisis with the Corona Virus. This is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria and xenophobia — hysterical xenophobia — and fear mongering to lead the way instead of science.”

President Donald John Trump had just imposed travel restrictions on Red China, including the quarantining of travelers returning home.

Closing the border made sense, which of course is why Biden and the rest of his party oppose it. Their hatred of the president has made them dumber than a kid eating a bag of lead chips.



GOJIRA, GODZILLA, WHO CARES? COMING SOON TO WWF!  Giant Komodo dragons battle for dominance in wild video.

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