January 23, 2021

WHY IS HIGHER EDUCATION SUCH A CESSPIT OF RACIST HATE? ‘Something is wrong with White folk’: Washington & Lee prof has a history of controversial comments.

IT’S SCHEDULED FOR 9:40 ET: Watch live: SpaceX plans morning launch of 143 satellites.

UPDATE: Scrubbbed at the last minute due to weather. Bummer.

EVERYTHING IS GOING SWIMMINGLY: Slow start: Biden’s opening approval below Trump and Obama, just 48%.

This is Rasmussen’s daily presidential tracking poll. Note that in Rasmussen’s final tracking poll for Trump, Trump was at 51%.

Weird, because the press is telling us that everyone hates Trump, a total pariah. And that everyone loves our America’s savior, Joe Biden.

Related: The impeachment is about legitimizing Biden.

He’s gonna need some legitimizing to be legitimate.

I TOO AM CONFLICTED:  Amazon and Me.

But ebooks really are a small part of Amazon’s profit, and there is something delightfully subversive in having them market our books.
As a commenter on that post says:

  • Codex Says:
    Please recall that the book business is not where you will pinch the corporate executives at Amazon.

    On the other hand, having the ‘zon hosting your ++UnGood BadThink stories and facilitating payments to authors of same is glorious.

    Do so until they force us off.

CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: Biden Energy Pick Set to Make Millions from Prominent Energy Company: Jennifer Granholm’s ties to energy industry will likely lead to conflicts of interest. To be honest, though, I prefer the crooks to the woke true believers.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Kansas universities could speed up faculty dismissals under new Regents proposal.

A subcommittee of the Kansas Board of Regents voted Wednesday to endorse a one-year policy making it easier for state universities to suspend, dismiss or terminate employees, including tenured faculty members, without initiating the process of formally declaring a financial emergency.

The extraordinary proposal unanimously forwarded to the full Board of Regents was based on financial damage to the University of Kansas, Kansas State, Wichita State and three other state universities by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Another issue was Gov. Laura Kelly’s decision in June to cut higher education appropriations by $35 million and her recommendation last week to the Kansas Legislature for a $27 million reduction in state aid to the universities. The Board of Regents asked the governor to restore the $35 million and hold the line in the new state budget. . . .

Under existing Board of Regents’ policy, a state university must formally recognize a financial exigency that required elimination of nontenured positions and operating expenditures. With the declaration, the universities could move ahead with reductions in tenured faculty positions.

The budget proposal outlined by the governor, which serves as starting point of discussion during legislative session, would slash state aid to the six universities by $27 million in the fiscal year starting July 1. Kelly set aside funding for raises to state agency employees, but suggested a $10 million block grant to the Board of Regents to use at its discretion.

The pandemic has just accelerated trends that were already underway.

TO BE FAIR, THE RHETORIC WAS ALWAYS BULLSHIT: After Inaugural Rhetoric on Unity, Biden Signs Divisive Transgender Executive Order.

FROM CELIA HAYES: My Dear Cousin: A Novel In Letters.

When Peggy Becker married Englishman Tommy Morehouse in San Antonio in the spring of 1938, her cousin and best friend Venetia “Vennie” Stoneman was her bridesmaid. After the wedding, Peg and Tommy traveled across the Pacific to Malaya, where Tommy managed his family’s rubber plantation. There they expected to raise a family and live a comfortable and rewarding life among the British expatriates in the tropics, while Vennie returned to Galveston to continue training as a nurse.
The start of the Second World War changed those comfortable, settled lives: Tommy Morehouse became a prisoner of war, Peg barely escaped the fall of Singapore with her small son, and Vennie Stoneman was a nurse in the US Army Nurse Corps, tending to battlefield casualties in North Africa, Italy, and France. In Australia, Peg waits out the war, wondering if her husband will survive brutal captivity by the Japanese, and Vennie risks her own life as an air evacuation nurse. Throughout all, the two women write to each other, of their lives, loves, of Vennie’s patients and comrades, and Peg’s children and the woes of running a wartime household among rationing and shortages of shoes for her children.

HOWIE CARR: Without Trump to Blame, Virus Turns the Corner.

Have you noticed something missing from the home page of your local news outlet in the last couple of days?

COVID-19 has gone MIA.

If not quite totally vanished, the coronavirus is certainly fading from the front pages. No more apocalyptic headlines about “cases” and “infections” which usually mean … not very much.

A year ago, it was the greatest threat to humankind since the Black Death. Now it’s on the verge of becoming just another seasonal virus.


AND THEIR INSANITY:  Biden’s militarized inauguration showcased Democrats’ insecurity.

THEY WILL CONTINUE LYING AND STOMPING ABOUT:  Speaker Pelosi Will Send Trump Impeachment Article to Senate on Monday, Senate Trial Likely Next Week.

WAS I THE ONLY ONE LISTENING TO HIM DURING HIS CAMPAIGN?  Regime Change Back as Policy? JoeBama Sends More U.S. Troops into Syria.

He promised four new wars during his campaign.

IN CHINA SCIENCE MUST FOLLOW THE STATE:  Chinese government gives wrist slap to powerful scientist on fraud and plagiarism charges.

It’s the same under the left here.

BECAUSE FORGET THE CONSTITUTION:  In Blow to NRA, Judge Rules N.Y. Lawsuit Can Proceed.

THEY BELIEVE THEMSELVES INVENCIBLE:  Schumer Calls McConnell’s Filibuster Request ‘Unacceptable’.

FEAR IS ALWAYS THE CURRENCY OF THE LEFT:  Expect Fear To Be The Presidential Currency.

THE LEFT ARE POOR LOSERS AND HORRIBLE WINNERS:  Unity and Healing Low Priorities For Biden And Media.

SUPPOSEDLY THIS FACEBOOK LETTER TO BIDEN WAS WRITTEN BY TED NUGENT: I can’t tell you if it’s true or not, but Snopes rates it as “not proven.” I grant you it would be more sure to be true if they said it was false, but still, it’s pretty good.

Dear Vice President Biden,

Although I refused to listen to it, I understand that during your presidential acceptance speech, you were calling for the unity of Trump supporters.

I remember four years ago my President Trump also called for unity. I remember how Congressional members of your Democratic Party responded by boycotting his inauguration. I remember how you and your Democratic party cheated and used the greatest law enforcement institution of this country to spy on my President Trump’s campaign. I remember how you and your Democratic Party created a fake Russian dossier to try and impeach my President Trump. I remember how your speaker of the house ripped up my President Trump’s beautiful State of the Union speech on National TV. I remember how you and your Democratic Party tried to impeach my President Trump over a Ukraine phone call. You accused my President Trump of pay to play. Come to find out Joe, it was really you and your son Hunter.

I remember how you and your Democratic Party blamed my President Trump over a pandemic that he had nothing to do with. I remember how you and your Democratic Party encouraged rioting and looting of my great United States of America. I remember how you and your Democratic Party used the media to spread lie after lie about my President Trump. I remember how you and your Democratic Party stole the election from my President Trump. This Trump supporter remembers all that Joe, and will NOT be unifying with your Democratic Party. Your abject criminal dishonesty is treasonous. You belong in prison along with the rest of the Swamp.

Ted Nugent

WE WERE ALL LIED TOO:  ‘I Was Lied To’: Meghan McCain Lashes Out At Biden, Fauci And Amazon Over COVID Hypocrisy.

As the re-openings now that they have managed to fraud the FICUS in should show everyone, we were all lied to. A slightly more dangerous cold virus was lied into a storm of fear that killed our economy so they could steal the election.
And yes, they lied and they despise us so much they didn’t care if they destroyed every small business and every working family in the service of their will to power. Remember that.

But remember too that we knew the truth, or should have, despite their gaslighting simply by examining the numbers of the Diamond Princess.  Instead, early on when I pointed this out, I was told that people — on that floating petri dish of a cruise ship — “had the best health care in the world.”

Next time the left starts screaming their bit of gaslighting, remember Heinlein: Again, and again what are the facts. Not the facts they’re telling you, but the true facts.

Ignore their stomping. Or their will to power will take us all over the cliff.

BEI-DIN ZHOU SEEKS TO FAVOR HIS OWNERS:  Biden Rescinds Trump Order Banning Chinese Communist Involvement In US Power Grid.

IT STARTS:  Texas Files First Major Lawsuit Against Biden Administration.

Always remember the craven cowards of the Supreme Court — all but Roberts who is a two-faced leftist hyena — could have stopped this, and prevented what is to come.  When it comes, remember who caused it.

HE WASN’T PROTECTING US FROM THEM:  The Donald was their final warning.

He was protecting them from us.  Like Anne Boleyn, the left has had a miscarriage of their savior. And they’re happy about it.

THEY NEVER LEARN:  3 Unions That Endorsed Biden Seem Like They’re Already Regretting It.

THE SO CALLED FEMINISTS ARE JUST MARXISTS:  Critics Say ‘Biden Erased Women’ With Transgender Order.

January 22, 2021

A FRIEND COMMENTS: “When one of the implications of this article sink in—QAnon adherents are not especially white, male, conservative, or Republican—we will start to see a concerted downplaying of their significance in the Capitol riots.” How the QAnon Cult Stormed the Capitol.

SUCKERS! Biden’s pause on oil cause for big concern in New Mexico.


Trump showed that the annihilation of the American middle class was not the result of inevitable forces. Technological change and globalization are not weather or the movement of tectonic plates. The economy, and who gets what from whom, is embedded in political choices. Who pays the costs and who reaps the benefits are political choices. Who is crushed by the legal system and who benefits from it, and who is insulated from it, are also political choices. Trump will never be forgiven for showing normal people that their destruction, and the enrichment of other people, who despise everything that they love, believe in, and care about, is a policy decision. Trump showed other choices are possible.

Having seen once how it actually works, we can never unsee it.

That is Trump’s greatest achievement.

Indeed, and it won’t be forgotten.

DON SURBER: The Donald Was Their Final Warning.

BIDEN’S FIRST DAYS IN OFFICE GOING SWIMMINGLY: National Guard Kicked Out Of The Capitol, Forced To Sleep In A Parking Garage.

Earlier,  from Glenn at the New York Post: Biden’s militarized inauguration showcased Democrats’ insecurity.

Related: “One does wonder if the decision to piss off both their armies was well advised.”

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): Troll level — ex-Presidential! Trump Offers to Let National Guard Stay at the Trump Hotel D.C. After Parking Garage Outrage.

UPDATE (From Ed): ‘Packed us together like sardines:’ Guard deployed to Capitol struggles to contain Covid.

Leave it Joe to kick off his administration with a super-spreader event.

UPDATE: MSNBC Host Admits: Trump Would’ve Been ‘Crushed’ for Holding ‘Super-Spreader’ Inaugural:

[Stephanie] Ruhle told never-Trumper Steve Schmidt, “It will be a smaller inauguration ceremony, but they’re still having one in person and, let’s be honest, you know if President Trump did this, he would be getting crushed for holding a super-spreader event. We’d all be saying it.”

But they won’t complain about Biden and the National Guard. Evergreen:

(Updated and bumped.)




CANCEL CULTURE COMES FOR WILL WILKINSON. It’s always wrong, but some might spot an irony here. “And thus a noted doubter of cancel culture has been canceled for a problematic tweet—ironic, but also regrettable.”


This affair has produced several hypocrisies. First, if the Niskanen Center “draws the line at statements that are, or can in any way be interpreted as, condoning or promoting violence,” then it would have to fire its president. Taylor has arguably used Twitter in a manner that suggests he condones violence. He rooted for antifa to punch out Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis couple who waved their guns at protesters encountered on their private street. “If I were in that march, and these racist lunatics were waiving [sic] guns at me, I’d like to think I’d rush them and beat their brains in,” said Taylor. “And I wouldn’t apologize for it for one goddam [sic] second.”

Unlike Wilkinson’s tweet, there’s little reason to assume this was meant in jest. And unlike Wilkinson, Taylor is the president of the organization and sets the tone for what is permissible. If the boss can tweet an unapologetic call to “beat their brains in,” his employees might very well think that edgy humor is okay. Perhaps that’s why Taylor deleted his statement regarding Wilkinson’s firing—he realized that it impugned him as well. (Neither Taylor nor a spokesperson for the Niskanen Center responded to a request for comment. Wilkinson declined to comment.)

No comment.

WHEN ATTITUDES SHIFT OVERNIGHT: Is ‘first dose first’ the right vaccination strategy?

What a difference a couple of weeks makes. In mid-December, I asked a collection of wise guests on my BBC radio programme How to Vaccinate the World about the importance of second doses. At that stage, Scott Gottlieb, former head of the US Food and Drug Administration, had warned against stockpiling doses just to be sure that second doses were certain to be available, Economists such as Alex Tabarrok of George Mason University had gone further: what if we gave people single doses of a vaccine instead of the recommended pair of doses, and thus reached twice as many people in the short term? . . .

The concept was roundly rejected. “This is an easy one, Tim, because we’ve got to go with the scientific evidence,” said Nick Jackson of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations. “And the scientific evidence is that two doses is going to provide the best protection.”

My other guests agreed, and no wonder: Jackson’s view was firmly in the scientific mainstream three weeks ago. But in the face of a shortage of doses and a rapidly spreading strain of “Super-Covid”, the scientific mainstream appears to have drifted. The UK’s new policy is to prioritise the first dose and to deliver the second one within three months rather than three weeks. Cynics argue that this change is a wearingly familiar display of dishonesty and short-termism, designed to produce flattering figures about the number of people vaccinated. Yet the recommendation comes not from ministers but from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI).

Strikingly, many scientists have given the move their approval. Others remain sceptical and are alarmed both by the shift in policy and by the way it was announced. There are several different issues to untangle here.

More at the link.

SPACE: SpaceX plans record-breaking launch with 143 satellites.

WAR ON WESTERN CIVILIZATION: Chaucer to be scrapped as British university ‘decolonises’ curriculum.

THIS IS THE TRIPLE LINDY OF FLIP-FLOPS: Biden Flip Flops on COVID: ‘There’s Nothing We Can Do to Change the Trajectory’ of the Pandemic.

(Classical reference in the headline.)

FLASHBACK: Irish Democracy.

JOHN COCHRANE: Low Interest Rates and Government Debt. “Default is not impossible, just because the US and eurozone print our own currencies. Imagine my scenario and add policy chaos. The US is just getting going on political chaos. Bond markets are demanding 5% or 10%. Are the US Congress and Administration, really going to put interest payments to the Chinese central bank, ‘the rich,’ and ‘Wall Street’ ahead of writing checks to needy Americans? Don’t bet on it. It won’t be a simple default. It will be a complex restructuring, as it always is. T bills may get forcibly rolled over to low-coupon long term debt for example.”

Related: My thoughts: “Right now, yearly deficits are going up, but the debt — essentially the sum of all previous deficits — is skyrocketing. It has done that for a decade, except for a couple of years when it briefly leveled off due to the influence of the Tea Party movement. I’m sorry to say I’ve kind of given up talking about it because nobody seems to care, and I’m afraid the politicians in both parties will kick the can down the road until something really drastic happens. I’m guessing that might happen in the next decade, but although the rule is something that can’t go on forever, won’t, there’s no guarantee as to when it will stop. I feel safe in predicting, though, that it won’t stop due to a sudden infusion of virtue and self-control into our political class.”

TACIT ENDORSEMENT: Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki FAILS to Condemn Antifa Violence.

INCENTIVES, HOW DO THEY WORK? Aero Precision Moves Out of Tacoma In Response to Gun and Ammo Tax.


Shot: Biden has a plan to fight COVID-19. Here’s what we know.

—C/Net, November 10th.


The president says the first part of his plan is to “get direct financial relief” to those who need it most.

* * * * * * * *

“If we fail to act, there will be a wave of evictions and foreclosures,” he adds. “because there’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months.”

“Biden warns of ‘wave of evictions,’” the BBC, today.

FIRST LOOK: FN 509 Compact Handgun.

WHY NOT TAKE A BREAK FROM THE SERIOUS NEWS FOR A FEW MINUTES? Florida Man Friday: Unforgettable Anti-Mask Bagel Shop Outrage Video.

AMERICA’S NEWSPAPER OF RECORD: Biden Tells Freezing Troops Sleeping In Garages To Be Patient Until He Can Get Them Shipped To Iraq.

THE STREISAND EFFECT: Change! “Speaking of Andy Ngo and antifa, by protesting against Powell’s bookstore for carrying his new book, Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy, they managed to jump it to the top of Amazon’s political bestseller list.”

WHY ARE DEMOCRAT-MONOPOLY CITIES SUCH CESSPITS? 699 people died of drug overdoses in San Francisco last year compared to 235 from COVID-19.

San Francisco’s last Republican mayor left office at the beginning of 1964.

BREATHLESS: In the Last House Race Undecided, the Republican Leads by 29 Votes.

GOOD: Arizona Moving Toward Second Amendment Sanctuary Status. “A handful of Arizona Republicans are behind a push to make their state the fifth to keep state resources from assisting in any federal activity they consider contrary to the Second Amendment.”

SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP: US, UK Sign Agreement to Merge Forces for Historic Joint Carrier Deployment.

That was Monday, when Trump was still in office.

This is Thursday: Fury as Joe Biden REMOVES bust of Boris Johnson’s hero Winston Churchill from the Oval Office.

AS ALWAYS, LIFE IMITATES THE EARLIER, FUNNIER EPISODES OF SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE: Chuck Schumer says senators will decide if Trump incited ‘erection’ at US Capitol.

Emily Litella, vindicated at last.

HOWIE CARR: Without Trump to blame, coronavirus turns the corner.

Any bad news now belongs to Dementia Joe. Ergo, no bad news.

Just as “the homeless” disappear whenever a Democrat takes office, along with rising gas prices or drone bombing of “wedding parties” in terrorist states, seldom will be heard a discouraging word about COVID-19 until further notice.

If you doubt that the air is rapidly deflating out of almost a year’s worth of breathless hysteria in the alt-left media, just Google “New COVID-19 cases decline.”

Here’s a small sampling over the last 72 hours:

From CNN: “New Covid-19 cases declined 11% after hitting a peak last week.”

Wall Street Journal: “Newly Reported U.S. Coronavirus Cases Decline Again.”

National Panhandler Radio: “Current, Deadly U.S. Coronavirus Surge Has Peaked.”

At least until the mid-term elections, when the Democrats will be needing to ramp up mail-in voting yet again, because it worked so well in November in the rotten boroughs where voter turnout sometimes exceeded 100%.

That’s why Big COVID is hedging its bets just a bit, allowing such future potential horrors as “mutant strain B.1.1.7” to start warming up in the bullpen — just in case.

This is nothing new. Recall how Big Pharma didn’t announce that the vaccines were ready to go until Nov. 5, when it was too late to benefit Trump.

How much as coronavirus “turned the corner?” Michigan restaurants can officially reopen Feb. 1 with curfew, other COVID safety restrictions. Gov. Whitmer announces indoor dining will be allowed starting next month.

Fortunately though, at least a few are remaining vigilant:  ‘We cannot become numb to this’! @redsteeze puts COVID19 deaths on President Joe Biden’s watch into devastating perspective.

MEDIA OUTRAGE AT THIS ABUSE TO FOLLOW IN APPROXIMATELY NEVER: Biden Admonishes Reporter for Questioning Whether Vaccine Goal Is Ambitious Enough: ‘Give Me a Break.’

GOOD: Study: Vaccine protects against melanoma recurrence up to 4 years.

DIGITAL ASTROTURF: Google-Funded ‘Conservative’ Groups Tell Congress To Leave Google And Big Tech Alone. “The so-called conservative National Taxpayers Union, which led the effort recruiting groups to sign on, is also named on Google’s list of associations that ‘receive the most substantial contributions’ from the California company. Several other signatories, including the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the R Street Institute, and TechFreedom, are also featured on Google’s list of supported organizations.”

DEMOCRACY DIES IN DELETIONS: The Washington Post Memory-Holed Kamala Harris’ Bad Joke About Inmates Begging for Food and Water.

‘RUSH TO FAILURE’ SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD MOTTO FOR BIDEN’S FIRST 100 DAYS: Don’t Rush to Failure on Iran Nuclear Negotiations.

RIP, HAMMERING HANK: Atlanta Braves legend Hank Aaron dies at age 86, daughter says.

IT’S DIFFERENT NOW BECAUSE SHUT UP: So much healing: Suddenly the Betsy Ross flag, which was like a swastika or burning cross, isn’t racist anymore.


How bad was it? So bad that even Mediaite and the Politico noticed:

Meanwhile, CNN switches into palace guard mode: Right-wing media holds Biden bash-fest, foreshadowing its next four years of coverage.

And not coincidentally: Trust In The Media Hits An All-Time Low In New Polling.

POLITICS MAKES YOU SAY DUMB THINGS: The Fast Company article on Parler that Stephen posted earlier has some good info but is hilariously biased against Parler and concludes thusly:

On some level, then, this is the internet working as intended: Hate speech will still exist, but after Parler failed to moderate the worst of it, it’s being pushed to the margins.

There is no level on which censoring speech those in power deem “hateful” is the Internet working as it was intended. It stuns me that someone could write this. Then again, maybe it’s just another example of saying the quiet part out loud – this is how the converged establishment intends the Internet to work now.


UPPER-CLASS JOE: Pipefitters Union Gets Shafted With Biden’s Keystone Pipeline Cancellation.

FLASHBACK: Liberals Versus Political Speech. To be fair, they only want to put people behind bars for political speech they disagree with.


What is really at play here with President Biden, as with George Wallace, is identity politics. The original identity politics was slavery. After the abolition of slavery came the next installment of identity politics — segregation. The identity politics of today is the new segregation — identity politics being the son of segregation and the grandson of slavery. It’s all about race, and its practitioners can easily be called racial supremacists.

As I long ago detailed in this space, racism has been the political fuel for the Democratic Party since its inception.

The party was founded by slave owners. It wrote one platform after another supporting slavery. At its first convention after the Civil War, in 1868, with slavery abolished and segregation the new party doctrine, the party’s slogan was:

This is a White Man’s Country, Let White Men Rule. 

The point, of course, was to use race to win elections.

Nothing has changed with the Democratic Party. Today’s identity politics is nothing less than the politics of racial supremacy. Race trumps all.

Read the whole thing.

Related: How bad minorities became ‘white.’ Black and Latino Trump voters have been accused of suffering from ‘multiracial whiteness’.

SARAH HOYT’S SHOCKED FACE IS TAKING A WELL-NEEDED REST: Dem Govs Flout Own COVID Restrictions to Attend Biden Inauguration. “Michigan’s Whitmer banned outdoor gatherings of more than 25 people before attending event.”

LEFTIST USEFUL IDIOTS NO LONGER QUITE AS USEFUL: Twitter suspends Antifa accounts with more than 71K followers.

VODKAPUNDIT PRESENTS YOUR DAILY INSANITY WRAP: One Day With Joe Biden and Everything Has Gone to Hell Already.

Insanity Wrap needs to know: What do you do with a billionaire who brags that the guy he voted for is bad for business?

Answer: Seriously. We need to know. Because tar and feathers are just so unfashionable.

Before we get to the sordid details, a quick preview of today’s Wrap.

  • A different billionaire — Warren Buffett — gets his first big payout for supporting Biden
  • Dems struggle to put their Antifa/BLM genie back in the bottle
  • It’s scientific fact that Dr. Fauci has reduced himself to a partisan hack — science!

Bonus Sanity: Soldiers still sleep whenever, wherever.

And so much more at the link, you’d have to be crazy to miss it.

THE SUSPENSE ISN’T EXACTLY KILLING ANYONE: Facebook sends Trump suspension to its oversight board. “The former president’s account will remain blocked while the board makes its judgment.”

WILL CODE FOR FOOD: Apple and Google execs applaud Biden’s immigration plan.

BLUE STATE BLUES: Former Cisco CEO John Chambers says his start-ups are skipping over Silicon Valley.


THEY DON’T EVEN PRETEND ANYMORE: Media gush: Bidens restore ‘love’ at the White House, ‘we missed that.’

SPEAK UP: Biden Can’t Snuff Out the Truth of America’s Past. “Joe Biden disbanded the 1776 Commission, but he cannot silence its members.”

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: Impeach #NotMyPresident Joe Biden Also Plus #Resist. “I’m no United States Inauguration Day historian, but I can’t off the top of my head remember a new president taking over and thinking that killing jobs was a great way to kick things off and endear himself to his people. Honestly, I’m not sure that a mentally competent Joe Biden would have thought so either.”

Things may get a whole lot worse before suddenly falling apart.


ARE COLLEGES Covid Superspreaders? “The analysis of 30 large U.S. universities indicated that in 18 of them, a peak in campus infections preceded a peak in the surrounding county by less than 14 days, suggesting infections were translated from the campus to the nearby community. In some cases, the home counties of these large colleges had infection rates much greater than the rest of their state.”

OREGON PREFERENCES PEOPLE OF COLOR FOR COVID VACCINES: I don’t know, I’m just an Okie but isn’t that a violation of the equal protection clause? Hans Bader, who isn’t an Okie but is a Harvard Law guy, says it is.

YEP: A Government Of Politicians, By Politicians And For Politicians.

Nothing says “peaceful transition of power” like barbed wire, barricades and 25,000 troop standing by. . . .

Political Washington puts inordinate taxpayer assets on the line when it is, itself, being protested. There are FBI billboards across the country, at who knows what cost, asking for information about those who went into the Capitol Building on Jan. 6. I do not remember our politicians sending in National Guard troops or spending millions on billboards when American cities, government buildings and people’s businesses were burning all across America last year. But when there is the slightest threat to them, there is no limit to the amount of your money they will not spend to protect themselves.

There are more troops in Washington protecting politicians than we have in war zones across the world, all in an overreaction to a small fraction of marauding knuckleheads who ran amok in the Capitol. These self-absorbed career politicians should get over themselves. I have long supported term limits, and I feel further that no elected official like Schumer, “Plugs” Biden or Pelosi should serve more than one face lift or one hair transplant.

25,000 National Guard troops for an inauguration no one will attend? This is the only personal security detail bigger than the one that looks after Beyonce and Jay-Z. Thank goodness Trump brought so many of our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan to be able to staff this.

There are folks in burned-out “protest” cities who wish Washington politicians protected them the way they protect themselves. And for Democrats who say fences do not work and we should not have guns, it seems they have a lot of fences and guns around them.

Do tell.

January 21, 2021


In the 1980s, the Democratic Party of Tip O’Neill bore little resemblance to the party that Trump had to confront as his relentless enemy. Back then Democrats were still a party of blue-collar workers (a class that Trump tried to bring into his populist movement). Tip O’Neill was an Irish Catholic ward-heeler from Boston, who represented a working-class base; Nancy Pelosi by contrast speaks for culturally radical San Franciscans in a transformed Democratic Party, which today features LGBTQ demands, anti-white hysteria, Green New Deals, and which fights the gender identity war. Why would anyone think that Trump would not have gotten along with Tip as well as Ronnie did; or that Reagan would have enjoyed a better relationship with the present Democratic Party than Trump has? We are speaking about different forces of opposition to the GOP in two different eras.

Although Reagan faced critics in the leftist media, as someone who briefly served in his administration, let me assure Mr. Lavin that this sniping was nothing like the nonstop, venomous attacks to which Trump was subjected from the moment he declared his candidacy for the presidency. I have no idea how anyone but an absolute saint would not have exploded in the face of such slander; and it was directed not only against the president but also against his wife and young son. Never in my long life have I seen such a feeding frenzy.

Attacks on Trump as another Hitler and calls for assaults on him became commonplace over the last four years; and I strongly suspect that if Reagan has been forced to deal with such adversaries his approval rating and his temper would both have taken a hit. Reagan left office with a 63 percent approval rating, which by 1989 went up to 68 percent. We might ask what that approval rating would have been if the media threw dirt at him incessantly and if his congressional opponents incited riots against him throughout his presidency. Please note these attacks occurred not just because the Donald was intemperate in his language. The Left wanted power, and it was necessary to destroy Trump’s presidency to achieve it.

Finally, I would note that, unlike Reagan, Trump tried to be a transformative president who took his own party kicking and screaming into the populist form that he gave it. Although an honest, dedicated leader, Reagan transformed nothing.

Well, you don’t transform things by handing them over to an establishmentarian like George H.W. Bush.

OPEN THREAD: Mama just don’t understand.

THE SPACE REVOLUTION CAME IN 2033, WHICH WAS RATHER LATE FOR ME: Humans could move to this floating asteroid belt colony in the next 15 years, astrophysicist says.

IT’S DIFFERENT BECAUSE SHUT UP: The Making of a Molotov Cocktail: Two lawyers, a summer of unrest, and a bottle of Bud Light.

IT’S MEWE, AND I’M ON THERE: Hmmm: New Facebook Competitor Adds 2.5 Million Subscribers — In A Single Week.

THE RETURN OF ETIQUETTE AND DECORUM WE WERE PROMISED? Biden Snipes at Reporter Questioning His Vaccine Plan. “The president did not engage further, [and] got up and left the room as an aide broke up the proceedings by urging reporters out.”


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