November 13, 2019

SAD: Mooney Shuts Down, Employees Furloughed. “To those watching Mooney’s sales numbers over the first half of this year, the shutdown is probably not a huge surprise. According to GAMA sales records, Mooney sold two Acclaim Ultras in each of the first two quarters, after selling 14 aircraft at a value of $10.7 million in 2018. For context, Cirrus sold 203 aircraft in the first half of 2019, while Mooney’s output trailed Extra, Pipistrel and Quest’s.”

The Acclaim was a really sharp-looking small plane, and quite the performer, too.

IMPEACHMENT UPDATES: Devin Nunes Comes Hard in His Opening Statement, Adam Schiff Makes a Ridiculous Claim.

NOT A DISPATCH FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: One Trade School’s Path To Success. A Pennsylvania college offers kids from hard-up homes an old-fashioned form of social justice: training for a good-paying career.

JIM HANSON: Alex Vindman Is Living, Breathing Proof That The Deep State Exists, And It Is Corrupt.

The game is fixed in DC: politicians come and go, but the bureaucracy chugs along protecting and advancing its own interests. Two perfect examples unfolded in the most recent presidencies. Barack Obama chose a nuclear deal with Iran as the legacy achievement of his foreign policy. He pursued it relentlessly to our detriment, both in actual ability to stop Iran from getting nukes, and in subjugating our entire foreign policy to this one goal.

The Deep State loved it. They were all in on his side, and the media had never more completely acted as palace scribes dutifully parroting every administration talking point and obfuscating or attacking contrary views. They faithfully misinformed the public to the best of their ability, and in the end Obama, the bureaucrats, and the media rammed the deal through while the American public showed 2-1 disapproval. It was a victory for the Deep State.

Shift forward to the 2016 election campaign and the collusion between Democrats and Deep Staters to stop the Trump train and then, after it left Inauguration Station, to derail it. The Trump-Russia witch hunt is an egregious example of the power of the state being abused for partisan political purposes.

Read the whole thing.

BAN ALL THE THINGS! It Might Be Time to Get Rid of Gas Stoves in Order to Fight Climate Change.

Yesterday we had to eliminate white people or something to fight climate change, so maybe this is progress of a sort.

HISTORY: Lost World War II Submarine Rediscovered 75 Years Later.



NOT NEARLY AS MUCH AS WE’D LIKE: How Effective Are Flu Shots? “Here’s the thing: The efficacy of the shot varies drastically from year to year, ranging from 10% to 60%. It all depends on whether the vaccine ends up aligning with the strains of the virus that appear.” 60% as a best-case scenario isn’t great. But there’s also this: “The vaccine can decrease the length of having the flu, decrease the risk of complications and the severity of the flu, and decreases the risk of spreading it to others.”

WOW: Sub That 80 Americans Died on Found After 75 Years. “Tim Taylor, who runs a project dedicated to finding the 52 US submarines lost in action during World War II, says his team has found the USS Grayback off Okinawa, the New York Times reports. The sub, which sank more than a dozen Japanese ships and rescued a group of downed American airmen, left Pearl Harbor on Jan. 28, 1944, for its 10th combat mission and never returned. Japanese records translated after the war said a plane had hit the sub with a 500-pound bomb and gave the latitude and longitude. But last year, Yutaka Iwasaki, a Japanese researcher who works with Taylor’s team, discovered that one digit had been mistranslated.”

WELL, THIS IS THE 21ST CENTURY, YOU KNOW: Artificial intelligence uses electrocardiograms to predict arrhythmia.

BACKLASH: RNC Internal Polling Data Reveals Changes In Three Key Areas Since Pelosi Announced Impeachment Inquiry.

Surprisingly, McDaniel reports that opposition to the hearings among Democrats is up 6 points. Could it be that there are still some sane members left in the Democratic Party who see this spectacle for what it is? Regardless of what new information is learned, no matter how favorably it may reflect on President Trump, there are a large number of Democrats who will not be swayed. Most Democrats hate Trump so much that, even though they’re well aware of how unfairly he’s been treated, they’re willing to go along with anything that will remove him from office. A six point shift doesn’t seem like much, but even a small move can swing an election.

This shift also makes sense in light of the recent rally data released by Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale, which I posted about here. He reported that 27% of those who attended Trump’s Tupelo, MS rally on November 1st identified themselves as Democrats. At an October 17th rally held in Dallas, TX, 21.4% identified as Democrats. These figures are stunning.

It would be interesting to see the RNC’s internal polling numbers for independent voters. If a small number of Democrats are willing to see the truth, there’s an even greater likelihood that independents who are on the fence will be persuadable.

What’s a party to do when its most enthusiastic and reliable voters are also its most intolerant and short-sighted?

Whatever the crazies tell them to do, apparently.

BLUE ON BLUE: Politico challenges Politico’s reporting on Ukraine’s 2016 pro-Hillary efforts.

The newsgroup reports that there is “no evidence” to support the idea that Ukraine worked hand-in-hand with the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign to torpedo then-GOP nominee Donald Trump.

“According to Giuliani,” Politico notes, “Ukrainian officials conspired with the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee to help boost the Democratic nominee’s campaign and damage Trump’s candidacy. No evidence has emerged to support that idea [emphasis added].

This comes as a bit of a surprise considering reporters Ken Vogel and David Stern reported for Politico in 2017 that “Ukrainian government officials tried to help Hillary Clinton and undermine Trump by publicly questioning his fitness for office.”

2 + 2 = 5 when the Party requires it to.


It looks sharp, but it may just be the nostalgia of the metallic British racing green paint color, which is reminiscent of an early 1970s Hot Wheels color.

THREE KEY QUESTIONS DEMOCRATS WILL NEVER ANSWER ON IMPEACHMENT: In his opening statement today, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), the top GOPer on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), laid down a three-cornered challenge to impeachment-crazed Democrats.


MICHAEL VAN DER GALIEN: Mark Levin Unleashes on Faux Conservatives: ‘We’re Not Going to Surrender to Ann Coulter!’

MY USA TODAY COLUMN: Adversary technology: The very things that improve our lives could be used against us.

DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE IN A NUTSHELL: A Denver Business Is Fined For Not Picking Up Other People’s Poop.

ANOTHER SCORCHER, HOT OFF THE PRESS:  This morning the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights released a report entitled “In the Name of Hate: Examining the Federal Government’s Role in Responding to Hate Crimes.” The report … uh … needs work.   My dissenting statement tries to deal with the issues the majority ignored: hate crime hoaxes, overbroad definitions of hate crimes, and double jeopardy.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, FAKE NEWS EDITION: The Rolling Stone campus rape hoax turns five: Lessons from the journalism scandal that rocked the nation. “The story immediately went viral and resulted in a swift suspension of all campus Greek life at UVA, touched off a national debate about the alleged campus rape epidemic, and raised the specter of a callous, dismissive university administration that cared little for victims of horrific sexual assault. It was also a hoax.”

Related: Questions raised on role Obama White House played in UVA rape hoax.

CHANGE: Submarine Community Can’t Meet Demand From Female Sailors.

Master Chief John Perryman, the force master chief for the submarine force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet, and Master Chief Kevin Scarff, the force master chief for the submarine force, U.S. Pacific Fleet, detailed some of the staffing challenges facing the Navy’s submarine community during the annual Naval Submarine League Symposium on Friday.

“We are having to turn women away from the submarine force,” Perryman said. “We don’t have enough billets for female officers. We have much higher demand than we have billets for, and the same thing is true at the recruiting command for enlisted females.”

Clearly, in order to address this iniquity, we need to build more attack subs.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: UChicago, on the defense, says students won’t have to pay full $100k sticker price. Sure, our price is high, but we make up for it with price discrimination!

MY USA TODAY COLUMN: Adversary technology: The very things that improve our lives could be used against us.

WE HAD A FULL-ON NATIONAL PANIC AFTER FEWER VAPING DEATHS THAN THIS: After nine deaths, USC tries to quell rumors and prevent triggering students.

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: Climate Loons Finally Out Themselves as a Religious Cult. “Climate Church theology is the only religion taught in American public schools. The proselytizing is working. The indoctrination mills are spewing out kids who are in the throes of despair because they’ve been taught that their futures will be full of pointless misery, all because their parents used the wrong kind of lightbulbs.”

VENOM OVER FLOWING DESERT SAND: Saudi Arabia’s Empty Quarter? No,a USMC UH-1Y Venom helicopter on an exercise near Brawley, California. Marine Venoms do a lot of training over desert terrain. Here’s an April exercise near Yuma. Well, a lot of U.S. military training areas are in our deserts. As a wizened fellow (who knew his maps) once pontificated, “Bay, roughly a quarter of these United States is hard a** desert. For some reason the mainstream media doesn’t know that…wait, it’s flyover desert…never mind. Gimme a sec, dammit. I gotta kick Fort Irwin off my boots.” Fort Irwin? Here’s a USAF A-10 conducting an “austere” landing at Irwin. This photo shows you why Army and Marine tankers love A-10s. More Irwin: An Abrams with a counter-mine kit prepares to attack opposing forces and a dusty Bradley crew scans the desert. Last but not least, another Marine sand photo, this time beach sand, not desert. An LCAC with the USS Bataan Amphibious Ready Group comes ashore during a landing exercise.


Consider the past 10 days. On Nov. 8, security forces killed a student protestor. Another was wounded Nov. 11. On Nov. 12, Beijing sycophants claimed mobs had brought the city to “the brink of total collapse.”

Beijing blames the U.S. and Britain for the violence. But accusing adversaries of doing what communist sympathizers and agents are actually doing was a standard Cold War Soviet and Red Chinese tactic.

Stuart Heaver (reporting from Hong Kong for The Independent) thinks Beijing is already invading. “There may be no tanks,” Heaver wrote, but many locals believe “PLA troops are already here, disguised as Hong Kong riot police …” They intend “to impose Tiananmen by stealth and create a climate of fear.”

The suspect police “are often heard speaking in Putonghua dialect,” Heaver writes. Putonghua is Mandarin (Beijing) Chinese. Most Hong Kongers speak the Cantonese dialect. Eighty-five to 95 million Chinese living along the south China coast speak Cantonese or Hakka, a related “southern” dialect.

Which leads to a linguistic connection that disturbs Beijing’s mandarins (pun intended): Seventy percent of Taiwan’s 24 million people speak Hakka.

Read the entire column.

ADDITION, THANKS TO A COMMENTER: My sources on Taiwanese dialects all said Hokkien and Hakka. Hokkien failed to make it into the column– my error. I’ve emailed my Creators editor and asked her to include it.

YOU KNOW WHO’D BAN FRACKING? A PUTIN PUPPET. THAT’S WHO’D BAN FRACKING. Elizabeth Warren’s fracking ban pledge shows a ‘total lack of understanding,’ oil guru Yergin says.

WELL, MARXISTS: A Marxist Takes a Swing and a Miss at Justice Thomas’s Jurisprudence.

JAMES BOVARD: As the deep state attacks Trump to rave media reviews, don’t forget its dark side. “Five years ago, Brennan’s CIA ignited what should have been a constitutional crisis when it was caught illegally spying upon the Senate Intelligence Committee, which was compiling a massive report on the CIA torture program. . . . But the only official who went to prison was John Kiriakou, a former CIA operative who publicly admitted that the CIA was waterboarding.”

JULIE KELLY: Inside the ‘War’ on Biden-Ukraine Reporting. “The goal is to protect Joe Biden, the only candidate most Democrats think can beat Trump, both from any political fall-out for his son’s shady dealings in Ukraine as well as how the Democrats enlisted Ukrainian help to sabotage Trump’s presidential campaign.”

THESE PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS CALLING FOR SHOW TRIALS AND EXECUTIONS: Liberal Media Scream: Jane Fonda wants ‘Nuremberg trials’ for energy executives.

If we’re going to start punishing people whose products damaged America, Hollywood had better watch out.

POLL: Buttigieg claims narrow Iowa lead amid primary surge.

OK, SNOWFLAKES: When 29 Courses on Black Writing Isn’t Enough at Williams.

CHRIS BARRON: President Trump Should Call the Democrats’ Infrastructure Bluff.

The Democrats have abandoned any pretense of governing in favor of an ‘impeachment-first’ strategy—one that is much more about crass partisan politics than it is about the Constitution or the rule of law.

The President is a builder by nature, and he understands infrastructure. A comprehensive infrastructure package would not only play to the President’s strengths and expose the Democrats’ sham, it would—most importantly—rebuild America, grow our economy and create millions of jobs all across the country.

This is more than an election-year gimmick. We face a staggering infrastructure shortfall, across almost every sector. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers 2017 Infrastructure Report Card, our nation’s infrastructure merits a D+ and it is estimated that the U.S. needs to spend $4.5 trillion by 2025 to improve—among other things—our roads, airports, bridges, and dams, or risk catastrophic failure.

There are easy fixes this White House could support.

Democrats keep promising big infrastructure improvements and shovel-ready jobs, but they don’t usually deliver much more than traffic jams and bike lanes for the affluent.

CONRAD BLACK: The Democrats Won’t Find a Savior in Michael Bloomberg.

IT STARTED THE DAY AFTER THE ELECTION: Sharyl Attkisson: The curious timeline for taking down Trump. “We continue to get evidence of an orchestrated effort among government insiders and the well-connected to take down President Trump at all costs. The public evidence indicates that the effort was hatched even before he took office.” And, actually, even before the election.

THAT’S DIFFERENT BECAUSE SHUT UP OR ELSE, INFIDEL: Philadelphia commission looks the other way on Muslim school kid’s “chop off their heads” song.


Last Friday, we announced a decision to cancel two scheduled public performances of “The Foreigner.” This play—written in the 1980s and frequently produced at educational and professional institutions across the country—centers on a group of people who feel “othered” by society in various ways, including premarital pregnancy, neurological differences, and age. Over the course of the play, these individuals build a community together through listening, learning and, humor, but their bond is threatened by the xenophobic anger and self-proclaimed entitlement of two other characters. In the climax of the play, the community of disenfranchised protagonists rises up to easily defeat the bigoted antagonists (who reveal themselves as members of the KKK). It is through the portrayal and defeat of these villainous characters that the play conveys its message about the evils of xenophobia, the dangers of “othering,” and the importance of empathy.

We made the decision to cancel the performances after listening to members of our campus community who told us that they were deeply hurt and affronted by the existence and portrayal of characters associated with the KKK—even though these characters are clearly portrayed as villains and are easily vanquished by the play’s protagonists. Our intent in cancelling the production was to prevent further harm to members of our community who already feel marginalized. However, the decision to cancel the play has been interpreted by some as a form of censorship on the part of the College. Censorship is anathema to the core values of Washington College, and this was never our intent.

The decision was perceived as censorship because it was censorship. Don’t do that. They should be scolded and shamed for their silly ideas. That’s the only way they will learn. University administrations should help them learn, not give in to a few woke loudmouths. The faux-therapeutic language of “further harm” is absurd and demeaning.



The Census Bureau also fails to count $1.9 trillion in annual public transfer payments to American households. The bureau ignores transfer payments from some 95 federal programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and food stamps, which make up more than 40% of federal spending, along with dozens of state and local programs. Government transfers provide 89% of all resources available to the bottom income quintile of households and more than half of the total resources available to the second quintile.

In all, leaving out taxes and most transfers overstates inequality by more than 300%, as measured by the ratio of the top quintile’s income to the bottom quintile’s. More than 80% of all taxes are paid by the top two quintiles, and more than 70% of all government transfer payments go to the bottom two quintiles.

America’s system of data collection is among the most sophisticated in the world, but the Census Bureau’s decision not to count taxes as lost income and transfers as gained income grossly distorts its measure of the income distribution. As a result, the raging national debate over income inequality, the outcome of which could alter the foundations of our economic and political system, is based on faulty information.

Why would they do that?

November 12, 2019


Even if you don’t own a pet, this is still a key health tip to familiarize yourself with.

THIS LOOKS LIKE FUN: Die Behind the Wheel: Crime Fiction Inspired by the Music of Steely Dan. “This is the book of the expanding man.”

IT’S BILL JACOBSON: Conservative Law Professor Challenges Campus Left on Free Speech (and Wins Them Over). “Bill Jacobson, founder and publisher of Legal Insurrection as well as a clinical professor of law and director of the Securities Law Clinic at Cornell Law School, shares his insights on Gibson’s Bakery v. Oberlin College. Jacobson also talks about how he turned a hostile greeting at Vassar College into an incredible teaching experience, and discusses his views on social media censorship. Read the lightly edited transcript below or listen to the podcast.”

SO DO I, AND THEN I’M GRATEFUL FOR TRUMP: Hillary on BBC Radio: ‘I Think About What Kind of President I Would Have Been All the Time.’

OPEN THREAD: Thread away!

WEIRD: HPV may protect against skin cancer.


Some people really want to give Trump his Yeltsin-on-a-tank moment. But why should Trump supporters accept an impeachment based on such a procedural travesty? And if they resort to violence, well, we’ve already been told that violence is fine when your opponents are really bad. You know, by the people who care about stability and democracy and stuff.

NEW CIVILITY WATCH: Jane Fonda: Oil Execs, Politicians Who Don’t Support Climate Change Agenda Should Be Tried Like Nazi War Criminals.

Hmmm. How to square the above eliminationist rhetoric with this?

“Inciting to violence” (via clip art?!) — it’s OK when we do it!

IT’S COME TO THIS: NFL Arranges Private Workout For Colin Kaepernick: “NFL clubs were informed today that a private workout will be held for Colin Kaepernick on Saturday in Atlanta. Session will include on-field work and an interview. All clubs are invited to attend, and video of both the workout and interview will be made available to clubs. The NFL arranged this workout opportunity for Colin Kaepernick, and teams will have the opportunity to evaluate his readiness and level of interest in resuming his NFL career. His agents have said he wants to return to the NFL, and the league hopes this provides that chance.”


WHERE’S SMOD WHEN YOU NEED HIM? The Morning Briefing: Please Climate, Kill Earth So I Don’t Have to Hear About Greta Thunberg Again.

LATE EATING IS BAD FOR YOU IN ALL SORTS OF WAYS: Eating late may mean higher heart disease risk for women. It’s bad for your digestion and tends to make you fat. Which is sad, as I do love a late-night pizza.

AT AMAZON, save on Generators and Portable Power.

Plus, deals on Outdoor Heating.

‘GO BACK TO CALIFORNIA:’ Wave of newcomers fuels backlash in Boise.

This city sure knows how to roll up the welcome mat — that is, if you happen to move here from California.

Just consider last week’s mayoral election. It was the most competitive race in recent memory, a referendum on growth in the rapidly expanding capital of Idaho. And candidate Wayne Richey ran on a very simple platform: Stop the California invasion.

His basic plan to fulfill that campaign promise? “Trash the place.”

Richey figured that would be the best way to keep deep-pocketed Golden Staters from moving to his leafy hometown. He blames them for pushing home prices and rents up so high that Boiseans can’t afford to live here on the meager wages most Idaho jobs pay.

At a candidate forum in late October, he had a terse answer for the question: “If you were king or queen for the day, what one thing would you do to improve Boise?”

“A $26-billion wall,” he said, laughing, drawing out each word for maximum emphasis. As in build one. Around Idaho.

Why not a Welcome Wagon strategy instead, to remind voters not to bring into Idaho the same leftist ideology that caused them to flee California in the first place?



I look forward to Greta Thunberg scolding such a blatant example of eco-hypocrisy.

Earlier: Get Woke, Go Broke: How Climate Activist Arnold Schwarzenegger Became Box Office Poison.

YOU’RE GOING TO NEED A BIGGER BLOG: What Hillary Clinton doesn’t understand about Brexit.

SUPER GAFFE-O-MATIC ‘76: The Top 22 Biden Gaffes of the 2020 Campaign… So Far.

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Nuclear Power is the Most Reliable Energy Source and It’s Not Even Close.

EVEN THE DEMS’ WITNESSES SAID TRUMP IS RIGHT ABOUT UKRAINE CORRUPTION: That 18-page, single-spaced memorandum circulated late Monday by the GOP staff of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) provides a devastating look at how many of the witnesses who have testified behind closed-doors supported Trump’s view on Ukraine.

Given how HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) has acted the part of the petty tyrant, including rejecting Republican witnesses and instructing those who have already testified not to answer specific questions put to them by GOPers, don’t be surprised if next El Jefe takes away GOP staff office space, orders their computers permanently unplugged or some other similarly spiteful action.

OLD AND BUSTED: It is very bad for media figures to identify whistleblowers.

The new hotness? ABC scrambles to figure out identity of Amy Robach leaker, who goes by ‘Ignotus.’

Will Ashley Bianco get her job at CBS back?

UPDATE: The Media Holds A Massive Double Standard About Naming Whistleblowers.


AYN RAND DIDN’T INTEND FOR THE RETURN OF THE PRIMITIVE TO BE A HOW-TO GUIDE: Mass extinction — The only way to tackle Extinction Rebellion is by dissecting its ideology.

The only way to tackle Extinction Rebellion is by dissecting its ideology, by explaining what it would mean for human societies if its demands were to be met. The world has already rejected industrialized socialism in the shape of the Soviet Union. The case needs ceaselessly to be made that Extinction Rebellion’s brand of primitive, anti-industrial socialism would be an even surer way to mass poverty.

Read the whole thing.


From the Babylon Bee, America’s Paper of Record.

Related: CNN’s Brian Stelter Exposes Trump’s DWTS Tweets and Ignores ABC’s Epstein Scandal.

HERESY: Why We Should Reject Diversity and Equity As Values.

TO THINK PEOPLE WERE WILLING TO BRIBE THEIR KIDS’ WAY IN TO THIS DEATHTRAP: USC Student Found Dead In Off-Campus Housing Brings Semester Death Toll To 9.

WHY ARE “PROGRESSIVE” INDUSTRIES SUCH CESSPITS OF SEXUAL ABUSE? McDonald’s workers sue to address ‘systemic problem’ of sexual harassment.

Flashback: Since-dismissed CEO Steve Easterbrook vowed to turn McDonald’s into a ‘modern, progressive burger company’ in 2015.

THOSE VIOLENT SWEDES: As Bombings Spread, Denmark Closes Border With Sweden. “Denmark will temporarily reinstate border controls with Sweden and step up police work along the border after a series of violent crimes and explosions around Copenhagen that Danish authorities say were carried out by perpetrators from Sweden.”

LAWRENCE PERSON: Austin Half-Asses Its Homeless Problem. “So transients camping on business sidewalks are right out, but open public spaces next to ordinary citizens are evidently A-OK to camp and shoot-up on.”

Still, better than San Francisco where they’re fully-assing the problem.

JIM TREACHER: Democrat Sen. Mazie Hirono: ‘Believe in Climate Change as Though It’s a Religion.’

Many years ago, the journalist Michael Kinsley noted an odd truth about American political life: “A gaffe is when a politician tells the truth — some obvious truth he isn’t supposed to say.” While there are any number of other gaffes that a politician can make (please refer to anything ever uttered by Joe Biden), this particular type of screw-up has become known as a “Kinsley gaffe.” It can be very embarrassing for a politician to accidentally tell the truth. He’ll usually catch himself and start lying again immediately, and his partisans will pretend to believe the falsehoods over the truth, but everybody still knows he screwed up. He can lie about being momentarily and unintentionally honest, but he can’t unsay it.

Or she! It’s 2019, and it’s time we all recognized that women can be every bit as deceptive and untruthful as men. Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) certainly is.

Read the whole thing.

AN OPEN LETTER TO GRETA THUNBERG: “You are not a moral leader. But I will tell you what you are.” “Yes, we have betrayed you: by capitulating the world of leadership to bored, attention-deficit children who spout bromides, platitudes and slogans that a rudderless and morally relativistic culture accepts because a significant number of its denizens have become intellectually bankrupt and morally lazy.”

LOOKING FOR A SAVIOR, LESS THAN THREE MONTHS BEFORE IOWA: Can Former Mass. Governor Deval Patrick Rescue the Dems in 2020?

TAMARA KEEL: The Benefits of ‘BBQ Guns.’

CUT YOUR BEACH HOUSE BUDGET FIRST: Cut Military Budget and Apply it to Green New Deal, Jane Fonda’s Protest Advocates.

WINNING: Supreme Court appears inclined to let Trump end DACA program.. This shouldn’t be hard. What’s done by executive order can be undone by executive order. Unless you think there’s a Trump Exception to the Constitution, as apparently many of our best and brightest do.

NONE OF THIS MATTERS: HAN SHOT FIRST. George Lucas changed Han Solo’s scene with Greedo in Star Wars: A New Hope, Disney confirmed. Why can’t people leave Han Solo alone?

“People?” Endlessly editing this scene because Lucas knows he alienated fans badly with his decision to take our first glimpse of Han Solo’s badassery and neuter it away seems to be his purview alone.

THEY’LL MAKE UP THE LOSSES BY HIKING RATES AND CUTTING POWER ON THE VERY SAME PEOPLE: PG&E is offering $13.5 billion to California wildfire victims.

CUI BONO? Prediction: No Impeachment.

(Link broken, is fixed, sorry.)

SPACE: China Says Its Mars Landing Technology Is Ready for 2020.

I WASN’T EXPECTING AN EARTH-SHATTERING KABOOM: NASA Scientists Detect Huge Thermonuclear Blast Deep in Space. Okay, it’s a distant pulsar, nothing as exciting as the Chinese testing an Orion craft.

BOTTOM STORY OF THE DAY: Republican Mark Sanford drops out of presidential race.

AT AMAZON, save in Science Fiction and Fantasy.

THE “LOWFAT” STUFF IS ACTUALLY LESS HEALTHY: Farmers to Congress: Allow schools to serve whole milk.

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