November 25, 2020

BREAKING: Trump Pardons Michael Flynn.

UPDATE: Not surprisingly, leftists such as Gerry Nadler condemned the pardon, as Tyler O’Neil writes at the PJ Mothership, “George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley noted that Trump should not have needed to pardon Flynn, however. ‘Trump just pardoned Flynn. This should not have been an issue since the DOJ asked many months ago for the case to be dropped,’ Turley noted. ‘Sullivan’s continued refusal to issue a final decision forced the issue.’”

(Updated and bumped.)

WELL, YES: Axios Founder: Most media publications don’t understand 50% of America. It’s not just that they don’t understand it, it’s that they hold it in contempt. The news media’s hatred, partisanship, and dishonesty is dividing America unnecessarily and destructively.

QUESTION ASKED AND ONLY PARTIALLY ANSWERED: Matt Drudge Logs Off. The Drudge Report has become a conformist shadow of its formerly bratty, oppositional self. Why?

OLD AND BUSTED: “Make America Great Again.”

The New Hotness? Biden turns to “polite and orderly caretakers of America’s decline.”

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21st CENTURY RELATIONSHIPS: The truth about wild turkey sex: Inside their kinky BDSM rituals.

But what happens if you try it with Jack Daniels instead of Wild Turkey?

ALSO, ENORMOUS: Tested: 2021 Infiniti QX80 Remains Relevant.

OUT: TRUMP’S LEGAL TEAM IS AN INEFFECTUAL EMBARASSMENT. IN: Huge court win lets Trump present ballot evidence, could overturn Nevada result.

ANGER, NOT FEAR IS THE CORRECT RESPONSE. I was listening to Rush Limbaugh’s show last week while driving when a man called in to say that with Biden’s “election,” he is scared for himself and for his family. Rush said he understood. I don’t. Why are so many conservatives scared rather than angry about the election? What good is fear? Where is the outpouring of anger and disgust that all conservatives should have toward half the country that wants them cowed at best and dead at worst? Fear has no place here.

Anger is a response to injustice and conservatives have been dealing with this injustice for years with the rigged election being the final straw. Fear is helpless, unless perhaps it moves us to action. So rather than fear, stand up in righteous indignation, like Andrew Breitbart, who never gave up. This indignation was on full display at a protest I attended the other night. A woman leapt up like a bulldog when a leftist type started to tell the crowd of small business owners that they were to blame for the spread of Covid. She screamed at him til the crowd booed and he handed back the microphone and left. It wasn’t his event, it was for small business owners to get their voices heard.

The news, the media and every aspect of our society has had the angry voices of the liberals blaring for the past four years of the Trump presidency. Now these same angry jackals want unity –hah! Not on your life, or mine. So stand up, don’t be afraid, be angry and take action. Go to a protest, write a letter, run for office, stand up to any leftist and never give up.

For God’s sake, don’t be afraid. Let them be afraid of you.

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HANS BADER:  Virginia Attorney General rules (on a disparate impact theory) that the Loudoun County school system illegally discriminates by having a selective admissions policy for some of its schools.  Idiotic.

I’M SO OLD, I CAN REMEMBER WHEN THE LEFT WANTED TO DEFUND THE POLICE: Colorado County Refuses to Enforce Lockdowns as Civil Disobedience Spreads Across America.

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SHOCKING NEWS FROM THE WORLD OF SCIENCE: Study: Heart failure risk in older women increases with more sedentary time.


WELL, GOOD: Commonly used antibiotic shows promise for combating Zika infections.

WELL, THESE “NONPARTISAN PROFESSIONALS” CRIED WHEN TRUMP WAS ELECTED, SO THIS IS NO SURPRISE: CDC celebrates Biden transition, expects “rebuilding,” more press briefings.

BOB ZUBRIN: Make Covid Vaccines Public Domain. Plus: “It turns out that the Moderna vaccine, which was just shown to be 95 percent effective, was actually developed by the company in just two days in January 2020. That’s right, they developed the vaccine in two days in January, but then needed to spend the following ten months performing tests in order to meet the FDA’s standards for vaccine safety and efficacy.”

Well, as Bill Frist and I were saying back in 2005, we need a program to speed up vaccine development and deployment. Operation Warp Speed sped things up a lot, but if you’re going to stop a pandemic before a lot of people die — and odds are the next major pandemic will be worse than this fairly mild one — you need a vaccine that can be administered widely in 3 months or less. Note that here a month was lost to a requirement that they have more minority test subjects.

DECOUPLING: India bans more Chinese apps as tensions remain high.

NOT THE BABYLON BEE: Food deemed non-essential as New Mexico governor shuts down grocery stores.

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“SEEMS QUITE INCONSISTENT WITH BASIC ACADEMIC FREEDOM PRINCIPLES.” UMD Public Policy School Mandating Ideological Statements on Syllabus, Requiring That Class “Materials” and “Discussions” “Respect All Forms of Diversity.”

AS ALWAYS, LIFE IMITATES SEINFELD: Starbucks barista says she was fired for refusing to wear Pride shirt. In her wrongful termination suit, Betsy Fresse said wearing a shirt in support of the LGBTQ community would be a “contradiction to her religious beliefs.”

“But everyone wears the ribbon. You must wear the ribbon!”

TODAY’S NON-SHOCKING HEADLINE: Democrats Like One-Party Rule More Than Others.

D.C. FOR SALE: Biden’s ‘Return To Normalcy’ Is Going To Be Terrible. “After spending two years avoiding serious questions about his policy preferences, his team and his prospective presidency, we now know what Joe Biden intends to do should the Electoral College, as expected, vote for him in December: He’ll reopen the swamp for business.”

I THINK THERE ARE SOME HYPERBARIC OXYGEN CHAMBERS IN MY AREA. Human aging process biologically reversed in world first.

THIS SEEMS LIKE A NO-BRAINER: Americans Shouldn’t Fund Communist China’s Armed Forces. “Most of these firms are listed on Chinese stock exchanges, but at least two have subsidiaries trading on U.S. markets. Either way, investors are able to buy their shares through a variety of means. The amounts involved are stratospheric: One U.S. index fund, the MSCI Emerging Markets Index, is tracked by at least $2 trillion. The index contains shares in many of the companies affected by the President’s executive order. Anyone who invests in the index or tracks it becomes a part-owner of those companies and helps fund their work with China’s military.”

WELL, THAT’S ONE WAY TO SHOW THAT YOU TAKE ELECTIONS SERIOUSLY: On day five of election recounts in Milwaukee, all observers were given poop emoji wristbands from Wisconsin Center staff.

#NTTAWWT: Colbert to Obama: ‘I Just Want to Take a Moment to Drink You In.’

THEY SAID IT COULDN’T BE DONE, BUT IT WAS ANOTHER TRUMP TRIUMPH: 6.4 million COVID-19 vaccine doses expected to be shipped to states by mid-December.

VODKAPUNDIT PRESENTS YOUR DAILY INSANITY WRAP: Delirious Robert De Niro Keeps Mistaking Himself for One of His Tough-Guy Roles.

Insanity Wrap needs to know: When is an actor who played a bunch of tough guys actually a tough guy?

Answer: When he’s leaving deranged and abusive voicemails to his ex-assistant, or yelling at his driver for getting lost, we suppose. And that’s about it.

Before we get to the sordid details, a quick preview of today’s Wrap.

  • Crybullies go after Jordan Peterson (again).
  • Seattle pulls the trigger and actually defunds the police.
  • Please pass the gravy and the lecture on transgenderism.

And so much more at the link, you’d have to be crazy to miss it.


I’m pro-mask, inasmuch as i wear one because I figure it provides a certain amount of protection about worrying what would happen if I didn’t want one.

But this is just a bit much, no?



Indeed. Although it’s an interesting choice of a paraphrase by Dr. Faust, considering how things worked out for one of the Marines who uttered that phrase in Full Metal Jacket. Several additional examples of “modern thought,” or the lack thereof, at the above link.

NEWT GINGRICH: The Thieves Who Stole Our Election Got Sloppy.

HIGHER EDUCATION IMPLOSION UPDATE: Skilled trades attract 4-year grads. “Nearly a million community college students already hold a bachelor’s degree. ‘More than 40 percent of recent graduates aged 22 to 27 are underemployed, meaning that they’re working in jobs that don’t require their degree’.”

U. OF MARYLAND PUBLIC POLICY SCHOOL REQUIRES “STOLEN LAND” ACKNOWLEDGEMENT ON SYLLABI: Aside from the obvious free speech and academic freedom problems with this and other provisions, if you are telling everyone you are in possession of stolen land (or stolen anything else), there’s only one moral option: give it back. Not doing so suggests that you’re either a sociopath or a liar. Which one is it, Maryland?

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Harvard dismisses Title IX complaint against prof who said trans student would have been murdered in China. But wait, there’s more:

More surprising is that Harvard University didn’t punish a professor for stating that truth, even when it riled up a student who ranks high on the subjective oppression scale – though it took a month to clear him.

The Ivy League school dismissed a Title IX complaint filed against Arthur Kleinman (above) by a transgender student who claimed the anthropology professor created a “hostile environment” by noting how Kai De Jesus would be treated in “rural China,” The Harvard Crimson reports.

Kleinman insisted he was trying to stop De Jesus, a man who identifies as a woman, from derailing the virtual class session on the tradeoffs in global public health by suggesting violence against whites was justified.

Another student in the class, Shah Faesal, agreed that the transgender student’s question, in retrospect, appeared to justify the “extermination of the white race to bring an end to the race problem.”

It’s nice to know that our allegedly top universities are incubating “final solution” talk.

ROGER SIMON: The Smartmatic Story: From Venezuela with No Love.

Many have debated, and Rudy Giuliani only vaguely explained on Lou Dobbs’ show by saying they had “different theories” of the case, why the Trump legal team separated from Sidney Powell.

Occam’s Razor has a simpler explanation: What Powell is investigating—complicated trans-national computer fraud, involving multiple countries, not just the United States, with immense implications for the democratic system worldwide—takes considerably longer to explicate and prove than the time available to question a presidential election before votes are certified and the Electoral College meets.

This was corroborated by discussions I held with two men in a position to understand a great deal of this fraud that they say originated in and still emanates to a great degree from Venezuela (with a little help from Cuban, Iranian and Hezbollah friends, possibly others).

These men wish to remain anonymous because they fear for their safety operating in foreign territory as they frequently do.

One of them is a former CIA officer who served in the Directorate of Operations and as chief of station in several countries. The other is of Venezuelan birth and lives in the United States.

In recent years, in conjunction with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and others, they have worked to “flip” leaders and military personnel inside the Venezuelan and Cuban establishments, many of whom were involved with or had information about the extensive narcotics trade undertaken by those two countries as well as Iran and Hezbollah.

This billion-dollar criminal enterprise, particularly regarding Hezbollah in this instance, was on the brink of an exposure and prosecution that was ultimately ignored, as Politico reported, by the Obama administration on the urgings of the mullahs in order to protect the then-incipient Iran Deal.

Some of what these men told me can be authenticated, some not for reasons beyond anyone’s control at the moment. I leave it to readers to decide for themselves.

Nevertheless, for the record, and to understand what we are dealing with, the following members of the Venezuelan leadership are currently indicted in the United States for narcotics trafficking: President Nicolas Maduro, National Assembly leader Diosdado Cabello, petroleum minister Tareck El Aissami, Vice President Delcy Rodriguez, former intelligence chief Hugo Carvajal, and Venezuelan Army Chief of Staff Vladimir Padrino.

To give an idea of the extent of the crime, notorious Mexican “narcotrafficante” El Chapo was said to be worth $1.2 billion. Diosdado Cabello, I was told by one of my informants, is worth in excess of $20 billion! That puts him up there among the richest people in the world. Mix petrodollars—Venezuela, in whatever condition, has one of the richest oil fields on the planet—with drug dollars and you have a lucrative cocktail.


The two men spoke with me about the origins of the Smartmatic system, which they analogized in some respects to 9/11, mentioning that it was another example of how we tend to underestimate our adversaries, in this case their computer capabilities.

With China and Russia to worry about, Venezuela has been more or less off our radar, but, given the figures above, it shouldn’t be. Their ruling class—not their people, clearly—has enough working capital to do as much damage as anyone.

More than a mere Banana Republic, they are a growing criminal state with tentacles reaching into Colombia and across the Atlantic into one of the major parties of our NATO ally Spain, I was told.

But back to Smartmatic.

In 1998, socialist Hugo Chavez, on his way to being maximum leader for life, changed the constitution of his country, allowing him to serve a six-year term instead of five—with the caveat that if 20 percent of Venezuelans were to sign a petition demanding a recall, an election would be held.

To the surprise of Chavez, such a petition was forthcoming and his attempt to invalidate the signatures failed.

A system had to be invented to guarantee the caudillo’s victory in the forthcoming presidential recall referendum.

Enter Smartmatic, a company founded in Delaware in April 2000 by three young  Venezuelan engineers.

January 2004, a Venezuelan government agency, the New York Times reported, invested $200,000 in a technology company owned by those same three.

Related: Big Tech Expert Says Google’s ‘Manipulations’ Shifted ‘at Least Six Million Votes’ to Joe Biden.

THEY NEVER EVEN SEND A THANKYOU NOTE FOR ALL THOSE TAXES I PAY: Government doesn’t know best how we should give thanks.

CHINA’S TOOLS IN ACADEME: Indiana University students enraged after Hong Kong protestor is invited to speak.

It’s easy to tell who’s on the payroll, or at least on the team.

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: Idiot Democrats Think There’s Some Kumbaya on the Way. “The drooling sack of empty that they are calling President-Elect Biden has undergone an image makeover that’s most unbelievable. We’re now being told that he’s our kindly best pal and that he is going to put a big band-aid on all of the ORANGE MAN BAD hurt that our beloved country has suffered through.”

EVEN LEFTISTS CAN’T TRUST LEFTISTS: “The Obama staffers are now cutting out the people who got Biden elected. None of these people found the courage to help the VP when he was running and now they are elevating their friends over the Biden people.”

Watch out: The most dangerous thing for a socialist is to be ruled by socialists who are not his friends.

MEMO TO THE LEFT: What goes around, comes around. 

QUESTION ASKED: What Does Liberalism Even Mean Anymore?

Why are affluent white liberals so eager to believe we’re living in a white supremacy, for example? Here’s my best guess: The narrative of wokeness or “anti-racism” as it is often called is an outgrowth of an academic discipline called “Critical Race Theory.” This view has its origins in philosophers like Hegel, Marx, and Foucault, who share a common belief: Equality is impossible, because at the core of every human interaction is a power struggle that someone is winning and someone is losing. Human history for these guys is just an endless rotation of oppressor and oppressed, a revolving door of masters and slaves in Hegel’s view, proletariat and bourgeoisie for Marx, privileged white people vs. marginalized people of color in Critical Race Theory. For these thinkers, power struggles are inescapable, and the whole idea of equality is just a fiction behind which the oppressor hides.

So why does this view that erases equality and pushes oppression as the root of everything appeal so much to affluent liberals? To me, it seems like the answer is that despite the pieties they espouse, liberal elites don’t really believe in equality, either; no affluent person does. They know their prosperity comes at someone else’s expense, and a worldview that was actually invested in equality would insist they share more of their good fortune.

Still, they want to believe they are good people. They’re liberals! So just imagine the relief when they are told that the inequality that resulted in their having so much while so many Americans have so little is not the result of their failure to pay more taxes or to send their kids to public schools, but that it stems from something as immutable as the color of their skin. It totally relieves them of the responsibility of doing anything about it. All they can do is feel guilty. They get to keep all their money while feeling like heroes! How perfect.

Of course, there are still horrifying pockets of race-based inequality that persist in America, and they deserve our immediate attention. But there’s now bipartisan consensus about this—the need to end mass incarceration, for example, or for police reform. The totalizing view of America as a white supremacy seems to me a displacement exercise that comforts the wealthy, which you know is true because they can’t get enough of it.

Earlier: You Keep Using The Word “Liberal:” it doesn’t mean what you think it means.

If you think “liberal” and all the variations of “left” mean the same thing, let this be your wakeup call.

Many things described as “liberal” today mean the opposite of what was historically true and what many people expect, and this disconnect is likely contributing to some of heightened frustration we’re seeing in political arguments in 2020.

Be careful when using the word “liberal” if you care about clear language. Starting in roughly 2013, “liberal” veered sharply from its roots.

The date when the L-word starting become bastardized by “progressives” is off by about 90 years or so, but other than that, spot-on.

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THE BIDEN ILLEGITIMACY: Trump would have won 311 Electoral Votes if media wasn’t biased: Survey. “The liberal media’s efforts to hide Joe Biden-related scandals from voters and bury good news about the Trump administration cost the president the election, according to two new voting surveys. Had voters known about troubling issues swirling around the Democrat and some of the successes of the Trump White House, including the Middle East peace deals, job growth and energy independence, enough would have turned away from Biden to give Trump 311 Electoral Votes, more than enough to win, said the polls ”

This is science. Don’t be a science-denier, folks.

Flashback: Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley Demand FTC Investigate Big Tech Firms That Can ‘Sway Elections.’

Related: Could Facebook Swing An Election?

Also related: The Social Media Upheaval.

JOE THE PLUMBER NODS: Computer Repairman Who Threatened Biden’s Electoral Prospects Goes Into Hiding. “First they tried to destroy Joe the Plumber. Now they’re trying to destroy John Paul the Computer Repairman. The Democrats care about working people, as long as they know their place. By the way, where is Hunter? He showed up to hug his dad last week, and then he disappeared again. Guess it doesn’t matter. Finding out where he is and what he thinks about all this would be journalism, and for the next four years that’s the last thing journalists want.”


LEGAL EDUCATION UPDATE, STANDARDS EDITION: ABA Permits Law Schools To Use Pandemic As Excuse For Failing to Meet 75% Within 2 Years Bar Passage Accreditation Standard.

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Forcing The Sick And Elderly To Die Alone Is Crueler Than COVID-19.

STRIP CLUB PASTOR’S DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE: ‘This is Insane … Take Off The Masks!” No, this is not about getting nekkid in public. This guy is talking about individual liberty and resistance to unaccountable government decrees. More evidence of a gathering spirit that recalls how the American Revolution was birthed in hundreds of pulpits across the colonies.

FIGHT THE POWER, STICK IT TO THE MAN: Philly Faces New Lawsuit After Shutting Down Gun-Carry Permit Process.

YOUR POLITICIZED CDC AT WORK AND PLAY: CDC celebrates Biden transition, expects ‘rebuilding,’ more press briefings.


For days, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has been preaching a message of sacrifice during the holidays, warning New Yorkers that Thanksgiving gatherings could be dangerous as virus cases spike across the nation, and beseeching them to reconsider their plans to help stem the rising tide.

So it was surprising when Mr. Cuomo announced on Monday afternoon that he had invited his 89-year-old mother, Matilda, and two of his daughters to celebrate a very Cuomo Thanksgiving with him this week in Albany. . . .

The criticism hinted at a substantial backlash to Mr. Cuomo’s image as a heroic figure after helping New York emerge from the pandemic; earlier on Monday, the governor was awarded the “International Emmy Founders Award” for his more than 100 televised briefings at the height of the pandemic, an award that also sparked eye rolls among his critics.

Well, the thing you have to understand is that rules are for the little people. And Cuomo deserves much worse after preening despite having killed thousands through his mismanagement.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Colleges Have Shed 10% Of Their Employees Since The Pandemic Began.

Academia, public schools, media, Hollywood — the pandemic has been highly damaging to lefty institutions. People on the right should take advantage of this.

I’M SO OLD I REMEMBER WHEN THEY WERE PUSHING ‘LOVE TRUMPS HATE’: American Colleges Are Throwing Hate At Thanksgiving Day.


The company should not indulge this bullsh*t for one second. It should tell these people that either they grow up and do their jobs, or they go find another line of work. Publishers publish books. Period. The end. I guarantee you that there are thousands of young men and women who would love to break into publishing, who don’t have thin skins and an enormous sense of entitlement.

Neither publishing, nor journalism, nor universities can do what they are supposed to do if they cater to these wretched whiners. I am sick to death of the veto power they exercise over freedom of thought and expression. What is it going to take for the adults who run these institutions to assert authority, and protect writers from these piss-ant Robespierres?

If you are crying in a meeting at the office because of how you think Jordan Peterson affected your life, then you are not mature enough to work in publishing, and you ought to be sent away. Honest to God, I would be ashamed of myself if that’s how I behaved. What the hell is wrong with these people?! Who failed them?

Excuse me for getting so emotional about this, but I see my own future as a writer at stake here. If they can do this to Jordan Peterson, and get away with it, who can’t they do it to?

The book in question is the sequel to Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life, which was #1 most read on Amazon for months after its publication in January of 2018. (The last post I found at Instapundit showing it as number one was in August of 2018, and it was at number three in November of that year.) It’s currently at number 12 on Amazon, nearly two years after its publication date. Roger Ebert once called movie sequels “a filmed deal,” in that sequels are greenlit because Hollywood studios know they’re likely to be profitable on some level, given the original’s built-in core audience. Unlike the crybullies who convinced Hachette Book Group to drop Woody Allen’s autobiography in March, Penguin Random House likely know that they have a surefire hit on their hands given Peterson’s controversy and superstardom. As Glenn wrote last night, the wise move is to fire all the crybullies as a lesson to others. Otherwise, if they go the Hachette route, another publisher is going to make a fair amount of change off of Peterson’s latest book.

QANTAS WANTS TO REQUIRE VACCINATIONS TO FLY: ‘A bit premature’: global airline body distances itself from Qantas vaccine stance.

HONESTLY, THAT’S A BEST-CASE SCENARIO: Biden Cabinet picks ‘will be polite & orderly caretakers of America’s decline,’ Rubio says. Rather than caretakers of decline, they’re more likely to be promoters.

IT WAS STOLEN FOR HIM, FAIR AND SQUARE: Over 53 Million Trump Voters Don’t Believe Biden Legitimately Won the Election.

That after four years of the most vicious and untrue attacks, Trump was able to score the second-most votes of any candidate ever, speaks well of this nation.

That even more voters (apparently) could be lulled into voting for Biden by a compliant media and progressive political/education/entertainment establishment, doesn’t.

TRUMP WENT 4 YEARS WITHOUT STARTING A WAR. BIDEN IS UNLIKELY TO MATCH THAT: Joe Biden’s Secretary of State Pick Has Been an Avid Backer of American Military Intervention. Or even to want to match that.

THE BIDEN ILLEGITIMACY: Media Suppression of 8 Key Stories ‘Stole This Election’ for Joe Biden.

K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: Massachusetts school enrollment plummets by 37,000 students. “A majority of those students, about 13,000, have switched over to private schools, according to preliminary enrollment data from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education presented during a Tuesday meeting. That’s nearly double last year’s figure of 7,299 students that switched to private school. About 7,000 students have chosen to home school, a significant increase from last year’s total of 802 home schooled students.”

EVERY TOPIC LEADS BACK TO RACE:  Terry McAuliffe & Don Scott don’t just think marijuana should be legalized.  They argue that we need “conscious and purposeful investment” in minority-owned marijuana businesses too.

November 24, 2020

FIRE THEM ALL, AS A LESSON TO OTHERS: Penguin Random House Staff Confront Publisher About New Jordan Peterson Book. Publishing staffers are a dime a dozen, and can easily be replaced by people just as competent, and less self-important.

NOW OUT: Kurt Schlichter’s latest Kelly Turnbull book, Crisis.

HOLD THE LINE: Georgia Is On My Mind and It Is Imperative We Get Our Priorities Straight Now.

REMINDER: HOLLYWOOD IS RUN BY GARBAGE PEOPLE. Dave Chappelle gets show pulled because Viacom wasn’t paying him. “They stole that from me. They just took it. And I’m not here trying to tell you guys that I believe Comedy Central gave me a raw deal just because I’m black. I believe they gave me a raw deal because this fucking industry is a monster.”

Plus: ‘Star Wars’ author says Disney is stiffing him on royalties. “Foster added that Disney has ignored his agents’ and legal reps’ efforts to collect the cash and pressed him to sign a nondisclosure agreement before even starting negotiations — something no one else has ever asked him to do.”

VIDEO: My favorite rocketship, the nuclear Orion.

OPEN THREAD: Here we are now. Entertain us.

SPACE: Rocket Lab on road to reusability after successful booster recovery.


SCIENCE: Lockdowns Not Linked With Lower COVID Death Rates, New Study Finds.

I LINKED THIS INTERVIEW YESTERDAY FOR TALK ABOUT COVID POLICY AND CLASS WAR, but it’s worth quoting this part, too, because it shows a lefty with more connection to reality than most:

I, too, have been shocked at the refusal to acknowledge Trump’s wins, many of which were actually really progressive. Thanks to his economy, the base pay of the lower 25% of wage earners rose by 4.5%, which is unprecedented in recent history (certainly, nothing like this happened under Clinton or Obama). He brought truly unprecedented unemployment to marginalized communities and gave millions and millions of dollars to HBCUs. He freed over 4,000 Black men from prison; men sent to prison because of Joe Biden’s crime bill, the irony of ironies. Had the Democrats not been so totally committed to their loathing of Trump, they could have gotten much more out of him. This is a man who will do literally anything to be praised on cable news.

There are a number of reasons the mainstream news media refused him that praise even for policies they should have applauded. For starters, the media realized in 2015 that hating on Trump was really, really good for business. TV ratings for CNN and MSNBC went through the roof. With Google Analytics and social media, you know exactly what stories are getting clicks, and the anti-Trump stuff did so well it literally saved the New York Times, which was struggling for its existence.

This is why Trump’s name appears so often in the Times — every 250 words or so, even in places like the Food section. It’s because of the Times’ digital media business model. Like Facebook, the Times is selling its readers’ emotions to advertisers—literally. Look up “Project Feels.” The more the reader feels, the more likely they are to click on an ad. And just the name Trump makes affluent liberals see red.

In other words, digital media met an affluent liberal audience desperate to be told that the people they looked down on were evil racists and that we live in a white supremacy. So the New York Times, Vox, MSNBC, and CNN gave them what they wanted. And media companies went from being broke to making bank.

All of this gets to your really smart point about the Democrats, who are supposed to be the party of the people. There was a time when Democrats represented labor, while the Republicans were all about the rich. We’ve seen a reversal of that under Trump. Trump’s economic agenda was protectionist in nature, and very much geared at the working class. (Like many Scandinavian countries, he coupled this with a big corporate tax cut early on.) Meanwhile the Democrats have doubled down on a thirty-year trajectory of going all in on college-educated voters. . . .

That’s how you end up with an MSNBC host worth $25 million looking down her nose at a person without a college degree and sneering, “You voted for Trump? You racist!” and feeling like a hero.

Yep. Flashback: Donald Trump is a symptom of a new kind of class warfare raging at home and abroad.

YEP: COVID-19 mild in most children, study finds.

STACEY LENNOX: The COVID-19 News the Corporate Media Doesn’t Publish. “Here is a rundown, with detailed sourcing, linking to recent news and previous information. The job of media is to inform so people can make individual decisions based on all available information. This is especially important as we move into the season of gathering with friends and loved ones. And Dr. Anthony Fauci, CNN, and Andrew Cuomo are hardly the final word on everything.”

THEY’RE IMPORTANT: Let’s Talk About Toilets.

WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE: Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis Compares Biden Picking Cabinet to ‘Fantasy Football.’

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AMERICA FIRST OR WHENEVER: Xi’s Gotta Have It: China Welcomes Biden With Orders From Beijing With Love.

FYI: Safety Recall Notice on the M&P Shield EZ Pistol.

LOOKS LIKE A CHURCH SERVICE: Child Abuse? HBO Max Documentary Celebrates 4-Year-Old Boy’s Transgender Identity.

THIS IS CNN: CNN silent as nurse’s viral tale of patients denying coronavirus from deathbeds falls apart. ‘Of course, CNN has yet to air an acknowledgment or correction,’ Curtis Houck [of NewsBusters] wrote.

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