April 25, 2019

CIVIL RIGHTS UPDATE: N.J. Gov. Phil Murphy Wants To Raise Gun Permit Fees by 2,000 Percent.

Democrats believe only the rich and powerful are entitled to defend themselves, but you knew that already.

HE CAN’T HELP HIMSELF: Romney The Pious. “He can’t help himself. He’s trying to fill the shoes of John McCain, while at the same time pandering to the Sister Bertha Better-Than-Yous of the nation.”


Here we are after the Mueller report, full of the knowledge that the Democrats and their media sycophants have tried and failed to pull off a coup, and former losing presidential candidate Mitt Romney once again poked his head up, taking the Democrats’ side.

Perhaps Romney thinks since his personal life has been lived with high approval ratings on morality from the amen pews in America, he is the perfect foil for President Trump, with his widely publicized moral failings in his personal life.

But there’s a hell of a lot more to picking the right man for the job than counting divorces as a score.


THE CORBYNIZATION OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY CONTINUES APACE: Cory Booker Defends Ilhan Omar’s Anti-Semitism, Calls Criticism Of Her ‘Reprehensible.’

(Classical reference in headline.)

EVEN MORE BLUE ON BLUE: How the Intercept Is Fueling the Democratic Civil War. “The national security site has found fresh energy as a savvy, progressive attack dog in national politics. But is it undermining its own side?”

FLASHBACK: Donald Trump is a response to PC bullying culture.

CAN’T HARDLY WAIT: Marvel President Says Movies Will Go ‘Inclusive,’ Adding ‘Gay’ and ‘Body Positive’ Heroes.

Disney seems determined to kill another valuable franchise, and I hope their shareholders sit up and take notice.

THEY’LL TURN US ALL INTO BEGGARS ‘CAUSE THEY’RE EASIER TO PLEASE: California Politicians Hiked Gas Tax, Now Demand Investigation Into State’s $4 Per Gallon Gas Prices.

IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK: Hillary Clinton dishes on her ‘weird personal history’ with impeachment.

Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, however, was referring to her time as a staff attorney serving on the impeachment inquiry for former President Richard Nixon two decades earlier in 1974.

“I was one of the young lawyers who actually drafted the memo about what is a high crime and misdemeanor, and it was truly meant by our founders to describe actions that undermine the integrity of our government that placed the personal or political interest in a president over the interest of the nation,” she said. “So, I know what it looks like, and I know what is required to do it in a way that wins the trust and confidence, not only of the Congress but of the American people. But I certainly think that the roadmap, as some call it, of the Mueller report raises so many serious questions in part one about what the Russians did, which is beyond debate, and in part two about all of the evidence about obstruction.”

Clinton somehow neglected to mention the part Democrat Jerry Zeifman, counsel and chief of staff of the House Judiciary Committee back then, wrote that she “engaged in a variety of self-serving unethical practices in violation of House rules.”

RUN ALL THE CANDIDATES! Former Vice President Joe Biden Announces 2020 Presidential Run.

#WALKAWAY: I Used to Work for Google. I Am a Conscientious Objector.

Jack Poulson:

“We can forgive your politics and focus on your technical contributions as long as you don’t do something unforgivable, like speaking to the press.”

This was the parting advice given to me during my exit interview from Google after spending a month internally arguing, resignation letter in hand, for the company to clarify its ethical red lines around Project Dragonfly, the effort to modify Search to meet the censorship and surveillance demands of the Chinese Communist Party.

When a prototype circulated internally of a system that would ostensibly allow the Chinese government to surveil Chinese users’ queries by their phone numbers, Google executives argued that it was within existing norms. Governments, after all, make law enforcement demands of the company all the time. Where, they asked their employees, was the demonstrable harm?

But the time has passed when tech companies can simply build tools, write algorithms and amass data without regard to who uses the technology and for what purpose.

Complaints from a single rank-and-file engineer aren’t going to lead a company to act against its significant financial interests. But history shows that dissenters — aided by courts or the court of public opinion — can sometimes make a difference. Even if that difference is just alerting the public to what these companies are up to.

Read the whole thing.

THE 21st CENTURY IS NOT WORKING OUT AS I HAD HOPED: Saudi prisoner ‘executed and crucified.’


JOEL KOTKIN: America needs more sex, not more immigrants.

With a historically low unemployment rate, America is running low on workers in everything from high-tech to construction, manufacturing and services as Donald Trump’s stronger immigration policies help raise wages for existing US workers, from the lowest paid to well-paid construction workers, for the first time in decades.

President Trump’s much criticized claim that America is “full” may have been taken out of context, since it referred to the immigration system, but it has also ignited interest in demographics. More immigration, and even higher salaries won’t solve our impending demographic crisis, and there are already many more jobs here than workers to fill them, and that gap is growing. There are over six million open positions, more than five times the annual supply of migrants, documented or otherwise. This could be addressed in part by opening the border—something only one in five Americans favor, although such calls have become popular on the political left, including over a third of all Democrats—or, more workably, by making immigration policy more responsive to our labor needs.

The most direct path to a potent economy doesn’t run through the border, however, but into the bedroom, with critical steps, particularly on housing, that could lift sagging domestic birthrates.

America expects every man, and woman, to do their duty.

IMAO.US NEEDS TO BE MORE LIKE THE BABYLON BEE, AMERICA’S PAPER OF RECORD, WHO REPORTS THIS ENTIRELY PLAUSIBLE DEVELOPMENT:  In Controversial Conclusion To ‘Avengers’ Saga, Captain Marvel Slays Thanos With Incredibly Irritating Gender Inequality Lecture.  Having moved in literary circles, which are Hollywood for ugly people, I can tell you that this is very, very likely.  (No disparagement of IMAO implied or intended. They’re up there with the Babylon Bee, normally. I just doubt they really found a liberal who made it through an entire day un-offended.)

I DON’T KNOW.  DID THEY CHECK SOURCES? THIS SEEMS HIGHLY UNLIKELY:  Liberal Makes It Through Entire Day Without Being Offended.



WHEN YOU STEP OUT OF THE CHOIR:  Alan Dershowitz and the Mueller Report.

FROM THE “TOO STUPID TO LIVE” FILES:  Putting garlic in your vagina won’t cure your yeast infection.


HEADDESK HEADDESK HEADDESK:  Palestinian Jesus? Please.

HAVING (LIKE A RESPONSIBLE PARENT) READ ALL OF MY KIDS TEXTBOOKS, ALL I CAN SAY IS “THIS IS MY SHOCKED FACE. SHOCKED, SHOCKED, SHOCKED.”:  The ideologue who wrote the textbook calling Trump and his supporters “racists”.

If you don’t read your kids’ textbooks, and don’t have other books and evidence ready to refute this sort of thing — and please note this stuff goes on in both public and private schools — you’re falling down on your job. You might have your reasons, but you should also be aware you’re failing your kids.

April 24, 2019

RUN ALL THE CANDIDATES! Joe Biden Will Be Number 21: Here’s the State of the 2020 Democratic Primary.

THE BABYLON BEE: Ocasio-Cortez Calls For Boycott Of Sesame Street After Discovering Show Is Sponsored By Numbers.

Reminder to Snopes: It’s the Babylon Bee, so it’s satire — or is it?

BUT THE DAY ISN’T OVER YET: Never Mind, Now Kamala Doesn’t Think the Boston Marathon Bomber Should Be Able to Vote.

OPEN THREAD: Make it special.

WASHINGTON POST: “SRI LANKA’S MUSLIMS FEAR RETALIATION AFTER EASTER ATTACKS ON CHRISTIANS”: Yes, of course, I sympathize with innocent Sri Lankan Muslims who fear that they will be associated and hence blamed for the sins of their ISIS co-religionists. But I’m not sure this is the most newsworthy angle on the Sri Lankan murders today. The victims are not even all in their graves. Shouldn’t we hear a bit more about them? Or about the royal screw-up of the Sri Lankan government, which had been warned that such an attack was being planned?

This appears to me to be another example of left-leaning journalists’ political usefulness bias. I suppose we all have such a bias, but given the disproportionate number of leftists in the media, it gets a little tedious.

You’d think that after the Washington Post’s howler of a headline (“Christianity under attack? Sri Lanka bombings stoke far-right anger in the West”) earlier in the week that it would want to avoid such criticism … but I guess not.


Flashback to 2000: “[T]he media silence so far is deafening over the new ad campaign by the NAACP (see box). Over black and white video of a truck dragging a chain, James Byrd’s daughter suggests George W. Bush killed her father all over again. Floyd Brown’s media-pulverized 1988 ad never found the family of Horton’s murder victim and said when Dukakis released him for the weekend, it was like Dukakis was stabbing him all over again… The NAACP’s candidate, Al Gore, tells black audiences about Republicans: ‘They use colorblind the way duck hunters use their duck blind. They hide behind it and hope the ducks won’t figure out what they’re up to.’ (On today’s Good Morning America, ABC’s Charles Gibson didn’t ask Gore about the NAACP.)”

HMM: Skills Check: Empty-Chamber Carry Drill. If you’re carrying with an empty chamber you should definitely practice chambering a round. But . . .

IT’S ALWAYS IN THE LAST PLACE YOU LOOK: California Politicians Hiked Gas Tax, Now Demand Investigation Into State’s $4 Per Gallon Gas Prices.

Related: Will Newsom end oil drilling in California? Many environmentalists are betting yes.

That should do wonders for lowering California’s gas prices, as California’s Potemkin environmentalism rolls on.

RECOMMENDED READING: So I read Andrew Wareham’s Nobody’s Child and liked it very much. I had previously enjoyed his China Station books, but this is quite different, and also different from the usual run of Napoleonic-Era Royal Navy sea stories: Nobody’s Child takes place mostly in the Far East, and Louis XVI is still King, while the protagonist ships out on a privateer. Very entertaining.

MORE OF THIS, PLEASE: Revolutionary: Oklahoma Has Just Put a Ban in Effect – Banning Bans on Plastic Bags.

DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: The ideologue who wrote the textbook calling Trump and his supporters “racists.”

WITH DNC IN MIND, CITY BANS CARRYING URINE, FECES: Ancient urine details hunting-to-herding transition 10,000 years ago.

Original source of this recurring joke here.

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MATT TAIBBI: The Press Will Learn Nothing From the Russiagate Fiasco: The inability to face the enormity of the last few years of errors will cost the news media its credibility, even with blue-state audiences.

You know what was fake news? Most of the Russiagate story. There was no Trump-Russia conspiracy, that thing we just spent three years chasing. The Mueller Report is crystal clear on this.

He didn’t just “fail to establish” evidence of crime. His report is full of incredibly damning passages, like one about Russian officialdom’s efforts to reach the Trump campaign after the election: “They appeared not to have preexisting contacts and struggled to connect with senior officials around the President-Elect.”

Not only was there no “collusion,” the two camps didn’t even have each others’ phone numbers!

In March of 2017, in one of the first of what would become a mountain of mafia-hierarchy-style “Trump-Russia contacts” graphics in major newspapers, the Washington Post described an email Trump lawyer Michael Cohen sent to Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov. They called it “the most direct interaction yet of a top Trump aide and a senior member of Putin’s government.”

The report shows the whole episode was a joke. In order to further the Trump Tower project-that-never-was, Cohen literally cold-emailed the Kremlin. More than that, he entered the email incorrectly, so the letter initially didn’t even arrive. When he finally fixed the mistake, Peskov didn’t answer back.

That was “the most direct interaction yet of a top Trump aide and a senior member of Putin’s government”!

But it generated clicks and viewers and made them feel like bold warriors against the bad orange man.

Related: Mueller report: Donald Trump collusion conspiracy theories are now exposed. Will they end? “After two years of mass hysteria afflicting a huge portion of our political class, the cognitive dissonance after the Mueller report is painful.”

LYNNE LECHTER: Trump’s army of ‘the uncovered.’

A funny thing happened on the way to the 2016 presidential election. The unelectable, uncouth, unintelligent, unpolitical, unlikeable, and utterly unthinkable guy won. Clearly, the “deplorables” assisted, as did the “bitter clingers” — owners of guns and Bibles — and the so-called uneducated, unsophisticated, and ridiculed patriotic swath of the American people.

But it took more. The uncovereds carried President Trump over the finish line to unbelievable victory.

Who and what are the uncovereds? They are the silent army who are passionately pro-Trump but wouldn’t and still won’t admit it. Why? one might ask. Were they cowards?

In the months leading up to the 2016 election, the reasons for secrecy were very different from and far more benign than those dictating secrecy today. In 2015, Trump’s inner circle was aware of the phenomenon, as were the ancillary Trump campaign volunteers who walked the streets, knocking on doors, and toiling for hours at phone banks.

What did they collectively discover? Diverse but large groups of people were committed to voting for Trump. However, while they would admit their pro-Trump predilection to anonymous pollsters or door-knockers or phone surveyors, they would not tell their family, friends, co-workers, bosses, or teachers. Universally, their response would be “I’m voting for Trump, but I’m not telling my spouse, or anyone else.” In 2015, it just wasn’t worth the hassle and ridicule to them. They didn’t want to argue with friends and relatives, teachers and students. And they didn’t want to be perceived as dumb. . . .

In 2019, going into the upcoming presidential election cycle, the uncovereds’ reticence stems from far more profound fears. There is a fear of violence. There is a fear of being fired. There is a fear of grade retribution. There is a fear of a car with a pro-Trump bumper sticker being vandalized. This fear radiates in America. Incredibly, the Democratic Party has created an atmosphere of free speech suppression — “if you disagree with us, we will silence you.”

The Democrats, with their anarchistic thug minions, blackmail serial con artists, and monolithic control of public education and social and print media, have terrorized many Trump aficionados into diving underground and undercover. By doing so, they have perpetuated the inevitability of their second and seemingly more comprehensive demise. That is because, by pushing more uncovereds underground, they don’t know how many uncovereds exist.

Yet despite massive intimidation, another funny thing is happening on the way to the 2020 presidential election: Many of the heretofore uncovereds are banning together and openly bursting forth from the Trump closet. These include the Jewish groups Jexit and Jexodus and the ever-expanding black American and Caucasian movement #walkaway.

The groundswell of Jewish appreciation for President Trump, in some Jewish enclaves, is so overwhelming that it has permeated the 2019 Jewish celebration of Passover.

Read the whole thing.

ON ARMENIAN GENOCIDE DAY, revisiting Islam’s greatest slaughter of Christians.

I HAD WOMEN TELL ME THEY WERE ON BIRTH CONTROL WHEN THEY WEREN’T. WAS I RAPED? Is Sex by Deception a Form of Rape? Note that the examples in this article all have men in the offender slot.

Flashback: A rape epidemic — by women? New CDC report reveals troubling equality when it comes to sexual assault rates.

Related: When Rape Matters and When It Doesn’t: In the eyes of the media, all rapes are equal. But some rapes are more equal than others.

Also: The Understudied Female Predator.

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IF YOU LIKE YOUR PLAN, YOU CAN KEEP YOUR PLAN: CBO Report: 1.4 Million Lost Health Insurance Since 2016 — And Obamacare Is To Blame.

JUST ANOTHER DAY IN ILLINOIS: Feds Probe Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker, First Lady For Property Tax Appeals On Gold Coast Mansion.

ROB LONG: The Moguls Who Couldn’t Deliver the Goods.

This is not at all like the old-timey ways of, say, Harry Cohn of Columbia Studios. It is part of Hollywood lore—unconfirmed Hollywood lore, but still—that Cohn would often demand sexual favors from actresses in exchange for movie roles. You’re shocked, I know. But here’s the crucial difference: Harry Cohn could deliver. When Harry Cohn whispered promises to an actress on the sofa with many cushions, you can bet he kept them. It is part of Hollywood lore—again, unconfirmed Hollywood lore—that one time Harry Cohn pressed the button under his desk, and a few days later Kim Novak was a movie star.

Sure, Moonves could have called someone up and asked for a favor. Trust me as someone who had many television series on CBS in the intervening years between Moonves’s pressing the button on Bobbie Phillips in 1996 and the publication of Ronan Farrow’s New Yorker articles in 2018. If he had given me a jingle and asked me for a favor, I absolutely 100 percent without question would have done it.

But then he would have owed me a favor back. And as someone who had many television series on CBS between 1996 and 2018—all of which were cancelled—that was probably something he wanted to avoid.

* * * * * * * *

The modern Hollywood mogul—like the modern executive in pretty much every other business—has just enough power to get into serious trouble, but not enough to make it go away. He can press the button, but he cannot deliver the goods. One strange by-product of the #MeToo scandal is how it revealed that two of the most powerful men in Hollywood were actually impotent.

Read the whole thing.

DON’T GET COCKY: Donald Trump’s 2020 Election Victory Chances are Very Real.

THE COWARD OF BROWARD: Florida Supreme Court blocks former Broward Sheriff Scott Israel from getting his job back.

NEW SOCIALIST “IT GIRL” CONTINUES TO PAY DIVIDENDS: The Green New Deal Will Hit the Poor With Higher Energy Costs.

I’m pretty sure that when Rush Limbaugh was doing his “tax the poor” gags in the early 1990s, he didn’t intend for them to be a how-to guide.

21 CENTURY HEADLINES: NASA just detected the first “marsquake” on the red planet.


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OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY: Bernie Sanders is now telling supporters his average donation is too small.

NEW CIVILITY WATCH: CBS Turns to Samantha Bee, Who Called Ivanka a ‘C**t’, for Civility Advice.

CBS really needs to get its own house in order before it dares lecture others.

THEY HOST BOTH KINDS OF SPEAKERS: LEFTWING AND RADICAL LEFTWING. Middlebury administrators apologize to students, pledge to try and prevent right-wing guest speakers.

WELL, GOOD NEWS FOR ME: Having Type O Blood Can Shield You From Malaria. But I’m still taking my meds when I go to Africa to visit family there. My brother spent years there, and was the only person he knew who never got it, due to sheer diligence with meds, DDT-impregnated mosquito nets, etc.

THAT’S BECAUSE IT HAS FEWER OF THE CARBS THAT MAKE PEOPLE HUNGRY: Mediterranean diet tamps down overeating, study says.

REFRESHING HONESTY…FROM ROLLING STONE? I’d imagine Matt Taibbi isn’t being invited to the “right” parties anymore after his second story about The Hoax That Was Russiagate. A remarkably clear-headed read, he calls out the clueless who are actually convinced they did a good job:

[I]t’s shocking to see national media voices after the release of Robert Mueller’s report patting each other on the back, congratulating themselves for a three-year faceplant they must know will haunt the whole business for a long time.

Then Taibbi goes on to deflate the “conventional wisdom” the MSM is selling each other in terms of what the Mueller Report actually says:

You know what was fake news? Most of the Russiagate story. There was no Trump-Russia conspiracy, that thing we just spent three years chasing. The Mueller Report is crystal clear on this.

He didn’t just “fail to establish” evidence of crime. His report is full of incredibly damning passages, like one about Russian officialdom’s efforts to reach the Trump campaign after the election: “They appeared not to have preexisting contacts and struggled to connect with senior officials around the President-Elect.”

As the Good Professor says, “Read The Whole Thing.”™️

WAPO: The Far Right Opposes Suicide Bombings.

I’m so old, I can remember when this was (more or less) a bipartisan issue.

(Link safe, goes to Power Line.)

IT’S ALL ABOUT “OTHERING” GUN OWNERS: Former WA Bump Stock Owners Alarmed at Effort to Reveal Identities.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: What I Learned: How To Help Your Aging Parents.

THEY SHOULD HAVE INCLUDED A CLAUSE OUTLAWING UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES: CBO Report: 1.4 Million Lost Health Insurance Since 2016 — And Obamacare Is To Blame.

The data in that report — which was released on the same day the Mueller report came out and largely ignored — tells an entirely different story.

All of the increase in the uninsured over the past two years — all of it — is the result of the massive rate increases Obamacare’s mandates and regulations caused. According to the Health and Human Services Dept., premiums in the individual insurance market doubled from 2013 to 2017. They shot up again in 2018.

For those eligible for Obamacare subsidies, the rate increases were meaningless. The amount they had to pay didn’t change much, and in many cases went down.

But for the millions of middle-class Americans who buy insurance coverage on the individual market and aren’t eligible for Obamacare subsidies, the result has been financially devastating.

The rich have plenty of options and the poor have nothing to take, so it’s always the middle class that pays.


NEW SOCIALIST “IT GIRL” CONTINUES TO PAY DIVIDENDS: AOC’s Chief of Staff Backs the Boston Bomber Voting Brigade, Wants Those Affected by ‘Unjust Laws’ to Vote. And goes all the way with his argument, as Jim Treacher spots:

All the Democrats have to do is not be crazy, and they can’t even do that.™

AND THEN THERE WERE 21: Here’s the State of the 2020 Democratic Primary.

PROFILES IN COURAGE: Officers at scene of Beto O’Rourke’s 1998 DWI crash say they believe he tried to flee.

Neither the investigating officer, Richard Carrera, nor his former supervisor, Gary Hargrove, specifically recalls the events of that night more than 20 years ago. But both of the former Anthony Police Department officers told The Texas Tribune they have no doubt the report they compiled and signed is accurate.

“I believe we have contradicting stories here,” said Carrera, who arrested the 26-year-old O’Rourke and took him to a police station to undergo a breath test. “I stand by my report.”

Carrera, 49, said after reading the police report, in which an unnamed witness claimed O’Rourke tried to flee in his Volvo, he has “no doubt that he tried to leave the scene.”

Looks like Bobby, runs like Ted.


DAVID HARSANYI: The Democratic Presidential Primary Is An Arms Race In Crazy.

HEH. YES. The Democratic Presidential Primary Is An Arms Race In Crazy.

YES: Stephen Presser: The Russia Hoax Must Be Investigated.

THE CORBYNIZATION OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY CONTINUES APACE: Newsweek Defends Ilhan Omar Attacking U.S. Troops as Killers.

Buried lede: Apparently zombie Newsweek still exists as a publication.

(Classical reference in headline.)

THE LATEST DUELING NEWS STORIES: The Guardian reports, “Immigration Detention Centers Nearly Empty as Trump Claims Border Crisis.” Meanwhile the New York Times, reports on “overburdened detention centers” in “ICE Faces Migrant Detention Crunch as Border Chaos Spills Into Interior of the Country.” Whatever.

For what it’s worth at this point, here’s what I saw when I visited two immigration detention centers a few years ago. I am hoping to visit another soon.


GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Melbourne vegan café that charged men 18 percent surcharge to reflect the pay gap closes down.

From Trip Advisor:

It took 5 minutes to get the attention of a waitress who seemed to be more interested in chatting to her friends, rather than serving a customer who’d just walked through the door. I was eventually seated and chose the gnocchi paired with the suggested pinot noir. The gnocchi arrived and I was bitterly disappointed. The gnocchi was very undercooked and had a floury texture, the mushrooms were burnt and the dish lacked any real flavour. The only enjoyable part of the meal was the wine. I left most of my meal on the plate and finished my wine.

When I asked for the bill, the waitress asked if there was a problem with my meal, since I’d left most of it on my plate. When I told her of my dissatisfaction with the meal, she morphed into an aggressive and irate woman who then started dispatching some rather vile language. Not wanting to cause a scene, I subsequently left the requisite cash on the table, which included a 15% tip, and promptly walked out. As I was walking past the register on the way out, I could hear the same woman telling the other waitress working with her that I was a “vile beast” and that I “wasn’t welcome here again”.

You’ll notice he complained about everything but the price.

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THAT’S DIFFERENT BECAUSE SHUT UP: Where’s the solidarity for Sri Lanka’s Christians? After Christchurch, world leaders stood with Muslims. Why aren’t they now standing with Christians?

It’s all about keeping their base riled up, and everyone else quiet.

#BELIEVEALLWOMEN: Virginia Democratic Party Rejects Donation From Fairfax for Table at Fundraising Gala. “Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax (D.), who is facing two allegations of sexual assault, is being denied a table at the Democratic Party of Virginia’s Blue Commonwealth Gala fundraiser in June. Fairfax’s team was ready to donate $2,500 from its political action committee to the Democratic Party of Virginia to reserve a table, but the party said it would not accept the donation.”

RYSZARD LEGUTKO on his new book, The Demons In Democracy. “The book is about how liberal democracy tends to develop the qualities that were characteristic of communism: pervasive politicization, ideological zeal, aggressive social engineering, vulgarity, a belief in inevitability of progress, destruction of family, the omnipresent rule of ideological correctness, severe restriction of intellectual inquiry, etc. All of these I remember from my young days in communism, and all these I have been observing, with a growing sense of alarm, in today’s liberal democracy. In the heyday of the communist rule it was customary that the communist students disrupted the lectures of old ‘bourgeois’ professors, accusing them of having reactionary views, of trying to corrupt the young minds with idealist philosophy, and of being at the service of imperialist forces.”

Well, to be fair, it’s basically communists who are behind it now, too.

NOT HOLDING MY BREATH HERE: When Christians Are Under Attack, Muslims and the Left Need to Defend Them.

YOU’RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BLOG: Seven Examples Of The Left Ignoring Facts or Science for Politics.

SETH BARRETT TILLMAN: A Response to Checks & Balances’ Press Release on the Mueller Report. “If this is not the criminalization of democratic politics, it is too close for comfort. But I guess some people long to bring back the Sedition Act of 1798.”

So long as they’re in the driver’s seat, or expect to be.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: How Nine Universities Pander To Radical Groups.

GREAT AGAIN: Weekly jobless claims are lowest since 1969.

KRUISER: Former CBS Director of Diversity: Network Has a ‘White Problem.’

In a rather damning opinion piece written for Variety, former director of Entertainment Diversity & Inclusion Whitney Davis chronicled what has now become a familiar story from women in Hollywood: years of enduring harassment for fear of losing a job she was truly grateful to get when she got out of college.

On top of the harassment, Davis says that CBS has a “white problem” that is systemic:

Did you know that there’s not one black creative executive working at CBS Television Network or CBS Television Studios? Of the network’s 36 creative executives — all upper management roles that deal with content development, casting, current production, daytime and alternative programming — there are only three women of color, none black. There is not one executive of color working in casting at CBS. The one Latinx executive hired in casting last year lasted eight months. He works at Netflix now.

As any conservative consumer of Hollywood entertainment is painfully aware, the leftist preaching in movies and on television never stops.

The Left projects its sins onto others, always.

UNEXPECTED HEADLINES: Easter Bunny brawler is Pasco man and fugitive from New Jersey with violent past.

Actually, when New Jersey Man becomes Florida Man, this kind of thing is to be totally expected.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: University employees steal bundles of campus newspaper to stop ‘bad publicity’ on Welcome Day.

A KULAK, A JEW, A TROTSKYITE, A YANKEE IMPERIALIST, AND A COUNTERREVOLUTIONARY: Venezuela Arrests Five for ‘Sabotage’ After Nationwide Blackouts.

IT’S A FAIR QUESTION: Supreme Court conservatives signal possible support for census citizenship question.

NO, AMERICA IS NOT BECOMING A NATION OF ‘NONES:’ You hear it repeatedly in the mainstream media that the rise of the “Nones” — folks who check that box when asked their religious affiliation — is turning America into a secularized heaven on earth.

Along comes now Glenn Stanton who takes a closer look at all that research from Pew and others and discovers that — surprise? — the mainstream media hasn’t been telling us the whole story. In fact, they mostly got it completely wrong. And I have some thoughts on that score as well.

MENTAL ILLNESS ON DISPLAY: ‘Fat Sex Therapist’ compares fitness trainers to Nazis, children’s dieting to sexual assault.

LIZ SHELD’S MORNING BRIEF: Congressional Nuisance Subpoenas Dissed by the WH. “All these subpoenas and investigations are a corruption of government power, it is a perversion of the authority bestowed on these rotten elected representatives to use the force of government to personally attack a political adversary or to undermine the president for political gain. If you don’t understand what kind of war has been waged by the Democrats, you aren’t paying attention.”


TAREK FATAH: Why Islamic terrorists slaughtered Christians in Sri Lanka.