April 26, 2019

SOCIAL SECURITY’S CRISIS: It’s The Fertility, Stupid.

EXCERPTS: Mark Levin Interviews President Trump.

ALLIED AIRDROP OVER ITALY: Paratroopers from Britain and Italy jump with the U.S. Army’s 173rd Airborne Brigade at Juliet Drop Zone, Pordenone, Italy. Photo taken April 16, 2019. (link fixed)

AN IDEA SO GOOD IT HAS TO BE MANDATED: National Trend to Mandate Renewable Energy as Major Power Source is Ill-Conceived and Foolish.

“Ever since Al Gore and his gang of climate scammers came on the scene in the 1990s, we have been fed a steady diet of lies and false predictions. We were told that the oceans would rise as the polar caps melted and that cities and states bordering the Pacific and Atlantic would be underwater. We were told that the corpses of polar bears who had drowned would be washing up by the thousands on the coast of Alaska. We were told that the human race was doomed by rising temperatures.

What’s most remarkable about the hoax is that there was a deadline announced. The apocalypse was to take place within a decade. Now, two decades later, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is giving us until 2030 to shape up or we’re all goners.

Even someone as cynical as I am would never have imagined that the con men and women would still be able to pass off this nonsense as gospel after all this time. The old line about whether you’re going to believe me or your lying eyes seems to sum up the situation pretty well.

People want to believe it, because “saving the world” can make anyone feel important. And politicians love it because of ample opportunities for graft, corruption, cronyism, and vote-buying.

SUZANNE VENKER: Gender Equality and Family Breakdown.

FASTER, TOO: Americans Need More Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines.


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BRITTANY HUNTER: Joe Biden: The Architect of America’s Disastrous War on Drugs. “Uncle Joe might be everybody’s favorite political meme, but he is also responsible for many of the policies that led to the breakdown of the American criminal justice system. And after decades of perpetuating the War on Drugs, our country has finally been forced to take a hard look at the policies that led us to where we are today.”

WHO SAYS THEY AREN’T DOING SOCIALISM RIGHT? Venezuela’s Trade Scheme With Turkey Is Enriching a Mysterious Maduro Crony.

CIVIL RIGHTS UPDATE: First Amendment Challenge to L.A.’s Requirement That Contractors Disclose Ties to NRA.

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NINA BOOKOUT: The Obama Administration’s Problem With Spying And Trump. “The Obama administration has a great deal to answer for.”

Flashback, March 2017: “Hypothesis: The spying-on-Trump thing is worse than we even imagine, and once it was clear Hillary had lost and it would inevitably come out, the Trump/Russia collusion talking point was created as a distraction.”

CONRAD BLACK: “The Democrats should be changing the subject, and running away from President Trump’s legal issues as fast as they can. It is illustrative of how completely invested they were in the hare-brained fraud of Russian collusion, that they are having such a crisis of separation from the subject. They are not the only losers in this fiasco, though they are the biggest losers.”

DANIEL MITCHELL EXPLAINS Why Denmark Isn’t Socialist.

I’ve repeatedly dealt with the argument over Denmark’s supposed socialism.

My core argument is that Denmark is very bad on fiscal policy, but very laissez-faire on other issues such as regulation. The net effect is that Danes have about the same amount of economic liberty as Americans.

The bottom line is that Denmark isn’t socialist. At least not if we use the technical definition. There’s plenty of bad policy, but no government ownership, no central planning, and no price controls.

More at the link.

I REALLY THINK SO: Europe turning Japanese? No, it’s much worse.

With the Brexit saga hogging the newsflow, the flaws and contradictions of the euro project have become less topical, yet they will continue to pose serious risks to economic and political stability well after Britain’s relationship with the EU is settled. Economic logic requires the Eurozone to morph into a single state with fiscal transfers from richer to poorer areas. Politics makes that impossible for the foreseeable future. The next significant recession could spark off a chain reaction of rising unemployment, populist rage and street violence that would make the recent “Gilets Jaunes” protests in France look mild.

Talk of the “Japanification” of Europe is doubly misleading because Japan today is not the stagnant and deflationary Japan of 1997 or 2010. The current economic expansion is, at 72 months old, on the cusp of becoming the longest since the war. During that period, employment has soared to unprecedented levels and business investment has risen to the highest share of GDP in a quarter of a century.

Plus: “Japan’s total fertility rate is higher than the rates for several European countries, including, depending on the year and the source, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Greece, Italy and Germany.” And Japan’s fertility rate sucks.


Shot: No one is too old to be president.

—Headline, the Washington Post, yesterday.

Chaser: McCain’s Brain — How might the senator’s mind deteriorate over the next eight years? John McCain is old and, as several news outlets have reported, he’s only getting older.

—Headline, subhead and lede, Slate, then-owned by the Washington Post, June 11, 2008.

Hangover: “The big question he bumps into wherever he goes is his age. Reagan will be 69 in 1980 a year older than William Henry Harrison the country’s oldest president who died a month after his inauguration in 1841.”

—The Washington Post, September 24, 1978.

Typing “John McCain is too old to be president” into Google and setting the date range to cut off at January 1, 2009 brings up just about every major DNC-MSM news site grousing about McCain’s age when the 2008 DNC candidate was the much younger Barack Obama. Now that their leading candidates include Biden, Bernie, and Warren, the media aren’t interested in exploring that topic. Unexpectedly.

RUNNING’S JUST ANOTHER WORD FOR NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE: Biden Risks His and Obama’s Legacy with Third Presidential Run.




THAT’S TOO BAD. I GUESS WE’LL JUST HAVE TO GIVE IT TO THEM:  Left Won’t Cede Pop Culture Without a (Nasty) Fight.


WOMEN, #METOO MEANS #YOUTOO: ‘Game of Thrones’ star on fans groping him: ‘It’s not cool’.

IT KIND OF STINKS:  Human tongues have a sense of smell, scientists discover.


IF IT’S NOT WRITTEN FROM JAIL I’M NOT INTERESTED:  New Hillary Clinton Op-Ed On Trump Impeachment.

GROPING AND SMOOCHING:  Joe Biden Enters 2020 Presidential Race.

YEAH BUT WHO WILL PROCESS ALL THE DATA?  Why is there no off switch?

CLAUDIA ROSETT: Countering North Korea’s $2 Million Bill for Otto Warmbier.

CHANGE: After Notre Dame, France Breaks Its Silence on Radical Islam.

NRO DISSES FRANKLIN GRAHAM. But maybe he has a better idea of what the battle is about than they do.

IN RESPONSE TO YESTERDAY’S POST ON THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE, reader Bart Hall recommends The Lost History of Christianity: The Thousand-Year Golden Age of the Church in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia–and How It Died.

#LOVEWINS: Princeton valedictorian gets engaged to her 71-year-old former professor.

Shades of Phil Bobbitt.

GAFFETASTIC! Joe Biden says he wants to make America ‘straight’ again.

OPEN THREAD: Did anything happen today?

MAYBE THIS EXPLAINS AMERICA’S WAISTLINES: Universe expanding faster than expected, Nasa data confirms.

NEW SOCIALIST “IT GIRL” CONTINUES TO PAY DIVIDENDS: AOC: Why is this Republican, who’s actually a Democrat, posing with a cardboard cut-out of me?

It’s not the mistake that’s irksome. Mistakes happen. It’s the endless g*ddamned whining all the time. She’s a political celebrity on par with Nancy Pelosi, certainly more recognizable than Chuck Schumer or Mitch McConnell, and instead of laughing off a light joke like this as one of the perks/pitfalls of celebrity she has to turn it into an assignment for gender studies class. It’s revealing too that she deleted the tweet and didn’t repost it with the correct party ID for Yarmuth. If it’s troubling for whatever weird reason to have Republican men posing with cut-outs of young women, why isn’t it troubling to have Democratic men posing with them?

Is AOC having trouble identifying sexist men in her own party? Plenty of righties would be happy to share a few names with her.

It gets better, as Ryan Saavedra of the Daily Wire tweets: “Even more embarrassing for Ocasio-Cortez, she is a co-sponsor of legislation reintroduced by John Yarmuth earlier this month:”


Fortunately though, the House of Stephanopoulos has her back: At last: ABC News reports that Republicans Pounce on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ deleted tweet.

Of course, as Greg Pollowitz tweets, Ocasio-Cortez “is right. Dems have a creepy obsession with cardboard cutouts of other Dems.”

THAT WON’T HURT HIM IN THE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY: Ann Althouse: Biden’s announcement video is anchored in a demonstrable lie.

How dare Biden rest his campaign on a blatant lie — a lie that has been used to stir up fear and racial discord?! The hypocrisy of offering to bring us together and embrace lofty values when he is either repulsively ignorant or just plain lying!

I could not finish watching that video. I tried, but I couldn’t force myself. It’s utterly toxic bilge.

If Biden does not come forward and retract this video and apologize and commit himself to making amends, I consider him disqualified. He does not have the character or brain power to be President.

Word is the video made some people in Charlottesville angry, too. Here’s the mother of Heather Heyer, who was killed in Charlottesville: “Most people do that sort of thing. They capitalize on whatever situation is handy. He didn’t reach out to me, and didn’t mention her by name specifically, and he probably knew we don’t endorse candidates…. It’s been almost two years since Heather died. I’m moving forward. I still grieve for my daughter. But I have a realistic understanding that this was a public event, and people will use it however it suits them. It’s just a fact of life.”

BAD NEWS FOR TECH: Record Number of Customers Waiting To Upgrade Their Cellphones.

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ALL HAIL MARX, LENIN! Vladimir Lenin is back from the dead, and not at all happy with Comrade Bernie.

(Classical allusion in headline.)

DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: California May Ban Schools From Suspending Students For ‘Willful Defiance.’

JUST THINK OF THE MEDIA AS DEMOCRATIC PARTY OPERATIVES WITH BYLINES, AND IT ALL MAKES SENSE: Nets Brush Off Biden’s Grabby Hands, Spending Less Than Two Minutes On Controversy.

GIVE KIDS MORE FREEDOM: The Value of a Self-Directed Summer for Kids.

RAYMOND LOEWY WEEPS: ‘Is it just me or … ‘? Iowahawk thinks Joe Biden’s campaign logo is a little too on-the-nose:

Elsewhere in Kinsley-style graphic design gaffes: ‘You have to see it to believe it’: People are seeing things in Justin Fairfax’s campaign logo:

Considering it reportedly took “three people two months to create Hillary Clinton’s campaign logo,” I wonder how many man-hours went into these two great moments in graphic design?

WE ONLY HAVE TEN YEARS TO READ THIS COLUMN: When Earth Day Predictions Go Predictably Wrong.

SRI LANKA EASTER BLASTS: Death toll revised down from 359 to 253.

That’s good news, but it’s still 253 too many.

DO-GOODERS DO DAMAGE: Nonprofit Pays Bail For Man Who Attacked His Wife, Hours Later He Murders Her.

PAST PERFORMANCE IS NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE RESULTS: Biden’s current senior adviser in 2016: We don’t need white men leading the Democratic Party.


Former Vice President Joe Biden officially launched his 2020 campaign Thursday morning after months of speculation. While he may be at the top of most public opinion polls, he hasn’t gotten an endorsement from the man he served alongside for eight years—former President Barack Obama.

Obama’s spokeswoman Katie Hill offered kind words about Biden but there was no endorsement.

“President Obama has long said that selecting Joe Biden as his running mate in 2008 was one of the best decisions he ever made,” she said. “He relied on the Vice President’s knowledge, insight and judgment, throughout both campaigns and the entire presidency. The two forged a special bond over the last 10 years and remain close today.”

Dwight Eisenhower nods.

I ENJOY REALLY SPICY FOOD, BUT NO: Conquering The Carolina Reaper Requires Self-Deceit, Milk, And A Lot Of Barf.

HOWIE CARR: Finally, accountability in the courtroom:

This is huge – a lunatic hack state judge is indicted and charged with cutting loose a twice-deported Dominican illegal immigrant arrested with drugs after throwing an ICE agent out of her courtroom so that the criminal could escape.

For what appears to be the first time, someone in a “sanctuary” jurisdiction has to answer for the coddling of these illegal immigrants who are perpetrating this a massive tidal wave of crime on the law-abiding, taxpaying citizens of the United States.

More, please.

VLADIMIR ILYICH LENIN Is Not Happy With Bernie Sanders…

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NOW JOE IS REALLY IN THE RACE: President Trump Already Has a Nickname for Joe Biden.

DISPATCHES FROM THE BATHROOM BATTLES’ WAR ROOM: NYT Institutes Double-Locked, Tampon-Equipped Gender-Neutral Bathrooms.

THE SCRUTON TAPES: An anatomy of a modern hit job.

The hit job on Sir Roger can be seen as a classic of the genre: he was sacked within five hours of the Twitter storm breaking. His fate offers a perfect case study in the art of modern character assassination. Except that in this instance, it unravelled and the whole nature of the trick can now be exposed. It is worth examining in some detail.

Read the whole thing.

POPULATION BOMBED! Ever since Malthus, one environmental panic after another has been driven by the idea that there are just too many people on the Earth. Now comes a book from Profs. Pierre Derochers and Joanna Szurmak, who I had the pleasure of meeting in person, that goes a long way towards explaining why we’re not dead yet – and how the pessimists just keep getting it so wrong.

FLASHBACK: When Rape Matters, And When It Doesn’t.


Judge Joseph, the indictment alleges, allowed an illegal immigrant wanted by immigration officers to leave Newton District Court without being detained for possible deportation.

“I’m not gonna allow them to come in here,” the judge is alleged to have told the man’s defense attorney. She was basically keeping an ICE officer on the outside of the courtroom.

Read the whole thing.

COLD WAR II: Analyzing The First Images Of Russia’s Huge Doomsday Torpedo Carrying Special Missions Sub.

It’s big. Really big. And carries some threatening weapons. But it’s an extended-hull version of the Oscar II-class subs, which weren’t quiet even by 1980s standards when the first boats were first commissioned.


COLLEAGUE TO ME: “Congratulations. I don’t think I’d have been able to pull that argument off.”

Me to colleague: “Well, you’re a tax lawyer. Me, I’m more of a bullshit lawyer.”

Colleague: “We need to teach those skills to our students.”

Me: “Oh, I do.”

GLENN DEFEATS REAGAN! John Merline explains why that Morning Consult poll on Biden and Trump doesn’t mean much, contrary to Drudge.

YOU’RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BLOG: THESE Are the Most Telling Failures of Socialism.

PAST PERFORMANCE IS NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE RESULTS: “Joe Biden’s Career Is A Testament To The Hard Left Turn Of The Democratic Party. The number of stances a former moderate has to reject to be accepted by his party’s base is amazing,” David Harsanyi writes at the Federalist. Although to be fair, that hard left base isn’t cozying up to Ol’ Joe just yet:

Shades of the twists and turns Hillary had to make in 2016 to be both nostalgic of the 1990s, while rejecting virtually all of Bill’s policies.

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PRIORITIES: San Fran. Government Concerned with E-Cigs, Not Poop, Drug Needles.

THE TROUBLE WITH DENTISTRY: It’s much less scientific—and more prone to gratuitous procedures—than you may think. I much prefer it to the alternative.


“We have a president who actually, when you think about it, Wolf, he has the chops with his base,” Friedman continued. “If he were to sit down, call Nancy Pelosi up, say, ‘We’re going up to Camp David. You bring your immigration team, I’ll bring mine. I’ll leave Stephen Miller at home, and we will actually sort out a compromise here.’ … Democrats were ready to fund more border security, but at the same time we’re going to create a legal pathway for people here, limits the number of ICE arrests and we’re going to have a rational inflow of people.”

As David Martosko of London Daily Mail quips on Twitter, “First Cher, and now Thomas Friedman. These things happen in threes, so it’s your move [Kathy Griffin].”

FIVE WAYS MUELLER TEAM BROKE THE RULES: Ever heard of Rule 3.8? If you have, you are likely a lawyer or somebody who regularly works with lawyers. Rule 3.8 is the ABA’s directive to prosecutors that, among much else, they “refrain from making extrajudicial comments that have a substantial likelihood of heightening public condemnation of the accused …”

Adam Mill, writing in today’s edition of The Federalist, cites Rule 3.8 in his analysis of “Five Times The Mueller Probe Broke Prosecutorial Rules That Ensure Justice.” The third of the five cited by Mill is, at least IYTSHO, especially egregious as it points to the intrinsically partisan nature of the Mueller enterprise.

WELCOME TO DOUG HENNING’S WORLD OF DELUSION: Joy Behar tells Kirsten Gillibrand she doesn’t believe Democrats are on even ground because they won’t ‘play dirty.’

WELL, THIS IS THE 21ST CENTURY, YOU KNOW: Japan Is Testing Earth’s Asteroid Defense System.

OUCH: Tesla Posts $700 Million First-Quarter Loss as CEO Elon Musk Says It Will Offer Insurance.

Analysts expected that Tesla would lose in the neighborhood of 69 cents per share in the first quarter, but Tesla’s real numbers, released today, were much, much worse than that. Tesla lost $2.90 a share, or $702.1 million in the quarter, according to CNBC, almost as much as they lost in the same quarter last year, mostly because of falling demand. Things still aren’t looking up.

The falling demand, much more than the financial loss, is what will worry Tesla the most. That’s because Tesla always positioned the Model 3 to be the mass-market car that would drive profit at the company. But the $7,500 federal tax credit for Tesla started phasing out on January 1, and while the company still sold 63,000 cars this quarter, that was also below analysts’ expectations.

Tesla doesn’t have much time to waste in its effort to grow from boutique carmaker to mass producer, as the bigs here and overseas move big into electric over the next two to five years.

ANOTHER ‘NON-PARTISAN’ LIBERAL DARK MONEY GROUP EXPOSED: The Washington Free Beacon’s Joe Schoffstall is a smart, young investigative journalist worth following closely. Today he shines light on the lefty Trump impeachment activity of the Six Thirty Fund. 


During the April 12 “Holding Megabanks Accountable: A Review of Global Systemically Important Banks 10 years after the Financial Crisis” hearing, Citigroup CEO Michael Corbat basically said imposing the institution’s ant-gun policy is a higher priority than wisely managing investors’ money.

In an April 18 Town Hall column, National Shooting Sports Foundation [NSSF] Senior Vice President of Government and Public Affairs and General Counsel Larry Keane applauded National Center Public Policy Research and Free Enterprise Project attorney Justin Danhof’s questioning of Corbat during the hearing.

It was gratifying to see Corbat and other banking executives “getting asked some hard questions about fiscal sanity of their decision to discriminate against firearms businesses” especially since “their answers aren’t likely to soothe investors,” Keane writes.

During the hearing, Danhof asked Corbat, “Can you tell us—your investors—exactly how much money we stand to lose because of this decision, and explain why you have this right while Warren Buffet has this wrong?”

He’s got some ‘splainin to do.

FINALLY: NYC To Ban Hot Dogs and Processed Meats To Improve Climate. “Mayor Bill de Blasio approved an ambitious $14 billion Green New Deal on Monday, April 22, to combat climate change. The plan will cut purchases of red meat by 50 percent in its city-controlled facilities such as hospitals, schools, and correctional facilities. The new commitment builds off of the Meatless Mondays campaign that was adopted by all NYC schools in 2017.”

THE ORIGINAL CHILDREN’S CRUSADES WERE CREEPY: Their modern incarnation is no different.

It’s hard to separate truth from legend when it comes to the 13th century. But there does seem to be a kernel of truth to the story of the Children’s Crusades.

Stephen of Cloyes was evidently a real person.  And he appears to have been really 12 years old when he claimed to have received a message from God commanding him to lead a peaceful crusade to the Holy Land to convert Muslims to Roman Catholicism.

Stephen is said to have led an army of 30,000 children to Paris, where he demanded and received an audience with King Philip II. But Philip was not impressed with the little squirt. He declined to back Stephen’s grandiose plans. Stephen therefore decided to act without royal backing. Believing that the waters of the Mediterranean would part and that his followers could thus walk to the Holy Land, he led his army to Marseille.

There, the movement came to no good. The waters didn’t part. Legend has it that many were tricked into securing passage on a ship that took them to North Africa instead of the Holy Land, where they were promptly sold into slavery. Tough break, kids.

A similar movement appears to have been led by a boy named Nicholas of Cologne in Germany. There is even less known about it. But it was certainly no more successful.

Today we have Greta Thunberg, a now-16-year-old teenager with Asberger’s syndrome who lectures world leaders about climate change at Davos and at the European Parliament. Her parents really ought to be ashamed.

This week Greta did the British Parliament. And she helped lead traffic-disrupting protests in the London streets.  There is a Greta Thunberg cult out there today.

The only good news is that Theresa May did not show up for Greta’s meeting with British leaders. On other issues, the news about May has not been good lately. But so far at least, she, like King Philip II, is not taking her orders on climate change from a child.

FBI AND IRS AGENTS RAID BALTIMORE’S CITY HALL AND THE HOME OF MAYOR CATHERINE PUGH: “Baltimore residents may find the scene this morning reminiscent of a similar story from roughly ten years ago. That was when the FBI also busted in the doors of City Hall and then-Mayor Sheila Dixon. She was later convicted of embezzlement and forced to resign. History seems to be repeating itself in Baltimore.”

Baltimore’s last Republican mayor left office at the start of 1967.

BIDEN’S ANNOUNCEMENT UNPACKED: A 21st Century version of Warren G. Harding’s 1920 appeal for a “return to normalcy.”

HERITAGE FLIGHT SKYRAIDER OVER FLORIDA: An A-1 Skyraider flies in formation with an F-16. The Skyraider’s nicknamed the Spad (after the WW1 aircraft) and as this post notes was one of the Vietnam War’s most potent ground support planes. It’s still an impressive airplane and the USAF is still looking for a high quality “light attack aircraft” for close air support. (The post at the last link has a lot of data on the A-1.) In 1999 I was at a small airfield in southern California. A Skyraider rolled onto the landing strip then sat there for about five minutes. The pilot slowly increased rpm until the sound split ears 250 meters away. Then he took off with a rush and climbed quickly. The Skyraider was originally a carrier aircraft. I thought the pilot might be emulating a carrier launch. If not, he was still having fun. Several observers, including me, clapped after the takeoff.

THE INVESTIGATION SHOE IS ON THE OTHER FOOT: Democrats Get A Taste Of Their Own Medicine.

In the circumstances, it need hardly be emphasized that the entire Trump–Russia collusion gambit, based on the infamous Steele dossier’s pastiche of lies and defamations, was the dirtiest political trick in American history and is in the process of transmogrification into one of the greatest fiascos in the history of American political skullduggery. (One of the most rabid Trump-hating Democratic congressmen, Eric Swalwell, still professes to believe all of the Steele dossier, as if it were a catechism.) Though there is an elaborate psychopolitical effort underway to pretend otherwise, investigations already taking place by the inspector general of the Justice Department, a special counsel, and the attorney general of the United States, about to be joined by the Senate Judiciary Committee, will call upon the chief intelligence and law officers of the Obama administration, along with Hillary Clinton and members of her campaign staff, to account for their conduct. These include lies under oath to congressional committees, lies to federal officials, and misleading the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Court. This is a series of dishonest statements and illegal acts that can only, at least provisionally, be seen as a coordinated campaign to influence the results of the presidential election and then to compromise the unwished-for outcome of that election. It will not be long before we hear the still familiar words, in reference to President Obama: “What did the president know and when did he know it?”

Flashback, March 2017: “Hypothesis: The spying-on-Trump thing is worse than we even imagine, and once it was clear Hillary had lost and it would inevitably come out, the Trump/Russia collusion talking point was created as a distraction.”

JULIE KELLY & LIZ SHELD: 25 Questions for Robert Mueller.

OBAMA WAS OBAMA WITHOUT HOPE: Joe Biden is Obama without hope. “Joe Biden’s inevitable 2020 presidential candidacy is a strange, strange thing. Biden has longed to be president all his political life: he first ran in 1988; he ran again 20 years later. Now we’re more than a decade past his last grab for power, and Biden, as he nears 80, thinks his day has come once more.”

I was a college freshman the first time Biden ran for President. I’m about to turn 50.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): Seen on Facebook:

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: University hosts no-whites-allowed faculty and staff listening sessions — to promote inclusivity.

They told me if Donald Trump became President, illegal race discrimination would be normalized. And they were right!

NICE: Fukushima agricultural exports bounce back from nuclear disaster to hit record high.

I’d been looking forward to trying the giant mutant tomatoes, but it turns out everything is normal-sized.

BOOM TIMES: Typical Worker’s Pay Nears $200,000 at Oil Refiner.

Oil and gas drillers and refiners had some of the highest-paid median workers in the energy and utility sectors in 2018, according to The Wall Street Journal analysis of annual pay disclosures by hundreds of big U.S. companies.

Houston-based Phillips 66 paid its median worker $196,407, the highest of any company in the sector. Phillips was followed by Anadarko Petroleum Corp. APC +11.60% at $183,445. Oil giant Exxon Mobil, which has roughly 72,600 employees, according to its latest proxy, had the third-highest median worker pay with $171,375.

Phillips 66 and Anadarko both boosted their 2018 median pay by about 15% in 2018 compared with 2017. Exxon raised its median pay about 6%. Oil-and-gas companies typically pay their workers better than many other sectors because they have fewer low-paid retail jobs and must compete in a tight labor market driven in part by the shale-oil boom.

Turns out we can drill our way to lower prices and our way out of wage stagnation.

PHILOSOPHY PROFESSOR: Man With Gas Cans in St. Patrick’s Cathedral Planned to Burn It Down, Prosecutor Says.