June 18, 2019





AH, THE LEFT AND PROJECTION:  Psychology Today And The Trump As Messiah Fallacy.


FARMING THE HOMELESS AND ADDICTED FOR MORE THAN VOTES:  Power outage at Greensboro apartments has unintended consequence, reveals alleged Medicaid scheme.



May I say I’m getting really tired of the obligatory “climate change” pieties inserted into anything of this sort?

WEIRDLY NO DEMOCRAT PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES MENTIONED:  These are America’s favorite vegetables — and most hated.

June 17, 2019

IS THIS HOW TO BEAT BIG TECH? Rich Logis at The American Thinker sees a way the Conservative Media Industrial Complex (CMIC) can defeat Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the lefty Silicon Valley giants.  What do you think?

DISPATCHES FROM GROUND ZERO OF THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: Oberlin College administrators were in even deeper than reported in case against family bakery.

The lawsuit goes on to allege that when David Gibson sat down with administrators to tell them about the devastating effect that defamation, boycotts, demonstrations, and refusal to do business with Gibson’s were having on his family’s store, Oberlin administrators sought to negotiate special treatment for shoplifting students in exchange for resuming relations with the bakery.

In short, Oberlin administrators said they’d consider resuming business with the bakery if the bakery would agree to not push criminal charges on first-time shoplifters; that would solve the “profiling” problem.

Even worse, the lawsuit alleged that “credit was given to students who attended the protest in lieu of classes, and administrators bought them food to support them.”

Earlier: Student journalist: Shoplifting at Gibson’s Bakery was part of Oberlin College’s “Culture of Theft.”

OPEN THREAD: She put the lime in the coconut.

THAT’S NOT CREEPY AT ALL: Denver Councilwoman Promises To Force Socialism ‘By Any Means Necessary.’

Earlier: Bernie Bro James T. Hodgkinson, Attempted Assassin Of Steve Scalise, Already Being Erased From History. And additional examples of leftist violence and eliminationist rhetoric at the link.

WHY IS THE LEFT SUCH A CESSPIT? Teen Vogue Encourages Children To Explore Prostitution As A Career. “What drew outrage, beyond the obvious, was that the article was published in Teen Vogue, a magazine targeted toward 13-year-old girls.”


I eagerly await Paul Krugman’s stern condemnation of such dehumanizing eliminationist rhetoric.

WELL, IT IS 2019, YOU KNOW: The Sexbot Apocalypse.

With a headline like that, I had to make sure the article wasn’t written by notorious robophobe Matthew Yglesias.™

OH, TO BE IN ENGLAND, THAT LAND OF MAGICAL THINKING: British Police Propose Fighting Domestic Violence By Distributing Less Pointy Knives.

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WHO’S YOUR DADDY? ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO KNOW? Twisting Ladders chronicles five families dealing with DNA surprises: people discovering who their biological parents are and meeting siblings they never knew about.  Jayne Riew tells their riveting stories in words and photographs. If you think your relatives are complicated, check out these families’ joys and sorrows.

DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: Harvard is more racist than Kyle Kashuv.

YOUR DAILY TREACHER: Domino’s Is Testing a Pizza-Bot.

Skynet licks his virtual lips in anticipation.

THE NARRATIVE MUST BE PRESERVED AT ALL COSTS: Venezuela: A Humanitarian Crisis The Left Couldn’t Care Less About.

THE CORBYNIZATION OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY CONTINUES APACE: How Pete Buttigieg Entered the Anti-Israel Echo Chamber, and adopted Obama’s foreign policy.

BIG STATE, BIG MISTAKE: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has been signing a lot of bills into law that are good news for fans of limited government (like re-legalizing lemonade stands), but he made a big mistake signing these campus sexual harassment bills. In Texas, not only is sexual harassment now officially up to the most sensitive person on campus (no “reasonable person” requirement), but if you are a professor who doesn’t report this defective form of “harassment” to the campus Title IX apparatchiks, you can actually go to jail (Class B misdemeanor, up to 180 days in the slammer). Texas can, and must, do a lot better, because this just enshrined unconstitutional speech codes into state law.

TWITTER IS A VIRUS OF THE MIND: An excerpt from Glenn’s new book, The Social Media Upheaval.

COCAINE MITCH: McConnell Explains Congress Stuff to Jon Stewart Regarding 9/11 Victims Fund.

YOU’RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BLOG: Democratic Presidential Clown Car Update for June 17, 2019. “The lineup for the first two debates are set, Warren pulls ahead of Sanders for second place in early states, Castro and Klobuchar can’t even crack the top three in their own states, and Gabbard’s childhood in a white surfer dude’s Hari Krishna cult.”

RIP: Gloria Vanderbilt Dies at 95.

Vanderbilt was the only daughter of railroad magnate Reginald Vanderbilt and his second wife. As such, she and a half-sister, Cathleen Vanderbilt, each stood to inherit a share in a trust after the executive died when Gloria was just eighteen months old. Her paternal aunt would eventually win custody over the girl and her share in the trust.  The trial around who would take control of young Vanderbilt’s life and finances was a tabloid sensation at the time.

But the woman’s life of adventure had only just begun. She studied acting and art and also became a top international fashion model, having been in the public eye starting at a very young age.

In the 1970s, she was among the first to grab hold of the craze for designer jeans, launching a line with her signature stitched on to one of the back pockets. Vanderbilt would go on to launch lines of dresses, perfumes, dresses, accessories – even liqueurs. She also turned to the literary world, writing novels and memoirs. In 2016, she and Cooper, the son of her fourth husband, published an account of their relationship, “The Rainbow Comes and Goes: A Mother and Son On Life, Love, and Loss.” A two-hour documentary produced by Liz Garbus, debuted on HBO that same year.

Vanderbilt first married in 1941 to Pat DiCicco, an agent to actors with a rough reputation. The marriage would last just four years. Within weeks of its end, she married conductor Leopold Stokowski. They had two sons, Leopold Stokowski and Christopher Stokowski, but the marriage ended in divorce in 1955. Vanderbilt was married to director Sidney Lumet between 1956 and 1963. She married author Wyatt Cooper on Christmas Eve, 1963. The marriage ended when Cooper died during surgery in 1978. The couple had two children: Anderson Cooper, and Carter Cooper, who died in 1988.

Her jeans commercials were ubiquitous on network TV in the late 1970s and early 1980s, including this one, which mixes blue jeans, Bobby Short, and Cole Porter, in a classic example of Tom Wolfe’s “funky chic” paradigm. As Wolfe wrote, “Everybody had sworn off fashion, but somehow nobody moved to Cincinnati to work among the poor. Instead, everyone stayed put and imported the poor to the fashion pages:”

JUSTICE: Supreme Court avoids new case over same-sex wedding cake in Oregon. “The Supreme Court is throwing out an Oregon court ruling against bakers who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. The justices’ action Monday keeps the high-profile case off the court’s election-year calendar and orders state judges to take a new look at the dispute between the lesbian couple and the owners of a now-closed bakery in the Portland area.”

OLD AND BUSTED AT THE WAPO: “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

The New Hotness? Democracy Dies with Chinese Propaganda. “The Post, since at least [2011], has carried reporting from the China Daily paper under an advertising deal they call ‘China Watch’. But it should – as Julian Baum from Richmond implies – be called ‘China Botch’ since it is nothing like accurate or contextualized reporting on the region. That’s because China Daily is a fully-owned subsidiary and propaganda arm of the Communist Party of China i.e. the government.”

NEW SOCIALIST “IT GIRL” CONTINUES TO PROMISE FREE DIVIDENDS: Chris Christie: AOC Is “Misleading” People By Promising Free College And Healthcare Without A Plan To Pay For It.

DISPATCHES FROM GROUND ZERO OF THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: Student journalist: Shoplifting at Gibson’s Bakery was part of Oberlin College’s “Culture of Theft.”

Jane’s Addiction’s “Been Caught Stealing” is a fun earwig from the last years that anybody still wanted their MTV. But to paraphrase Monty Python and the Holy Grail, dodgy videos about shoplifting are no basis for a system of education. Supreme academic achievement derives from a careful study of the classics, not from some farcical $1.98 rock video.

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HMM: Calpers’ Dilemma: Save the World or Make Money? “California’s public pension system wrestles with new doubts about divestments based on social concerns.”

In the last two years, its directors have opposed proposals to sell stocks in private prisons, gun retailers and companies tied to Turkey because of the potential for lost revenue and skepticism about whether divestment forces social change. One of these directors is now urging the system, also known as Calpers, to end its ban on stocks tied to tobacco, a policy in place since 2000.

“I do see a change,” said that director, California police sergeant Jason Perez, in an interview. “I think our default is to not divest.”

Calpers isn’t the only system wrestling with these new doubts. Rising funding deficits are prompting public officials and unions across the U.S. to reconsider the financial implications of investment decisions that reflect certain social concerns. The total shortfall for public-pension funds across the U.S. is $4.2 trillion, according to the Federal Reserve.

New York state’s Democratic comptroller and unions representing civil service workers oppose a bill in the Legislature to ban fossil fuel investments by the state pension fund. In New Jersey, Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat, vetoed legislation last year that would have forced divestment of state pension dollars from companies that avoid cleaning up Superfund sites by declaring bankruptcy.

There is some evidence that divesting from certain holdings can be costly for systems that oversee retirement savings for millions of public workers.

No bailouts.


In the course of just a couple minutes on CNN, struggling Democratic presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke went from “umm, I don’t know” to “umm, yes, I think so” to “hmm, no, nope, not at all” on a question about an issue that, in this point in the game, he ought to have a stand.

It’s like host Jake Tapper was his position whisperer or something.

Here’s the script, hat tip to Mediaite, beginning with Tapper asking if Julian Castro’s immigration plan calling to decriminalize border crossings — to make it A-OK for anyone and everyone to enter America — was right or wrong.

Tapper to O’Rourke: “Do you agree with that? Should that law be repealed?”

Let the stumbling begin.

Kennedy-esque! Ted Kennedy-esque, unfortunately, for Robert’s chances.

THEY GO WHERE THE MONEY AND POWER ARE: Estimated 10,000 people in DC are spies.

HONG KONG PROTESTS: Activists praised for clearing away rubbish and parting crowds for ambulances. ‘Two million people marched here yesterday, it was occupied all night, and there isn’t a scrap of rubbish on the road.’

Thomas Friedman, hardest hit.

CLIMATE DENIERS: The Seattle Times Story on Massive Heat Wave Deaths in Seattle: Does it Make Sense?

On Friday, the front page of the Seattle Times had a terrifying story about Seattle heat waves that could kill hundreds— in fact, over 700 per event. One suggesting that only by rapidly cutting greenhouse gas emissions, might our fellow citizens be saved.

Their online headline deepened the angst, telling us that Seattle was “unprepared” for the “deadly heat waves” that were being stoked by global warming.

As I describe in detail below, there are profound issues with that paper and with the Seattle Time article that promoted it. And as I will discuss, such poor journalism and problematic papers have the potential to undermine progress in dealing with the actual threats accompanying global warming.

Much more at the link.

WHY IS THE LEFT SUCH A CESSPIT OF DOXXING? “Doxxing” of a Bronx Man Shows News Media at Its Worst. “The scariest part of the whole matter might be recent reports rolling in that Facebook helped The Daily Beast’s reporters track the man down.”

RICK MORAN: Are Hong Kong’s Days of Freedom Numbered?

ROGER SIMON: Only with Real Transparency Will the FBI Ever Be Trusted Again.

THE RESPECT GOVERNMENT DESERVES: Pakistan government meeting streamed on Facebook Live with cat filter turned on.

UAW LOST CHATTANOOGA VW PLANT VOTE, AGAIN: It kind of got lost in news, but on Friday night VW workers at the German auto giant’s Chattanooga, Tenn., plant again voted against forming a UAW-affiliated union.

As LaborPains noted, the margin of victory for the anti-union forces was slightly smaller this time than in 2014, but the defeat was still a loss and came after the UAW spent who knows how much on its campaign:

“Regardless of whether you were pro- or anti-UAW, local news reports made clear it was impossible to miss the union’s message in Chattanooga. The union’s lavish spending on television, radio, digital and even gas station advertisements ensured that workers were well-educated on what they were voting for (or against) this week. A pro-union reporter even suggested that the city was “mobilized” in favor of the UAW.”


TRUE: ‘Latinx’ is not a word in Spanish and Hispanics will never accept it as one. “Progressives have now decided that the binary nature of Spanish is incompatible with wokeness and they intend to bury what they believe is a remnant of colonial patriarchy. Since there is no discernible limit to what the far Left is willing to do in the name of equality of outcome, everything is on the table. In Latin America, there are now efforts on college campuses to upend the entire Spanish language.”

DON SURBER: A party run by children.

AOC and her ilk want reparations. Now! AOC and her ilk want open borders. Now! AOC and her ilk want their student loans erased. Now! AOC and her ilk want gun confiscation. Now! AOC and her ilk want the end of coal, oil and gas. Now! AOC and her ilk want whatever they want, and they want it now.

They view America as genocidal, racist, sexist, Islamophobic and ignorant.

The problem is most Americans know the facts. They not only reject her views but laugh at them.

Nevertheless, Democrats are stuck with delivering on these nutty promises.

Read the whole thing.

LIZ SHELD’S MORNING BRIEF: Trump Fires His Leaking Pollsters. “Do you ever see these kinds of shenanigans coming from the Democrats: people supposedly ‘on their side’ sabotaging their candidate or their president with leaks? No, we see people ‘on their side’ lying under oath to protect their candidate, we see them smashing phones to hide evidence, deleting emails after they were subpoenaed, or even using the government surveillance apparatus in the service of ‘their’ side. Maybe the internal saboteurs aren’t really on our side? It’s worth a thought.

NEWS YOU CAN USE? How to Make Jim Acosta Cry.

YOU SAY YOU WANT A REVOLUTION: Denver council member wins with promise to impose communism ‘by any means necessary.’

WOW: Researchers convert Type A blood to universal donor blood in scientific breakthrough. “The new study could double the amount of universally accepted blood available for transfusions.”

Give blood if you can — more is always needed.

A PROGRESSIVE EDUCATION: Fired Black Law Professor May Sue D.C. Law School.

FBI LOVEBIRDS:  UNDERCOVERS:  Had its (conservative) audience howling with laughter at its premiere at Washington’s Ronald Reagan Center.


Democratic candidates generally don’t have much to fear from interviews on National Public Radio, but Morning Edition anchor Steve Inskeep raised our eyebrows by pushing Beto O’Rourke a bit on Friday on what people will be forced to give up under liberal climate-change policies. The liberal media often focus on the Impending Crisis, and then go light on how liberals would crack down on “bad” behaviors.

Online, the interview carried an “idealistic” headline:

Beto O’Rourke Calls For A ‘Moonshot’ To Combat Climate Change

But the moonshot comment wasn’t included in the on-air interview. Online, they reported O’Rourke told NPR “We’ve called for … an investment commensurate with John F. Kennedy’s moonshot.”

* * * * * * * *

Inskeep asked about Texas oil, but O’Rourke said Oil is Done-zo:

INSKEEP: Your state’s big industry — oil — is going to be fine?

O’ROURKE: My state’s big industry is going to have to transition into its other big industry. We generate more wind power than any other state in the union. As we free ourselves from that dependence on fossil fuels, we’re going to see more of my fellow Texans and fellow Americans transition into renewable energy jobs; high-demand, high-skill, high-wage occupations.

To build on our post last night on Bernie Sanders, and thus, O’Rourke has his equivalent of Sanders refusing to tell Fox’s Chris Wallace yesterday that he’s against nationalizing utilities, banks and major industries. And Obama and Hillary’s promises on the campaign trail to put the coal industry out of business, not to mention AOC’s disastrous original “Green New Deal” outline calling for the elimination of public air travel. The left’s motto in 2020? Ban all the things!

THEY’LL PUT Y’ALL BACK IN CHAINS: Beto Tells Black Leaders They Need Protection ‘From their Own Country.’

O’Rourke has gained a special insight on race relations, having spent years as a mock-Hispanic.

FLASHBACK: How Eisenhower Dealt With America’s First Illegal Crisis.

IF EVER I BRING THIS MUCH HAPPINESS TO THE WORLD, I WILL BE SO VERY PROUD OF MYSELF:  On this day in 1903, Ruth Graves Wakefield was born.  Bless her soul:  She was the inventor of the chocolate chip cookie.

BABYLON BEE:  Not to be Outdone, Elizabeth Warren Promises to Cure Smallpox:  “‘We will fend off the smallpox attacks of the white man,’ she said while sipping ‘fire water’ in a live video posted to her social media accounts. ‘If I am elected, I will find a way to end this scourge on our people and send the white devils back across the great sea where they came from.'”

June 16, 2019


Shot: Hillary: Circumstances of Trump’s America ‘more dangerous’ than Hitler’s Germany (VIDEO).

Campus Reform, Wednesday.

Chaser: Did German anti-Semitism ever really go away? Jewish teenager who was menaced by racists flees the country — 80 years after his grandfather did the same to escape Nazis.

—The London Daily Mail, yesterday.

(Classical reference in headline.)

ELUSIVE VIRTUES: Read the whole damn thing.

Why do some parts of the world seem to defy efforts to achieve any degree of unity and peace? Not just for years or decades but for generations and as long as anyone can remember. The worst of these nations (like Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya and Somalia) seem to actively avoid peace, prosperity and unity and finding solutions for their problems seems futile. But when you step back and take a closer look you find that all these countries have lots in common, aside from being “failed states.”

The answer? It’s KO, not a TKO.

I’M SO OLD, I REMEMBER WHEN LEFTISTS DISAPPROVED OF WHITESPLAINING: Beto Tells Black Leaders They Need Protection ‘From their Own Country.’

OPEN THREAD: Yes, these open thread posts were scheduled before I left.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Media’s NXIVM Case Coverage — There’s No Such Thing as ‘Brainwashing.

UPDATE NEWSPEAK DICTIONARIES ACCORDINGLY: Father’s Day Updated To ‘Toxic Masculinity Awareness Day.’

Note to Snopes: This is a headline from the Babylon Bee, so it’s satire — or is it?


As a former cast member at the Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park, the fact that Disney in particular is joining in the boycott is very disappointing, and CEO Bob Iger has put himself in an impossible position by saying it would be “very difficult to do business in Georgia,” mentioning that a lot of people who work for the company don’t like it.

It’s possible that he’s talking about the mainly left-wing executives at the company, including Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn. If that’s the case, so be it. But with all due respect to Iger (and I have a lot of it as a Disney shareholder and a longtime fan), he might want to think about alienating conservatives by caving into pressure from his Hollywood peers. It could be very bad for, not only the movie studio, but the theme parks as well with new themed areas based on the Star Wars franchise opening at Disneyland and Disney World this summer.

Visit Disneyland and Disneyworld while you can — there’s a good chance areas such as Liberty Square and Main Street USA will be radically transformed and/or airbrushed into oblivion in the coming decades.

Related: Walt Disney: American Dreamer (Video).

IN THE NEAR FUTURE, YOU COULD BE SEATED IN AN AIRPLANE’S WINGS. Why not? This is the 21st century you know, and the CAD/CAM mockup of a KLM Royal Dutch Airlines passenger flying wing atop this Week article looks pretty sharp.

Related: Fast days on the Concorde: Rock stars, wine & the ‘11-mile-high club.’

Like manned moon landings, it’s frustrating to think of supersonic passenger flight as something that only occurred in the past. Faster, please.

DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: Snowflakes Triggered by Calorie Count Exam Question.

The un-PC exam question:

“There are 84 calories in 100g of banana. There are 87 calories in 100g of yogurt. Priti has 60g of banana and 150g of yogurt for breakfast. Work out the total number of calories in this breakfast”.

The correct answer is, “I’m triggered.”

At Oberlin, that’s the correct answer to every question on an exam.

(Via Maggie’s Farm.)


Cory Booker is polling at 2% in New Hampshire. Even in South Carolina, what ought to be his strongest state, his numbers dropped, cut in half, to 4%. His RCP average is equally miserable.

His fundraising lags behind all of the major candidates. And even one of the minor ones.

Waywire may help explain why.

Back in the day, Booker boasted of how easy it was to raise $1.75 million for Waywire because of the “power of the idea”. The idea however, like so much of digital publishing, was silly. The aspiring politician tapped into resources he would have needed now in the hopes of getting very rich.

Instead, he miscalculated. Badly.

Since then, the former darling of Silicon Valley has reinvented himself as an unconvincing critic of the industry. But every Booker reinvention is equally unconvincing. And nobody buys it anymore.

Tear into it like “Spartacus” unsealing some already cleared for release old Brett Kavanaugh documents, and read the whole thing.

QUESTION ASKED AND ANSWERED: What is Omnipotent Tourist Syndrome?

The Omnipotent Tourist Syndrome is a disease common among Americans that is caused by arrogance, egotism and nonchalance. Carriers show a penchant for obliviously overlooking the obvious while delighting themselves at the cost of others. Delirious OTS sufferers refuse to acknowledge their malady and will argue that it is their God given right as an American to travel freely about the world with little or no conscience or consequence. OTS people frequently hide behind their Bill of Rights and Constitution. Unfortunately, there is no cure for OTS nor is there any way to ease it’s symptoms. It is a disease which, no matter how much hard data and facts are introduced into the OTS sufferer, will not ease unless said sufferer finds a compass of morality and humanity.

See also: The New Republic’s useful idiot tour. Why not take a trip to Raúl Castro’s Cuba?

‘To live in Havana’, Graham Greene once wrote, ‘was to live in a factory that turned out human beauty on a conveyor belt.’ To work as Cockburn does, as an underfed Grub Street hack, is to work in an industry that turns out pointless emails on a conveyor belt.

Every now and then though a real diamond rolls out of the coal chute. On Friday The New Republic invited its readers on a Caribbean jaunt – to Raúl Castro’s Cuba. Under the heading ‘Discover Cuba and Support the Cuban People’ the email read:

‘While Trump petulantly restricts travel to Cuba, The New Republic invites you to discover the culture, society and politics of the island, and most of all bolster the people of Cuba when they need it most.’

The people of Cuba – or at least the military caudillo and his thugs who keep people of Cuba garrisoned – have, incidentally, been busy ‘bolstering‘ the Maduro government in Venezuela.

And then afterwards, why not take the New York Times’ trip to Iran, to see the handiwork firsthand, of the mullahs?

Americans in Iran are generally regarded with a degree of skepticism, but not for the reason you might think. Iranians want to know what you’re doing in Iran, not because they suspect you of plotting a coup, but because they know American passport holders could spend their vacations anywhere else on earth (give or take a few tin-pot communist police states), and feel sorry for you. They are almost always friendly and eager to tell you there are no hard feelings. “Ninety percent of Iranians love America,” is a widely cited statistic, though it’s not clear if this is based on actual data. Eventually, this becomes rather eerie, as if everyone is reading off the same approved script.

Nazri, a student studying computer animation, offered the boldest riff on the “We love America” line, leaning in close to whisper “and Israel,” though I am not convinced this is a 90-10 issue. Moments later, a mullah in a black turban strolled by and leered in our direction. “Very dangerous,” Nazri said after he passed. “I f—king hate them.” Also, can I get him a job in California? Not everyone is so gracious toward Americans. A few (say 10 percent) of the locals, mostly older men, simply said, “Okay,” and sauntered away after I told them my nationality.

Talking to locals seems to always paint a slightly different picture of the country than the one we received from our guides on the bus. One day I stumbled upon a coffee shop run by Armenian Christians. The barista disagreed with Cyrus’s assessment that religious minorities were valued members of Iranian society, and could practice their faith openly without harassment. “No, it’s not good,” he told me. “If I could, I’d leave.”

Why is exactly what Otto Warmbier thought, when he discovered, the hard way, the limits of Omnipotent Tourist Syndrome.

DISPATCHES FROM THE INTERSECTION OF THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE AND THE ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: D.C. Circuit: Black Law Professor Ostensibly Denied Tenure For Lack Of Scholarship May Sue D.C. Law School.

NO BIG DEAL, JUST A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE REFUSING TO SAY THE GOVERNMENT SHOULDN’T TAKE OVER MAJOR INDUSTRIES: “‘Fox News Sunday’ host Chris Wallace asked Sen. Bernie Sanders about a quote of his from the 1970s in which he says he favors public ownership of utilities, banks and major industries. Naturally, he obfuscated and refused to say he is against such a takeover.”

Given that as candidates, Obama in 2008 and Hillary in 2016 both gleefully discussed putting coal mines and their employees out of business — and received no pushback whatsoever from the DNC-MSM – “Bernie’s Strange Brew of Nationalism and Socialism,” as Kevin Williamson aptly described Sanders’ worldview in 2015, isn’t too far removed. It’s long been the stuff of Salon.com fantasies and more recently, AOC’s “Green Nude Eel,” of course.

TWITTER IS A VIRUS OF THE MIND: An excerpt from Glenn’s new book, The Social Media Upheaval.

CHRONIC CONFLICT IN THE GLOBAL WORLD: RIGHT AT YOUR DOORSTEP OR ON YOUR COMPUTER. “Fears that the Gulf of Oman will be the new Gulf of Tonkin are unlikely to come true.  It is much more probable that Iran’s decades long low-intensity war with the US will continue as usual.  Iran killed 600+ US troops during OIF, a fact downplayed by the previous administrations. But if that fact didn’t drive Trump to go openly kinetic, a few more attacks on third country tankers are unlikely to.”

GREAT MOMENTS IN INTERSECTIONALITY: “Queerness is incompatible with capitalism.”

Historically, it’s always been infinitely more incompatible with totalitarian socialism (and/or vice-versa), but forget it, he’s rolling.

JOYOUS NEWS FROM THE NOTRE DAME CATHEDRAL: “The historic Notre Dame cathedral will see its first Mass celebrated since almost being destroyed in a fire on April 15th of this year…The Mass will be celebrated by the Archbishop of Paris for a small group of twenty people or so, all of whom will be required to wear hard hats while in the damaged church.”

Photos here: Priests in hard hats hold first mass in Notre Dame Cathedral two months after devastating fire.

AT AMAZON, deals in Collectibles & Fine Art.

JOEL KOTKIN ASKS: What is social justice?

The deepest blue cities — San Francisco, New York, San Jose, Los Angeles and Boston — may be ruled by social justice activists but, according to Pew research, suffer the largest gaps between the bottom and top quintiles. Long-standing minority communities like Albina in Portland are disappearing as 10,000 of the 38,000 residents have been pushed out of the historic African-American section. San Francisco’s African-American black population is roughly half that of the 1970s, constituting less than 5 percent of the city’s population. More than half of the Bay Area’s lower-income communities, notes a recent UC Berkeley study, are in danger of mass displacement.

A direct result of climate policies, high energy prices place enormous burdens on California’s working-class families, particularly in the less temperate interior. These policies also discourage growth of manufacturing and other blue-collar industries that long incubated opportunities for working people. As the state’s manufacturing sector has stagnated last year while industrial jobs expanded 14 percent in neighboring Arizona, 5 percent in Nevada and by 3 percent in arch-rival Texas.

Regulations in California have also slowed construction growth, and left employment considerably below the industry’s 2007 numbers. Residential sales have dropped statewide, and California’s rate of new housing permits has fallen behind the national average, making construction workers’ economic prospects even dimmer.

The diminishing prospects in these blue collar industries, as well as high housing costs, may do much to explain why so many minorities, and immigrants, are increasingly migrating away from multi-culturally correct regions like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco for less regulated, far less woke places like Phoenix, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, Atlanta and Las Vegas.

Billionaire GOP contributors and libertarian-types like the Koch Brothers really need to get going on Glenn’s Welcome Wagon idea.

DISPATCHES FROM THE PARTY OF YOUTH: Andrew Ferguson on the “Tyranny of the 70-Somethings — The Democratic Party’s gerontocracy is holding back the political causes it claims to want to advance.”

PUNCHING BACK TWICE AS HARD: Former Democrat turned conservative gay rights activist slams Pride, sues LGBT Center.

According to a complaint filed Friday in Manhattan Supreme Court and exclusively obtained by The Post, the LGBT Center in Greenwich Village discriminated against Straka by canceling his 250-person WalkAway event “LGBT TownHall” in March, days before it was scheduled to take place.

The event was to feature Straka and a panel of two gay men and a transgender woman talking about why they left the Democratic Party.

“I’m considered a traitor. [The community] wanted to silence me, they wanted to roll over me and make me disappear,” said Straka, who is seeking $20 million in damages.

Read the whole thing.

(Classical reference in headline.)

IN THE MAIL: The Armchair Economist: Economics and Everyday Life.

TECH DISASTER:  Massive power failure in Argentina and Uruguay.

THE TWITTER MOB COLLECTS ANOTHER SCALP: GOP congressman nixed as keynote speaker for cybersecurity conference. “Black Hat hosts high profile global events that strive to ‘bring together the best minds in the industry.’ Except, apparently, pro-life cybersecurity experts. Zack Whittaker, a security editor for Tech Crunch (and CBS alum, according to his Twitter profile) posted a tweet showing [Texas GOP Rep. Bill Hurd’s] voting record calling it ‘a terrible voting record on women’s rights.’ Whittaker did, however, acknowledge that Will Hurd is one of the few lawmakers who ‘get’ cybersecurity…Something that Whittaker failed to reference, though, is the founder of Black Hat’s support for Hillary Clinton in 2016 as she ran for president. He hosted a fundraiser for her during a hacker conference in Las Vegas. She’s the acceptable kind of politician, you see. It’s just really all too much, even by 2019 standards.”

THE TRAFFIC STOP: One of the Great Abuses of Police Power in Contemporary Life. Historian Dan Albert on an Obsolete Enforcement Practice That Just Won’t Die.

Read the whole thing.

ANDREW KLAVAN: Conservatives Have To Be Fearless In The Face Of Leftist Censorship.

The corporate media — including social media — are now engaged in a full-fledged and collusive attempt to silence conservative voices in time for the 2020 election. On Sunday, just as YouTube was threatening to pull down thousands of “hateful” (i.e. conservative) videos, the New York Times printed a breathless and idiotic piece supposedly charting a YouTube viewer’s descent into right-wing radicalism.

How radical did this poor radical soul get from watching conservative videos? Well, okay, he “never bought into the far right’s most extreme views, like Holocaust denial or the need for a white ethnostate… “ But, “he began referring to himself as a ‘tradcon’ — a traditional conservative, committed to old-fashioned gender norms. He dated an evangelical Christian woman, and he fought with his liberal friends.”

The horror. The horror.

This suspiciously timed piece — clearly designed to give cover to YouTube’s censorship plan — featured a collage of faces of right-wing radicals. These included such raving hate-filled alt-right evil-doers as mild-mannered gay centrist Dave Rubin and of course Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro — whom various left-wing outlets have repeatedly identified as the one and only orthodox Jewish Nazi in all the universes!

But while branding Dave and Ben alt-right may be absurd, it’s not unintentional. It is part of a strategy. 1. Convince people that hate speech should be silenced. 2. Define hate speech as alt-right. 3. Label powerful mainstream conservatives “alt-right.” 4. Silence powerful mainstream conservatives.

5. Convince people that the late Milton Friedman(!), a Nobel Prize-winning economist, is the new Emmanuel Goldstein, the gateway drug to the alt-right, and the chief hoarder and wrecker blocking the glorious path to “Fully Automated Luxury Communism.”

JUST NBC THE CONSPIRACY MONGERING: Today Show Earns All-Time Ratio For Tweeting There’s ‘Debate’ Over Vaccines.


How bad was it? “Before it was deleted, at one point the tweet had more than 1,800 comments and just 38 likes.”

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