February 26, 2021

BEHOLD THOU MY SHOCKED FACE:  Giffords Law Center Score Card Ignores Truth About “Gun Deaths”.

WE DON’T BELIEVE THEM:  China Promises to Stop Giving Anal Swab Covid Tests to US Diplomats.

THERE’S A LOT OF RED PILLING GOING ON:  Naomi Wolf nails it on lockdowns and totalitarianism.

I WANT HEADS ON PIKES:  FBI Memos Using Stefan Halper Released, Show FBI Targeting Effort Against Trump Campaign Using Any Means Possible.

I’ll settle for defenestration. Doesn’t even have to be literal. Though I tell you at this point, I think every agency and apartment resembles the Augean Stables, and we don’t have a river handy.

WELL, THANK HEAVENS THAT WARMONGER TRUMP IS GONE, RIGHT?  Someone From the Biden Administration Bombed Syria – White House Silent.

THEY DEMAND OUR COWED AGREEMENT, BECAUSE THEY KNOW HOW MUCH THEY CHEATED:  Michael Anton has a question: Why Do the Election’s Defenders Require My Agreement?

UNFORTUNATELY NOT LITERAL…  More steps toward the defenestration of Andrew Cuomo?

As everyone knows, due to studying Portuguese history as a child, I have a very soft spot in my heart for defenestration.  There is nothing quite like having the teacher ask a class of fourth grade girls “What happened to the Spanish governor during the restoration?” and having the bright eyed, sweet little children sing in chorus “He was defenestrated!”

AS THEY SHOULD:  House Freedom Caucus Members Call on Cheney to Step Down From House Role.

AND OF COURSE THEY ARE NOTHING THE LEFT WILL ADVERTISE:  Biden’s Proposed Tax Hike Would Have 3 Huge Consequences, Study Finds.

BEHOLD. MY SHOCKED FACE: 10 Crazy Examples of Unrelated Waste and Partisan Kick-Backs in New ‘COVID’ Bill.

THEY’RE ALWAYS SCARED OF ANYONE WHO IS BETTER THAN THEY ARE:  Biden Eviscerates More Trump Executive Orders.

They don’t seem to realize how low that bar is.

February 25, 2021

$6/GALLON GAS, HERE WE COME: Jennifer Granholm approved by Senate to head Energy Department.






Weird how the “peace movement” never came out in support of President Trump, huh?

Flashback: U.S. Troops Go One Year Without A Combat Death in Afghanistan.

MY NEW YORK POST COLUMN: Doubts about Biden’s mental acuity aren’t only reason to limit prez’s nuke power.

OPEN THREAD: All these worlds are yours, except Europa. Attempt no threading there.

ANOTHER MEDIA BLACKOUT? TV Networks Ignore Andrew Cuomo’s #MeToo Scandal.

Just think of the media as Democratic Party operatives with bylines, and it all makes sense.


THE NEW SPACE RACE: China’s Tianwen-1 lowers its orbit around Mars to prepare for rover landing.



WELL: Mail-in ballots and voting machines banned in France.

HMM: Exercise may help curb migraines for people with certain triggers.

ALL HAIL PRESIDENT BOMBS-AWAY BIDEN! U.S. Carries Out Airstrike Against Iranian-Backed Militia Target in Syria.

THE 21st CENTURY IS NOT TURNING OUT AS I HAD HOPED: Rand Paul Torches Biden’s Trans HHS Nominee for Supporting the Chemical Castration of Kids.



WHAT COULD GO WRONG? Biden’s Proposed Tax Hike Would Have Three Huge Consequences, Study Finds.

President Biden is pushing a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 spending package which he claims will boost the economy. But a new study warns that one other key policy Biden has proposed would hurt the economy and have at least three major consequences for workers.

The president wants to raise the corporate tax rate from 21 percent to 28 percent. He argues that this is about making Big Business “pay it’s fair share” and raising revenue the government can use to help people.

Yet a recently-released report from the right-leaning Tax Foundation concludes that this would make the US corporate tax rate, federal and state combined, a whopping 32 percent, the highest among developed countries. The tax experts warn that this policy change would “harm U.S. economic competitiveness and increase the cost of investment in America.” As a result, the researchers found that Biden’s proposed corporate tax hike would shrink the overall size of the economy, reduce wages, and eliminate 159,000 jobs.

And the left will then justify the ensuing recession by praising its benefits to the environment, as John Kerry and Claire McCaskill did during the early Obama years, and multiple lefties did last year during the Covid shutdown.

BRUTALISM IS BACK, BABY! Biden tosses Trump’s classical architecture order.

Finally, DC can go back to stylish, handsome buildings that look like this:

Headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, The J. Edgar Hoover Building at 935 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington, D.C., Thursday, March 23, 2017. Construction finished in September 1975, and President Gerald Ford dedicated the structure on September 30, 1975. (AP Photo/NewsBase)

CASE CLOSED: Asteroid dust found in crater closes case of dinosaur extinction.

TORPEDOES CIRCLING BACK: Ashley Judd, Eva Longoria turn on Gov. Cuomo as Time’s Up calls for harassment probe.

TRUNALIMUNUMAPRZURE! House Dems Want Biden’s Finger Off the Nuclear Button.



IT’S COME TO THIS: Breaking: Mr. Potato Head no longer a mister; Update: Or is he?

Some pundits worried that there’d be nothing to talk about once Trump was out of office but today we’re talking about the sexuality of a plastic vegetable, so I’d say The Discourse is doing okay, all things considered. Exit question: Which trans actor will be replacing Don Rickles as the voice of Potato Head in the Toy Story movies going forward?

Update: Wait, does this mean Hasbro is anti-LGBT?

So the toys are still gendered, only the brand isn’t. Does Hasbro not realize that wokesters will now demand to know why they’re still selling gendered toys?

Will Mr. Potato Head even be legal in California, given this bill on the docket in Sacramento? California Bill Would Fine Stores $1,000 for Having Separate Boys and Girls Sections.

Related: Mr. Potato Head was a much tougher hombre during his early years:


I mean, there’s even a King Ranch edition King Air.

HISTORY: Following M3A1 Grease Gun #750213 Through Vietnam.

LIVE AT 3:30PM EASTERN THURSDAY: ‘Five O’Clock Somewhere’ with Kruiser, Preston, VodkaPundit

HONESTLY, IF YOU’RE BETTING ON COCKROACH FIGHTS YOU MAY NEED HELP: In cockroach fights, bet on the roach with the bigger respiratory system.

TANKS FOR THE MEMORIES: The 30th Anniversary of 73 Easting. “It was the largest tank battle between American- and Soviet-constructed armor since Israeli M-60 Patton tanks faced off against Egyptian T-62s in Sinai campaign of the Yom Kippur War in 1973. All throughout the 70s and early 1980s, various media outlets talked about how much better Soviet military equipment was than American equipment. (I remember a 60 Minutes episode that talked about Soviet equipment being better ‘all across the board.’) And Soviet equipment was better—on paper, with thicker armor, higher top speeds, etc. And then 73 Easting happened, and M1A1s wiped the floor with T-72s.”

VODKAPUNDIT PRESENTS YOUR DAILY INSANITY WRAP: Revolutionary Discovery That Two Plus Two Equals White Supremacy.

Insanity Wrap needs to know: What do you call it when you find out that minority kids are being taught that wrong answers are just fine in math class?

Answer: A very public education.

Before we get to the sordid details, a quick preview of today’s Wrap.

  • Washington State band class rehearses in tiny one-person toilet shelters
  • Even #BLM supporters want to know where the money went
  • Biden HUD appointee is a big fan of Communist China

Bonus Sanity: Georgia Senate votes to require photo I.D. for absentee ballots.

And so much more at the link, you’d have to be crazy to miss it.

GOOD STRATEGY: Search-and-Rescue Drone Locates Victims By Homing in on Their Phones.

IRONY CAN BE AWFULLY IRONIC SOMETIMES: Author of White Fragility Locks Down LinkedIn, Twitter Accounts.

A course that Coca-Cola allegedly promoted that instructed people to be “less white” was scrubbed from LinkedIn, where it was being offered, after whistleblowers claimed the soft-drink company required employees to undergo the training.

“Confronting Racism,” a course featuring “White Fragility” author and left-wing academic Robin DiAngelo, was no longer available Tuesday on LinkedIn after backlash on social media over the course’s contents, which included instructing students to “be less white.”

And here’s DiAngelo’s twitter homepage:

CPAC: The Greatest Show on Earth. “I was the last person to serve as executive director of both the American Conservative Union and CPAC. To say the roles, particularly when combined, were bonkers crazy would be a massive understatement. It was good for the ego—people kissed my ass and bought me way too many drinks and steaks all over town because they wanted to speak at the conference—but it was hard on the psyche of a sensitive soul who had no interest, really, in ass-kissing and cocktails.”

OUT: MAGIC BULLETS. IN: ‘Miracle poison’ for novel therapeutics.


So we should ask: Is that a good thing? Is the media landscape Stewart helped create better for it, where Brian Williams regularly engages in Stewart-like snark (he called Ron Johnson a Russian asset the other day for reading a Federalist article into the record) and Tucker Carlson is the biggest name as a solo act in cable news?

In a context in which so much ink is dedicated to the concept of silos and the elimination of common space between right and left — and I mean the real right and left, not David Brooks and Maureen Dowd — do we honestly want a world where there is no space where these warring sides meet to do rhetorical battle?

The answer is: of course not. It’s much, much worse. The inability to have a space where such debates play out, and the inability of existing entities to provide such a space, has led directly to a degradation of our political conversation and a lack of familiarity with even the most basic version of the other side’s perspective on the world.

Mister, we could use a man like Reese Schonfeld again.

TURNS? Media’s softball coverage of Biden turns absolutely surreal.

PRIORITIES: While Republican Voters Care About Issues, Democratic Voters’ Top Concern Is Absolutely Ridiculous. “Democrat voters are more concerned about ‘Donald Trump’s supporters’ than anything else.”

GOOD NEWS: COVID-19 not more deadly for people with asthma, study shows.

PARTY OF SCIENCE! UPDATE: In the Middle of a Pandemic, San Francisco NIMBYs Sue To Stop a New Hospital From Being Built.

DIVIDE AND CONQUER: Internal Divisions Are America’s Greatest Vulnerability.

Domestic political and cultural divisiveness has become the United States’ greatest strategic weakness. This grim vulnerability, exploited by international rivals and authentic domestic enemies who despise the U.S. Constitution, puts the U.S. republic in peril.

Check it out.

(Bumped, by Glenn).


It’s maddening to watch the liberals who insisted for months that we should ‘follow the science’ reject the overwhelming scientific evidence that schools can reopen safely. Conservatives have argued for years that liberals don’t actually care about science and only pretend to when it’s convenient for the advancement of their political agenda. It appears that they had a point.

Ya think?

#BELIEVEALLWOMEN: Cuomo, now beset by Lindsey Boylan claim, once insisted Kavanaugh take lie-detector.

BRYAN PRESTON: Fry’s Is Gone, and Another Old Friend Passes Into the Night.

LOW ENERGY: 5 Times Biden’s Interior Nominee Refused to Answer Basic Questions on Energy.

ONE YEAR AGO, YESTERDAY: Nancy Pelosi Visits San Francisco’s Chinatown Amid Coronavirus Concerns. “’[W]hat we’re trying to do today is to say everything is fine here,’ Pelosi said. ‘Come because precautions have been taken. The city is on top of the situation.’”


MORE, PLEASE: Georgia Senate Passes Bill Requiring Voter I.D. For Absentee Ballots.

PRIVACY: This browser extension shows what the Internet would look like without Big Tech. “The Economic Security Project is trying to make a point about big tech monopolies by releasing a browser plugin that will block any sites that reach out to IP addresses owned by Google, Facebook, Microsoft, or Amazon. The extension is called Big Tech Detective, and after using the internet with it for a day (or, more accurately, trying and failing to use), I’d say it drives home the point that it’s almost impossible to avoid these companies on the modern web, even if you try.”

HOTEL GOOGLEFORNIA: You can check out any time you like but you can never leave.

If you use the internet, it’s basically impossible not to serve as a tiny profit center for any of these companies — no matter how much you might dislike their products or services, or how much you might disagree with their management or business practices.

As an economic libertarian, I’m always wary of government “solutions,” which generally prove to be worse than the problem. But when a company has grown so large and powerful that consumer choice holds no veto power over them, it’s time to swing the antitrust hammer.


MEDDLING: New Bill Would Eliminate Single-Sex Spaces on College Campuses.

But postmodern racial segregation is still cool.

TACTICAL SWIM: Marines in Hawaii swim ashore during reconnaissance scout swimmer training. Photo taken February 8.

TYRANNY IN HIGHER EDUCATION: University suspends professor for tweets criticizing slavery reparations, racial bias training.

Slavery reparations and racial bias training are both stupid and unAmerican. They’re punishing the critics because they can’t defend them in rational argument.

St. Josephs University President Mark Reed needs to put an end to this political witch hunt.

REALITY TV: Trump to Target Biden and Blaze a Future Path for the GOP in CPAC Speech.

GOOD LUCK, WANNABE TYRANTS: UW profs attempt to explain away devastating free speech survey results. The truth is, our K-12 and higher ed systems, both of whose exorbitant expense is justified in terms of making better citizens, have instead made things worse.

CUTE: Mars rover’s giant parachute carried secret message. “Systems engineer Ian Clark used a binary code to spell out ‘Dare Mighty Things’ in the orange and white strips of the 21-metre parachute.”


The other day, I was scrolling through Twitter when I happened upon this particular tweet, directed against the former New York Times opinion editor Bari Weiss:

“Imagine if @bariweiss offered 10% of the defense she gives white supremacy to all the antifascist, Jewish-allied, Black and brown women of color she has made a career putting in danger,” it said. “NYT staff of color felt so unsafe around her that she had to resign.”

Something about this tweet struck me instantly: it was completely insane.

Remember: If you interpret “woke” as a synonym for “crazy and stupid” — or, increasingly, “crazy, stupid, and vicious” — you’ll seldom go far wrong.


It is worth inquiring into the nature of this madness. When I read that attack on Bari Weiss, what sprang to mind was Albert Camus’ play Caligula, a retelling of the well-known tale of the deranged third emperor of Rome. In the play, the initially benign ruler suffers an existential crisis. Realizing that he alone wields absolute power, he decides to follow the logic of that power to its ultimate conclusion. “It’s just because no one dares to follow up his ideas to the end that nothing is achieved,” he says. “All that’s needed is to be logical right through, at all costs.”

This logic leads Caligula to believe that he is beyond good and evil. Thus, he is free to choose evil. So he does; nothing, after all, can stop him. He initiates a reign of terror over his subjects, rapes the women of the nobility, randomly orders executions, declares himself a god, kills his wife, and in the end invites his own assassination.

Rereading Caligula while writing this piece, I was shocked by the extent to which Camus had anticipated the Woke phenomenon.

Like I said, crazy, stupid, and vicious.

FASTER, PLEASE: It’s Time to Start Being Optimistic. Vaccinations are up, cases are down, and the economy is primed to boom.

SAD. THE SAN JOSE LOCATION USED TO BE MY DISNEYLAND: Fry’s Is Gone, and Another Old Friend Passes Into the Night.

THEN LOCK YOURSELVES UP, COPPERS, BECAUSE I’M OFFENDED BY THIS IDIOCY: British police send “chilling” message: “Being offensive is an offence,” later retract.

MICHAEL BARONE: Partisan strife produces high voter turnout, but no big boost for either party.

DISPATCHES FROM THE “IT’S DIFFERENT WHEN WE DO IT” PARTY: Bill Gates Defends Using Private Jets While Warning about Dangers of Climate Change.

I don’t want to hear another word about Glenn Reynolds’ carbon footprint.

21ST CENTURY PARENTING: YouTube New ‘Supervised’ Mode Will Let Parents Restrict Older Kids’ Video Viewing.

Nice, but it would probably be better to get your kids off YouTube, which is one of Google’s most powerful data-harvesting tools.

LYING TO CONGRESS: Becerra Falsely Claims He ‘Never Sued Any Nuns.’

RESIGN, GRANNY-KILLER CUOMO: Pressure grows for ‘Cuomo to go.’

NEWSWEEK: It’s Time to Impeach Andrew Cuomo. “The truth behind the obfuscation and lies is this: The governor snuck a toxic corporate immunity clause in the 2020 budget on behalf of his top campaign donor, the Greater New York Hospital Association. You don’t need a PhD to understand that handing out get-out-of-jail-free cards to for-profit nursing homes in the middle of a pandemic will lead to more deaths.”

20 MINUTES INTO THE FUTURE: Kamalamania! Prepare for President Harris.

TRIFECTAS OFTEN ARE GOOD. NOT THIS ONE: It’s the Biden $1.9 trillion Covid Christmas Tree that mostly has little to nothing to do with battling the disease, and everything to do with rewarding supporters and growing the government on which they depend,

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: Biden’s Creepy Mask Fetish Isn’t a Real Plan To Manage COVID. “Thus far, Biden’s SUPER BIG PLAN to deal with the bat flu has involved lying about Trump’s vaccine plan, plagiarizing Trump’s vaccine plan, then hamstringing Trump’s vaccine plan with woke union politics, and finally, talking about masks a lot.”

COLLUSION: Congressional Republicans Slam Carter Center’s China Ties.

NEO: Why didn’t more professors oppose the Gramscian march or at least stick up for free speech?

With a powerful assist from Allan Bloom. Read the whole thing.

DOING THE STATE’S BIDDING THIS WAY IS CENSORSHIP: Sheryl Sandberg and Top Facebook Execs Silenced an Enemy of Turkey to Prevent a Hit to the Company’s Business.

CHINESE AMERICANS AGAINST CRITICAL RACE THEORY: CACAGNY Denounces Critical Race Theory as Hateful Fraud. “Chinese Americans are​ people of color​ and therefore start from the ​oppressed ​side of CRT’s binary. But as we overcome discrimination and achieve upward mobility, we are now ​White by adjacency​. In New York City, ​Black Lives Matter​ rioters with CRT signs assaulted our rally supporting merit-based education. . . . One way or another, CRT wants to get rid of ​too many Asians​ in good schools. Asians are over-represented.​ CRT is today’s Chinese Exclusion Act. CRT is the real ​hate crime​ against Asians.”

RULES ARE FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE: Newsom Holds Indoor Event at Restaurant Barred From Offering Indoor Dining.

Recall this turd.

UNEXPECTEDLY: NBC, CBS, NBC avoid explosive sexual harassment claims against Andrew Cuomo on evening news broadcasts. CNN and MSNBC also declined to address the scandal on their air Wednesday.

Just think of the media as Democratic Party operatives with bylines, and it all makes sense.


WE’RE GOVERNED BY PETTY, PETULANT, DIVISIVE IDIOTS: School Board Member Compares School Reopening to Slavery, ‘White Supremacist Ideology.’

TAKING A STAND AGAINST BIGOTRY: West Virginia lawmakers take aim at critical race theory, write bill to ban it in nearly all public spaces.

FROM HENRY VOGEL:  Fortune’s Fool.

He digs through the past to unearth his future. But will rocketing into the expanse blast him into deadly trouble?

Xenoarchaeologist Mark Fortune just needs one big find to be set for life. Roaming the post-apocalyptic galaxy in search of riches, the pragmatic loner believes he’s finally made the breakthrough of his career when he activates an ancient portal. But when he’s catapulted onto an unknown planet, he’s followed by a revenge-driven skybiker out for his blood.

For the sake of survival, Mark and the motorhead form an uneasy alliance until they can escape the strange and unforgiving world. But the only path back home pits them against a ruthless warlord in a flying space fortress armed with pre-holocaust tech and a horde of killer robots…

Can Mark tear down a dictator before his newest discovery is otherworldly death?

Fortune’s Fool is the first book in the edgy Fortune Chronicles science fiction adventure series. If you like throwback futurism, gritty action, and expansive worlds, then you’ll love Henry Vogel’s interstellar doorway.


OH, DRY UP: Coke and the Call to Be ‘Less White.’

Personally, I’m tired of corporate bigotry.


AND YET THEY’LL CONTINUE PUSHING:  After a year there is zero evidence government edicts slowed the spread of COVID-19.

I GUESS IT’S DIFFERENT WHEN THEY COME FOR YOU?  Today’s blacklisted American: Leftist journalist who called for blacklisting finds his work blacklisted by YouTube.

THESE PEOPLE ARE BARELY LITERATE OR NUMERATE:  Michigan Gov. Whitmer: Hoisted by her own pipeline petard!

They keep telling us they love science, but they only say that hoping to get it into bed.


I’d say he threw his brain over the fence with his someone else’s medals, but there’s no reason to believe he ever had a brain.

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