January 27, 2020

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: She Begged Him For Sex And Then Accused Him Of Sexual Assault. Columbia Expelled Him Despite Audio Proving His Side.

Sounds like a Title IX violation. I hope the Department of Education will investigate. (Bumped).

ICYMI: Gallup: U.S. Economic Confidence at Highest Point Since 2000.

REALCLEARINVESTIGATIONS: Iran-Linked Lobby Behind Obama Nuclear Deal Is Back in Action.

ERIC CIAMARELLA IS NOT A “WHISTLEBLOWER,” HE’S AN OPERATIVE: Schiff Hides Transcript to Protect ‘Whistleblower.’

A MERE TECHNICALITY: Dershowitz: Democrats’ case meritless because no crime committed.

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Dershowitz, a member of Trump’s defense team, said Democrats had not made a sufficient case to charge the president with a crime as they presented their arguments in 24 hours over three days.

“The conduct has to be criminal in nature — it can’t be abuse of power, it can’t be obstruction of Congress,” he said referring to the two charges laid out in the articles of impeachment against Trump. “Those are precisely the arguments that the framers rejected.”

To be fair, Democrats reject the Framers and the Constitution for a whole lot of things.


AMERICA’S PAPER OF RECORD: Democrats Warn That American People May Tamper With Next Election.

THE LITTLE SISTERS TAKE ON BIG BROTHER: Count on this: The bigger and more complex government becomes, the more conflicts we can expect between religious conscience and the duty to comply with the law.

As if to illustrate my point, the Supreme Court recently agreed to decide two cases—including one brought by the Little Sisters of the Poor—that bear on religious objections to Obamacare’s contraceptive mandate. (Yes, if you are experiencing déjà vu, the Little Sisters of the Poor have been to the Supreme Court on this issue before.) This time the focus is expected to be on the Trump Administration’s efforts to grant religious exemptions to employers like the Sisters.

I won’t weigh in on the legal issues presented. I’m not smart enough to do them justice in this short space. My point is more political or maybe strategic. Bloomberg quotes an evidently anxious expert as saying that if the Trump Administration’s efforts are upheld, it “could open the door to federal agencies issuing many more [rules granting religious accommodation].”

For good or ill, that’s obviously true. I have mixed feelings about it. To me at least, for conservatives to rely too readily on religious accommodations to deal with governmental expansions seems like a loser’s game.

In a report issued a few years ago by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights on “Peaceful Co-Existence” between government and religion, I wrote this:

While the targeted religious accommodations approach may sometimes be a good idea, it is not always the best strategy for people of faith. Targeted religious accommodations make it possible for ever-expanding government bureaucracies to divide and conquer. They remove the faith-based objections to their expansive ambitions, thus allowing them to ignore objections that are not based on faith. The bureaucratic juggernaut thus rolls on. People of faith should not allow themselves to become just another special interest that needs to be appeased before the next government expansion is allowed to proceed. They have an interest in ensuring the health of the many institutions of civil society that act as counterweights to the state—including not just the Church itself, but also the family, the press, small business and others. They also have an interest in ordered liberty in all its manifestations. A nation in which religious liberty is the only protected freedom is a nation that soon will be without religious liberty too.

The other side of the coin is this: The Commission report that quote appeared in got a lot of attention when it was released, because the Chairman’s Statement (which I discuss at length in my Statement) was essentially a screed against Christianity. It was astonishing. To this day, I can’t imagine what got into him. But it served to remind me that Christians (and no doubt people of other faiths too) really do have opponents in high places.

CAN’T TRUMP DO ANYTHING RIGHT? Social Media Stats Suggest America’s BORED by Impeachment Trial.

I’m sure it must be Trump’s fault. I just haven’t figured out how.

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WELL, IT’S CRAPPY ANTI-AMERICAN PROPAGANDA: Scholars are eviscerating The New York Times’ 1619 Project.

REMINDER: Conspiring to stifle free speech is a crime.

WELL, IT SHOULD: Virus Sparks Soul-Searching Over China’s Wild Animal Trade.

It didn’t take long to identify the suspected source of a deadly coronavirus outbreak in the Chinese city of Wuhan: a cluster of vendors in a downtown market offering carcasses and live specimens of dozens of wild animals—from bamboo rats to ostriches, baby crocodiles and hedgehogs.

The Huanan food market, a scruffy complex of 1,000 stalls spread over an area the size of nine football fields, is the largest of its kind in central China, mostly supplying seafood to Wuhan’s residents and restaurants. It is typical of the wet markets where most people in this country buy their food.

Like many such markets, it also sold wild animals enjoyed as culinary delicacies or used as traditional medicine—an ancient trade Beijing has continued to allow despite warnings that it caused a deadly coronavirus outbreak almost two decades ago, and could trigger another global epidemic.

First-world global commerce and a third-world attitude toward public health are a bad combination.

ED WHELAN HAS MORE ON the Judicial Conference’s attempt to “other” the Federalist Society while treating the ABA as nonpartisan.

The Committee on Codes of Conduct has 15 members, 13 of whom were appointed to their judicial positions by presidents. (The magistrate judge and the bankruptcy judge were appointed by other judges.) Of these 13 presidential appointees, eight were appointed by Democratic presidents and five by Republican presidents.

As I’ve pointed out, the Democratic appointees include Fourth Circuit judge Albert Diaz, who just happens to be not only a member of the ABA’s Judicial Division but the chairman of that body’s Appellate Judge Conference. Another of the Democratic appointees is John J. McConnell Jr. (of the District of Rhode Island), a former plaintiffs’ lawyer who, before taking the bench, donated almost $700,000 to Democratic candidates. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, a vocal critic of the Federalist Society, strongly supported McConnell’s nomination and, despite the mediocre (minority “not qualified”) he received from the ABA’s judicial-evaluations committee, hailed him as a “brilliant legal mind.” So the composition of the Committee might go a long way to explain why the draft opinion favors the ABA over the Federalist Society.

As I’ve said before, the left expects the right to dominate the judiciary soon, and on its way out the door is trying to create “ethical” rules to stop the right from acting the way the left has acted for decades.

WELL, YES: Top British spy report: ‘Strong possibility’ that anti-Trump dossier was completely fabricated. And shoddily fabricated, at that. How much have they gotten away with in the past, that they felt they could do such a third-rate job in going after a billionaire who was also President of the United States?

JAMES LILEKS:  “After a weekend with occasional perusal of the Twitter comments on the Chinese coronavirus situation, it seems two things define commentary on the platform:”

Panic-mongering encouraged with weak stats, dodgy data, apocalyptic speculation, and conspiracy theories

A certain strange, miserable pleasure because something is happening and it makes life interesting.

It’s the last that seems the most depressing.

Read the whole thing.

Related: Environmentalists make good movie villains because they want to make your real life worse.

THIS FARCE IS (ALMOST) ENDED: Impeachment End Game in Sight as GOP Senators Plan for Acquittal after Witness Vote.

FLASHBACK: Trump should pity the poor PhD. “We’ve heard a lot about the problem of inequality in America over recent years. But most of that talk has ignored one of the very worst pockets of inequality in American society. I speak, of course, of the American university system and its treatment of adjunct professors and graduate students. Academics seem to think that the business world is a feudal environment characterized by huge status differentials and abusive treatment of underlings. They think that because, to be honest, that’s a pretty good characterization of . . . the modern university, where serfs in the form of adjunct professors toil in the vineyards. . . . Today universities have a two-tier class system: Tenured professors and administrators on top, with generous pay and benefits and job security, while many (in some places most) required courses are being taught by the equivalent of serfs, with low pay, no job security, and little in the way of status. This is happening even as tuitions are skyrocketing and the numbers of (much better paid) university administrators are mushrooming.”

POOR GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS JUST CAN’T KEEP UP WITH THE OKIE SENATOR: The ABC News host and former inner circle Clintonista becomes Sunday lunch for Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.).

THE SADNESS OF MAUREEN DOWD: “My phone isn’t ringing. Nobody cares. It’s the saddest thing ever.” Plus, Mitt Romney as a “pompous ass.”

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THE SIMPSONS PREDICTS EVERYTHING: The Simpsons prediction of the Chinese bio weapon that is hitting America today.


WHY IS THE IVY LEAGUE SUCH A CESSPIT OF RACISM? Harvard says Asians have bad personalities; judge agrees.

To the fun-loving bureaucrats running Harvard, personality is measurable by your skin color and your sex life. They believe that good personalities are found in blacks, Hispanics, gays, transgenders, whites and just about everyone else, in roughly that order.

Except Asians. Harvard says Asians have bad personalities. And so to be admitted, Asians need an SAT score about 140 points higher than whites and about 450 points higher than blacks.

You might reasonably ask: How did Harvard decide that Asians have bad personalities?

Plenty of objective personality tests are out there, but Harvard doesn’t use them. It instead uses a subjective evaluation of the applicant by one of those fun-loving bureaucrats. At an in-person interview, the bureaucrat takes note of whether the applicant is Asian has a bad personality.

I suppose it’s a lucky thing for Harvard that Asians have bad personalities. Because otherwise their high merit would get more of them admitted at the expense of lower-merit whites, blacks, Hispanics, gays and transgenders.

The result would be too many Asians at Harvard, according to social engineers with low SAT scores who are constructing our campus racial utopias because they couldn’t get through college calculus in order to be real engineers.

Harsh, but fair.

WELL, OBAMA WAS THE PARTICIPATION TROPHY PRESIDENT, AND SHE WAS HIS FIRST LADY. I Totally Called It: Michelle Obama Wins Grammy Award for Reading Her Own Book. “Hillary Clinton won a Grammy. too. Just sayin’.” Between this and the sexual assault scandals, I don’t feel so bad about letting my Recording Academy membership lapse.

OPEN THREAD: Speak friend, and enter the comment section.


Presidents have been back-channeling and working around the foreign affairs bureaucracy forever, because the foreign affairs bureaucracy has consistently sucked.

I HOPE WE’RE NOT TOO MESSIANIC, OR A TRIFLE TOO SATANIC: After Trump’s spiritual adviser calls for ‘all satanic pregnancies to miscarry,’ she says it was a metaphor.

This Washington Post article is being reposted by the San Francisco Chronicle, which has religious issues of its own, urging parents in 2008 to throw “less is more birthday parties,” and quoting the founder of an organization called “Washington state’s Progressive Kid,” who declared that “There is nothing more bacchanalian than a kid’s birthday party.”

Perhaps that’s why they have so few of them there: “San Francisco has the lowest share of children of any of the largest 100 cities in the U.S.,” the Atlantic noted last year.

WELL, A BERNIE, LIZ, OR BIDEN VICTORY WOULD HAVE THE REVERSE EFFECT: Trump 2020 win could turbocharge US economy: Wall Street.


● Shot: Cut Back on Email If You Want to Fight Global Warming.

Bloomberg News, yesterday.

● Chaser: Did you know that your hand lotions, cosmetics and detergents could be creating as much air pollution as your car?

The Hill, Monday.

● Hangover: Campaign crunch time forces progressives to eye private jets.

—The AP, yesterday.

● The D.T.s: Environmentalists make good movie villains because they want to make your real life worse.

—Sonny Bunch, the Washington Post, January 3rd, 2019.

(Classical reference in headline.)


This year, things are off to an even worse start. The city recorded 30 homicides in the first 21 days of the year, continuing to average more than one killing per day. Other violent crimes, including rape and assault, were up across the board as well.

As we discussed earlier this month, the burden of addressing this violent crime epidemic falls on the shoulders of Mayor Jim Kenney. He was elected in 2016 on a platform of RESISTing Donald Trump, raising soda taxes, setting up supervised, public drug injection sites and getting the police under control. But rather than improving things, residents have seen the murder rate in the city climb significantly under Kenney’s tenure, going from 277 in 2016 to 356 last year.

And what has the Mayor done in response? Well, he held a gun turn-in event that produced a whopping total of six firearms of dubious quality that most self-respecting gang bangers wouldn’t be seen with in public. But Mayor Kenney wanted this job and he got it. Now it’s time to do the right thing.

Philadelphia’s last Republican mayor left office at the beginning of 1952.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. NO. Harvard student demands you stop making fun of her field of study. Frankly, it’s a good sign that she’s getting enough criticism and mockery — at Harvard — that she feels compelled to demand that you stop mocking her major in Women, Gender, and Sexuality.

NEWS YOU CAN USE? How to beat Twitter cellar-dwellers at their own game.

A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.

DEVELOPING: NBA Legend Kobe Bryant, 41, dead in California helicopter crash. “Bryant’s wife, Vanessa, was not among those aboard the chopper, according to reports. Bryant’s 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, was also among those killed, according to TMZ.”

UPDATE: ‘I really don’t know what to say:’ NBA players, professional athletes weigh in on the passing of Kobe Bryant.

Related: Felicia Sonmez, Washington Post national political reporter,” is going for the mother of all Twitter ratios:

Update (6:04 PM EST): Death toll now nine people in crash of Sikorsky S-76 carrying Kobe Bryant, and daughter.

Update (6:29 PM): MSNBC’s Alison Morris issues grovelling apology after gaffe that sounded very much like the N-word announcing Bryant’s death:

If a Fox News host had made a similar gaffe, it would garner wall-to-wall coverage on MSNBC, the network that spent the election year of 2012 hearing racist dog whistles being uttered by Republicans via words such as “golf” and “Chicago.”

Update (6:50 PM): Sonmez deletes above tweet, but not before her ratio topped over 23 thousand replies to 605 retweets.

Update (7:32 PM): “Orange Coast College baseball coach John Altobelli, his daughter Alyssa Altobelli and wife Keri Altobelli were on the helicopter with Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna when it crashed in Calabasas, California, a relative tells CNN.”

Update (8:19 PM): Media mangle and mishandle details of Kobe Bryant’s death.

(Updated and bumped.)


JOHN HINDERAKER: The China Myth Exposed.

From early in our nation’s history, America’s intellectuals have mostly looked down on their own country and yearned for it to be like someplace else–someplace more sophisticated, and more in tune with “modern” intellectual currents, whatever they might be at the moment. That is a long history, which I will skip over. In our own time, American intellectuals have claimed that Soviet Russia, Germany and Japan were harbingers of the future that the U.S. needed to imitate. In each case, the point was that we had to shed our archaic freedoms and enter the brave new world of central planning under the control–benign, of course!–of intellectuals and bureaucrats. Strangely, however, American free enterprise has managed to outlast and surpass all of those supposedly more advanced challengers.

Most recently, China has been the favored nation of the future. It has the advantage over Germany and Japan of being straightforwardly authoritarian (if no longer exactly Communist), which endeared it to anti-democratic liberals like Tom Friedman. . . .

I could be wrong; it has happened once or twice. But I suspect that the current public health crisis spells the end of China envy among American intellectuals. The context, of course, is the Trump administration’s standing up to China’s dictators. Like Toto, Trump has pulled back the curtain on the Chinese fraud. To coin a phrase, one might say that China’s economic “juggernaut” is in fact a paper tiger.

Someday, China may be a free country with a free economy. Until that day comes, the only lesson we can learn from the Chinese government is what to avoid.

Trump has pulled aside a lot of curtains.

SPACE: SpaceX prepares for Starlink launch Monday.


● Shot: Elizabeth Warren Says She Fights Climate Change By ‘Mostly Flying Commercial.’

—The Daily Wire, October 31st, 2019.

● Chaser: Campaign crunch time forces progressives to eye private jets.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have spent the past year courting the Democratic Party’s base with appeals to the working class and sweeping promises to curb climate change. But as they balance their responsibilities to participate in the Senate’s impeachment trial and rally voters on the campaign trail, they’re turning to private air travel, an option typically reserved for the elite and criticized as environmentally unfriendly.

Sanders is expected to charter a flight to Iowa this weekend while the Senate trial is in recess. Warren hasn’t finalized her plans but is also considering private travel, and Amy Klobuchar hasn’t ruled it out. Only Michael Bennet says he’ll be flying commercial.

—The AP, yesterday.

No word yet if Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will rescind her endorsement of fellow socialist Sanders, given her famous demand at the start of 2019 to ban “farting cows and airplanes.”

CORONAVIRUS 2019-nCoV VISUALIZED: Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Global Cases (by JHU CSSE)

This is from Johns Hopkins, real data updated in real-time.

WE HAVE TWO BOXES, AS PART OF OUR GENERAL PREPAREDNESS STORE: N95 Virus Masks Sell Out Across The U.S. Home Depot in Canada is reportedly sold out. But InstaPundit was on this story yesterday.


Muslim sex grooming gangs, like drugs or prostitution, are too widespread to be enforced out of existence because, like college students and pot, the culture doesn’t accept that they are wrong.

The police did nothing because these were not isolated crimes by criminals, but clashes of morals and values between two communities, one of which does not believe that child rape is wrong because its sacred texts tell it that Mohammed married Aisha and consummated his marriage when she was 9.

There are nearly 2 million child marriages in Pakistan. The notion that a woman’s consent to sexual relations matters is an utterly foreign concept in a culture where unaccompanied women are fair game.

The child rapists did not believe that their actions were wrong under Islamic law. And they weren’t.

The Manchester City Council and the GMP just accepted this reality as they have accepted it so often. They buried the minutes, shut down the investigation, and walked away from the screams of the girls.

They did it for multiculturalism, integration, and community relations. They did it for social justice.

We know that no real action was taken because the girls were troubled. They didn’t matter. And their bodies and lives could be sacrificed for the greater good.

The real tragedy is not that the rapists didn’t understand it was wrong. It’s that the UK no longer does.

Indeed. In a more civilized nation, this would have produced riots.

STEVEN HAYWARD: The Power Line Show, Ep. 165: A Field Report from Wuhan on the Coronavirus.

THE NEW REPUBLIC CATCHES ON TO SOMETHING THAT INSTAPUNDIT READERS HAVE KNOWN FOR A WHILE: Educated Fools: Why Democratic Party Leaders Still Misunderstand The Politics Of Social Class.

How many of us in the party’s new postgraduate leadership caste have even a single friendship, a real one, of two equals, with any man or woman who is just a high school graduate? It’s hard to imagine any Democrat in either House or Senate who did not go beyond a high school diploma. (And no, I am not talking about Harvard dropouts Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.)

Still, it’s unthinkable that the college-educated base of the party would trust a high school graduate without a four-year degree to run for or hold a serious office. We don’t trust them, and would never vote for one of them. Why should they trust or vote for one of us?

It’s even worse than that, though, because feeling superior to the deplorables is the cement that holds together the Democratic Party’s Inner Party. Oh, they have working class blacks and hispanics, but they’re not driving the train.

SEVA IS A GREAT GUY. HE DID SOME MASTERING WORK FOR ME BACK IN THE 90S, BEFORE I LEARNED TO DO IT MYSELF: Former Knoxville radio host turns Grammy award winning producer.

‘NOTHING TO CATCH US:’ How California’s homelessness crisis surged.

Many blame mental illness and drug addiction for the soaring numbers, but experts say that is only part of the puzzle. The state’s severe housing shortage that has forced rents to increase at twice the rate of the national average and put the median price of a single family home at $615,000, has also contributed to the crisis.

John Maceri, CEO of the Los Angeles-based social services provider The People Concern, said social safety nets, like affordable housing and job training, are all but gone, leaving already vulnerable people to fend for themselves.

The housing price of liberalism,” as Thomas Sowell dubbed it – and it doesn’t come cheap.

Related: From John Stossel at Reason TV: Bad Laws Worsen the Homeless Crisis. San Francisco encourages homelessness by limiting housing, offering generous welfare, and failing to enforce basic laws:

GREAT MOMENTS IN PROJECTION: Obama called Trump a ‘fascist’ in call to Hillary Clinton running mate Tim Kaine.

The running mate of Hillary Clinton, you say?

THE 21st CENTURY IS NOT TURNING OUT AS I HAD HOPED: China Quarantines 40 Million, 1,300+ Infected; Expert Predicted Coronavirus ‘Pandemic’ Could Kill 65 Million; U.S. Evacuation Underway In China.

Related: “China’s years-long expansion into Africa – and the corresponding flood of Chinese workers establishing themselves there – has left the continent particularly vulnerable to the spread of a new iteration of coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China.”

More: Coronavirus outbreak: New York on high alert with over 1,200 infected worldwide.

And finally (for now): Wesleyan University student being monitored for coronavirus in Connecticut.

THE GRUBBY CORRUPTION OF OUR POWER ELITE: Roger Kimball reviews Peter Schweizer’s new book, Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite.


A Martinez couple who was operating a seemingly legitimate business selling solar generators pleaded guilty Friday to various charges stemming from a Ponzi scheme that netted them $1 billion in fraudulent income — affording them an extremely lavish lifestyle.

Jeff and Paulette Carpoff launched DC Solar in Benecia to provide trailer-mounted, mobile solar generators for off-grid uses — like for large outdoor events, emergency situations, and more. But, as the Associated Press reports, “the company morphed into a Ponzi scheme by telling investors they can take advantage of federal tax credits by leasing the generators back to DC Solar, which would then provide them to other companies for their use.” The couple was caught taking money from new investors to pay off original investors, taking in $2.5 billion in investment transactions over a seven-year period, beginning in 2011.

Investors included Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc., which reportedly lost $340 million in the scheme.

“The Carpoffs face decades in federal prison,” Or much less, since AOC assures me that mankind has less than 12 years left.

A VERY PYTHON MEMORY: Michael Malone looks back at an interview with Douglas Adams and the recently deceased Terry Jones, where everything went wrong.

I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ANOTHER WORD ABOUT GLENN REYNOLDS’ CARBON FOOTPRINT: Prince Charles flew 16,000 miles in just 11 days using three private jets and one helicopter before proudly posing with Greta Thunberg in Davos.


Flashback: “The steady drumbeat of sexual scandal is eroding the Left’s moral authority.” Especially when they pretended to claim that “it’s on us” to do something about it.

MEANWHILE, BACK AT THE GWOT: Three Al-Qaeda Jihadis Caught Trying to Enter U.S. with Colombian Passports.

WELL, OKAY THEN: Government health agency official: Coronavirus ‘isn’t something the American public need to worry about.’

Related: Coronavirus: US woman walks deserted Wuhan streets as city remains on lockdown.

UPDATE: This seems a bit alarmist. Harvard epidemiologist says coronavirus is “thermonuclear pandemic level bad.” At least I hope it is! So I don’t trust the information coming out of China very much — whether from official or unofficial sources — and what spooked me a bit last night was that the Chinese government, which I would expect to understate and underreact here, is calling the situation grave and quarantining multiple large cities. Of course, they could be panicking, but my assumption is that while their information may also be imperfect, it’s better than what I can get. So I’m not panicking, but I”m a bit concerned. Of course, the proper response at this point is what you should be doing anyway, which is have enough food, medicine, etc. ready to hand that you can stay away from public places for a few weeks if necessary.

SHOCKING NEWS FROM THE WORLD OF SCIENCE: Teens who use joints, bongs, concentrates more likely to keep using pot. Teens who use pot, especially in more concentrated forms, more likely to keep using pot.

BLESS HER HEART: Hillary Complains There Are Not Enough Democrats in the News Media.


THE CORBYNIZATION OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY CONTINUES APACE: Rashida Tlaib retweets unverified claim Israelis killed Palestinian boy.

THIS WHOLE IMPEACHMENT THING IS REALLY GOING SWIMMINGLY: Angry Citizens Heckle Adam Schiff, ‘Move to Venezuela Comrade!’

GOOD AND HARD: Mayor Durkan’s failures, political correctness caused downtown Seattle shooting.

Political correctness and liberalism are literally killing people. This downtown Seattle shooting is an extension of all of that.

It’s about squishy prosecutors and judges who let repeat offenders walk free. It is about a city council that has designed this because anarchy will allow them to rebuild the city in a socialist image.

Today, a woman is dead and seven others are injured. A 9-year-old remains in the hospital. It is shameful but unfortunately predictable, given who we have running things around here.

* * * * * * * *

Jenny Durkan is an ineffective mayor. Look at what has happened with the issues people are most worried about — traffic, homelessness, and crime. The media is complicit with this. Just a few days ago, a column in the Seattle Times reported that crime is down. People on the streets know that crime isn’t down. They know that their homes are getting broken into and their car windows are getting smashed. Yet some in the media will say crime is down in Seattle. Yes, and how many shootings have we had since Tuesday? Police were near last night’s shooting because they were a few blocks away at a police-involved shooting in the middle of the afternoon. And so with the help of their compliant media, politicians are able to push out false stories that crime is down and everything is great.

Seattle’s last Republican mayor left office in 1969.


ROGER SIMON: Soros Does Zuckerberg a (Temporary) Favor by Attacking Facebook.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, LESTER MADDOX SMILES EDITION: Concordia College MLK Day seminar for white students: ‘How to Embrace Your Inner Racist.’

SEGREGATION RETURNS TO ALABAMA: EXCLUSIVE: UA promotes program ONLY for ‘Black, Hispanic, Native American, and/or LGBT+’ students.

DON SURBER: The lightness of being Peggy Noonan.

DON SURBER: The Fourth Anniversary of National Review’s Suicide. Their position was silly then, and seems vastly more so now.

IT’S THE SEINFELD IMPEACHMENT — A SHOW ABOUT NOTHING. EXCEPT THAT PEOPLE WATCHED SEINFELD. Even DC is ignoring impeachment: 63% have watched ‘none’ of trial.

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UNEXPECTEDLY: Watch Vice journalist break all four rules of gun safety in one second.


UNEXPECTEDLY! Bolsonaro’s popularity jumps as Brazil economy improves, crime drops.

IT’S COME TO THIS: Schiff blows up GOP support with “head on a pike” reference.

FLASHBACK: Draft women? Why not?

MUST FLEE TV: Three Million Viewers Flee Big Three’s Impeachment Coverage.


January 25, 2020

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DON’T GET COCKY, KID: Steven Hayward: The State of Things for Dems: Gloomy & Getting Gloomier.

J. CHRISTIAN ADAMS: Trump at the March for Life Seals Irrelevancy of Never Trumpers. Even Reagan never did that. Many male Republicans are skittish because their — usually more liberal — wives would skewer them if they came out as fully pro-life as Trump did, and many female Republicans are skittish because they fear being ostracized by the sisterhood, even within the GOP. Trump isn’t skittish because he’s Trump.

WELL, WE HAVE A SPACE FORCE WITH A COOL LOGO NOW, SO IT’S ABOUT TIME: We Might Actually Be Able To Make Star Trek’s Photon Torpedoes.

NOTHING TO SEE HERE, MOVE ALONG: Watchdog group says two North Carolina counties have more registered voters than voting age citizens.

OPEN THREAD: Party like a Bay City Roller.

IN IMPEACHMENT TRIAL COVERAGE, LIBERAL MEDIA HEAP PRAISE ON SCHIFF AND DEMOCRATS PROSECUTING TRUMP. Exit quote: “Self-described ‘conservative’ Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin was hanging on Schiff’s every word. ‘Thank God I was alive to hear Adam Schiff speak these past few days,’ she tweeted.”

Earlier: MSNBC: Schiff Is Atticus Finch, Billy Joel, Prince, and Springsteen!


AN ARM OF THE DNC: CNN just rigged its New Hampshire town halls by snubbing Tulsi Gabbard.

THE “ONE CONTINUOUS TAKE” PROTOTYPE FOR 1917: A Look Back at Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope.

RELAX, PROBABLY JUST A COINCIDENCE. Doctor at hospital in Wuhan dies after treating patients with coronavirus. “A doctor working at a hospital in Wuhan, China — treating patients stricken with the coronavirus — died Saturday morning. Liang Wudong, 62, died after he was infected with Wuhan coronavirus.”

Related: Is Beijing suppressing the true scale of infections? Nurse treating coronavirus sufferers in China claims 90,000 people have already been infected.

We can’t know how bad it is in China. We can only know that the PRC government will lie about how bad it is, and the worse it is, the more they will lie.

UPDATE: Weird, I searched N95 respirators on Amazon and an awful lot of them appear to be backordered.

On the other hand, there’s this: Don’t buy the media hype over the new China virus.

ANOTHER UPDATE: On the other hand, in the comments people are invoking John Ringo. I don’t want to live in a John Ringo novel.

MORE: For what it’s worth, here’s a Quora thread on what it’s like inside the quarantine zone in Wuhan City, with posts from people there, and from people in contact with friends and relatives there. No idea how representative or reliable they are, of course.

And this seems like good news: Israeli in coronavirus epicenter Wuhan: It’s impossible to get out. Though in China that probably just means you haven’t bribed the right people.

STILL MORE: John Ringo appears in the comments because of course! “I don’t want to live in a John Ringo novel, either.” At least it’s not one of the Posleen books.

MORE STILL: Some informed speculation here.

AND NOW: Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park close over China coronavirus fears.

HILLARY: ‘Sanders Would Be More Likable If He’d Just Have The People Who Don’t Like Him Assassinated.’ “Many political commentators quickly condemned her remarks but have since turned up dead.”

From the Babylon Bee, America’s Newspaper of Record.

POOR PUERTO RICO: Puerto Rico hit by a 5.0 quake amid ongoing seismic activity. “A 5.0 magnitude earthquake hit southern Puerto Rico on Saturday at a shallow depth, raising concerns about unstable infrastructure in a region that has been hit by quakes every day for nearly a month.”

DON SURBER: Writing Off Gun Owners. “Tim Alberta of Politico went back home to see what is happening in rural Michigan. He attended the Mid-Michigan Gun & Knife Show. The result was a piece, ‘How the Gun Show Became the Trump Show.’

If your political party declares itself the deadly enemy of a large group of Americans, don’t be surprised if those Americans believe it.

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