August 6, 2020

I HAVE A PIECE ON LIBEL REFORM COMING OUT IN THE TENNESSEE LAW REVIEW THAT I THINK IS PRETTY INTERESTING. You can download it here. It was inspired by Clarence Thomas in the McKee v. Cosby case, and I expect the Supreme Court to revisit New York Times v. Sullivan in the not too distant future.

POST-PEAK? “We think there are less people getting sick:” COVID-19 testing, cases down in Tennessee.

Also: Fewer people. Yes, I am a pedant.

AT AMAZON, Bras for Women.

“ACTIVISTS ON TWITTER” ARE IDIOTS WHO SHOULD BE IGNORED: The Mandalorian Star Gina Carano Accused of Racism for Sharing Historical Anti-Nazi Photo.

But I like her response: “She wouldn’t stop there. The very next day the former MMA star and actress took to Twitter to call out the trolls and called them ‘cowards’ for attempting to harass her for the simple act of sharing the photo.”

I THINK THE “DEFUND ACADEMIA” MOVEMENT MAY GET SOME TRACTION HERE: Amid Cancel Culture, Now Academics Have Their Next Target: Pickup Trucks.

“PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS” IS BEGINNING TO SOUND LIKE “EXCUSE TO ABUSE POWER.” MI Gov. Whitmer orders state employees to undergo “implicit bias training,” declares racism “public health crisis.”

Also, “implicit bias” is mostly junk science.

SEEN ON FACEBOOK: “The democrats who are calling Trump a fascist are the same democrats who are currently setting up ‘checkpoints’ and cutting off water and power to people who disobey them.”

Related: Nashville Promised a Crackdown on Mask-Defying Partiers. Then They Arrested a Homeless Man with a Drug and Drinking Problem.

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Voting With Their Guns: Urban unrest has sales soaring, especially among blacks.

There’s nothing like nationwide protests and a murder surge in major cities to cause a spurt of new gun sales. Gun controllers may want to rethink their 2020 strategy.

The FBI’s most recent gun-sale figures are stunning. They show that in July the bureau carried out 3.6 million background checks, the third highest month on record. Adjusting to reflect checks only for gun purchases, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) says this translates to 1.8 million gun sales for July 2020—a 122% increase over July 2019. The 12,141,032 gun sales through this July is just shy of the 13,199,172 sales for all of 2019.

These record sales are best understood as a referendum on the riots, and the growing lack of confidence many Americans have that police will protect them. This is more than National Rifle Association spin.

Plenty of Democrats own guns, many of them the blue-collar Democrats who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and whom Joe Biden hopes to woo back. Forty percent of first-time buyers are women. An NSSF survey of gun retailers reports that sales to black Americans are up 58.2% for the first six months of this year, the largest increase for any demographic group. . . .

But if police are reluctant to enforce current gun laws, as in New York City, what’s the point of new limits on gun ownership? The debate has also shifted from mass shootings to public safety, especially in big cities where gun violence is rampant. The larger lesson is that if liberals won’t control crime, expect more Americans to buy guns in self-defense.

But the political landscape has changed. First came Covid-19, which increased Americans’ concern for their safety. These fears escalated as the protests following the death of George Floyd at the hands of police turned violent. Americans saw police forces across the country unable to protect their cities against rioting mobs. One result is that gun sales have shot through the roof, with an estimated 40% of purchases this year going to first-time buyers.

Gun owners tend to vote Republican.

THE U.S. HAS FIGURED OUT WE’RE IN A CYBERWAR: TikTok: Trump signs order to address ‘threat’ of Chinese app.

Related: Nikki Estridge plays out TikTok’s Social Media Expulsion.


OPEN THREAD: Oh, it’s lonely at the bottom. Man, it’s dizzy at the top. But if you’re standing in the middle, ain’t no way you’re gonna stop.

GOD AND MAN AT CNN: CNN Tries to Shame the Daily Caller for Asking About Biden’s Catholicism, But It Backfires.

Par for the course for CNN, which has been anti traditional religion since its founding.

Earlier: Don Lemon: Let’s face it, Jesus Christ “admittedly was not perfect when he was here on the Earth.”

Ted Turner left the building long ago, but his leftwing anti-religious* bigotry lives on in a big way at CNN.

* Except one religion, curiously enough.


I HAD MISSED THIS STORY: US manufacturing soars to a 15-month high. Weird that it didn’t get more press.


JIM TREACHER: Biden Says the Latino Community Is Incredibly Diverse, ‘Unlike the African-American Community.’

Treacher’s article is just for our VIP members; please use the discount code LOYALTY if you’ve been thinking of becoming a supporter.

IT’S COME TO THIS: San Francisco restaurant turns to dome dining amid growing homelessness on streets.

For struggling restaurants, adding outdoor dining means facing a variety of elements on San Francisco streets — including the impact of the homelessness crisis that’s only worsened during the pandemic. In the case of one fine dining restaurant, it means enclosing diners in transparent geodesic domes on the plaza in front of its doors.

On Wednesday, Hashiri, a Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant, began seating diners inside these domes — structures covered in plastic that are sometimes employed by rooftop bars during winter in New York or Chicago known as garden igloos — for a $200-per-person kaiseki and omakase sushi dinner.

Hashiri attempted to seat diners outside once before during the pandemic, but manager Kenichiro Matsuura said the setting didn’t make it feasible. Hashiri is located in Mint Plaza, an area near Fifth and Mission streets where homeless people often congregate.

I’m pretty sure Get Smart wasn’t intended to be a how-to guide for fine-dining.


Shot: Rhode Island’s Governor Sends the National Guard Out in a Door-to-Door Search for New Yorkers.

—Jim Geraghty, NRO, March, 30th.

Chaser: Rhode Island Residents Suddenly Find Themselves Unwelcome In Other States.

—Jazz Shaw, Hot Air, today.

(Classical reference in headline.)



The prisons are full of people who do something violent in a “moment of madness.” And the cemeteries are full of their victims. These two were better prepared than most to act sensibly in the face of temptation, or should have been.

VOTE BY MAIL: Flashback: Report: USPS improperly enabled workers who helped Clinton campaign.

75 YEARS AGO THE FIRST ATOMIC BOMB WAS DROPPED: Truman’s Use Of The Bomb Killed Hundreds Of Thousands, But Saved The Lives Of Even More.

Related: How British planes almost carried the bomb, when Boeing wasn’t sure the B-29 could be successfully modified for the job:

UPDATE: It’s time for “Our Annual August Debate Over the Bombs,” Victor Davis Hanson writes.

(Updated and bumped.)

FASTER, PLEASE: Eli Lilly is testing a way to prevent covid-19 that’s not a vaccine.

SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY: Top Democrats contemplate civil war if Biden loses: Yet the media still only talks about Trump not accepting the result. That’s because the media has already chosen sides.

“HE ALSO SAID THAT THE LOCAL DAILY NEWSPAPER PROVIDED NO COVERAGE OF THE EVENT.” Asheville’s ‘Back the Blue’ organizer astonished by turnout.

AT AMAZON, Merkur Razor Double Edge Razor Blades.


‘SHUT UP,’ THEY EXPLAINED: New York Bar Owner Says Liquor License Suspension Was Revenge for Satirical Anti-Cuomo Menu.

TAMARA KEEL: Review: FN 503 Subcompact Handgun. “I have to apologize to FN for my lack of faith. Because the FN 503 is a pistol that is obviously a clean-sheet-of-paper design, domestically produced right here in South Carolina, and aimed right at the U.S. concealed-carry market.”

SHOCKER: Democrats Losing Decades-Long Grip on Young Black Voters. “Younger voters have grown tired of broken promises and white Democrats’ sense of entitlement to their vote.”

I REJECT YOUR REALITY AND SUBSTITUTE MY OWN: There’s a petition at Chapman University to remove the busts of free-market heroes like Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and Milton Friedman. The only reason given for removing Friedman is that he “inferred [sic] that Free Market Conservatism would solve racism.” Who would they put in their place? “Angela Davis, Malcolm X, Harvey Milk, Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana, John Lewis, Cesar Chavez, James Baldwin and Dolores Huerta.”

DON’T GET COCKY. Ground Game: Is Joe Biden’s Campaign Committing Political Suicide?

CHARMING: Auburn prof in hot water over ‘f*ck every single cop’ tweet.

CHANGE: We’ve Worked Longer Under Lockdown and I Guess Some of You Liked It.

ALWAYS THE WAY AT THE EPA: Years ago, the EPA, true to form screwed up a study that found dairy farms responsible for pollution in the Yakima Valley region of Washington state but still used it to force consent decrees and that shut down many farms. It covered up the fact that the science in the study was awful for close to a decade.
The “smoking gun” emails have finally come to light after years of fighting. The EPA is claiming statute of limitations. If they get away with that, it will set the precedent that they can cover stuff up and wait it out. Letting things slide will also allow activist groups to continue to press claims in court against farmers based on the flawed study.
Gerald Baron of Save Family Farming has more (the story gets worse the more you learn) at the Washington Times. Or you can read more at SFF’s site here.

AMERICA’S NEWSPAPER OF RECORD: Riotous BLM Protesters Suddenly Realize They’re All White People.

NIKKI ESTRIDGE PLAYS OUT TikTok’s Social Media Expulsion.