May 14, 2021

HMM: Could This Obscure Legal Case Change Control of the Senate?

CHANGE: Gun maker relocating headquarters in Middle Tennessee, investing $7.2 million. “Previously, Troy Industries, Inc. was based out of West Springfield, Mass.”

AMERICA’S NEWSPAPER OF RECORD: Racists Make A Comeback With All New Ways To Be Racist! (Video.)

SPOILER: HE ISN’T. Tesla owner jailed for leaving driver seat empty says he feels safer in back seat.

RULES ARE FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE IN CUOMO’S NEW YORK: Governor Cuomo exempts faculty and staff from COVID vaccine mandate on public campuses.


Other questions about the timing arise from the fact that this morning American Federation of Teachers Union President Randi Weingarten, who has been facing public backlash for her stances on school closures, suddenly came out and declared that schools must reopen in the fall of 2021. Dr Anthony Fauci echoed this sentiment during a cable news interview. This is a stunning reversal that suggests perhaps administration internal polling is playing a part. The further out we get from January 20, the harder it becomes to blame Biden’s stalled agenda and economic recovery on his predecessor. The Biden administration was heading into a weekend full of Sunday shows poised to talk about the administration’s current struggles. Now those programs will undoubtedly adjust their calculus to talk about the end of the pandemic, as the administration attempts to take a victory lap, one that several states like Florida and Texas have been taking since August of last year.

Flashback: The Suicide of Expertise.

INSTAPUNDIT READERS HAVEN’T BEEN: MIT Tech Review: No Need To Panic About COVID-19 Variants.

SEGREGATION NOW, SEGREGATION TOMORROW, SEGREGATION FOREVER! American University announces ‘Black Affinity Housing’: Other universities across the nation have instituted similar segregated housing plans. “Campus Reform recently covered an op-ed written by American University freshman Kayla Kelly, who argued that welcoming White students back to campus after COVID-induced shutdowns ‘could evoke similar effects of settler colonialism and negatively impact’ the Black community of Washington, D.C.”

TWO LIES FOR THE PRICE OF ONE: Senior White House Covid Advisor Says Biden Wears Mask Inside ‘Because He’s A Very Important Person.’

MY NEW YORK POST COLUMN: Democrats refuse to prioritize REAL infrastructure — like Colonial Pipeline.

GENTLEMEN, YOU CAN’T COMMIT JOURNALISM HERE, THIS IS A NEWS WEBSITE! The Intercept Attacks Conservative Journalists For Reporting On Violent Black Lives Matter Riots.

THE NEW ANTIRACISM LOOKS AN AWFUL LOT LIKE THE OLD RACISM: Lawsuit Alleges Racism in Biden Administration’s Covid Relief for Restaurants and Bars.

WITH MALICE AFORETHOUGHT: How The New York Times Manufactures Lies For Democrats To Attack Their Opponents.

THE NEW SPACE RACE: China’s Mars Orbiter Is About to Attempt a Risky Landing on The Red Planet.

SHE’S TOTALLY MET MY EXPECTATIONS: Biden urged to dump ‘absolutely abysmal’ Harris as border czar, poll agrees.


“‘Well, it’s not a request, it’s a demand, and the president of the United States does not get to tell me or any other American citizen what to wear.,’ Carlson said. ‘He’s not offering a choice. He’s laying down an ultimatum. He’s saying if you don’t get vaccinated, you must wear a mask. Again, that’s not within his powers to demand.’”

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: Biden Needs To Stop the COVID Vaccine Harassment Already. “The relentless mask/vaccine one-note messaging from the Biden administration is getting more wearisome by the minute. There are other things going on in the world that the empty husk’s handlers should be making him pretend to deal with.”

Look around. It’s all they have.

THE CORBYNIZATION OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY CONTINUES APACE: Muslim Brotherhood Praises Dems for Abandoning Israel in Time of War.

Related: Why won’t Israelis let themselves be killed? The global woke loathing for Israel is taking an even darker turn.

LAWFARE: Pentagon Backs Off Xiaomi Blacklisting After Legal Challenge. “The U.S. Defense Department agreed to remove Xiaomi Corp. from a blacklist banning U.S. investment in the Chinese tech giant, opting against further defending a Trump administration action that alleged ties between the smartphone maker and the Chinese military.”


QUESTION ASKED: How are we enjoying the Biden presidency so far?


Only Israel (video).

But hey, there is a solution.

SAYS IT ALL: From The Daily Gouge, a thrice-weekly roundup of news, analyses and the Lighter Side from the desk of a former Navy F-14 pilot.

YOU’RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BLOG: Joe Biden Gives Us More Reasons to Question His Cognitive Health.

AND OH, YEAH, HAIL LOBSTER:  Becoming Who You Are.

And posting might be somewhat irregular as the next week will involve travel. But I’ll still try to post at least a few links per evening. (Otherwise the least of shareables will become too long.)

OH, LOOK, SOME EVIDENCE OF TESTICLES:  House Republicans Defy the January 6 Narrative.

OH, NO, NO, NO, NO:  International Energy Agency report shows that green energy transition is a fantasy because of dependence on key rare minerals.

It’s a fantasy for a ton of other reasons. Like, a lot more reasons. Not just rare minerals. Don’t believe me? Find a friendly engineer, wind him up with a few questions and watch him go. And if you have two buddies, one an engineer and one an expert in international politics, tell them what the greenies want, then sit back. You can probably sell tickets to that show.

OUR HIGHER EDUCATION SYSTEM NEEDS REFORM:  Today’s blacklisted American: Conservative commencement speakers at all American universities.

And I think by “reform” I mean rebuilding from the ground up.

THE JUNTA’S COUP:  Tampering and serious discrepancies found in Arizona election audit.

Me? I want heads on pikes. I’m a traditionalist.

IT’S POSSIBLE SINCE BOTH “OUR DEMOCRACY” AND “WHITE SUPREMACY” ARE LARGELY IMAGINARY:  AG Merrick Garland Says White Supremacists ‘the Most Dangerous Threat to Our Democracy’.

This is kind of like saying that the Beagle Brothers are the greatest threat to uncle Scrooge’s money bin. It might be true. But since neither exists, the threat is contained.
On the other hand, communists, which Mr. Garland has identified at one time or another, are the greatest threat to our constitutional republic. So, why are we listening to Mr. Garland’s eructations, again?

LOOK, NO ONE WANTS TO TOUCH HIM WITH A TEN THOUSAND PIXEL POLE. WE MIGHT GET THAT * ON US: Anti-Israel Congressman You Never Heard Of Whines About Why No One Is Attacking Him On Social Media.

*Whatever is eating his brain.

NOT PRECISELY. THIS IS MORE EMBEZZLEMENT:  Federal Law Enforcement Stage Bank Heist.

As opposed to taxation, which is armed robbery.  Look, if we’re going to talk about all the ways that the feds — which are now entirely composed of corrupted institutions topped by a Junta which got there by a coup under the cloak of “elections” — are stealing from us? You’re going to need a bigger dictionary.

IF YOU HAVE A KID IN CALIFORNIA PUBLIC SCHOOLS IT’S TIME TO GET HIM OUT ASAP: California State Board of Ed Dumbing Down K-12 Math Curriculum to Ensure “Equitable Outcomes”.

This is your final alarm. Sauve-qui-peut. Eject, eject, eject!

DOESN’T MICHIGAN HAVE THE ABILITY TO REMOVE A GOVERNOR FOR MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES?  Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Threatens Shutdown of Great Lakes Oil Pipeline.

Look, they keep these games going, it will end in tears.

THE LEFT HAVE VERY SMALL MINDS: Wonder Woman Actress Takes Incoming For Peace Prayer.


Quick answers:

No it’s not based on movie with — spit — Jane Fonda. I actually leaned heavily on the original French comics, but well…. she might be a little more libertarian than the original, because I’m still me.

Yes, I am ashamed of myself for self promoting. That is a permanent condition with me, which is why I promote my friends more than I promote me. But, on the other hand, I’m trying to promote myself more, ashamed or not. Because I have bills to pay, cats to feed and things I want to do that require money. That’s why.



May 13, 2021

MY NEW YORK POST COLUMN: Democrats refuse to prioritize REAL infrastructure — like Colonial Pipeline.

WE WERE SOMEWHERE AROUND MINNEAPOLIS ON THE EDGE OF THE PRAIRIE WHEN THE DRUGS BEGAN TO TAKE HOLD: This meteorologist started multiplying on screen and she handled it like a boss.

OPEN THREAD: It’s a thin line between despair and ecstasy.

WELCOME BACK, CARTER: Inflation Is the Issue That Will Topple the Democrats.

The bond market’s measure of expected inflation – the difference between the yield of ordinary Treasuries and the yield of inflation-indexed Treasuries – jumped to 2.82% after the CPI announcement. That’s a hair below the all-time high for this measure of inflation expectations in March 2005.

The Federal Reserve continues to pump trillions of dollars of liquidity into the US economy by purchasing US Treasury securities, financing most of the US budget deficit, now running at a peacetime record of 15% of gross domestic product (GDP).

That leaves the Fed painted into a corner. If it raises interest rates to suppress inflation, the cost of financing the deficit will rise drastically. If it does nothing, eventually the market will force interest rates up, with the same effect.

Federal payments now make up 34% of all personal spending in the US, an all-time record. Ultimately the Treasury will have to cut back, leading to a sharp reduction in spending and an economic recession.

Mister, we could use a man like Paul Volcker again.

THE GRIFTERS: Rebekah Jones, the COVID Whistleblower Who Wasn’t.

JEALOUSY OF A RED STATE: Senate Intelligence chairman wants further review of decision to relocate U.S. Space Command.

HE’S VACCINATED AND ASYMPTOMATIC: HBO’s ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’ Canceled This Week After Host Tests Positive For Covid-19.

BRINGING “LOCK IN” TO AN END: Stanford scientists’ software turns ‘mental handwriting’ into on-screen words, sentences. “Stanford University investigators have coupled artificial-intelligence software with a device, called a brain-computer interface, implanted in the brain of a man with full-body paralysis. The software was able to decode information from the BCI to quickly convert the man’s thoughts about handwriting into text on a computer screen. The man was able to write using this approach more than twice as quickly as he could using a previous method developed by the Stanford researchers, who reported those findings in 2017 in the journal eLife.”

ALSO, EVERYTHING ELSE: Biden is failing to protect America from the next pandemic.

I FIGURED IT WAS JUST MY NATURAL STUDLINESS: No, Trader Joe’s Employees Are Not Trained to Flirt with Us.

NOW OUT FROM SOHRAB AHMARI: The Unbroken Thread: Discovering the Wisdom of Tradition in an Age of Chaos.

BREAKING: Maricopa County Election Audit Uncovers ‘Significant Discrepancies.’

IT’S TIME AND PAST TIME: Why many COVID experts think Americans can ditch their masks soon.

CHRISTIAN TOTO: You Won’t Believe How Trevor Noah Spins Hamas’ Assault on Israel. “This time the ‘both sides’ rationale sounds even more nauseating than usual.”

INFRASTRUCTURE: Over 15,000 Gas Stations Out of Fuel Nationwide: Gas shortages ease in some states, but worsen in others.

UPDATE: Poll: Less Than Half of U.S. Voters Confident Government Can Protect Pipelines. “Forty-seven percent (47%) of Likely Voters said they’ve experienced gasoline shortages or higher gasoline prices since the May 7 malware attack that temporarily shut down the Colonial Pipeline, which supplies petroleum to much of the Eastern U.S. Forty-one percent (41%) said they had not experienced shortages or higher prices for gasoline, and 12% were not sure.”

By all appearances, the FBI and the intel agencies seem more focused in going after political opponents.

Related: The FBI is very good at woke politics, not so good at catching killers.

So at the recommendation of Sarah Hoyt, I read Cry Bullies: Protecting yourself against social muggers and victimhood aggression and it was worth the time. It is a short read from a few years ago that packs a lot of information that is still relevant in dealing with the current lot of Karens, SJWs and beta males who think they run the show. They don’t. This book teaches you how to fight back by understanding the mindset of the social harasser and how to put a stop to their nonsense. The right tools and the will to fight back is the only way to deal with our current political climate. Better arm yourself. (Bumped)


DANEGELD: Colonial Pipeline Paid Nearly $5 Million In Ransom To Hacker Group.

LIVE AT 3:30PM EASTERN: ‘Five O’Clock Somewhere’ Live Chat with Kruiser, Preston, VodkaPundit.

IT ALWAYS HAS BEEN: Growing inflation is Biden’s hidden tax on working Americans.

FASTER, PLEASE: Researchers identify target for senolytic drugs. “Cells become senescent when they are damaged or stressed in the body, and they accumulate in our organs as we age. Senescent cells drive inflammation and aging as well as most age-related diseases.”

MICROBIOME NEWS: How the body builds a healthy relationship with ‘good’ gut bacteria.

THEY’LL BE BACK: Colorado Democrats shelve effort to impose a gun-purchase waiting period this year. “Colorado lawmakers were debating implementing a waiting period of three to five days before deciding to shelve the bill.”

PLAUSIBLE: If you prefer city living over nature, you might be a psychopath: study.

BIDEN’S RETURN TO LAWFULNESS: Biden HHS Secretary Attempts to ERASE a Federal Abortion Law He Doesn’t Like.

CHANGE: Norway drops AstraZeneca, offers J&J to volunteers only.

FOLLOW THE ACTUAL SCIENCE: Lockdown Mongers Can Point Fingers, But The Science Is In: They’re To Blame. “As is so often the case, however, the conventional wisdom was wrong. A new study from Chicago University economist Casey Mulligan validates what the anti-lockdowners knew all along: Lockdowns are a bad idea. After workplaces implemented mitigation measures, they became far safer environments than people’s homes.”

WHICH IS SAYING SOMETHING: Jeff Bezos affair saga is even more embarrassing than you thought.

VODKAPUNDIT PRESENTS YOUR DAILY INSANITY WRAP: The Left Loves Nothing Like Women-Oppressing, Gay-Murdering Terrorists.

Insanity Wrap needs to know: What’s the best way to show your support for women, gays, and oppressed minorities?

Answer: By celebrating misogynist, gay-murdering, rocket-wielding terrorists, of course.

Before we get to the sordid details, a quick preview of today’s Wrap.

  • An Army of none
  • Toure — remember him? — calls for racial violence
  • Jennifer Granholm says, “Let them eat lithium”

Bonus Sanity: Texas working on a law that says steak is meat.

And so much more at the link, you’d have to be crazy to miss it.

LAWN GUYLAND FOR TRUMP: What’s All the Noise From Long Island? It’s the Pro-Trump Long Island Loud Majority.

BIDEN TO NOMINATE CATHERINE LHAMON TO LEAD EDUCATION DEPT’S OFFICE FOR CIVIL RIGHTS. She was the head of OCR under Obama, and was the primary person responsible for all of the Obama Administration’s Title IX policy. I wrote a short book about how well this policy worked, called Twisting Title IX.

AND WE’RE NOT QUITE FOUR MONTHS IN: Biden’s Middle East Failure.

The first is the U.S. Navy’s seizure over the weekend of a significant weapons shipment. It contained “dozens of advanced Russian-made anti-tank guided missiles, thousands of Chinese Type 56 assault rifles, and hundreds of PKM machine guns, sniper rifles and rocket-propelled grenades launchers … [and] advanced optical sights,” the Fifth Fleet said in a statement.

The cache was destined for Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen, whom the Biden administration recently delisted as a terrorist organization. No serious person believes the arms didn’t originate in Iran, though for obviously political reasons the United States Navy prefers not to state the obvious.

In neighboring Iraq, a prominent Iraqi political activist and critic of Iranian influence in his country, particularly the arming and funding of pro-Tehran militias, was gunned down—the latest in a series of Iran critics to turn up dead. The early reporting suggests an Iranian militia is to blame.

Finally, there is the escalating security situation in the Persian Gulf. After several years of tranquility along one of the world’s most important shipping lanes, Iran has returned to harassing American ships.

Let’s not forget that Iran-backed Hamas is testing Biden’s support for Israel — and finding it wanting.

EVERYONE TALKS ABOUT THE END TIMES, BUT NOBODY DOES ANYTHING ABOUT IT. The Center for Applied Eschatology aims to change that. From its FAQ:

Q: Why do you want to end the world?
A: CAE is devoted to practical, pragmatic solutions. We’re interested in the how, not the why.

We can’t keep waiting around in our gas lines (or, for folks unfortunate enough to be anywhere near the Capitol on January 6, jail) for the SMOD to make good on its string of broken promises.

WHEN IN DOUBT, ASK YOURSELF “WWTD?”: The Biden Regime’s Response to Its Many Crises Will Make You Facepalm So Hard You’ll Hurt Your Neck.

(What Wouldn’t Trump Do?”)

AT HELEN’S PAGE: A Breast Cancer Surgeon links to his interesting site answering the important questions: “What Is Actually Considered ‘Family History’ Or ‘High Risk’ Of Breast Cancer?”

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE NEXT GOVERNOR OF VIRGINIA: American Idol finalist Caleb Kennedy out after KKK-themed video surfaces.

MICHAEL WALSH: ‘Things Fall Apart’ With No End in Sight.

They’re publicly gunning for the Second Amendment now and, over the course of the post-FDR period, have rendered the Ninth and 10th amendments (which were intended to establish expressed powers/limited government) as nullities.

Now, in a capital still ringed by barbed wire, a confused old man sits at a desk signing “executive orders” designed to overturn any vestiges of his predecessor—whose aim, you may recall, was to “Make America Great Again.” The economy boomed, the nation became energy self-sufficient, race relations had at least stabilized, the Middle East was moving toward stasis, and both the Russians and the Chinese were under no illusions about our international intentions.

And then came the election and huge blunder of Jan. 6, and it all vanished. Well, as they say, elections have consequences.

“Surely, the Second Coming is at hand,” writes Yeats in the second stanza of his great poem. But be careful what you wish for: “And what rough beast, its hour come round at last / Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?”

If you thought Biden’s first 100 days were bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

As Glenn recently wrote, “To be honest, a rerun of the Carter years is now a best-case scenario.”

20 MINUTES FROM NEW YORK TO PARIS: Oblique wave detonation engine may unlock Mach 17 aircraft. “Rotating detonation engines, in which the shockwaves from one detonation are tuned to trigger further detonations within a ring-shaped channel, were thought of as impossible to build right up until researchers at the University of Central Florida (UCF) went ahead and demonstrated a prototype last year in sustained operation. Due for testing in a rocket launch by around 2025, rotating detonation engines should be more efficient than pulse detonation engines simply because the combustion chamber doesn’t need to be cleared out between detonations.”

BIDEN ENERGY BACKERS CLEANING UP: Washington Free Beacon’s Collin Anderson and Matthew Foldi connected some green dots and found a bunch of energy folks who are doing quite well for themselves, courtesy of Joe Biden and friends:

“Shortly after becoming president, Biden virtually toured Proterra’s South Carolina plant before hosting company CEO Jack Allen at his State Department’s Leaders Summit on Climate. The move sparked a barrage of ethics concerns from federal lawmakers given that Biden’s energy secretary, Jennifer Granholm, holds up to $5 million in Proterra stock. Biden’s infrastructure package includes a $45 billion government investment in ‘clean, zero-emissions buses’ such as those produced by the company.

“Other Clean Energy for Biden leaders also stand to profit from the administration’s promotion of Proterra. At least three members of the group’s finance council work as partners at venture capital firms that list Proterra on their portfolios: Energy Impact Partners‘ Shayle Kann, Ajax Strategies‘ Veery Maxwell, and G2VP‘s Brook Porter. Popple left Proterra to join G2VP in February, according to LinkedIn.”

Trust me, there is much more to come along this same line in the days ahead.

BUT THEN SOMEONE REMINDED HIM THAT HIGHER ED IS PART OF THE DEMOCRATIC APPARAT: FLASHBACK: Biden once blamed rising professor salaries for contributing to ‘skyrocketing’ cost of college.

Though to be fair, it’s got more to do with exploding numbers of administrators.

JIM TREACHER: Sophia the Talking Robot Goes Into Journalism.

I haven’t been able to find video of this robot doing whatever the hell this is supposed to be, but here it is on a “date” with rapper and robot-fighter Will Smith:

That was three years ago, so maybe since then they’ve taught that thing how to recognize sarcasm, and that it should search online for a prospective suitor’s net worth before turning down a kiss. But if a robot is this adept at comedy, how tough can journalism be? It requires skill to make people laugh, but pretty much anybody can say things that aren’t true.

Journalists had better hope robots don’t take over their profession, because those things don’t need sleep or paychecks and they’re almost as easy to program.

That is, if robots haven’t already infiltrated the industry. Come to think of it… has anybody ever actually seen Wolf Blitzer walk through a metal detector?

At least interacting with Will Smith, Sophia seems awfully clunky. Why not dust off Ananova instead?

CRISES BY DESIGN: Trump Explains Why Joe Biden Is Worse Than Jimmy Carter. “I see that everybody is comparing Joe Biden to Jimmy Carter. It would seem to me that is very unfair to Jimmy Carter. Jimmy mishandled crisis after crisis, but Biden has CREATED crisis after crisis.”

I’M OLD ENOUGH TO REMEMBER WHEN WE WORRIED ABOUT RAPE ON CAMPUS: If we defund police on college campuses, ‘we will certainly see an increase in violent crime’ in academic institutions.

WHATEVER WORKS: Vlad the Vaccinator: Dracula’s Castle Lures Visitors With COVID-19 Jabs.

COLD WAR II: Taiwan’s TSMC joins American chip coalition in another blow to China’s self-sufficiency drive.

While ostensibly created for lobbying purposes in the US, the coalition showcases US influence over the globalised semiconductor supply chain, and is likely to complicate Chinese government efforts to reduce the country’s reliance on US technologies, analysts said.

China’s chip self-sufficiency ambitions “continue to face headwinds from surging efforts in America to reshore and ring-fence semiconductor value chains and technology” said Alex Capri, research fellow at the Hinrich Foundation and lecturer at the National University of Singapore.

TSMC’s increased investment and participation in building leading edge 5-nanometer (nm) and even 3-nm chip manufacturing plants in America may increase the pressure on Beijing because it appears the Taiwanese company will not do the same in mainland China, Capri said.

You’d have to be a fool, suicidal, or on the take to build an advanced fab in mainland Communist China.

UNFIT: Adults in the Room: Retired Military Brass Not Afraid to Voice Their Concerns About Biden. “On Tuesday, 124 retired military leaders released an open letter warning about key threats to America, from China to the border crisis to the ideologies undermining American freedoms. They also proved willing to address a major elephant in the room: President Joe Biden’s mental capacity and how Democrats’ concerns about nuclear codes undermine the chain of command.”

Much more at the link.

FIRST FRANCE, NOW THIS: ‘His mental and physical condition cannot be ignored’: More than 120 retired generals and admirals sign open letter questioning Biden’s mental health and backing election fraud claims. “‘The FBI and Supreme Court must act swiftly when election irregularities are surfaced and not ignore them as was done in 2020,’ they wrote.”

Related: Doubts about Biden’s mental acuity aren’t the only reason to limit prez’s nuke power.

NO TRANSPARENCY IN CALIFORNIA: State Controller Helen Yee’s office issued $320 billion worth of checks but is unable to track a single one of them. That’s what her lawyers told Open the Books anyway. I’ve covered transparency-in-government issues for more than two decades and this may be the most incredible illustration ever of the lengths to which officials will go to avoid accountabillity.

TEXAS HOUSE APPROVES BILL TO BAN PLANT-BASED FOODS FROM USING ‘MEAT’ ON LABELS. “The Texas House approved a bill Monday that would prohibit plant-based foods from using ‘meat’ or ‘beef’ on labels because it could be misleading to some consumers. South Dakota passed a similar bill in 2019 that was an effort to protect the state’s livestock industry and effectively allows the term ‘meat’ to be used only for protein harvested from animal carcasses.”

K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: Black Parent Compares Critical Race Theory to KKK Intimidation Tactics.


REALCLEARINVESTIGATIONS: The High-Pressure Business of Selling Woke Corporate Armor.

You know what’s real armor? Not caring.

CHICAGOLAND: The Chicago Police reportedly bought secret drones using drug money.

The Sun-Times was privy to an email sent by Karen Conway, Chicago PD’s director of police research and development, last summer (the emails leaked as part of a huge hack last month). Conway says explicitly in the email that the department’s counter-terrorism bureau “utilized 1505 funds for a pilot Drone program that operates within the parameters of current laws.”

Those 1505 funds are forfeiture proceeds: assets seized during criminal investigations. As such, that cash is not included in the police department’s official budget and is, for all intents and purposes, untraceable. Unless you’re willing to put that information in an email, apparently.

The Chicago Police says its secret drone program was limited in use to take crime scene photos and work on terrorism-related investigations. These cases are both allowed by Chicago law, despite the city’s drone restrictions being generally tight.

And yet the department still hid its drone program, going as far as to use that off-the-books cash — at least $26,000 of it, according to the leaked emails.

As a general rule, people don’t hide the things they should be doing.

IT’S ACTUALLY SORT OF IMPRESSIVE THAT THEY’VE MANAGED TO WRECK THINGS SO QUICKLY: ‘Biden’s America’: GOP hits jump in gas prices, unemployment, and illegal crossings.

WAPO’S HAWLEY HIT PIECE DRIPS DISGUST FOR MIDDLE AMERICANS: John Daniel Davidson in The Federalist looks at that Washington Post “profile” of Sen. Josh Hawley by “national political investigative reporter” Michael Kranish. You may recognize the name from two of his previous books, “Trump Revealed” and “The Real Romney.”

Davidson, who has forgotten more about real journalism than Kranish appears ever to have known, concludes the Post writer’s attack isn’t merely about the Missouri Republican, it’s really all about us.

You know, Middle American Bigots with our White Privilege, spewing on and on about Jeeezus, committing insurrection at the Capitol on January 6 and generally dragging our knuckles on the ground. Next, Kranish will “profile” that glorious apostle of tolerance and free thought, Josef Stalin.

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