May 11, 2021

YES. NEXT QUESTION? Is war in space inevitable?

SHOCKER: ‘Agitated’ Ocasio-Cortez berated and screamed at Border Patrol agent during Texas visit, government documents show.

NRA BANKRUPTCY PETITION DISMISSED. “The Court finds that the NRA did not file the bankruptcy petition in good faith because this filing was not for a purpose intended or sanctioned by the Bankruptcy Code. Therefore, cause exists under section 1112(b) to dismiss this case, which the Court finds is in the best interests of creditors and the estate.”

GAS LINE UPDATE: I went shooting this morning and all the stations — including the big truck stops out at Lovell Road — looked dead-normal. On the way back, I heard the most popular local radio station admonishing people not to panic buy. After lunch, I noticed that the stations I passed were jammed . . .

UPDATE: Via a friend:


HMM: Heart disease and obesity driven by liver function – new study.

GUN CONTROL IS MUCH MORE POPULAR WITH THE POLITICAL CLASS THAN WITH VOTERS: Americans gave President Joe Biden (D.) among his lowest marks on gun policy in a poll published Monday.

Related: Young Americans are Turning Down Gun Control.

WELL, THAT’S PROMISING: Intranasal COVID-19 vaccine candidate shows sterilizing immunity in preclinical tests.

WELL, JOE SCARBOROUGH: Glenn Greenwald Shows No Mercy After Joe Scarborough Beclowns Himself in Heated Exchange.

CORN, POPPED: Popular Detroit Police Chief Craig Resigns, May Go After Whitmer’s Gig. “Chief Craig, who is black, is popular with his cops, the citizens of Detroit, and the largely white suburbanites that encompass Detroit on three sides. His friends call him ‘Hollywood’ because he is comfy in front of news cameras, where he spends a lot of time. Then-president Trump called Craig, ‘terrific.'”

THAT WOULD BE AS NICE AS IT IS UNLIKELY: Fauci Must Be Held to Account for His Role in Funding Wuhan Lab Research.

THE NEW ANTIRACISM LOOKS AN AWFUL LOT LIKE THE OLD RACISM: To Fight Racism, Should White Children Be Made ‘Uncomfortable’?

Not unlike how if a vaccine makes you feel a bit sick that shows it is working, this discomfort is supposedly evidence that progress is being made. White people unwilling to experience this discomfort are viewed as part of the problem.

Proponents of these methods insist that encouraging these painful emotions is not punitive, but rehabilitative. The pain is meant to be the door white people pass through to truly embrace antiracism and deconstruct white supremacy.

In the end, you will love Big Brother.

THIS DOESN’T FIT THE NARRATIVE: Minnesota high schoolers stage ‘Back the Blue’ walkout.

SAMPLE RETURN: Coming Home: NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Mission to Begin Return from Deep Space.


DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: Trustee floats merger for woke-but-broke Evergreen State College after presidential search flub.

TYLER O’NEIL: The First ‘Transgender Bishop’ Shows How Churches Abandon Christianity.

THINGS THAT EVERYONE ALREADY KNEW: Intoxication brings strangers physically closer, study finds.

DISPATCHES FROM THE CARTER BIDEN ADMINISTRATION: As I sat in a gas line discovering my parents’ 70s experience here in North Carolina today, I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if the NSA and our other “intelligence” agencies had spent more of their time helping companies defend vital infrastructure like pipelines and less building giant facilities so they can illegally spy on Americans? It’s not like they didn’t know this was a problem.

Update: Sorry for basically replicating Ed’s post from 12 minutes ago; I was late because of the dang line for gas! Shoulda bought that Tesla, my power is nuclear…

HELL, IT’S A BAD IDEA TO HAVE IT ON WHEN YOU’RE AWAKE: Is Sleeping with Your TV on a Bad Idea?

WELCOME BACK, CARTER: Biden’s America: Gas Stations In Multiple States Run Out Of Fuel, Sparking Panic.

LAME MOMENTS IN GASLIGHTING: White House Denies That Paying Workers to Sit at Home Is a Disincentive to Work.

To be fair, if Democrats understood incentives, they wouldn’t be Democrats.

SCIENCE! Yale researcher gives new ant species a ‘non-binary’ scientific name.

MIT SCHOLARS REVIEW ANTI-MASK DISCUSSIONS AND CONCLUDE: “As science and technology studies (STS) scholars have shown, data is not a neutral substrate that can be used for good or for ill [14, 46, 84]. Indeed, anti-maskers often reveal themselves to be more sophisticated in their understanding of how scientific knowledge is socially constructed than their ideological adversaries, who espouse naive realism about the ‘objective’ truth of public health data.”

Plus: “Most fundamentally, the groups we studied believe that science is a process, and not an institution.”

Also: “As Tufekci demonstrates (and our data corroborates), the CDC’s initial public messaging that masks were ineffective—followed by a quick public reversal— seriously hindered the organization’s ability to effectively communicate as the pandemic progressed. As we have seen, people are not simply passive consumers of media: anti-mask users in particular were predisposed to digging through the scientific literature and highlighting the uncertainty in academic publications that media or- ganizations elide. When these uncertainties did not surface within public-facing versions of these studies, people began to assume that there was a broader cover-up [99].”

As I keep saying, trust is the number one asset of the public health community, and they rushed to squander it without a second thought.

TALES FROM THE SWAMPLAND: Big Media-Backing Special Interests, Lobbyists Flood Ken Buck’s Campaign Coffers as He Pushes Bill to Benefit Them.

Buck is leading this charge while taking thousands and thousands of dollars this year from special interests and lobbyists backing the legislation. In total, in just the past two months, recent Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings show Buck has raked in at least $18,000 from lobbyists, special interest groups, and PACs for organizations that support the legislation he is championing that would fundamentally change the media and technology landscape.

The bill, opposed by both the full Judiciary Committee’s ranking member, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), who warned the bill would give establishment media outlets “cartel power,” as well as House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy, who called it “the antithesis of conservatism,” is called the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA). It would create a special legal exemption in antitrust law for media companies to allow them to band together in a manner that would otherwise be illegal so they could collectively bargain with big tech companies.

The controversial legislation is the brainchild of a special interest group called the News Media Alliance (NMA). NMA, which is technically a 501(c)6 as classified by the IRS, is a membership-based advocacy organization with top establishment media organizations as leading board members.

Plus: “Backers of the legislation believe it may rein in big tech companies by forcing them to pay news organizations for content they use on their platforms, but as Breitbart News has demonstrated, the legislation has a number of flaws and loopholes that would actually end up empowering big tech and big media companies, while still hurting independent and smaller publishers.”

COOL: ‘Priceless’ Chrysler Turbine Car resurfaces after private sale.

WHEN IT’S NO LONGER USEFUL: When will the COVID pandemic be considered over?

BIDEN VOTERS POSTING THEIR L’S ONLINE: Reporters fume at White House ‘quote approval’ rules.

The practice allows the White House an extra measure of control as it tries to craft press coverage. At its best, quote approval allows sources to speak more candidly about their work. At its worst, it gives public officials a way to obfuscate or screen their own admissions and words.

The Biden White House isn’t the first to employ the practice. Many reporters say it’s reminiscent of the tightly controlled Obama White House. The Trump White House used it, too.

But reporters say Trump’s team did so less frequently than Biden’s team — which also used the tactic during the campaign — and a number of current White House reporters have become increasingly frustrated by what they see as its abuse. “The rule treats them like coddled Capitol Hill pages and that’s not who they are or the protections they deserve,” said one reporter.

“Every reporter I work with has encountered the same practice,” said another.

But, as is often the case with the unwieldy White House press corps, there is a collective action problem. Reporters are reluctant to say no to using background with quote approval because it could put them at a disadvantage with their competitors. “The only way the press has the power to push back against this is if we all band together,” said the first reporter. At least one White House reporting team has been talking internally about reaching out to other outlets to push the Biden team to stop the practice.

“Have any reporters talked about mutinying?” the second reporter asked us. “If you start fomenting an insurrection, keep me updated.”

Reached for comment, White House spokesperson MICHAEL GWIN asked to go off the record.

Gwin later texted a statement from press secretary JEN PSAKI. “We would welcome any outlet banning the use of anonymous background quotes that attack people personally or speak to internal processes from people who don’t even work in the Administration,” she said. “At the same time, we make policy experts available in a range of formats to ensure context and substantive detail is available for stories. If outlets are not comfortable with that attribution for those officials they of course don’t need to utilize those voices.”

Related: WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki Wishes Biden Maybe Didn’t Talk So Much.

VODKAPUNDIT PRESENTS YOUR DAILY INSANITY WRAP: Putin Takes Biden’s Lunch Money, Gives Atomic Wedgie.

Insanity Wrap needs to know: What’s another way of saying, “Thank you, sir, may I have another?”

Answer: “The Biden Doctrine.”

Before we get to the sordid details, a quick preview of today’s Wrap.

  • Stu Rothenberg has breaking news from 2001
  • Biden appoints actual insurrectionist as Deputy Director for Political Strategy
  • Is this video from 1979 or 2021? YOU make the call!

Bonus Sanity: At last, somebody has noticed that the new CIA Director is a CCP sympathizer.

And so much more at the link, you’d have to be crazy to miss it.

PARTY OF YOUTH UPDATE: Democratic Death Watch: ‘Biden’s agenda is pretty much dangling by a thread.’ “Yes, my headline is pretty blunt but no more so than this NY Times piece itself. Last week CNN published a story about the progressive push to get Justice Breyer to retire. There’s was one paragraph in that story which I found particularly striking. It noted that the Senate could fall into Republican’s hands ‘at any moment’ because ‘two members of the Democratic majority are near or just over 80 years old.’ In other words, Democrats are one stopped heartbeat away from losing the chance to replace Breyer with a young progressive. Today, the NY Times weighs in with a piece that is focused not just on Justice Breyer but the possibility that President Biden’s entire agenda could come to a grinding halt if the wrong people were to die suddenly.”

CHANGE: Boris Johnson Is Redrawing The Political Map Of England. “North East England is becoming a Conservative stronghold after a century of Labour dominance. Northumberland’s local council is under Conservative control for the first time since 1970 and Labour lost control of Durham County Council for the first time since 1925 after the Conservatives gained 14 seats. The Conservative Mayor of Tees Valley was re-elected with almost 73 percent of the vote. Across the rest of provincial England, the Conservatives also gained new council seats. There were even swings towards the Conservatives in London where Labour was expecting an easy victory.”

DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS (HISTORY): History or Misinformation: Did Santa Anna Have an All-Black Regiment Fighting In the 1836 Texas Revolution? “Salas has made the claim before, and it seems to be part of an effort to somehow rehabilitate Santa Anna. Rehabilitating Santa Anna is a woke and revisionist political project.”

IT’S THE END OF THE MEDIA WORLD AS WE KNOW IT, AND I FEEL FINE: Be it Resolved: The Mainstream Media is Dying, and that’s OK. Um, faster please?

AT HELEN’S PAGE: Setsoru’s Pride Doesn’t Float: The Clockwork Tree Conspiracy Book 1.

COMMUNIST FRONT CORPORATION: Huawei’s ability to eavesdrop on Dutch mobile users is a wake-up call for the telecoms industry.

Chinese technology provider Huawei was recently accused of being able to monitor all calls made using Dutch mobile operator KPN. The revelations are from a secret 2010 report made by consultancy firm Capgemini, which KPN commissioned to evaluate the risks of working with Huawei infrastructure.

While the full report on the issue has not been made public, journalists reporting on the story have outlined specific concerns that Huawei personnel in the Netherlands and China had access to security-essential parts of KPN’s network – including the call data of millions of Dutch citizens – and that a lack of records meant KPN couldn’t establish how often this happened.

It’s easy to say how this happened. They f****** up, they trusted China.

SYSTEMIC RACISM: U. Wisconsin-Milwaukee workshop helps participants to ‘confront whiteness.’


“There are requirements that make software engineers sweat. Massive distribution to thousands of nodes. High reliability and availability. Multiple distinct platforms. Rapid network growth. his is the world SpaceX’s Starlink program, which has set a goal to provide high-speed broadband internet to locations where access has been unreliable, expensive, or completely unavailable.”

AMERICA’S NEWSPAPER OF RECORD: CIA Breaks Up ISIS Plot To Use Incorrect Pronouns.

IT’LL BE TOUGH TO SPIN THIS ONE AS WORKPLACE VIOLENCE: Three Bystanders Shot in Broad Daylight in Times Square by a Man Named Farrakhan Muhammad.

SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY HAS A PROBLEM: NY Supreme Court judge overturns suspension of Syracuse fraternity, says they ‘did nothing wrong.’

A New York State Supreme Court judge has reversed Syracuse University’s suspension of a fraternity who was initially punished because a guest yelled a racial slur after being at the fraternity house.

According to, when the fraternity, Alpha Chi Rho, was suspended in 2019, the chancellor for Syracuse University, Kent Syverud said that “substantial evidence” existed which proved that members and guests of the fraternity engaged in racist activities.

Initially, the Syracuse University Appeals Board reversed the decision to suspend the fraternity, but their ruling was invalidated by E. Dolan Evanovich, SU’s senior vice president of enrollment and the student experience.

However, New York Supreme Court Judge Scott DelConte said in his opinion that Syverud was wrong, and Alpha Chi Rho “did nothing wrong.”

“The record is clear: Alpha Chi Rho did nothing wrong,” DelConte wrote in his opinion.

According to DelConte, only one person yelled a racial slur, and that person was not a member of the fraternity, but rather someone who was a guest of a member at the fraternity on the day he made the racial slur. In addition, the remark occurred off-campus.

As I say, there’s something seriously wrong with the administration at Syracuse, which has featured a series of absurd decisions on race- and sex-related issues.

WITH GAS SHORTAGES APPEARING DUE TO PIPELINE SHUTDOWNS, Gretchen Whitmer shuts down another pipeline.

CRISIS BY DESIGN: White House official fesses up that Biden admin ‘had a plan from the beginning’ on migrant surge. “ It appears that the plan was to allow the flood of illegal border crossings and get the migrants to sponsors or family members as soon as possible. Tobar also mentioned that the ‘plan is working.’”

Instapundit readers have been aware of this for months.

A BITTER REMINDER OF THE CARTER YEARS: Gas Stations Run Dry as Pipeline Races to Recover From Hacking.

SCIENCE! CDC Limits Review of Vaccinated but Infected; Draws Concern.

HEINLEIN’S CRAZY YEARS (CONT’D): Is Anheuser-Busch Drunk? The Beer Behemoth Is Forcing the Woke ‘Gender Unicorn’ on Its Employees.

FIGHT THE POWER: NCLA Petitions Supreme Court to Hear Case on Massachusetts Gov. Baker’s Pandemic Orders Barring Free Assembly. “NCLA represents local entrepreneurs, church pastors, and a private school headmaster, who are opposed to the Commonwealth’s arbitrary and discriminatory restrictions on their rights to peaceably assemble and to receive due process. Baker has issued 67 executive orders related to the pandemic, some 40 of which implicate the assembly or due process rights of NCLA’s clients.”

NEW FOR 2021, THE INTERSECTIONAL SPUDS MCKENZIE: Is Anheuser-Busch Drunk? The Beer Behemoth Is Forcing the Woke ‘Gender Unicorn’ on Its Employees.

ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK:Combined capital gains tax rate in New York would hit 54.3% under Biden plan.

To be fair, Biden’s tax plan is punitive (and won’t raise the projected revenue) no matter where you live.

FROM BACK WHEN IT WAS PATRIOTIC TO QUESTION ELECTION RESULTS: Liberal Media Scream: Six more years of ‘Stacey Abrams for president.’


There are now more connections emerging from the Wuhan Institute that should be explored further. These connections involve the United States government, the National Institutes of Health and Dr Anthony Fauci — and he should have to explain them before Congress.

These questions could of course pose complications to the mainstream media storyline that Fauci is a great hero, a man lionized, even fetishized by the political left for being the antithesis to then-president Donald Trump. If the NIH and Anthony Fauci played any role in financing or assisting the Wuhan Institute, including outsourcing the study of BSL-4 novel coronaviruses, the good doctor should have to answer for it.

To boil things down: the United States was outsourcing the study of novel coronaviruses to a group called EcoHealth Alliance, a group which according to NPR was doing the bulk of collection of coronavirus samples from bats and transferring those samples and research to the Wuhan Institute.

The original grant money provided to EcoHealth was $3.7 million, $76,000 of which was slated for the Wuhan Institute. This funding was approved with the backing of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the agency that Anthony Fauci heads, according to Newsweek.

That contract was canceled in April 2020. Those grants were approved by the National Institute of Health. According to a blockbuster piece in New Yorkmagazine, one of the first outlets to take the lab leak hypothesis seriously, EcoHealth Alliance ‘has channeled money from the National Institutes of Health to Shi Zhengli’s laboratory in Wuhan, allowing the lab to carry on recombinant research into diseases of bats and humans’.

Related: Report: Chinese paper discussed weaponization of SARS coronaviruses in 2015.

So at the recommendation of Sarah Hoyt, I read Cry Bullies: Protecting yourself against social muggers and victimhood aggression and it was worth the time. It is a short read from a few years ago that packs a lot of information that is still relevant in dealing with the current lot of Karens, SJWs and beta males who think they run the show. They don’t. This book teaches you how to fight back by understanding the mindset of the social harasser and how to put a stop to their nonsense. The right tools and the will to fight back is the only way to deal with our current political climate. Better arm yourself. (Bumped)

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: Pathetically Biased CNN’s Ratings Are In Free Fall. “Let’s be clear: CNN didn’t do any journalism during the Trump years. It was a televised tantrum that went on for four years. When Trump was in office, the vitriol being spewed about him on CNN worked well for its numbers. While the MSM hacks are all still letting Trump live rent-free in their heads, the audience apparently doesn’t care anymore.”

THE WEAPONIZATION OF FOOTNOTES: Cancelling Citations. “This weaponization of footnotes will not be limited to slavery. Journals will continue to impose more control over scholarship to pursue inclusion. Professor Brian Leiter writes about a referee report from a philosophy journal. The ‘very first comment’ criticized the author for not citing diverse authors.”

SOHRAB AHMARI: Woke-ism will swallow our kids unless we restore the West’s great traditions.

Which is an uphill battle when our institutions are mostly controlled by people who hate the West’s great traditions.

JAMES ROBBINS: Racial equity is important, but it doesn’t trump the right to excel: Students of color need the opportunity to succeed, not a false sense of equivalence.

Much of what’s being sold as “equity” now is just a sub rosa way of discriminating against Asian students.


When Facebook’s Oversight Board issues a ruling censoring the President of the United States using UN guidelines, that’s a fundamental conflict between the UN and the Constitution.

The only way to resolve that conflict is to force Big Tech to stop interfering with free speech.

Private companies have the right to remove calls for violence and other violations of their terms of service, but when a platform controls more than half the political speech in the country and actively discriminates against the views of half the country, that makes free speech a dead letter. Silicon Valley’s speech cartel has already colluded to suppress the political opposition, but it’s now applying UN regulations to American political speech and destroying the Bill of Rights.

The Founding Fathers did not envision a scenario in which a cartel of private companies could control the mail and eliminate all letters that were not loyal to the British Crown. The Supreme Court of the 1950s did not envision Ma Bell deciding to prevent Americans from making phone calls if their views clashed with those of the UN. But that’s the threat that has now arrived.

Woke companies aren’t just sending out emails or threatening boycotts, they’re eliminating the Bill of Rights and subjecting American political speech to the dictates of the United Nations.

This isn’t a clash between private enterprise and government officials, but a struggle between two governments, the legitimate government of the United States and the illegitimate umbrella association of tyrannies of the United Nations. If Big Tech and the UN prevail, freedom dies.

If American free speech doesn’t apply to the internet, United Nations speech regulations will.

Read the whole thing.

Related: Facebook Torches Its Status As The Most Conservative-Friendly Platform.

That’s definitely a columnist going out on a limb with his opinion.

THE RETURN OF THE PRIMITIVE WAS NOT A HOW-TO MANUAL: Tribalism has come to the West: Hostile and polarised, today’s America reminds me of my Somalian clan.

Getting beyond tribalism — the norm for humans — was a huge accomoplishment, one that was scrapped with barely a thought by those in charge of our culture.

Related: Our Caveman Politics.

FROM MARGARET BALL:  An Opening in the Air.


Any sufficiently advanced applied math is indistinguishable from magic…

Protest on campus are usually like grackles – annoying, in the way, and ignorable. But when Thalia Kostis invisibly crashes a meeting, she learns that outside money and organizers are planning for a full-out riot, complete with scapegoats and martyrs. Unfortunately, applied math isn’t magic, and she’s in danger when her cover’s blown . Now she and the rest of the misfits at Institute for Applied Topology must figure out who’s behind this and stop it, before more than just their own building goes up in flames!

PJ MEDIA VIP ROUNDUP: Don’t forget that VODKAPUNDIT promo code if you’ve been thinking of joining us.

“MOST RELIGIOUSLY OBSERVANT COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF IN HALF A CENTURY’: Catholic Groups Scorch ‘Catholic’ Biden Over Anti-Catholic HHS Directive.

PARTLY BECAUSE THE LEFT WON’T ALLOW IT: Why We Need to Keep Talking About Election Fraud.

MORE THAN A CENTURY OF CRISES BY DESIGN: The Tyranny of Experts and the Great Unlearning.

JOEL KOTKIN: The Geography of Covid-19. “The ongoing pandemic is reshaping the geography of our planet, helping some areas and hurting others. In the West, the clear winners have been the sprawling suburbs and exurbs, while dense cores have been dealt a powerful blow. The pandemic also has accelerated class differences and inequality, with poor and working class people around the world paying the dearest price. These conclusions are based on data we have repeatedly updated. Despite some variations, our earlier conclusions hold up: the virus wreaked the most havoc in areas of high urban density. This first became evident in the alarming pre-lockdown fatalities that occurred in New York City and the suburban commuting shed from which many of the employees in the huge Manhattan business district are drawn. Similar patterns have been seen in Europe and Asia as well.”

Flashback: Coronavirus lessons on density, mass transit, bureaucracy and censorship: They kill.

(UPDATE: Typo in link corrected.)

BUT… BUT…  I HAD BEEN ASSURED THAT THE SCIENCE WAS QUITE SETTLED:   ‘Living fossil’ rediscovered in Pacific Ocean after 273 million years.

THIS TOO SHOULD HAVE BEEN OBVIOUS TO ANYONE SANE:  Doctor says there’s no legitimate medical reason to mask children.

Of course, most people have been driven insane by the CDC and most agencies of the government and their prepotent and insane stomping all over our liberties.

AND I STAND WITH HIM:  You Can Have My AC When You Pry It From My Cold, Dead Hands.

Yes, I know, Europeans pride themselves on living without it, mostly making a virtue of necessity since their pitiful grid can’t handle it. But having grown up in Europe, let me assure them, they’re handicapping themselves for nothing. Because you can’t function as well while baking and entire months of productivity are lost to “I’m so hot.” Without need. It’s like swimming while wearing a ball and chain, to prove how macho you are.

So the eco warriors, the socialists, the New-York-Times -fashionable-commies, and the Europeans (but I repeat myself) can take their idea of doing away with AC, fold it all in corners, and put it where the sun don’t shine.

FLASHBACK (FROM GLENN): Ban AC for DC: If our rulers think global warming is a crisis, let them be a good example for the rest of us.

THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN OBVIOUS:  Instead Of Canceling ‘Snow White,’ Learn To Read Fairy Tales.

Dear left: at least attempt not to flaunt the fact that you’re semi-literate barbarians and neurotic as shaved cats to boot.

OOH. I KNOW. LET’S SEND FAUCI BACK IN TIME:  Ferdinand and Hermann’s Excellent Frontier Adventure.

Okay, okay, the 19th century hasn’t done anything to deserve that.

HAVE I NOT SAID THIS WILL END IN TEARS?  America’s Civil War 2.0: It’s Deja Vu All Over Again.


Do you see the joke, yet? No. That’s because the joke is on us.

IN CHINA “FREE SPEECH” MEANS YOU ARE FREE TO SAY WHAT THE STATE WANTS YOU TO SAY:   Two face trial as China enforces online control amid pandemic.

Which, to be fair, is how the left interprets the first amendment.

SURE. LET’S CONDEMN DEAD MEN WHO CAN’T DEFEND THEMSELVES:  Paris court tries anti-racism activist for statue attack.

FYI to all immigrants, anywhere: Think your host country is all sorts of “ist” and hate it?  Go away. Go back to the sh*thole you came from. Given the culture that made you leave, you don’t have standing to judge the culture you ran to. FIFO. Fit in or Effe Off. Because trust me, the way things are getting all over the world, you might find out to late you pushed it too far.

THANKS, CAPTAIN OBVIOUS – WHAT DO YOU SUGGEST BE DONE ABOUT THAT?  Facebook oversight board co-chair says website wields ‘too much power’,

I’M SURE THERE WILL BE GOOD MEN IN CHARGE!  Tech bros’ next move: Private cities without US government control,

Yes, I am aware it’s low to make a reference joke to my own books. Deal.

YES, IT IS TOO SOON:  TripAdvisor apologizes for tasteless review of Auschwitz.

May 10, 2021

HMM: “Gas Run Has Begun” – Fuel Stations Run Dry Amid Hacked Pipeline.


This may be alarmist, but stay tuned. We’ll know soon enough. But hey, President Biden’s on the job so I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about.

For what it’s worth, stations in my area seem normal, but we get our gas mostly from the Plantation pipeline, not the Colonial, I believe.

UPDATE: From the comments. “I wonder what the FBI and Homeland Security have been doing since January rather than protecting critical infrastructure?”

OPEN THREAD: It’s gonna be a witness to the ultimate test of cerebral fitness.

YOU WILL HEAR PRECIOUS LITTLE ABOUT THIS FROM ENVIRONMENTALISTS: China’s greenhouse gas emissions exceed every developed nation combined, researchers say.

ANY TIGER THAT WANDERS INTO MY YARD RISKS BEING A RUG: Tiger roaming Houston street leads to tense confrontation.

SPACE: NASA increases prices for ISS private astronaut missions. “NASA has increased the prices it will charge for future private astronaut missions to the International Space Station, saying the new prices reflect the true costs of supporting those missions. A revised price list, posted April 29, updates the prices NASA charges to private missions flying to the ISS for cargo, station resources, crew time and other services. NASA said earlier this year it would update the pricing after revising its charges for commercial and marketing activities on the station.”

Time for a commercial station!

MARK JUDGE: How Mollie Hemingway Time-Traveled to Stymie the New York Times and Save Our Timeline. “Mollie Hemingway’s daring helped break what has been a 100 year-old string of victories in intervening to shape history by the leftist Times. There may be no fully going back to the usual extortion and other underhanded tactics used by the media. Of course they will certainly try to hammer any eggs in reach that might make their omelet. The Pulitzer Committee should take away Duranty’s Pulitzer and give it to Hemingway. Maybe decontaminate it first.”

DON’T PUSH THAT BUTTON: Exploring the software that flies SpaceX rockets and starships.

I promised this series was coming months ago. I guess now that they’ve gotten Elon’s SNL appearance out of the way, it’s finally ready to go.

For the tech crew, SpaceX/StarLink really is doing some amazing stuff.

FASTER, PLEASE: Molecular tweezers that attack antibiotic resistant bacteria.

#WINNING: NBC cancels Golden Globes for 2022, saying HFPA must first address its problems.

Whenever a pretentious lefty awards show is cancelled, an angel gets its wings. But you can bet that anticipated awful ratings played a role in this allegedly principled decision.


The replies are telling.

SCIENCE, UNSETTLED: Research challenges decades-old understanding of how we hear sound.

THE SPENT SOCIETY: Only through generative culture can we recover from sterilized liberalism. “Between a calcified, insular classical liberalism and a postmodern progressivism interested only in self-gratification, there seems to be no place for people who are interested in building up the world, from the family to the stars. Where is our growing, vital, life-affirming worldview that remains progressive in the classical sense of seeking to build a greater tomorrow for our children to enjoy and eventually surpass?”

IT’S COME TO THIS: Bye-Bye Burning Man — says alternative San Francisco newspaper SF Weekly?!

When you look up images of Burning Man, what do you see? If Google’s algorithm is showing you the same results as I, your images tab is flooded with pictures of 20-something white women and 40-something white men, many of whom are dressed in some amalgamation of textiles from the global south with the occasional thread of glitter. You can almost hear them now.

“The playa is my home, man,” they declare, trailing off into a silty vocal fry. “It’s all about radical self reliance.” Pay particularly close attention to the olfactory sensations of this thought exercise and you’ll detect the stench of French cigarettes, soured espressos, and tech industry libertarianism.

After six years in the Bay Area — living in housing cooperatives, working in cannabis, and frequenting landmarks of our local artists scene — I’ve met my fair share of “Burners,” or people who attend the nine-day desert music festival, Burning Man. Most of them are lovely people. Many more of them fulfill the stereotype described above so accurately that one wonders if they’re following a script. It’s no coincidence that media portrayals of Burning Man depict a crowd that is disproportionately white, often upwardly mobile, and frequently subscribing to Silicon Valley’s strange mix of performative eco-consciousness, social media progressivism, and the barely concealed fetishization of John Galt.

In 2021, this is what Burning Man has become: a brash bachanal of drugs, sex, art, and most importantly, money.

Related: Bill Maher: Liberals Are the Fun Suckers Now. “Look, here’s my libertarian side: I don’t really care about any of partying, drugs, and consenting adults doing whatever. Yet, Maher noticed something odd happening between the parties with this story. They’ve switched roles. The GOP is doing having fun, while the Democrats are acting like the Public Morals Bureau. As Maher noted, which is true, conservatives were the ones whose backsides were clenched so tight that you could grind diamonds to dust. Maher’s build-up rips the 1980s conservative establishment but it actually tees him up to go after the woke Left, who he says are millennials who embodied all the bad characteristics Southern Baptist. The Left is the ones for speech codes, blacklists, and cancel culture now. They’re the ‘fun-suckers.’”

Flashback to the Kavanaugh hearings: Did Conservatives Win The Culture War?

TEBOW TIME RETURNS: Jacksonville Jaguars Signing Tim Tebow… As a Tight End!!


NO. SEE MITT ROMNEY, JOHN MCCAIN, AND GEORGE W. BUSH. NEXT QUESTION? Will the Left Respect Liz Cheney in the Morning?

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