August 5, 2021

TED RALL: Why I Got a Third Covid Shot: Better safe than sick, and I have a history of respiratory problems.

I was fully vaccinated six months ago. I walked into a pharmacy last week and got another Pfizer shot. I didn’t tell the pharmacist it was my third; she didn’t ask. Since the U.S. has no central database of immunization records, the store had no way to know I’d been vaccinated at a federal facility.

My friends and family disapprove. “A one-man study of the effects of three doses?” one said dryly. “That sounds safe.” Another, left-leaning and vaccine-skeptical: “This won’t be the last ‘booster’ shot you’ll ‘need.’ Every couple months you’ll be showing up for the latest injection.”

There’s a lot of this. Meanwhile the W.H.O. wants us to delay second shots and send vaccine overseas.

UPDATE (From Ed): Moderna recommends third shot of vaccine to defend against new coronavirus strains.

(Updated and bumped.)


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo doesn’t just have his brother Chris at CNN, he also has ties to one of its top executives — sparking accusations that it’s why the network has turned a blind eye to its star host’s involvement in his sibling’s sexual harassment scandal.

Allison Gollust was Cuomo’s communications director before becoming executive vice president at CNN — where she was even recently tapped to replace Jeff Zucker as Worldwide President, Fox News has noted.

Just think of the media as Democratic Party operatives with bylines, and it all makes sense.


ROGER SIMON: To Save America, Run for School Board.

Forget Congress, the Senate, or whatever glamorous position you ever fantasized about or not, even president of the United States, if you want to have a serious impact from your work, if, as they say, you want to make a difference, to change this country for the good in the short and long term, run for your local school board.

You would be saving America from turning into the bleakest, socialist-communist state imaginable because that is what our current educational system, K-12, is designed to do and, sadly, has been successful in doing, literally for decades—and it’s only getting worse.

You would in the process also be a true revolutionary in the tradition of the Founders of our country in bringing back truth, justice, and the American way to our children and our children’s children.

Someone’s gotta do it—the hour is late. But you, dear reader, can save us, especially if we band together—and there are plenty of us to do it.

Please consider running for the school board to radically change a highly-corrupt and evil leftwing educational system, which has crossed the border into child abuse.

It’s both necessary and fun to point out the errors of the DNC-MSM, but education reform should be the ultimate focus: The End of the Long March. “Remember those halcyon days when our biggest concerns were Howard Zinn textbooks and mainstream media bias? The left is long past that. Victory begets victory, and they feel no pressing need to shore up their wins. Now they’re gunning to control the guns—and not necessarily in the way you think.”

NOT MUCH MORE: Is There More Than Anti-Trump Politics Behind a Reported New York Times Decision Not to Investigate COVID’s Origins? “The New York Times reportedly decided not to use its considerable influence and resources to investigate the origins of COVID-19 at the same time China was lying and delaying, early weeks in the pandemic that cost lives. That story is perhaps the most important story of our time. COVID has killed millions and transformed the entire world. Where it came from and who, if anyone, is responsible is important.”

IN STOCK: OPR’s Sandalwood Shave Soap.

RIOTS FOR THEE, BUT NOT FOR ME: Cori Bush Defends Her Own Private Security While Advocating For ‘Defunding the Police.’

Congresswoman Cori Bush (D-MO) made a strange argument for defunding the police while defending her own expenditures on private security.

“I’m gonna make sure I have security because I know I have had attempts on my life. And I have too much work to do, there are too many people that need help right now for me to allow that. So if I end up spending $200,000, if I spend 10 more dollars on it, you know what, I get to be here to do the work. So suck it up,” Bush said on CBS News. “Defunding the police has to happen. We need to defund the police and put that money into social safety nets.”

That should make a great soundbite for the GOP in 2022, along with: After the governor pardons Mark McCloskey, Rep. Cori Bush tells CNN ‘his day will come’ because he spat on her name.

(Classical reference in headline.)

UPDATE ON WEDNESDAY’S SCRUB: Launch of Boeing’s Starliner Delayed Indefinitely Due to Vexing Technical Glitch. “Now is the part of my article when I’m obliged to say this is all a normal part of development and testing, that it’s good to be safe, and that problems should be expected, and bla bla bla. But as much as I’m rooting for this project, it’s clearly been a shitshow. Boeing needs to get its act together.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Professor suggests it should be a federal hate crime to criticize Fauci and other government-funded scientists.

The desire for a taxpayer-funded aristocracy is palpable with these people.


PJ MEDIA VIP ROUNDUP: Don’t forget that VODKAPUNDIT promo code if you’ve been thinking of joining us.

Stacey Lennox: If Criticizing Dr. Anthony Fauci Is a Hate Crime I Plead Guilty – And I’ll Do It Again. “Apparently, wanting border security, a strong military, and viewing China as an economic and military threat makes you anti-science and an authoritarian.”

Bryan Preston: If You Think 2021 Has Been Rough So Far, Wait Until the Democrats Wage Their Next Horrible Battle. “As ugly as things are now, from bolting a whole state to deny the democratic process to flouting their own mandates to bashing mainstream election reforms as ‘Jim Crow 2.0,’ things are likely to get a whole lot uglier and worse later this year.”

Yours Truly: Science vs ‘Teh Feelz’: A Genderfluid Seesaw. “You can imagine the Left’s response to a Harvard womyn insisting that there’s such a thing as biological reality.”

BLUE ON BLUE ON THE FRONT RANGE: Hancock not sticking his neck out for Polis this time around.

Back in March of 2020, when Covid was just getting started and we were all told that it would just be two weeks to flatten the curve, Governor Jared Polis was reluctant to impose a statewide lockdown of any kind. He preferred to let local governments get out in front on that. Denver’s Michael Hancock did just that, announcing a city-wide travel and business lockdown (although he couldn’t quite decide whether or not liquor stores constituted essential businesses). Governor Polis followed suit shortly thereafter.

This time, All-Star Game aside, Hancock isn’t playing ball.

In the face of revised CDC guidance advising even fully vaccinated people to wear masks indoors, Denver announced that it would not even issue a new mask mandate, trusting businesses and individuals to do what was best for them.

Why the change? The overall political climate surrounding the virus has changed, and the effects of that change are exacerbated by factors specific to Denver.

According to his own Department of Finance, in the Budget Kickoff briefing given to the City Council’s Finance and Governance Committee back in April, small business in the Denver metro area has been devastated, with the total number of small businesses operating down 30%, and the entry-level-friendly Leisure and Hospitality Sector down over 40%.

Read the whole thing.

SHE GETS A PASS BECAUSE REASONS: Rep. Rashida Tlaib Accused of Using ‘Anti-Semitic Dog Whistles’ During Speech (Again).

IF YOU LIKE YOUR VITAMIN D, YOU CAN KEEP YOUR VITAMIN D: While they scare you with “variants,” Congress wants to make dietary supplements prescription only. A reader emails: “Sen. Richard Durbin has been trying for years to make dietary supplements available only by a doctor’s prescription, which will have the practical effect of making them far less available and far more expensive. In the past he’s failed, so this time he’s trying to bury his ban deeply inside the gigantic “infrastructure” bill being considered by Congress. If he succeeds, many normal and beneficial dietary supplements such as high-dose vitamin D are going to become difficult or impossible for most adults in the U.S. to obtain.”

There’s a petition here.

THE ESTABLISHMENT HAD DETERMINED THAT THIS WAS NOT NEWS: Daniel Hale exposed the machinery of America’s clandestine warfare. Why did no one seem to care?

OH, PLEASE: Bezos’ Blue Origin calls Musk’s Starship ‘immensely complex & high risk’ for NASA moon missions.

There’s a lot less risk involved in never launching a single gram into orbit, too.

REALCLEARINVESTIGATIONS: Lawyer: Capitol Cop Who Shot Ashli Babbitt ‘Ambushed’ Her on Jan. 6 Without Warning.

The officer’s name — still kept largely secret and out of the news — is Lt. Michael Byrd.

VOTERS HAVE DIFFERENT PRIORITIES THAN THE POLITICAL CLASS: Election cheating surges to top US issue, most want photo ID.

The battles over the 2020 presidential election and subsequent fight between Democrats and Republicans on reforming the system have pushed the issue to the top of those Americans are now worried about.

In the latest Rasmussen Reports survey, 90% said it is “important” to end cheating, long the bane of elections and made a national issue by former President Donald Trump and his loss to President Joe Biden in 2020.

Voters polled, however, do not believe it affected the overall 2020 election, though they are concerned about it intensely, said Rasmussen.

The pollster said that many voters believe the answer is a simple one and one that is called for in many states and GOP proposals: photo identification.

In early results shared with Secrets, 74% support the photo ID requirement, a blow to liberals fighting it. They called it a “reasonable measure” to prevent cheating.

And while the poll found doubts about the impact of cheating in 2020, it did suggest that voters believe politicians fighting the use of photo ID just want cheating to continue.

Well, that’s because they do. Voters want trustworthy, fraud-resistant voting. The political class wants to be able to do what it wants, regardless of what voters want.

AS THE SLAVE WHISPERED TO THE CONQUEROR: All glory is fleeting. New York’s Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo is learning the truth of that maxim. Issues & Insights explains the real reason why his former partisans are now his aspiring political pall bearers.

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: The New York Times Is An Anti-Journalism Clown Car. “The organization worked 24/7 for years to pimp the Russia collusion hoax. The “reporters” there spent the entire Trump era writing flimsy, poorly-sourced attacks on him. It was as if a slew of toddlers were writing a feelings journal in crayon.”

IT’S AS IF ALL THE “MORALITY ACTIVISTS” ARE REALLY JUST POLITICAL HACKS: Time’s Up Founder Helped Cuomo Team Smear Governor’s Accuser: Anti-sexual harassment group worked with Cuomo aides to discredit Lindsey Boylan.

A report released by the New York attorney general’s office said Roberta Kaplan, the cofounder of Time’s Up, advised the Cuomo team about an op-ed the governor wrote to discredit Lindsey Boylan, a former Cuomo adviser who accused the governor of sexual misconduct in December 2020. A top Cuomo aide said Kaplan and Time’s Up CEO Tina Tchen largely approved of the op-ed. The piece, which was never published, “denied the legitimacy of Ms. Boylan’s allegations, impugned her credibility, and attacked her claims as politically motivated,” according to the attorney general’s report.

The finding could undercut Kaplan and her organization’s claims to be champions of the #MeToo movement. Kaplan and Tchen, a former Obama White House official, cofounded Time’s Up in 2018, in the wake of allegations of sexual assault against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. The allegations against Cuomo are arguably the biggest #MeToo case in the past couple years.

#MeToo was a political torpedo aimed at Trump that circled back around and blew up the Democrats, because their leadership is packed with abusers and abuser-enablers. Including the people championing #MeToo.

STILL POPULAR: Michael Walsh’s Last Stands: Why Men Fight When All Is Lost.

You can see all book recommendations at the bookclub list here.

LAURA BASSETT FOR MSNBC: Biden calls on Andrew Cuomo to resign. He’s not the only Cuomo who needs to go. “His brother, too, should resign from covering politics or be fired. It’s extremely inappropriate and unethical for a journalist to advise and craft the statements of a politician, regardless of family relation.”

THIS IS STUPID, AND A FIRST-AMENDMENT VIOLATION: A New Florida Bill Could Criminalize Filming Cops on the Job.

FIGHT THE POWER, STICK IT TO THE MAN: They Were Accused of Wearing Blackface. Now They’re Suing Their College.

In the suit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California last week, the team accuses Cal Lutheran administrators of misinterpreting the students’ costumes as blackface. The members and their coaches say the university, its president, and its vice president for mission and identity “allowed the softball team and their coaches to be publicly shamed and harassed, placed in fear for their safety, and to otherwise suffer lifelong injury to their mental health and reputations.” They asked for damages, but did not specify an amount.

The softball team alleges that the university manufactured “a sham racially-derogatory event” and punished the team “to deceive the public into believing that the university is active in combatting racism on campus,” the complaint says. This was all, the suit says, an attempt to distract the community from the university’s poor record of racial inequality. The team claims in the suit that the university’s accreditor was investigating Cal Lutheran “in part for its history of racial and gender equality-related failures.”

Cal Lutheran, shockingly, denies all wrongdoing. Anyway, blackface isn’t a crime. It’s not even a disqualification to serve as Governor of Virginia.

ICYMI: RealClearInvestigations: 1619 Project, Touted as Racial Reckoning, Ignores Democratic Party Racism.

Democrats who advanced a bill in June to remove statues of white supremacists from the U.S. Capitol ignored a central fact about those figures: All of them had been icons of their party, from Andrew Jackson’s adamantly pro-slavery vice president, John C. Calhoun, to North Carolina Gov. Charles B. Aycock, an architect of the white-supremacist campaign of 1898 that ushered in the era of Jim Crow.

At a time when governments, sports teams, schools and other bastions of American society are rushing to expunge legacies of slavery or racism, this was another instance of the Democratic Party’s failure to acknowledge that it did more than any other institution in American life to preserve the “peculiar institution” — and later enforce Jim Crow-style apartheid in the Old South.

“I think it’s absolutely fair to criticize the history of the Democrat Party when we’re literally changing the names of birds because they’re named after racists,” said Jarrett Stepman, author of “The War on History: The Conspiracy to Rewrite America’s Past,” referring to a new racism-cleansing push in, yes, ornithology.

Democrats’ circumspection in the face of this trend is especially noteworthy because it comes at a time when they are criticizing Republican legislation to block the teaching of critical race theory on the ground that the GOP wants to whitewash American history. But one of the most noteworthy efforts to reframe American history in terms of race, the New York Times’ 1619 Project, virtually ignores the Democrat Party’s role in advancing and sustaining racism in the United States.

Ignores it? It’s meant to obscure it.

August 4, 2021

WELL, HE KNOWS THE PRESS WILL HELP: As Biden Fails to Convince Democrat Constituencies to Get the Vaccine, and As He Allows Hundreds of Thousands of Infected Illegal Aliens to Infect Americans, Biden Tries Shifting the Blame to Florida and Texas.

Okay, to be fair, Biden doesn’t know much beyond when his butt was wiped. But his handlers know the press will help.

WHEN SLATE CHASTENS THE PUBLIC HEALTH COMMUNITY. SLATE. When you’re not sure but can’t let on.

THE REAL STORY of the “Central Park Karen.” “Wow- that is what you call journalism.” To be fair, that’s why Bari Weiss can’t be at the NYT anymore.

LESLIE EASTMAN: The Current Pandemic Isn’t the First Caused by a Coronavirus. “The ‘Russian Flu’ is considered the last great pandemic of the 19th century; yet, today’s variants are just common cold viruses.”

AS HE OCCASIONALLY DOES, DAVID BROOKS DIMLY GRASPS THE TRUTH: HOW THE BOBOS BROKE AMERICA: The creative class was supposed to foster progressive values and economic growth. Instead we got resentment, alienation, and endless political dysfunction.

They’re just so arrogant and hatable. And this is right: “The bobos have coalesced into an insular, intermarrying brahmin elite that dominates culture, media, education, and tech.”

To be fair, Angelo Codevilla said it over a decade ago.

Plus: “I got a lot wrong about the bobos. I didn’t anticipate how aggressively we would move to assert our cultural dominance, the way we would seek to impose elite values through speech and thought codes. I underestimated the way the creative class would successfully raise barriers around itself to protect its economic privilege—not just through schooling, but through zoning regulations that keep home values high, professional-certification structures that keep doctors’ and lawyers’ incomes high while blocking competition from nurses and paralegals, and more. And I underestimated our intolerance of ideological diversity. Over the past five decades, the number of working-class and conservative voices in universities, the mainstream media, and other institutions of elite culture has shrunk to a sprinkling. When you tell a large chunk of the country that their voices are not worth hearing, they are going to react badly—and they have.”

Related: How David Brooks Created Donald Trump.

Brooks’ sycophancy toward Joe Biden — a variant of his pants-crease love for Obama — illustrates where his understanding stops.

DON SURBER: “Democrats in Washington want Andrew Cuomo to resign to allow the Democrat lieutenant governor to run New York state. If a Republican were next in line for the job, Democrats would be falling on grenades for Cuomo. That is, after all, what happened in Virginia when Governor Black Face unleashed his oppo research on the Democrats in the line of succession.”

Plus: “Cuomo’s problem is not sexual harassment. His problem is Democrats see him as a threat if he chooses to run for president. . . . Congressional Democrats can control a Biden or an Obama. Cuomo would be a wildcard.”


But why should I defend Cuomo?

He killed 15,000 grannies by forcing nursing homes to accept covid patients.

Those deaths should be the subject of a criminal investigation, not this he said/she said garbage.

But charging him with manslaughter might implicate other Democrats. A sexual harassment scandal is a nice safe way to dispose of a governor who could seek the presidency in 2024.

Well, maybe it’s safe.

OPEN THREAD: Stay Frosty. Three words: Tempo, tempo, tempo.

ROSE MCGOWAN: “Governor Andrew Cuomo, can’t you stop being a prick?” No, no he can’t. I mean, at least, he never has.

THE FAA NEEDS TO BACK OFF: SpaceX surges Starship work despite FAA environmental review uncertainty.

Many people are starting to suspect that the bureaucracy is trying to slow SpaceX down for the benefit of its competitors.

LYNCH MOB JUSTICE: Mark McCloskey’s “day will come,” threatens Cori Bush after St. Louis couple is pardoned by governor.

Democrat Rep. Cori Bush expressed outrage over Missouri Gov. Mike Parson’s pardons of the St. Louis McCloskey couple, who fended off a mob of protesters outside their St. Louis home by bearing firearms before the crowd. Bush, a progressive and Missouri native who represents the state’s 1st Congressional District, threatened Mark McCloskey and promised that “his day will come” because McCloskey “has spat on my name.”

To be fair, McCloskey knew her. And now so do we.

Plus: “Nine members of the Black Lives Matter protest group were given citations for trespassing, but prosecutors have stalled on their cases. The McCloskeys’ attorney said that demonstrators tore down a gate to their private street. Evidence on social media supports the veracity of the McCloskeys’ claims.”


1619 Project, Touted as Racial Reckoning, Ignores Democratic Party Racism.

Is There More Than Anti-Trump Politics Behind a Reported New York Times Decision Not to Investigate COVID’s Origins?

Abhorrent! New York Times Calls Osama Bin Laden ‘Devoted Family Man.’

The latter story is par for the course for the newspaper that accidentally ran a piece praising Bill Ayers on September 11th, 2001.

UPDATE: Why the New York Times praises ‘cancel culture’ but skips over its own racist history.

(Classical reference in headline; updated and bumped.)


Human Rights Campaign president allegedly helped leak personnel file of Cuomo accuser.

Time’s Up Founder Helped Cuomo Team Smear Governor’s Accuser.

Facebook executive helped Cuomo smear sex harassment accuser: AG report.

New details emerge about how CNN anchor Chris Cuomo advised Gov. Andrew Cuomo in sex harassment inquiry.

That last link is from NBC. When NBC attacks a fellow Democratic Party operative with a Chyron, you know it’s bad. Ordinarily, the guild protects its own. QED: Jennings and Brokaw Defend Rather Who Sees Effort to “Smear” Him.

ONCE AGAIN, NOT THE PANDEMIC BUT THE RESPONSE THERETO: The Global Pandemic Could Be Causing More Shortsightedness in Kids Than Ever Before.

NOT EXACTLY GRAVITY, BUT UNSETTLING: Space station mishap caused orbiting lab to rotate 1 1/2 times, NASA says.

ANSWERING THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: What is the secret of Duran Duran’s durability?

BOOK RECOMMENDATION: The Introvert Advantage: How to Thrive in an Extrovert World.

LOCKDOWN COSTS: Seniors at risk for more falls due to less physical activity during pandemic. Could the pandemic response kill more seniors than the pandemic? Would we know if it did?

“WE HAVE TO IMPEACH:” NY State Lawmakers Call for Cuomo to Resign or Be Removed.

New York Attorney General Letitia James announced on Tuesday that an independent investigation into Cuomo found that he sexually harassed multiple women in violation of federal and state law.

“For over three months, Executive Assistant #1 kept this groping incident to herself and planned to take it “to the grave,”4 but found herself becoming emotional (in a way that was visible to her colleagues in the Executive Chamber) while watching the Governor state, at a press conference on March 3, 2021, that he had never ‘touched anyone inappropriately’ She then confided in certain of her colleagues, who in turn reported her allegations to senior staff in the Executive Chamber,” the report said.

Assembly Member Yuh-Line Niou says she has drafted articles of impeachment against Cuomo.

She said she’s had impeachment articles drafted for a long time.

“I had them drafted yesterday,” Niou said. “I had them drafted months ago.”

Related: Cuomo The Mad King, Alone Upon His Throne.

HONESTLY, THIS DOESN’T SOUND SUPER-IMPRESSIVE: Fully vaccinated one-third as likely to get COVID: England study.

OHIO-15: Trump’s Guy Wins. Soros and Steyer’s Guys Come in Fourth – and DNF. “Yes, Soros and Steyer. In a Republican primary. Because so many seats nationwide are so gerrymandered, Soros and Steyer tested trying to slip first one and then another fake Republican past the Ohio Fifteen’s fine R primary voters. To attempt to play in a place they otherwise couldn’t get a game. Soros and Steyer propped up (at least) two “conservative environmentalist” candidates – because there is no way a Democrat will ever win the district as currently drawn. For Team Fake R – it didn’t go well.”

DESANTIS BLASTS BIDEN: ‘I Don’t Wanna Hear a Blip About COVID From You.’

UNIQUE GIFTS: Biblical Greek T-shirts makes some great gifts for those people you know who are hard to buy for, including yourself.

CHEAP: 2022 Nissan Leaf Gets a Huge Price Cut, Now Starts under $30,000.

SPYING ON YOU IS INFRASTRUCTURE: Infrastructure Bill Would Require Alcohol Monitors for All New Cars. “Buried in the massive proposal—which is already longer than 2,700 pages—is a section titled, ‘ADVANCED IMPAIRED DRIVING TECHNOLOGY,’ which mandates new vehicles include ‘a system that … passively and accurately detect[s] whether the blood alcohol concentration of a driver of a motor vehicle is equal to or greater than the blood alcohol concentration” of .08, in which case the system would ‘prevent or limit motor vehicle operation.’ Automobile manufacturers would have a three-year grace period to comply with the regulation.”

HYGIENE THEATER, CAUGHT ON VIDEO: AOC Puts Mask on for Selfie, Takes It Right Back Off.

NOW BACK IN STOCK AND ON SALE: The whole dang game. 410 cards total.

ANTISOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook bans academics who researched ad transparency and misinformation on Facebook. “Laura Edelson, an NYU researcher involved in the project, and whose personal account was banned by Facebook, says the company wants to end independent scrutiny of its platform.”

RALPH NORTHAM AND BILL CLINTON SMILE: Why Should Cuomo Resign? Democrats Almost Always Get Away With Their Misdeeds.


BRAVE SIR ROBIN BRAVELY TURNED AND FLED: Obama Scales Back Superspreader Birthday Bash After Criticism.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: WSJ: Law School Loses Luster As Debts Mount And Salaries Stagnate.

Recent graduates of the University of Miami School of Law who used federal loans borrowed a median of $163,000. Two years later, half were earning $59,000 or less. That’s the biggest gap between debt and earnings among the top 100 law schools as ranked by U.S. News & World Report, a Wall Street Journal analysis of federal data found.

Graduates from a host of other well-regarded law schools routinely leave with six-figure student loans, then fail to find high-paying jobs as lawyers, according to the Journal’s analysis of the latest federal data on earnings, for students who graduated in 2015 and 2016.

When Miami students asked for financial assistance, some graduates told the Journal, school officials often offered this solution: Take more loans.

“I had no work experience, life experience, anything like that before I signed on to this quarter-million-dollar loan,” said Dylan Boigris, a 2016 Miami Law graduate, who began his career making about $45,000 as a public defender. “I thought I would come out making much more than I did.”

A law professor at the university, Anthony Alfieri, said law schools “foster this kind of cruel optimism” in students, letting them think six-figure salaries are attainable, when in reality, those high-paying jobs are largely reserved for students at only the top-ranked law schools. “Law schools encourage a kind of magical thinking in order to keep the lights on,” he said. …

Federal data suggest the value of a law degree from nonelite schools has diminished. Salaries haven’t kept pace with inflation over the past 20 years. Meanwhile, tuitions have soared. A three-year juris doctor program, including living expenses, now can cost more than $250,000 at private law schools.

Graduates who finished law school in 2019 earned a median $72,500 the following year, according to the National Association for Law Placement. That is about the same as graduates who finished school a decade earlier earned soon after graduating. …

Just 15% of recent University of Miami Law graduates had begun repaying their student loans after two years—the lowest rate among law schools at elite private research universities, as defined by categories the Education Department uses.

And yet applications overall are still up.

Related: The Wall Street Journal Have An Axe To Grind Against Law Schools? I think the WSJ is right on the long term trend, but the short-term trend is bucking it at the moment.


GREAT. SO WHEN WILL THEY FINALLY ACTIVATE MY BETA SERVICE? Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite internet boosts its subscriber base by nearly 30% in a single month, nearing the 100,000-user milestone.

21ST CENTURY RELATIONSHIPS: Failing to Cope With His Fiancee’s Death, This Canadian Writer Brought Her Back as an AI Chatbot.

I’VE OFTEN THOUGHT OF THEM AS THE EMO KIDS OF HERBIVOROUS GRAZING ANIMALS: Study: Giraffes are socially complex, misunderstood.

SIR, DOES THIS MEAN THAT PEARL JAM IS NOT COMING? Obama scraps big birthday bash and scales back party after backlash, virus concerns: Report.

(Classical allusion in headline.)

JOHN WAYNE: The Forgotten History of “The Duke.”

WWDD?* GOP Governors Must Stand Up to the Medical Authoritarianism of Biden Administration.

*What Would DeSantis Do?

ONLY A FOOL WOULD BE SURPRISED BY THIS: Rapid tapering of opioid pain drugs poses serious risks to users, study finds.

READER BOOK RECOMMENDATION: Commenter kilroyjc suggests W.E.B. Griffin’s Brotherhood of War series.

You can find a list of all the bookclub recommendations here.

Add your own recommendation in the comments, I search these daily for ideas.

WHEN YOU’RE A DEMOCRAT SO NASTY THAT BLM TURNS ON YOU: BLM Group Defends Lindsey Graham, Calls For Resignation Of Democratic Party Official.

“Regardless of political affiliation the disregard for human life is unacceptable and should not be tolerated anywhere within any political party,” the group said. “How can we trust someone with such blatant disregard for human life with the will of RI voters?”

I guess they’re saying that all lives matter here.

THE “MISINFORMATION” CENSORSHIP POLICE ARE SO OFTEN MISINFORMED THEMSELVES: Twitter unlocks JTN reporter’s account after CDC said his COVID vaccine tweet was correct.

Reporter Greg Piper tweeted “Vaccines are not safe for everyone.”

The post also linked to a report by the higher education news website the College Fix detailing Brigham Young University’s refusal to grant an exception to its vaccine mandate for a student with a potentially complicating medical condition.

Piper’s appended remark is backed up by CDC guidance, which stipulates that “some people should not get certain vaccines or should wait before getting them.”

Piper pointed out to Just the News that “every mandate has a medical exemption.”

Twitter doesn’t know enough to be a competent censor, but they don’t really care so much about getting things right as about reinforcing the preferred narrative and protecting it from challenge.



BUSINESS CULTURE REVOLUTION: China’s biggest private companies are in chaos. It’s all part of Beijing’s plan.

The end goal of Beijing’s aggressive bid for control isn’t about creating chaos. The government wants to make clear to its corporate champions that tapping capitalist markets is fine — as long as it is on the ruling Chinese Communist Party’s terms.

The heavy selling has accelerated in recent months as Chinese authorities slap companies with fines, ban apps from stores and demand that some firms completely overhaul their businesses.

Hundreds of billions of dollars in market value has been erased in the last week alone, after regulators announced curbs on China’s for-profit education industry and its food delivery sector.

The way Beijing sees it, the efforts to rein in private enterprise are meant to protect the economy and the country’s citizens from instability. They’re also intended to fix longstanding concerns around overwork, data privacy and inequality in education.

“Ultimately, Beijing’s crackdown on private business is about control,” said Alex Capri, a research fellow at the Hinrich Foundation.

It always is.

“Too much” success in the private sector is a threat to the CCP, but crushing it is no way to maintain a dynamic, innovative economy. Still, it’s no surprise that Xi prefers maintaining or increasing Communist power over modernity.

REP. CORI BUSH’S DISTURBING, CHILDISH ATTEMPT TO SILENCE DEBATE: “I don’t feel bad for [Bush, D-MO.] She is using emotional stunts to push for the imposition of a flagrantly unconstitutional assault on property rights that’s bankrupting working-class landlords—and then accusing anyone who disagrees with her of ‘policy violence.'”

PORTUGAL IS NICE THIS TIME OF YEAR: It is indeed, especially if you happen to be two of those Texas statehouse Democrats who fled to Washington D.C. to prevent the Republican majority from passing election reforms. Like the man said, there’s just no cure for stupid.

FINALLY: U.S. Wrestling Olympic Gold Winner Tamyra Mensah-Stock Loves Being An American (Video).

And on the flip-side: ESPN Writer Wonders Why People Don’t Like Megan Rapinoe and I Have Thoughts.

“I’ll never know?” The epistemic closure is strong in this one. Barnes is free to concur with Rapinoe’s woke beliefs, but as a journalist, it’s her job to investigate why people disagree with them.


NO, EVANGELICALS NOT MOST LIKELY TO BE UNVACCINATED: Religion Unplugged’s Ryan Burge crunched the data and found the group that actually is the least likely to be vaccinated. It’s not evangelicals, it’s not minorities, it’s ….

ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: Mayor of Boston equates proof of vaccination mandates to slavery as NYC mayor makes it policy.

It’s not, but it is hilarious to see de Blasio, who views everything through a racial prism (“No, de Blasio told him. I’m the black candidate.”) being declared a racist late in his second term.


CHANGE: Democrats Panic as Latinos and Asian Voters Leave The Party.

IF THIS DOESN’T MAKE YOU SCREAM, YOU MIGHT BE UNCONSCIOUS: New report out from Open the Books finds the U.S. government “spent at least $282.6 billion on foreign aid between 2013-2018—almost $47 billion on foreign aid in FY2018, alone.” And that’s just the first most general finding. Brace yourself for when you get to the details.

BTW, Open the Books has filed more than 40,000 public information requests with governments at all levels for comprehensive spending data. The result is an independent web site that is a veritable treasure chest of data on what governments do with your tax dollars.  Somewhere, little Jimmie Madison is saying “Good show, Open the Books, Good show, that’s what the First Amendment guarantee of a free press is all about.”


CHANGE (IT BACK): Austin Police Refunding Proposition Makes November Ballot. “The petition is to restore a statutory level of 2 officers per 1,000 citizens, add an elected head of police oversight (not appointed by the council) and double officer training per year, among other things.”

FOR THOSE WHO MAY BE INTERESTED: On HillFaith today, it’s the fourth of seven great “I AM” claims by Jesus. The Good Shepherd.


Well, not all universities. There’s always Reynolds Online University. “The one where nobody gets raped.”

SYSTEMIC RACISM: University’s anti-racism workshop teaches deans to ‘accept white inferiority.’

CHARLES LIPSON:  “When Confidence in Our Institutions Collapses.”

RICHARD FERNANDEZ: An Epidemic of Mandatory. “The epidemic of ‘mandatory’ suggests that rather than becoming more flexible and adaptive before an endemic disease, the experts are hanging on to the mantle of certitude. Slate sadly concludes: ‘Noble lies are a trap. We cannot predict the public’s behavior, and loss of trust is devastating. The general population is far too skeptical to blindly follow the advice of experts, and far too intelligent to be easily duped.’ True. And that loss of trust is how we arrived at mandatory.”

Read the whole thing.

JOHN FUND:  “Is New York City’s Vaccine Passport Scheme Racist?

GOOD NEWS ABOUT A BAD NEWS NOMINATION:  “Lhamon Fails to Advance Out of Committee; Full Senate Should Not Allow Her Nomination to Proceed Further.”

THEY’RE ALREADY TOO EXPENSIVE: Birmingham Southern College imposes $500 fee on unvaccinated students. “Though the college has over $100,000 remaining in available HEER money, the school states its policy is due to a ‘lack of federal funds.'”

Overpriced and lying is no way to go through life, son.

SCOTT YENOR AT THE MARTIN CENTER:  “Academic Freedom Doesn’t Shield Universities from Oversight.”

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