December 13, 2019


MARK STEYN: BOFFO BORIS. “Whatever one feels about Boris Johnson (and almost any one who’s had any truck with the man has, if he’s honest, highly mixed views) today’s election is a spectacular triumph for him.”

FLASHBACK: “Jeremy Corbyn’s success is a model for American progressives,” the Washington Post claimed in June of 2017.

UPDATE: “Britain’s Jeremy Corbyn: I got my ideas from Bernie Sanders,” the Post in July of 2017.

December 12, 2019

WHAT EVERYONE NEEDS: Trump 2020 Socks – Donald Trump Gift for Men and Women.

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RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA! OLD CHAPS: In the Grauniad tonight: Britain needs its own Mueller report on Russian ‘interference,’ by Glenn R Simpson and Peter Fritsch.

Glenn R. Simpson, you say? “FusionGPS, on same week its fraudulent dossier was obliterated, tries to run exact same Russia! operation for Labour,” Mollie Hemingway tweets.

Related: “If the public learned in real time that the Steele dossier and collusion theories were bogus, would Dems have taken over House or won as many seats as they did? Seems like FBI/Mueller election interference by omission,” Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller tweets.

WHEN WILL THE MARKETS RECOVER FROM THIS ELECTION? A FIRST-PASS ANSWER IS NEVER. Pound SURGES to its highest level against the euro since 2016 just after the Brexit referendum and hits $1.35 as Boris Johnson sweeps to victory. Okay, I stole this from somebody in the comments, but it’s too funny.

DO YA THINK? Jersey City shooters driven by anti-Semitism, officals say. “We believe the suspects held views that reflected hatred of Jewish people as well as hatred of law enforcement officers.”

Flashback: James Baldwin on black antisemitism.

NOW OUT: Trouble in the Wind, an alt-history military SF anthology featuring our own Sarah Hoyt, along with Brad Torgersen, S.M. Stirling, Taylor Anderson, and many others.

OPEN THREAD: Make it your own.

JAMES O’KEEFE COLLECTS ANOTHER SCALP: CNN Politics Producer Steve Brusk Resigns Weeks After Project Veritas Video Accuses Him of Misconduct.

In October Don Surber wrote, “The allegations come after endless panels on CNN berated Harvey Weinstein and Al Franken for their conduct with women. Weinstein engaged in transactional sex with actresses (and apparently rape) while Franken pretended to grope a sleeping woman. If what Saleeby said about Brusk is true — and CNN is not addressing the accusation — then Brusk [was] harassing women while he was booking Michael Avenatti to appear on Tapper’s show to accuse President Trump of adultery.”



WHY IS LABOUR SUCH A CESSPIT OF ANTISEMITISM? Ken Livingstone says it’s ‘the end’ for Jeremy Corbyn and blames ‘Jewish vote.’ The former London mayor said Jeremy Corbyn would “have to resign tomorrow” — adding the “Jewish vote wasn’t very helpful.”

I HOPE THIS FORESHADOWS 2020 HERE: Boris and Tories on track for massive landslide victory.

UPDATE: A friend on Facebook comments: “When Boris took over as PM, there was a real danger that Farage and the Brexit Party would eat the Tories from below and replace them. Instead, the opposite has happened — the Brexit Party has become a mechanism for uncoupling traditional Labor voters and moving them to the Conservatives by stages.”

I guess leaving Labour and voting Tory at one fell swoop was too much of a trauma to long-cultivated self image. So do it in steps.


● Shot: AOC Joins the Left’s Swelling Ranks of Anti-Semites with Corbyn Endorsement.

—Steve Green at PJM, earlier today.

● Chaser:  “Tonight’s exit poll has predicted that the Conservatives are heading for a bumper majority of 86 – a remarkable result. And while the exit poll is still just a prediction at this stage, that hasn’t stopped Labour’s various Corbynistas melting down at the result.”

—“Corbynistas react to the exit poll result,” the London Spectator, tonight.

● Hangover: American Leftists Believed Corbyn’s Inevitable Victory Would Be Their Model.

—Jonathan Chait, New York magazine, tonight.

EVERYTHING SEEMINGLY IS SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL: Thousands of ‘penis fish’ wash onto California beach.

(Classical reference in headline.)


Joe Biden’s son Hunter was arrested on Jersey Shore drug charges in 1988 and had his record expunged at a time when his father was pushing for the incarceration of drug offenders drawn disproportionately from minority groups.

Congressional records reveal that Hunter Biden, now 49, was arrested in Stone Harbor, New Jersey, where the Biden family has often holidayed over the years, in June 1988. Hunter Biden, then 18, had just graduated from the prestigious Archmere Academy prep school, which his father had also attended. The former vice president and his wife Jill have often been spotted on trips to Stone Harbor.

The arrest has not previously been reported. Republicans have recently highlighted Hunter Biden’s drug abuse, questioning why it was not taken into account when the lobbyist was appointed to a $50,000-a-month post on the board of the Ukraine oil company Burisma in 2014, when his father, as vice president, was the Obama administration’s lead official on Ukraine.

Related: Hunter Biden may have to reveal full Burisma, China earnings in child support lawsuit.

CHANGE: U.S., China Reach Tentative Trade Deal.

THIS IS SO MUCH FUN: American Leftists Believed Corbyn’s Inevitable Victory Would Be Their Model.

UPDATE: Link was bad before. Fixed now. Sorry!

I JUST FOUND OUT THAT TESSA MAJORS, WHO WAS MURDERED BY THUGS IN NEW YORK, was the daughter of Inman Majors, whose work I’ve mentioned here on several occasions. He and I have corresponded over the years, and I’m so very sorry for his loss.

WELL, HE’S GOT A LOT TO ANSWER FOR . . . OH, WAIT: Kim Kardashian West sues doctor over ‘Vampire Facial.’

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“COONMAN” TRIES TO BUTCH IT UP: Northam Threatens “Consequences” For 2A Sanctuary Counties, Sheriffs. The timeline where Northam ends in Mussolini-fashion is still remote, but he’s doing his best to bring it closer.


Res ipsa loquitur.

THE PAST IS A FOREIGN COUNTRY; THEY DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY THERE: A Newly Digitized Menu Collection Shows Off America’s Lost Railroad Cuisine.

Alfred Hitchcock never intended  1959’s North By Northwest to be a documentary on culture in the late 1950s, but between New York City and the New York Central’s 20th Century Limited, it’s astonishing how much rot seeped in within a decade or so. (Vertigo works much the same way for ‘50s-era San Francisco.)

WELL, THAT’S NOT SO GREAT: Porsche Taycan’s Terrible EPA Electric Range Makes It the Least Efficient EV.

AT THE LONDON SPECTATOR: UK election live blog: Boris Johnson vs Jeremy Corbyn.

ROGER & ME REDUX: Roger Goodell says league has ‘moved on’ from Kaepernick special workout.

“This was about creating an opportunity,” Goodell told reporters on Wednesday, at a league meeting. “We created that opportunity. It was a unique opportunity, a credible opportunity and he chose not to take it. I understand that.

“We’ve moved on.”

Representatives for Kaepernick, who has long maintained that he is ready to rejoin the league, said the workout was moved to the high school facility as a result of the NFL not conducting the workout as a “legitimate process.”

As I wrote in 2018, “Does Kaepernick actually want to be signed? Unless he delivers Johnny Unitas-level talent to whoever he plays for, actually suiting up and riding the pine each week as a backup, or a return to his mediocre performance during the 49ers’ 2-14 season in 2016 would be anti-climactic. Kaepernick has become the athletic equivalent of Michael Moore’s deception in his first movie, Roger & Me. Then-General Motors CEO Roger Smith had met with Moore — reportedly twice — during the shooting of his agitpropumentary, but Moore wouldn’t have a movie if he actually included that footage. Similarly, Kaepernick needs to remain permanently off the gridiron, to keep his uber-woke SJW pose alive.”

Not to mention keeping the funds flowing from Nike while being used by them as a prop to cancel the Betsy Ross flag in a 4chan-style PR stunt.

U.K. ELECTION:  Exit poll predicts huge Tory victory.  Purr.

AND YOU THOUGHT THE SCIENCE WAS SETTLED: U.S. ‘epidemic of loneliness’ questioned by new studies.

THAT’S RICH: Eric Holder Says Bill Barr Is Too Political to Be Attorney General.

OUT IN A FEW DAYS FROM MY FRIEND AND COLLEAGUE BEN BARTON: Fixing Law Schools: From Collapse to the Trump Bump and Beyond.

ROGER SIMON: Trump Shows Himself a Better Friend to the Jews Than Even Truman.

TRADE: U.S. Reaches In-Principle China Deal, Awaits Trump Signoff.

21ST CENTURY HEADLINES: House Passes Bill Making U.S. Space Force the Sixth Branch of Military. “The measure is expected to pass the Senate easily, and President Donald Trump is eager to use his pen.”

HMM: Tesla wants to produce 500,000 cars per year at German plant.

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The young bartender-turned-congresscritter retweeted a Labour campaign video, and also added, “The hoarding of wealth by the few is coming at the cost of peoples’ lives. The only way we change is with a massive surge of *new* voters at the polls. UK, Vote!”

To be fair, Labour did import tons of new voters into the UK, mostly from countries with cultures hostile to Jews.

Read the whole thing, if you don’t mind me saying so myself.

WORST. HITLER. EVER. Trump’s Support Among Orthodox Jews Has Risen from 54% to 89%.

HOW DARE YOU! Shame on the Liberals Who Use Greta Thunberg as a Human Shield. This Jim Treacher post is behind the PJ VIP paywall (please join!) but here’s the key point:

I would prefer if Trump didn’t tweet mean things about her, and I’m not going to tell anybody not to scold him for it. Go right ahead. But if all these adults are going to hide behind a child to push their political agenda, she’s going to get some pushback.

In fact, they know she will. They’re counting on it. That’s the whole idea. They love that Trump is yelling at her. He’s playing right into their hands.

It’s the bread and butter play in the left’s playbook, and partly explains why they love their “mascots of the anointed,” as Thomas Sowell dubbed them in The Vision of the Anointed. The media declared Jon Stewart to be the second coming of H.L. Mencken, but if anyone criticized him, the clown nose went back on, and the response was “he’s just a comedian.” To criticize Obama was to risk being called a racist, leaving John McCain in the role of the Washington Generals in 2008. And now to criticize Thunberg is to be told “she’s just a kid.” But why would anyone take science advice from a kid? Or as Steve Hayward of Power Line wrote yesterday:

The media is so self-unaware that it cannot conceive that the whole St. Greta phenomenon represents the nadir of the climate crusade. After all, if a Nobel Prize and Academy Award for Al Gore didn’t do the trick, what makes anyone think a 16-year old Swedish girl will cause everyone to sit up and say, “Well, I guess I better buy a Prius now!”

I’m still awaiting a media story that discloses the massive and organized PR operation behind St. Greta. You don’t really think she emerged spontaneously? Who pays for the travel of her retinue, for her hotel rooms and meals, and organizing the public events and other moveable feasts where she appears? I suspect she and her parents (reportedly leftist artists and actors of one kind or another) are banking some nice coin on this whole scene.

But like a teenage rock band, her freshness date may expire quickly. As Treacher notes, “They’re just exploiting her. The minute she’s no longer useful to them, they’ll drop her like a global warming-heated rock. Ask Cindy Sheehan. Ask Sandra Fluke. Ask the Krassenstein brothers. Ask any other one-time liberal superstar who is now long forgotten. It’s a short ride.”

UPDATE: America’s Paper of Record is spot-on: Democrats Introduce Debate Strategy Of Holding Up Small Child Whenever Their Positions Are Challenged.

DON’T GET COCKY: How Democrats lost the Impeachment War — and probably 2020.

And a related item from Bill Whittle: Impeach Trump: The Democrat Party’s 2020 Election Concession Speech.

INTERESTING: Cancer: Common antibiotic may boost immune system. “New research in mice finds that taking the antibiotic vancomycin before underoing radiation therapy alters gram-positive bacteria in the gut, thus boosting the immune system and enhancing the antitumor effect of the treatment.”

THE ONLY UNLIMITED RESOURCE IS OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY: Elizabeth Warren says ‘there’s always money’ when asked how she’ll pay for her policies.

21ST CENTURY HEADLINES: 1,300 Square Feet of Skin Being Shipped from U.S. to N.Z. to Help Burned Volcano Victims Survive.

SEA POWER: Russia’s Only Aircraft Carrier Has Erupted In Flames.

THIS COULDN’T HAVE BEEN EASY FOR THEM: Even MSNBC Is Forced to Admit: FBI Made ‘Pretty Egregious, Very Clear Mistakes.’

OLD DIAGNOSIS: ALCOHOLISM. NEW, MORE FLEXIBLE DIAGNOSIS: Alcohol Use Disorder. Okay, I can see the point here, but I can also see how more flexible diagnoses lead to more people being diagnosed, which usually seems to be because someone has a treatment to sell. That’s been the take of several physicians I’ve talked to about the new, much stricter, blood pressure guidelines, for example.

“YOU COULD USE A SHOVEL.” NASA Identifies Regions of Mars With Water Ice Just Below The Surface. Someday someone will.

J.E. DYER: Meddling, Collusion, And Ukraine Vs. Russia.

The topic here is what we’re talking about when the question of “Ukraine meddling in the 2016 election” comes up. The reality is that there’s not a whole lot there if you emphasize the words “Ukraine meddling.” There is substance, yes. A Ukrainian court has certified that it thinks Ukraine meddled in the U.S. election.

But the real issue is whether Americans leveraged cooperation from Ukraine to behave unethically – and possibly to behave criminally – in the 2016 election. Ukraine’s actions could not have any significant effect, undertaken without the complicity of Americans.

The truth about Russia’s actions, which we need not hold in doubt (although sober analysts have made good-faith arguments for doubting some of the particulars), is that they amounted to comparatively little, and had no impact on the election’s outcome.

But Russia’s demonstrated actions, unlike Ukraine’s, were of such a kind that they might conceivably have had an impact without intentional collusion by Americans. This point has the highly significant corollary that the Russians probably (indeed, presumably) inaugurated an interference campaign for their own purposes and agenda. That’s different from the premise of “Ukrainian interference.”

Read the whole thing.

UPDATE: I’d originally credited this to Jeff Dunetz, when it’s actually a J.E. Dyer piece. Sorry!

WE COME FROM . . . EGYPT. A SMALL VILLAGE IN . . . EGYPT. The First Evidence of ‘Head Cones’ Found in 3,300-Year-Old Egyptian Tomb.

HMM: Joe Manchin says he’s torn on voting to convict Trump in Senate trial. “Manchin said he would not have a problem with calling Hunter Biden to testify in the trial, despite vocal opposition from most Democrats who argue that it would divert attention from the allegations at the heart of the impeachment case against Trump.”


WHEN YOUR RACIST PROPAGANDA ISN’T READY FOR PRIME TIME: Rashida Tlaib Deletes Tweet Erroneously Blaming White Supremacy for NJ Jewish Market Shootings.

BRITAIN: ‘Longest queues ever’ as people stand in line around the block to vote.

OUR GENERAL OFFICER CORPS APPEARS TO BE SUBPAR: Army 3-Star General Loses Rank After War College Plagiarism Revealed. “Lt. Gen. Aundre Piggee, 60, deputy chief of staff of the Army for Logistics, G-4, has retired as a major general, an official confirmed to The U.S. Army War College Academic Review Board determined this year that Piggee had committed plagiarism while at the school, where he received a master’s in military strategy.”

To be honest, the penalty seems light.

RISE OF THE MACHINES: No driver needed: 20 tons of butter takes road trip from California to Pennsylvania.

WAS IT OVER WHEN THE GERMANS BOMBED JERSEY CITY? Rashida Tlaib on black suspects’ murder of Jews in Jersey City: “White supremacy kills.” “What’s really crazy is that this isn’t even the most ‘problematic’ thing a member of the Squad has tweeted this morning. That distinction belongs to AOC, who tweeted out her full-throated support for a party whose victory today in the UK elections would leave Britain’s Jews anxious about their future in the country.”

SIX MORE YEARS:  Yesterday, I was re-appointed to the U.S Commission on Civil  Rights for an additional term.  Technically, I was re-appointed by Senator Grassley in his capacity as President Pro Tempore of the Senate.  But Grassley acts on the recommendation of either the Majority Leader or the Minority Leader in making the two Senate appointments to the Commission.  In my case, of course, Senator McConnell was the recommender.  So thank you Senator Grassley and especially thank you Senator McConnell!

Of the eight seats on the Commission, four are Presidential appointments and four are Congressional.  Up until a week or so ago, all four of the Presidential appointees were put there by President Obama, which made for a Commission of 6 liberal/progressives and 2 conservative/libertarians.  Pete Kirsanow (who I hope will be re-appointed shortly over on the House side) and I were the very vocal minority.

Two of the Obama appointees have now rotated off and will soon be replaced by two new appointees by President Trump. That will make for an interesting 4-4 Commission.

THE MORE THINGS CHANGE:  The EEOC continues to go after employers who aren’t sufficiently enthusiastic about hiring felons.  The agency considers it race discrimination.  Here is why all this is wrongheaded and probably unconstitutional.

WHY SHOULD ALL OF US FUND CALIFORNIANS’ VIRTUE-SIGNALING EVS? A coalition of 33 groups led by the American Energy Alliance is pressuring Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) to kill a “tax extender” to continue and increase the federal credit for buying a plug-in electric vehicle.

YOU HAD ONE JOB: Snopes Fact-Checkers Demand White House Explain Trump’s Babylon Bee Tweet.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: The most expensive new Mac Pro configuration costs $52,599. “That’s not a typo…But the real stunner is adding 1.5TB of RAM to the equation. That’s 12 128GB chips of DDR4 EEC memory, and it costs a cool $25,000.”

Related! Five Things You Could Do With 1TB of RAM.

OOPS: Shooting his mouth off, Iranian official admits the truth about Lebanon.

Speaking on Monday, retired Gen. Morteza Qorbani told an Iranian news outlet that Iran did not need to use ballistic missiles in Iran to effectively attack Israel. Instead, Qorbani said, if “the Zionist regime makes the smallest mistake toward Iran, we will reduce Tel Aviv to ashes from Lebanon.”

That sparked quick pushback in Lebanon, even from Iran’s allies there. On Wednesday, a top Revolutionary Guard spokesperson blamed the media for misrepresenting the adviser’s clear words. Qorbani, the spokesman added, “meant to speak of response to Israel by possible various means and capacities.” In addition, in an amusing attempt to distance themselves from Qorbani, the Revolutionary Guard claimed that he “is not an adviser to the IRGC commander at present.”

If that’s not rowing back, I don’t know what is.

Obama’s old pals aren’t very bright, are they?

Anyway, just keep clamping down with sanctions, and for God’s sake keep on frackin’.

IT’S NOT OKAY TO BE WHITE: Student expelled by law school after posting ‘It’s OK to be white’ flyers: report. “Some have questioned whether ‘It’s OK to be white’ falls under free speech.”

You want more white nationalists? Because this is how you get more white nationalists.

HMM: New video makes clear Jersey City shooting was targeted attack. “New surveillance video published Wednesday showing the beginning of the shooting in Jersey City that killed six makes clear that the assailants specifically targeted the kosher deli where they carried out their attack. In the video, the killers can be seen slowly pulling up in a stolen van and parking across the street from the Jewish store before exiting the vehicle, walking directly to the store, and opening fire into it.”

Meanwhile, even as this was going on, the blue-check journo crowd was telling us Trump was Hitler for wanting to protect Jews.


SHAMPEACHMENT: Impeachment needle not moving as majority of voters oppose removing Trump.

ABOUT TIME: Meet the ‘Conservative Squad’ vowing to fight socialism in Washington. Weirdly, they’re attractive and seem normal.

HALF A MILLION FOIAS TO HHS FROM 2008 TO 2017: Here’s your crowd datapoint stumper for those Christmas party convos. Turns out that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and its constituent agencies received 530,094 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests in the years between 2007 and 2018, according to a study by the Research Integrity Journal.

Nearly 70 percent of the total went to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), while another nearly 19 percent were submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FOIA requires federal officials to provide copies of all government documents requested by any individual as long as it isn’t covered by exemptions for factors like personal privacy, national security, commercial secrecy and on-going law enforcement investigations.

IT’S THE SAME AS SUPPORTING THE KKK, BUT WITH BETTER MEDIA COVER: Former Antifa supporter: Leftist profs who support group ‘effectively condone’ violence.

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: Mixed Bag and the Media Is Still Lying to You Thursday. “The past couple of days have provided new opportunities for members of the American news media to remind discerning, honest Americans why we despise them.”

Do you really need to be that discerning or even honest to despise the news media?

AMERICA’S PAPER OF RECORD: Trump’s Popularity Surges After Nation Learns He May Have Obstructed Congress. Heh.

EVERGREEN HEADLINE: Democrats can’t wait to raise your taxes, and take your job, too.

As Bryan Preston wrote after the Democratic presidential candidates’ apocalyptic-themed “climate change” town hall on CNN in September, “If you like Venezuela, voting for any of them will bring you a whole lot of Venezuela. Thank you, CNN, just for letting these people talk. Do it again next week? Please?”

WELL, JOURNALISTS ARE ALSO TELLING US THAT REPORTERS NEVER SLEEP WITH SOURCES, AND THAT TRUMP IS HITLER FOR PROTECTING JEWS: Black Nationalist Hate Group Praised by Media Shot Up Kosher Market. So maybe the media’s take on things isn’t worth much.

WELL, IT IS THEIR ELECTION: Judge: South Carolina GOP can cancel its 2020 primary.

AWAKENING A SLEEPING GIANT: Gun sanctuary movement explodes as background checks near record high.

Am I exaggerating? Well, there’s this: Virginia Dems on gun confiscation: Never mind.

SINKING A HAZARD TO NAVIGATION: Is one of China’s fake islets in the South China Sea going down? Well, not yet. The USS Detroit sinks a vessel that has been declared a hazard to navigation in the Atlantic Ocean. Photo taken Nov. 23, 2019.



Creative license is always taken in biographical films. This isn’t breaking news. But because this time the character at the heart of the controversy is a journalist, all stops must be taken to stop Eastwood from telling his story, from his point of view, and journalists must be made to be the real victims of the Jewell saga and the film. It’s a recipe for a guaranteed box office hit for Eastwood, just as Joker was.

I for one would like to believe this plot decision was made on purpose by Eastwood to give the AJC a hint of the medicine they attempted to give Richard Jewell, or that the Washington Post, New York Times and CNN gave Nicholas Sandmann.

The AJC was the only news outlet who refused to apologize for their coverage of Jewell, and instead of settling with him, waited him out until his death in 2007. When the Atlanta-Journal Constitution apologizes to the family of Richard Jewell, perhaps only then should Eastwood offer his own concession.

Read the whole thing.


CHINA: Fissures in the Facade. “The anger on social media was also indicative of new insecurity among members of China’s middle class, who have never experienced an economic downturn and have always thought they had more protections than lower-paid migrant workers. People said they could see themselves in Mr. Li.” Plus:

The most subversive, explosive message you tell the Chinese people is something different. It goes like this:

The Party is a racket. The guys at the top are not any different from the ones you deal with at the bottom. The Party exists to make sure their kids have a spot at the front of the line no matter how much more your kids deserve it. You are not forced to call Xi all these fancy titles because it will help him restore China to its ancestral glory: you are forced to do all of that so Xi Jinping’s daughter gets into Harvard and his family racks up homes in Hong Kong. All of the taxes, the censorship, the ridiculous rules and regulations, the blustering about war, the hero-worship and the propaganda, the detention centers and the cameras—it is all a racket. You live a slave so that someone else’s children can get ahead.

That is the fissure in the facade. It is whispered of. It is wondered at. Sooner or later, it will explode.

Well, that’s because it’s the truth. Though the anxieties of the middle class vs. the professional class in China sound awfully familiar. . .

CHILDREN’S CRUSADE: Trump Jr. blasts Time for choosing Greta Thunberg as Person of the Year.

Flashback: It’s Disgusting What the Climate Panic Brigade Is Doing to Greta Thunberg.

The Swedish teenager is not some science prodigy who graduated young from an Ivy League school with an advanced agree in physics or anything like that. Rather, the daughter (and granddaughter) of famous actors and opera singers suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and selective mutism. I’m no medical professional, but these things might have been brought on when (according to public sources), starting at the age of eight, Thunberg was subjected to such a barrage of climate panic that she eventually became depressed and lethargic, and also developed an eating disorder.

Now Thunberg is paraded around the globe as the voice of sanity on climate change.

How dare they.

THE FIRST THING WE DO, LET’S KILL ALL THE PAKISTANI LAWYERS: Three die as marauding Pakistan lawyers rampage through cardiac hospital. “Lahore government official Kamran Ali told Reuters the lawyers were enraged by an earlier incident where doctors allegedly beat a lawyer at the hospital over his refusal to get in a queue of patients. The lawyers were particularly angry that the doctors filmed and shared the beating on social media, he said.”

Well, this will repair the reputation of the bar, no doubt.

AT AMAZON, Deal of the Day, Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Perpetual Chrono Atomic Timekeeping Watch with Day/Date.

TYLER O’NEIL: Trump Protects Jews. Therefore, He Must Be Hitler.

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