April 22, 2019

LAW ENFORCEMENT AS ORGANIZED CRIME: Police Use Department Wish List When Deciding Which Assets to Seize.

WITH DNC IN MIND, CITY BANS CARRYING URINE, FECES: Talk about a ‘brown-out’: This map of San Francisco perfectly captures ‘progressive urban policy in one image’ [pic].

San Francisco’s last Republican mayor left office in January of 1964.

(Classical reference in headline.)


OPEN THREAD: Mi comment section es su comment section.

NEW SOCIALIST “IT GIRL” CONTINUES TO PAY DIVIDENDS: AOC praises chronically dysfunctional VA: ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’

Related: Ocasio-Cortez Lists Tax Cuts And The Census As Reasons To Impeach Trump.

FLORIDA BUNNY: “Video of an Easter bunny brawl in Orlando is going viral. It is not known who was inside the big, white bunny suit but he looks hopping mad as he is seen in the video throwing several punches at a guy in downtown Orlando near Tier nightclub Sunday night. An Orlando police officer eventually stepped in to break up the fight.”


Many Democrats have convinced themselves that the public will support them. But in electorate that is often displeased with Trump’s behavior, rhetoric and antics does not want him removed from office. On Saturday, the Washington Post reported, “Democratic leaders have been in touch with lawmakers hosting town halls throughout the two-week congressional recess, and voters are rarely expressing a desire to impeach the president, according to one leadership official.”

But parties are free to exercise their power in a counterproductive and self-destructive manner. An unsuccessful effort to impeach Trump may be the only way the Democratic party finally comes to terms with the results of the 2016 election.

Go ahead, Democrats. Just don’t say no one warned you.

Read the whole thing.

HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY! “Happy Groundhog Day Earth Day everybody! You can see how it is possible to confuse the two, since Earth Day is the same every year—we’re doomed unless you hand over complete power to the government to manage people and resources.”

QED: On Earth Day 1970, CBS’s Walter Cronkite Panicked: ‘Act or Die!’

More Earth Day predictions from 1970 here.

HOW DARE YOU CRITICIZE WOMEN’S CHOICES! There Are 23 Million ‘Missing’ Girls in The World Due to Sex-Selective Abortions.

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“MICROSOFT CONFUSES THE WORKPLACE WITH A WOKE PLACE”:  Make sure you read the last paragraph.

MY USA TODAY COLUMN: Mueller report: Donald Trump collusion conspiracy theories are now exposed. Will they end? “After two years of what can fairly be described as mass hysteria afflicting a huge portion of our political class, the cognitive dissonance is painful. . . . It’s like a doomsday cult whose predicted apocalypse fails to appear on schedule: They just announce that they made a mathematical mistake, and doomsday will actually come next year. Then they ask for more donations. The trouble is, this time it’s a cult that’s running a significant part of our nation.”

ALAN DERSHOWITZ: Media Gets “F” Grade On Mueller Coverage, CNN Chose To Trust Avenatti Over Me.


So only the “far right” cares when brown people are killed in church?

Here’s the thing. They don’t want you to be angry, even though they know you have things to be angry about. They want you to be ashamed, all the time, for disagreeing with them about, well, anything. Meanwhile they want to keep their own base angry and inflamed 24/7. News spin revolves around this to a huge degree.

IF IT’S HARDWIRED, MAYBE THERE’S A BASIS? Children judge people based on facial features, just like adults.

THE HELIUM CRUNCH: I first heard this discussed in the late 1990s by a fellow who had worked with the federal helium reserve. As the linked article notes, the reserve is located near Amarillo, Texas. The man told me that at some point the U.S. domestic capacity to supply helium for research would be sorely pressed. He foresaw increased demand world-wide and reduced supplies. He also said — correctly- that helium is a critical resource. It ain’t just for blimps and balloons.

From Physics Today:

“We’re in a crisis mode” when it comes to helium, says William Halperin, a physics professor at Northwestern University. A shortage of the inert gas and a rise in its price are plaguing experimental physicists and chemists whose research requires low temperatures. Although helium prices and availability are perennial gripes in the community (see Physics Today, January 2017, page 26), in recent months the supply has become so restricted by growing industrial demand that users have been forced to decommission superconducting magnets, a measure that could permanently render some useless.

In the last year, there have been three “shocks” to the helium supply, says Sophia Hayes, a Washington University in St Louis (WUSTL) chemistry professor who studies such topics as spin orientation in semiconductors and new materials for capturing carbon dioxide for sequestration. The supply has become so scarce and prices so high that Hayes has shut down two of six NMR spectrometers in her laboratory. The instruments are a standard tool for university chemistry departments, and many institutions have half a dozen or more of them. At the core of each is a high-field superconducting magnet that must at all times be kept cooler than liquid helium’s boiling point of 4.2 K.

If helium levels get too low, magnets will warm to their resistive state. The conversion of stored current to heat could damage the coil irreparably or prevent magnets from reattaining their original field strength. It’s a slow and expensive process to return the magnets to their superconducting mode, and they can require 1000 liters of helium—costing up to $25 000 at today’s prices, says Halperin.

Helium is a nonrenewable resource, and liquid helium has a limited shelf life. But distributors have recently been unwilling to supply it on the usual short notice, says Halperin. Unless, that is, customers are willing to pay an emergency fee of $25–$50 a liter.

A bit sensationalist, echoing eco-disaster and peak oil? Perhaps.

A bit more:

Research makes up a small fraction of total US helium consumption, just 8%, according to Intelligas Consulting, a market research firm. Larger uses include magnetic resonance imaging, weather-balloon and other lifting, electronics manufacturing, materials analysis, and instrument calibration. Phil Kornbluth, a helium market consultant, says total US demand is a little more than 56 million cubic meters (mcm) annually—about one-third of world consumption. With an annual output of about 96 mcm, the US is the world’s largest producer.

Kornbluth estimates the current deficit of supply worldwide at around 10%.

Think of this article as deep background. And stay tuned.

GOOD: FDA approves first generic nasal spray against opioid overdose.

THERE THEY GO AGAIN: NYT Times Article: Jesus Was Likely A ‘Palestinian,’ Not White. “History lesson for NYT editors: Palestinians are Arabs. Arabs didn’t conquer the area until 700 years after Jesus was crucified. Jesus was not an Arab.”

HAVE THEY NO DECENCY? NO DECENCY AT ALL? Church is now fair game for reporters to target public figures.

I had a girlfriend who quit journalism and went into PR because, she said, PR is more ethical. I’m constantly reminded of how right she was.

KAROL MARKOWICZ: The case for cultural appropriation in food.

Cultural appropriation, especially when it comes to food, is good. It’s what we should want in our big, crazy melting pot.

It’s so boring to argue over whether food is exactly the way it’s been made for centuries or whether the chef has blood pure enough to make it. What do the culture police win at the end of it? The same food made the same way until the end of time?

Or is it really just about finding a way to berate white people?

Last week a new Chinese food restaurant in New York City called ‘Lucky Lee’s’ was the subject of a ‘cultural appropriation’ brouhaha because its owners aren’t Chinese. And a few days ago, Gordon Ramsay’s new ‘Asian eating house,’ Lucky Cat in London, got slammed for its lack of authenticity.

Yet nobody seems to care that many sushi restaurants are owned by Chinese people or that nearly all the Indian restaurants in New York are owned by Bangladeshis. There was no uproar when ‘Korean tacos’ became a thing. No, ‘cultural appropriation’ is only used as a cudgel by progressives with an agenda. It gets old.

If it tastes good, do it.

DON’T GIVE UP: The man who decided to give up everything but beer for Lent has ended his fast.

HOW LOW SHOULD BLOOD PRESSURE GO? For many years, my blood pressure was super-low — like 104/60 — and honestly when it started to creep up about ten years ago, I felt better. I used to get dizzy, and sometimes gray out a bit, if I stood up too fast. Now I don’t.

GROUPTHINK IS GROUPTHINK: Beavis, Butthead, Easter, and the Madness of Crowds

In which I disagree with Glenn. And Steve. And Sarah.

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MY USA TODAY COLUMN: Mueller report: Donald Trump collusion conspiracy theories are now exposed. Will they end? “After two years of what can fairly be described as mass hysteria afflicting a huge portion of our political class, the cognitive dissonance is painful. . . . It’s like a doomsday cult whose predicted apocalypse fails to appear on schedule: They just announce that they made a mathematical mistake, and doomsday will actually come next year. Then they ask for more donations. The trouble is, this time it’s a cult that’s running a significant part of our nation.”

MEANWHILE, OVER AT VODKAPUNDIT: Sayonara Ohio: The Democrats’ Buckeye Blues. “Ohio is the swing state which might not swing left anymore — and Democrats have no one to blame but themselves.”

BENDGATE II FALLOUT: Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Smartphone Release Delayed.

The Galaxy Fold phone—priced at nearly $2,000 and the industry’s first mainstream foldable-screen device—was slated to hit shelves this week in the U.S. But problems with phones being used by reviewers have changed those plans, the people said.

The new rollout is expected in the coming weeks, though a firm date has yet to be determined, they said.

Though the company’s internal investigation remains ongoing, the Galaxy Fold phone’s reported issues stem from problems affecting the handset’s hinge and extra pressure applied to the internal screen, the people said.

Even if they sort out what’s causing the line down the middle of the screen, and fix the screen’s protective layer which practically begs users to peel it off, Samsung will still be left trying to sell an extremely thick, $1,980 folding phone which doesn’t even fold flat.

SAFE SEX FAILURE: Nobody Uses Dental Dams. So why do they still exist? An Object Lesson. “Lesbians were like, ‘Hey, we need services too! We don’t know what we need them for, but we need them.’”

YOU DON’T SAY: Renewable energy mandates are costly climate policies. ” The study indicates that such mandates do reduce carbon emissions — but at a far higher cost than more market-oriented policies like a carbon tax, said Greenstone, former top economic adviser to President Obama.”

Interesting that this is coming from a former Obama hand, and published by Axios.

PEOPLE NEED TO GET OVER THEMSELVES: Wedding guest shamed for lengthy list of ‘rules’ for bridal party to follow.

VIDEO: Michael Moore Crashes Beto Rally, Crowd Turns On Moore.

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SARAH HOYT: Shhh… Someone Did Something to ‘Easter Worshippers’ in Sri Lanka.

It’s impolite to use the C-word, apparently.

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Earth Day Is About Being Scolded by Celebrities.

Correction: Celebrities with the biggest carbon footprints.

OH, MAXWELL. . . Thermodynamic magic enables cooling without energy consumption. Okay, no Maxwell’s Demon here, but still sort of cool.


Well, that’s a take.

BILL GERTZ: U.S. Intelligence Institutionally Politicized Toward Democrats. “John Gentry, who spent 12 years as a CIA analyst, criticized former senior intelligence leaders, including CIA Director John Brenan, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and former deputy CIA director Michael Morell, along with former analyst Paul Pillar, for breaking decades-long prohibitions of publicly airing their liberal political views in attacking Trump.”

AS GLENN GREENWALD SAYS, THEIR BRAINS ARE BROKEN: Byron York: For some Dems, breaking up with dossier is hard to do.

PRIVACY: That mental health app might share your data without telling you.

By intercepting the data transmissions, they discovered that 92 percent of the 36 apps shared the data with at least one third party — mostly Facebook- and Google-run services that help with marketing, advertising, or data analytics. (Facebook and Google did not immediately respond to requests for comment.) But about half of those apps didn’t disclose that third-party data sharing, for a few different reasons: nine apps didn’t have a privacy policy at all; five apps did but didn’t say the data would be shared this way; and three apps actively said that this kind of data sharing wouldn’t happen. Those last three are the ones that stood out to Steven Chan, a physician at Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System, who has collaborated with Torous in the past but wasn’t involved in the new study. “They’re basically lying,” he says of the apps.

The researchers don’t know what these third-party sites were doing with this user data. “We live in an age where, with enough breadcrumbs, it’s possible to reidentify people,” Torous says. It’s also possible the breadcrumbs just sit there, he says — but for now, they just don’t know. “What happens to this digital data is kind of a mystery.”

You don’t have to be a user of Facebook’s or Google’s services for them to have enough breadcrumbs to ID you.

PROSECUTORIAL BLACKMAIL: Karol Markowicz: Why Bob Kraft’s ordeal should alarm us all.

Of course, when the police admitted months later that no human trafficking had occurred, it was too late. They had tied Kraft to the despicable crime of sex trafficking and then simply moved on. No corrections were issued on any of these stories.

Having spread this vicious lie about Kraft, the state attorney moved on to other methods of torment. Because Kraft wouldn’t admit his guilt, which could lead to repercussions from the NFL, the state attorney has moved to release the videos law enforcers allegedly took of Kraft at the massage parlor.

Why would prosecutors want to do that? A prominent criminal defense attorney in New York told me: “Arguably, the district attorney’s announcement that it would release some of the Kraft tapes is rooted in gamesmanship. It’s been well publicized that Kraft turned down the initial ­[plea] offer, and this is likely an effort to get him to agree to a disposition.”

Kneel and confess guilt, or we will release embarrassing footage of you. That shouldn’t be how our justice system operates.

This is a breach of prosecutorial ethics. Someone should complain to the Florida bar.

OLD AND BUSTED: Democrat presidential candidates promising to ban coal mines.

The New Hotness? NYC Mayor de Blasio: ‘We Are Going to Ban’ Glass and Steel Skyscrapers.

“We are going to ban the classic glass and steel skyscrapers which are incredibly inefficient,” he continued. “If someone wants to build one of those things they can take a whole lot of steps to make it energy efficient, but we’re not going to allow what we’ve seen in the past.”

The mayor added that New York’s government is going to get all its energy from renewable sources “in the next five years.”

New York has already begun implementing some of those policies.

Last week, the New York City Council passed a bill enforcing strict new standards on large buildings with the goal of reducing their carbon footprint.

To be fair, de Blasio’s apparent goal of banning New York’s subway system also appears to be going remarkably well.

UPDATE: De Blasio tries to explain daily SUV trips amid pitch for his Green New Deal.

MARK ELLIS: Tea Party Memories: The Way It Was.

It was a noble movement, choked to death by hucksters, establishment Republicans, and Obama’s IRS.

MY USA TODAY COLUMN: Mueller report: Donald Trump collusion conspiracy theories are now exposed. Will they end? “After two years of what can fairly be described as mass hysteria afflicting a huge portion of our political class, the cognitive dissonance is painful. . . . It’s like a doomsday cult whose predicted apocalypse fails to appear on schedule: They just announce that they made a mathematical mistake, and doomsday will actually come next year. Then they ask for more donations. The trouble is, this time it’s a cult that’s running a significant part of our nation.”

UNEXPECTED HEADLINES: U.S. Authorities Arrest Ex-Marine for Anti-Kim Raid on Spanish North Korean Embassy.

CRY ME A RIVER: Clintonworld stews over Mueller report.

I couldn’t find much of anything in Alex Thompson’s Politico report that wasn’t carrying water for the Clinton camp specifically or Democrats generally, so you can safely skip this one.


Plus: “We try to create space for us, it don’t work. We want some money to f***ing cook some fried f***king chicken and be n*****s for once, it don’t work. I just don’t get it.”

SAD: US Love Affair With Cars Nearly Finished.

WEIRDLY DIFFERENT TREATMENT. A friend on Facebook comments, “Asymmetric warfare.”

“Easter worshippers” is a new term to me, but suddenly a bunch of Democratic politicians are using it in unison.

SABRE ESCORT: An F-86 Sabre jet flies in formation with an F-22 Raptor, F-35A Lightning II and an A-10C Thunderbolt II during the Thunder & Lightning Over Arizona air show at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Ariz., March 23, 2019.

WW2 HISTORICAL PHOTO: Doolittle Raiders’ B-25 bombers in transit, sometime in April 1942.

THAT WOULD BE NICE: Oil Could Fall To $40 If OPEC Abandons Its Deal.

Siluanov said that lower oil prices would then have a negative impact on U.S. oil production, an argument that was also made as far back as late 2014 when the Saudis sought to drive U.S. producers out of business by opening the oil production spigots in spite of an already flooded global oil market.

“(If the deal is abandoned) the oil prices will go down, then the new investments will shrink, American output will be lower because the production cost for shale oil is higher than for traditional output.” He said that prices could drop to $40 per barrel or even less for up to one full year, adding that there had been no decision on the deal yet and he did not know whether OPEC countries would be happy with this scenario.

Siluanov’s comments aren’t without precedent. Russia has hinted before that it could start to pump more oil, which would in effect cause the world’s second-largest oil producer to nullify its participation in the OPEC+ oil cut deal put in place at the start of the year to remove 1.2 million b/d of oil from the market for six months, with a review period after this time.

As American frackers keep improving efficiencies, the market price they can bear and still return a profit continues to decline. ExxonMobile is eyeing getting productions costs down in the Permian to $15 per barrel, and unlike most OPEC producers (and Russia), our domestic producers are private and don’t have as their primary mission filling the State’s coffers.

Unlike 2014, the last time the Saudis tried to cut off American frackers by opening their pumps wide, now domestic producers are much better hedged financially against another big price drop.

Perhaps the real indicator of OPEC/Russia’s desperation is that this is the first time in my memory that they’ve gone this long without cheating like mad on their production quotas.

Things like that make me think that Siluanov is mostly bluffing.

AT GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY, A CULTURE OF LEFTIST HATE: Police investigate ‘repeated acts of vandalism’ against conservative student group.

LIZ SHELD’S MORNING BRIEF: The Mueller Report Beat Goes On and Much, Much More. “I’ve been right all along about this entire special counsel fiasco. The report is a political document, not a legal one. If you did not buy into the false RUSSIA collusion narrative, you will read the second part of the report outlining the ‘obstructive’ behavior of Trump as the actions of an angry man who was unjustly accused. You will see Trump’s behavior as that of someone who was getting absolutely pummled all day and all night in the media and by Democrats who were making it impossible to for him to govern and were undermining his legitimacy as president. Trump wanted to stop the Democrat-media harrassment not cover up a crime. You may remember the #resistence’s plan was to delegitimize Trump and the goal of the Mueller team was to wait until the Democrats took control of the House to turn the report into a political weapon if they couldn’t charge the Trump folks with RUSSIA-related crimes.”

SETH BARRETT TILLMAN: Twitter, Lawfare, and Conlawprof. “I, for one, do not see any obvious equivalence between an unbiased independent judge’s ‘findings’ in an opinion after the parties have had notice and opportunity to be heard, and a prosecutors office’s report which attempts to marshal one side of the evidence—where the object of the investigation (i.e., investigation=failed prosecution) has no opportunity to respond.”

GREAT MOMENTS IN GASLIGHTING: Nets Skip Pelosi Telling CNN’s Christiane Amanpour That Dems Have ‘No Taint’ of Anti-Semitism.

That’s good enough for me, if it’s good enough for Christiane Amanpour

ASKING THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: Should a White Man Be the Face of the Democratic Party in 2020?

Is a white man the best face for an increasingly diverse Democratic Party in 2020? And what’s the bigger gamble: to nominate a white man and risk disappointing some of the party’s base, or nominate a minority candidate or a woman who might struggle to carry predominantly white swing states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania that both Barack Obama and President Trump won?

Obama’s race didn’t stop him from winning those states, and Trump didn’t win them because he’s white. Just enough Obama voters in those states took a chance on Trump, because they felt they’d abandoned by the Democrats — and they have been.

Stories like this one show the Democrats haven’t learned that lesson. In fact, they don’t seem to realize that there’s even a lesson in need of learning.

But let’s keep that part amongst ourselves.

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: The Russian Collusion Hoax’s Greatest Hits.


Related, from a friend on Facebook: “To sum up the media coverage (and Democrat response) to the Easter bombings in Sri Lanka: ‘Some people they won’t identify (Islamists) did something (killed them) to some other people they won’t identify (Christians) for reasons they can’t explain (Islamic terrorism).’ Got it?”


CHANGE: Microsoft staff are openly questioning the value of diversity.

Some Microsoft employees are openly questioning whether diversity is important, in a lengthy discussion on an internal online messaging board meant for communicating with CEO Satya Nadella.

Two posts on the board criticizing Microsoft diversity initiatives as “discriminatory hiring” and suggesting that women are less suited for engineering roles have elicited more than 800 comments, both affirming and criticizing the viewpoints, multiple Microsoft employees have told Quartz. The posts were written by a female Microsoft program manager. Quartz reached out to her directly for comment, and isn’t making her name public at this point, pending her response.

“Does Microsoft have any plans to end the current policy that financially incentivizes discriminatory hiring practices? To be clear, I am referring to the fact that senior leadership is awarded more money if they discriminate against Asians and white men,” read the original post by the Microsoft program manager on Yammer, a corporate messaging platform owned by Microsoft. The employee commented consistently throughout the thread, making similar arguments. Quartz reviewed lengthy sections of the internal discussion provided by Microsoft employees.

“I have an ever-increasing file of white male Microsoft employees who have faced outright and overt discrimination because they had the misfortune of being born both white and male. This is unacceptable,” the program manager wrote in a comment later. The Microsoft employees who spoke to Quartz said they weren’t aware of any action by the company in response, despite the comments being reported to Microsoft’s human resources department.


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NICK SHORT: The FISA Court, Woods Procedures And Carter Page. “How did the FBI not violate the Woods Procedures when it presented unverified opposition research paid for by the opposing party — the “Steele dossier” — to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court to obtain a warrant to spy on an American citizen for over a year? Moreover, were the FISA court Judges who signed off on the application and three separate renewals aware of the origins of the dossier and if not, why not?”

OUT SOON FROM VLADIMIR BUKOVSKY: Judgment in Moscow: Soviet Crimes and Western Complicity. They sent me an advance copy so I could blurb it, and all I can say is that things were even worse than you think. And yet now people go on about collusion with Russia. I think it’s guilty consciences.


Related: “Yes, this is what troubled me most about this NYT piece. It really does undercut women by insisting proactively that women be given something no man was given. That’s what’s incoherent. The idea of equality doesn’t work, because what’s demanded for women is not something any man ever had.”

Feminism today isn’t about equality. It’s about envy and resentment.

RUN ALL THE CANDIDATES! Rep. Seth Moulton enters 2020 race.

EARTH DAY PREDICTIONS OF 1970: The reason you shouldn’t believe Earth Day predictions of 2019.

OH: Former NXIVM Sex Cult Employees: Kirsten Gillibrand’s Father And Stepmother, Second Cousins, Were Very Active In Sex Cult.

Nothing to see here; no one but Democrats are involved.


NEVER SAY NEVER: I really never thought I’d be praising Kim Kardashian. I’m not a celebrity-oriented kind of girl.  But her response to the celebrity college admissions scandal is actually praiseworthy: “If [my kids] couldn’t get into a school, I would never want to use privilege to try to force them into a situation that they wouldn’t thrive in anyway.”

Go, Ms. Kardashian!

Yes, if you’ve been reading Instapundit, you already know my view on race-preferential (or any other kind of preferential) admissions policies: that it’s a mistake for any student to attend a school where he or she doesn’t have a fighting chance at graduating at the top of class. What you didn’t know is that the fabulous Kim Kardashian and I are … uh … spiritual sisters (except for the killer sex appeal part).

CHANGE: FTC considering taking ‘direct aim’ at Mark Zuckerberg as it investigates Facebook privacy lapses.

According to a report from The Washington Post, federal regulators are investigating Zuckerberg’s past statements on privacy and considering holding him responsible for Facebook’s numerous privacy lapses. According to the report, FTC veterans have encouraged investigators to “take direct aim at Zuckerberg” and put him under additional federal oversight.

The FTC has also considered requiring Zuckerberg and other Facebook executives “to certify the company’s privacy practices periodically to the board of directors.”

In past federal investigations, Zuckerberg has been spared, with documents seen by The Washington Post suggesting the FTC had considered, then backed down from specifically targeting Zuckerberg in the 2011 settlement.

FLASHBACK: Facebook shareholders are getting fed up with Zuckerberg but can’t do anything about him.

Ask and ye shall receive?


“SEGREGATION NOW, SEGREGATION TOMORROW, SEGREGATION FOREVER,” THEY DEMANDED:  Williams College student newspaper demands segregated housing.

RICK MORAN: Democratic Divide on Impeachment Does Not Bode Well for 2020.

It is impeachment that will reveal where the hearts of the Democratic base truly are. Pelosi and Schumer have no illusions about the success of an impeachment effort, knowing that even if the House impeaches Trump, there is zero chance in the Senate for Democrats to get the 65 votes necessary to remove the president. They also know that an unsuccessful impeachment effort in a presidential election year is a crap shoot. It might energize their rabid base but turn off the rest of the country.

But Pelosi and Schumer aren’t exercising much control. They are passengers on the impeachment bandwagon and despite a lack of agreement among Democrats over whether what Trump did that was impeachable, the effort to remove Trump is picking up steam.

The Girondists always lose out to the Montagnards eventually, to coin an Instaphrase.

FIGHTING FOR CIVIL RIGHTS: Second Amendment ‘sanctuary county’ movement expands as organizers take aim at new gun laws.

It was no accident Effingham County’s resolution to protect the rights of gun owners stole an important word from the very people the resolution was intended to provoke, supporters of the country’s sanctuary cities movement.

Effingham County State’s Attorney Bryan Kibler last month told a raucous crowd the origin story behind the “Second Amendment sanctuary county” movement, which began in Effingham and now includes 64 of the state’s 102 counties, counties in three other states, and nine more states in which counties are eyeing similar nonbinding measures. And as state legislators, emboldened by Gov. J.B. Pritzker, look at more gun-control measures, counties are looking at more ways to resist them.

Southern Illinois should kick Chicagoland out and form its own state.

LIKE @#$&^%* IT DOES: Swearing is GOOD for you as it helps to ‘reduce pain’.

SING IT TO THE TUNE OF ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUSTAnother Institution Caves to Woke Bullies.

AND DUPLICITOUS. YOU FORGOT DUPLICITOUS:  NYT: Not crazy, just two years late.

DON’T BOYCOTT THEM FOR MAKING A STUPID JOKE. IGNORE THEM BECAUSE THEY’RE STUPID: Mary’s Newtown: A pub has been slammed after making a joke about Jesus.

YEAH, I’VE SUSPECTED THE SAME:  Ann Coulter Has Gone Do-Lally.

A STRANGELY PLAUSIBLE STRATEGY:  Democrats: Now That We’re Finished With the Mueller Probe, We Can Finally Tackle the Flat Earth Issue.

THE RESULT OF THIS IS ALWAYS A CURSE…  Truth and Hand Washing in the Mueller Report.



(He’s not alone in this. Nowhere near alone.)


April 21, 2019

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ACHIEVEMENT GAPS IN EDUCATION: No, you’re not going to fix them by blaming the schools.

SO I ASKED ABOUT GARY TAUBES EARLIER, but in this post I’m asking people to share their experiences following Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength advice. Chime in in the comments. (Bumped).


Dems do everything they can to inflame their supporters, and everything they can to ensure that their opponents can’t be similarly roused.

ALAN DERSHOWITZ: Mueller got the law of obstruction wrong.