KRUISER: Former CBS Director of Diversity: Network Has a ‘White Problem.’

In a rather damning opinion piece written for Variety, former director of Entertainment Diversity & Inclusion Whitney Davis chronicled what has now become a familiar story from women in Hollywood: years of enduring harassment for fear of losing a job she was truly grateful to get when she got out of college.

On top of the harassment, Davis says that CBS has a “white problem” that is systemic:

Did you know that there’s not one black creative executive working at CBS Television Network or CBS Television Studios? Of the network’s 36 creative executives — all upper management roles that deal with content development, casting, current production, daytime and alternative programming — there are only three women of color, none black. There is not one executive of color working in casting at CBS. The one Latinx executive hired in casting last year lasted eight months. He works at Netflix now.

As any conservative consumer of Hollywood entertainment is painfully aware, the leftist preaching in movies and on television never stops.

The Left projects its sins onto others, always.

UNEXPECTED HEADLINES: Easter Bunny brawler is Pasco man and fugitive from New Jersey with violent past.

Actually, when New Jersey Man becomes Florida Man, this kind of thing is to be totally expected.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: University employees steal bundles of campus newspaper to stop ‘bad publicity’ on Welcome Day.

A KULAK, A JEW, A TROTSKYITE, A YANKEE IMPERIALIST, AND A COUNTERREVOLUTIONARY: Venezuela Arrests Five for ‘Sabotage’ After Nationwide Blackouts.

IT’S A FAIR QUESTION: Supreme Court conservatives signal possible support for census citizenship question.

NO, AMERICA IS NOT BECOMING A NATION OF ‘NONES:’ You hear it repeatedly in the mainstream media that the rise of the “Nones” — folks who check that box when asked their religious affiliation — is turning America into a secularized heaven on earth.

Along comes now Glenn Stanton who takes a closer look at all that research from Pew and others and discovers that — surprise? — the mainstream media hasn’t been telling us the whole story. In fact, they mostly got it completely wrong. And I have some thoughts on that score as well.

MENTAL ILLNESS ON DISPLAY: ‘Fat Sex Therapist’ compares fitness trainers to Nazis, children’s dieting to sexual assault.

LIZ SHELD’S MORNING BRIEF: Congressional Nuisance Subpoenas Dissed by the WH. “All these subpoenas and investigations are a corruption of government power, it is a perversion of the authority bestowed on these rotten elected representatives to use the force of government to personally attack a political adversary or to undermine the president for political gain. If you don’t understand what kind of war has been waged by the Democrats, you aren’t paying attention.”


TAREK FATAH: Why Islamic terrorists slaughtered Christians in Sri Lanka.

WORST. HISPANIC-HATING. PRESIDENT. EVER. Boom: Hispanics lead housing, income surge, poverty at record low.

NEW FROM ROBERT ZUBRIN: The Case for Space: How the Revolution in Spaceflight Opens Up a Future of Limitless Possibility.

BUT GOOD FOR DEMOCRATS: One-Sided Journalism Is Bad For The Country.

Andrew Klavan:

According to Bill D’Agostino at the indispensable Newsbusters site, in the 24 hours after the Mueller Report’s release CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC hosts, analysts, and contributors mentioned “impeachment” 309 times.

How many times did they look at it from the other side, I’d like to know. How many times did they ask: Say, if Trump was innocent, was the investigation even necessary? If the salacious Steele Dossier played virtually no role in Mueller’s magnum opus, why was it used to get warrants to wiretap a Trump associate’s phone? And by the way, what did Barack Obama know about all this, and when did he know it?

Maybe we need another special investigation team, this time with some actual conservatives on it.

SEEN ON FACEBOOK: “All these Democratic candidates want free college for everyone. Which one worked for free as a professor?”

21ST CENTURY HEADLINES: FAA Certifies Google’s Wing Drone Delivery Company To Operate As An Airline.

MARK STEYN: Don’t Mention The Jihad.

THE LATEST DUELING NEWS STORIES: The Guardian reports, “Immigration Detention Centers Nearly Empty as Trump Claims Border Crisis.” Meanwhile the New York Times, reports on “overburdened detention centers” in “ICE Faces Migrant Detention Crunch as Border Chaos Spills Into Interior of the Country.” Whatever.

For what it’s worth at this point, here’s what I saw when I visited two immigration detention centers a few years ago. I am hoping to visit another soon.


THIS WILL MAKE A GOOD 2020 CAMPAIGN SLOGAN FOR THE DEMOCRATS: Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris: We Should Restore the Boston Marathon Bomber’s Voting Right.

COLLUSION: China Exploits Fleet of U.S. Satellites to Strengthen Police and Military Power: Beijing reaps benefits from the sensitive equipment, despite U.S. law, aided indirectly by private-equity giant Carlyle Group and Boeing Co.

Orbiting 22,000 miles above Earth, a fleet of American-built satellites is serving the Chinese government in ways that challenge the U.S.

Nine of these satellites have been part of efforts to connect Chinese soldiers on contested outposts in the South China Sea, strengthen police forces against social unrest and make sure state messaging penetrates far and wide, according to corporate records, stock filings and interviews with executives.

A tenth satellite, under construction by Boeing Co. , would enhance China’s competitor to the U.S. Global Positioning System. Besides civilian uses, the navigation system could help China in a potential conflict, such as in guiding missiles to their targets.

U.S. law effectively prohibits American companies from exporting satellites to China, where domestic technology lags well behind America’s. But the U.S. doesn’t regulate how a satellite’s bandwidth is used once the device is in space. That has allowed China to essentially rent the capacity of U.S.-built satellites it wouldn’t be allowed to buy, a Wall Street Journal investigation found.

Tangled webs of satellite ownership and offshore firms have helped China’s government achieve its goals. Some of America’s biggest companies, including private-equity firm Carlyle Group in addition to Boeing, have indirectly facilitated China’s efforts, the Journal found.

Related: During all the Russia hacking hype, China is rising in influence: While Russia’s role in the 2016 election dominates the news, China’s spying and alarming influence within our borders is too little noticed.

DISCOVERY: Former FBI Official Admits Hillary Clinton Emails Were Found in Obama White House. “A former top FBI official has admitted under oath that a repository of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email records was obtained by the Obama White House and housed in the Executive Office of the President. Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch recently coaxed the admission out of the former assistant director of the FBI Counterintelligence Division, Bill Priestap, as part of a court-ordered discovery regarding Clinton’s unauthorized email server. U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth ruled earlier this year that discovery could commence examining Clinton’s use of the server and ordered Obama administration senior State Department officials, lawyers, and Clinton aides to be deposed or answer written questions under oath. The court said that the Clinton email system was ‘one of the gravest modern offenses to government transparency.'”

Flashback: What Top Democrats Really Thought About Hillary’s Private Server: “F*****g Insane.” I find these emails slightly comforting, as they suggest that people around Hillary aren’t all crazy. But then I remember that their concerns didn’t actually stop her.

Related: Hillary Discovers That She’s Not As Smart As Henry Kissinger.

KYLE LAMB: I Fought In The Battle Of Mogadishu. Here’s What Rep. Ilhan Omar Gets Wrong About ‘Black Hawk Down.’

Task Force Ranger was the 1993 military effort ordered by President Bill Clinton to capture Aidid and his lieutenants so the U.N. could deliver food and medical aid without fear of being attacked or killed by Aidid’s forces. The American soldiers Omar attacked in her tweet — the men of Task Force Ranger –weren’t sent to Somalia for fame or fortune. They weren’t there because of a deep desire to visit the God-forsaken nation of Somalia. They were deployed to support peacekeepers who were desperate to rescue the country from starvation and the ravages of civil war. To do that, they had to capture the men responsible for it.

By the time Task Force Ranger had been launched, Aidid’s network of drug-addled, Khat-dealing gun runners had taken over Mogadishu and were doing everything they could to oppress any and all rival clans, including that of Omar, the Majeerteen. In other words, we were sent halfway across the world to help protect people just like Omar and her family. Nineteen incredible men gave their lives defending her country while serving ours. They deserve to be lauded for their service, not attacked for it.

I am thankful Omar and her family and countless others were able to escape to neighboring Kenya while we fought to protect those left behind, but I simply cannot comprehend her attitude towards those of us who fought to protect her country and countrymen from warlords who plunged Somalia only further into violence and starvation. I am glad that Omar can now enjoy the very freedoms we fought to protect, like the freedom of speech and the free exercise of religion affirmed in the U.S. Constitution, but I don’t understand why she uses those freedoms to slur the men and women of the U.S. military who made her security and liberty a reality.

The simple truth is that Omar enjoys the fruits of American combat deaths, yet she can’t even bring herself to acknowledge the ultimate sacrifice that was made on her behalf, either as a Somali or an American.

“Ingrate” would be the nicest possible thing you could say about Omar.

And do read the whole thing.

HMM: Report: Senior IRGC Officer Flees Iran With Secret Intel.

WELL, GOOD: India to observe U.S. sanctions on Iranian oil.

India said Tuesday it will buy crude oil from other major oil producing countries in view of the United States’ decision this week to end waivers that allowed it to buy Iranian oil without facing U.S. sanctions.

External Affairs Ministry spokesman Raveesh Kumar said the Indian government would continue to work with partner nations, including the United States, to find ways to protect India’s energy and economic security interests.

Plus: “The sanctions would choke off more than $50 billion a year in Iranian income.”

I had been assured that Trump’s blundering around on the world stage and abandonment of the Iran Deal would cause other nations to rally around the Islamic Republic.

OF COURSE IT IS: Elizabeth Warren’s Plan To Cancel College Debt Is a Giveaway to the Well-Off and Well-Connected. After all, it’s aimed at Democratic primary voters.


THE NEXT BIG BOOM? More Than $32 Billion Being Invested in Appalachian Basin Pipelines.

This infusion of capital will result in roughly 3,500 miles of new, repurposed or replaced pipelines across Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia and generate more than 124,000 jobs.

The Appalachian Basin is projected to produce roughly 31.6 billion cubic feet per day (bcf/d) of natural gas in March, according to the Energy Information Administration. The bulk of this extensive and much-needed regional infrastructure build-out is focused on expanding take-away capacity, enabling the Marcellus and Utica shale gas produced here to be used not only within the tri-state but across the country and even globally.

EID’s new infographic shows construction of all proposed pipelines will add nearly 23 bcf/d of natural gas pipeline take-away capacity. That’s enough room to move nearly 72 percent of the natural gas produced in the region.

Those are jobs a President Hillary Clinton would have almost certainly tried to kill, and most (all?) Democrats running for 2020 would, too. You can safely assume that fact won’t be lost on President Trump as he gears up for reelection.

JAMES LILEKS ON THE UNPERSONING OF KATE SMITH: “As I said before, somewhat joshingly — 1984 is coming to pass not because it’s imposed, but because everyone is volunteering to do their part.”

Read the whole thing on your two-way telescreen.

TYLER O’NEIL: Court Delays ‘Politically Motivated’ Prosecution Over Planned Parenthood Sting Videos. “Under pro-Planned Parenthood Attorneys General Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) and Xavier Becerra (D-Calif.), David Daleiden and Susan Sandra Merritt faced criminal prosecution for their Planned Parenthood sting videos revealing the alleged selling of aborted baby body parts for profit. On Monday, Daleiden and Merritt were scheduled to appear in a hearing. The California Supreme Court stayed the entire prosecution at the last minute, in the afternoon last Friday.”

More to come.

SO I NOTICE THAT ALL OF A SUDDEN, IT SEEMS EVERY OTHER AD I’M SEEING ON TV IS FOR MESOTHELIOMA ATTORNEYS. Is there something going on with that? I thought that most of the exposure was long ago and would expect claims to be aging out.

UPDATE: Tom Maguire explains: There are new frontiers in mesothelioma! “I haven’t seen the ads (my sports viewing has made me an expert on pick-up trucks, erectile dysfunction, beer and male pattern baldness) but a new category of plaintiffs has been in the news: users of talcum powder. So they moved past legacy factory workers.”

I figured something was going on.

SETH BARRETT TILLMAN: A Response to Checks & Balances’ Press Release on the Mueller Report. “If this is not the criminalization of democratic politics, it is too close for comfort. But I guess some people long to bring back the Sedition Act of 1798.”

So long as they’re in the driver’s seat, or expect to be.

April 23, 2019

GREAT AGAIN: S&P 500 and Nasdaq rally to record closing highs after strong earnings from broad range of companies.

AT AMAZON, save on Bestselling Jewelry.

Plus, deals on Major Appliances.

AL JAZEERA REPORTER: It’s “Islamophobic” To Report Name Of Sri Lankan Attack Mastermind.

Flashback: Scott Johnson on “My phobia problem — and Mark Steyn’s.”

KNOW YOUR PLACE, PEASANTS! California’s Politicians Rush To Gut Internet Privacy Law With Pro-Tech Giant Amendments.

COULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED TO A NICER SCUMBAG: Florida’s Supreme Court denies former Broward Sheriff Israel’s case. “Florida’s highest court agreed that Gov. Ron DeSantis was within his authority to suspend Scott Israel as Broward County sheriff earlier this year. The justices noted that under the Florida Constitution, the state Senate is responsible for deciding whether the removal should be permanent.”

Kids died because he sucks. Then he blamed the NRA. He didn’t want the trial before the Senate because it will make the depths of his scumbaggery highly apparent.

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SOON ALL THE GUN FACTORIES WILL BE IN RED STATES: Firearms manufacturer CZ-USA chooses Little Rock for headquarters.

#JOURNALISM: ABC News flubs presidential candidates’ ages. If they can’t get that right . . . .

Well, as Mark Steyn notes, they’re more about giving you the narrative than the facts.

EVER NOTICE THAT STUDENTS WHO SPEND THEIR TIME ON SJW PROTESTS TEND TO BE THE STUDENTS IN NEED OF SPENDING MORE TIME ON THEIR EDUCATION?: Consider this gobbleygook from students at Williams College protesting the potential adoption of the pro-free speech Chicago Principles:

In their rebuttal, the students, who called themselves the Coalition Against Racist Education Now, or CARE, wrote that the faculty petition “prioritizes the protection of ideas over the protection of people  [because ideas come from animals? plants?] and fails to recognize that behind every idea is a person with a particular subjectivity [what?]. Our beliefs, and the consequences of our actions, are choices we make [umm, no, many consequences of our actions are unintended and unpredictable]. Any claim to the ‘protection of ideas’ that is not founded in the insurance [assurance?] of people’s safety [you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means] poses a real threat — one which targets most pointedly marginalized people. An ideology of free speech absolutism that prioritizes ideas over people [again: because ideas come from animals? plants?], giving ‘deeply offensive’ language a platform at this institution, will inevitably imperil marginalized students.”

A greater threat to these students’ future than the imagined threat from having the occasional “offensive” (read: conservative?) speaker on campus is that they are going to one of the best colleges in the United States, where tuition costs almost $57k  a year plus room and board, and yet can’t competently write and edit several sentences of argument.


WORST. NAZI. PRESIDENT. EVER. Israel Loves Trump So Much, They Are Planning to Name a Town After Him.

PEOPLE WITH GLASS INHERITANCES SHOULDN’T THROW STONES: Roy Disney’s granddaughter thinks Bob Iger’s paycheck is ‘insane’.

Iger is rich because he creates wealth for Disney shareholders, and creates value for the public at large. Roy Disney’s granddaughter is rich ($500 million net worth!) because she’s Roy Disney’s granddaughter. I know who I think is less deserving of the money.

UPDATE: The fact that Iger, unlike the Disney granddaughter, actually worked for his money doesn’t necessarily mean that he “deserves” his full and immense salary. But it’s worth noting that since Iger took the helm at Disney in 2005, its stock has beaten the (tech-heavy!) S&P 500 by about 50%, or an extra $80 billion or so for Disney shareholders.

OPEN THREAD: Well, you know what to do by now.

21ST CENTURY RELATIONSHIPS: What It’s Really Like To Be An Escort (And Why I Prefer It To Stripping).



INFLAMMATION SEEMS TO BE AT THE CENTER OF A LOT OF THINGS: Why Does Exercise Guard Against Cancer? Inflammation May Play a Role. “One of the most important benefits of exercise is in how it reduces our risk of developing a number of types of cancer — especially colorectal cancer, which according to some estimates is the malignancy most influenced by physical activity. But how workouts guard against colon cancer remains largely unknown. . . . In the dishes containing fluid taken from the men immediately after a single workout, the scientists counted far fewer cancer cells than in those awash in fluid drawn two hours after exercise. There was no similar decline in the dishes from the men who had trained for a month. In effect, something about the blood drawn immediately after the workout was slowing the growth of cancer cells.”


ANALYSIS: TRUE. Your Socialism Is Bad And You Should Feel Bad.

IT’S ALWAYS IN THE LAST PLACE YOU LOOK: Scientists Discover Gigantic Prehistoric Cat in a Neglected Museum Drawer.

Erwin Schrodinger could not be reached for comment.


Kissinger’s student critics say he is a war criminal who had a role in “multiple atrocities worldwide,” most especially his “well-known role in prolonging the Vietnam War.” Those are quotations from an article published this February by students at MIT, who were then running their own (unsuccessful) disinvitation campaign. But the students who object so strenuously to Kissinger’s “war crimes” are the same students who wear Che Guevara t-shirts and quote Mao. They do not criticize (or are unaware of) North Vietnam’s mass-murder campaign following the American withdrawal.

So what these students really object to is not anything Kissinger has done or is supposed to have done — they object to him as a representative of Western culture, and of the belief that Western culture and civilization are a positive good to be protected and preserved.

They’re trash. Plus:

In his remarks at the Disinvitation Dinner, Kissinger pointed out that the First World War destroyed Europe’s confidence and sense of purpose, and that Europe has never recovered. A society needs great objectives to which it can apply itself with conviction, instead of being “obsessed with its own shortcomings.”

The students who object to Kissinger’s presence on campus are emblematic of this loss of confidence, and of that obsession. They hate the West (and in particular the United States) for suppressing and oppressing other cultures, ranging from the American Indians to the Communist Chinese.

It’s just a projection of their — generally quite justified — self-loathing. They deserve neither respect nor deference. What they need is to face consequences.

JUST DON’T MENTION THE WAR: 2020 Democrats Don’t Mention Sri Lanka Islamist Attacks Once at CNN “Town Hall.”

INTERNET OF THINGS STILL LOOKING UNTRUSTWORTHY: How Nest, designed to keep intruders out of people’s homes, effectively allowed hackers to get in.

ANALYSIS: TRUE. If We Cancel Kate Smith, We Must Cancel The New York Yankees.

THE 21ST CENTURY IS NOT TURNING OUT AS I’D HOPED: Mumps outbreak hits Indiana Univ. ahead of finals. Trust me, you do NOT want mumps as a post-pubescent male.

FOR ALL THE USUAL TALK OF COMING ECONOMIC DOOM, the price of gold seems pretty steady. It’s up a bit from 6 months ago, but down a bit from two or three months ago.

EMILY JASHINKSKY: Yes, ‘Chick Flick’ Is Still A Perfectly Valid Label.

The argument “there’s nothing inherently gendered about liking a light-hearted film with a strong female lead and emotional arc” is just bizarre, and predicated on the ascendant notion there’s something wrong with “gendering” products. Men and women like different things, and our entertainment options should absolutely cater to those divergent interests. But if you don’t buy into that reality, as is increasingly the case on the left, the world you seek is one in which a timeless masterpiece like “Crossroads” would either be advertised unsuccessfully to men or scrapped entirely (a world I hope I’m never alive to see).

Netflix’s anonymous Twitter pundit also complained that “chick flick” is a trivializing categorization, which I suspect is really at the heart of their disgruntlement.

It isn’t trivializing at all, but I might be biased here since the VodkaWife’s idea of a chick flick is “Die Hard.”

HUH: Marijuana Sales in Canada Are Going Nowhere Fast, Analysts Say.

LOVIN’ IT: Leaked documents show that McDonald’s is adding international hits to its American menu, including the Spanish Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger and the Dutch Stroopwafel McFlurry.

How did Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger not originate in this country?

FLASHBACK: Barr Will Find Spying On Trump Directed By Obama.

TECHNICALLY THEY’RE NOT IDENTIFYING THEM, THEY’RE DEFINING THEM: New guidelines likely to identify more children with high blood pressure. It’s good news for pharma companies.

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TAMARA KEEL: CCW Pistol Testing: Developing a Course of Fire.

YOU WOULD THINK: Electric Car Fires in China Should Set Off Alarms.

The numbers are damning. In 2018, Chinese manufacturers recalled 135,700 NEVs for a crushing 10.8 percent industrywide recall rate. Already this year, another 23,458 electric vehicles have been recalled.

Batteries are the most common source of problems. Some don’t perform as advertised. Others drain unusually fast. Still others run dangerously hot. More than 40 NEVs spontaneously combusted in China in 2018.

Other issues include faulty motors, faulty transmissions, faulty odometers and bad odors (a problem to which Chinese consumers are particularly sensitive). Most notably, according to market research firm J.D. Power, problems are far more common in Chinese NEVs than in traditional Chinese-made cars.

True, as with any new technology, teething problems are to be expected. But China’s government-sponsored largesse and highly protected market have clearly exacerbated the problem.

Paging Tom Friedman

BEER IS THE GLUE THAT HOLDS CIVILIZATION TOGETHER: Ancent Peruvian microbrewery, sour ale helps explain longevity of the Wari empire. “We think these institutions of brewing and then serving the beer really formed a unity among these populations, it kept people together.”

SULTANS GOTTA SULTANATE: Erdogan Cracks Down on Dissent in Turkey Despite Pledge for Unity.

Mr. Erdogan said last week that the time had come to turn the page on a prolonged sequence of electoral contests and focus on repairing an economy mired in recession. While he and his ruling Justice and Development Party, or AKP, prevailed in the June presidential and legislative votes, the opposition Republican People’s Party, or CHP, claimed the two biggest prizes in the March 31 municipal elections, Istanbul and Ankara, the capital.

The political climate in Turkey remains volatile. In the past few days, a schoolteacher was returned to prison for having urged the government to spare children’s lives during the fight against militants from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party; the AKP filed a second package of fraud claims with Turkey’s national election board, seeking a revote in Istanbul; and the leader of the CHP was attacked during a soldier’s funeral.

Kati Piri, a lawmaker with the European Parliament and the Turkey rapporteur, blamed hostile rhetoric by ruling-party officials for the tense climate. Referring to Sunday’s attack on CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu, she said in a tweet: “Likely inspired by hate speeches of ruling politicians. This radical polarization must end.”

Not so long as they think it furthers their power, it won’t.

WELL, THIS IS THE 21ST CENTURY, YOU KNOW: Paris Firefighters Used This Remote-Controlled Robot to Extinguish the Notre Dame Blaze.

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Dennis Miller: Sam Kinison Couldn’t Survive Our PC Age.

WHAT?: Apparently, it’s not just a racial slur, but it’s also a criminal offense in Texas to accuse someone of making monkey faces?

MARK STEYN: “The lights are going out on the most basic of journalistic instincts:”

Who, what, when, where, why. All are subordinate to the Narrative — or Official Lie. All day yesterday and into today, if you had glanced at the telly, switched on the radio or surfed the big news sites of the Internet, you would have thought the Tamil Tigers were back “with a vengeance”, as The Economist put it — even though with one exception (the 1990 police massacre) the death toll was higher than any individual attack the Tigers had ever pulled off. Meanwhile, back in that fast shrinking space known as the real world, from the very first hours the headline of this story was completely straightforward:

Islamic Suicide Bombers Slaughter Three Hundred on Easter Morning

But apparently that can no longer be said.

Read the whole thing.

LIZ SHELD: Kamala’s Gonna Grab Your Gun.

THEY’RE ALWAYS IN THE LAST PLACE YOU LOOK: Scientists Discover Gigantic Prehistoric Cat in a Neglected Museum Drawer.

POUNCE! “GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel pounced on Sanders’ call to restore the voting rights of felons, including people like the Boston Marathon bomber, who killed three people and injured hundreds in 2013 with a pair of pressure-cooker bombers and was sentenced to death. ‘I think the right to vote is inherent to our democracy,’ Sanders said. ‘Yes, even for terrible people.’”

As long as they vote for Democrats.

DON’T GET COCKY: Four Reasons Why the Dems Will Lose in 2020.

The nation is actually doing quite well under President Trump, although you could never tell if your news comes from MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, collectively the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party. Those manufacturing jobs we were told were gone? They are back. That 3% GDP that eluded Trump’s predecessor has returned and been exceeded. Those young black men who could not find work previously? They have found it now. That wealth disparity that Brother Bernie goes on and on about? It has diminished in recent years. Those flat wages? They have increased. Those who gave up looking for jobs? Many have now found the work that eluded them. Such positive news is always downplayed by the media and the Democrats.

The Democrats do best when the nation does poorly.

Remember in ‘92, Bill Clinton said; “It’s the economy, stupid”. When he said that, he did not have the facts regarding the economy on his side, but the message was clear: The economic condition will play a key role in determining the outcome of the election. Today that plays into President Trump’s hands.

Yeah, but I remember the press falling all over themselves to go along with Clinton’s claim that the short and relatively mild recession of late-1990/early-1991 was the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression — even though it was over before the campaign began.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, MY USA TODAY COLUMN: Mueller report: Donald Trump collusion conspiracy theories are now exposed. Will they end? “After two years of what can fairly be described as mass hysteria afflicting a huge portion of our political class, the cognitive dissonance is painful. . . . It’s like a doomsday cult whose predicted apocalypse fails to appear on schedule: They just announce that they made a mathematical mistake, and doomsday will actually come next year. Then they ask for more donations. The trouble is, this time it’s a cult that’s running a significant part of our nation.”

MEDICARE FOR ALL! Medicare hospital fund reserves likely to be exhausted in 2026.

NON-PARTISAN: “AP U.S. History Textbook Calls Trump ‘Racist,’ Questions His Mental Stability.”

SIXTH CIRCUIT: “Chalking” tires is an illegal trespass by law enforcement.

BOTTOM STORY OF THE DAY: Adam Schiff Not Terribly Interested In Finding Out If Steele Dossier Was Russian Misinformation.

YEP: As Liberalism Sinks, Socialism Rises.


IF YOU LIKED IBD’S EDITORIALS, YOU’LL LOVE ISSUES & INSIGHTS: The editorials that appeared for years in Investors Business Daily were rigorously researched and thoughtfully written.

Now, thanks to several members of the intrepid band that did much of that great work, they are back, doing the same high level of commentary, such as this one by John Merline on the MSM congratulating themselves for lying to America about Trump’s tax cuts. Let’s hope Issues & Insights is around a long time to come.

ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS NOT ACT CRAZY… YOU KNOW THE REST: Kamala Harris open to Bernie Sanders’ call of letting Boston Marathon bomber vote from prison.

TYLER O’NEIL: Supreme Court Considers Redefining ‘Sex’ to Prohibit Discrimination.

ROGER SIMON: New Zealand and Sri Lanka Were Not the Same.

SUPER HORNETS PASS BY: Two F/A-18F Super Hornets from the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln fly past the Spanish navy frigate ESPS Mendez Nñez.

RELATED: Sailors test an F/A-18 engine on the fantail of the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower.