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March 22, 2019

TYLER O’NEIL: 5 Paths to Victory: How Trump Can Beat the Democrat in 2020.

CHANGE: Law Schools See High Dean Turnover As Pressures Increase.

AIR-DELIVERED BIG GUNS: Two U.S. Army Chinook helicopters deliver M777 155 mm howitzers in an exercise held at Grafenwoehr Training Area, Germany.

THAT OFFENDS ME. SILENCE THEM IMMEDIATELY. VIDEO: Students say offensive speech is not free speech.

LIZ SHELD’S MORNING BRIEF: Bus full of children set on fire and much, much more. “Italy’s interior ministry said in a statement that the driver had been previously caught driving while drunk and had sexually assaulted a minor.”

SOUNDS LIKE THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN WORTH THE MONEY: Crashed Boeing Planes Lacked Safety Features That Company Sold Only As Extras.

I REMEMBER WHEN THEY TOLD US HE WAS A RACIST WARMONGER LIKE HITLER: Ignore the liberals who defend John McCain. They’d spit on his grave, too. The left’s have-you-no-decency schtick has worn pretty thin, given the strong evidence that it itself has none.


MO’ NUKES: US nuclear is dying, but it produced more electricity in 2018 than ever before.

All I’m asking for is a thorium reactor in every garage.

DANIEL MITCHELL: Why the Cayman Islands Are so Prosperous (and Harmonious): The key thing to understand is that not all taxes are created equal.

BLUE ON BLUE: Rep. Ilhan Omar’s ‘anti-Semitic tropes’ prompt Jewish New York Dem to apologize to constituents.

U.S. Rep. Max Rose, a Jewish New York Democrat in his first term in Congress, apologized to visibly frustrated constituents at a town hall in Staten Island on Tuesday for not “protecting them” from fellow freshman Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar’s repeated use of “anti-Semitic tropes.”

Rose’s comments came as Minnesota Democrats are seriously considering the prospect of supporting an unprecedented primary challenge against the 37-year-old Omar in 2020, following bipartisan condemnation of several of her remarks, according to officials and state representatives. Earlier this month, the House passed a bipartisan resolution condemning hate of all kinds in the wake of Omar’s comments. But Democrats kept Omar’s name out of the resolution, which several Republicans opposed as a watered-down, half-hearted effort.

Well, that’s exactly what it was. It was also Nancy Pelosi’s best attempt at keeping a lid on her fractured caucus.

WHAT’S IN A NAME? American Cable Association Changes Name to ACA – America’s Communications Association. “America’s Communications Association announces name change to reflect changing technology and consumer habits.”

But mostly because almost nobody likes their cable company.

LAURENCE JARVIK: Barbarians Inside The Gates.


CARACAS-BY-THE-LAKE: Chicago’s Democratic socialists on brink of transforming city’s politics.

Eric Lutz says this like it’s a good thing:

Democratic socialist Rossana Rodriguez never thought she would run for office, let alone win.

But the Chicago educator and community activist may be poised to do just that after forcing a runoff in her 33rd ward aldermanic race against incumbent Deb Mell last month, making her one of six democratic socialists who could potentially join city council this year.

That shock number of openly declared socialists set to join Chicago politics comes at a time when socialism is increasingly visible in national US politics, led by the socialist senator Bernie Sanders running for president and socialist New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez becoming one the most high-profile politicians in the House of Representatives.

But the trend is happening at a local level, too, with the emergence of socialists in Chicago politics a reflection of the progressive momentum Rodriguez and other socialist candidates say could “transform” the way this city operates.

The results should prove… instructive.

ON THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE, THE BABYLON BEE NAILS IT: Political Institution Specifically Designed To Guard Against Angry Mobs Draws Ire Of Angry Mobs.

21ST CENTURY CRIME: Lithuanian Man Bilks Google and Facebook out of $100 Million. “He tricked the companies into wiring him money by sending fake invoices.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, LEGAL EDUCATION EDITION: University Of Akron Excludes Law School (‘Strategic Investment Area’) From Buy-Outs Offered To 47% Of Faculty.


HE’S A KOALA, NOT A DOPE:  ‘Feisty’ koala refuses to leave air-conditioned car.

AND OUR LITTLE LIFE IS ROUNDED WITH A SLEEP:  We spend nearly half of our lifetime lying around in bed.

ALSO STUPID. IF YOU ARE THAT TRIGGERED BY WORDS, YOU NEED REAL HELP, NOT TRIGGER WARNINGS:  Online trigger warnings are useless, researchers say.

I DON’T BELIEVE YOU:  Drinking hot tea is linked to higher cancer rates: study.

AS I WAS SAYING:  It’s Omar’s Party Now.



WHAT DOES WOKE WOMAN WANT? Understanding Women.

I DIDN’T REALIZE OUR CONSTITUTION WAS DESIGNED FOR CALVINBALL:  Changing the rules of the American political game.

OH DEAR LORD:  Kentucky Governor Exposes His Children To Chicken Pox.

March 21, 2019

USING MURDER AS AN EXCUSE TO SILENCE POLITICAL OPPONENTS: The Chilling Censorship of the Christchurch Shooting.

IT’S LIKE THE WHOLE THING’S A SHAM: Palestinian Lives Don’t Matter* *Unless Israel is to blame. Or, at least, can be blamed with the help of a complicitly anti-semitic press.

AT AMAZON, save on Women’s Lingerie, Sleep & Loungewear.

THE HILL: As [alleged] Russia collusion fades, Ukrainian plot to help Clinton emerges.

After nearly three years and millions of tax dollars, the Trump-Russia collusion probe is about to be resolved. Emerging in its place is newly unearthed evidence suggesting another foreign effort to influence the 2016 election — this time, in favor of the Democrats.

Ukraine’s top prosecutor divulged in an interview aired Wednesday on Hill.TV that he has opened an investigation into whether his country’s law enforcement apparatus intentionally leaked financial records during the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign about then-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort in an effort to sway the election in favor of Hillary Clinton. . . .

In our interview, Lutsenko accused the Obama-era U.S. Embassy in 2016 of interfering in his ability to prosecute corruption cases, saying the U.S. ambassador gave him a list of defendants that he would not be allowed to pursue and then refused to cooperate in an early investigation into the alleged misappropriation of U.S. aid in Ukraine.

Name an independent prosecutor! (I added the [alleged] to the headline, since so far there’s nothing but allegations where the Russian collusion is involved.)

JOHN HINDERAKER: The Democrats are Ilhan Omar’s Party Now.

FLASHBACK: Draft women? Why not?

FREE SPEECH WIN: Amherst College backs down on PC ‘language guide.’

Related: Adriana Cohen: A couple of wins for free speech. “For far too long colleges and universities have been stifling free speech on campus, contrary to the notion that higher education is supposed to promote a free flow of ideas. Thanks to political correctness spreading like a noxious weed from one liberal campus to the next, free speech has been under assault. The good guys — College Republicans and everyone else who values the free speech enshrined in the U.S. Constitution — notched a victory this week at Amherst College when its president shot down its own Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s ‘Common Language Guide’ it emailed to students which laid out PC definitions for everything from capitalism to transgenderism to how to address illegal immigrants, or as they prefer it, ‘undocumented persons.'”

OPEN THREAD: Share your valuable opinions and information.

NOTHING TO SEE HERE, MOVE ALONG: Scientists Grew a Mini-Brain in a Dish, And It Connected to a Spinal Cord by Itself.

KURT SCHLICHTER: We Are Going To Lose The Coming War With China. “Nations famously tend to always try to fight the last war, and what America is preparing to do today with the newly assertive China is no exception. The problem is our last war was against primitive religious fanatics in the Middle East and China is an emerging superpower with approaching-peer level conventional capabilities and an actual strategy for contesting the United States in all the potential battlespaces – land, sea, air, space and cyber. America is simply not ready for the Pacific war to come. We’re likely to lose.”

YOU CAN’T TRUST FACEBOOK: Millions of Facebook user passwords were accessible to employees.

SKYNET SMILES: Scientists create liquid metal that stretches like Terminator.

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Plus, deals on Vitamins and Dietary Supplements.

WHEN YOU’VE LOST THE NEW YORKER: The Reckoning of Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

In the days since the stunning dismissal of Morris Dees, the co-founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center, on March 14th, I’ve been thinking about the jokes my S.P.L.C. colleagues and I used to tell to keep ourselves sane. Walking to lunch past the Center’s Maya Lin–designed memorial to civil-rights martyrs, we’d cast a glance at the inscription from Martin Luther King, Jr., etched into the black marble—“Until justice rolls down like waters”—and intone, in our deepest voices, “Until justice rolls down like dollars.” The Law Center had a way of turning idealists into cynics; like most liberals, our view of the S.P.L.C. before we arrived had been shaped by its oft-cited listings of U.S. hate groups, its reputation for winning cases against the Ku Klux Klan and Aryan Nations, and its stream of direct-mail pleas for money to keep the good work going. The mailers, in particular, painted a vivid picture of a scrappy band of intrepid attorneys and hate-group monitors, working under constant threat of death to fight hatred and injustice in the deepest heart of Dixie. When the S.P.L.C. hired me as a writer, in 2001, I figured I knew what to expect: long hours working with humble resources and a highly diverse bunch of super-dedicated colleagues. I felt self-righteous about the work before I’d even begun it.

The first surprise was the office itself. On a hill in downtown Montgomery, down the street from both Jefferson Davis’s Confederate White House and the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, where M.L.K. preached and organized, the Center had recently built a massive modernist glass-and-steel structure that the social critic James Howard Kunstler would later liken to a “Darth Vader building” that made social justice “look despotic.” It was a cold place inside, too. The entrance was through an underground bunker, past multiple layers of human and electronic security. Cameras were everywhere in the open-plan office, which made me feel like a Pentagon staffer, both secure and insecure at once. But nothing was more uncomfortable than the racial dynamic that quickly became apparent: a fair number of what was then about a hundred employees were African-American, but almost all of them were administrative and support staff—“the help,” one of my black colleagues said pointedly. The “professional staff”—the lawyers, researchers, educators, public-relations officers, and fund-raisers—were almost exclusively white. Just two staffers, including me, were openly gay.

During my first few weeks, a friendly new co-worker couldn’t help laughing at my bewilderment. “Well, honey, welcome to the Poverty Palace,” she said. . . . And the unchecked power of the lavishly compensated white men at the top of the organization—Dees and the Center’s president, Richard Cohen—made staffers pessimistic that any of these issues would ever be addressed.

An apt description. But here’s the thing: The SPLC has been an obvious fraud for 20 years or more. Why are all the usual media suspects suddenly noticing now?

Plus: “We were part of the con, and we knew it.” That could apply to the press, too.

THE PREMISE IS A LIE, SINCE VIDEO SHOWED THAT TEA PARTY PROTESTERS NEVER DID THAT, AND LEWIS BACKTRACKED: Devin Nunes appears to defend protesters called John Lewis the N-word in newly-resurfaced video. But then, lying is what they do.

UPDATE: From the comments: “They have to lie about us because we tell the truth about them.”

SPACE FORCE: Shanahan: Space Force needed to ensure ‘margin of dominance.’

WELL, THAT’S IT — TRUMP JUST LOST THE ALL-IMPORTANT LONDON VOTE: Quite the endorsement! London Mayor Sadiq Khan says the next U.S. president ‘can’t be Trump.’

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Why Lifting Weights Can Be So Potent for Aging Well. “Weight training by older people may build not only strength and muscle mass but also motivation and confidence, potentially spurring them to continue exercising, according to an interesting new study of the emotional impacts of lifting weights. The findings intimate that people worried that they might be too old or inept to start resistance training should perhaps try it, to see how their bodies and minds respond.”

What’s really impressive is how many old people went on lifting after the study was over and they were on their own. Plus: “Also surprising, the researchers discovered little direct correlation between muscle and motivation. The people who had gained the most strength or muscle mass during the study were not necessarily those most likely to stick to the training. Instead, it was those who had come to feel most competent in the gym.”

ANALYSIS: TRUE. The Left’s Identity Politics Rejects the Vision of Martin Luther King Jr.


“So how are you different from — I mean obviously besides from being yourself and your background, but as far as policy goes, as far as a plan goes, how are you different?” Kimmel followed. “Because, for me, what I need to figure out is, ‘Okay, there’s a lot of people here.’ How do you distinguish?”

“That’s fair … Obviously it’s going to be a long campaign and all of us will, you know, have opportunities to speak and the voters will learn more and obviously, voters ultimately will make the decision,” Harris said, taking her time to answer.

“I think one of the distinctions is, um … I have a background in having been a leader and I think that the voters are going to decide who will be the next commander in chief and president of the United States based on experience of leading. I have led on a local government level, state government, and now federal government.”

This doesn’t set her apart from any of the other candidates. Many of the politicians here have had leadership experience on some level or another. Harris essentially admitted on national television that she’s got nothing.

I thought Beto was the Ted Kennedy retread during this presidential primary season.


Everything about his candidacy feels like a triumph of nostalgia-peddling. The constant refrain that he’s this generation’s Robert F. Kennedy is an interesting play on the time-tested effort by Democratic candidates to claim the Kennedy mantle, though usually it’s John F. Kennedy, not RFK. Then again, it makes sense given that RFK moved left of JFK — and so has the Democratic party.

There’s also a shared authentic inauthenticity to O’Rourke. Joe Kennedy groomed his boys for the presidency from an early age. O’Rourke’s dad assigned his son the nickname Beto almost from birth, because he thought it would help win votes in El Paso.

Like a 1960s Kennedy, O’Rourke is an old person’s idea of what a young person is supposed to be like, albeit with a Gen X spin: skateboarding, membership in a punk band, etc. Sure, O’Rourke was born the same year that Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders first ran for the Senate, as a Democrat and social democrat, respectively. (Biden won.) But that only makes him young compared with those guys.

Then there’s the déjà vu. O’Rourke’s candidacy feels like a rerun, and not merely because the media covered his recently concluded Senate race against Ted Cruz as if it were a presidential contest. (A race, it’s worth nothing, that O’Rourke lost despite having raised more money than any Senate candidate ever, and despite the fact that his opponent was wildly unpopular.)

And speaking of déjà vu, as Scott Whitlock writes at NewsBusters, Time Cheers ‘Phenom’ Ocasio-Cortez: ‘Best Storyteller in the Party.’

Their encomium is merely their way of saying thanks, given that AOC’s party piece is a retread of a pair of decade-old Time magazine reruns, which itself are built upon decades of FDR nostalgia.

WHAT’S THE SPANISH FOR STASI OR CHEKA? Juan Guaido’s chief of staff snatched from his home at 2am.

FUNNY HOW THE PRESS WILL JUST TAKE A LIE AND REPEAT IT FOREVER: Ari Fleischer Destroys the Left’s ‘Bush Lied, People Died’ Myth About Iraq War.

(Classical reference in headline.)

#WALKAWAY: Liberal Group MoveOn Calls For 2020 Democrats to Boycott AIPAC.

WORST NAZI PRESIDENT EVER: Trump says it’s time for US to recognize ‘Israel’s Sovereignty over the Golan Heights.’

A LOOK AT the new BMW X7.


COVERING THE IMPORTANT NEWS: Most Pupular — Labrador Retrievers Top List Of Dog Breeds For 28th Year.

SPACE: SpaceX’s future space ship to be built in Florida, Elon Musk says.

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE PUBLIC’S RIGHT TO KNOW? Anonymous Individuals Fight Possible Unsealing of Details Related to Alleged Epstein Sex Ring.

REMEMBER THIS? Police release more records in Las Vegas massacre.

There were no new revelations among the more than 750 pages of documents, and authorities have not determined a motive for the 2017 carnage that killed 58 people and injured more than 850 others at an outdoor concert.

Police and the FBI have each concluded investigations, saying 64-year-old shooter Stephen Paddock acted alone and was not inspired by any outside group or ideology.

FBI profilers determined Paddock — a high-stakes video poker player and former accountant — might have been seeking infamy and trying to follow in the criminal footsteps of his bank robber father, who made the agency’s most-wanted list in the 1960s.

Police said the 35th batch of material released since May under court order in a public records lawsuit will be the last.

There’s still so little there, there.

NO. Gillibrand: Give Social Security to illegal immigrants.

WELL, GOOD: Reworked nasal flu vaccine as effective as shot for kids.

JIM STOVALL: Don’t all them “elite” colleges, call them Major Brands.

The journalists and commentators have consistently used the terms elite colleges or elite universities. They have done without any critical assessment of the terms themselves, and therein lies a problem — possibly The Problem. We are in the habit of thinking about certain colleges or universities as “elite” or “better” or something that they are not. A student at one of these places is no more likely to get a good or an excellent education than a student at any state university or small liberal arts college.

My four decades of experience in academia, as well as my common sense, tells me that.

The faculty and facilities in the places we term as “elite” are no better — and sometimes much worse — than you would find at most large state universities. Many undergraduate courses in so-called elite universities are taught by graduate students — not by high-powered professors — as they are at state universities with good graduate programs.

He’s right, of course.

FUNNY HOW THE PRESS WILL JUST TAKE A LIE AND REPEAT IT FOREVER: Trump Didn’t Call Neo-Nazis ‘Fine People.’ Here’s Proof. And no refutation will make them stop.

BUT CNN IS WORKING HARD TO CATCH UP! Data Show MSNBC Has Been Robert Mueller’s Biggest Fan.

JOE PAPPALARDO: Can the U.S. Save Alcantara, Brazil’s Cursed Spaceport?

CHANGE? Erdogan’s government in panic over risk of electoral defeats.

The campaign of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government for the March 31 local elections will go down in history as the most polarizing campaign with the most virulent and offensive rhetoric that Turkey has seen under the Justice and Development Party (AKP). In no election before has the government employed religion and religion-based polarization so blatantly. The campaign has been marked also by unprecedented threats to opposition leaders and candidates as well as an apparent intent to not accept election results. Government spokesmen have virtually competed to delegitimize the opposition, seeking to keep their base intact by scaring voters with a demonized portrait of political opponents. The main cause of this extraordinary political syndrome is Turkey’s plunge into economic recession, which, coupled with a rising cost of living and growing unemployment, has raised the specter of the AKP losing the elections in big cities.

Longterm, the religious aspect is the most troubling. Ataturk’s secular Turkey is dying, and an Islamist-fied Turkey might be in the making.

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Can Trump Win Again in 2020?

DON’T KNOW MUCH ABOUT HISTORY: No, the Electoral College Is Not a ‘Shadow of Slavery’s Power.’

Compromises were made in America’s early years because North and South couldn’t agree on whether to continue the institution. Just as obviously, virtually all Americans today wish that slavery had never existed. It’s a part of America’s heritage that is clearly at odds with America’s founding principles.

That does not mean, however, that the Constitution and its presidential election process are simply a “relic of slavery.” The discussions at the Constitutional Convention were shaped more by the delegates’ study of history and political philosophy, as well as their own experiences with Parliament and the state legislatures. They wanted to avoid the mistakes that had been made in other governments. They sought to establish a better constitution that would stand the test of time.

George Washington expressed this conviction, felt so strongly by the founding generation: “[T]he preservation of the sacred fire of liberty, and the destiny of the Republican model of government,” he concluded, “are justly considered as deeply, perhaps as finally staked, on the experiment entrusted to the hands of the American people.”

His words echoed an argument that James Madison had made about a year and a half earlier. Only a republic, Madison had written, “would be reconcilable with the genius of the people of America; with the fundamental principles of the revolution; or with that honorable determination which animates every votary of freedom to rest all our political experiments on the capacity of mankind for self-government.” He thought the experiment worthwhile. The Constitution met these criteria.

Read the whole thing.

ANSWERING THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: Who Still Buys Wite-Out, and Why? Correction fluids have improbably outlasted the typewriter and survived the rise of the digital office. “The sticky, white fluid and its chief rival, Liquid Paper, are peculiar anachronisms, throwbacks to the era of big hair, big cars, and big office stationery budgets. They were designed to help workers correct errors they made on typewriters without having to retype documents from the start. But typewriters have disappeared from the modern office, relegated to attics and museums. Even paper is disappearing from the modern office, as more and more functions are digitized. But correction fluids are not only surviving—they appear to be thriving, with Wite-Out sales climbing nearly 10 percent in 2017, according to the most recent public numbers. It’s a mystery of the digital age.”

ALSO IT DOESN’T TASTE GOOD: Kale is now one of the most pesticide-contaminated vegetables.

SPENGLER: To Protect Muslims Against Terrorism, Stop Muslim Terrorists. “Root out the terrorists who kill other Muslims–starting with the terror state of Iran.”

ROGER SIMON CHARTS SIGNAL-TO-NOISE: Trump Should Forget about McCain Already.

OH: Top Prosecutors Leave Mueller Team After GOP Reps Complain to AG Barr. “Reps Jordan and Meadows questioned the independence of Zainab Ahmad and Andrew Weissmann as both were involved in discussions with Bruce Ohr in 2016.”

YOU’RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BLOG: Journalists Are Ignorant and Silly, But At Least They’re Smug About It.

THAT WAS DIFFERENT THEN BECAUSE SHUT UP: Biden Called Court Packing a ‘Bonehead Idea’ During 1983 Hearing.

MIZZOU DEATH SPIRAL CONTINUES: Mizzou fires white police officer for once dressing up like Flavor Flav. I think he’s got a race-discrimination claim, if they wouldn’t fire a black officer for doing that.

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO… DO THAT: Preschool Teacher Punished Kids By Making Them Stand Naked In A Closet.


WHY IS THE USMC CONDUCTING LIVE FIRE EXERCISES IN LATVIA?: Russia’s Crimea invasion imperiled 21st century peace.

RELATED: Chapter Four of Cocktails from Hell.

BUT OF COURSE: Bernie hires Hugo Chavez fanboy as campaign Senior Advisor and Speechwriter. “David Sirota penned the now infamous ‘Hugo Chavez’s economic miracle,’ and has been secretly helping Bernie while working as a journalist, then deleted the evidence. Nobody saw that coming.”

Sirota does seem to have a type.

ROCKET FIRE IN LATVIA: A USMC HIMARS rocket launcher conducts live fire training in Latvia’s Adazi Training Area.

REMEMBER WHEN THE WASHINGTON POST WAS A REAL NEWSPAPER? Elizabeth Harrington’s analysis in the Washington Free Beacon dissects how the present-day Post created a Trump violation of the law out of a suit filed against his predecessor.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Conservative students told by police to stop tabling.