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February 22, 2019

SO WAIT, DOES THIS MEAN ANOTHER CAMPAIGN PROMISE KEPT? The Trump Administration’s Latest Move Could Effectively Defund Planned Parenthood.

ON THE OTHER HAND, YOU HAVE TO OFFSET THE HEAD INJURIES FROM CRASHES: Electric bikes could improve brain function in older people.

FLASHBACK: Rap Sheet: ***639*** Acts of Media-Approved Violence and Harassment Against Trump Supporters.

VIRGINIA CLOWNSHOW UPDATE: Republican delegate plans committee hearing where Fairfax accusers can testify.

A Republican lawmaker said Friday that he plans to hold a committee hearing to allow two women who have made sexual assault allegations against Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax to appear before a General Assembly panel and tell their stories.

From the floor of the House of Delegates, Del. Rob Bell, R-Albemarle, said he will schedule a meeting of the House Courts of Justice Committee at a later date and allow Vanessa Tyson, Meredith Watson and Fairfax to speak.

“This will give all parties a chance to be heard,” Bell said.

Just as the press had managed to sweep this story out of the news.


NEWS YOU CAN USE: Making Sense of Hyperbaric Chambers.

WHY SOME PEOPLE CHEER WHEN JOURNALISTS GET LAID OFF: Jussie Smollett’s alleged hoax got more media attention than my son, who was shot and killed in Chicago.

THE 21ST CENTURY ISN’T TURNING OUT AS I’D HOPED: Sepsis Is a Common Cause of Hospital Deaths.

SPACE: Virgin Galactic Reaches Space Again, Flies Test Passenger for 1st Time.

DISPATCHES FROM THE MEMORY HOLE, PART DEUX: Democrat Party Press Office — New York Times Branch — Airbrushes Jussie Smollett Off Front Page Of Today’s Paper.

As Jim Treacher has said:

Earlier: Democratic Virginia Scandals Evaporate from ABC, CBS, NBC.


Heh. As I wrote at the beginning of the year paraphrasing George C. Scott in Dr. Strangelove, “Mr. President, if we were to immediately launch an all out and coordinated nuclear attack on all their coalmines and oil fields, we’d stand a damn good chance of catching ’em with their pants down!” The terrifying thing is that I was linking at the time to a lefty who apparently thought that was a damn good idea.

SELF-DEFENSE: Why You Should Carry A Big Gun As Your Everyday Carry.

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CRYPTO ALWAYS FAILS: Once hailed as unhackable, blockchains are now getting hacked.

BENCHMADE’S GETTING A LOT OF SECOND AMENDMENT HEAT, but the story’s a bit more complicated. My advice to Benchmade, though, is to move out of Oregon. Tennessee is nice!

SHOCKING NEWS FROM THE WORLD OF SCIENCE: Weight-loss surgery could benefit sex life, study says. Well, being able to find your genitals has to be a good start.

IS THIS ONE OF THOSE INCONVENIENT TRUTHS I KEEP HEARING ABOUT? So an IRS employee was charged in leaking private info to Michael Avenatti. But check out the demotion: now Avenatti is described by CNN as “just” an attorney. They seem to be forgetting something:

“Avenatti, a ubiquitous presence on cable television for the last two months, has appeared on CNN 65 times and MSNBC 43 times between March 7 and May 10.”

We have always been at war with Eastasia.

DISPATCHES FROM THE MEMORY HOLE: Democratic Virginia Scandals Evaporate from ABC, CBS, NBC.

Flashback: “Jim Geraghty of NRO estimated that in 2006, the Washington Post ran ‘approximately 100 articles, op-eds, [and] editorials’ spotlighting Republican George Allen’s moronic ‘macaca’ gaffe involving his botched effort at calling out a mohawk-wearing video tagger hired by his opponent, Democrat Jim Webb, to stalk the Allen campaign,” and then repeated the same playbook (this time unsuccessfully) three years later when Republican Bob McDonnell ran for the governship of Virginia.

As for the Virginia Democrats’ current racism and #metoo-related scandals being tossed down the memory hole, just think of the media as Democratic Party operatives with bylines, and it all makes sense.

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LISTICLE: 6 Classic Songs That Seem Really Inappropriate (and Kind of Creepy) Today.

“China Girl,” which is explicitly antiracist, does not belong on this list.

21ST CENTURY PROBLEMS: Nike’s self-lacing sneakers turn into bricks after faulty firmware update.

I remain unimpressed with the “Internet of Things.”

MOTHBALL FLEET TO STAY MOTHBALLED: The U.S. Navy Won’t Bring Back Mothballed Ships to Boost the Fleet.

Navy officials have concluded it would be too expensive to bring them back and they would offer too few capabilities to make them worthwhile.

According to Military.com, Vice Admiral Tom Moore said the service had taken a look at decommissioned vessels and concluded it just wasn’t worth it. Not only are the ships old, some have been cannibalized to keep existing ships still in the fleet running. The Navy says the current fleet of 288 ships is too small for the service’s global responsibilities and is looking to boost the fleet to 355 ships by the 2030s.

Moore told the press the Navy looked at every ship on the “inactive” list, particularly retired Oliver Hazard Perry-class guided missile frigates. The Perry class was a small multipurpose warship capable of anti-submarine warfare, and self-defense against anti-air threats. Each could carry up to two Seahawk helicopters. The Perrys could operate independently but could also travel as part of a carrier battle group, adding anti-submarine capability. . . .

A look at the three mothball fleets in Google Maps reveals why the Navy won’t bring these ships back. There is so much rust on some of them it is visible from space. In order to bring back these ships to active duty, the Navy would have to spruce them up, add modern communications and electronics, and ensure they are safe to put to sea in. That could end up costing tens of millions per ship. To make matters worse the Perry-class frigates lost their missile launchers in the 2000s as they became obsolete. Unless the ships were renovated with new launchers, boosting their refurbishment cost, the largest weapon on the ship would be the 76-millimeter rapid fire gun.

Well, the Navy would rather have new ships anyway.

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CONRAD BLACK: The Greatest Constitutional Crisis Since The Civil War.

The most immense and dangerous public scandal in American history is finally cracking open like a ripe pomegranate. The broad swath of the Trump-hating media that has participated in what has amounted to an unconstitutional attempt to overthrow the government are reduced to reporting the events and revelations of the scandal in which they have been complicit, in a po-faced ho-hum manner to impart to the misinformed public that this is as routine as stock market fluctuations or the burning of an American flag in Tehran.

There should be a price and it should be sufficient to deter repetitions.

QUESTIONS ASKED AND ANSWERED: “Chicago police say today that Jussie Smollett concocted the hate hoax because he wanted to get a higher salary from the producers of his TV show Empire:”

Eddie T. Johnson, the visibly angry Chicago police superintendent, said Mr. Smollett had taken advantage of the pain and anger of racism, draining resources that could have been used to investigate other crimes for which people were actually suffering.

“I just wish that the families of gun violence in this city got this much attention,” he said at a news conference in Chicago.

The superintendent seemed particularly upset by the fact that Mr. Smollett, he said, had arranged a fake assault that featured a noose hung around his neck. The police say the staged assault was carried out by two brothers to whom the actor had paid $3,500.

“Why would anyone — especially an African-American man — use the symbolism of a noose to make false accusations?” he asked. “How could someone look at the hatred and suffering associated with that symbol and see an opportunity to manipulate that symbol to further his own public profile?

Chicago’s police superintendent isn’t the only person appearing to be vexed by Smollet’s apparent action. As Kyle Smith writes, “‘Why Would Jussie Smollett Do This?’ They Cried:”

[CNN’s Brian] Stelter chimed in again: “This is about why he might — and, so far, we don’t know. But why he might have made this up. It just boggles the mind.”

It boggles the mind! One struggles in vain to think of another profession in which someone could evince or affect as much incompetence as Stelter and Co. and expect to remain employed.

* * * * * * * *

Stelter was a toddler when a black teen named Tawana Brawley made up a story about six white men raping her, smearing her with feces, scrawling “KKK” and “n****r” on her torso with charcoal, and leaving her in a trash bag. He has lived nearly his entire life in the era of hate-crime hoaxes. He surely remembers the Duke-lacrosse gang-rape hoax of 2006, the University of Virginia gang-rape hoax of 2014, the incident just after Trump’s election when a woman on the New York City subway claimed drunken white men had ripped off her hijab. There are lots of other examples. Hey, do you remember as far back as January, when an Indian man tried to portray himself as the victim of a hateful mob of Trump-backing teenage goons? George Will once wrote of campuses, “When they make victimhood a coveted status that confers privileges, victims proliferate.” When the media can be relied upon to credit hysterics and axe-grinders the way campus administrators do, America effectively becomes a vast campus.

The reasons for Smollett’s hoax didn’t boggle anyone’s mind, assuming that the mind in question was functioning above the level of someone who eats a bowl of lead-paint chips for breakfast. In America, victimhood is currency. It is easily converted into actual currency, and if Smollett had gotten away with his hoax, he had every reason to expect that his vastly increased celebrity would have led to the salary bump Chicago police said he wanted from his show Empire.

As Roger Kimball writes, “The less hate there is in the Untied States, the more hate crimes must be manufactured in order to keep the Fraternal Order of Victims afloat.”

ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: The Identity-Politics Left Now Despises Bernie Sanders — Suddenly, his political radicalism is eclipsed entirely by his whiteness and maleness.

SEEMS LEGIT: Jussie Smollett Tells ‘Empire’ Cast ‘I Swear to God, I Did Not Do This.’

PRIVACY: You Give Apps Sensitive Personal Information. Then They Tell Facebook.

The social-media giant collects intensely personal information from many popular smartphone apps just seconds after users enter it, even if the user has no connection to Facebook, according to testing done by The Wall Street Journal. The apps often send the data without any prominent or specific disclosure, the testing showed.

It is already known that many smartphone apps send information to Facebook about when users open them, and sometimes what they do inside. Previously unreported is how at least 11 popular apps, totaling tens of millions of downloads, have also been sharing sensitive data entered by users. The findings alarmed some privacy experts who reviewed the Journal’s testing.

Facebook is under scrutiny from Washington and European regulators for how it treats the information of users and nonusers alike. It has been fined for allowing now defunct political-data firm Cambridge Analytica illicit access to users’ data and has drawn criticism for giving companies special access to user records well after it said it had walled off that information.

That’s it. Break ’em up.

FLASHBACK: Comey’s FBI Embraced American ISIS Terrorist, Helped Him Get DOJ Job.

SEE THE VIOLENCE INHERENT IN THE LEFTISM: Leftist Thug Caught on Video Assaulting Conservative Berkeley Student While Fellow Students Laugh.

DEEP STATE: IRS analyst charged with leaking financial documents on Michael Cohen.

RED FLAG: US Air Force F-35s wrecked their enemies in mock air combat — even the new pilots were racking up kills against simulated near-peer threats.

During the intense fight, aggressor aircraft blinded many of the “blue” fourth-generation aircraft using electronic attack capabilities, such as those advanced adversaries might employ in battle.

“Even in this extremely challenging environment, the F-35 didn’t have many difficulties doing its job,” Col. Joshua Wood, 388th Operations Group commander, explained in a US Air Force statement summarizing the exercise results.

Novice F-35 pilots were able to step in and save more experienced friendly fourth-generation fighter pilots while racking up kills against simulated near-peer threats.

“My wingman was a brand new F-35A pilot, seven or eight flights out of training,” Wood said, recounting his experiences. “He gets on the radio and tells an experienced 3,000-hour pilot in a very capable fourth-generation aircraft. ‘Hey bud, you need to turn around. You’re about to die. There’s a threat off your nose.'”

That’s impressive, since more-experienced pilots in older jets typically outperform less-experienced pilots in newer jets.


F.I.R.E.: State comptroller report about Sex Week at the University of Tennessee raises serious First Amendment questions. “Boyd and Davis’ decision to stop funding student organizations raises serious First Amendment concerns. Ending student group funding will silence a multitude of student voices on campus simply because members of Tennessee’s legislature disapprove of the message of one student organization. Depressingly, the university traded its prior defense of students’ expressive rights for unquestioning obedience to state legislators — and it doesn’t appear to have any plan to replace its current system.”

Personally, I’d like to see them end mandatory “activity fees” entirely. Let students fund the things they want to fund voluntarily, out of their own pockets. When I was a student, I resented the fees because I felt like the money was being used for things I mostly would rather have not seen done at all, and the fees were a lot lower back then. Universities take enough money from students as it is; making student organizations run off self-raised donations would eliminate the coercion, and encourage entrepreneurship.

LIZ SHELD’S MORNING BRIEF: Smollett arrested, charged and much, much more. “This is shameful because it painted this city that we all love and work hard in, in a negative connotation. To insinuate and stage a hate crime of that nature when he knew that as a celebrity he’d get a lot of attention … It’s despicable. It makes you wonder what’s going through someone’s mind.”

STACY MCCAIN: Another Dot on the ‘Hate Map:’ Why is the SPLC smearing so many conservative groups? Because they’re a Democratic Super-PAC masquerading as a human rights organization, with the help of a complicit media.

I WILL GLADLY PAY REPARATIONS TO EACH AND EVERY SLAVE I EVER HELD: 2020 Democrats Embrace Race-Conscious Policies, Including Reparations.

CONRAD BLACK: The Real Scandal Of Trump Term Starts To Unravel.

For more than two years, the United States and the world have had two competing narratives: that an elected president of the United States was a Russian agent whom the Kremlin helped elect; and its rival narrative that senior officials of the Justice Department, FBI, CIA, and other national intelligence organizations had repeatedly lied under oath, misinformed federal officials, and meddled in partisan political matters illegally and unconstitutionally and had effectively tried to influence the outcome of a presidential election, and then undo its result by falsely propagating the first narrative. It is now obvious and indisputable that the second narrative is the correct one.

The authors, accomplices, and dupes of this attempted overthrow of constitutional government are now well along in reciting their misconduct without embarrassment or remorse because — in fired FBI Director James Comey’s formulation — a “higher duty” than the oath they swore to uphold the Constitution compelled them. Or — in fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s words — “the threat” was too great. Never mind that the nature of “the threat” was that the people might elect someone he and Mr. Comey disapproved of as president, and that that person might actually serve his term, as elected.

It’s the entitlement mentality here that’s most striking.

THIS DOESN’T COME AS A HUGE SURPRISE: The U.S. Navy Won’t Bring Back Mothballed Ships to Boost the Fleet. “Vice Admiral Tom Moore said the service had taken a look at decommissioned vessels and concluded it just wasn’t worth it. Not only are the ships old, some have been cannibalized to keep existing ships still in the fleet running.”

HMM: Canadian shelves ‘would run dry’ if U.S. imports drugs.

Importing prescription drugs from Canada has long been seen as an easy solution to skyrocketing drug prices for U.S. patients.

But now that President Donald Trump and Democrats are pushing to make those cross-border sales legal, Canadian health experts are issuing a dire warning: It could destroy Canada’s drug market.

Attempting to fill the United States’ needs with pharmaceuticals from its much smaller northern neighbor could sap supplies in Canada, creating shortages and driving up prices in a government-run health system that itself is struggling to make drugs affordable, opponents of the import proposals say. And the result, they say, would be little if any relief for high prices in the United States.

“The Canadian shelves would run dry,” said Steve Morgan, a Canadian health economist who has advised the government on pricing reform.

Supply and demand, how do they work?

THE OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY RAN OUT: Crews to abandon two Venezuelan tankers stuck in Portugal.

The crew of Venezuelan oil tanker, the Rio Arauca, that has been stuck in the middle of the river Tagus in Lisbon for nearly two years due to unpaid debt, is set to be dismissed, managers Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM) said on Thursday.

BSM also said in a statement sent to Reuters another Venezuelan tanker, the Parnaso, which is in dry dock at the port of Setubal, south of Lisbon, will also have its crew removed later this week due to a lack of payment from owners PDV Marina, a subsidiary of Venezuela’s state-owned oil company PDVSA.

Lisbon’s maritime court ruled to take possession of the Parnaso last August. Both vessels are under BSM management.

PDVSA had no immediate comment on the issue.

Really, what’s left to say?

MARK ELLIS: Trump’s Chances to Win in 2020 Improve with Every News Cycle.

February 21, 2019

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Nuclear War Survival Skills, 2016 Edition.

SPACE: SpaceX launches moon lander, lands booster despite tough conditions.

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OPEN THREAD: When a comment comes along, you must thread it.

YES. NEXT QUESTION? George Korda: Are men the new marginalized minorities on campus? (Bumped).

THEIR EMPATHY IS HIGHLY SELECTIVE: Hayward: Rape Survivor Lara Logan Gets Cold Shoulder from Media.

LEVIN TV: The Silent Coup.

RICHLY DESERVED: Visionary ‘space art’ pioneer Chesley Bonestell celebrated in documentary.

TYLER COWEN: Venezuela Isn’t Just a Failed State. It’s a Failure of the Left.

THIS EXPLAINS A LOT: Study: Low-T Men Are Angry and Moody. “Many people still think that testosterone will cause you to kill your parents and run over small woodland creatures. But paradoxically, it’s often men with low testosterone levels that are moody, depressed, and even angry, while men with normal or high testosterone levels are generally sociable and gregarious. Dr. Christina Wang of UCLA found that men with low T were likely to be snarkier and more aggressive than men with high T, but once the snarky ones received T replacement, their attitude and anger disappeared.”

It certainly explains Buzzfeed.

Related: Study: Physically Weak Men More Likely To Be Socialists.

ANALYSIS: TRUE. The Real Reason They Hate Nuclear Is Because It Means We Don’t Need Renewables.

‘MIGHT NEED YOUR HELP ON THE LOW:’ Jussie Smollett wrote those words in a Jan. 25, 2019, text to Abimbola “Abel” Osundairo. He’s likely regretting ever sending that text after being charged today for offenses related to a hate crime hoax. Last Refuge has the prosecutor’s proffer, which is full of detail.

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NEWS FROM THE REAL AMERICA: Kids shovel driveway for woman who just lost her husband.

DALLAS VISITS GEORGIA: The nation, not the state. This is an old photo, from 2008. It turned up when I was searching for photos of Coast Guard vessels — really looking for an icebreaker, not a cutter. Then I read the caption. According to the caption, the cutter Dallas was delivering humanitarian aid to Georgia as the Russo-Georgia War of 2008 sputtered and lapsed. As aid to Venezuela stacks up on the country’s border, I thought the old photo had a kind of immediate relevance. Unlike Venezuela 2019, humanitarian aid deliveries to Georgia 2008 arrived and were distributed. But then Georgia wasn’t run by radical socialists who starve their own people and the country had been at war with Russia. Maduro’s Venezuela is run by radical socialists who starve their own people and are at war with their own people — and their regime is supported by Russia.

THE 10 WORST COLLEGES FOR FREE SPEECH, 2019: New York and Alabama both “lead” the nation with two colleges a piece. (While different states often have very different cultures in a general sense, the same is rarely true of their universities.) Is your school on the list? With a special appearance from “eminent domain!”

WAS IT OVER WHEN THE CONFEDERATES BOMBED PEARL HARBOR? ‘Jerk punks’ torched a statue of General Lee. It honors a WWII veteran, not the Confederate leader.

Just outside downtown Dunn, N.C., a historic antebellum-style house honors Maj. Gen. William C. Lee, a hometown hero often described as the father of the U.S. Army’s airborne infantry. The World War II veteran served as the first commanding general for the 101st Airborne Division, nicknamed the “Screaming Eagles,” and helped plan the Allied forces’ D-Day invasion of Normandy.

He’s a widely respected, if somewhat obscure, military figure — which is why, after anonymous vandals attempted to torch a statue of him last week, museum officials concluded it had been a case of mistaken identity. They suspect that the perpetrators thought they were burning a memorial to Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

“This is not a Civil War museum and this is not Robert E. Lee,” Mark Johnson, the curator for the Maj. Gen. William C. Lee Airborne Museum, told WNCN on Tuesday. “This is General William C. Lee from United States Army Airborne from World War II.”

That’s pathetic. But fortunately, as the WaPo notes, “Authorities are reviewing security camera footage from the area to see if they can identify the culprits, WRAL reported.”

Faster, please.

YELLOW RIBBON PROJECT: U.S. Hostage Held by Iran on 17th Day of His Seventh Hunger Strike.


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RIP: Peter Tork, Monkees guitarist, dead at 77.


Troll level: Schadenfreudelicious.

FASTER, PLEASE: Powering a Pacemaker Without Batteries.

OH: Animal-free meat might be worse for the environment.

(Hat tip, Paula Bolyard.)

SO DELICIOUS EVEN A CAVEMAN CAN DO IT: Neanderthals mostly ate meat, study confirms.

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Liberty is not possible for an unarmed society.

I think it was Kurt Schlichter who said a while back that an armed man is a citizen; a disarmed man is a serf.

PRIVACY: “It’s not just the city cameras in the Jussie Smollett case that are used by law enforcement. Think about the houses that have a RING doorbell. Those are watching you and recording the surroundings of your house. And inside your house if you have indoor cameras.”

That’s Liz Sheld, complete with a flashback to this report from last month:

If you own a Ring doorbell camera system, we’ve got some bad news. The smart home company owned by Amazon, which the internet retail giant shelled out more than $1 billion to acquire, has apparently been violating its customers’ privacy in a pretty shocking way. A new report from The Intercept quotes unnamed sources who confirm that engineers and executives at Ring have “highly privileged access” to live customer camera feeds, utilizing both Ring’s doorbells as well as its in-home cameras.

All that’s apparently required to tap into the live feeds is a customer’s email address. Meaning the company has been so egregiously lax when it comes to security and privacy that even people outside the company could have potentially done this, using merely an email address to begin spying on customers, according to the report.

When I installed a couple outdoor security cameras last year (I’m not about to install some internet-connected door lock or doorbell), I bought gear from Ubiquiti which stores all the camera recordings locally. It’s a more expensive solution than letting someone else store your videos their on servers, but it’s almost infinitely more secure.

HMM: Report: The number of cancer survivors grows as oncologists dwindle.

SPACE: SpaceX, Boeing design risks threaten new delays for US space program.

Just ahead of the first scheduled un-manned test flight slated for March 2 under NASA’s multibillion-dollar Commercial Crew Program, NASA’s safety advisory panel cited four “key risk items” in its 2018 annual report earlier this month.

For Boeing, they include the capsule’s structural vulnerability when the heat shield is deployed. For SpaceX, the report mentioned the redesign of a SpaceX rocket canister following a 2016 explosion and its “load and go” process of fueling the rocket with the crew already inside the capsule. “Parachute performance” remained an issue for both companies.

“There are serious challenges to the current launch schedules for both SpaceX and Boeing,” the report said.

Two people with direct knowledge of the program told Reuters that the space agency’s concerns go beyond the four items listed, and include a risk ledger that as of early February contained 30 to 35 lingering technical concerns each for SpaceX and Boeing.

Reuters could not verify what all of the nearly three dozen items are. But the sources familiar with the matter said the companies must address “most” of those concerns before flying astronauts and, eventually, tourists to space.

Let’s get this fixed and get to launching.

WHEN INMATES RUN THE ASYLUM: Isn’t the most important question: How did this dimbulb get hired in the first place?

“Yesterday, HuffPost fired a recently hired, Los Angeles-based social media editor after her managers were alerted to the fact that an Instagram account belonging to the new hire was spewing racist rants online. Using a now-deleted Instagram account, Ashley Rose, who was hired earlier this month, targeted a number of people with the sort of racist invective you’d expect to find in the darkest 4chan threads.”

You can read  the specific posts here. This garbage isn’t the product of faux-outrage or identity politics: It’s out and out nasty. So how did they hire her, as a social media editor, no less? Unthinking application of white feminism, perhaps?

Forget it, Jake, it’s Huffingtontown. 

OUCH: The Obama Presidential Library That Isn’t.

I say “ouch” because believe it or not this is from the New York Times:

The four-building, 19-acre “working center for citizenship,” set to be built in a public park on the South Side of Chicago, will include a 235-foot-high “museum tower,” a two-story event space, an athletic center, a recording studio, a winter garden, even a sledding hill.

But the center, which will cost an estimated $500 million, will also differ from the complexes built by Barack Obama’s predecessors in another way: It won’t actually be a presidential library.

In a break with precedent, there will be no research library on site, and none of Mr. Obama’s official presidential records. Instead, the Obama Foundation will pay to digitize the roughly 30 million pages of unclassified paper records from the administration so they can be made available online.

And the entire complex, including the museum chronicling Mr. Obama’s presidency, will be run by the foundation, a private nonprofit entity, rather than by the National Archives and Records Administration, the federal agency that administers the libraries and museums for all presidents going back to Herbert Hoover.

The plan was revealed, with little fanfare, in May 2017. Few details of the digitization were made public until Tuesday, when the foundation and the archives unexpectedly released a legal agreement outlining procedures for creating what is being billed as “first digital archives for the first digital president,” which they say will democratize access.

But as awareness of the plan has spread, some historians see a threat to future scholarship on the Obama administration.

Call me a cynic, but I’d wager that’s a feature not a bug.

THIS IS CNN: Don Lemon: The worst part about Smollett hoax will be all the conservative pouncing, you know.

“Sean Hannity is going to eat Jussie Smollett’s lunch every single second. Tucker Carlson is going to eat Jussie Smollett’s lunch every single second. The President of the United States is going to eat his lunch.”

As Ed Morrissey writes:

Sorry. Mr. Lemon. The media earned every bit of ridicule and criticism it earned by going all-in on Smollett’s weird claim from the get-go. They earned every bit of criticism for doing the same thing with the Covington Catholic High School kids for the same purpose — to pounce, if you will, all over conservatives, pro-lifers, and anyone who might have a little sympathy for Donald Trump.

At least in some corners of the industry, they haven’t learned a damn thing from either failure. Expect more to come.

“Don Lemon completely gives the game away of why CNN won’t simply own up to this and other failings. Because they are paid to act like opposition. Smollet, Parkland, Covington, list goes on… they believe they are political opposition. Not journalists,” Stephen Miller adds on Twitter.

Back in 20s, H.L. Mencken wrote, “It is the prime function of a really first-rate newspaper to serve as a sort of permanent opposition in politics.” If only old media had gotten that message instead of becoming Democratic Party operatives with bylines.

Flashback: Don Lemon Says He Texts Jussie Smollett Every Day Following Attack.

THIS IS SHOCKING. ALL THE BEST PEOPLE ASSURED ME THAT THOSE FEW OF US WHO WEREN’T KILLED OUTRIGHT BY THE END OF “NET NEUTRALITY” WOULD BE REDUCED TO COMMUNICATING VIA SMOKE SIGNALS: More Americans Have High-Speed Internet Access Than Ever: Preliminary FCC report claims the number of Americans with high-speed connections grew by 20 percent in 2017.

BECAUSE SOCIALISTS: Aid is piling up on Venezuela’s border. Here’s why it’s not getting in.

Guaido has thrown all his weight behind a “humanitarian channel” that would bring tons of much-needed aid from foreign countries into Venezuela. But the plan isn’t just benevolent — it’s also a direct jab at Maduro, who for years has denied that a humanitarian crisis was happening in Venezuela.

“The impact of the humanitarian aid is highly political,” admits Juan Miguel Matheus, an MP for the opposition. “Our first and primary goal is to provide relief for the Venezuelan population, but after that, with this move we want to checkmate Maduro.

“If the aid gets in, Maduro is shown to have lost control of the situation; if it doesn’t get in, we show that Maduro doesn’t care for the suffering of the people,” he says.

Really committed socialists have been using food as a weapon since the beginning. But if you’re opposed to socialism, it’s because you’re an uncaring monster.


WELL, HE’S A DEMOCRAT SO THE MEDIA BACKED OFF: Ralph Northam Is Still Governor Of Virginia, And He’s Likely To Remain There.

Related: Justin Fairfax’s accuser speaks out as Virginia Democrats end calls for his impeachment.

Hey, #BelieveAllWomen, unless it might put a Republican in power.

BRUCE BAWER: The New York Times’s Islamic Flimflam Man.

On February 18, in keeping with its apparent goal of remaining America’s most reliable source of pro-Islamic propaganda, the New York Times ran yet another op-ed by Mustafa Akyol, who seems to be replacing Tariq Ramadan (who is currently in jail awaiting trial for raping two women) not only as the Times’s house dissembler on Islam (since 2013, he has held the title of contributing opinion writer) but, more broadly, as the leading personification of “modern Islam” or “moderate Islam” in the West.

Read the whole thing.

COLLUSION: Bob Zimmerman: Even as NASA announces schedule for SpaceX Dragon test flight, anti-American forces at NASA work to block that flight. “Note that these are anonymous sources. Note that their attack, a bunch of unsubstantiated leaks, is directly aimed at discrediting the efforts of both companies. Note also that if they succeed the ultimate and only benefactor will be Russia, since NASA will then be forced to buy more Soyuz flights from them, on a rocket that has recently had a launch failure and in a capsule that someone in Russia actually sabotaged during assembly. The last highlighted phrase, suggesting that NASA is going to use its power to block the ability of these free American companies from privately selling tourist flights on their capsules, is even more egregious. Once again, the only benefactors of this action would be the Russians, who will then be able to grab that tourist business.”

SHARYL ATKISSON ASKS THE RIGHT QUESTIONS ABOUT THE DEEP STATE: The former CBS News reporter is suing the government to find out who ordered the intrusion of her computer and other surveillance that appears to bear some disturbing resemblances to the Russia Collusion Scandal.

Writing for The American Thinker, Atkisson asks some highly pertinent questions:

“Who is behind the move to use government surveillance tools against innocent Americans? Do some of these officials still work inside the government? Were some of them the very same officials now implicated in alleged surveillance abuses during Campaign 2016?”

Prediction: The answers to the first question will provide the answers to the second and third. Given what’s already on the record in both the Atkisson case and the Russia Collusion Scandal, one need not be “conspiracy theorist” to see where this is going.

And yes, there is an appeal for financial support in Atkisson’s post. To understand why, read her explanation for why merely printing a brief for the federal court system costs not $20, not $40, but $4,367.70. Justice is not cheap anymore, friends.

TYLER O’NEIL Lesbian Army Vet Says Transgender Legal Victory Dehumanizes Women. “Women have to keep fighting the rise of trans misogyny.”

IT’S JUST SUCH A TERRIBLY WRITTEN AND EDITED, AGENDA-DRIVEN PAPER THAT IT WAS BOUND TO GET INTO TROUBLE: Covington Catholic High student’s lawyer says lawsuit is ‘message’ for ‘weaponized’ Washington Post.

BIG APPLE GRIFT: New York City Admits Defrauding FEMA Out Of Millions After Superstorm Sandy.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: School helps students ‘nurture feminist masculinities’ during ‘Masculinities Month.’ Sounds like a hostile educational environment for male students to me.