February 22, 2020

ENTHUSIASM! Some Nevada caucus sites facing volunteer shortages. Plus: “At Rancho High School, a caucus location with 11 precincts just outside of Las Vegas, almost all of the volunteers were high school students, many of whom are unable to vote themselves because of their age. The only adult that NBC News spotted working at the site was the caucus lead — the school’s social studies teacher. The students were only trained Friday night, and officials were actively looking for more adult volunteers to help coach the teens through the process.”

Hmm. I’m sure it would be partisan and inappropriate for a teacher to use his students to provide labor for the GOP, but since it’s the Democrats I guess it’s okay as an educational experience. But this doesn’t bode well for improving things post-Iowa.

ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: Bernie Sanders calls out MSNBC over campaign coverage.

Bernie Sanders went ballistic at NBC and MSNBC execs ahead of the Democratic debate this week — jabbing one top TV exec repeatedly in the face with his finger and accusing the networks of offensive negative coverage.

Surging Sanders stormed through the walk-through for the Las Vegas debate, singling out one top producer at the end and aggressively sticking his finger in his face. One shocked witness said, “Bernie marched right up to NBC and MSNBC’s head of creative production and began jabbing his finger right in his face, yelling, ‘Your coverage of my campaign is not fair . . . Your questions tonight are not going to be fair to me.’ ”

Communists take the idea of controlling the media quite literally.



Microdosed LSD: Finally A Breakthrough For Alzheimer’s Disease?

Forbes, yesterday.

This Is What Happens When You Take 550 Doses of LSD At Once. Accidental LSD overdoses are not fun. But for some, they can have a bizarrely beneficial effect.*

Vice.com (appropriately enough), yesterday.

* Or it could get you sacked from Pink Floyd. Don’t try this at home, kids.

A LITTLE VODKAPUNDIT SOMETHING FOR OUR PJMEDIA/TOWNHALL VIP MEMBERS: Donks 2020: Your Nevada Caucus Preview. “Tonight’s Nevada caucus is where union-member fear of Medicare-for-All — which would take away their generous health benefits — is supposed to boost Joe Biden at Bernie Sanders’ expense. Biden’s campaign has been in free fall since Iowa but Mini Mike isn’t on the ballot and I understand that write-in votes are not allowed. But even with strong dislike for Sanders in union-heavy Las Vegas, RCP’s latest poll average has Sanders out in front by 2-to-1 over nearest rivals Biden and Pete Buttigieg. So Nevada has an anything goes feel to it.“

If you’ve been thinking of becoming a member, the VODKAPUNDIT promo code is still good for a nice little discount. If not, for non-members this evening I’ll drunkblog the Nevada returns over a cayenne-rubbed ribeye and a pitcher of margaritas.

DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: Heather Mac Donald on Yale against Western Art.

Barringer also claims that it was “problematic” to put European art on a pedestal when so many other regions and traditions were “equally deserving of study.” The courses that will replace the surveys will not claim to “be the mainstream with everything else pushed to the margins,” he told the Daily News. Leave aside for the moment whether the European tradition may legitimately form the core of an art history education in an American university. The premise of Barringer’s statement—that previously European art was put on a pedestal and everything else was pushed to the margins—is blatantly false. The department requires art history majors to take two introductory-level one-semester survey courses. Since at least 2012, the department has offered courses in non-Western art that can fulfill that requirement in lieu of the European surveys. Those classes include “Introduction to the History of Art: Buddhist Art and Architecture”; “Introduction to the History of Art: Sacred Art and Architecture”; “Global Decorative Arts”; “The Politics of Representation”; and “The Classical Buddhist World.” No one was forced into the two Western art courses.

Rod Dreher asks:

Are people at Yale paying for an education? Or are they paying for credentialism that allows them access to the American elite? Why would you want to be part of a class and subculture so filled with hatred toward what is beautiful, and what is one’s own? These American educational elites are pathological.

Again, Arendt:

The members of the elite did not object at all to paying a price, the destruction of civilization, for the fun of seeing how those who had been excluded unjustly in the past forced their way into it.

Exit quote: “It was only toward the middle of the twentieth century that the inhabitants of many European countries came, in general unpleasantly, to the realization that their fate could be influenced directly by intricate and abstruse books of philosophy.”

Related: Greek and Latin are hard: Oxford classics faculty proposes dropping Homer and Virgil from required curriculum so female students will do better on the tests.

“SHOCK WAVE:” LA Times troubled by Trump’s “flipping” of the 9th Circuit.

This “shock wave” is just a nonsense comment, an attempt to paint these appointments as some sort of unprecedented makeover just seven years after Reid and Obama did the same damned thing on the other coast. It’s as overblown as the hyperbole over the Ninth Circuit’s rate of reversals.

It does serve one purpose, however — to remind conservatives and moderates about the consequences of the next election. Who do they want to see appointing the next two Supreme Court justices and dozens of appellate judges — Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump? It’s still going to be the judiciary, smartypants.

Read the whole thing.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): When Democrats dominate the judiciary we’re told — even by Chief Justice Roberts, who certainly knows better — that judges have no party. When Republicans dominate, we’re told the judiciary has become “politicized.”

GRADUALLY, AND THEN SUDDENLY: How Blue Apron Became a Massive $2 Billion Disaster.

After losing another $23.7 million in the last three months of 2019, Blue Apron is laying off 240 workers and shutting down the shop at its Arlington, Texas warehouse location. Blue Apron will keep, for now, its California and New York assembly-and-distribution shops, while leaders ponder peddling what’s left at a paltry $50 million price tag. Meanwhile, customers continue to desert Blue Apron, down to 351,000 in the last quarter of 2019, from 557,000 the year before.

Selling off Blue Apron that low would mean a loss in the neighborhood of $143 million for Blue Apron’s capital investors, including Fidelity and Goldman Sachs. That hurts, but as usual, retail investors took the worst hit. Stock-market playing rubes, who bought in when Blue Apron went public at $11 a share, have lost more than 80% on their investment—and that represents a recovery. Shares were trading for $3.60 at the close on Wednesday, up from 2018 when Blue Apron was worth less than a dollar.

* * * * * * * *

As Marketwatch reported, Blue Apron hopes to get swallowed up by another company, possibly food giants Kraft Heinz, Walmart or even Starbucks. All of those companies have presences in almost every city. They could, in theory, produce ready-to-cook meals at scale and duplicate costs like storage and sourcing items.

We’ve been a big fan of Blue Apron since shortly after its debut in 2012, but as the above New York Observer article notes, “Blue Apron lost even its novelty factor. Instead of having the uncooked-meal-delivery game to itself, Blue Apron signaled a potential opportunity for a horde of far more established competitors, all of whom had lower costs and more diversified revenue streams.” There are now plenty of competitors to experiment with, but we’ll miss the blue box arriving every Tuesday.

Related: Blue Apron is closing its Dallas area meal-kit fulfillment center, cutting 240 jobs.

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WITH THIS AND THE RIC GRENELL APPOINTMENT, THE LEFT WILL GO FROM “TRUMP IS HOMOPHOBIC” TO “TRUMP IS SECRETLY GAY” IN 3, 2, 1. . . . ‘Great!’: Donald Trump tweets his approval of gay Bollywood rom-com after India reversed strict same-sex laws – as film is banned in Dubai.


ESQUIRE BULLIES ACTOR/DIRECTOR JOHN KRASINSKI: Are you now, or have you ever been a conservative?

I’m so old, I can remember when the left explicitly railed against ideologically-based attacks on Hollywood artists.



‘TWAS THE TALK OF THE TOWN: The Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde ‘threads’ powerful letter to Trump about freeing Assange.

CORONAVIRUS: IMF lowers global growth forecast, warns of ‘more dire scenarios.’

MIRACLE MILESTONE: The U.S. Olympic hockey team staged the upset of the ages 40 years ago.

Cannot even imagine how hard Bernie took this,” Scott Lincicome of the CATO Institute tweets.


Max Boot, fedora still tipped dramatically to one side, warned Democrats that Trump may exploit Sanders’s history of communist praise, making him an untenable candidate for the general election:

‘Sanders carries decades of ideological baggage, having praised Communist regimes and joined a socialist party that took Iran’s side during the hostage crisis. Sanders’s Democratic opponents haven’t exploited this record. Trump won’t have any such reticence.’

Bill Kristol, who displayed his conservative principles by donating to the campaign of blackface-wearing and late-term abortion-supporting Virginia governor Ralph Northam, lamented that people like him would ‘very much prefer a choice other than Trump or Sanders.’ Kristol also recently insisted that Democrats ‘can do better than socialism,’ a rather charitable assertion from someone who just ‘came out’ as a Democrat a couple of weeks ago.

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin sarcastically tweeted that it’s ‘just brilliant’ for Democrats to nominate a socialist who just had a heart attack, while former GOP strategist Steve Schmidt declared a Bernie candidacy a ‘death sentence’ for the Dems. Alongside Schmidt, the potty-mouthed Rick Wilson and slovenly George Conway have launched the Lincoln Project, a group dedicated solely to defeating Trump, even if it elevates Democrats.

* * * * * * * *

It is wild to watch the individuals who pilloried the idea of Trump winning in 2016 now offer their unsolicited advice on how to defeat him. The arrogance required to be consistently wrong about the political developments of the past decade and then still insist they know better is really quite something.

Who could have seen this coming? Or as a legendary community advisor warned in 2010, “We don’t mind the Republicans joining us. They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back.”

CHANGE: Coronavirus and the ‘Working From Home’ Economy.

We have a contingency plan at the law school — set up during the Avian Flu scare a decade ago, and since updated — for teaching classes online if we have to shut down. Hope we don’t wind up using it.

THE POWER LINE WEEK IN PICTURES: Caucasoid Caucus Edition.

HOTS ON FOR NOWHERE: MSNBC Hopes for ‘Global Financial Crisis’ Helping Dems in 2020.

It’s the return of what Virginia Postrel dubbed “Depression Lust” in the fall of 2008.

COME AND SEE THE VIOLENCE INHERENT IN THE LEFTISM: Couple in car runs two Trump-supporting boys off the road.


CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: South Korea confirms huge rise in cases.

South Korea coronavirus infections surge past 430.

Judge temporarily halts transfer of coronavirus patients to quarantine facility in California city.

‘We’re in a Petri Dish’: How a Coronavirus Ravaged a Cruise Ship. “In all, it took Japanese officials more than 72 hours to impose a lockdown after they were first notified about the case connected to the ship. The delay by the Japanese government, along with slapdash and ineffective containment measures during the two-week isolation period, would help turn the Diamond Princess into a floating epidemiological disaster.”

China reports fall in new coronavirus cases but concerns grow over rising global spread.

Coronavirus: more deaths confirmed as authorities around the world struggle to contain outbreak – latest updates.

Samsung Electronics confirms coronavirus case at phone factory complex in South Korea.

Coronavirus incubation could be as long as 27 days, Chinese provincial government says.

Coronavirus update: U.S. health officials prepare for spread at home.

Towns in Italy Under Lockdown as Coronavirus Cases Surge in Southern Europe and Middle East.

Iran Reports Fifth Coronavirus Death, Most Outside Far East.

Health experts warn life-saving coronavirus vaccine still years away.

Houston genetic engineering company claims it created coronavirus vaccine.

One key indicator will tell us when the coronavirus outbreak is winding down — but we’re not seeing it yet.

The Virus Is Interrupting Supply Chains From Watches to Lobsters.

Strategists: Supply chains are going to have massive disruptions if outbreak continues to build.

UPDATE: Trent Telenko: A Biological Chernobyl? I hope so. Chernobyl’s death toll was comparatively tiny.

NOT THE BABYLON BEE: Pigeons with ‘Make America Great Again’ hats glued to their heads released in Las Vegas.

Of course, leave to the Bee, America’s Newspaper of Record, to actually see this story through to its conclusion:

BOTS OR JUST PAID SHILLS? Twitter is suspending 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts, citing ‘platform manipulation.’


It is extremely difficult if not impossible to defeat an incumbent president when the economy is doing well. Just ask 1984 Democratic nominee Fritz Mondale, or 1996 Republican nominee Bob Dole.

In the case of Donald Trump, the economy isn’t just healthy; it’s reached unprecedented milestones. America is enjoying the longest expansion in history. Unemployment reached and remains near a 50-year low. Nearly 7 million full-time jobs have been generated under Trump, including nearly a half million manufacturing jobs, after two decades of serious manufacturing decline widely viewed as irreversible.

There are two tacks from which to choose in confronting this politically. Democrats can argue that our prosperity is grossly exaggerated. Or they can claim they deserve the credit for the Trump economy.

Which of these strategies, both decidedly dubious in their chances of success, have the Democrats picked?


They chose . . . poorly.

OUT ON A LIMB: Feds Notify Bernie Sanders That Russia Is Trying To Help His Campaign. “Sanders has a long history of being cozying up to Russia, including when he was the mayor of Burlington.”

Related: The Democrats are fracking insane. The threatened ban is yet another gift to Trump.

As Walter Russell Mead wrote in 2017:

If Trump were the Manchurian candidate that people keep wanting to believe that he is, here are some of the things he’d be doing:

Limiting fracking as much as he possibly could
Blocking oil and gas pipelines
Opening negotiations for major nuclear arms reductions
Cutting U.S. military spending
Trying to tamp down tensions with Russia’s ally Iran.

“Yep,” Glenn added in December. “You know who did do these things? Obama. You know who supports these things now? Democrats.”

After the Democratic presidential candidates’ apocalyptic-themed “climate change” town hall on CNN in September, Bryan Preston wrote, “If you like Venezuela, voting for any of them will bring you a whole lot of Venezuela. Thank you, CNN, just for letting these people talk. Do it again next week? Please?”


● Shot: The New York Times Goes All In on Flawed 1619 Project.

—Mark Hemingway, Real Clear Politics yesterday.

● Chaser: “The New York Times is still all in on its Walter Duranty, Pulitzer-winning non-coverage of the Holodomor.”

—Joel Engel tweets, linking to Hemingway’s article. (Here’s a good video primer from Roger Simon on Duranty’s fabulism, in case you need it.)

● Hangover:

That Kennedy was killed at the hands of a Communist should have had a clear and direct meaning: “President Kennedy was a victim of the Cold War.” Everyone had reasons for averting their gaze from this fact. For Lyndon Johnson, it would have carried frightful implications for foreign policy if it turned out that Lee Harvey Oswald had links to Castro or the KGB (which Piereson suggests is remotely possible). Liberals didn’t want to dwell on this fact for a mix of other reasons. In the early hours after JFK was shot, we didn’t yet know of Oswald’s Communist background, and the media jumped to the conclusion that Kennedy’s killing must have been the work of right-wing extremists. The day after the assassination, James Reston wrote in the New York Times that the assassination was the result of a “streak of violence in the American character” and that “from the beginning to the end of his administration, [Kennedy] was trying to tamp down the violence of extremists from the right.”

This “meme,” as we would say today, so quickly took hold that it could not be shaken, even after Oswald’s noxious background began to come out. Indeed, the notion of collective responsibility would be repeated five years later after Robert Kennedy was murdered by a Communist Arab radical who professed deep hatred for America.

—Stephen F. Hayward: Review of James Pierson’s Camelot and the Cultural Revolution: How the Assassination of John F. Kennedy Shattered American Liberalism, History News Network, August 22, 2007.

● The D.T.s: NY Times Published an Op-Ed by Taliban Leader. Liz Cheney Has Some Questions.

—Rick Moran, PJ Media, yesterday.

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Donald Trump is the moderate candidate in the 2020 presidential election.

SUPER GAFFE-O-MATIC ’76! Biden’s Losing His Faculties: Says His Son ‘Was Attorney General of the United States.’

Related: “Biden recently said, ‘I had the great honor of being arrested with our U.N. ambassador on the streets of Soweto’ trying to see Mandela. Not how the UN ambassador from the ’70s remembers it.”

Earlier: Biden Rules Out Second Term If He Loses ‘Energy And Mental Acuity.’

THE REST ARE BY NPCs: A quarter of tweets about climate change are written by Twitter bots, says study.


Shot: “I like the libertarian view, which is to leave everyone alone. Even as a kid, I was annoyed by people who wanted to tell everyone how to live.”

—Clint Eastwood to USA Today, January 25, 2004.

Chaser: Libertarian Clint Eastwood endorses anti-gun-stop-and-frisk-sugar-cop Mike Bloomberg.

Twitchy, tonight.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): Well, that’s a disappointment. Hope it cost Little Mikey a bundle, at least.

UPDATE (FROM ED): Elsewhere in the world of Hollywood royalty veering far left in their dotage: ‘Age doesn’t matter’: Dick van Dyke, 94, endorses Bernie Sanders, 77, and calls on the older generation to vote because it’s ‘the most important election since World War II.’

But then, isn’t every election “The Most Important Election In The History Of Mankind (This Time We Really Mean It!)?”

(Updated and bumped.)

February 21, 2020


WELL, BERNIE’S TOO COMMUNIST TO RUN TODAY’S RUSSIA: Bernie Sanders briefed by U.S. officials that Russia is trying to help his presidential campaign.


As Walter Russell Mead wrote in 2017:

If Trump were the Manchurian candidate that people keep wanting to believe that he is, here are some of the things he’d be doing:

Limiting fracking as much as he possibly could
Blocking oil and gas pipelines
Opening negotiations for major nuclear arms reductions
Cutting U.S. military spending
Trying to tamp down tensions with Russia’s ally Iran.

“Yep,” I noted in December. “You know who did do these things? Obama. You know who supports these things now? Democrats.”

OPEN THREAD: Do your best work.

OUR CURRENT LEVEL OF PREPARATION SEEMS . . . INSUFFICIENT. Scientists Warn That We Must Prepare For The Next Global Viral Outbreak Now. In particular, we need better antiviral drugs and techniques for rapid development and production of vaccines — in weeks instead of months.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Why the IRS may be knocking on your door during tax season this year.

ALL IN THE FAMILY: Amy Klobuchar had MSNBC’s Chuck Todd as a landlord.

LIFE IN THE CRAZY YEARS: Not “male bodies” or “female bodies,” just bodies.

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CALIFORNIA, MAN: California Lawmaker Who Killed Gig Jobs Wants State to ‘Train’ Freelance ‘Adult’ Workers.

Related! The days of fast growth are ending for L.A. and California, report says.

More: Coming soon from Prager U, a “mini documentary” titled, Fleeing California. Here’s the trailer:


MY PAPER ON STATE SECESSION JUST GETS MORE TIMELY: Secession fever spikes in five states as conservatives seek to escape blue rule.

You’ve got Oregonians seeking to cascade into Idaho, Virginians who identify as West Virginians, Illinoians fighting to escape Chicago, Californians dreaming of starting a 51st state, and New Yorkers who think three states are better than one.

Separation fever is sweeping the nation as quixotic but tenacious bands of frustrated rural dwellers, suburbanites and conservatives seek to break free from states with legislatures increasingly controlled by liberal big cities and metropolitan strongholds.

“Oregon is controlled by the northwest portion of the state, Portland to Eugene. That’s urban land, and their decisions are not really representing rural Oregon,” said Mike McCarter, president of Move Oregon’s Border for a Greater Idaho. “They have their agenda and they’re moving forward with it, and they’re not listening to us.”

In Virginia, the newly elected Democratic majority’s progressive legislation on issues such as gun rights has spurred “Vexit,” or “Virginia exit,” a campaign to merge right-tilting rural counties into neighboring West Virginia that organizers say has the potential to catch fire nationwide.

“To be honest, if this works — you’ve got a lot of red areas in this country that are totally dominated by a blue metropolis,” said Vexit2020 leader Rick Boyer, a former member of the Campbell County Board of Supervisors. “If it works in Virginia, there’s no reason it can’t reshape the political map.”

Stay tuned.

MATTHEW CONTINETTI: Battle of the Boroughs: And the fall of the political establishment.

RESET THE VOX COUNTER: Vox: Identity politics is saving liberalism.

Flashback: Can the Left Escape the Identity Politics Trap?

PAST PERFORMANCE IS NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE RESULTS: Democrats Didn’t Care When Obama Granted Clemency to a Terrorist, But Want to Investigate Trump’s Pardons.

MEDIA BANKRUPTCY BACK STORIES: Bankrupt McClatchy newspaper chain specializes in fake news, political bias.


TAKE A BREAK FROM THE SERIOUS STUFF: Florida Man Friday: Park Closed for Snake Orgy.

LATERAL MOVE: California elementary school is changing their name from Woodrow Wilson Elementary School to Michelle Obama elementary school.

Flashback: “You want a more ‘progressive’ America? Careful what you wish for. Voters should remember what happened under Woodrow Wilson.”

OH FER CRYIN’ OUT LOUD: Coronavirus-Themed College Party Being Investigated For Racism.

ORAL TRADITION: This Legend of a Volcano Erupting 37,000 Years Ago May Be The Oldest Story on Earth.

FIVETHIRTYEIGHT: Increased Voter Turnout Could Benefit Republicans Or Democrats In 2020.



ISN’T THIS WHAT MIKE BLOOMBERG IS CALLING FOR? Age may affect healthcare treatment decisions.

BEAM ME UP… ER, NEVER MIND: The terrible truth about Star Trek’s transporters.


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THAT’S A MAJOR IMPROVEMENT OVER RECENT YEARS PAST: CDC: This season’s flu shot nearly 50% effective. Though still not super-impressive.

NOT THE BABYLON BEE: Media Scramble to Fact Check Whether There Were Actual Crickets on Democrat Debate Stage.



SHOULD’VE ISOLATED CHINA MUCH SOONER: Coronavirus: ‘Narrowing window’ to contain outbreak, WHO says.

California Bill Would Require Occupational Licenses for Porn Actors, Strippers, Cam Girls.

“On Tuesday, Assemblymembers Lorena Gonzalez (D–San Diego) and Christina Garcia (D–Bell Gardens) introduced Assembly Bill (A.B.) 2389. The bill would require adult entertainers and video performers, including webcam performers, to obtain a business license and complete a state-mandated training course before being allowed to ply their trade.”


MORE LIKE THIS, PLEASE: Aided by machine learning, scientists find a novel antibiotic able to kill superbugs in mice.

DECOUPLING: Apple moving production from China to Taiwan due to Wuhan coronavirus.

OF COURSE NOT. THEY JUST WANT TO DISARM YOU. Baltimore Democrats don’t want Larry Hogan to rein in gun violence. “The Baltimore PD released data showing that the average homicide suspect arrested in Baltimore has eight previous arrests. They don’t have the resources to closely monitor all of the violent criminals who are out on parole, so the same shooters wind up being arrested over and over again. They believe that fewer than 100 gang members are responsible for the lion’s share of the murders in the city, but they can’t keep them off the streets. A recent poll commissioned by the Governor’s office showed that 85% of residents were in favor of tougher sentencing guidelines for gun crimes. But somehow the Democrats they keep electing to the state legislature aren’t listening to them.”

QUESTION ASKED: How’s That ‘Bail Reform’ Working Out?

DON’T GET COCKY: A new swing state poll paints an ominous picture for Democrats.

In a Quinnipiac survey of registered voters released Thursday, Trump beats all of the major 2020 Democratic contenders in the key state of Wisconsin by between 7 and 11 percentage points, with frontrunner Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) seven points away from Trump in the state.

The major Democratic contenders fare better against Trump in Pennsylvania and Michigan, where all of them are beating the president, although the margins in Michigan are generally more narrow. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) beats Trump by four points in Pennsylvania and five points in Michigan.

Wait until Trump starts hitting the nominee on their promise to ban fracking (they’ve all promised to ban fracking), which is the best thing to happen to Pennsylvania since the ’70s Steelers.

MAGICAL THINKING: California’s Gov. Newsom Proposes Doctors Prescribing Housing Like Other Medications to Combat Homelessness Problem.

As if the taxpayer isn’t funding enough in California already.

On the other hand, as Karol Markowicz of the New York Post tweets, “I’m super in for this because being Russian means I can get any number of doctors to write me a prescription for a really big house. I’ll take Gavin Newsom’s house, actually.”

THEY AREN’T WOKE; THEY’RE HACKS: ‘Woke’ Media Fail to Notice Historic Cabinet Appointment by Trump. Of Course They Did.

IN THE MAIL: Treat Your Own Back.

Plus, browse today’s Gold Box and Lightning Deals.

CORN, POPPED: Dems Won’t Guarantee Same-Day Results for Saturday’s Nevada Caucuses.

I’d planned on spending Saturday evening grilling a ribeye rubbed with something spicy and making a pitcher of margaritas, but maybe I’ll indulge in a little schadenfreude-tinged drunkblogging, too.

HMM: Oddsmakers Say Democratic Race Just Got A Whole Lot Simpler.

According to Real Clear Politics’ latest averages of the various betting sites, Biden has collapsed from a high of 37.9% on January 20 to a grim 9.8% as of February 19. Warren peaked on October 13 at a field-burying 53.9% chance of winning the nomination. As of February 19, she’s all the way down at a dismal 3.6% (which is beneath Hillary Clinton, who’s not even in the race but who oddsmakers are saying still has a 4.9% chance of winning).

I REMEMBER WHEN LYNCH MOBS WERE SUPPOSED TO BE BAD: Accusers use ‘street justice’ to harass accused students before a verdict. Their lawyers are fighting back.

CORONAVIRUS: Coronavirus fears lead to worldwide face mask shortages.

SOCIALISTS GOTTA SOCIALIZE: Trump Breaks Another ‘Never Trump’ Person; MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace Confesses Who She’ll Vote For. “Former self-proclaimed Republican and MSNBC anchor Nicole Wallace has taken that step off the cliff and now said that she would support Bernie Sanders.”

SHE’S NOT WRONG: Angry Chinese Woman Accuses Beijing of Bungling Coronavirus Response.

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: Katie Hill’s Rehab Tour Is an Incurable News Cycle STD. “Hill could very well be the worst human being of all the low-life Dems who have recently crawled out from under wherever it is these people hide while they’re pulling the wings off of flies for fun. She used the first whiff of power she ever had in her life to take advantage of people. Had she been allowed to rise in the ranks of the Democratic party, Hill might have gone full ‘Teddy Kennedy Off a Bridge in Chappaquiddick’ more than once in her life.”

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