HIGHER EDUCATION AS POLITICAL MONEY LAUNDRY: Nikole Hannah-Jones paid $55,000 for speech criticizing Republicans at UW Madison.

DON’T ASSUME BIDEN’S SUPREME COURT NOMINEE’S CONFIRMATION: Rachel Bovard of the Conservative Partnership Institute (CPI), writing in The Federalist, points to a Senate rule that could, given the chamber’s 50-50 partisan split, make the confirmation of His Fraudulency’s upcoming Supreme Court nominee anything but certain.

PITTSBURGH BRIDGE COLLAPSES BEFORE BIDEN INFRASTRUCTURE SPEECH: Fortunately, no fatalities and only 10 minor injuries.

R.I.P. SIR FRANCIS DRAKE, who died on this day in 1596.

SO BOSTON HAD BETTER HOPE IT’S NOT A SNOWY WINTER: Howie Carr: Woke snowplowing? Boston’s new hire swears by it. “Never heard of snow-plow equity? The “e” word gives it all away. Equity – in this case, that means bicycle lanes should get plowed before … pick any major thoroughfare. Broadway, Hyde Park Ave., Centre Street, Comm. Ave., Blue Hill Ave. … forget about it. Equity demands that bicycle lanes be cleared first, because, well, it’s a lotta fun to ride your bike on an icy street. Very safe, too.”

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: Biden’s SCOTUS Pick Will Undoubtedly Be Tragic. “Biden will saddle us with a Supreme Court pick who makes Stephen Breyer look like William Rehnquist. It won’t tip the balance of the court just yet, but it will be another brick in the communist wall that the Democrats are building.”

MY NEW YORK POST COLUMN: Hang on to your hats: Breyer’s retirement sets up a bumpy confirmation battle.

BOB ZUBRIN: Putin’s Green Fifth Column:

In fact, Germany’s dependence on Russia for its natural gas is an entirely self-inflicted weakness.

Let’s compare the sources of German and French electricity. . . .

A number of important points stand out from this data. In the first place, note that the Germans get far more energy from coal than from natural gas Note also that while Germany now only gets 4 GW of power from nuclear energy it previously obtained 22 GW of nuclear power, nearly twice the total amount it gets from all gas, not just the 40 percent that comes from Russia. Finally note that Germany’s “green” power has resulted in 541 gms of CO2 emission per kWh. This is six times the 95 gm/kWh of nuclear-powered France.

In short, Germany’s dependence on Russian gas is entirely an artifact of Germany’s decision to shut down its nuclear-power plants. This dependence is not only driving Germany to sabotage any effort to deter Russian military expansionism, it is also funding the Russian war effort itself. . . .

Not only that, but the Green movement, which effectively dominates Germany’s political ideas, has had a continent-wide campaign — with vocal Russian backing — to prevent Europe from becoming independent in natural gas by fracking its abundant shale resources The Greens have also acted to block the establishment of liquid natural gas (LNG) terminals that would allow the importation of LNG from the Unites States or the Mideast. So the Germans and their Green international allies are not really in favor of natural gas. They are just in favor of Russian natural gas.

In the United States the Green movement operates primarily through the Democratic Party. While they do not completely control the Biden administration, they have a strong voice in it. Accordingly, to appease his Green supporters, President Biden has acted to sabotage American oil and gas production while calling on OPEC nations to increase their output, lest prices rise too high.

These actions do not align with the claim of the Green movement that it is simply trying to protect the global environment. Oil and gas produced in Russia and OPEC nations do not merely create the same amount of pollution as the oil and gas produced in the West, they create considerably more.

The Greens are Reds.

I THINK WE ALL KNOW THE ANSWER: Why Do Media Ignore Biden Family’s Corruption?

UNEXPECTEDLY: Woke Is Kryptonite for Superman Readers. “According to nerd culture outlet BoundingIntoComics.com, DC Comics’ recent attempts to turn beloved character Superman into a progressive pansy who’s too ashamed to fight for truth, justice and the American way (it’s now ‘truth, justice and a better tomorrow’), are flatlining, at least according to 2021 sales comic books sales data. Woke Superman is not a hot ticket item.”

THE CULTURE HAS CHANGED: Boom: 5.4M first-time gun buyers, 33% women, blacks up 44%.

EVERYTHING IS GOING SWIMMINGLY: Georgia: Biden Approval Tanks, Republicans Lead in Major Statewide Races.

UPDATE: DCCC adds seven more Democrat incumbents to endangered list in 2022 midterms. “DCCC Chairman Maloney released a statement that was, well, let’s just say it was more cheerleading than reality-based in its tone.”

RACISM, STRAIGHT UP: Woke Bravo Network Dumps Vietnamese Refugee ‘Real Housewife’ Who Criticized 2020 BLM Riots.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): The establishment really hates Asians nowadays, doesn’t it?

YALE IS A VERY SICK INSTITUTION: How an Anonymous Reporting System Made Yale a COVID ‘Surveillance State.’

DEAL OF THE DAY: RAK Hammer Multi-Tool – Multi-Functional 12 in 1 Mini Hammer Camping Gear Survival Tool. #CommissionEarned

CHART: The Cost of Space Flight Before and After SpaceX. “In the last two decades, space startup companies have demonstrated they can compete against heavyweight aerospace contractors as Boeing and Lockheed Martin. Today, a SpaceX rocket launching can be 97% cheaper than a Russian Soyuz ride cost in the ’60s.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Will COVID collapse the college cartel? “There are new signs that students are losing their patience with these restrictions and are starting to wonder whether a college education is really worth going through so much trouble. Up until now, college administrators have had the upper hand in negotiating with students desperate to win admission to their institutions. They are beginning to lose that advantage. . . . The current economic crisis has exacerbated matters. Students see a tight labor market and are beginning to see that they might not need a college degree to get the job or salary they are looking for.”

All is proceeding as I have foreseen.

RACISM, STRAIGHT UP — SEXISM, TOO: In 2003, Joe Biden Filibustered and Voted Against Nomination of a Black Woman to the Federal Bench.

BUT CAN HE DO MOUTH-TO-MOUTH RESUSCITATION?  Cocker spaniel can give CPR: ‘He totally amazes me’.

PEOPLE OF TIK-TOK, AND THEY’RE REPRODUCING:  Man mistakes girlfriend’s pregnancy test for positive COVID test.

YES! YOU CAN:  Be The Unicorn.

I’VE PLENTY OF TRUST IN SCIENCE – BUT MY TRUST IN SCIENTISTS* IS GREATLY DIMINISHED:   New poll shows Americans’ trust in science is now deeply polarized.

Which is a good thing. Rule by “experts” sucks.

SYSTEMS ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN:  Systems, better Fools And Assumptions.


ONLY BECAUSE THEY’RE SANE!  Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson Slam Climate Predictions.

MARXISTS HATE PARENTAL RIGHTS:  Parents, Kids, & Education.

THERE ARE WAYS TO SURVIVE:  Holocaust Remembrance Day post II: hiding in plain sight in the lion’s den.

Also remember, because the world has distorted the memory to the point of forgetting.

WE ALL HAVE HAD A DEGREE ON PRESS YOU CAN’T TRUST THE LAST TWO YEARS:  New York Times Company v. Sullivan again, in light of the Palin lawsuit.

I mean, it was obvious to some of us before. Now most people can see it.

DOING GOOD IN THE MIDDLE OF EVIL:  International Shoah Memorial Day post: Stanislawa Leszczynska, “The Midwife of Auschwitz”.

GOOD. CONSENSUS AND CENSORSHIP IS NOT SCIENCE:  Pushback: Blacklisted doctors opposed to present Biden/CDC/FDA policies testify to Congress.

BAH. ALSO PFUI. WE HAVE NO YET BEGUN TO FIGHT:  Is the second American Civil War nearing its conclusion?

LIKE FANTASY NOVEL VILLAINS:  How evil do you have to be to suddenly pull treatment from ailing Florida COVID patients?


THIS IS A DISTRACTION. THE QUESTION IS FROM WHAT?  Breyer: I’m Retiring, But Only When My Successor Is Confirmed.

HE HAS HIS (ALLEGED) FATHER’S MIND, DOESN’T HE?  Canadian Truckers in Freedom Convoy Dismissed as ‘Fringe Minority’ with ‘Unacceptable Views’ by PM Trudeau.

IT’S JUST ANOTHER SELF-DENUNCIATION SESSION:  Survey: Young People Embrace Cancel Culture To Advance Social Justice Even When They Are The Victims.

They were raised by Maoists. No, seriously.


And misery. You know, the more I look at the left, the more they resemble evil fantasy novel characters.

January 27, 2022

BYRON YORK: Biden’s Curse and the Media. “So in the course of a few days, reaction to the Biden-Doocy matter has ranged from 1) It was no big deal, to 2) It was wrong, to 3) Trump was so much worse, to 4) The real problem is the far right, to 5) Hey! This might actually help Biden! That’s politics in today’s media world.”

THIS ISN’T A CON GAME BECAUSE SHUT UP RACIST: Washington Examiner: BLM charity has no office and no known director.


OPEN THREAD: Hey, Darlin’.

MY NEW YORK POST COLUMN: In which I explain who the Democrats should pick.

THE NEW SPACE RACE: Chinese space plane company targets suborbital tourism, point-to-point travel by 2025.

SLATE’S MARK JOSEPH STERN LAUNCHES A SMEAR ATTACK ON ILYA SHAPIRO: The Dishonest Cancellation Campaign against Ilya Shapiro.

I’m disappointed to see Georgetown Dean Bill Treanor throw Shapiro under the bus in the face of this sleazy attack, but given his past record in such affairs not entirely surprised. I understand a bunch of Georgetown alumni are angry and organizing, and I’m glad, because that’s what it takes to stop these things.

Meanwhile, Slate, which long ago was one of the best things online — and in many ways was the launching pad for InstaPundit — has gone to the dogs. Here’s some background on that.


ANOTHER UPDATE: From the comments: “Let’s be clear: Stern was just looking for any opportunity to attack someone more intelligent and successful for having the wrong opinions.”

To be fair, “more intelligent and successful” than Stern is a broad demographic.

SO PEOPLE WHO WANT TO BAN THEM ARE TARGETING MARGINALIZED GROUPS: Menthol cigarette use highest among marginalized groups, report finds.

NO. Why the IRS wants you to log in with a video selfie.

RECOMMENDED READING: I just finished “What Next, Chicago?: Notes of a Pissed-Off Native Son” by Matt Rosenberg. On the surface, it details the 2020 riots, strikes, murders and mayhem that so sadly but accurately defines what Chicago has become. More importantly, Rosenberg doesn’t just say “see, this is what Democratic Machine politics brings” but instead asks deeper — and non-partisan — questions about the root causes.

Of course, MSM always calls any such questions “partisan” (or even “racist”) but that’s only because it’s easier than stepping up and answering the question. Available from Amazon, I believe if you buy it by clicking here, Instapundit gets a small bit of income.

On a separate note, IP readers will be very interested to learn more about Post Hill Press, who runs the Bombardier imprint that published Rosenberg’s book. The roster of authors — from Alan Dershowitz to Adam Carolla to Andrew Klavan — is mighty impressive, and (IMHO) represents the best in free thinking, questioning authority, and asking smart questions. We would do well to see publishers like this thrive.

HARD WORK, BUT CHEAPER THAN GOING TO MARS: A meteorite-hunting AI will scout for space rocks buried in polar ice.

ABOUT TIME: We are finally beginning to understand migraines and how to treat them.

Despite migraine being among the most common neurological conditions, affecting around a billion people worldwide, we know incredibly little about what causes them, how to avoid them and how best to treat them.

That is partly because migraines are so complex. They impact people differently, can be unpredictable and affect many more women than men. Migraine research has been dismissed, derided and underfunded. But a handful of dedicated scientists have spent decades trying to make progress. For the first time, they have uncovered a mechanism behind migraines in the brain, and with this knowledge have developed treatments not only to relieve them when they strike, but possibly to stop them occurring. Finally, migraine science is having its moment.

For those lucky enough to be unfamiliar with migraines, they can seem far-fetched. Someone can be fine one minute, then suddenly unable to speak or see.

I got migraines two or three times a week from the ages of around 10 to about 40. CoQ10 seemed to help.

INTRODUCING SOME OF MY FAVORITE NEW WRITERS: I’d Like You to Meet Some Very Important PJers.

WHY DOES THE SAN JOSE COUNTY COUNCIL HATE POOR PEOPLE? Regressive Burden: San Jose City Council Votes to Require Gun Owners to Carry Liability Insurance, Pay an Annual Fee.

LIVE AT 3:30PM EASTERN: ‘Five O’Clock Somewhere’ with Kruiser, VodkaPundit, Special Guest Kira Davis.

BE PREPARED: First Alert SCO5CN Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector, Battery Operated. #CommissionEarned

CHANGE? Why San Francisco’s School Board Recall May Be One Of 2022’s Most Important Elections. “On February 15, San Francisco’s majority-liberal residents will decide the fate of three far-left school board members who face recall. The outcome of this local election will have national implications, indicating how much Asian Americans, the fastest-growing racial and ethnic group in the nation, are shifting away from the Democrat Party.”


Feral pigeons are responsible for over a billion dollars of economic losses here in the United States every year. They’re especially annoying because the species isn’t native to this country—they were brought over from Europe (where they’re known as rock doves and are still quite annoying) because you can eat them, but enough of the birds escaped and liked it here that there are now stable populations all over the country, being gross.

In addition to carrying diseases (some of which can occasionally infect humans), pigeons are prolific and inconvenient urban poopers, deploying their acidic droppings in places that are exceptionally difficult to clean. Rooftops, as well as ledges and overhangs on building facades, are full of cozy nooks and crannies, and despite some attempts to brute-force the problem by putting metal or plastic spikes on every horizontal surface, there are usually more surfaces (and pigeons) than can be reasonably bespiked.

Researchers at EPFL in Switzerland believe that besting an aerial adversary requires an aerial approach, and so they’ve deployed an autonomous system that can identify roof-invading pigeons and then send a drone over to chase them away.

Well, it’s something, I guess.

IF YOU HAVE MILD SYMPTOMS, WHY ARE YOU AT THE EMERGENCY ROOM? Knoxville hospitals ask people with mild symptoms to visit COVID-19 testing location before emergency room.

THE GREAT CLIMATE FRAUD: China Won’t Disturb Its Citizens’ ‘Normal Life’ to Meet Carbon Goals.

HMM: Change of heart? It may affect thinking and memory skills in middle age.

Subtle changes in the structure and the diastolic function of a person’s heart between early adulthood and middle age may be associated with a decline in thinking and memory skills. The research is published in the January 26, 2022, online issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. The diastolic function of the heart is when it rests between beats and the chambers fill with blood. . . .

After adjusting for factors like age, sex and education, researchers found that a greater than average increase from early to middle adulthood in the weight of a person’s left ventricle was associated with lower midlife cognition on most tests.

This study doesn’t overwhelm me, but I hope they’ll look further.

SNITCHES GET RICHES: How an Anonymous Reporting System Made Yale a COVID ‘Surveillance State.’

COLOR ME UNSURPRISED: Marijuana impairs driving more, and for longer, than users think, study finds.

ROGER SIMON: Hell, No, We Shouldn’t Go—to the Olympics.

Evidently, Team USA has been advised to leave their cellphones at home when they travel to China for the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing next month.

In an email from his CAVPAC political action committee, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo writes:

“That Team USA is telling our athletes to use burner phones and to avoid surveillance by the CCP is no surprise to me. That’s exactly what my team and I did when we traveled to China to protect America’s interests. But you have to ask: if our athletes have to use burner phones when visiting a country, then why on earth are we sending them to that country in the first place?”

Good question.

And while we’re at it, why is NBC (and its owner Comcast) broadcasting an event that is, in essence, a propaganda exercise for a country practicing various degrees of genocide against Uyghur Muslims, Falun Gong practitioners, Christians, and other religious minorities, not to mention oppressing almost anyone who questions their totalitarian regime?

Related: ‘Never Again’ Means Standing Up for China’s Uyghur Minority.

KEVIN DOWNEY JR: Sacre Bleu! The Commie Battle For Canada Has Begun. “The hope is making shopping more difficult will push more holdouts to get the jab.”

For the Left, it always comes down to the thrill of deciding who gets what.

WELL, THIS IS THE 21ST CENTURY, YOU KNOW: New tech spurs spaceplane vision: halfway around world in 40 minutes.

NEWS I HOPE YOU CAN’T USE: Some Beta Blockers Tied to Lower Recurrence Risk After Prostatectomy. “Use of nonselective beta-blockers (nsBBs) at the time of radical prostatectomy may reduce the risk of prostate cancer recurrence, according to a Norwegian cohort study. Investigators found that use of nsBBs at the time of prostate cancer surgery was significantly associated with a 36% lower risk of receiving treatment for cancer recurrence, reported Shivanthe Sivanesan, MD, of Oslo University Hospital, and colleagues. They found no such association, however, with the use of selective beta-blockers (sBBs).”

Nonselective beta blockers include propranolol, nadolol, pindolol. Selective beta blockers include Toprol, nebivolol, metoprolol.

EXCLUSIVE: DHS Secretary Had a Disastrous Meeting with Border Patrol Agents. “An agent pressed Mayorkas on how DHS can reconcile saying border security is the main mission for Border Patrol, yet agents are unable to patrol the border due to the policies the Biden administration has in place. Border Patrol agents are being utilized to process the thousands of illegal immigrants.”

IT’S TURTLES IDENTITY POLITICS ALL THE WAY DOWN: As Supreme Court Hears Challenge Against Race-Based College Admissions, Joe Biden Wants Race-Based Supreme Court Nominee.

With one possible exception: ‘Kamala for SCOTUS’ is a distraction Biden wants. Better that than suffer another terrible news cycle.

Nothing like a little Obama-style stray voltage from time to time.

NEW CIVILITY WATCH: Ex-Obama aide unleashes R-rated rant against Kyrsten Sinema for breaking ranks on filibuster.

U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona is no stranger to taking flak from fellow Democrats for bucking the party line — but a former high-level aide to President Barack Obama may have crossed another line.

“I think she’s a c—,” Alyssa Mastromonaco told the “Pod Save America” podcast earlier this month, after Sinema refused to side with other Democrats regarding the filibuster. “That’s what I have to say.”

Mastromonaco chose a fairly large platform for her profanity-laced remarks: According to Chartable, the podcast has enormous reach, and is the seventh-highest news program on Apple Podcasts.

* * * * * * * *

“She talks about the ‘disease of division,’” Mastromonaco said about the senator. “She gave the speech as Joe Biden was on [his] way up to the Hill. So anyway, it’s the s—tiest, grossest, most disrespectful thing she could’ve done. I think she’s a c—. That’s what I have to say.”

The hosts, also ex-Obama staffers, laughed in response, before one asked, “Do we have to beep that?”

“No, because I’m a woman,” Mastromonaco replied. “I’m a woman, OK?”

Then she continued, “It was so many layers of a—holeness, like you know that she played a combative video game before she went down to the Senate floor, and was like, ‘You are a maverick. You are a maverick!’ And b—-, you’re not a maverick. OK? No. You’re trash.”

The conversation then moved to the late Sen. John McCain, also of Arizona, who pundits often referred to as a maverick in the Senate.

“The best part about this take is that there’s no one out there making the case for bipartisanship,” added co-host Daniel Pfeiffer, responding to the original Washington Post piece.

Thus, the perfect definition of bipartisanship: It’s brilliant and thoughtful when a nominally Republican senator forces leftist policies on America; it’s a sign that Washington has failed when a nominal Democrat attempts to keep the left from going over a cliff.

STACEY LENNOX: About Those Free COVID-19 Tests Joe Biden Sent You… “The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) sent citizens from Wuhan all over the world early in the pandemic while restricting their travel within China. Now, two years later, Chinese companies are profiting from the fallout.”

GET IN SHAPE: The Barbell Prescription: Strength Training for Life After 40. #CommissionEarned

RUST NEVER SPOTIFYS: Neil Young Demands Spotify Remove His Music Over ‘False Information About Vaccines.’Neil Young Demands Spotify Remove His Music Over ‘False Information About Vaccines.’

Spotify’s response? Thank you; your terms are acceptable: Spotify Takes Down Neil Young’s Music After His Joe Rogan Ultimatum.

Mr. Young’s record label, Warner Music Group Corp.’s Warner Records, formally requested Spotify remove the music Wednesday.

“We want all the world’s music and audio content to be available to Spotify users. With that comes great responsibility in balancing both safety for listeners and freedom for creators,” a Spotify spokesman said Wednesday. The company has detailed content policies in place and has removed over 20,000 Covid-19-related podcast episodes since the start of the pandemic, he added.

“We regret Neil’s decision to remove his music from Spotify, but hope to welcome him back soon,” he said.

For Spotify, the controversy is a significant test of its big bet on Mr. Rogan, one of podcasting’s most popular and polarizing voices. Spotify struck a deal with Mr. Rogan in 2020 worth more than $100 million, according to people familiar with the matter, bringing his loyal followers and lucrative show exclusively to its service. Mr. Rogan is central to Spotify’s podcast strategy in attracting listeners and ad dollars to its platform and shows.

While the letter has since been removed from Mr. Young’s website, he has been in discussions with his label and Spotify since then, and continued to hold his ground, according to people familiar with the matter.

As I said yesterday, given Young’s negative statements about pretty much all music formats post-LP records, Spotify’s management really seem to be going out of their way to save Young’s superfans from their worst 21st century tendencies.

Young’s picking a fight with Spotify over Joe Rogan seems much more like to get an extra 15 minutes of relevancy rather than a principled stance by the former member of Buffalo Springfield: “The way to deter ultimatums like that is to punish the first person who issues one by locking him out. So that’s what Spotify did, even though Young is right that Rogan is obnoxious for giving anti-vaxxers a platform. Which is ironic, because he’s been no hero about standing up for good science in the past. This is a guy who cut an entire album a few years ago devoted to spooking people about genetically modified foods. Actual title: ‘The Monsanto Years.’”

JOE BIDEN’S RETURN TO DECENCY: Eff-ing Right: How S— Talk Can Save Biden’s Presidency. “The whole encounter — including Doocy’s genial refusal to get all huffy about Biden’s flash of huffiness — was in its own way quite winning. It was also a reminder of how many memorable Biden moments feature casual profanity or bursts of authentic emotion amid the pervasive phoniness of contemporary politics.”

Well, that’s one way to spin it.

Another is: Biden has always been a nasty piece of work who enjoys punching down.

STANDING IN THE SCHOOLHOUSE DOOR: Harvard President Defiant in Admissions Fight.

Students for Fair Admissions, the group mounting the legal challenges, points to Harvard admissions practices that penalized Asian-American students by giving them low marks on such metrics as “likability,” “courage,” and “self-confidence.”

The reason why the Ivy League is so upset with Amy Wax’s “too many Asians” remark isn’t because they disagree with her. It’s because they don’t want people to notice that they agree, and regularly act upon that sentiment.

#RESIST: Woman Sneaks Ivermectin Into Hospital, Saves Husband’s Life.

HAVE YOU SEEN THE SHOULDERS ON THAT GUY? Lia Thomas’ teammates realizing ‘they will never, ever be able to beat this person,’ Penn swimmer’s dad says.

THE DEMAND FOR RACIAL HATE ON CAMPUS FAR EXCEEDS THE SUPPLY, DRAWING IN INFERIOR IMITATIONS: Hate crime hoaxes: Students alleged KKK recruited on campus, vandalized black girl’s door.

OF COURSE THEY DO: Ministry of Truth: China literally changed the ending of Fight Club so the authorities win. “The new Chinese version of Fight Club puts power back into the hands of the police and implies an ideal closure in line with the Chinese state discourse in which the symbiotic relationship between the police and the state is a given.”

This doesn’t bespeak security.

SCENES FROM AN ACTUAL INSURRECTION: CHAZ’s Rapping BLM Warlord Has a New Side Hustle – Fighting Sexual Assault Lawsuits in Seattle.

SEND YOUR KIDS TO COLLEGE, THEY’LL ENJOY SOLITARY CONFINEMENT: ‘He is hungry, isolated, cold’: Parent of Ohio U student sounds alarm on quarantine dorm experience.

BEN SHAPIRO: COVID-19’s Impact of Expressive Individualism. “There will be no normalization for those who have made pandemic paranoia a feature of their identity. That’s because the public health establishment has now successfully cultivated a large group of people who measure their moral value by just how compliant and panicked they remain over COVID-19.”

Read the whole thing.

PJ MEDIA VIP ROUNDUP: Don’t forget that VODKAPUNDIT promo code if you’ve been thinking of joining us.

Victoria Taft: Why Did Joe Biden Build His Hollywood Oval Office Set? An Answer Emerges. “After allowing fake fact-checkers to lie on their behalf about the Potemkin Office, which is as real as Joe’s veneers, photos of the Hollywood set are proliferating on the White House Flickr account.”

Cameron Arcand: These 4 Red States Recovered All the Jobs They Lost During the Pandemic. “Even CNN Business admitted that California and New York had some of the worst recovery numbers in the ratings, with a measly 60% and 70% of jobs recovered.”

Yours Truly: Ranking the Bond Movies Part 004 (Popcorn Thrills). “They keep you entertained for a couple of hours, but the popcorn calories don’t stick. Still, who doesn’t love a perfectly adequate Bond flick?”

COLORADO: Craig, one of Colorado’s last coal towns, grapples with its future as its power plant and mine shut down.

“A power plant job, especially in a rural community like Craig — those are what I call cradle to grave jobs,” said Richard Meisinger, business manager of the 111 chapter of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union which represents the bargaining unit at the Craig plant and nearly 4,200 members across Colorado and Wyoming. “People hire on there when they’re young anticipating that they are going to work at that power plant there their entire workable lifespan.”

The same scenario is playing out in other small towns across the U.S. After decades of relying on coal for their workforce, tax base and way of life, the towns face uncertain futures as new state and national legislation forces the retirement of fossil fuels because of the worsening effects of human-caused climate change. Only a few towns have a viable plan to transition to cleaner energy, like one in Wyoming chosen for a Bill Gates-backed nuclear power plant.

The impact spreads beyond the plants workers and is felt by the rest of the community, too. In Craig, much of the infrastructure of the county is supported by the coal plant workers, who make an average of $100,000 a year, compared with a $40,000 average salary across the county.

Now, some workers will retire, while others, like the younger Loyas, must find a new way to support their families, and possibly leave Craig behind.


As the coal industry goes, so will nearly half of Moffat County’s gross domestic product, Peterson said. It could affect services like healthcare, fire departments, infrastructure and upkeep for neighborhoods and roadways.

According to Ray Beck, former Moffat County commissioner and mayor of Craig, the county’s biggest source of revenue is property tax. Moffat County’s 2020 assessed value was nearly $430 million with 62% coming from the top 10 taxpayers, all energy-related businesses.

“We can’t recover from that,” Beck said.

Locals have a lot of questions about how “green energy” might someday replace those jobs and revenues, but no answers.

WELL, YES: Mike Pompeo: President Biden, it’s you – not Republicans – who’s bereft of ideas. “Unfortunately, your cheap rhetoric is emblematic of your unwillingness to obtain advice from anyone beyond your handlers. Mr. President, it is you who appears bereft of ideas to solve our nation’s crises. . . . Republicans believe that each life is precious and every person deserves respect, for each is a gift of God. Republicans believe that the free market is the engine of economic growth for America and all the world. True innovation and the unleashing of human potential are never accomplished by dictatorial bureaucrats, who fancy themselves the creators of tomorrow, though they cannot manage the present. Republicans believe that we must preserve our environment. American energy independence is necessary to ensure clean air, clean water and the vibrancy of our heartland and cities, for abundant power is essential to create the jobs and the prosperity necessary to address environmental concerns.”


Mr. President, you promised to burnish other nations’ respect for America, but you are the architect of the deadly and calamitous retreat from Afghanistan that has both armed and invigorated our country’s enemies. Republicans are for supporting friends like Israel, while you sit in Vienna with the butchers of Tehran negotiating with theocrats seeking to destroy Jerusalem, the birthplace of our Abrahamic traditions.

American energy independence is lost, for you put Russia and Saudi Arabia in charge, with predictable results. Inflation is rampant, and our economy is in tatters.

Will you change course, sir, or will you preside over the collapse of our principles, our traditions and our civil society?

Wait, I know the answer to this one.

HE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER WITH THIS ADMINISTRATION: By-the-book Breyer said to be miffed retirement leaked.

Associate Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is reportedly miffed that his retirement was leaked, a violation of his practice of following protocol by the book, according to longtime court-watchers.

Sources said that he was beginning the standard process of scaling back, with plans to announce at the end of the current term in several months.

“He is a by-the-book stickler for following protocol. You announce your retirement at the end of terms, not in the middle,” one insider told Secrets today.

“He did not plan for this to leak out. He was just beginning the standard process of winding down,” added the source.

Fingers were pointed to the White House, which has been desperate to change news coverage from the president’s bad polls and policy failures, including several promises he failed to deliver to the left wing of his party.

You can always change your mind, Stephen. You haven’t retired yet.

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: Nick Searcy Is On a Mission to Destroy Dems’ Jan. 6 Lies. “Nick joined me on my Kruiser Kabana podcast this week to talk about the movie, offering some additional context to the dark subject matter. These podcast episodes are usually for VIP subscribers only but I have decided to leave it on the other side of the paywall for a couple of weeks to give more people a chance to hear this important version of what went on that day.”

JOE BIDEN RESTORING DIGNITY TO THE US GOVERNMENT: US diplomatic officials forced to undergo anal COVID tests in China.

OH, I DUNNO: Nobody’s Getting Away with Anything, Right Now.

NO ELECTION IS LEGITIMATE UNLESS THE DEMOCRATS WIN; ANY ELECTION IS LEGITIMATE IF REPUBLICANS LOSE: Time for another top Democrat to suggest that the midterms might not be legitimate.

Related: George Korda:

But it’s a big lie to say that this is Trump’s issue alone: A month before the election, Biden was setting himself up if he lost to make similar claims. A Reuters story from Oct. 10, 2020, lays it out: “Biden says ‘chicanery’ at polls is the only way he could lose U.S. election.”

Reuters reported: “Biden encouraged potential voters at a campaign stop in the must-win battleground of Pennsylvania, telling them ‘make sure to vote because the only way we lose this is by the chicanery going on relative to polling places.’ ” He later “clarified” to say he’d accept the results of the election.

A few months earlier, Biden had gone farther. In June 2020 he said in an interview on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,” “This president’s going to try to steal this election.” How can you say that you can’t lose except if you’re cheated, but then say you’ll respect the outcome of the crooked election? That can’t be true. They are irreconcilable positions.

It’s easy when the press covers for you.

IT’S ASTOUNDING HOW MUCH DAMAGE BAD LEADERSHIP CAN DO, AND HOW FAST: A Perfect Storm Engulfs Biden Over Economy, Europe, and Asia.

Interest rates and oil prices are rising. High inflation is embedded in the economy, and the Federal Reserve is about to launch a monetary tightening cycle.

Russia shows absolutely no signs of de-escalating in the Ukraine. If anything, it has gotten more aggressive by moving troops into Belarus and ships into the Black Sea, effectively surrounding Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Mr. Biden’s domestic agenda has collapsed, and the very essence of his presidency is hanging by a thread. He has never recovered from the catastrophic Afghanistan withdrawal.

Nor has he recovered from his launch of a radical left big-government socialist domestic policy.

Polls unanimously show the public is simply not buying the product Mr. Biden is selling. He doubled down on his failed woke product last Wednesday, another huge mistake.

Now, in a futile attempt to recoup his failed diplomacy with Russia, Mr. Biden’s Administration is suddenly saber-rattling an increase of American GIs into Eastern Europe under the NATO flag. This after telling the country he would not deploy American troops.

Right now, I am completely unconvinced and uncomfortable with putting another 8,500 Yanks into Eastern Europe.

For one thing, Putin couldn’t care less. He’s got about a couple hundred thousand troops around the area — 8,500 is an ankle bite.

For another thing, President Biden and his team have been so far behind the curve on this Ukraine story that it looks as if they can never catch up. Our own diplomats, intel people and even Defense Department sources, expect Russia to invade Ukraine.

Everything is going swimmingly.


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