July 16, 2019

ORBITAL DEBRIS: Can We Use Special Sails To Bring Old Satellites Back Down To Earth?

Some exotic-sounding solutions involve harpoons, nets, magnets, even lasers. Now NASA has Purdue University-related startup Vestigo Aerospace money for a six month study that looks at using drag sails to de-orbit space junk, including satellites, spent rocket boosters, and other debris, safely.

Vestigo Aerospace was started by David Spencer, an associate professor in Purdue’s College of Engineering. “Through the six-month study, we will advance drag sail technology for the deorbit of small satellites and launch vehicle stages,” Spencer said in a press release. “The safe disposal of space objects upon mission completion is necessary to preserve the utility of high-value orbits.”

Drag sails are a bit different than other methods. While the harpoons, lasers, and nets proposed by various agencies are meant to deal with the space junk that’s already accumulated, drag sails are designed to be built into a satellite and deployed at the end of their useful life.

Faster, please — it’s getting crowded up there.

LIZ SHELD’S MORNING BRIEF: The SQUAD Holds a Trump-Bashing Press Conference. “At the presser, out came accusations of racism, xenophobia, sexism, Islamophobia and the usual clap trap. But Trump didn’t single out these exhibitionists because of their religion or gender. Trump attacks all his detractors equally. These ladies and the larger progressive coven have made horrible charges against Trump for years: he’s a white supremacist, he’s a Nazi, he runs concentration camps, he’s a racist, he’s abusing children, he’s killing children, he’s a retard, he’s a cheeto, he’s a rapist, he’s a RUSSIAN spy, he’s a crook, blah, blah, blah. Why shouldn’t he hit them back? There was no pearl-clutching about the hateful environment the leftists have created with their dehumanizing name-calling that facilitated violence like a crazy antifa malefactor trying to fire bomb an ICE agency over the weekend, or a Bernie Bro trying to assassinate a group of GOP congressmen. Were there calls to tone down the rhetoric following any of the hateful anti-Trump rhetoric? No. Well guess what, we are all going to follow the same rules, so suck it up buttercup.”

TAXPAYER-SUBSIDIZED ACTIVISM: Public university shares ‘Toolkit’ to combat ‘Trump’s deportation machinery.’

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BOB MCMANUS: Bill De Blasio is bad for NYC, but great for Andrew Cuomo.

PRIME WARTHOG: Corrosion control technicians apply primer to an A-10 Thunderbolt II. Photo taken July 2, 2019, at Hill Air Force Base, Utah.

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TRIES? Hillary Chabot: Trump tries to make ‘the squad’ the Democrats’ new leaders.

Related: The RNC Just Torched Ocasio-Cortez And Her ‘Squad’s’ Presser By Rehashing All The Things That Back Up What Trump Said About Them. It’s racist to bring up their records and prior statements.

GOLDIE TAYLOR: Trump Is a Racist. If You Still Support Him, So Are You.

Trump isn’t a racist, a charge I’ve been defending him even when I opposed him during the primaries. Trying to make millions of other non-racists feel guilty for something they aren’t or haven’t done is likely going to have the opposite effect of the one Taylor is shooting for.

AT THIS POINT, TWITTER’S BASICALLY A DEMOCRATIC PARTY SUPER-PAC: Twitter exec: ‘Jail,’ ‘impeachment’ for Trump, calls social media chief ‘racist d–k.’

Still not sorry I left Twitter.

IT COULDN’T HAVE BEEN THIS LONG ALREADY, COULD IT? B-2 Bomber 30-Year Anniversary Special.

CHANGE: Boosted by Trump Judges, 9th Circuit Gives Pro-Lifers a Win.

PLEASE DON’T THROW HIM INTO THAT BRIAR PATCH: Al Green to force impeachment vote following incendiary Trump tweets.

PLUS: Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Monday urged members to support a forthcoming resolution to condemn what she described as the president’s “xenophobic” tweets.

That’s weird. I thought Pelosi only believed in condemning bigotry in general, but not particular individuals — or does that just apply when the individuals are members of her caucus?

RICH LOWRY: Woke Assimilation: Teaching Our Politicians To Hate America. Oikophobia, like other forms of hate, must be taught.

Related: De Blasio’s hate is now mainstream for Dems and other commentary.


But even before that, defending her was a bad idea, and any serious person should have known it: Omar Holding Secret Fundraisers With Islamic Groups Tied to Terror: Closed-door events spark further questions about anti-Semitic rhetoric.


UPDATE: From the comments: “You do realize that, at some point, and much sooner than you expect, she’s going to be failing to condemn Antifa bombing the RNC headquarters. Then failing to condemn Antifa assassinating Republican candidates? This is headed towards a pretty ugly place if we don’t put a stop to it.”

We’re basically already there: Bernie Bro James T. Hodgkinson, Attempted Assassin Of Steve Scalise, Already Being Erased From History. And additional examples of leftist violence and eliminationist rhetoric at the link.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Donald Trump: Democrats Too ‘Petrified’ to Confront ‘Anti-USA, Pro-Terrorist’ Squad.

ROBERT GEORGE CALLS ON CONSERVATIVES TO BE MORE COURAGEOUS:  May I add that this is especially needed in the area of race-, ethnicity-, and sex-based identity politics?  You’ve never seen terror until you’ve asked a Member of Congress or Congressional staff member to do some tiny thing to help stem the tide of this destructive trend.  “Deer in headlights” doesn’t do justice to the look.

The current identity-obsessed state of the nation isn’t just a cultural change.  It is the result of law and policy.  The left has passed federal laws and instituted policies that beg people to think of themselves as members of victim groups.  Perfectly sound laws have been interpreted by courts and agencies to mean to opposite of what they say.  All the while conservative leaders ignore it, because they haven’t thought enough about it to recognize the long-term consequences or because they understand completely, but are afraid to speak up.  Until something is done to change significant parts of that body of law and policy, things will not get better.

(Here is an extremely minor example.  This bill should have been a no-brainer, but when opposition was voiced from an ill-informed civil rights advocate, who clearly didn’t understand the bill at all, it died.)

REALCLEARINVESTIGATIONS: The Labyrinthine Ways and Wages of Stefan Halper. “Stefan Halper, the shadowy Cambridge academic who may have helped the FBI spy on the Trump campaign, was paid more than $1 million by a U.S. agency for research papers of dubious value, according to new government report. But even as it shed new light on Halper’s work, the report left unanswered central questions about his Trump-Russia role and raised new ones about the circuitous winds on which Washington dollars manage to fly out the window.”

CALIFORNIA: HERE BE MONSTERS. Trucking apocalypse continues: California truckload carrier latest victim. Regulations blamed. “Retail average diesel fuel prices in California have shot up 75 percent since Feb 2016, while only jumping 58 percent on a national basis during the same period. California has added two fuel and excise taxes during the period, first with a 20-cent per gallon increase in 2017 and another 20-cent increase initiated this July. If taxes weren’t enough of a burden for California’s operators, the company’s environment czar,  the California’s Air Resources Board (CARB), creates its own set of challenges.”

(Classical reference in headline.)

TO BE FAIR, THEY WERE GOING TO VOTE REPUBLICAN: Flashback: Jerry Brown, Biden and other Dems refused to accept Vietnamese refugees.

KEVIN DRUM: Are Democrats Now the Party of Open Borders?

I have to admit that it’s hard to see much daylight between Warren’s plan and de facto open borders. As near as I can tell, CBP will be retasked away from patrolling the border looking for illegal crossings; if border officers happen to apprehend someone, they’ll be released almost immediately; if they bother to show up for their court date, they’ll have a lawyer appointed for them; and employers will have no particular reason to fear giving them a job.

Am I missing something here? Does Warren’s plan explicitly make it vanishingly unlikely that anyone crossing our border will ever be caught and sent back?

Did the Dems just make a Trump voter out of Kevin Drum?

Well, probably not. But if he’s going all wobbly, you can imagine how things are shaking out in the center — only you don’t have to imagine, because Axios has the numbers.

WELL, THEY CAN RELY ON A COMPLICIT MEDIA NOT TO ASK THEM: Dems Quiet on Whether Own Student Loan Debt Should be Forgiven: Only 1 of 41 Dems in Congress with student debt said lawmakers should be exempted from loan forgiveness. Thank goodness for the Free Beacon.

#JOURNALISM: E.J. Dionne: No fair asking Democratic contenders to take a position.

Related: What Pelosi Versus the Squad Really Means: The progressive-liberal civil war isn’t just a conflict of what’s too far left. “Critics on the left argue that liberalism is a set of seemingly neutral procedures that the privileged adopt to mask their underlying grip on power. Left-wing critics detest liberalism’s incrementalism and argue that only a complete revolution will uproot injustice. They do not share liberalism’s belief in the primacy of free speech.”

Also related: How David Brooks Created Donald Trump.

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CHARLES C.W. COOKE: On Gratitude And Immigration.

Legally, Ilhan Omar has exactly the same rights as someone born here. And she should, without exception. Culturally, though, the idea that Omar does not “owe a special debt of gratitude to the” United States is ridiculous, as is the idea that Omar’s views of the United States should not be affected by that debt. Of course she should be grateful! The United States saved her from a warzone, let her stay, accepted her as a citizen, and then elected her to Congress. If one can’t be grateful for that, what can one be grateful for?

Should Omar “temper her critiques of American politics and culture”? That depends. Again: Legally, Omar should enjoy every Constitutional protection available. And, as a matter of course, she should feel able to take part in the political process on the same terms as everyone else. But, culturally, it is absolutely reasonable for Omar’s critics to look at her behavior and say, “really, that’s your view of us?” It’s absolutely reasonable for Omar’s fellow Americans to dislike her and to shun her as a result. It is absolutely reasonable for them to consider her an ingrate — or to believe, as David does, that she is “a toxic presence in American politics.” And it is absolutely reasonable for them to wonder aloud how a person who hails from a dysfunctional, dangerous place built atop dysfunctional, dangerous institutions can exhibit the temerity — the sheer gall — to talk about America in the way that she does. There is a big difference between saying “I oppose current federal tax policy” or “I want more spending on colleges” or “the president is an ass,” and saying that America needs complete rethinking. As this Washington Post piece makes clear, Omar isn’t just irritated by a few things. She thinks the place is a disaster.

Interesting that recent immigrants like Cooke, or Sarah Hoyt, seem to get this point more clearly than virtue-signaling natives.

And this is just disgraceful:

This is the logic of a domestic abuser: I only hit you because I love you, and you’ve let me down so badly.

Related: Trump is not a racist; he’s pushing the Overton window to normal. “Trump stated the obvious. And by his willingness to state the obvious, he has returned the obvious to the realm of public discourse. He has shifted the Overton window back to a more normal, common sense debate. It wasn’t a mistake of epic proportions. It was a brilliant insistence on having public debate occur in reality world, not in the Leftist’s dystopian fantasy world.”

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July 15, 2019

RHETORIC IS ONLY DANGEROUS WHEN IT COMES FROM THE RIGHT: DOUBLE STANDARD: Man Who Attacked ICE Facility Used AOC-Like ‘Concentration Camp’ Rhetoric. Media Remain Silent.

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IN AMERICA, CLASS WARFARE IS DISGUISED AS CULTURE WAR: The death of the working class reporter: Journalism is becoming an elite profession—and that’s bad news.

SHOCKER: #TheSquad Press Conference Backfires Spectacularly. As Jim Treacher says, the left wants the right to shut up. The right wants the left to just . . . keep on talking.

GOODBYE, ILLINOIS: A fond farewell to state I love that doesn’t seem to love me.

WELL, BUT TO BE FAIR, FRAUD IS A CORNERSTONE OF THEIR OPERATION: Democrats’ hysteria over basic voting security undermining US democracy.

ANN ALTHOUSE ON “THE SQUAD:” “I am going to guess that talk of a circular firing squad — there’s been a lot of that — led to calling the 4 Congresswomen ‘The Squad.’ That would explain why the explanation of the origin is suppressed.”

Alternative source: “A dumb word only used by white middle schoolers in suburban areas to describe their group of friends and try to sound ghetto. It doesnt make them sound ghetto, but actually increases their whiteness.”

JOEL KOTKIN: Free markets only work when their benefits are broadly distributed. You wouldn’t know that from the kind of proposals that conservative idea factories are pushing out these days.

I think Trump understands that. But he’s not who funds conservative think tanks.


If you’re worried about people kicking in your doors, consider Door Armor. Though making my doors harder to kick in does more to protect the kickers than to protect me. . . .

DAVID FRUM’S WARNINGS GO UNHEEDED: Trump Is Baiting Democrats: The president is trying to divide the House caucus and force it to fight the election on his terms. So far, it’s working. “Trump hit the Democratic Party at its point of vulnerability. He is driving it toward ever more radical outcomes: against the enforcement of immigration laws and for the acceptance of virtually all border crossers; against the bread-and-butter issues that will mobilize the voters the Democrats need and for the symbolic actions that will gratify the educated urban progressives who live in the safest Democratic districts in the country.”

COLOR ME UNSURPRISED: Kamala Harris took money from Epstein’s law firm the same day she blasted it.


RADICAL CHIC: THE NEXT GENERATION. New Video: AOC, Ilhan Omar repeatedly refuse to condemn Antifa attack on ICE!

Related: The truth hurts? Ilhan Omar tapdances around question about her support for communism and terrorists (video).

More: Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham called Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her allies ‘a bunch of communists’ who ‘hate our own country.’

He’s not wrong. As John Hinderaker writes at Power Line:

I am pretty much with Lindsay Graham on this one. There aren’t many bad things one can say about AOC, Ilhan Omar et al. that I wouldn’t subscribe to, as long as one sticks to the facts.

Some would say that Graham went overboard when he referred to the radical Democrats as “a bunch of Communists,” on the ground that a socialist is not the same thing as a Communist. I am not offended by Graham’s use of that term, however. I think when people like the radical Congresswomen and Bernie Sanders use the phrase “democratic socialist” to describe their views, they basically mean Communism that is imposed via elections rather than armed rebellion. If there is any limit they would impose on government power, I haven’t seen it–certainly not in the Green New Deal.

To be fair, based on their recent activity, the jury is still out on AOC and her chief of staff being national or international socialists.

DANIELLA GREENBAUM DAVIS: The brief bravery of Scarlett Johansson.

Johansson found herself at the center of a curious conversation last July. Like every actor in the film industry, she is frequently paid to portray individuals aside from herself. English language speakers used to refer to this behavior as ‘acting.’ The job in question was to act in a film called Rub and Tug. The problem? The character Johansson was slated to play was transgender, and the actress is not. Inquisitive minds may wonder whether the task of portraying someone who is not yourself and not like yourself fits within the job description of an actor? Hope you didn’t dare wonder that out loud.

I did, last summer, in a column for Business Insider, where I was then a political columnist. It didn’t go very well for me. It didn’t go very well for Johansson either, who had dared to accept a transgender role. After immense — and, If I may bait the censors again, highly unwarranted — criticism, she pulled out from the film, turning down the role in recognition of some perceived social sin. Fast forward a year. No one has seen Rub and Tug: not because it was made with some lesser actor following Johansson’s exit, but because in the wake of the scandal, the film has not been made at all. What a victory that must be for the transgender community, who remain essentially invisible to so much of the American public. The kind of exposure Scarlett Johansson could have brought to this minority group is incalculable. Instead, nothing.

But trans people weren’t the only losers in this equation. We all were. As the left continues to reform and reshape every single industry in its own image, we are failing to meet their efforts with proper fortitude. Instead, society seems to increasingly give into a mob that gorges itself upon its victories. Just last week, Johansson gave an interview in which she said, among other things, ‘as an actor, I should be allowed to play any person, or any tree, or any animal because that is my job and the requirements of my job.’ Hear, hear. She went on to say, ‘I feel like it’s a trend in my business and it needs to happen for various social reasons, yet there are times it does get uncomfortable when it affects the art because I feel art should be free of restrictions.’

Pretty strong comments considering it was just a year ago that she pulled out from a film in the face of criticism.

Read the whole thing.


HATE IS OKAY WHEN THEY DO IT: Nikki Haley slams ‘disgusting’ silence from Dems after Mexican flag raised at ICE facility.

BLUE ON BLUE: Cuomo rips de Blasio amid power outage fallout.

CHUD: THE NEXT GENERATION. Police: Flushing drugs could create Alabama ‘meth-gators.’

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Peter Thiel Urges U.S. Probe of Google’s ‘Seemingly Treasonous’ Acts.


● Shot: “‘There are very few people who are able to deliver a trustworthy broadcast without point of view,’ says CBS News president Susan Zirinsky. ‘That’s who we want to be.’”*

—“Norah O’Donnell Takes Over as Anchor on ‘CBS Evening News,’” the Hollywood Reporter, today.

● Chaser: Norah at Night: The Most Liberal Moments From Incoming CBS Evening News Anchor.

NewsBusters, today.

* Curiously, lots of talk about Walter Cronkite, but none of Dan Rather in the Hollywood Reporter article. Katie Couric and Scott Pelley are each only mentioned once, despite (or likely because of) their own inability to “deliver a trustworthy broadcast without point of view.”

JEFF DUNETZ: Epstein Accusers’ Attorney Makes A Very Positive Point About Trump.

Best-selling author James Patterson wrote a book about Epstein and his crimes published in 2017 called “Filthy Rich: The Billionaire’s Sex Scandal–The Shocking True Story of Jeffrey Epstein.” In the book, Patterson independently substantiated that Trump booted Epstein from his resort:

“There were some complaints about Epstein at Mar-a-Lago,” he said. “I spoke to the head of the spa there. I said, ‘did you ever meet Epstein?’ She said, ‘oh yes… he was inappropriate with some of the younger women there. She said she went to Trump and he threw him out of the club.”

All of this is unfolding in the context of an Epstein case that most observers think could affect a lot of “very connected” people, from politicians to industry executives and the media.

Related: The Photo Adorning The Economist’s Article on Jeffrey Epstein Features the Billionaire Not With Bill Clinton But With Donald Trump.

YOUR DAILY TREACHER: Merriam-Webster: Hey, Don’t Use Us to Defend Trump!


BuzzFeed and its alumni have a long history of this sort of thing, dating back to Andrew Kaczynski ginning up the Twitter mob to get Justine Sacco fired over a botched joke in 2013, and in 2017, now with CNN, doxxing a pro-Trump Twitter meme maker on the fourth of July. The firestorm that Sacco faced and other Twitter shame mobs are a topic of Glenn’s new book, incidentally.

UPDATE: “I have heard back from [BuzzFeed] and they have decided to run the story WITHOUT including my name,” “Carpe Donktum” tweets. “Thank you for making the right decision. My family thanks you as well.”

IT’S THE ANNIVERSARY OF THE Apollo/Soyuz Mission. We had a family trip to Pawley’s Island and I took a portable TV along to watch the flight.

WELL, TWITTER IS OPPOSED TO FREE SPEECH, SO. . . BREAKING: Twitter silences Canadian free speech activist Lindsay Shepherd.

JIM MEIGS: Dark Days Ahead? Saturday night’s Manhattan blackout could be a harbinger of things to come. “Across the country, the challenge of coping with aging power systems is aggravated by green-energy mandates.”

IT’S DEJA BARRY ALL OVER AGAIN: Biden: If You Like Your Health Care Plan, You Can Keep It.

Whew, good thing Biden didn’t work for a president who spoke 2013’s “lie of the year” (awarded by Democratic Party house organ “Politifact” no less) at least 36 times, and whose staffers would go on to joke about it with now disgraced former CBS anchor Charlie Rose, who creepily laughed right along with them.

FLASHBACK: “Of course Trump fucking won.”

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JUST THINK OF THE MEDIA AS DEMOCRATIC PARTY OPERATIVES WITH BYLINES, AND IT ALL MAKES SENSE: The Photo Adorning The Economist’s Article on Jeffrey Epstein Features the Billionaire Not With Bill Clinton But With Donald Trump.

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BOOKWORM ROOM: Trump is not a racist; he’s pushing the Overton window to normal.


(Headline inspired by legendary Broadway performer Lorenzo St. Dubois.)

IT SHOULD ALSO INCLUDE A RECOGNITION THAT REASONABLE SUN EXPOSURE IS GOOD FOR YOU: Shielding Kids From the Sun Isn’t Just About Sunscreen: Experts say other steps should include seeking shade, avoiding the most intense hours of sun exposure and wearing hats and clothing to protect the skin.

You want to avoid burns, but sun exposure is part of a healthy lifestyle.

SIR DARROCH WAS A LEAKER: And now the rest of the story is told on why Sir Kim Darroch is leaving as Britain’s Ambassador to the U.S. According to the Washington Examiner’s Tom Rogan, Sir Darroch leaked U.S. intelligence like a sieve. Betcha there’s more to come, too.

YOU’RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BLOG: Democratic Presidential Clown Car Update for July 15, 2019. “Biden still leads, Steyer is In, Warren, Sanders and Harris are all bunched up for second, Castro wants nothing to do with your germ-bearing meatbag spawn, and Williamson channels Neon Genesis Evangelion and raises Gravel’s campaign from the dead.”

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Walter Cronkite unnerved a nation 56 years ago, by taking off his glasses.

The video has been seen by countless millions over the decades: Cronkite announcing on live television in 1963 the death of President Kennedy. He stops for a moment, removes his glasses, composes himself and moves on. That gesture rattled Americans because they expected journalists to convey a calm sense of authority, a reassuring stoicism in the face of Cold War standoffs, civil unrest and even the assassination of a president.

Things have changed. Emotion now blankets the media landscape like an infant’s crib at bedtime. Google “Shepard Smith emotional,” and up come nearly 3 million results, many of them focused on the Fox anchor’s recent visceral response to immigrant suffering. A search of “Rachel Maddow crying” delivers more than 1 million offerings, many for the MSNBC host’s reaction to border detentions and the Mueller report. “Brooke Baldwin tears” uncovers nearly 2 million entries for the CNN reporter’s reaction to a variety of news events.

They are not alone. Contemporary culture trusts feelings over facts, rewards heated emotion — tears or anger — and rejects medium cool. The effect on journalism is unmistakable. And a lot of the blame can be placed on those all-too-common twin devils: television and the internet.

From the earliest days of television, journalists understood the power of an image to overwhelm objectivity. That’s why Cronkite and others worked hard to present the news without emotional cues: no raised eyebrows, head-shaking, or wide-eyed incredulity. They presented the news simply, expecting this would counteract that gut-level response all humans have to striking images.

Walter Cronkite’s avuncular tone and courtly demeanor may have been much more reserved than Shep, Maddow and Brooke “Margret Dumont” Baldwin, but the idea that Cronkite presented the news straight, with no chaser, is a false one, as his (very) left-leaning biographer admitted several years ago. While claiming “And that’s the way it is” each night, “Uncle Walter” was the original Democratic Party operative with a byline.

OH: U.S. proposes barring big tech companies from offering financial services, digital currencies. “In a sign of widening scrutiny after Facebook Inc’s (FB.O) proposed Libra digital coin aroused widespread objection, the bill proposes a fine of $1 million per day for violation of such rules.”

Whatever you think of Facebook, Libra, or this legislation, $1 million a day probably isn’t much of a deterrent to a company which enjoyed revenues of nearly $56 billion last year. In fact, shares jumped last week when the FTC announced a fine on the company of “only” $5 billion.

OF COURSE THEY DO: 2020 Dems Support Amazon Workers’ Prime Day Strike.

HMM: Cutting calories leads to significant health benefits, study shows. Well, any kind of weight loss is good for you if you’re overweight, and this is low hanging fruit.

YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE SPELLCHECK: Millennial Writer Cries for Mother at Work When Editor Corrects Her Spelling.

‘BECOMING A WHITE NATIONALIST TO OWN TRUMP?’ WaPo columnist and Gulag author Anne Applebaum fights Trump’s alleged xenophobia by being a xenophobe.

APPARENTLY, IT’S 2017 AGAIN: Sarah Hoyt: Trump Points Out The Obvious. Everybody Apparently Loses Their Damned Minds. “People who are here and want to talk about how terrible America is? LEAVE. Vamoose. Go. We’re not a socialist state that restricts your ability to leave. That’s the whole point.”


From the comments to this post.

WORST. RACIST. EVER. Trump DOJ summit focuses on rise in anti-Semitic attacks, racial hatred.

GET WOKE GO BROKE: Toxic Masculinity Comedy ‘Stuber’ Dies at Box Office.

BECAUSE THEY’RE IDIOTS. THE SENATORS, THAT IS. Senators Want To Know Why WNBA Players Make Less Money Than NBA Stars.

KAROL MARKOWICZ: ‘Believe all women’ makes the ‘Pence rule’ just common sense.

THEY’RE SAYING IT’S ALIENS. BECAUSE IT’S ALIENS. More than 1 million people to raid Area 51 in Nevada in quest to see aliens.

The clearly tongue-in-cheek Facebook event page is titled “Storm Area 51. They Can’t Stop All of Us” and states “We can run faster than other bullets.”

It’s inviting users from around the world to join a “Naruto run” into the area. That’s a Japanese Manga-inspired running style featuring arms outstretched backwards and heads forward.

“We will all meet up at the Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction and coordinate our entry,” according to the event organizer.

But some social media users expressed concerns.

“Folks, bad news,” Facebook user Jen Petrilli, posted on the event’s discussion page. “This event is planned for September 20th. While I love this planning time, this gives them a lot of time to move the aliens out of Area 51. If we want to get our extraterrestrial pals into safe and loving arms, this needs to ASAP. Love, A friend to the aliens.”

Just be sure to go in during daylight hours — they’ll be expecting you at night.

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HAMMERTIME? Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley Demand FTC Investigate Big Tech Firms That Can ‘Sway Elections.’ “Never before in this country have so few people controlled so much speech.”

JUST THINK OF IT AS EVOLUTION IN ACTION: A Cades Cove visitor confronted a momma bear and her cubs, so she charged.

FLIGHT RISK: Feds say fake passport found in Epstein’s safe.

Federal prosecutors say a search of Jeffrey Epstein’s home safe turned up a bogus passport that listed a Saudi Arabia residence along with “piles of cash” and “dozens of diamonds.”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Alex Rossmiller revealed at a bail hearing Monday that the passport, issued in the 1980s, has a photo of Epstein but a different name. They also cited a mysterious lack of financial records.

So I guess the question is: Where’s the unexpired fake passport?


RICHARD FERNANDEZ: OUR FRAGILE WORLD: “Megacities are immensely fragile because complexity is only prevented from descending into chaos by the order provided by massive quantities of energy. The power outage in Manhattan is a reminder that civilization cannot function for more than a few hours without electricity. What will happen in a 5G, Internet of Things world if the whole mind bogglingly complex edifice rests on the tottering, variable and fragile basis of Green Power? In such a civilization a hundred percent uptime would be a hard requirement for many systems.”


Sure he does.


ARTHUR CHRENKOFF: On being told to go back where you come from.

You know that you are not imprisoned and kept by force where you are, don’t you? If you really so passionately dislike just about everything about your country, you have to ask yourself a question – why suffer? why keep putting yourself through this endless unhealthy rage and frustration? There are many different types of societies around the world, some of which are without doubt a lot closer to your vision of what an ideal community should be like. Wouldn’t you be happier living somewhere else? It just doesn’t make sense to me that you would want to live in a place you don’t like when you have options to live in places you would.

Some people are happy only when they’ve ruined something good for everyone else.

OVER AT THE COLLEGE FIX, an excerpt from my new book, The Social Media Upheaval. Did I mention that I have a book out?

BRYAN PRESTON: Austin’s Mayor Takes West Coast Junket to ‘Learn’ How to Fail Bigger.

HMM: Democrats start to worry about retaining the House. If you care, you should be volunteering for a campaign.

MEANWHILE, OVER AT VODKAPUNDIT: Trump Tweets Ignite Firestorm — On the Right. “Trump’s tweets have always been tailored to generate a gut response. The trick — and I admit it took me months longer than it should have to take this to heart — is to allow yourself a brief cooling down period, consider his target audience and their gut response. Instead of luxuriating in an outraged #Resist or a chest-thumping #MAGA insta-reaction, ask yourself what was the purpose of Trump’s tweet, and did he achieve it. Do that, and you’ll find that while Trump takes a lot of flak for his tweets, it’s almost always because he’s directly over his target.”

Read the whole thing, if you don’t mind me saying so myself.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): You absolutely should. And note this deconstruction from Ann Althouse, too. She understands what Trump is doing in a way that few law professors do. Plus, Ernest Tubb.

ROGER SIMON: Wimbledon 2019 — Is Novak Djokovic “The GOAT?”

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