January 18, 2020

SHERIFF JIM WILSON: Trends & Self-Defense Training: Choose What Works for You. Weird, the picture they chose is of my exact daily carry rig.

WELL, YES: Critical Race Theory is Rooted in Cultural Marxism. And the goal is not the well-being of black people, or of America.

I HOPE THIS FIZZLES, BUT WHO KNOWS: China reports new virus cases, raising concern globally before key holiday. “China reported four more cases of pneumonia believed to be caused by a new coronavirus strain, causing rising concern globally that a disease health officials do not yet fully understand could spread during a key holiday period. . . . Though experts say the new virus does not appear to be as lethal as SARS, there is little known about its origins and how easily it can spread. Thailand and Japan have confirmed new cases of the virus earlier this week, stoking worries globally as many of the 1.4 billion Chinese people will travel abroad during the Lunar New Year holidays that begin next week.”

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AT AMAZON, discounted Overstock items.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Study: Fish oil boosts sperm count, semen volume.

SUZANNE VENKER: Looking masculine is one thing, being masculine is another.


In these pages in October I suggested that British politics had reached a Hobbesian moment. Voters demanded a government, not anarchy presided over by a gibbering rabble. The clean-out in the Commons followed from this imperative. The single most important lesson of the previous three and more years is the abject incompetence of Britain’s centrist political class. Their comical despair today comes from their inability to grasp the part they played in the debacle that has engulfed them.

Sounds familiar.


Congratulations, you’ve just invented the vaccine.

GO VOLS: UT Cheer Team earns National Championship.

PUNCH BACK TWICE AS HARD: Conservative group has enough, sues New Jersey school over ‘unconstitutional’ policies.

HERE’S AN AGENCY THAT COULD USE A THOROUGH RE-STRUCTURING:  The Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (“OFCCP”) was supposed to ensure that federal contractors do not discriminate.  Alas, in the Orwellian world we live in, it instead ensures that they do.

THEY’RE UP AGAINST A REALITY-SHOW KING: Byron York: Can Democrats produce a daily impeachment show?

“BAIL REFORM”: It’s unusual for wrongheaded reforms to unravel as quickly as New York’s appears to be doing.

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights will be conducting a briefing on bail reform in May. Maybe by then everyone will agree that New York’s effort was a mistake, and they will have moved on to something else.


IT’S WEIRD HOW “FIX AMERICA’S DEMOCRACY” ALWAYS TURNS OUT TO MEAN “RIG THINGS SO THE LEFT ALWAYS WINS.” Harvard releases radical proposal to fix America’s democracy that divides Washington D.C. into 127 new states, adding enough votes in Congress to rewrite the constitution and eliminate the Electoral College.

THE BABYLON BEE IS SAVAGE: Pelosi Releases Limited-Edition Replica Of Dentures Worn During Trump Impeachment. The signature is a nice touch.

GOOD. IT SHOULD. New York’s bail reform disaster is about to become a major election issue.

BUT IT’S ALL JUST SO VERY AMUSING: If CNN Can’t Take Punches, They Shouldn’t Be Throwing Them.

Under Trump, more and more Republicans are learning to be Groucho — I mean, even Martha McSally — but the Democrats are still cluelessly doing Margaret Dumont.


January 17, 2020

“I WOULDN’T GO TO WAR WITH YOU PEOPLE. YOU’RE A BUNCH OF DOPES AND BABIES.” “Ironically, it makes the people Trump called ‘dopes and babies’ look like dopes and babies.” If the epithet fits, you should quit. Plus: “Why should those people be facilitated in their comfort and established old ways? During the Vietnam War era, we would have reacted with derision at expectations like that.”

SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL:  On this day in 1994, the Northridge quake shook Southern California.  It was the first (but alas not the last) earthquake to scare the living daylights out of me.

THE IGNOBLE EXPERIMENT: One hundred years ago today, Prohibition began.

NORTHAM’S REALLY TURNED OUT TO BE SCUM. How a Democratic Governor and the Mainstream Media Tried to Delegitimize a Civil Rights Rally Before It Even Started. “Northam probably knows more about white supremacy than I do, given his history, but this is starting to get ridiculous.”

UPDATE: So I’m wondering: What if Virginians rebelled and overthrew Northam’s government? It’s unlikely, but if they did, federal intervention is also unlikely. There have been two such cases in American history — the Dorr Rebellion in Rhode Island, and the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898, and in both cases the federal government didn’t intervene. To intervene, the president would have to make a declaration under the Insurrection Act, and there’s no obligation that he do so. And the question of which state government is legitimate is, according to the Supreme Court’s decision in Luther v. Borden, political and non-justiciable.

Which means that if Northam were to be physically removed from office and a new state government put in in his place — possibly with a new legislature — it would be up to Trump to decide whether to restore the status quo ante, or to recognize the new state government as legitimate.

This probably won’t matter, but it’s worth noting, and I doubt very much that Ralph “Coonman” Northam has thought about it at all.

SAVAGERY FROM THE BABYLON BEE: Gov. Northam Says Virginia Should Be Kept Comfortable While Lawmakers Debate Whether to Kill It.

OPEN THREAD: Make yourself at home.

WELL, GOOD: Court Smacks Down Children’s Attempt to Force Climate Policy by Lawsuit.

SUPER GAFFE-O-MATIC 76: Sounds Like Biden Thinks Beto Is Latino. “‘There will be Latinos in my cabinet and I guaranteed there will be Latinos in my White House. And both of them are qualified,’ he said referring to O’Rourke and [Julian] Castro.”

WHY IS BERNIE’S CAMPAIGN SUCH A CESSPIT OF LAWLESSNESS AND HATE? Sanders Field Organizer in Iowa Bailed Out By Regional Field Director After Arrest, Still No Comment from Campaign.

IF CNN CAN’T TAKE PUNCHES, THEY SHOULDN’T BE THROWING THEM: “Martha McSally did everyone a huge favor by calling these clowns out…For decades the left has demonized Fox News and other right wing outlets, the response from the conservative movement in the past has been to say, ‘come on guys, we’re not that bad.’ Well that time is over. There is a new conservative movement and this one doesn’t play that game, this one is ready to punch back just as the good senator from Arizona did Thursday afternoon.”

Read the whole thing.

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Party operatives with bylines, you might say.

GOOD AND HARD: California’s AB5 — Are We Having Fun Yet?

New article from Nina Yablok (aka Mrs. Ed Driscoll), who is still licensed to practice law in California, and who spent a great deal of time arguing independent contractor (IC) issues in front of the California Employment Development Department, which does innumerable IC audits. Nina was also PJM’s legal counsel until its acquisition last year by Salem.

UPDATE: CA Gig Bill Author Throws Temper Tantrum in Interview, Calls Those Affected Liars.


TRUST BUT VERIFY. WELL, ACTUALLY, JUST VERIFY: The Misleading Math of Climate Activism.

This is a VIP article. If you haven’t signed up yet, get on the stick, and use CHARLIE as a promo code for a nice discount.

I AGREE. FIGHT THE BIGOTRY! Boris Johnson says veganism is a ‘crime against cheese-lovers.’ As Jesus said, blessed are the cheesemakers.

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GOOD, DON’T PULL PUNCHES: Acting ICE Director blames New York’s sanctuary policy for murder of 92-year-old woman.

THIS IS DEFINITELY AN ‘ARE YOU F—ING KIDDING ME?’ KINDA DAY:” Trump Adds Starr and Dershowitz To His Senate Impeachment Defense, and Monica Lewinsky weighs in.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Two Tsunamis are About to Hit Higher Education.


“PUTTING THE FAT IN FATWA:” ISIS’ very own ‘Jabba the Hutt’ captured in Iraq.

THE TYRANNY OF THE MINORITY: Cancel culture is real. It destroys lives, ruins careers, causes suicide and silences reasonable debate.

Read the whole thing.

WELL, YES. BUT GOOD LUCK WITH THIS CONGRESS: Tell Congress to Retract Their Praise for CAIR.

MORE GOOD NEWS FROM THE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT? This isn’t the big-deal final Title IX regulation (yet), but proposed new grant requirements could be a boon to student free speech and free association rights all the same. Of course, caution is always recommended — it’s a government regulation, after all!

WEIRD, I WAS TOLD HE WAS JUST AN ANGRY TODDLER WHO LASHED OUT WITHOUT THINKING: Cramer says ‘tariffs worked,’ Trump’s strategy forced China to agree to a trade deal.

OUT ON A LIMB: Why Unlocking More Oil and Gas is Good for Every American – And the Environment. “Drill baby drill. Right here in America.”

From Ryan Sitton, the Texas Railroad Commissioner, in Real Clear Energy. 



Pat yourselves on the back everyone, but not with your drawing hand.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: The Problems With Small Self-Defense Guns.

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MEANWHILE, OVER AT VODKAPUNDIT: Florida Man Friday: TSA Won’t Find Anything on Her. “In total fairness to Florida Woman, she is far more attractive than most of the people who insist on getting naked in public.”

And something slightly more serious for our VIP members: ZOMG We’re All Gonna Die: 2019 Second-Hottest Year on Record (Except It Isn’t). “When I saw the latest climate hysteria headlines earlier this week, I did what any rational person would do: I cashed out my IRA and spent it all on hookers and blow. My wife would like to have a few words with me, but she’s required to say them via her divorce lawyer.”

I’d remind you about the discount you receive when you use the VODKAPUNDIT promo code, but you’re probably well aware by now.

REVIEW: Goop’s Netflix series: It’s so much worse than I expected and I can’t unsee it. “This review contains detailed information about the Netflix series the goop lab with Gwyneth Paltrow. If you plan to watch the show (please, don’t) and do not wish to know details in advance, this is not the review for you. Normally, we would refer to such information as ‘spoilers,’ but in our editorial opinion, nothing in this series is spoil-able.”

This is the most scathing review I’ve read since the New York Times wrote up Guy Fieri’s American Kitchen & Bar in a classic of the genre.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NEWS: In Case of Emergency, Please Remove Your Bra. Awaiting reports from Hong Kong on how bras work as tear gas filteers.

JIM TREACHER: Martha McSally Registers LiberalHack.com, Liberal Hacks Seethe.

#SILENCING: The New York Public Library opts to cancel un-PC feminists. I’m so old, I can remember when librarians opposed censorship. Of course, they were brave when they stood up to the right, but it’s different when censorship is coming from the left because reasons.

HUH: 98.6 Degrees Fahrenheit Isn’t the Average Any More.

In a new study, researchers from Stanford University argue that Wunderlich’s number was correct at the time but is no longer accurate because the human body has changed.

Today, they say, the average normal human-body temperature is closer to 97.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

“That would be a huge drop for a population,” said Philip Mackowiak, emeritus professor of medicine at the University of Maryland and editor of the book “Fever: Basic Mechanisms and Management.”

Body temperature is a crude proxy for metabolic rate, and if it has fallen, it could offer a clue about other physiological changes that have occurred over time.

“People are taller, fatter and live longer, and we don’t really understand why all those things have happened,” said Julie Parsonnet, who specializes in infectious diseases at Stanford and is senior author of the paper. “Temperature is linked to all those things. The question is which is driving the others.”

My temp has always run right around 98° even, which I had thought made me an outlier, but now I guess not.

AT AMAZON, Top Books in Military History.

MORE LIKE THIS, PLEASE: Sanity at Last: Court Refuses to Kowtow to Personal Pronouns Like ‘Xemself, Faerself.’

SUZANNE VENKER: Never Marry A Feminist.

LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE THE MODERN DEMOCRATIC PARTY TOUCHES, IT’S BEEN DEVALUED AND MADE PARTISAN: Roger Kimball: Impeachment is now just another bludgeon in the armory of political warfare. “The Democrats have been talking about impeaching Donald Trump from the day he was elected. As Rep. Al Green memorably put it back in 2018, ‘I’m concerned if we don’t impeach this president, he will get re-elected.’ And we can’t have that, can we?”

I AGREE: Ryan Sitton: Why Unlocking More Oil and Gas is Good for Every American – And the Environment. “America has actually reduced emissions faster than any other industrialized country, thanks to the market-driven switch to natural gas.”

Have you hugged a fracker today?

IT’S NOT US; IT’S YOU: Justin Amash’s Biggest Fiscally Conservative National Donors Are Abandoning His Re-election Bid. “Club for Growth and FreedomWorks cease supporting the congressman they’ve showered with awards.”

WELL, GOOD, I LIKE A NICE CAESAR SALAD: CDC: E. coli outbreak linked to romaine lettuce is over.

THAT’S DIFFERENT BECAUSE SEVEN REASONS, AND ALSO SHUT UP: Seven Times the GAO Found the Obama Administration Violated Federal Law.

STICK WITH OLIVE OIL AND LARD: Soybean oil, America’s most widely consumed oil, causes genetic changes in the brain. “Used for fast food frying, added to packaged foods, and fed to livestock, soybean oil is by far the most widely produced and consumed edible oil in the U.S., according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. In all likelihood, it is not healthy for humans.”

NAILED IT: Impeachment Is ‘Pornography For The Trump-Deranged.’

TRUMP AND THE NILE. “Against the backdrop of continuing tension in the Middle East, the United States is playing a peacekeeping role in a dispute among Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia.” Weird, I thought Trump was an angry toddler who is setting the world ablaze.

“SHUT UP, HATER,” THEY EXPLAINED: SPLC Demands Big Tech Silence Conservatives in the Name of Fighting White Supremacist Terror.

BRITTANY HUNTER REVIEWS a documentary film that I like very much, Better Living Through Circuitry.

ALEX, I’LL TAKE ‘THINGS EASIER TO SNAP THAN A PENCIL’ FOR $600: Adam Schiff Was the Answer To a ‘Jeopardy!’ Clue, and None of The Contestants Knew Who He Was.

DID YOU CATCH WHAT PUTIN AND PELOSI BOTH DID THE SAME DAY THIS WEEK? To be honest, I missed the dating and power-grabbing parallels, but Issues & Insights’ Tom McCardle didn’t.

21ST CENTURY HEADLINES: This weird-looking pigeon is actually a drone that flies with real feathers.

So when will we finally see combat ornithopters?

THE 21ST CENTURY IS NOT TURNING OUT AS I’D HOPED: Penn student government calls for free ‘chest binders’ for female students.

I HAD BEEN ASSURED THAT TRUMP’S ANTICS HAD TURNED ALL THE INDEPENDENT VOTERS AGAINST HIM: Mind-Blowing! 58% Of Attendees at Trump’s Wisconsin Rally Were NOT Republicans, Up from 43% in Ohio.

A FINELY-TUNED MIRACLE OR AN ACCIDENTAL HAPPENING? That’s the question posed by the Intelligent Design folks in this arresting video. One thing everybody should be able to agree on is what an amazing place is our universe, regardless of how we believe it came to be.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Student loan debt soars as colleges spend millions on diversity efforts, illegal aliens.

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: Martha McSally’s Moment of Media Relations Zen.

Arizona Republicans like me are more than happy to see McSally exhibiting some fire. She can be a bit of a bland campaigner and has recently been slipping behind in the polls to Mark Kelly, Gabby Giffords’s gun-grabbing, former astronaut husband. (Fun fact: although it was renumbered, the congressional district that McSally was elected to represent in 2014 was the district that Gabby Giffords used to represent.)

McSally almost immediately began using the incident for fundraising, another area where she has been trailing Kelly.

This would be a very good time for McSally to get back in touch with her inner fighter pilot, before Kelly pulls away in the polls. At present, she is within the margin of error in most of them.

Keep fighting.


To be fair, we’ve been told that every month since November, 2016. It’s like nobody’s listening.

STANDING UP FOR CIVIL RIGHTS: Virginia sued over Second Amendment rally gun ban.

AMITY SHLAES: Why LBJ’s Great Society Flopped—and What It Means for the 2020 Election.

Her new book is Great Society: A New History.

BLUE STATE UPDATE: Massachusetts state pensions, debt at crisis levels.

CONRAD BLACK: This Tawdry Impeachment Spectacle Must Run Its Course.

GETTING WHAT THEY VOTED FOR, GOOD AND HARD: The Cult Of Pelosi Is A Deadly Thing For Democrats’ Future.

THE ATLANTIC: Democrats Should Be Worried About the Latino Vote. The woke white Twitter crowd isn’t that appealing to minorities. Or anyone else, really.

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