October 15, 2021

THERE’S LOTS OF ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT: Elon Musk says Starlink will provide faster internet speeds on airlines.

My Starlink service continues to be unspectacularly trouble-free, excellent speeds up and down and virtually no downtime.

NOW SHE NEEDS TO BE BROUGHT UP ON CHARGES: Loudoun County School Board Member Resigns Following Daily Wire Investigation. “Beth Barts, a far-left member of the Loudoun County School Board, has resigned from her position. . . . Barts’ resignation comes amidst criticism of the Loudoun County School system, and a recent Daily Wire report that the superintendent of the school district misled the public when he claimed at a June 22 meeting that, to his knowledge, there were no records of assaults in school bathrooms.”

She currently faces a special prosecutor over her efforts to organize harassment of parents criticizing the Board.

YES: The Real ‘High Class Problem’ Is How Out Of Touch The ‘High Class’ Is From Everyone Else.

The truth is that this tweet is not some explosive new insight into what the Democrats in charge think about the economic catastrophe lawmakers have created. They remind you every day how little they think of the plight they’ve put you in. They’ve been reinforcing the hierarchy for as long as COVID-19 has been a thought in our minds.

Klain’s “high class problems” attitude is basically a repeat of the Mayor Lori Lightfoot scandal in April 2020. All the Chicago Democrat’s constituents were under a strict stay-at-home order. But even after posting a cringey “Stay home, save lives” PSA video — complete with the line that “getting your roots done is not essential” — Lightfoot sneaked off to get a trim.

It got worse. After she was caught, she defended her haircut by saying she was an exception to the rule because she needs to look good on television.

“I’m the public face of this city. I’m on national media and I’m out in the public eye,” she said at a press conference with real Ron Klain energy.

Or take an example from our president just this week. After ordering health-care providers, full-time federal workers, government contractors, and private companies with 100 employees or more (the latter of which is still just a toothless press release, by the way) to get injected or potentially lose their jobs, Biden had the audacity to say that vaccine mandates shouldn’t be divisive.

When the people in charge of fixing problems are immune from the problems themselves or from the costs of the solutions, they aren’t exactly incentivized to get it right.

Or even to demonstrate some basic decency.

WELL, THAT WILL RUIN YOUR SLEEP: A meteorite landed inches away from a Canadian woman’s pillow as she slept.

AMNESTY BECAME A JOKE LONG AGO, BUT THIS IS SPECIAL EVEN FOR THEM: Amnesty International: Allowing New Yorkers to Carry Firearms Would Violate International Law.

An idiotic argument, and at any rate, international law, such as it is, is trumped by the Constitution.


Plus: “However much contempt you harbor for these media corporations — and I know it’s a lot — it’s still not enough. They deserve more. No institution does more damage to political and cultural life than employees of media corporations.”

THE NEW DIVERSITY AND INCLUSIVENESS LOOK AN AWFUL LOT LIKE THE OLD CONFORMITY: Teaching while pro-Trump: Educator in training alleges political views led to his firing.

MAKE UP YOUR MINDS: Aspirin has long been prescribed to prevent heart attacks. Now experts say it shouldn’t.

JIM TREACHER: Whew, Occupying Government Buildings Is Good Again. “It’s different when we do it:”

So we’re back to this being a legitimate form of protest now? Huh.

Ellie Silverman, WaPo:

Climate protesters attempted to occupy the Department of the Interior on Thursday, with dozens holding a sit-in inside as those remaining outside clashed with the police who were blocking the entrance.

Protesters and security personnel were injured as climate activists crowded an entrance to the Stewart Lee Udall Main Interior Building on C St NW. Melissa Schwartz, a department spokesperson, said in a statement that security personnel sustained “multiple injuries,” and one officer was transported to a hospital.

Yeah, but it was for a good cause. Everybody knows the weather is going to kill us all, so it’s okay to break into a government building and hurt people. That’s only bad when the rioters are wearing MAGA hats.

Via the great @MidnightMitch:

I look forward to Brian Stelter defending the climate protestors’ moral imperative to riot because the earth is coming to end in [12 months, five years/ten years/insert preferred time period here], in between tweets promoting binge-travel such as this:


GOOD: Monitoring glucose levels, no needles required.

FLASHBACK: Biden blamed food shortages under Trump in 2020 on ‘lack of leadership.’

J.D. VANCE: Stop Treating Left-Wing Advocacy Groups Like Charities.

FIRE THEM AND BRING IN NEW EMPLOYEES: Netflix Dealing with ‘Unprecedented’ Internal Revolt as Employees Threaten Walkout over Dave Chappelle.

The other co-CEO, Reed Hastings, wrote on a company message board, “We will continue to work with Dave Chappelle in the future. We see him as a unique voice, but can understand if you or others never want to watch his shows.”

No doubt Netflix would prefer the employee unrest simply goes away, but it would be wiser to state clearly that it won’t be bullied by mobs, even internal ones.


HOW’S THAT SPACE PROGRAM COMING ALONG? NASA, ULA pursue precision launch for Lucy asteroid mission.


More from Jeff Dunetz: DHS Tells Court Remain In Mexico Policy Will Be Back In November (If Mexico Agrees).

STACEY LENNOX: Joe Rogan’s Dust-Up With CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta Exposes the Narrative. “After Rogan’s video went viral, the corporate and left-wing media led with stories about Rogan taking “horse dewormer,” mocking and denigrating him. The narrative—that COVID-19 is deadly with few available treatments—demands it. Networks also hate Rogan, who draws more eyes and ears than any cable news host.”

DON’T OVERDO IT: Too much fish oil may increase A-fib risk, another study says.

IS A LIBEL SUIT NEXT? This is fake news: Joe Rogan gets CNN’s chief medical correspondent to admit CNN lied about ivermectin.

CNN claimed this year that talk show host Joe Rogan injected himself with horse dewormer after he contracted the coronavirus.

It was a lie. Not a misstatement or an exaggeration, but an outright lie. Rogan did no such thing. Rather, he took the human version of ivermectin, as prescribed by his doctor.

It’s a perfectly normal and safe drug taken by literally billions of people. Yet night after night, CNN told its viewers Rogan had swallowed livestock paste.

This week, Rogan had a chance to confront CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta over the cable network’s dishonest reporting. Gupta admitted eventually in the interview that, yeah, CNN clearly said things that were not true.

It’s time to rethink libel law. The New York Times v. Sullivan regime was the product of a time when people trusted the press to be reasonably professional. That time is ancient history now.

WELCOME BACK, CARTER: Dollar Tree Loses its 35 Year War with Inflation.

COVER UP: Loudon County Schools Failed to Report Multiple Rapes Over Years.


Rogan continued to ask why the network would lie about a Nobel prize-winning drug that had cured blindness due to a parasitic infection in millions of people, suggesting it was only used in animals. Rogan asked, “Does it bother you the news network you work for out and out lied? Just outright lied about me taking horse dewormer?” Gupta responded, “They shouldn’t have said that.”

That’s what Gupta told Rogan while in his studio. The following day, however: CNN’s Effort to Clean up the Gupta Train Wreck Interview Proves Joe Rogan’s Point:

CNN’s [Don Lemon]: “It is not a lie to say that [Ivermectin] is used as a horse de-wormer. I think that’s important. And it is not approved for Covid.”

[Gupta]: “Correct … If you look at the data, there is no evidence that it really works [against Covid].”

This is CNN. “But that’s the problem with CNN in a nutshell, and it’s the point that Rogan was making,” Red State’s Nick Arama writes. “They don’t care about the truth; it’s all about narrative.”

“INEXCUSABLE”: Judge holds DC jail officials in contempt in 1/6 riot case.

In a case involving a Jan. 6 Capitol riot defendant, a federal judge held the District of Columbia’s corrections director and jail warden in contempt of court Wednesday and asked the Justice Department to investigate whether inmates’ civil rights are being abused.

U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth had summoned the jail officials as part of the criminal case into Christopher Worrell, a member of the Proud Boys who has been charged in the Jan. 6 attack. Capitol. He has been accused of attacking police officers with a pepper spray gel and prosecutors have alleged he traveled to Washington and coordinated with Proud Boys leading up to the siege.

“It’s clear to me the civil rights of the defendant were violated by the D.C. Department of Corrections,” Lamberth said. “I don’t know if it’s because he’s a January 6 defendant or not.”

Yes, yes it is.

DID THE BIG GUY GET HIS TEN PERCENT? Biden Bought Enough COVID Vaccines to Jab All American Kids…Who Don’t Need Them.

IT’S LESS ABOUT THE MONEY THAN ABOUT THE POWER AND CONTROL: What’s really inside Biden’s massive spending bill? A whole lotta pain.

Illegal aliens will be having a field day. Not only will they continue to be allowed to flood into the country largely unimpeded thanks to the Biden border crisis, but they will be immediately eligible for free college enrollment, student loans, and the child tax credit, effectively giving them a permanent guaranteed basic income.

$8 billion will go to create an army of federally funded “climate police” called the Civilian Climate Corps (CCC). They will be able to drop a dime on anyone who has an unacceptably large “carbon footprint” and direct federal attention toward them. Make sure you already have an electric car or there may be someone knocking on your door.

There’s $643 million for the procurement of “culturally appropriate foods” for school lunches. As I’ve written about here repeatedly, no race or cultural group holds the license for any style of food, but apparently, the concept will be twisted to suit whatever the social justice agenda item of the week is. So does this mean that schools with a heavy Hispanic population will be assured of “taco Tuesday?” Oh my. That’s not offensive at all, is it?

Read the whole thing.

AMERICA’S NEWSPAPER OF RECORD: NFL Removes All Coaches, Players, Fans Who Have Ever Said A Bad Word, Only Tim Tebow Remains.

HYPOCRISY: Students clamor for stricter COVID restrictions while partying without masks.

SKYNET SMILES: Oh Great, They’re Putting Guns On Robodogs Now.

FIRST THE PILOTS, NOW THIS: TSA Says Only 60 Percent of Employees Are Vaccinated in Advance of Deadline.

ACCOUNTABILITY: AZ lawmakers threaten to pull ASU funding following viral video. “State lawmakers condemned the viral harassment of two conservative Arizona State University students. The lawmakers said the incident ‘begs the question of why Arizonans are being forced to spend tens, potentially hundreds, of millions of their hard-earned tax dollars’ on the university’s ‘multicultural’ space.”


TURNS OUT, MILTON FRIEDMAN IS IN CHARGE AFTER ALL: Welcome back to ‘70s-style stagflation misery, thanks to Uncle Joe.

THAT’S PRESIDENT KLAIN TO YOU: White House Advisor Ron Klain Thinks Inflation and Shortages Are ‘High-Class’ Problems.

WANT TO KNOW WHY CRIME IS SPIKING: Discovery Institute’s Wealth and Poverty Review picks up a piece from The Federalist to examine the role of Leftist prosecutors who decline to prosecute criminals, thus denying justice to victims and encouraging chaos. The “reimagining criminal justice” disaster that is Seattle could be coming soon to your town.

THINGS THAT ARE BEYOND-THE-PALE ASSAULTS ON DEMOCRACY WHEN REPUBLICANS DO THEM ARE “JUST POLITICS” AND “PART OF THE PROCESS” WHEN DEMOCRATS DO THEM: Terry McAuliffe’s Election Trutherism Shouldn’t Be Excused. “Democrats profess to be alarmed at attacks on the legitimacy of elections. They feign horror at anyone who wants to investigate election integrity. If they really believe this, they sure do have a funny way of showing it.”

Spoiler: They don’t really believe that. And “respectable” Republicans shouldn’t pretend that they do.

DON’T GET COCKY: Behind Democrats’ Disarray: They Know They Are Doomed. “The implications of this in the Presidential race were obscured by the fact that the numbers showed Biden won. But they were keenly felt in the Senate races, where Democrats lost races in Iowa and North Carolina where they believed they were favored, and their candidates did worse than Biden even where he won, such as in Michigan and Maine. The result at the time was to leave the Senate at 50 Republicans and 48 Democrats, a situation transformed by the victory of Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock against a dysfunctional Georgia GOP in January 2021. Nonetheless, it was ominous and it set the tone for Democratic behavior in 2021.”

They sure aren’t acting like their man at the top of the ticket got 81 million votes.

WELCOME BACK, CARTER: High Inflation Is Here To Stay.

I’m hoping this is another “Death of Equities” headline, but considering how long inflation lingered until Paul Volcker came along at the tail-end of the Carter era, the author could well be right.

JULIE BURCHILL: How James Bond became the prisoner of woke.

‘The Prisoner’s status as a “resigned” spy was a coded renunciation of the whole Bond ethic’, according to my husband, a Prisoner fanatic. How strange that things have come full circle. ‘I am not a number – I am a free man!’, [Patrick] McGoohan’s hero repeatedly protests. But Bond is a number, and not a free man, and has been passed seamlessly from one master to another. He can check out, but he can never leave; now, he is a prisoner of woke. Over the years, Bond has mutated from an ice-cold killing machine to ‘a wounded animal’, according to the director of the new one; now even 007 wants a medal in the Victim Olympics.

Read the whole thing.

ADVICE FOR YALE LAW SCHOOL: “Sorry, but if you’re triggered by the Federalist Society, you don’t belong on a law school campus. … These students may be among the best and brightest, but they also need to do some growing up.”

That’s doubly true if you’re a law school administrator like Ellen Cosgrove and Yaseen Eldik.

Related: David Lat: The Latest (Ridiculous) Controversy At Yale Law School.

Yes, it’s true that no official investigation was initiated or disciplinary action taken—despite calls from some offended students for such steps. Yes, it’s true that Eldik and Cosgrove (eventually) told the sender that none of this would be reported to the bar.

But again, listen for yourself, to the entire recording. Pay attention to the tone, the implications, and the insinuations. Eldik and Cosgrove speak carefully, in a way that gives them plausible deniability (and makes YLS’s artfully worded statement literally true). The overall effect a listener is left with, however, is that the email sender is in trouble with the administration, his misdeeds could have career consequences for him—and if he knows what’s best for him, he’ll apologize.

The sender never did apologize—good for him, since he had nothing to apologize for.

Dean Heather Gerken, along with Cosgrove and Eldik, needs to apologize to this student, to the Federalist Society, and to the legal community at large for this childish-yet-thuggish behavior.

Meanwhile at Slate it’s a variation on the old “Republicans Pounce!” take: Yale Law School’s Free Speech Blunder Bolsters the Federalist Society’s Victim Mentality.

It wasn’t a “blunder,” it was oppressive conduct. And if you’re worried about the Federalist Society looking like a victim, maybe don’t leap at any opportunity to victimize them.

EVERYTHING IS GOING SWIMMINGLY: Biden down to 36%, ‘sinking like the Titanic.’

SIGNS OF THE TIMES: Double Sided Gadsden Don’t Tread on Me Flag. #CommissionEarned

REPORT FROM THE BLUE ZONES: Rats, roosters and sick Boston employees latest Methadone Mile misery.

FOSSILS AND FAKE NEWS: When the facts don’t fit the Left’s political narrative, they ignore them or just make up new ones. It turns out, according to Science Uprising, that happens on the Left’s evolutionist front, too.

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: White House Spin On Inflation Gets More Tone-Deaf By the Day. “Someone named Ron Klain is the chief of staff to President LOL Eighty-One Million, a job I would imagine is not unlike spending one’s days trying to give medicine to a diarrheic cat. Klain is the latest member of this horrible community theater production of a presidential administration to dismiss the concerns of the hoi polloi about inflation.”

YES: Australia’s Nuclear-Powered Submarines Should Be Built in America.

It’s hard to imagine a more complex production line than that for nuclear submarines. Look at Britain’s difficulties as it builds seven boats in its Astute-class nuclear-powered attack submarine (SSN) program.

Wright’s Law suggests that by the eighth and final nuclear submarine made in Australia—provided everything goes well—our production will be about half as efficient as the Americans who have already produced 19 out of a planned 66 Virginia-class nuclear submarines.

America’s shipyards currently produce 2.6 Virginia-class submarines each year, and some in Washington are lobbying for that to be increased. These American-designed and -built boats, bought in batches, are finished on time and on budget—two concepts that Wright’s Law doesn’t assume for the first dozen of anything so complex.

Building them here would require expansion of our ship-building capacity, something we should never have let atrophy the way it has.


● Shot: Why the Right Foresaw the Statues Coming Down.

When Donald Trump wondered whether it would be ‘George Washington next week’ and ‘Thomas Jefferson the week after,’ he was treated to haughty and dismissive dispatches in the mainstream press explaining why these Founders were more than just their proximity to slavery. These were valuable missives, but Trump wasn’t the right audience. They should have been directed at the activists who have taken their campus-based maximalism with them into the workforce. The failure on the part of polite liberal opinion makers to anticipate this attack on America’s foundations is a failure of imagination and an act of hubris. They assumed they spoke for the mob when it was the mob that spoke for them.

—Noah Rothman, Commentary, June 19, 2020.

● Chaser: Mayor de Blasio Calls For Removal Of Thomas Jefferson Statue.

Outkick the Coverage, yesterday.

Flashback: Bill De Blasio and the Decline of New York City.

YOU’RE A SLOW ONE, MR. GRINCH: White House in Full Crisis Mode Over the Fate of Christmas. “The ‘experts’ are always ‘surprised’ that a Democratic president is an incompetent fool. In fact, warnings about supply-chain problems have been sounded since early spring when it became clear that the vaccine was not going to be a magic bullet that would erase the pandemic.”

K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: Texas School Administrator Tells Teachers To Offer Opposing ‘Perspectives’ on Holocaust.

“WE LIVE SUBMERGED AT THE BOTTOM OF AN OCEAN OF AIR”:  On this day in 1608, Evangelista Torricelli, physicist, mathematician, and inventor of the barometer was born.

October 14, 2021

MY NEW YORK POST COLUMN: The irrational COVID regime is driving many Americans to a healthy noncompliance.

Totally, completely unrelated: American Airlines cancels 230 flights, delays 600+… Sickout is spreading.


BARESHELVES BIDEN, EMPTYSHELVES JOE: The TikTok kids aren’t impressed.


TRUMP FINDS BARE SHELVES!#Trump #MAGA #fyp #EmptyShelves #Supermarket #LetsGoBrandon #STAYLOUD #LOUDMAJORITY #USA #AmericaFirst

♬ original sound – Captain Deplorable

WE CAN HOPE: Is China Falling? Selling off resources, purging top officials, and defaulting on debt And it’s not just Evergrande that’s unable to service its debt.

I had a girlfriend in college whose family later owned some factories in China. I asked her about them last year and she replied “we sold out in 2006, we could see it wasn’t going to end well.”

UPDATE: Jim Bennett emails: “In 1914 Germany looked at Russia which was industrializing fast. They figured in 10 years they would be too strong to beat. Countries like that figure striking while they still have an edge is the least worst course of action. They can only be deterred by a credible deterrent force. Fortunately we have a credible President right now — or so I read.”

OPEN THREAD: Feel free to be Politically Uncorrect.



#vaccine #viral

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AMERICA’S NEWSPAPER OF RECORD: Backed-Up Cargo Ships Positioned To Spell Out ‘Let’s Go Brandon.’

No word yet if the Babylon Bee’s editor is currently slowly explaining this headline to pedantic lefty Atlantic staffers.

WELCOME BACK, CARTER: Gallup: Majority of Americans now favor limited role for government since Biden took office.

THE NEW SPACE RACE: China just put its next-generation spaceship on display.


While U.S. ports faced anchor-to-anchor traffic and Congress nearly melted down over the president’s infrastructure bill in recent weeks, the usually omnipresent Transportation secretary was lying low.

One of the White House’s go-to communicators didn’t appear on TV. He was absent on Capitol Hill during the negotiations over the bill he had been previously helping sell to different members of Congress. Conservative critics tried (unsuccessfully) to get #WheresPete to trend and Fox News ran a story on October 4 with the headline: “Buttigieg quiet on growing port congestion as shipping concerns build ahead of holidays.”

They didn’t previously announce it, but Buttigieg’s office told West Wing Playbook that the secretary has actually been on paid leave since mid-August to spend time with his husband, Chasten, and their two newborn babies.

“For the first four weeks, he was mostly offline except for major agency decisions and matters that could not be delegated,” said a spokesperson for the Department of Transportation. “He has been ramping up activities since then.” As he does that, Buttigieg will “continue to take some time over the coming weeks to support his husband and take care of his new children,” the spokesperson added.

That ramp has been steep this week, as Buttigieg reverts to his “go everywhere” media habits.

Since Oct. 7, Buttigieg has appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” “MSNBC with Geoff Bennett,” CNN’s “New Day,” CNBC’s “Morning Bell,” Bloomberg TV’s “Balance of Power,” and the NPR Politics Podcast. He participated in virtual events to promote the infrastructure bill with the Commercial Club of Chicago and the Citizen Budget Commission of New York. He also attended a high-profile meeting with President Joe Biden Wednesday on supply chain bottlenecks.

In other words, Buttigieg went from paid child leave for two months followed by lots of DNC-MSM appearances, while the supply chain went to hell. Keep that in mind as headlines fly such as this: White House: Cancel Christmas? “Forget malaise, and let’s start talking Grinch. With supply-chain issues still festering for months and inflation beginning to roar, retailers wonder whether they can provide the goods for the holiday season on which they rely for fiscal solvency. The White House offered its advice yesterday, which was. . . get used to disappointment.”

As a legendary community organizer warned, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up” — beginning with the team he assembled.


DISPATCHES FROM THE INTERSECTION OF THE K-12 IMPLOSION AND THE VIRGINIA CLOWN SHOW: Virginia Democrats Voted to Allow Schools to Refrain from Reporting Sexual Battery in 2020.

A ROTTEN SYSTEM: Virginia dad vilified for defending daughter shows rot at heart of system.

The callousness is what is so hard to stomach from the progressive elites of Loudoun County, Virginia, the wealthy dormitory community of Washington, DC.

They laughed and cheered when plumber Scott Smith was crash-tackled by police and humiliated at a school board meeting on June 22 as he tried to raise the plight of his 15-year-old daughter, who he says was raped and sodomized in the school bathroom by a boy in a skirt. No one expressed any concern for his daughter.

There was no compassion, either, from superintendent Scott Ziegler, who claimed bafflingly at the meeting that there had been no assault in a school restroom anywhere in Loudoun County and airily dismissed parents’ concerns about the risks of transgender bathrooms. Then he gave a little woke homily to show those powerless parents in the room who really was in charge.

Make them pay.

BREAK THEM UP, DON’T ENACT THEIR AGENDA: Facebook Welcomes Regulations, Specifically Those That Hurt Its Competition.


Efforts to make museums adhere to more stringent [Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion] policies have prompted the hiring of many such “racial literacy consultants” who have introduced debunked ideas such as “implicit bias training” for volunteers. As one such consultant, Porchia Moore, told Slate, “I would argue that the notion and structure of racial equity and historical thinking are concepts that need to be taught from the earliest age possible” and that “there is no better place to do this than the museum.”

In other words, booting the white docents is only one phase of a much more radical program for museums. Moore, for example, wants to see “a whole structural reimagination of museums that goes well beyond volunteers.” As she told Slate, “We need to use this time to think about wage equity, hierarchy of the boards, and the systemic and institutional racism in museums.”

In the meantime, who will lead the tours of rowdy schoolchildren? Who will answer questions about the latest temporary exhibit or offer hours of unpaid labor to the public solely because of their commitment to giving back to their communities through art?

No one. Cultural institutions like the [Art Institute of Chicago] would rather deny the public—including schoolchildren, many of them from inner-city Chicago—the experience of knowledgeable, enthusiastic guides than appear not woke enough. Indeed, institutions like the AIC are now so woke that the mere existence of a voluntary labor force of white women is seen as an affront.

Why is the left such a cesspit of racism?


Rotten Tomatoes has a user review system, which it measures against the media critics. This helps to show how paid critics approach their art, as opposed to casual audiences. It’s also becoming a cultural cudgel that proves a disconnect between the woke media and the public at large, which is exhausted by cancellations and public struggle sessions in the name of “progress,” racial or otherwise.

Currently [Dave] Chappelle’s The Closer critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes sits at 43 percent, earning it the dreaded green splatter. However, it’s at an overwhelming 96 percent on the audience meter. On the flip side, the new Disney Plus documentary on Dr. Anthony Fauci, which explores the personal side of the controversial figure, has a certified 91 percent approval rating from critics and a mere 2 percent from audiences.

And speaking of “the cultural gap between critics and audiences:” The Daily Beast Completely S**ts the Bed When It Comes to Coverage of Dave Chappelle. “If that headline seems like it’s unprofessional or I might have slept with the reporter involved, then you have a great eye for words.”

FLASHBACK: The Age of Disabling Professions. “The Age of Professions will be remembered as the time when politics withered, when voters guided by professors entrusted to technocrats the power to legislate needs, the authority to decide who needed what, and a monopoly over the means by which those needs should be met. It will be remembered as the Age of Schooling, when people for one-third of their lives were trained to accumulate needs on prescription and for the other two-thirds were clients of prestig- ious pushers who managed their habits.”

THIS IS CNN: CNN’s Effort to Clean up the Gupta Train Wreck Interview Proves Joe Rogan’s Point. Don Lemon “also painted a very different picture of the interview than what actually happened, telling Gupta ‘you held your own, though. It was very good’ — when the interview was demonstrably awful for Gupta’s reputation and CNN. But that’s the problem with CNN in a nutshell, and it’s the point that Rogan was making. They don’t care about the truth; it’s all about narrative. Rogan had previously speculated on whether he would have to sue to get them to be honest. I wonder what he’s going to think about this spin, especially after he so eviscerated Gupta. They may have just invited that action.”

ATLANTIC AUTHOR INTERVIEWS THE EDITOR OF AMERICA’S NEWSPAPER OF RECORD: The Christians Who Mock Wokeness for a Living. The Babylon Bee, an online satire publication, has become a popular destination for Christians disaffected with megachurch culture and right-wingers who crave clever commentary about the hypocritical left.

Not surprisingly, there are several of these moments:

[Emma] Green: You guys wrote an article in January 2020 that was shared roughly 3 million times, claiming that Democrats called for the American flag to be flown at half-staff when the Iranian general Qasem Soleimani was killed in an American strike.

What makes this funny? I know that’s the worst question to ask somebody who writes jokes.

[Kyle] Mann: It’s funny because General Soleimani died and then they called for flags to be flown at half-mast. Get it?

Green: But that’s what I’m saying. Besides just saying the joke again, what makes it funny?

Mann: Do you want me to explain the joke to you? Because the joke is that General Soleimani died and Democrats were sad.

If you don’t know why that’s funny, then you’re not the audience for the joke. The funniest part is that it got fact-checked because it was so believable that Democrats would do that. That’s a real honor.

As Frank J. Fleming tweets, “The interviewer comes off sounding like Data. ‘I don’t understand. Why is this making you laugh, Captain.'”

COVID: SIG Sauer Will Not Exhibit at 2022 SHOT Show.

I GUESS THOSE BLACK KIDS MUST BE ALL ALIKE: Seattle school cancels Halloween over ‘equity,’ says Black kids don’t celebrate.

THE ARLINGTON TEXAS GUITAR SHOW RETURNS THIS WEEKEND: “From 10am to 5pm Sat-Sun, one of the country’s leading guitar shows — GuitArlington — will be returning to the Arlington Convention Center, which will be its permanent home for future events. Suppose you have guitars, amplifiers, effects, guitars, parts, or other musical items to sell or trade. In that case, you are allowed to bring anything you can carry into the show at no extra charge for potential buyers/dealers to check out. Masks may be required, so please bring one. Tickets are $20 per person at AmigoGuitarShows.com.”

Here’s my wrap-up of the 2016 show, and a video I shot at the 2007 Arlington guitar show:

CHRISTOPHER RUFO: Walmart vs. Whiteness. The company’s new training program tells hourly employees that they are guilty of “internalized racial superiority.”

Walmart’s training program seems a study in opportunism. For years, activists have attacked the company’s business practices; the critical race theory program helps the giant retailer shift blame to forces beyond its control. As the company denounces “white supremacy culture”—with components including “objectivity,” “individualism,” and “hoarding”—its entire nine-member top executive leadership, except technology chief Suresh Kumar, is white, and its top six leaders made a combined $112 million in salary in 2019. Chief executive officer Doug McMillon, whom the whistleblower described as a “true believer” in critical race theory, hopes to export woke ideology to every Fortune 100 company through his role as chairman of the Business Roundtable.

The formula is clear: American executives, among the most successful people on the planet, can collect accolades and social status by promoting fashionable left-wing ideologies. Meantime, their hourly workers, making between $25,000 and $30,000 yearly, are asked to undergo dishonest and humiliating rituals to confront their “white privilege” and “white supremacy thinking.” McMillon gets the social justice credit; his workers pay the price.

Read the whole thing.

I’VE SEEN THE LOCKDOWNS AND THE DAMAGE DONE: Lockdowns Coincided With Record-Breaking Drug Overdose Fatalities, New CDC Data Show.

WE USED TO LIVE IN A GOLDEN AGE OF MUSCLE: 2022 Ford Mustang V8 Will Be Down on Power.

GOODER AND HARDER: Polis mandates gender affirming health care insurance coverage in Colorado. “Gov. Polis claimed his crown as King of the Woke in announcing Tuesday that many Coloradans will pay higher insurance premiums because the state has mandated ‘gender affirming care’ be included as essential coverage beginning in 2023.”

Democrats always run on making healthcare more affordable, but then deliver stuff like this.

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DATA SHOWS IMMIGRANTS MORE, NOT LESS, LIKELY TO REPORT CRIME: Leftists have claimed for years that immigrants, especially those here illegally, won’t report crimes against them to local police for fear of being hassled or even deported. That claim is reported as gospel throughout the major media to justify sanctuary cities.

But guess what, according to federal data made public today by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), the reality is immigrants, including illegals, are more likely than natural born citizens to report the crimes they suffer. So, expect to see this on top of the homepages of the New York Times, Washington Post and USA Today.

What … it’s not there on any of them you say???

WOMEN’S NOVELTY T-SHIRT: Let’s Go Brandon American Flag Impeach Biden T-Shirt. #CommissionEarned

FREEDOM FLU… CATCH IT! American Airlines cancels 230 flights, delays 600+… Sickout is spreading.

DON’T GET COCKY: Victor Davis Hanson Has a Prediction About Midterms Democrats Won’t Want to Hear.

“There’s going to be a reckoning,” the historian said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“I think whether it’s Mexican-American communities on the border or where I live, or soccer moms mad about what’s being taught in schools, it’s not a top down, woke revolution,” he continued. “It’s a grassroots populist revolution. We’re going to see it in the next midterms I think a lot of these institutions are going to rue the positions they’ve taken and the damage they’ve done.”

After host Tucker Carlson blasted the president over how the vaccine mandates are damaging a wide swath of institutions in America, Hanson pointed out that criticism of the president’s policies are not just coming from conservatives.

“It’s not Tucker Carlson that’s saying this alone,” Hanson noted. “It’s Barack Obama who says the border is unsustainable. Or Larry Summers saying the economic agenda won’t work. Or senators on the Democratic side said Afghanistan is a disaster. So it’s everybody that’s saying ‘what’s going on? We’ve never seen anything like it.”

As Glenn has written, “Really, don’t get cocky…If you want to win, donate and volunteer. Winning takes work, and commenting on Internet blogs, even this one, doesn’t count.”

KRUISER: ‘The Green Lobby Is Running Biden’s Brain’ — Windmills Edition.

MICROBIOME NEWS: Some antibiotics may kill ‘helpful’ gut bacteria, study finds.

HMM: Army Halts Widely-Hyped Multi-Billion Dollar Advanced Augmented Reality Goggle Program. “The U.S. Army has paused the acquisition of advanced augmented reality headsets for its troops, a program it had heavily publicized in recent years. This revelation comes less than a year after the service announced it had awarded Microsoft a contract potentially worth close to $22 billion to produce tens of thousands of these Integrated Visual Augmentation Systems (IVAS) in the coming years.”

Is the technology not ready? The money better spent elsewhere? Something else? No one is saying yet.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): My bet is on “the tech was irretrievably compromised by the Chinese.”

OUT ON A LIMB: Sen. Tom Cotton: Biden Should Have Dealt With U.S. Port Operations ‘Months Ago.’ “He celebrates today that they are going to keep the Port of Los Angeles open 24 hours a day, which they probably should have been doing months ago. At the same time the White House is saying you are probably not going to get everything you want for Christmas. Well, who’s going to save Christmas for Americans? Pete Buttigieg? Please. (Transportation Secretary) Pete Buttigieg couldn’t organize a one-car funeral. He is not going to organize our nation’s ports and railroads and highways and airports.”

He can apparently organize some pretty impressive PR ink though.

MIXOLOGY: Study: Mixing COVID-19 vaccines for boosters safe, effective.

REPUBLICANS POUNCE! There it is! WaPo’s approach to reporting on Biden’s supply chain crisis looks familiar (just guess…).

To be fair, Reuters did beat them to the equally shopworn “Republicans sieze” angle on supply lines on Tuesday.

SAD SAD SAD: Rolling Stones Go Woke, Retire ‘Brown Sugar’ from Concert Playlist. “Now that cancel culture has discovered classic rock, where will it end? I made a short list.”

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And ICYMI: Forget What You’re Being Told. Here’s the Real Reason for California’s Trucker Shortage.

SHOCKING NEWS FROM THE WORLD OF SCIENCE: Study: Testosterone levels matter for sex lives of both men and women.

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