October 29, 2020

WHAT’S WRONG WITH ANONYMOUS SOURCING? The Federalist’ Mollie Hemingway says all you need to know on this issue is captured in the New York Times’ handling of its “Anonymous” source, you know, the “senior administration official” who was actually just a staff guy out in the bureaucracy.

JUST IN TIME FOR THE ELECTION: A reader emails that MailChimp, a popular mass-mailing service, has just changed its terms of service. From MailChimp: “We’ve updated our language to further clarify our Rules (Section 17 of STOU), which state that Mailchimp does not allow the distribution of Content that is, in our sole discretion, materially false, inaccurate, or misleading in a way that could deceive or confuse others about important events, topics, or circumstances.” The change is effective immediately.

A LITTLE REBELLION NOW AND THEN CAN BE A GOOD THING: A New Round of COVID-19 Restrictions Drives Illinois Eateries to Rebellion.

HMM: Spy agency ducks questions about ‘back doors’ in tech products.

These so-called back doors enable the NSA and other agencies to scan large amounts of traffic without a warrant. Agency advocates say the practice has eased collection of vital intelligence in other countries, including interception of terrorist communications.

The agency developed new rules for such practices after the Snowden leaks in order to reduce the chances of exposure and compromise, three former intelligence officials told Reuters. But aides to Senator Ron Wyden, a leading Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, say the NSA has stonewalled on providing even the gist of the new guidelines.

“Secret encryption back doors are a threat to national security and the safety of our families – it’s only a matter of time before foreign hackers or criminals exploit them in ways that undermine American national security,” Wyden told Reuters. “The government shouldn’t have any role in planting secret back doors in encryption technology used by Americans.”

Wyden has long been solid on digital privacy.

FORMATION TRAINING OVER CORPUS CHRISTI: Two U.S. Marine student aviators conduct a formation flight in T-6B Texan II aircraft near Corpus Christi, Texas. Photo taken Oct. 23, 2020.

MAYBE LETTING THE ENEMIES OF OUR CIVILIZATION TEACH OUR CHILDREN WAS A MISTAKE: Kids today: 4 in 10 call Constitution ‘outdated,’ OK with silencing speech.


On Oct. 26, the Washington Free Beacon published a hard-hitting investigative article exposing a truly appalling and destructive example of communist China’s long-term war on free societies, in this case using influence and information as weapons.


The Free Beacon’s bottom-line accusation: Chinese money bought advantageous (euphemized) treatment, if not favorable news coverage and a positive editorial attitude in a news and business journal long regarded as one of the world’s most influential — influential in terms of its editorial acumen, erudite reporting and savvy story selection. The Economist’s international subscriber base is well educated, wealthy and connected.

It appears the CCP managed to influence The Economist’s purveyors of influence and did so not in one or two instances but for eight critical years. The CCP wasn’t simply targeting The Economist. Huawei has tried to coopt media everywhere. But The Economist allegedly influences the influencers in capital cities around the planet, which gives it unique leverage.

An even bigger bottom line:

From the Chinese perspective, Hunter Biden’s alleged business deals in China would classify as an effort to influence an individual leader.

It’ my latest Creators Syndicate column.

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DON’T GET COCKY: Trump Is Doing Better In Michigan And Wisconsin Than Polls Suggest. “We just spent a week driving through Michigan and Wisconsin, talking with farmers, bartenders, politicians, priests, and ordinary voters, from suburban Detroit to western Wisconsin, and what we saw and heard left us with a very different impression: Trump’s support here is not reflected in the polls, and he might well win both states.”

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FLASHBACK: “I’d rather have a sister in a whorehouse than a brother in the FBI.”

SHOT: Senate Democrat to accuse Republicans of ‘bullying’ tech CEOs to help Trump.

CHASER: Big Tech is spending big to turn the U.S. Senate blue next week.

Senate Democrats know who butters their toast.

FLASHBACK: These Are The Crazy Years.

KEEP AN EYE ON MINNESOTA: Two new polls today out from Minnesota, which has been barely polled this cycle. Biden ahead 47-42 and 48-45. Even more interesting, the former poll, by Survey USA, shows Biden and Trump even in favorability, 44-44, with Trump way ahead in “extremely favorable,” 27% to 16%, suggesting greater enthusiasm for Trump. Seems to me these numbers put Trump in striking distance, and if I were going to expect any big surprise this year, it would be in the state that saw the worst summer rioting. Turnout is a huge wildcard, and Minnesota always seems to disappoint Republicans, but this is one to keep an eye on.

I THINK IT WAS ALSO A FEDERAL CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION: Judge: Seattle’s Aid To Protest Zone Might Have Been a Taking.

Ordinarily you can’t sue the government for failing to protect you from private criminal actors. But a federal judge has allowed a suit to go forward filed by business owners against the city of Seattle over injuries done by far‐​left activists who seized 16 blocks this June and proclaimed a weeks‐​long “autonomous zone” (CHOP or CHAZ).

Law professor Ilya Somin writes that he initially approached the case with skepticism, but was surprised to find it stronger than expected. The reason: the plaintiffs argue that the city did not merely stand by passively, but assisted the occupiers by letting them use city property such as street barriers which hindered the plaintiffs from enjoying free access to their businesses and homes. Because the city government had taken many affirmative steps to assist the occupation, as contrasted with omissions, the episode could be interpreted as a temporary taking of property for which compensation is due. (The judge also allowed two due process claims to proceed.)

Good. Plus: “If the plaintiffs’ account of events is largely accurate, it reveals terrible behavior by city officials (as well as by the CHOP activists). That is deeply troubling even if the city cannot be held legally liable under the Takings Clause.”


“WE’RE REPORTERS. WE DON’T TAKE SIDES.” 90% of media political donations to Biden, Sanders, AOC, Democrats: Report.

AMERICA’S PAPER OF RECORD:  Two Birds With One Stone: Man Protests Racial Injustice, Completes Christmas Shopping In One Trip.

IT COULD BE TEN YEARS BEFORE THIS IS AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC, SO GET YOUR MARKER IN TO AND BEAT THE CRUSH:  Scientists create ‘nasty bacteria’ fighter from Komodo dragon blood.

TELL ME AGAIN HOW MUCH WORSE TRUMP’S HANDLING OF THE WUHUFLU IS THAN EUROPE’S:  EU won’t see full COVID-19 vaccination until 2022, official reportedly warns.

But hey, what a great excuse for the governments to keep everyone locked up and unable to travel, eh?


Remember the advice of Lazarus Long, Heinlein’s bastard son: Keep your clothes and weapons where you can find them in the dark.

Now more than ever.

In these trying times.

Because the new normal is neither new nor normal. It’s just what Marxists do when you give them leeway.



One way or another, it probably does.

NAH. IT’S FRAUD HE’S RELYING ON:  Arrogance: Biden Goes Dark & Relies On the MSM & Social Media to Hide The Growing Scandal.

THE LIZARD MAN PLAYS DUMB!  Facebook CEO Claims He Was Unaware Their Election Integrity Official Worked for Biden.

AND I WAKE UP SCREAMING:  Project Veritas Exposes Major Voter Fraud Effort .

LIZARD MAN IS MOSTLY CORRUPT:  Email reveals deal planned between Hunter Biden and Mark Zuckerberg.


BIG TUNA: This story reminds me of when my Uncle Carroll told me that I just had to come down to the harbor with him. The tuna boats were in, he told me, and they had brought in the biggest tuna anybody had ever seen.

Of course, as a highly sophisticated 12-year-old, I knew that tuna comes in very small cans. I must have believed a “big tuna” was unlikely to be very big or interesting. I went with him from East Boothbay to Boothbay Harbor (Maine) only because my mother would have thought me rude if I’d declined.

But Holy Toledo! The tuna—Atlantic Bluefin—were huge—well over 1000 pounds each. And the tuna fishermen had fascinating stories.

Lesson learned: Highly sophisticated 12-year-olds run the risk of missing out on things.


IMAGINE IF WE HAD A FUNCTIONING PRESS!  Tony Bobulinski And The Compromised Biden Family.

DUH:  Philadelphia Riots Are Not About Justice.

TRUE, THAT:  The First Honest Democratic Party Campaign Ad.


At least the real aristocrats had style.

THEY’RE IN EVERYTHING:  Communist China Runs Your Bookstore and WorldCon too.

October 28, 2020

OUT ON A LIMB: Note to Jeff Flake: Joe Biden Is Not the ‘Decency and Civility’ Candidate.

BATTLEFIELD PREPARATION? Drudge Alternative Citizen Free Press Mysteriously Disappears From Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go.

SURRENDERING TO A CULTURE OF HATE: Girl Scouts deletes social media congratulations to Amy Coney Barrett on Supreme Court seat after angry backlash.

OFT EVIL WILL SHALL EVIL MAR: The Philly riots could throw Pennsylvania to Trump.

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FLASHBACK: Dr. Birx’s Early Prediction for COVID-19 Deaths Destroys Biden Narrative.

NOW WITH DOUBLE THE SIGNATORIES: Scholars and Writers for Trump. “Given his astonishing success in his first term, we believe that Donald Trump is the candidate most likely to foster the promise and prosperity of America. We urge you to support him as we do.”

OPEN THREAD: Set a spell. Take your shoes off.

NICE DREAMS: Tommy Chong Demands Nine More Years of Trump!


FRANK RIZZO LEFT THE BUILDING A LONG TIME AGO: 1,000 Looters Turn Philly Retail Zone into “Total Loss.”

Note this detail:


WHAT IF THEY START OUTLAWING CONSERVATIVE SPEECH? They will, you know, if Biden wins and Democrats takeover both chambers of Congress, according to Hans Bader of Liberty Unyielding.

SPACE: China chooses landing site for its Tianwen-1 Mars rover.

BAD OPTICS: Biden Tries to Project Energy By Going to Where FDR Went to Die.

Biden tried to mix his doomsaying about the virus that is going to get all of us whose lives haven’t already been destroyed by The White Man with some positive notes: “It is hard when you drive in here,” he observed, “not to think of the circumstances President Roosevelt faithed [sic] and how he overcame so much for so many.” Biden played up the hopeful aspects of Roosevelt’s history in Warm Springs, asserting that it was “a good place to talk about hope and healing,” since it was to that “Franklin Roosevelt came to use the therapeutic waters to rebuild himself” after he contracted polio.

Yes, that’s all true. In an uncomfortable parallel with the Biden campaign, not only did FDR die in Warm Springs; he did so after deceiving the American people for many months about the seriousness of his condition. Despite Joe’s numerous verbal slip-ups and increasingly obvious signs of dementia, the Biden campaign continues to insist that their man is just fine, and in fact more vigorous and in the pink of health than the president who is traversing the country holding three rallies a day.

The Washington Examiner described Biden’s visit to Warm Springs thusly: Biden previews FDR-like administration during unity pitch in Georgia.

While the trip to Warm Springs ended badly for Roosevelt, getting to that point was no picnic for the American people, either: FDR’s policies prolonged Depression by 7 years, UCLA economists calculate.

And speaking of painfully sluggish economies, wasn’t there already an “FDR-like administration” not all that long ago?

GOOD NEWS: Fifth Circuit Speaks Out Against Campus Speech Codes (in University of Texas Case).

The full decision is here.


Heh again:

THIS IS CNN: CNN Contributor ‘Anonymous’ Will Remain With Network After Lying On Air.

CNN contributor Miles Taylor will remain with the network despite lying on the air about being the anonymous administration official who wrote a book condemning President Donald Trump.

A CNN spokesman said Wednesday that Taylor would stay on, the same day he identified himself as “Anonymous,” the author of the book A Warning in 2019 and a New York Times op-ed in 2018. In both, he slammed Trump as tempestuous and unfit for office. Taylor also boasted in the op-ed he was one of the “senior officials” working to “frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.”

Taylor was an aide to former homeland security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen before resigning last year, and he joined CNN as a contributor in September. However, Taylor lied to anchor Anderson Cooper on Aug. 21 when he denied being “Anonymous.”

“I wear a mask for two things, Anderson: Halloweens and pandemics, so no,” he said.

Hey, it’s CNN, so he won’t be alone as a contributor who has lied on air or on social media:

‘Please Think About Others:’ Chris Cuomo Pretends He Didn’t Break Quarantine Already.

Anderson Cooper says Twitter account hacked after tweet calling Trump a ‘pathetic loser.’

Not a Joke: Dan Rather on [CNN’s] ‘Reliable Sources’ Slamming Trump’s ‘Fantasy Land.’

Stelter Claims Left-Wing Media Not Dedicated to ‘Tearing Down Trump.’

UPDATE: “When reached by a reporter via email, the former DHS official directed them instead to contact his agents with United Talent Agency, a Los Angeles–based firm that recently signed Paris Hilton.”

YEP: Rep. Devin Nunes: Social-ist Media. Biden’s digital lackeys threaten to turn out the lights on our republic.. We saw more evidence of that today.

WIN: Judge: Virginia can’t count ballots with missing postmarks.

I CAN STILL SMELL THE STINK OF CORRUPTION IN BIDEN’S CAMPAIGN, SO I GUESS I’M NOT SICK: Study: Loss of smell in COVID-19 far more common than thought.

JOE BIDEN, ON THE CUTTING EDGE OF TECHNOLOGY: Biden derides video game developer ‘creeps’ who ‘teach you how to kill.’

YES: Twitter’s threats to The Post echo those of authoritarian states — and the media shrugs.

Journalists are not brave firemen running toward a story. For the most part they’re loyal apparatchiks happy to peddle the party line.

NOT THE BABYLON BEE: Oregon health official announces COVID-19 death toll dressed as clown.

Claire Poche, a senior official of the Oregon Health Authority, made the announcement dressed in a red tie, polka dot shirt, bright yellow pants, and a full face of clown makeup.

A senior Oregon health official donned a clown costume prior to announcing the daily death toll from coronavirus.

Claire Poche, a senior official of the Oregon Health Authority, made the announcement dressed in a red tie, polka dot shirt, bright yellow pants, and a full face of clown makeup.

“As of today, there have been 38,160 cases of COVID-19 in Oregon, with 390 new cases being reported today,” announced the harlequin impersonator. “Sadly, we are also reporting three deaths today, bringing the statewide total for COVID-19-related deaths to 608,” she somberly continued in heavy contrast to her attire.

I wonder if she’ll be tag-teaming with Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who wore this outfit to a press conference at the start of the month:

Curiously, Lightfoot’s outfit failed to have the desired effect on at least two of her citizens: Chicago Sisters Accused Of Stabbing Employee 27 Times After Being Asked To Wear A Mask.

One of whom “recorded the incident on her phone,” according to Yahoo News, which should likely make the prosecutor’s job much easier.

THE LAST THING THE LEFT WANTS IS AN AMERICA WHERE EVERYONE GETS ALONG: Massive pro-Trump rally in Beverly Hills brings together black, white, gay, straight Americans – where’s the media?

I’VE BEEN SUGGESTING THIS FOR A WHILE: Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Studies Showing Waning Coronavirus Antibodies. “Experts say it’s normal for levels of antibodies to drop after clearing an infection, and that they represent just one arm of the immune response against a virus. . . . Antibodies also represent only one arm of the immune response, albeit the one that can most easily be measured. There are at least three other branches of the immune system that can fend off illness, so antibody levels don’t present the full picture.”


The man who penned a 2018 op-ed attacking the administration of President Donald Trump from within, hiding his identity, has revealed himself for the first time.

The man, who also wrote a book, A Warning, under the name “Anonymous,” is former Department of Homeland Security Chief of Staff Miles Taylor.

“Donald Trump is a man without character. It’s why I wrote ‘A Warning’…and it’s why me & my colleagues have spoken out against him (in our own names) for months. It’s time for everyone to step out of the shadows,” he said in a tweet with a link to his statement.

Earlier this year, “Taylor denied being ‘Anonymous,’ and did so on CNN:”

In April, “President Trump’s former deputy national security adviser, Victoria Coates, [denied] new allegations that she is ‘Anonymous’ — the author behind a New York Times op-ed and later a book detailing a resistance movement against President Trump within his own administration.”

Today, Taylor is weaseling out of an apology to her:

The “too” in the above tweet is a nice touch:

ROGER SIMON: Why Hunter Biden Really Does Matter … Big Time.

Okay, just more gossip about a, shall we say, “prodigal son,” maybe one who has ambivalent feelings about his father and is “acting out.” What does that have to do with the father?

A lot.

Besides telling us that the man who would be president is/was an atrocious parent, if the product of his parenting is even ten percent nurture on the nature versus nurture scale, the father is heavily enmeshed with the son in countries that wish to harm us.

This doesn’t just seemingly explain Joe Biden’s brain dead comment about Communist China—“China is going to eat our lunch. Come on, man. They’re not bad folks, folks”—it bespeaks a kind of clueless greed and primitive lust for power in his personality so strong it overwhelms the ability to see the most odious behaviors imaginable.

It’s no surprise Joe Biden has had little or nothing to say about the extraordinary depredations (concentration camps, torture, organ transplants and so on) of the CCP regarding Uyghurs, Falun Gong, or virtually anyone who questions their totalitarian regime.

Nor has he offered any significant condemnation, not that I have seen anyway, of the People’s Republic’s illegal takeover of Hong Kong.

Against all this, his son, as many have now watched on video, allowed himself to be in the most compromising positions in China. What’s interesting about one of these videos—not going to link it here, but it’s easy to find—is that it appears to have been taken by a hidden, fixed camera, of an unknown origin.

This is made clear by Hunter himself when, illuminated by what appears to be a crack pipe, he takes out a cellphone and begins to make his own video of his activities with the young lady. Why would he need two such videos? …

I have been in China, the Soviet Union (twice), Russian Republic (twice) and Cuba. In every one of those occasions, except my most recent very short visit to St. Petersburg, and even then I’m not certain, I was constantly in the company of interpreters or guides who were obviously intelligence agents. Or if not exactly in their company, not far from them. They knew where I was.

This is true of everyone who visits those countries. It’s the way they are. Surely Hunter Biden knew this, but, from his actions, didn’t much care or thought he was under some kind of protection. No one could touch him.

The mystery of the source of that possible protection is what fascinated me when thinking about the revelations of Mr. Bobulinski, about the identity of the “Big Guy” in the email almost all of us have now seen.

So Ted [Cruz], no matter whether this moves a vote or not, if you care about the USA, Hunter really matters—to all of our futures.

The DNC-MSM sure are acting like it matters: Media Titans Subvert Reality About Biden/Ukraine Profiteering.

OR LONGER: Ammo Shortage May Last Until 2021.

WELL, THAT’S BECAUSE THERE ISN’T: Twitter, Facebook Confess There Is No Evidence Of Russian Disinformation Behind Hunter Biden Story. Looking at the pictures, I can’t help but feel that these aren’t the people who should be controlling our national conversation.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: 4 Great Shotgun Hacks That Actually Work.

THE THISTLE IS SHOWING ITS THORNS:  “Soft Totalitarianism Threatens Scotland.”

TODAY AT 3:30PM EASTERN: VIP Gold Live Chat with VodkaPundit, Kruiser, and Preston.

Cold drinks, hot takes.

I HAD BEEN ASSURED THIS KIND OF THING NEVER HAPPENED: Project Veritas Uncovers Texas Ballot Fraud.

PROBABLY BECAUSE THEY DON’T NEED THEM: Asymptomatic Cases of Coronavirus Seem to Lose Antibodies Sooner, Study Finds. I think we’ll find that T-cell immunity is what usually does the job, and people with asymptomatic cases clear the infection faster and hence don’t develop a strong antibody response. But given that T-cells have a long “memory,” that doesn’t mean less immunity.

CHRISTIAN TOTO: Will a Biden Victory Crush Late Night TV?

THIS IS HUGE: SpaceX launches public beta test of Starlink Internet service. With connectivity anywhere, it’ll be even easier for people to move from dense urban areas out to the country.


Dorsey won’t change until his bad deeds begin to hurt.

YOU CAN TAKE THE GIRL OUT OF EAST GERMANY, BUT YOU CAN’T TAKE THE EAST GERMANY OUT OF THE GIRL. Angela Merkel’s executive power-grab: Critics believe Merkel and her cabinet have effectively neutralized Germany’s national parliament.

(Classical reference in headline.)

WARGAMING THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE: Can BIDEN Thread the Needle to 270? (Yes, Biden).

This was a fun one to put together, with tons of Electoral College maps for your to enjoy and/or argue about.

INSTAPUNDIT READERS HAVE KNOWN THIS FOR MANY MONTHS: Vitamin deficiencies linked to respiratory conditions, including COVID-19. “Increasing vitamins A, E and D through diet changes or supplements reduces a person’s risk for breathing and respiratory conditions, including flu and COVID-19, a study published Tuesday by the journal BMJ Nutrition Prevention & Health found. People who consumed recommended amounts of the three key nutrients were less likely to develop the flu, colds, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma, the data showed. Research has linked vitamin D, in particular, with boosting immune system function, and being deficient in the nutrient has been found to increase a person’s risk for severe COVID-19.”



“Why did Twitter make the decision to censor the New York Post?” he asked.

Replied Dorsey, “We have a hacked materials policy … limiting the spread of materials that are hacked. We didn’t want Twitter to be a distributor of hacked materials. We found that the New York Post, because it showed the direct materials … [and] it was unclear how those were obtained, that it fell under this policy.”

As Cruz pointed out, The Post clearly noted in its reporting that the trove of emails and other personal materials were obtained from a laptop that formerly belonged to Biden, and was abandoned at a Delaware electronics repair shop, becoming the owner’s property under store policy and agreed to in writing by Biden.

He also blasted Dorsey for erring on the side of censorship, even if they had doubts.

“They weren’t hiding what they claimed to be the source,” Cruz said. “Is it your position that Twitter, when you can’t tell the source, blocks press stories?”

Protested Dorsey, “No, not at all. Our team made a fast decision.”

He also noted that policy has since been amended to avoid a similar situation.

But Cruz then pressed on why The Post’s Twitter account remains blocked, two weeks after the ban was rescinded.

“They have to log into their account, which they can do at this minute, delete the original tweet, which fell under our original enforcement actions, and they can tweet the exact same material, the exact same article and it would go through,” Dorsey said.

Regarding that last line, Mollie Hemingway tweets:

#FIGHTFORFIFTEEN: White Castle employees, meet Flippy the Robot. “After allowing Flippy to stage at one of its restaurants, White Castle has announced plans to adopt some of Flippy’s siblings from their creator, Miso Robotics. The restaurant chain will be deploying them in 2021 at ten additional locations to steal jobs the hearts of customers.”

IT’S IMPORTANT TO END THE LEFT’S CULTURE OF IMPUNITY: Leftists Are Physically Attacking Trump Supporters Just Like They Did in 2016.

ROLL ‘EM UP: Feds charge 8 in alleged secret Chinese repatriation squad hunting fugitives in U.S.

Federal authorities unveiled criminal charges Wednesday against eight people who allegedly served as part of a covert Chinese repatriation squad that sought to forcibly return fugitives to the Beijing government.

The suspects, whose mission was allegedly sanctioned by the Peoples Republic of China, worked for more than three years as part of a campaign known as “Operation Fox Hunt” to coerce Chinese nationals living in the United States to return to China where they were wanted for various government offenses, said John Demers, chief of the Justice Department’s National Security Division.

Five of the suspects, including a New Jersey private investigator who allegedly assisted with surveillance, were arrested earlier Wednesday and charged as illegal agents of the PRC. The three others are believed to be living in China.

Related: Time to put China on lockdown for its dishonesty amid coronavirus crisis.

Also: Xi Jinping’s China did this: The corrupt, criminal regime wasted 40 days blocking information while it crushed domestic dissent and ensured COVID-19 would become a global pandemic.

SHOCKINGLY, BEING A PROFESSOR IS AN ACTUAL JOB: Faculty Joined A Day Of Action To Protest Racial Inequality. Now 2 Are In Hot Water. Joining a “Scholar’s Strike” isn’t doing your job. It’s not even being on strike.

Also, how self-important do you have to be to think that if you as an associate professor of sociology cancel a class, it will change the world? Even if every associate professor of sociology canceled a class, it would change the world only very little, and then mostly for the better.

SPACE: SpaceX begins public beta testing of Starlink constellation at $99 a month. “The email is brief, first detailing what beta users can expect from the initial Starlink system. ‘Expect to see data speeds vary from 50Mb/s to 150Mb/s and latency from 20ms to 40ms over the next several months as we enhance the Starlink system,’ the email reads. ‘There will also be brief periods of no connectivity at all.’ SpaceX claims in the email that latency and data speeds will improve as the company launches more satellites and installs more ground stations to receive signals from the satellites. The company also notes it will continue to update its networking software and expects latency to decrease to between 16ms and 19ms by 2021.”

MY GOD, IT’S FULL OF STARS. Question asked and answered: What do 10 million stars look like?

WELL, TRUMP LIKES THE SUBURBS AND MOMS, WHILE THE DEMOCRATS DON’T, SO THERE’S THAT: My ‘suburban mom’ demographic is supposedly all in for Biden. But I’m voting for Trump.. “In 2016, I took a chance and cautiously voted for Donald Trump based on his promises. In 2020, I’m proud to vote for him and his vision of America.”

WHO ON BIDEN’S STAFF CORRECTS HIS GAFFES? Another illustration of why the Issues & Insights editorial page is so appealing. “Biden’s staff, which includes much of the media, must by now be weary of having to cover his repeated stumbles and descents into a momentary, but growing, madness. In only the last year, Biden:” Go here for the lengthy list.


HMM: Health Care Workers Help Drive Gun Surge, New Study Says. “Gun buying also rises among minorities amid pandemic.”

ANALYSIS: TRUE. With Biden Corruption, Democrats Are Once Again Reaping The Consequences Of Their Gentle Primary. In a healthy Democratic Party, Joe Biden’s primary opponents would have cared about his family’s documented habit of trading on their powerful last name.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Baltimore Museum of Art Loses $50 Million Planned Gift Over Deaccession.

The furor over the Baltimore Museum of Art’s (BMA) deaccessioning of three major works—by Brice Marden, Clyfford Still, and Andy Warhol—continues, with two former board chairs announcing the withdrawal of planned gifts totaling $50 million, and two artists resigning from the institution’s board of trustees.

Stiles Colwill and Charles Newhall III said that they would cancel their pledged gifts, of $20 million and $30 million, respectively, in protest of the sales, with Newhall additionally resigning as honorary trustee. Colwill, whose planned gift comprised the entire value of his estate, told The Art Newspaperhe had made the decision to cancel the gift a year ago “when it became clear to me that under the leadership of [director] Christopher Bedford the BMA was no longer trustworthy to receive this bequest,” and that “[i]t was only in the past weeks that I was, quite sadly, publicly proven right about the BMA’s current leadership. Thus I allowed word of my decision along with that of Mr. Charles Newhall . . . to [be] announced.” Newhall announced the retraction of his own gift along with his resignation in an October 15 letter and called for “any public display” associated with his family’s previous $5 million gifts to be removed from the institution.

Bedford and current board chair Clair Zamoiski Segal contended that Colwill and Newhall’s planned contributions “have not been recorded with the museum as gifts and are not part of the museum’s current budgeting,” further adding that the cancellations are “not evidence that donors are rescinding gifts to the museum.”

Artists Amy Sherald and Adam Pendleton additionally resigned from the BMA’s board of trustees last week, both citing a lack of time to attend to their necessary duties with the organiziation, and Pendleton saying he had been “blindsided” by the controversy attending the deaccessioning.

Flashback: Baltimore Will Have Bought-a-Less: The City’s Museum of Art Announces it Won’t Buy Any Works if They’re Made by Men.

MAINE SENATE NOW A DEAD-HEAT: Latest results from Colby College Poll has Democrat Gideon with a three-point margin over Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), well within the margin of error. Think Collins wishes now that Trump would have a rally in Maine?



Insanity Wrap needs to know: When did beer become racist?

Answer: When it became profitable for an otherwise-useless white “scholar” to peddle a book claiming it is.

Before we get to the sordid details, a quick preview of today’s Wrap.

  • Joe Biden’s worst speech ever.
  • Hunter Biden’s most damning recording ever — and there’s no sex.
  • The perfect garnish for your Bloody Mary: Revealed!

And so much more at the link, you’d have to be crazy to miss it.

BOBULINSKI BOMBSHELL: The Bidens are ‘Compromised’ and Lying About Joe’s Knowledge of Hunter’s Deals With China.

And from Roger Kimball: Tony Bobulinski and implausible deniability. He is a no-nonsense, forthright guy who is angry and determined to clear his name:

Bobulinski appeared on the scene as a complainant only because Adam Schiff decided to go on the record disparaging him as a Russian agent or source of Russian disinformation. As a patriotic American, Bobulinski objected and demand a retraction. No retraction was forthcoming, so he went to the press. ‘People were accusing my family of treason after I served this country and defended this country,’ he said. ‘I feel I have a patriotic duty to this country and to every American citizen.’

Most of the press, being wholly owned subsidiaries of the Democratic National Committee, violently disparaged his revelations where they did not studiously ignore them. As of early this morning, a search for ‘Bobulinski’ on the CNN site produced a search-not-found result. How odd!

As of the time of this post, Bobulinski’s name still produces no results in CNN’s search engine:

As Andy McCarthy tweets, “What a time to be in journalism: Between Bobulinski and the Biden corruption scandal, rioting in our cities, a new Supreme Court justice’s first full day, and peace breaking out in the Middle East, has there ever been so much to *not* cover!?!”

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