October 27, 2016


WHY ARE LEFTY MOVEMENTS SUCH CESSPITS OF RACISM? One of the Largest Social Justice Warrior Subreddits Accused of Being Racist.

SHAVING BEARDS IN MOSUL: AFP reports that Islamic State fighters in Mosul are trimming their beards and changing their clothing. Obviously they don’t want to be identified as Islamic State fighters. The article speculates that some of them may intend to make a break for Syria.

HEALTHY AND NO DOUBT DELICIOUS: Arby’s Throws Caution to the Wind, Offers Venison Sandwich: ‘You simply can’t find this at other restaurant chains.’

QUESTION ASKED: “You said every woman should be believed. Why not the women who accused him?”  WikiLeaks: Clinton Staffer Speechless on How to Address Bill’s Sexual History.

THIS IS AN ADMISSION THAT F-35s WILL NEVER TAKE OVER THAT ROLE, RIGHT? U.S. Air Force Fires Up the A-10 Depot Line to Keep Warthogs Flying ‘Indefinitely.’

YES, A PIECE OF FOSSILIZED DINOSAUR BRAIN: The actual discovery was made in 2004 by an amateur paleontologist in Great Britain. New analysis confirmed the small fossil chunk is a piece of dinosaur brain tissue.

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MY USA TODAY COLUMN: What we’re not talking about in this election: Government Corruption, ObamaCare’s Implosion, The Ballooning National Debt. And that’s because, as Jim Treacher notes, “Modern journalism is all about deciding which facts the public shouldn’t know because they might reflect badly on Democrats.”

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: My latest NY Observer essay. In the 2016 presidential campaign there’s evidence that Team Clinton approves of violent and violence-inciting political tactics.


STUDY: The Real Reason Why Moms Are Stressed Out.


“Pedestrians and other human road users, in contrast, gain incentives to behave erratically, even where they do not have the legal right of way. The more it seems that a bicyclist will run a stop sign, a pedestrian step into the road, or a human driver ignore a red light, the more cautiously an autonomous vehicle will behave. Pedestrians gain an incentive to pretend to be drunk, or to ostentatiously behave as if they had no conception that cars could be dangerous.”

Self-driving cars, which have politeness and caution built in from the start, will always fall for such a ruse. And, once robocars make up most of the vehicles on the road, stopping the general flow of traffic will literally be child’s play.

Well, maybe we can give them tasers.

FINALLY: Tequila, dance parties and Adele — Hillary Clinton finally lets loose.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: How To Slow Age-Related Muscle Loss. Hint: If you’re doing squats and deadlifts in your 40s or 50s, you probably won’t be one of those people whose muscle mass peaks in their 30s.


A half-century ago, when the state population was about 18 million — not nearly 40 million as it is today — the 99 used to be a high-speed, four-lane marvel. It was a crown jewel in California’s cutting-edge freeway system.

Not now.

The 99 was recently ranked by ValuePenguin (a private consumer research organization) as the deadliest major highway in the nation. Locals who live along its 400-plus miles often go to bed after seeing lurid TV news reports of nocturnal multi-car accidents. Then they wake up to Central Valley radio accounts of morning carnage on the 99.

* * * * * * * *

All societies in decline fixate on impossible postmodern dreams as a way of disguising their inability to address premodern problems.

Ensuring that California’s freeways were all six lanes, well-lit and safe would have been a gargantuan but practical task that could have been completed long ago and would have saved thousands of lives (though it would have required the admission that the mundane modern automobile was here to stay). Instead, cool bureaucrats and hip politicians preferred to blow money on visions of grandiose space-age rail.

Indeed – as Joel Kotkin noted in the Orange County Register in May, Jerry Brown wants to put California’s drivers on a “road diet” in an effort to force “high speed rail” into reality:

The newest outrage comes from the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research in the form of a proposed “road diet.” This would essentially halt attempts to expand or improve our roads, even when improvements have been approved by voters. This strategy can only make life worse for most Californians, since nearly 85 percent of us use a car to get to work. This in a state that already has among the worst-maintained roads in the country, with two-thirds of them in poor or mediocre condition.

The OPR move reflects the increasingly self-righteous extremism animating the former Jesuit’s underlings. Ironically, the governor’s proposals to impose this road diet rest partly on expanding the California Environmental Quality Act, which Brown, in a more insightful moment, described as a “vampire” that needs a “stake through the heart.” Now, instead, the inquisitors seize on vague legislative language and push it to what the Southern California Leadership Council has dubbed “an undesirable and unmanageable extreme.”

I’d insert a reminder not to immanentize the eschaton here, but it would obviously fall on deaf ears as far as Jerry Brown and millions of other coastal socialist elites are concerned.


Because if there’s one thing today’s pop culture lacks, it’s in-your-face-politics and public shaming for doubleplus ungood crimethink. (Or as Twitchy notes, “Why are celebs staying silent about politics? Esquire editor answers own question by naming and shaming.”)

This Jay Nordlinger piece on the shrinking number of media and cultural zones free of politics was written in 2009 – before the NFL changed its initials this year to SJW. Esquire wants to accelerate the speed at which the rest of the entertainment world is politicized exponentially.


RIGHT AFTER STONEWALL. THAT WAS BAD TIMING. HIV Arrived In The United States In 1971, Long Before The So-Called “Patient Zero.”

Although Mr. Shilts did not accuse Mr. Dugas of starting the American epidemic, he demonized him as a deliberate spreader of the virus who ignored a doctor’s demand that he stop having unprotected sex, and coldbloodedly told some sex partners that he had “gay cancer” and now they might get it.

Back in 1984, the term Patient Zero was not normally used to describe an outbreak’s first case, said Dr. Jaffe, a co-author of the new Nature paper. “I don’t remember who first used it,” he said. “But after Randy Shilts did, we started saying it ourselves.”

Later, he said, when reporters asked if Mr. Dugas had brought AIDS to North America, “We said no, that he wasn’t the first. But I think they went with it anyway. The idea of Patient Zero was very attractive. Letter O would not be a story.”

Richard A. McKay, a Cambridge historian and another co-author of the Nature paper, has long fought for Mr. Dugas’s reputation, saying his friends in Vancouver’s gay community had painted a sympathetic portrait of him for Mr. Shilts, who ignored it.


DEAR KURT: I Can’t Believe Someone With Such A Terrible Record On Women Is Running For President.

Never go “Dear Kurt” unless you’re willing to endure the hilarious truth.

CRASHING BY DESIGN: Obamacare Premiums Skyrocket as Insurers Flee the Program.

(Headline by the legendary songwriting team of Townshend, Cloward, and Piven.)

RISE OF THE MACHINES: In the Harvard Business Review, my colleague Maurice Stucke and Oxford’s Ariel Ezrachi: How Pricing Bots Could Form Cartels and Make Things More Expensive.

THERE WAS ONE? The Final Collapse of Obama’s Syrian Policy.

LIFE IN THE 21ST CENTURY: How Facial Recognition Software Is Changing the Porn Industry.

RON RADOSH: The Truth About the Late Tom Hayden—Whitewashed by the MSM.


WE ALL DO: Clinton faces new challenges on ObamaCare.

Both parties agree that ObamaCare has problems. Premiums are rising sharply, and the pool of enrollees is smaller and sicker than expected.
But the agreement mostly ends there. Republicans say the law should be repealed, a position echoed by their presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

Should Clinton win the White House, as polls indicate, most if not all of her ideas for changing ObamaCare would have virtually no chance of passing Congress, so long as Republicans control the House and/or Senate.

Clinton is calling for adding a public insurance option to increase competition with private carriers, but Republicans and some Democrats fiercely oppose that idea.

This idea that the public option would “increase competition” is a ruse. Introducing a government insurer legally entitled to sell at a loss would instead have the effect of driving private insurers out of the market — which of course is the point of the ruse.

IT’S REAL, AND IT ISN’T SPECTACULAR: Megyn Kelly’s Feminist Bias.

Read the whole thing, although I’m not certain Newt Gingrich came off as any better than Kelly in their heated exchange.

VIA WIKILEAKS: What Top Democrats Really Thought About Hillary’s Private Server: “F*****g Insane.” I find these emails slightly comforting, as they suggest that people around Hillary aren’t all crazy. But then I remember that their concerns didn’t actually stop her.

Related: Hillary Discovers That She’s Not As Smart As Henry Kissinger.


Read the whole thing. After watching the numerous acts of anti-GOP vandalism and riots this year, I can’t say I blame him. What’s your take?


Laura Creed, meanwhile, was rendering first aid not only to the mortally wounded George Heath, but Sheenah Savoy, a pregnant waitress Heath, a father of two, died helping to save.

“My initial reaction was I need a land line to call 911. Then nurse mode kicked in and I wasn’t going anywhere without this guy,” an emotional Laura Creed said at a press conference this morning with her hero husband and George Heath’s widow Rosemary Heath.

“We’ve talked about when something happens, he helps and I run. But I wasn’t going anywhere without him,” Laura Creed said, holding James’ hand.

It’s a heartwarming story, though it would have been better if the crazy guy hadn’t been let out.

GANGSTER GOVERNMENT: Documents Illuminate AGs Politicized Climate Campaign Against Exxon.

The court cited public records obtained by myself and the Energy & Environment Legal Institute (E&E Legal) from one of Healey’s coalition partners. Since then, we have obtained many more records, affirming the court’s “concern” that this coalition is pursuing a political, not a legal agenda.

These records detail a public-private partnership with environmentalist pressure group lobbyists and contingency-fee lawyers looking to surmount the failure of the climate agenda through the proper democratic process.

Since E&E Legal began extracting and publicizing these records, Schneiderman and Healey’s erstwhile AG partners have all fled. One email shows the Delaware AG leaving the coalition in response to being informed of freedom of information requests. It seems that these AGs are aware of that details of their scheming will not play well.

Read the whole thing.

MY USA TODAY COLUMN: What we’re not talking about in this election: Government Corruption, ObamaCare’s Implosion, The Ballooning National Debt. And that’s because, as Jim Treacher notes, “Modern journalism is all about deciding which facts the public shouldn’t know because they might reflect badly on Democrats.”

YOU DON’T SAY: Clinton Took More Conciliatory Tone With Health Care Industry in Paid Speeches.

“I know how critical the role that you play is,” Clinton told the Advanced Medical Technology Association, a medical device trade group, in a 2014 speech. She avoided a direct question about a 2.3 percent tax on medical devices that was intended to fund the Affordable Care Act but was suspended until the end of 2017 after intense industry lobbying.

That appearance, for which Clinton was paid $225,000, was one of 15 paid speeches she gave to health care industry audiences, drawing a total of $3.5 million in fees. Overall, between the end of her tenure as secretary of state in February 2013 and the start of her 2016 White House bid, Clinton was paid about $21.6 million in speaking fees, according to her federal financial disclosure forms.

The health care speeches, largely overshadowed by the political storm over Clinton’s paid presentations to big banks, provide another example of an industry with much at stake during the next administration adding to the personal wealth of the woman who is now the Democratic presidential nominee.

ObamaCare has cost American consumers untold billions, but it’s been a financial boon for influence peddlers like the Clintons.

ROGER SIMON: Term Limits for the Media?


TAXPROF ROUNDUP: The IRS Scandal, Day 1267.

YES. Is Modern Feminism Incompatible With Science?

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Colleges Enlist Growing Army of Title IX Enforcers.

Earlier this year, the Harvard Law School professors Jacob Gersen and Jeannie Suk coined the term “bureaucratic sex creep” to describe the steady expansion of official regulation surrounding sexual conduct and discussion, especially on college campuses. New bureaucracies are constructed to enforce rules against sexual misconduct, but by making a growing range of ordinary conduct accountable to regulators, they end up eroding protected personal liberties as well.
An article in the Chronicle of Higher Education (un-self-consciously entitled “Resident Assistants Find Themselves on the Front Lines of Title IX Enforcement”) provides a perfect example of the phenomenon Gersen and Suk described. Not content with enlarging their ranks of diversity bureaucrats and Title IX officers, colleges are enlisting student resident assistants (typically, senior students who live in lower-class dorms) as “mandatory reporters” of possible Title IX violations, including “harassing remarks” they might hear.

“At the forefront of a university’s compliance is typically the Title IX coordinator,” the Chronicle reports earnestly. “But coordinators can’t monitor an entire campus on their own, so they often rely on mandatory reporters to bring possible offenses to their attention.”

The resident assistants are instructed to not be selective about what information they report to the authorities. They are to pass along to superiors anything they see or hear that could potentially run afoul of the growing web of sexual harassment rules and regulations: “RAs should be ‘funnels of information’,” a Title IX bureaucrat told the Chronicle. “Don’t try to sift and sort. Is this Title IX? Is this not Title IX?’ Let the Title IX administrator do that.”

As Gersen and Suk note, colleges are defining “Title IX violation,” increasingly broadly so that it sometimes includes consensual sexual contact or protected speech and discussion. And RA’s are now required to report student sexual remarks and behavior even if they don’t have a strong reason to believe it constitutes a violation. As a result, campus administrators will increasingly be privy to information about which underclassmen are sleeping with one another and which students made salacious remarks in their dorm rooms.

And so the sex bureaucracy continues to expand in American academia. It’s possible that the new embedded dorm-room “eyes and ears” will lead to more students being punished for genuine misconduct. But at what cost? Stalin’s police state helped him apprehend criminals more easily than America’s liberal system, too. This is not good training for life in a free society.

To be fair, that’s not what they’re trying to train students for. And if you want to see how a simple provision was distorted to produce this Stalinesque nightmare, read Robert Shibley’s Twisting Title IX.

CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: Big Oil Companies Reap Windfall From Ethanol Rules.

Companies including Chevron Corp., Royal Dutch Shell PLC, and BP PLC could reap a total of more than $1 billion this year by selling the renewable fuel credits associated with the ethanol program, according to an analysis commissioned by CVR Energy, a refinery operator controlled by billionaire Carl Icahn, a vocal critic of the rules.

For other companies, especially smaller refiners, the rules have had the opposite effect, forcing them to spend hundreds of millions to buy credits to comply.

It’s almost as though ethanol mandates were more about influencing Iowa voters and getting into bed with Big Oil than about protecting the environment.

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Sheriff Clarke: Gun Control Was Meant to Keep Arms Away from Black People.

CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: “It appears Dow is paying Teneo for connections with Clinton.”

DOUBLE DOWN ON FAILURE: Hillary Clinton Hints at a Health Care Takeover to Keep Obamacare Alive.

SOCIAL JUSTICE MEDIA: Twitter to Cut 9% of Workforce as Revenue Growth Slows.

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MY USA TODAY COLUMN: What we’re not talking about in this election: Government Corruption, ObamaCare’s Implosion, The Ballooning National Debt. And that’s because, as Jim Treacher notes, “Modern journalism is all about deciding which facts the public shouldn’t know because they might reflect badly on Democrats.”

DEM POLLSTER: Clinton ‘May Be Immune To Pay To Play

Democratic pollster and former Bill Clinton adviser Stanley Greenberg thinks Hillary Clinton may be immune to pay-to-play charges, according to a February 2016 email he sent to Clinton campaign manager John Podesta.

“She seems indifferent to the systemic corruption that makes it impossible for government to act for the middle class or address big problems, like climate or health care,” Greenberg said. “She may be immune to pay to play, but the system isn’t. She’s got to distinguish between self and country — and needs to.”

Clinton is not “indifferent” to systemic corruption. It’s the swamp she’s happy to swim in and it’s made her quite rich.

WELL, SEE THE CHRIS MATTHEWS/YAMICHE ALCINDOR ITEM BELOW: Triggered: Journalist Snowflakes Scared Trump Supporters Are ‘Turning on the Media.’ “Triggered journalists from across the nation are bemoaning the treatment members of the press are receiving at Trump campaign rallies from the Trump supporters the media routinely misrepresents as ignorant racists, fascist Nazis, or disenchanted working whites. With increasing regularity, these journalist snowflakes are ‘reporting’ their victimization at the hands Trump supporters who chant mean things like, ‘CNN sucks’ and call them names like ‘presstitutes.'”

Yeah, they’re the only ones who are supposed to be able to name-call without consequence.

NO. WAY. Clinton Foundation’s Fundraisers Pressed Donors to Steer Business to Former President.

Two chief fundraisers for the Clinton Foundation pressed corporate donors to steer business opportunities to former President Bill Clinton as well, according to a hacked memo published Wednesday by WikiLeaks.

The November 2011 memo from Douglas Band, at the time a top aide to Mr. Clinton, outlines extensive fundraising efforts that Mr. Band and a partner deployed on behalf of the Clinton Foundation and how that work sometimes translated into large speaking fees and other paid work for Mr. Clinton.

The memo, part of a cache of emails stolen from Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, resurfaces an issue that she has had a hard time shaking: questions over the relationship between the Clintons’ charity work and their personal business.

The Clintons don’t produce any desirable consumer products, or perform any traditionally useful services like accounting or dry cleaning. They have built no factories, dug no mines, nor worked any farms. They hold no patents and have developed no real estate. They are not medical doctors of rare skill. They haven’t starred in any hit movies or sung any popular songs. They have (allegedly) written and sold some books, but not the kind of bestsellers that get turned into TV shows and make real money.

And yet they have grown rich “beyond the dreams of avarice” since Bill left office nearly 16 years ago, and even richer since Hillary entered international politics just eight years ago.


By peddling influence — an activity which generates great wealth only in a corrupt and overly bureaucratic society.

That’s the swamp that needs to be drained, and it runs much deeper and wider than most anyone realizes.

BURIED LEDE: CHRIS MATTHEWS DOES JOURNALISM. Matthews Confronts NYT Reporter On Bias: Know Any Pro-Life Reporters? (Video):

“And really this is something I think that is kind of an effective argument,” NYT reporter Yamiche Alcindor told Matthews, referring to GOP nominee Donald Trump’s argument the “elite media” is biased against him and is helping rig the election. “Because people really do feel when they go and get the news that they are really getting it from these people who have some sort of plan to rig this election, or rig the economy, or don’t want to cover the real issues.”

* * * * * * * * *

Matthews interrupted: “Do you know anybody Yamiche at The New York Times who is pro-life?”

“That’s not a question I’m going to answer,” she laughed. “I have no idea.”

“Do you know anybody?” Matthews pressed. “Just, you don’t have to name names. Do you know anybody at the Times who is pro-life?”

“I have not asked my coworkers that question, I should say,” Alcindor replied.

“Oh that’s cute,” Matthews said.

Indeed it is. Shades of the deer in the headlights responses from Lesley Stahl, Andrea Mitchell and ABC Nightline host Dan Harris when asked in various television interviews if any conservatives work on the air at their respective networks.

HOSTINGMATTERS USED TO HOST INSTAPUNDIT, and I still use them for my GlennReynolds.com backup site. I recommend them totally and without reservation — they’re great. They’re also offering a special hosting deal now. You can’t trust platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can trust HostingMatters.

And if you read the comments to this post, you’ll see praise from people like Mitch Berg, James Lileks, and Kathy Kinsley.

BUT DEATH PANELS ARE A MYTH: Terminally ill mom denied treatment coverage — but gets suicide drug approved.

SHE STANDS WHEREVER SHE THINKS SHE HAS TO STAND TO GET ELECTED: Where does Clinton stand on trade? Campaign manager didn’t know.

Back in the early days of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, shortly before her official announcement video (and a couple months before her second official campaign kickoff), her campaign manager wondered where his candidate stood on trade.

In an email illegally obtained and released by Wikileaks, Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook was asked if the former secretary of state would be willing to sign onto a letter in support of trade. The letter was presented to Mook by White House aide David Simas, who presented the letter as a bipartisan effort among Republicans and Democrats.

Mook forwarded Simas’ email to other top members of Team Clinton, including Jake Sullivan, Jennifer Palmieri, John Podesta and Kristina Schake. Mook at the time didn’t know where Clinton stood on the issue of trade.

“I can’t recall where we landed exactly on trade,” Mook wrote. “Is she going to say she supports it?”

He followed up by directly addressing the letter: “Regardless of her position, signing a letter feels like poking the bear with labor to me.”

Clinton had voted for multiple trade agreements as a senator, and once called the Trans-Pacific Partnership the “gold standard” in trade agreements

Ultimately, of course, her loyalty is to the crony-corporatist class. But no point making that too obvious over the next couple of weeks.

ET TU, SMOD?! Even the Sweet Meteor O’Death is tangled up in the #PodestaEmails18!

Man, can’t trust anybody in the planetary destruction business these days.


That means it’s working? Of course! Now Is Time To Be Bold & Expand Obamacare.

The cure for a failed big government program is always a bigger government program.

ONE SUSPECTS THIS STORY IS RUNNING IN THE DAILY BEAST NOW BECAUSE THEY’RE AFRAID SHE’LL TAKE VOTES FROM HILLARY: Jill Stein’s Ideology Says One Thing—Her Investment Portfolio Says Another: The holier-than-thou Green Party candidate rails against Big Carbon, big banks, Big Pharma—while she holds substantial investments in them.

One suspects that in part because of this story-killing sentence: “Most of Stein’s investments are in mutual funds or index funds.” But, you know, not a headline-killing sentence. . . .

SALON: Please stop entertaining my kid — I want him to be bored.

Why not just force-feed him a steady diet of Salon? Or Hillary’s operative with a byline, the Politico’s Glenn Thrush. He’s always bored!

(Via Maggie’s Farm.)

AND I’M PRETTY SURE THAT THE NEW YORK TIMES APPROVED, BACK THEN: This is what Democrats actually did in Wisconsin when Scott Walker took office as governor in 2011.

NOBEL PEACE PRIZE UPDATE: U.S. has secretly expanded its global network of drone bases to North Africa.

AND THEY’LL KEEP STALLING UNTIL AFTER THE ELECTION: State Dept. months late on explaining Clinton aide’s missing emails.

The State Department is months behind on a request that it explain how a former IT aide’s emails appeared to have disappeared, and Republicans are crying foul.

Documents obtained by the Republican National Committee (RNC) and given to ABC News on Wednesday reportedly show that the State Department has not responded to a July request from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) despite a demand that it do so within 30 days.

The missing emails are from Bryan Pagliano, an IT worker responsible for many aspects of the private email setup Hillary Clinton used during her time as secretary of State.

In May, the State Department said that it did not have Pagliano’s email archive, prompting outrage from the Obama administration’s critics. It’s unclear whether Pagliano deleted his emails or they went missing through some other means.

Despite the missing archive, the department has located some emails that Pagliano sent or received through the email accounts of other government staffers.

The National Archives, which has broad responsibilities for federal record storage, asked the State Department to describe the steps it has taken to recover Pagliano’s emails this summer. So far, officials have not responded.

State Department spokesman John Kirby said the department is “still in the process” of responding to the letter.

“As we have publicly explained months ago, the department has searched for Mr. Pagliano’s email pst file and has not located one that covers the time period of Secretary Clinton’s tenure,” Kirby said in a statement, referring to a file type for storing emails. He noted that department employees’ emails are not always stored automatically, “so the absence of this email file does not necessarily indicate that Mr. Pagliano intentionally deleted his emails.”

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus accused the Obama administration of orchestrating a “cover-up” in order to help Clinton.

That’s a fair accusation.

JEFF GREENFIELD: Can’t Wait For The Election To Be Over? Don’t Kid Yourself. If you think it’s bad now, wait until January. We’ll be standing at the San Andreas fault line of dysfunction. We have the worst political class in American history. Things are unlikely to improve until that changes.

DEMOCRAT ED RENDELL: “I Think There’s A Hidden Donald Trump Vote”

“I think there’s a hidden Donald Trump vote,” Rendell told Philadelphia radio host Rich Zeoli Tuesday. “All this talk about it being over and now the real contest is the Senate is going to persuade a couple of Hillary Clinton voters and Democratic voters to say ‘Well, what do I have to stand on line for an hour [to vote] for?’”

Rendell added that “there a lot of things that are in motion that are favorable to Donald Trump. I wouldn’t say that it’s over then. The odds are that he’s going to lose, but I wouldn’t bet my life on it.”

It’s 2016; anything can happen.

DAN MARKEL UPDATE: Wendi Adelson’s Novel: Art Imitating Life?

The basic premise of Attorney Lily’s life is that she married a professor (Joshua Stone). She says that she married him too quickly, and that at the time she was “absolutely sick and tired of dating” and saw “dating, at its best, as nothing more than a romantic interview. ‘Are you the kind of person who would produce good looking, smart and nice children and never cheat on me and help me clean up the kitchen and love me even when I’m grouchy and not trade me in for a younger model and not join the other team?’”

This is, you may recall, pretty much exactly what Wendi said about Dan in her writing-class podcast — that she married a man she lacked passionate love for because she figured he would be a good father.

Read the whole thing.

JOLLY GOOD: U.K. Growth Shows an Economy Resilient to Brexit.

THAT’S BECAUSE IT IS CENSORSHIP: Milo speech at U-Md. canceled because security fee was too high; supporters call it censorship.

Who do they think they are, DePaul?

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 9.14.54 PM

A LITTLE PIECE OF POLAND, A LITTLE PIECE OF FRANCE: President Erdogan talks of dominating parts of Iraq and Greece.

In one recent speech, the 62-year-old said Turkey “did not accept the borders of our country voluntarily” and mentioned the National Pact – a plan made at the end of the Ottoman Empire to conquer the Iraqi city of Mosul.

So far the global community has resisted President Erdogan’s desires to be involved in the current military campaign against Islamic State in Mosul, at the request of the Iraqi government.

The Istanbul-born politician lamented: “In 1914 our land covered 2.5 million square kilometres, nine years later it fell to 780,000 square kilometres.”

Mr Erdogan’s fiery comments come as his country stands on the brink of potentially having a major referendum that could see its parliamentary democracy system replaced by an executive presidency, handing the ruling AK Parti boss significantly greater powers than he already has.

Even if Erdogan is speaking only for domestic consumption, that’s worrisome enough.

RESET: Britain, U.S. sending planes, troops to deter Russia in the east.

Germany, Canada and other NATO allies also pledged forces at a defense ministers meeting in Brussels on the same day two Russian warships armed with cruise missiles entered the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Denmark, underscoring East-West tensions.

In Madrid, the foreign ministry said Russia had withdrawn a request to refuel three warships in Spain’s North African enclave of Ceuta after NATO allies said they could be used to target civilians in Syria.

The ships were part of an eight-ship carrier battle group – including Russia’s sole aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov – that is expected to join around 10 other Russian vessels already off the Syrian coast, diplomats said.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the troop contributions to a new 4,000-strong force in the Baltics and eastern Europe were a measured response to what the alliance believes are some 330,000 Russian troops stationed on Russia’s western flank near Moscow.

Expanding NATO was a mistake. Expanding the alliance’s geographical responsibilities while reducing the alliance’s military capabilities was an even bigger mistake — it fed Russian paranoia about NATO’s intentions and fed Russian contempt for NATO’s strength.

FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION: Gallup: Support for ban on assault weapons hits all-time low. “What makes this really surprising is that it isn’t a standard partisan effect in which Republican opposition to a ban is outpacing Democratic support for it. All three partisan groups have seen sharp declines in support since 2012.”

I think two things are going on. First, gun control got a boost from the psychological damage and ensuing hysteria after the JFK, RFK, and King assassinations, and that’s worn off, prompting a reversion to traditional American attitudes. Second, it’s become obvious over time that gun control is a dumb political gimmick, mostly designed for virtue-signaling at the expense of flyover rubes.

SO NOW IT’S “PROGRESSIVES” STANDING IN THE SCHOOLHOUSE DOOR: Video: UC-Berkeley Protesters Built a Human Wall to Violently Stop White Students from Crossing Bridge.

To be fair, George Wallace was a Democrat.

HE WILL. RIGHT AFTER PIGS FLY: Senators to Obama: ‘Suspend Our Ties’ with UNESCO After Latest anti-Israel Resolution.

RATS, SHIP ABANDONING: Colbert Mercilessly Mocks Obamacare.

BECAUSE THOSE WHO CAN’T BUILD, DESTROY: Why Islamic State wants to destroy the treasures of the ancient world.

SHE’S GOT A TICKET TO RIDE: Hillary Clinton Boards The Climate Crisis Train To Nowhere.


IS THAT A GASLIGHT I SEE BEFORE ME? The dangerous lie cop haters tell to neuter our police.

LAW HAPPENS TO OTHER PEOPLE: Bureaucrats Threaten the Rule of Law.

A PLAYWRIGHT WHO COLLABORATED? INCONCEIVABLE: Shakespeare apparently had help with his most famous plays.

October 26, 2016

SUN TZU SAYS: The best strategy is to attack your enemy’s strategy. The Dems’ strategy is to divide us into ethnic (read: racist) and special interest (read: Goldman Sachs) camps. Instead, Donald Trump calls for a “new deal” for black Americans.

“My deal is grounded in three promises: safe communities, great education, and high-paying jobs,” Trump said, speaking off what appeared to be scripted remarks. “Whether you vote for me or not, I will be your greatest champion. We live in a very divided country and I will be your greatest champion…African-American citizens have sacrificed so much for our nation. They fought and died in every war since the Revolution and from the pews and the picket lines, they’ve lifted up the conscience of our country in the long march for civil rights. Yet too many African-Americans have been left behind.”

OK. “Scripted remarks” is a giveaway we’re dealing with a bigoted reporter. Who’s more scripted than Hillary? But dig the Sun Tzu: Trump’s New Deal is a direct challenge to the crooked Democrats’ evil (hey, it is evil) and racist strategy of division and ritual hate. (Institutionalized hatred is evil — and that’s part of their game.) Challenging this scheme of hate and division is long over due. The Democrats’ strategy has damaged American politics.

HOW BAD HAVE THINGS GOTTEN IN 2016? SO BAD THAT Ted Rall is a voice of sanity. No, really:


WHY ARE MEDIA STILL REFUSING TO USE THIS HOAXER’S NAME, WHEN THEY’VE KNOWN IT ALL ALONG? Rolling Stone Trial: Jackie’s Friends Portray Her as Habitually Dishonest.

DONALD TRUMP’S FEMININE SPEAKING STYLE: “Trump’s use of language is a great mystery. Obviously, some people react very negatively to it, perhaps because they have a prejudice against women and instinctively feel that human beings who are too emotional and relationship-oriented should not be trusted with power.”

Why are Democrats and the media so full of misogyny and hate?

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: My latest New York Observer essay.

WHY ARE DEMOCRATS SO VIOLENT? Homes across street from Sen. Pat Toomey’s residence vandalized with anti-GOP messages.

I JUST REALIZED THAT IT’S BEEN OVER TEN YEARS since my 2006 GOP “Pre-Mortem.” What lessons have been learned in the interim?

These comments from Brad Wardell about the 2006 GOP leadership still have some resonance: “You can’t have it both ways. You can’t say that it’s a matter of life and death for the Republicans to maintain control and yet treat the actual job so casually while in office. If the free world hangs in the balance, then bloody act like that during your term and not just in the 60 days before re-election.”

That’s been the problem since 2010, too.

NOT BY MATT YGLESIAS: A look at Future Sex.


What passed for “folk music” in the 1940s and 1950s, by contrast, was the remnant of English ballad preserved in isolated Appalachian communities, as rediscovered by musicologists. Joan Baez made a specialty of such things. John and Alan Lomax gathered Appalachian music, African-American music, and other scraps and shards distant from the American mainstream as an expression of authentic “folk” culture. The entire “folk” movement was Stalinist through and through (including Woody Guthrie, who was a Communist Party hanger-on and probably a member. How do I know this? My late mother was Arlo’s nursery-school teacher in the Red Brooklyn of the 1940s).

Of course, it was all a put-on. Woody Guthrie was a middle-class lawyer’s son. Pete Seeger was the privileged child of classical musicians who decamped to Greenwich Village. The authenticity of the folk movement stank of greasepaint. But a generation of middle-class kids who, like Holden Caulfield, thought their parents “phony” gravitated to the folk movement. In 1957, Seeger was drunk and playing for pittances at Communist Party gatherings; that’s where I first met him, red nose and all. By the early 1960s he was a star again.

To Dylan’s credit, he knew it was a scam, and spent the first part of his career playing with our heads. He could do a credible imitation of the camp-meeting come-to-Jesus song (“When the Ship Comes In”) and meld pseudo-folk imagery with social-protest sensibility (“A Hard Rain is Gonna Fall”). But he knew it was all play with pop culture (“Lone Ranger and Tonto/Riding down the line/Fixin’ everybody’s troubles/Everybody’s ‘cept mine”). When he went electric at the Newport Festival to the hisses of the folk purists, he knew it was another kind of joke.

Read the whole thing.

Earlier: Pete Seeger, America’s Most Successful Communist. Because not just anybody can say they’ve propped up every socialist dictator from Stalin and Hitler to Ho Chi Minh all the way to Saddam Hussein.

RACISM, STRAIGHT UP: Total ugly. Team Hillary is racist and sexist. “The brown and women pundits.”

One of Hillary Clinton’s top allies wrote in 2015 that they should consider deploying “the brown and women pundits” to pressure the New York Times into giving them friendlier coverage, according to a series of private emails published by the hacking group WikiLeaks.

The Clinton campaign was particularly unhappy with the Times during the summer of 2015 as the paper reported at length on the federal investigation of Clinton’s use of an unauthorized and unsecured private email server when she worked at the State Department.

A MALE STRIPPER’S TAKE ON FEMALE SEXUALITY: “Women are about 200 times more sexual than men!” This was conventional wisdom until the 19th Century.

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MY USA TODAY COLUMN: What we’re not talking about in this election: Government Corruption, ObamaCare’s Implosion, The Ballooning National Debt. And that’s because, as Jim Treacher notes, “Modern journalism is all about deciding which facts the public shouldn’t know because they might reflect badly on Democrats.”

ABE GREENWALD: Cleaning Up Obama’s Foreign-Policy Mess.

ANNALS OF “SMART DIPLOMACY:” Why the Middle East knows not to trust the United States.

DIDN’T AL BUNDY HAVE AN EXPLANATION FOR THIS? Why Doesn’t Spending Time With Women Make Men Less Sexist?

Does spending time with men make women less sexist? Does anyone even care?

DID THE EARTH MOVE FOR YOU, TOO?: The entire continent of Australia sways (a little) with the weather.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Have more sex, eat garlic and don’t sleep too much: the new rules for heart health.

THIS SITS POORLY WITH ALL OF HILLARY’S TALK ABOUT THE EVILS OF FOREIGN INFLUENCE ON THE ELECTION: Project Veritas, part four: How to inject foreign money into an election, starring Bob Creamer.