AID: United States to send Brazil 2M doses of hydroxychloroquine.. Send zinc, too.

AMERICA’S PAPER OF RECORD: Clever Churchgoers Avoid Arrest By Disguising Themselves As Rioters.

NOTHING BLUE SEEMS TO BE DOING THAT GREAT LATELY: BlueIndy electric cars will be repurposed — or crushed: The program lasted five years. “After roughly five years of existence, the BlueIndy electric car-sharing program in Indianapolis had accrued only about 3,000 members. For those keeping track of the balance sheet, that wasn’t nearly enough to be a realistically successful business. The innovative program that launched in September 2015 did not go as planned, and it has shuttered operations as a result.”


The Silent Majority elected Richard Nixon in 1968 after similar madness. The Left ought to have learned, but they just can’t help themselves.

@ANTIFA_US: ‘Tonight We Say “F*** the City” and We Move in to the Residential Areas…’

TODAY’S NON-SHOCKER STORY: Santa Monica Looter Admits He’s Doing It ‘for the Money,’ Not George Floyd.

THE GREATEST ASSET OF PUBLIC HEALTH IS TRUST, WHICH HAS BEEN SQUANDERED: Why only half of Americans say they would get a COVID-19 vaccine: Not enough people would elect to get vaccinated to create a protective herd immunity effect, a survey suggests.

For institutions to be trusted, they must be trustworthy, and for that they have to be run by people with the self-discipline and commitment to place the mission above personal or party or class interests. We don’t have people like that running our institutions anymore, and the price for that is steep.

PAULA BOLYARD: Let This Sink In: Churches Are Shuttered Over COVID-19 Fears, But Violent Anarchists Are Allowed to Congregate with Impunity.

AND MY LATEST IS JUST FOR OUR VIP MEMBERS: End the Shutdown, All the Way, Right Now.

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YOUR HIGHLY-CREDENTIALED INFOTAINMENT INDUSTRY AT WORK: MSNBC Host Yamiche Alcindor Attacks Trump, Hits Self in Spectacular Self-Own.

THE DEEP SEVENS ARE UP TO SOMETHING: The Mysterious Anomaly Weakening Earth’s Magnetic Field Seems to Be Splitting.

FLASHBACK: How SpaceX lowered costs and reduced barriers to space.


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RADICAL CHIC: THE NEXT GENERATION. Meet your oppressed Molotov cocktail tossers.

ANOTHER ASSAULT ON CHRISTIANS’ FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS: One thing you dare not do as a military chaplain, according to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), is share positive opinions about the Bible and Jesus with other chaplains.

OOPS: Sweden’s coronavirus experiment has well and truly failed.

And note that the “listen to the scientists” approach is the problem:

The way the Swedish response has been structured has made the country more resistant to changing tack during the epidemic. Sweden’s expert agencies are kept quite separate from the government, which is generally a good thing, because it means that scientific issues don’t become politicised. “But if the expert agency is making bad decisions there is nothing to counter it,” Einhorn points out. . . .

Swedes are generally more trusting of authority and science than those in other countries, he adds. Despite recent murmurings of disquiet, the agency remains broadly popular among the public – and Tegnell has become something of a cult figure in Sweden, with toasts on his birthday and people getting tattoos of his face. But that’s been part of the problem. “The biggest problem in Sweden is there is really only one voice – that voice is the public health agency, and in particular Anders Tegnell,” Einhorn says.

So, while the UK and other countries which had initially embarked on a similar path changed tack and instituted national lockdowns, Sweden stuck to its guns. Now, it’s had nine times as many deaths per capita as neighbouring Norway, and it’s facing potential exclusion from a regional travel bubble because of fears Swedes will spread the virus. Tegnell has been criticised by his predecessor for not instituting a lockdown.

Just because a scientist says it doesn’t mean it’s science, or good policy.

UPDATE: On the other hand, Norway health chief: lockdown was not needed to tame Covid.

WELL, THAT CERTAINLY NARROWS THINGS DOWN: Seattle Mayor Blames ‘White Men’ For ‘Much Of The Violence And Destruction’ At Riots.

FLASHBACK: Who Has The Right To Mine An Asteroid?

RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA! Susan Rice Suggests Russia Could Be Funding Violent Riots.


Why would Antifa do that? I’ve been assured by the smartest minds in the media that they’re the equivalent of America’s WWII heroes?

BATTLESWARM BLOG: American Burning Redux: Why? “The playbook has been the same one they ran in Ferguson: use the cover of black protestors to bring far-left agitators out to sow disorder and chaos through rioting, looting and arson, while the response to the disorder in (mostly) Democratic Party run locales is ineffectual. That playbook appeared to be aimed at radicalizing black voters so they continued to show up at polls for Democrats without Obama at the top of the ticket.”

LET IT XI: Former Beatles Manager Paid Millions to Boost Chinese Regime in U.S.

It’s Peter Brown, who was name-checked in “The Ballad of John Yoko,” but should have heeded Lennon’s advice in “Revolution:” “[I]f you go carrying pictures of chairman Mao, You ain’t going to make it with anyone anyhow.”

A VERY PUBLIC EDUCATION: UAB Professor Sarah Parcak Tempts Rioters to Destroy Birmingham Monument. “You’ve come a long way from peacefully protesting the police killing of George Floyd, baby.”

IN THE MAIL: From Theodore Dalrymple, Life At The Bottom.

CAVEAT EMPTOR: A $350 ‘anti-5G’ device is just a 128MB USB stick, teardown finds. “The 5GBioShield makes it possible, thanks to a uniquely applied process of quantum nano-layer technology, to balance the imbalanced electric oscillations arising from all electric fog induced by all devices such as: laptops, cordless phones, wlan, tablets, etc.”

KAMPUS KANGAROO KOURTS: Title IX experts say use of criminal terminology in campus cases a ‘fundamental problem.’

DAN MARKEL UPDATE: Charlie Adelson’s Friend And Lawyer (Son Of Wendi Adelson’s Godfather) Is Running For Seat In Florida House Of Representative. “Michael Weinstein, a lifelong friend and sometimes-lawyer of Charlie Adelson (suspected co-conspirator in the murder of Tallahassee law professor Dan Markel), announced last week that he is running for HD 81, the seat vacated by Rep. Tina Polsky. Weinstein is the son of Peter Weinstein, a former chief judge and former state Senator, who also happens to be godfather to Wendi Adelson, Markel’s ex-wife.”

A HARD DECOUPLING WOULD BE BETTER THAN NO DECOUPLING: Revoking Hong Kong’s special status is Trump’s ‘nuclear option’ that could trigger irrevocable U.S.-China split, analysts warn.

COLLUSION: China’s presence at US colleges runs much deeper than Confucius Institutes.