February 20, 2017

NOT IN A SNAE WORLD, THEY SHOULDN’T:  Valid Concerns About Flynn Shouldn’t Excuse Leaks.



February 19, 2017

AND EVENTUALLY, PEOPLE QUIT LISTENING. ENJOY! Every Republican president is “the most extreme ever,” or so Democrats and their media friends insist. “The tragedy of all this is that, yeah, we really could use an effective, active, and credible press right now.” We could, but we don’t have one. “My criticisms of Trump do not go so far as those who believe that he is a budding fascist dictator on the verge of building concentration camps, but if you really did believe that, wouldn’t you wish, at least a little, that the media hadn’t been exactly as hysterical when faced with the bland, anodyne visage of Mitt Romney? Or John McCain? You want to be taken seriously now after insisting that Dick Cheney was the new American Gestapo?”

ANNALS OF ASTROTURF: Obama-linked activists have a ‘training manual’ for protesting Trump.

OVERREACH: Democrats would like their rabid base to cool it with the impeachment talk.


I have a question for your readers and wonder if someone might have an answer?

A couple years ago, I changed my log in password for my old Onparkstreet blog after making it private. I forgot to write the log in password down. I got locked out and it’s private so I can’t read any of my old posts.

I had saved the WordPress “key” to prove my identity in an email account that was cleaned out without my knowing it. I lost all those emails and proof of blog ownership. I also stupidly deleted the email account associated with the blog.

I know, I know. I thought I had saved the “key” and could prove that I was the owner of the onparkstreet blog. In an Excite account. That I checked every few months, so I never saw the warning that old emails would be deleted until it was too late.

I forgot about it after pleading with WordPress to help me out (“not without the key or a saved draft to prove ownership”), and just accepted that I lost all my posts. Recently, however, a family member has become sick (but is post treatment and doing well) and I would like to look up old posts that might cheer her up. Some of the posts were about little outings that we took and I think she might like it.

Is there anyone that could help in this situation? I used to cross post at Chicagoboyz and it is clear on the blog that I am doing that and Chicagoboyz can vouch for me, plus, I think I could go back to posting to prove it’s me.

Any suggestions?

I got nuthin’. Please post any ideas in the comments.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: 5 Myths About Treason.

FACT-CHECK: Trump 4, Politifact 1.


MEANT TO DO THIS EARLIER TODAY BUT JUST GOT AROUND TO IT: And it’s worth noting. I scan StrategyPage’s “Today in Military History” three or four times a week. Today was noteworthy. 74 years ago Rommel attacked U.S. forces in the Kasserine Pass. 72 years ago the USMC invaded Iwo Jima. 20 years ago Chinese reformer and mass murderer Deng Xioaping died. But dig this: today in 1648 the Portuguese defeated the Dutch in the First Battle of Guararapes (northeastern Brazil).

WASHINGTON EXAMINER EDITORIAL: There Is No Fourth Branch Of Government.

Before Scott Pruitt was confirmed as the Environmental Protection Agency’s new administrator, the New York Times reported agency staff fighting against his nomination. This is highly unusual and inappropriate. It shows not only how difficult his new job will be but also how necessary it is that he succeed. And it shows, too, how great a threat rogue bureaucracy can become to constitutional order.

EPA scientists, lawyers and experts participated in an influence campaign aimed at senators, urging them to vote against Pruitt as their new boss. Their union’s leader, John O’Grady, promised a continuous campaign against President Trump’s environmental policies that their tactics would include “reaching out to NGOs and having alliances with them” and “working with P.R. firms.”

It is widely known and understandable that government employees are not Trump’s best constituency. But this sort of activism by federal employees, even outside election season, gets into dangerous territory.

This is why we need civil service reform.

R.I.P. JANE ROE/NORMA MCCORVEY: And this bit underscores the ethical issues involved in getting together plaintiffs for public interest litigation:

Years later, Ms. McCorvey expressed bitterness at what she described as her attorneys’ unwillingness to help her find what she needed — an abortion, even an illegal one.

“Sarah sat right across the table from me at Columbo’s pizza parlor, and I didn’t know until two years ago that she had had an abortion herself,” Ms. McCorvey told the New York Times in 1994. “When I told her then how desperately I needed one, she could have told me where to go for it. But she wouldn’t because she needed me to be pregnant for her case.”

“Sarah saw these cuts on my wrists, my swollen eyes from crying,” she continued, “the miserable person sitting across from her, and she knew she had a patsy. She knew I wouldn’t go outside of the realm of her and Linda. I was too scared. It was one of the most hideous times of my life.”

It’s not like Sarah Weddington would have become a heroine of feminism if she’d actually helped the woman sitting across the table from her.

EVEN THOUGH I WROTE IT, until my brother reminded me I had forgotten that this 2000 Nebraska Guitar Militia song anticipated the Hillary Clinton / Donald Trump election. “All you politicians won’t know which way to jump! Watch out, Hillary Clinton! Watch out, Donald Trump!” Right about 1:40. And note the pre-Tech-Bubble-bursting preach at the end: “No condition is permanent.”

However, while I’m strolling through memory lane, I think these lyrics are the best I ever wrote. Which may not be setting the bar all that high, but it’s what I’ve got.

DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH: Headteacher is forced to work from home following death threats from Muslim parents over her ‘offensive clothes’ amid fears there is a ‘Trojan Horse’ plot to ‘Islamicise’ the school.

A primary school headteacher has been forced to work from home by death threats from Muslim parents who hate her western values.

Trish O’Donnell, head of Clarksfield Primary School in Oldham, has endured ‘harassment and intimidation’ in the form of ‘aggressive verbal abuse’ and ‘threats to blow up her car’ from parents pushing conservative Muslim values.

It is feared they are making a ‘Trojan Horse’ attempt to Islamicise the school.

If someone made similar threats in opposition to Islam, the British authorities would come down like a ton of bricks. But here, well . . . .


Well, if you watch the video, you’ll see a lot of BlacksForTrump2020.com signs and t-shirts behind her. Now ask yourself: What demographic that traditionally votes for Democrats is the most overtly Christian, and most likely to respond favorably to overt expressions of Christianity? Just a thought. And remember, if Trump — who did surprisingly okay with black voters, considering, in 2016 — can pull another 10-15% of black votes in 2020, he’s basically unbeatable.

CIVIL RIGHTS UPDATE: Knife Rights bills filed in Texas and West Virginia.

WAIT, WOULDN’T IT BE A GOOD SIGN IF THEY WERE? Ford denies its engineers are dozing off in autonomous cars.

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21ST CENTURY WORRIES: Bioterrorism could kill more people than nuclear war, Bill Gates to warn world leaders.

Rapid advances in genetic engineering have opened the door for small terrorism groups to tailor and easily turn biological viruses into weapons.

A resulting disease pandemic is currently one of the most deadly threats faced by the world, he believes, yet governments are complacent about the scale of the risk.

Speaking ahead of an address to the Munich Security Conference, the richest man in the world said that while governments are concerned with the proliferation of nuclear and chemical weapons, they are overlooking the threat of biological warfare.

Well, we’re less than a decade from the setting of Vernor Vinge’s Rainbows End, where this situation obtained:

Every year, the civilized world grew and the reach of lawlessness and poverty shrank. Many people thought that the world was becoming a safer place . . . Nowadays Grand Terror technology was so cheap that cults and criminal gangs could acquire it. . . . In all innocence, the marvelous creativity of humankind continued to generate unintended consequences. There were a dozen research trends that could ultimately put world-killer weapons in the hands of anyone having a bad hair day.

Worse yet, today the civilized world doesn’t seem to be growing, and lawlessness doesn’t seem to be shrinking. Poverty continues to decline, but the politicians may manage to turn that one around too. . . .

UPDATE: Today’s sickest comment burn: “If anyone should know about the devastating effects of viruses, it would be the founder of Microsoft.”



DICTATOR UPDATE: Zimbabwe’s 93 year old Robert Mugabe says he’ll stay in power.

He’s going to run for re-election — of course the election will be a sham.

“The majority of the people feel that there is no replacement, a successor who to them is acceptable, as acceptable as I am,” he added.

Mugabe, who has kept an iron grip on power since Zimbabwe declared independence in 1980, has repeatedly denied reports of health problems.

RELATED: Background from 2008.

FRENEMIES: China bans all coal imports from North Korea amid growing tensions.

READER BOOK PLUG: From reader Clay Cambridge, How to Remember Stuff: The Proven, Fun & Easy Way.

WELL, THAT’S COMFORTING: Work Stops at C.D.C.’s Top Deadly Germ Lab Over Air Hose Safety. “The problem came to light when the C.D.C. ordered new hoses to replace the original ones, which had been installed when the laboratory opened in 2005. The manufacturer — the same one that had provided the original hoses — informed the C.D.C. that its products were not meant for breathing. Dr. Monroe declined to name the company. Why the unsuitability of the hoses was not recognized in 2005 is not clear.”

Sure, it’s not a big deal, and it could just be a one-off. But look at the list of related articles:

Perhaps there’s a larger problem here.

ANDREW KLAVAN ON CHOOSING SIDES: Donald Trump vs. the Deep State.

THE “DAY WITHOUT IMMIGRANTS” BECAME A TEACHABLE MOMENT: “This is reality. If you don’t show up to work you can get fired. Actions have consequences. Consider this a ‘teachable moment’…a day without immigrants is not a day without consequences.”

Read the whole thing.

WELL, THIS IS THE 21ST CENTURY, YOU KNOW: Magnetic Control Could Help Robots Navigate Inside Your Body.

CAN HE PRESCRIBE ME TALLER AND WITH FEWER GRAY HAIRS? Hawaii Dem Argues Doctors Should be Able to Prescribe Housing to Cure Homelessness.

CHANGE: Sweeping New Guidelines from DHS to Ease Deportation of Illegals.

IN THE MAIL: From Camille Paglia, Free Women, Free Men: Sex, Gender, Feminism.

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SCENES FROM THE AMERICA THAT WORKS: Watch: SpaceX successfully launches, lands Falcon 9 rocket.

I’D BE QUITE HAPPY WITH THAT MYSELF: Report: Senior White House Officials Favor John Bolton for National Security Adviser.


In the age of liberal sportswriting, the writers are now far more liberal than the readers. “Absolutely I think we’re to the left of most sports fans,” said Craig Calcaterra, who writes for HardballTalk. “It’s folly for any of us to think we’re speaking for the common fan.”

Of course, labels like “liberal” and “conservative” don’t translate perfectly to sports. Do you have to be liberal to call Roger Goodell a tool? So maybe it’s better to put it like this: There was a time when filling your column with liberal ideas on race, class, gender, and labor policy got you dubbed a “sociologist.” These days, such views are more likely to get you a job.

An audience? Not so much.

STOCKHOLM SYNDROME: John McCain’s “dictator” talk ignores reality and his own past with the media.

If McCain pushed back against the DNC-MSM in 2008 the way Trump has, we’d be talking about how successful his two terms as president had been right now.

RICHARD FERNANDEZ ON TODAY’S FACTIONALISM: “The danger of America dividing in the face of an opportunistic enemy should be obvious to the combatants. But the factions of American politics may be too enraged to stop out of fear of a common threat. . . . If Trump is overthrown by the Deep State in a year, he’s unlikely to be the last. If neither faction will suffer itself to be governed by the other, whoever succeeds Trump can expect his term to be short. America could have its own period of the 26 presidents. That will be good news for the Barbarians, waiting at the edge of the Baltics, in the South China Sea, and on Europe’s borders, ready to move in.”

DON SURBER: Historians Sense Obama Failed.

Only 12th best?

Gee, you would think in light of the last eight years of hosannas from the press, Barack Obama would rank with Washington and Lincoln among America’s academics. But nope, he was only 12th. . . .

The rankings by category show a distinctly affirmative action grading curve.

For example, he ranks third in “Pursued Equal Justice For All,” ahead of Grant (reconstruction and the Civil Rights Act of 1875), Coolidge (gave Indians citizenship), Eisenhower (sent the 101st to enforce school desegregation and the Civil Rights Act of 1957), and Truman (desegregated the military). Frankly, I can find nothing in Obama’s portfolio that speaks to equal justice for all. The court legalized gay marriage without him. A gentleman’s C puts him at 22.

Eighth in economic management? He added $9 trillion to the national debt and we never recovered from the recession he inherited. Bottom 10 in that category.

Twenty-fourth in international relations? He bombed countries without provocation, armed the Islamic State, and let Iran develop nuclear weapons. Bottom 10 in that category.

His domestic policy consisted of Obamacare, which elected a Republican House in 2010, a Republican Senate in 2014, and a Republican president in 2016.

Obama leaves the White House having achieved nothing positive on the economic front, nothing positive on the international front, and nothing positive on the domestic front.

He’s the best black president, though, and given the way he poisoned the racial well, he’s likely to hold that status for quite a while.

WHY WOULD ANY MAN GO THERE? Male student sues Allegheny College after ‘false accusation’ of sexual assault.

The student, identified only as John Doe in court documents, alleges that he attempted to present evidence that made it clear his accuser was only angry because they were no longer speaking and wanted him expelled out of spite. He says this evidence and witness testimony was ignored by Allegheny.

The incident that led to John’s accusation occurred in late September 2014. John and some of his track teammates had gathered to celebrate their recent time trials. John’s accuser, listed in court documents as Jane Doe, attended the celebration. John alleges that Jane brought a bottle of tequila with her to the party but says she did not consume any alcoholic beverages and was sober.

Eventually, John and Jane went back to John’s dorm room. The two slept together in John’s bed, as they had done previously. On this night, the two engaged in sexual activity. Twice during the evening, Jane left John’s room to use the bathroom, passing the resident assistant (RA) each time. Jane, according to John, made no indication that she did not want to engage in sexual activity or was held against her will, as she could have left at any time and could have sought the help of the RA.

Jane slept in John’s bed that night and returned the following night to sleep in his dorm room as well. For the next few weeks, Jane texted John multiple times to talk about their relationship. John alleges in his lawsuit that he “largely ignored Jane Doe’s text messages and her efforts to communicate with him.”

Two months later, Jane would accuse John of sexual assault.

Cost of attending Allegheny college: $58,920 per year.

GOOD LUCK WITH THAT: Poll: Americans want Democrats to work with Trump.

A strong majority of Americans say Democrats should look to cooperate with President Trump to strike deals, according to the inaugural Harvard-Harris poll provided exclusively by The Hill.

The survey found that 73 percent of voters want to see Democrats work with the president, against only 27 percent who said Democrats should resist Trump’s every move.

The findings are significant as Democratic leaders in Congress are under growing pressure by their liberal base to obstruct the president’s agenda. The poll shows the party is divided on how to deal with Trump: 52 percent of Democrats polled say they should cooperate with him on areas of agreement and 48 percent saying they shouldn’t.

Those figures are nearly identical when the question is flipped – 68 percent of those polled say that Trump should be willing to compromise and find ways to work with Democrats in Congress. Thirty-two percent said Trump shouldn’t bend at all, even if it means finding ways to achieve his agenda without congressional approval.

I think our house is pretty divided, even if our House isn’t.


Wilders – who has lived in hiding since an Islamist murdered Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh in 2004 – pledges to ban Muslim immigration, close all mosques and take the Netherlands out of the European Union.

Many of his supporters at the Spijkenisse market, however, said they cared more about his social welfare policies.

“The most important thing for me is bringing the pension age back down to 65,” said Wil Fens, 59, a crane operator at the port.

Wilders hopes a global upsurge in anti-establishment feeling that has already helped to propel Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency and to persuade Britons to vote to quit the European Union will propel him to power in the March 15 parliamentary election.

A win for Wilders would boost French far-right leader Marine Le Pen and the Alternative for Germany party, both hoping to transform European politics in elections this year.

“Despite all the hate and fear-mongering of the elite both in Britain and Brussels, people took their fate in their own hands,” he said. “I think that will happen in Holland, in France, Austria and in Germany.”

Wilders’ party leads in opinion polls with 17 percent, a whisker ahead of the pro-business Liberals of Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who has closed the gap by matching some of Wilders’ anti-immigration rhetoric and received a boost from a surging economy.

Hmm. Well, stay tuned.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, LEGAL EDUCATION EDITION: Charlotte Law School Is Delinquent On Its $148k Property Tax Bill, Says Check Is In The Mail.


FREE SPEECH IN THE AGE OF OBAMA: “An Oklahoma City police officer wrongly pulled over a man last week and confiscated an anti-President Barack Obama sign the man had on his vehicle.” Plus this: “When I was on my way there, the Secret Service called me and said they weren’t going to ransack my house or anything … they just wanted to (walk through the house) and make sure I wasn’t a part of any hate groups.” Since when do government officials search homes to ensure the absence of impure political thoughts?

If something like this had happened with Bush, it would have been proof that fascism was descending had descended upon America.

Likewise, Trump.

February 18, 2017

TRUMP’S FLORIDA RALLY . . . begins with the First Lady leading the group in The Lord’s Prayer. I can’t think of the last time I’ve heard The Lord’s Prayer at a rally.

Plus: “Excellent political theater. That’s it for now from me.”

MILO YIANNOPOULOS will be CPAC Keynote speaker next week.

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MAYBE HER PLAN IS TO IMPORT SO MANY REFUGEES NO ONE WILL WANT TO INVADE: Germany will take own time to boost defense, Merkel tells Pence.

NICHOLAS EBERSTADT: Our Miserable 21st Century.

On the morning of November 9, 2016, America’s elite—its talking and deciding classes—woke up to a country they did not know. To most privileged and well-educated Americans, especially those living in its bicoastal bastions, the election of Donald Trump had been a thing almost impossible even to imagine. What sort of country would go and elect someone like Trump as president? Certainly not one they were familiar with, or understood anything about.

Whatever else it may or may not have accomplished, the 2016 election was a sort of shock therapy for Americans living within what Charles Murray famously termed “the bubble” (the protective barrier of prosperity and self-selected associations that increasingly shield our best and brightest from contact with the rest of their society). The very fact of Trump’s election served as a truth broadcast about a reality that could no longer be denied: Things out there in America are a whole lot different from what you thought.

Yes, things are very different indeed these days in the “real America” outside the bubble. In fact, things have been going badly wrong in America since the beginning of the 21st century.

It turns out that the year 2000 marks a grim historical milestone of sorts for our nation. For whatever reasons, the Great American Escalator, which had lifted successive generations of Americans to ever higher standards of living and levels of social well-being, broke down around then—and broke down very badly.

The warning lights have been flashing, and the klaxons sounding, for more than a decade and a half. But our pundits and prognosticators and professors and policymakers, ensconced as they generally are deep within the bubble, were for the most part too distant from the distress of the general population to see or hear it. (So much for the vaunted “information era” and “big-data revolution.”) Now that those signals are no longer possible to ignore, it is high time for experts and intellectuals to reacquaint themselves with the country in which they live and to begin the task of describing what has befallen the country in which we have lived since the dawn of the new century.

Or, you know, just keep displaying contempt for the flyover country deplorables.

I’M SO OLD, I CAN REMEMBER WHEN IT WAS “THE 1980s CALLED.” The 1950s Called. It Wants Its Atomic War Plans Back. But this is misleading. We don’t live in the Dr. Strangelove era any more.

YES. NEXT QUESTION? Has Washington Gone Crazy?

MILO UPDATE: Milo Yiannopoulos Announced as Keynote Speaker for CPAC…Not So Fast.

IMPOSSIBLE! DIDN’T OBAMA SPEND A TRILLION DOLLARS FIXING STUFF LIKE THIS? Almost 10 percent of all bridges in America are in need of repair or replacement.

Oh, right.

THE REVIEWS ARE AMUSING: Trump Success Eau de Toilette Spray for Men.

“GODWIN IS DEAD:” Mickey Kaus on the 1934ists, Ron Rosenbaum Edition.

Related: New Republic Post: Trump’s ‘Bizarre Behavior’ Is Because He Probably Has Syphilis.

Hey, you know who else was rumored to have had syphilis…

YOU’RE ONLY ALLOWED TO SAY THAT SORT OF THING ABOUT FLYOVER-COUNTRY DEPLORABLES! Minnesota philosophy professor writes that immigrants have low IQs and refugees are part of “religious-political cult.” Reaction is intense.

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YOU KNOW, IF I WEREN’T ALREADY BUSY WITH INSTAPUNDIT, a blog like this one by a University of Oregon professor about his home school would be fun. But I don’t have time or energy for that right now.

AND WHAT IF NAPOLEON HAD HAD A B-52 AT THE BATTLE OF WATERLOO? Could a Single Marine Unit Destroy the Roman Empire?

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NEWS YOU CAN USE: This Unsettling Experiment Shows How Liquefaction Occurs During an Earthquake.

SEXLESS MARRIAGES: A threat to the planet.

FEMINIST SNOWFLAKE: Daddy-Daughter Dates Are ‘Everything That Is Wrong in the World’

ANALYSIS: TRUE. There Is No Solution in Afghanistan.


There are two clues that the Huffington Post is hallucinating and I’m not. The first clue is that they have a trigger and I don’t. Reality violated their egos, whereas I was predicting a Trump win all along. My world has been consistent with my ego. No trigger. All I have is a warm feeling of rightness.

The second clue is that the Huffington Post is seeing something that half the country doesn’t see. As a general rule, the person who sees the elephant in the room is the one hallucinating, not the one who can’t see the elephant. The Huffington Post is literally seeing something that is invisible to me and other observers. We see a President Trump talking the way he normally talks. They see a 77-minute meltdown.

Read the whole thing.™

(Via SDA.)


THEY TOLD ME IF DONALD TRUMP TOOK POWER, FASCIST VIOLENCE WOULD THREATEN CIVIL GOVERNANCE. AND THEY WERE RIGHT! Betsy DeVos being guarded by U.S. Marshals Service. “The last Cabinet member protected by marshals was a director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy.”

So, basically, taking on the Education Cartel is as dangerous as taking on the Drug Cartels? Well, the former has more money and jobs at stake. . . .

HIGHER EDUCATION IMPLOSION UPDATE: Rutgers Apologizes After Booting Students from Job Fair for Blue Suit, Brown Shoes.

ANOTHER #MERKELFAIL: Germany’s Energy Mistakes Are Hurting its Neighbors, Too.

It’s one thing for a country’s radical energy decisions to burden its own citizens, but it’s another altogether when those negative effects start to spill over into neighboring nations. That’s what’s happening in Germany right now, where headlong subsidization of renewable energy has not only produced some of the highest electricity bills in Europe, but has also threatened the stability of power grids in Poland and the Czech Republic. . . .

To recap, Germany has become the world leader in renewable energy through its energiewende, a plan that involved phasing out nuclear power (a curious decision for a purportedly environmentally conscious country, as nuclear is a zero-emissions energy source) while boosting wind and solar power by guaranteeing producers long-term, above-market rates. The costs of those cushy deals for renewable suppliers have been passed along to consumers, of course, in the form of green surcharges to monthly power bills. As a result, Germans are paying out the nose for their electricity, and their bills keep rising.

But wind and solar power are intermittent—they can only supply the grid when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing. On especially sunny or windy days, that can mean a sharp spike in supplies that doesn’t just strain Germany’s grid, but also those of its neighbors.

So now Poland and the Czech Republic are having to contend with blackouts, unstable grids, and at times an inability to sell their own power. Believe it or not, this is not what a successful energy policy looks like.

I believe it.

MATTHEW CONTINETTI: Who Rules the United States?

Nor is Flynn the only example of nameless bureaucrats working to undermine and ultimately overturn the results of last year’s election. According to the New York Times, civil servants at the EPA are lobbying Congress to reject Donald Trump’s nominee to run the agency. Is it because Scott Pruitt lacks qualifications? No. Is it because he is ethically compromised? Sorry. The reason for the opposition is that Pruitt is a critic of the way the EPA was run during the presidency of Barack Obama. He has a policy difference with the men and women who are soon to be his employees. Up until, oh, this month, the normal course of action was for civil servants to follow the direction of the political appointees who serve as proxies for the elected president.

How quaint. These days an architect of the overreaching and antidemocratic Waters of the U.S. regulation worries that her work will be overturned so she undertakes extraordinary means to defeat her potential boss. But a change in policy is a risk of democratic politics. Nowhere does it say in the Constitution that the decisions of government employees are to be unquestioned and preserved forever. Yet that is precisely the implication of this unprecedented protest. “I can’t think of any other time when people in the bureaucracy have done this,” a professor of government tells the paper. That sentence does not leave me feeling reassured.

Opposition to this president takes many forms. Senate Democrats have slowed confirmations to the most sluggish pace since George Washington. Much of the New York and Beltway media does really function as a sort of opposition party, to the degree that reporters celebrated the sacking of Flynn as a partisan victory for journalism. Discontent manifests itself in direct actions such as the Women’s March.

But here’s the difference. Legislative roadblocks, adversarial journalists, and public marches are typical of a constitutional democracy. They are spelled out in our founding documents: the Senate and its rules, and the rights to speech, a free press, and assembly. Where in those documents is it written that regulators have the right not to be questioned, opposed, overturned, or indeed fired, that intelligence analysts can just call up David Ignatius and spill the beans whenever they feel like it?

Read the whole thing, but the answer to the headline question is in the question itself. The people of the United States are to be governed, not ruled — and lightly governed, at that.

But the Permanent Bureaucratic Class feels doesn’t see it that way.


“Nothing annoys people like the truth,” Yiannopoulos concurred. “Policing humor for racism and sexism is utterly wrongheaded. Not because normally it’s not there, but because that’s how we build bridges and not how we break them.”

Yet Yiannopoulos made blatant sexist comments during the interview, criticizing Amy Schumer and Sarah Silverman as people who “used to be funny before they contracted feminism.”

“You’re literally the only good [liberal],” Yiannopoulos said, before slamming Girls creator and star Lena Dunham as the poster woman for the Democratic Party’s issues. “The Democrats are the party of Lena Dunham. These people are mental, hideous people, and the more that America sees of Lena Dunham, the fewer votes that the Democratic Party is going to get.”

“Let’s not pick on fellow HBO stars,” Maher replied, drawing laughs. “There are so many other people.”

“I hurt people for a reason,” Yiannopoulos said. “I like to think of myself as a virtuous troll.”

Flashback: Kevin Williamson on Dunham’s “Pathetic Privilege.”

FAKE NEWS: The AP blew it big time on that National Guard roundup story.

As Trump Visits Boeing, Senators Take Aim at Contractor’s Iran Air Deal.

As President Trump made the rounds with Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg at the aerospace giant’s plant in Charleston on Friday, Republican senators were introducing legislation to require the president to report to Congress on Iran’s potential use of new Boeing aircraft to further terror.

After sanctions were eased following implementation of the Iran nuclear deal, Boeing struck an 80-plane deal with state-owned carrier IranAir worth at least $8 billion. President Obama’s State Department lauded the agreement in June as “the type of permissible business activity envisioned in the JCPOA.”

The news drew immediate reaction from Reps. Pete Roskam (R-Ill.) and Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas), who wrote Muilenburg to explain “Iran’s commercial aviation sector is deeply involved in supporting hostile actors.”

Well, good.

Meanwhile, the art of another deal: Trump hints at ‘big order’ of F/A-18 Super Hornets instead of some F-35s.

The F/A-18 is built by Boeing, the same company which struck that 80-plane deal with Iran.

CLIMATE CHANGE: Der Spiegel: Merkel Might Lose After All. “The refugee crisis, though, changed everything. Since the summer of 2015, Merkel has become extremely polarizing, not unlike Hillary Clinton was in the recent U.S. campaign. ‘There are now people who would rather chop off their hands than vote for Merkel,’ says one Merkel confidant. When the chancellor was campaigning in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania last summer ahead of elections in the state, she occasionally appeared only in front of hand-picked audiences because her speeches would otherwise have been drowned out by boos and whistles.”

THE CHIK-FIL-A EFFECT: Guess what’s #1 in Beauty on Amazon?

LIKE TOM HARKIN, BLUMENTHAL SHOULD CUT AND RUN WHENEVER ANY VETERANS APPEAR: An open letter from 14 Medal of Honor recipients to Sen. Blumenthal over his hypocrisy on Gorsuch.

Dear Sen. Richard Blumenthal,

You recently called upon your Senate colleagues to subject Judge Neil Gorsuch’s record to “extreme vetting,” questioning both his qualification and biography. The Senate certainly has the right and obligation to closely review any nominee for the United States Supreme Court. Conversely, it is our right as Americans and veterans to scrutinize your hypocrisy in doing so.

We are veterans of the Vietnam War. We fought alongside our brothers in arms, many of whom died or were gravely injured there. We saw the treatment meted out on us and our fellow military personnel upon our return, yet we never questioned our commitment to our nation’s freedom. But perhaps more relevant to this discussion is that we know you were not there with us.

The fact you repeatedly and consistently claimed to have served in Vietnam is a gross case of stolen valor in our opinion. You obtained at least five military deferments between 1965 and 1970, at least two of which were seemingly political favors to you so that you could avoid joining us in a war zone. Here are just a few examples where it appears that you have chosen to buttress your political resume by shamefully inflating your record of military service:

In 2003, you apparently stated, “When we returned [from Vietnam], we saw nothing like this [a public outpouring of support for deployed military personnel].”

In 2008, the New York Times reported you said, “We have learned something important since the days I served in Vietnam …”

At a Vietnam War memorial in 2008, it is reported you stated, “I served during the Vietnam era … I remember the taunts, the insults, sometimes even the physical abuse.”

We recognize that military service of any kind is valuable to the protection of our nation’s freedom. There is no shame in engaging in “Toys for Tots” campaigns, recycling efforts, or assisting in the improvement or construction of various facilities, which appears to be a fair description of the bulk of your duties during the Vietnam War.

What is offensive to those who fought in a most brutal conflict, some of us who were captured and tortured by our enemy, is any comparison of those most brutal experiences to the ones of people like you who never even sniffed the air in Vietnam.

One of them should run against him.

WE COULD DO WORSE IN MICHIGAN, AND HAVE: Ted Nugent vs. Kid Rock in Michigan Race?

ANOTHER CAMPAIGN PROMISE KEPT: Trump signs bill undoing Obama coal mining rule.

Coal is going to take a beating because of fracked gas anyway, but he promised to do this and he did. That alone sets him apart.


Yes, let’s do diversity. Given that Berkeley burned when a conservative provocateur was invited to campus, this after numerous conservatives have been stifled in academe in recent years, some humble suggestions from your humble columnist:

-Affirm the Chicago Principles. In 2014, the University of Chicago established a committee on freedom of expression in light of the uproars. The committee noted UC President Hanna Holborn Gray said that “education should not be intended to make people comfortable, it is meant to make them think.”

“The University’s fundamental commitment is to the principle that debate or deliberation may not be suppressed because the ideas put forth are thought by some or even by most members of the University community to be offensive, unwise, immoral, or wrong-headed,” the committee wrote.

-Embrace the Tennessee Student Free Expression Act. State Rep. Martin Daniel, R-Knoxville, has introduced HB739, which quotes the Tennessee constitution: “The free communication of thoughts and opinions, is one of the invaluable rights of man, and every citizen may freely speak, write, and print on any subject.”

Daniel’s bill states the obvious: “In recent years, state institutions of higher education have abdicated their responsibility to uphold free speech principles.”

-Commit to hiring conservatives. The Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA found the number of professors identifying as “liberal” rose from 42 percent in 1990 to 60 percent in 2014 while “moderates” declined by 13 percent and “conservatives” dropped by 6 percent.

Liberals outnumber conservatives by more than 4 to 1 in the academy while conservatives outnumber liberals 38 percent to 24 percent in the real world, according to Gallup. Like with other disparities of diversity, UT and other universities need to intentionally recruit from the underrepresented group.

Read the whole thing.

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Face the Nation host: Media has to take ownership for its own credibility issues. “Today’s media environment has gotten so poisonous that its customers no longer give their coverage much credibility. That poisonous atmosphere began long before Trump got elected president, but few can doubt that it’s reaching its nadir now — in large part because of that ‘hysterical coverage about every last little thing’ Dickerson mentions. Trump may have demonstrated a historical level of antagonism for a president to the media in yesterday’s presser, but the media has provided a historical level of antagonistic coverage of this presidency, too. The masks have slipped over the last several weeks; Dickerson’s honest enough to point it out.”


POLITICO: A REVOLVING DOOR? “In three months since Election Day, at least a half-dozen prominent journalists have taken jobs working for the federal government. Journalists, including some of those who’ve jumped ship, say it’s better to have a solid job in government than a shaky job – or none at all – in an industry that’s fading fast. But conservative critics answer with a question: Would journalists be making the same career choices if John McCain had beaten Barack Obama in November?” If it were another industry, and a Republican candidate/President, the press would treat this as a serious conflict of interest. It does kinda explain the favorable election coverage . . . .


A CERTAIN TURN OF PHRASE: The Water’s So Hard . . .


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IS IT NORMAL TO GRIN LIKE THIS WHEN I THINK OF THE EPA’S DOOM? Senate confirms Scott Pruitt as EPA administrator in mostly party-line vote.


WHAT IF I TOLD YOU: Trump’s ‘Nuke the Moon’ Image Works.

February 17, 2017

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POLL: Voters Trust Trump More Than Media.

A Gallup poll found the same a couple of days ago. “In its annual confidence poll, Gallup found that Americans’ trust in the mass media ‘to report the news fully, accurately and fairly’ reached its lowest level in polling history, with only 32 percent saying they have a great deal or fair amount of trust in the media.”

UPDATE: And it’s not just toothless flyover deplorables who think so:


CHANGE: Gallup: Republicans Now Outnumber Democrats Nationwide.

BRING YOUR OWN CAMERA: Anti-Trump reporter gets unwelcome surprise. And the busted reporter is screaming that it’s unfair: “Ryan is not happy that the the White House has the tape. She complains that she was not aware that the exchange was being recorded and that she never consented to it. ‘This is freaking Nixonian,’ she adds.” Well, in the sense that both recordings are evidence of wrongdoing, yes.

Heck, this was my advice back in 2008.

WHEN THE DEMOCRATS DO IT, THAT MEANS THAT IT’S NOT ILLEGAL:  Read all about the Jimmy Carter transition team’s secret 1976 contacts with the USSR.