June 18, 2019

WINNING: Trump Drives Down Price Of F-35 Fighter 25% From Obama Level.

The flyaway price was always supposed to drop once production ramped up, but Trump has been aggressive in his push to drive that price down even further, and faster.

EVERYTHING USES GPS; MY UNDERWATER CAMERA TAGS PICS WITH THE LAST GPS READING FROM THE SURFACE: Study finds that a GPS outage would cost $1 billion per day. “90 percent of the technology’s financial impact has come since just 2010.”

ENDGAME: How 7.4 Tons of Venezuela’s Gold Landed in Africa—and Vanished.

On two early-March flights, at least 7.4 tons of gold with a market value over $300 million moved from Venezuela to a refinery in Uganda, say officials in Venezuela and Uganda, a foreign diplomat and Venezuelan opposition lawmakers, who have concluded Mr. Maduro’s government exported the ingots.

The gold arrived on a Russian charter jetliner in two shipments at the international airport in Entebbe, says Ugandan national-police spokesman Fred Enanga. The accompanying paperwork identified the ingots, some with stamped labels partially scratched off, as Venezuelan central-bank property, says a senior Ugandan police officer who saw the bars and documents. Flight records show the trips originated in Caracas, Venezuela.

The shipments expose one link in a global underground economy many suspect is helping Mr. Maduro cling to power by bypassing the U.S.-dominated international finance system. Washington has recognized opposition leader Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s legitimate president, slapped financial and other sanctions on Venezuelan officials and institutions, and threatened penalties for others doing business with the regime.

When the gold runs out, that’s when the real fun begins.

DEAR DIARY: Jim Acosta Risks Life and Limb to Sell His Book. “Valley Forge. Gettysburg. Pearl Harbor. Omaha Beach. And now, we can add another name to the list of sacred places in the American collective unconscious: the DoubleTree by Hilton in Philly. That’s where CNN’s brave correspondent Jim Acosta bravely spoke yesterday about The Enemy of the People, his brave new book about how brave he is.”

DANIEL MITCHELL: The Trump Tax Reform Is Generating Good Results.

CHANGE: Politicians from both sides back Virginia attorney general’s call for decriminalizing marijuana.

The call from the state’s top lawyer to decriminalize marijuana possession could be enough to break the question free from the General Assembly committees where it has died in recent years, politicians and lobbyists who follow the issue say.

Attorney General Mark Herring said in a Sunday op-ed essay in the Daily Press and Virginian-Pilot that racial disparities in enforcement and the number of young lives ruined mean it is time to stop putting people in jail for possession of small amounts of marijuana.

“I’m wide open to looking at it,” said Del. Barry Knight, R-Virginia Beach, who as chairman of the House Appropriations Committee’s public safety panel keeps an eye on law enforcement issues.

“I could see handling it like a traffic violation, with a fine,” he said.

It’s not smart to smoke the stuff, but it’s even dumber to send people to jail for it.

YES, LET’S: Let’s Move More Federal Agencies Out of Washington: There’s no need for most federal agencies to be stationed in the nation’s capital, one of the most expensive cities in the country.

Hey, there’s bipartisan support for this idea.

And here’s my column: Make DC A Swamp Again: Trump is scaring progressive hipsters away, he should send federal workers after them. “A few decades ago, Washington was a sleepy town, famously mocked by JFK for being a combination of ‘northern charm and southern efficiency.’ You could dine at the fanciest restaurants on a senior civil servant’s salary, real estate prices were reasonable, and the cultural life was, well, pretty lifeless. This is what we should aspire to for D.C.’s future.”

If Trump were really smart, of course, he’d send them to the rural parts of deep-blue states, so they won’t boost the Democrats’ electoral fortunes, and so that lefty-types won’t want to work for the federal government as much.

SALENA ZITO: What Happens When Joe Stops Being Joe?

What if he starts being no different from his 20-plus competitors?

One month after Biden rolled out a near-perfect presidential announcement, bookending his tour in his home state of Pennsylvania, Biden started to become a little less Joe. His opponents, special interest groups and his own campaign staff leaned him on the question of abortion subsidies, and so he flipped, abandoning his longtime support for the Hyde Amendment.

Keep in mind that pressure came from people who, for the most part, do not live in proximity to the very voters who will likely decide a presidential election, who instead live in the same super ZIP codes that surround Washington and New York City. Everyone they know supports federal subsidies for abortion. That taxpayer dollars for abortion would upset some Democrats or independents is unthinkable to this crowd.

This same crowd that advised Hillary Clinton persuaded Biden.

And that is when Joe stopped being Joe.

Read the whole thing.

CHRISTIAN TOTO: Why 3 Woke Comedy Flops Won’t Stop Hollywood.

This year isn’t half over yet, but we’ve already seen three comedies brimming with social justice posturing.

• “Long Shot” resembles a standard rom-com, but the love story repeatedly pauses for progressive bromides.

• “Booksmart” riffs on the “Superbad” formula, but with female students sharing feminist talking points and empowerment mantras.

• “Late Night” stars Mindy Kaling as a Millennial trying to crack the all-male writing team for a talk show legend. Her character rails against the “patriarchy” and demands diversity … or else.

“Long Shot” under-performed with a $30 million haul. “Booksmart” fared worse, managing a measly $19 million to date. “Late Night’s opening weekend proved dismal, too, with a $5.1 million haul.

See a pattern here?

Yeah. Not a whole lot of humor in those comedies.

SHOCKING NEWS FOR THE HISTORICALLY IGNORANT: VIDEO: Students SHOCKED to learn Biden, not Trump, said these ‘racist’ quotes.

DON’T BE EVIL: Genius accuses Google of copying its lyrics data.

Have you found yourself using Google’s lyrics results more than visiting individual lyrics sites? You’re not alone — and Genius thinks underhanded tactics are involved. The company has accused Google of not only hurting its traffic with its lyrics cards, but of sometimes grabbing Genius’ lyrics verbatim. The evidence is in the apostrophes, Genius said. It purposefully alternated between straight and curved apostrophes as a form of watermarking (they typically spell out “red handed” in Morse code), and there were reportedly over 100 instances where Google’s lyrics included those exact apostrophes.


DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION: University ignores its own lawyer, refuses to recognize conservative club.

LIZ SHELD’S MORNING BRIEF: Say What? ‘Multiple Security Incidents’ Involved with Hillary Homebrewed Email Setup. “Wow, guys, I’m shook. I was told that it is perfectly acceptable to set up a homebrewed email server with the same security protection as a mid-90s hotmail account, to manage highly classified communications to skirt government reporting and archiving requirements. I was told that its not criminal to transmit and print out highly classified information, even if one is briefed on and signed off on the protocol for handling classified information and material. And furthermore, I was told that it was no big deal (quick squirrel!) that President Obama knew about and engaged with these unsecured communications.”

Spoiler: It isn’t perfectly acceptable, it was criminal, and it is a big deal.

NICE: Low-cost Valkyrie unmanned aircraft completes second test flight. “Billed as a ‘low-cost’ drone, the XQ-58A met all test objectives during a 71-minute flight last week at Yuma Proving Grounds in Arizona.”

STUART TAYLOR, JR.: Sex Predator or #MeToo Prey?

Dababneh is one of many men accused of sexual misconduct who have been presumed guilty, without meaningful due process, by their employers (or campuses), peers, the media, and the public. Their lives and professional prospects, including Dababneh’s, are typically devastated. Some become depressed, even suicidal. Some, however, are fighting back in any way they can. Hundreds of accused college students have sued their campuses for ruling against and often expelling them in proceedings that, they claim, lack due process. And a majority of those have won at least preliminary rulings.

But very few accused men sue their accusers, in part to avoid public trials and minimize publicity. That’s what makes Dababneh’s case unusual. Even those who have strong evidence of innocence typically sue only their campuses or employers. It is harder to win a suit against an accuser and most could not pay large damage awards.

In Dababneh’s case, he says that he become convinced that a public trial in a court of law governed by due process became his only hope of clearing his name. He had been ruined by publicity about the Lopez accusation and stunned by the unfavorable outcome of a highly secretive and (in his view) grossly unfair, guilt-presuming investigation by a private Sacramento lawyer hired by the State Assembly amid the highly charged #MeToo atmosphere.

People will act more carefully if they think they may face consequences for their actions. Much, much more at the link.

BJORN LOMBORG: Sorry, banning plastic bags won’t save our planet.

A 2018 study by the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food looked not just at plastic waste, but also at climate-change damage, ozone depletion, human toxicity and other indicators. It found you must reuse an organic cotton shopping bag 20,000 times before it will have less climate damage than a plastic bag.

If we use the same shopping bag every single time we go to the store, twice every week, it will still take 191 years before the overall environmental effect of using the cotton bag is less than if we had just used plastic.

Even a simple paper bag requires 43 reuses to be better for the environment – far beyond the point at which the bag will be fit for the purpose.

The study clearly shows that a simple plastic bag, reused as a trash bag, has the smallest environmental impact of any of the choices.

Don’t bother the Gaia-worshippers with facts — they’ve made up their minds.

WHAT IT WILL TAKE TO WIN: Pro-Trump group to spend $20M on registering voters in Fla., Pa., N.C., Ga.

TO BE FAIR, IT WAS DESIGNED TO: Professor Stephen Gillers (NYU) Unwittingly Demonstrates Why ABA Model Rule 8.4(g) Chills Protected Speech.

MORE LIKE THIS, PLEASE: Woke apocalypse: the Oberlin College suit. I believe that the woke mob can be subjected to lawsuits on a number of fronts, from statutory civil rights violations, to defamation, to a variety of business torts. And should be.

OUTRUNNING THEIR BASE: Progressives Vowed Driver’s Licenses for the Undocumented. Then the Suburbs Spoke Up.

HMM: A Wall Street firm handicapped the impact of Big Tech regulation — and it’s bad news for Facebook.

Facebook and Google have come under increased scrutiny in recent months over the companies dominant position in the online advertising market.

Martin estimates that Google would be worth 50% more if its broken up, but Facebook wouldn’t be so lucky. There’s also broader concern about big tech’s upcoming battle against regulators globally and the impact it will have on growth.

“We believe FAANG growth rates are decelerating and they will increasingly enter each other’s business to drive growth,” she said. “We believe that not all FAANG ‘s will survive this battle.”

Martin also warned that Facebook’s margins are falling as costs are growing at 50% per year.

I bet they could save a lot of money by getting out of the Thought Police business.

SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED: Rep. Eric Swalwell rolls out gun control plan.

A 48-hour cooling-off period between the time a person purchases a firearm and the time they take possession of it.

Implement background checks for all firearm and ammunition purchases.

Require that liability insurance be purchased before a person can buy, trade, or otherwise receive a firearm.

Create a national firearm registry that is linked to individual firearms, and require that all purchases, transfers, and donations of firearms be mandatorily registered.

Prohibit individuals from purchasing more than one handgun per 30-day period.
Prohibit the online sale of ammunition.

Ban and buy back bump stocks, large-capacity magazines that are capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition, and silencers.

Prohibit individuals from hoarding ammunition in quantities exceeding 200 rounds per caliber or gauge.

Repealing the Protection for Lawful Commerce in Guns Act.

Prohibit states from arming teachers.

I think the only thing he missed was Danny Davis’s 50% ammo tax.

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Oberlin’s $44 million verdict could happen to any college — they’re all a mess.

VENEZUELA: A Humanitarian Crisis The Left Couldn’t Care Less About.

Try to imagine this scenario. A once-wealthy country spirals downward over the course of several years into a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions. Starvation and violence are rampant. The economy has collapsed. Millions have already fled. And all the while, an autocratic ruler acts with complete indifference, when he’s not trying to crush dissent and blame other countries for the misery he’s inflicting on his own.

Under normal circumstances, there would be regular protests in Washington. Hollywood actors would be busy creating tear-jerker videos and making emotional award ceremony speeches. Musicians would be putting on global benefit concerts. The corruption, desperation and daily human misery would be above the fold in newspapers and leading the nightly news. It would be on everyone’s mind.

But in this case, the catastrophic suffering is being almost completely ignored. Why? Because it’s happening in Venezuela — a socialist state that the left has for years championed and now refuses to admit has been a monumental failure.

It was fun until the other people’s money ran out.

OUTRUNNING THEIR BASE: Poll: AOC disliked, distrusted, unwanted in her own NY district.

WHY ARE DEMOCRAT-CONTROLLED JURISDICTIONS AND INDUSTRIES SUCH CITADELS OF WHITE PRIVILEGE? “White students in New York City are 10 times as likely as Asian students to have a 504 designation that allows extra time on the specialized high school entrance exams.”

VIDEO: Biden Says ‘First Thing I’ll Do as President is Eliminate the President’s Tax Cut.’

President Walter Mondale could not be reached for comment.

CHANGE: ‘Sing Hallelujah to the Lord’ has become the unofficial anthem of the anti-extradition protest movement: The presence of Christian groups have made protests look a lot less like the “organized riots” the government said it had to crack down on to bring back law and order.

A friend on Facebook suggests that the Chinese government may have backed off for fear of empowering the churches. It occurs to me that while there are many more communists than Christians in China, there are probably more believing Christians than believing communists.

It’s also the case that — as with the Tea Party — the powers that be are more frightened by bourgeois revolutionary movements than by those of the extreme left or right. And, like the Tea Party, the Hong Kong protesters leave things cleaner than they found them. You can see why the authorities are worried. What if they did that to government? Same worries that united the GOP and Dem establishments — and the press — against the Tea Party here.


HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Why is UNC funding ‘Hub for Social Justice?’

Campus protests started in the 1960s, but protests on today’s college campuses have a different vibe. While protests in the past pitted students against university leadership, protests in the present are supported and accommodated by presidents and administrators.

At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, for example, college officials waste resources on political activism and social justice projects housed within the Campus Y, Chapel Hill’s “hub for social justice.”

Although a substantial portion of its revenues come from gifts and the University Foundation, the Campus Y benefits from its status as an official part of the university as well as generous university funding. Its primary purpose is to push progressive politics to all students on campus, from freshman orientation through graduation. If UNC-Chapel Hill bankrolled a right-wing campus organization that encouraged students to hold pro-life protests, take gap years to work for conservative politicians, and otherwise shaped students to teach them about “conservative philosophy and activism,” the outrage would be constant. Yet, when all the above is done for “social justice” and left-wing causes, nothing seems amiss….

As a school known for its liberal bias, UNC-Chapel Hill further inserts social-justice rhetoric into the lives of its students with the Campus Y. By funding and supporting it, UNC-Chapel Hill sends the message to its students that leftist politics are the only acceptable views on campus.

The existence of the Campus Y, as a publicly funded and official university institution, is a clear violation of UNC-Chapel Hill’s legal responsibility to uphold institutional neutrality. It’s a misuse of public funds and an insult to students who pay tuition to pursue truth, not politics.

So who’s going to do something about it?

THE INSTAWIFE IS PRETTY BROADMINDED, but I don’t think wearing this would get me any patriotic sex.

So I’m going to put this down as an example of bad targeting.

OH, DEAR LORD, REALLY?  “Big Ideas,” Little Candidates.





AH, THE LEFT AND PROJECTION:  Psychology Today And The Trump As Messiah Fallacy.


FARMING THE HOMELESS AND ADDICTED FOR MORE THAN VOTES:  Power outage at Greensboro apartments has unintended consequence, reveals alleged Medicaid scheme.



May I say I’m getting really tired of the obligatory “climate change” pieties inserted into anything of this sort?

WEIRDLY NO DEMOCRAT PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES MENTIONED:  These are America’s favorite vegetables — and most hated.

June 17, 2019

IS THIS HOW TO BEAT BIG TECH? Rich Logis at The American Thinker sees a way the Conservative Media Industrial Complex (CMIC) can defeat Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the lefty Silicon Valley giants.  What do you think?

DISPATCHES FROM GROUND ZERO OF THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: Oberlin College administrators were in even deeper than reported in case against family bakery.

The lawsuit goes on to allege that when David Gibson sat down with administrators to tell them about the devastating effect that defamation, boycotts, demonstrations, and refusal to do business with Gibson’s were having on his family’s store, Oberlin administrators sought to negotiate special treatment for shoplifting students in exchange for resuming relations with the bakery.

In short, Oberlin administrators said they’d consider resuming business with the bakery if the bakery would agree to not push criminal charges on first-time shoplifters; that would solve the “profiling” problem.

Even worse, the lawsuit alleged that “credit was given to students who attended the protest in lieu of classes, and administrators bought them food to support them.”

Earlier: Student journalist: Shoplifting at Gibson’s Bakery was part of Oberlin College’s “Culture of Theft.”

OPEN THREAD: She put the lime in the coconut.

THAT’S NOT CREEPY AT ALL: Denver Councilwoman Promises To Force Socialism ‘By Any Means Necessary.’

Earlier: Bernie Bro James T. Hodgkinson, Attempted Assassin Of Steve Scalise, Already Being Erased From History. And additional examples of leftist violence and eliminationist rhetoric at the link.

WHY IS THE LEFT SUCH A CESSPIT? Teen Vogue Encourages Children To Explore Prostitution As A Career. “What drew outrage, beyond the obvious, was that the article was published in Teen Vogue, a magazine targeted toward 13-year-old girls.”


I eagerly await Paul Krugman’s stern condemnation of such dehumanizing eliminationist rhetoric.

WELL, IT IS 2019, YOU KNOW: The Sexbot Apocalypse.

With a headline like that, I had to make sure the article wasn’t written by notorious robophobe Matthew Yglesias.™

OH, TO BE IN ENGLAND, THAT LAND OF MAGICAL THINKING: British Police Propose Fighting Domestic Violence By Distributing Less Pointy Knives.

AT AMAZON, save in Car Care.

Plus, deals on Power and Hand Tools.

WHO’S YOUR DADDY? ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO KNOW? Twisting Ladders chronicles five families dealing with DNA surprises: people discovering who their biological parents are and meeting siblings they never knew about.  Jayne Riew tells their riveting stories in words and photographs. If you think your relatives are complicated, check out these families’ joys and sorrows.

DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: Harvard is more racist than Kyle Kashuv.

YOUR DAILY TREACHER: Domino’s Is Testing a Pizza-Bot.

Skynet licks his virtual lips in anticipation.

THE NARRATIVE MUST BE PRESERVED AT ALL COSTS: Venezuela: A Humanitarian Crisis The Left Couldn’t Care Less About.

THE CORBYNIZATION OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY CONTINUES APACE: How Pete Buttigieg Entered the Anti-Israel Echo Chamber, and adopted Obama’s foreign policy.

BIG STATE, BIG MISTAKE: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has been signing a lot of bills into law that are good news for fans of limited government (like re-legalizing lemonade stands), but he made a big mistake signing these campus sexual harassment bills. In Texas, not only is sexual harassment now officially up to the most sensitive person on campus (no “reasonable person” requirement), but if you are a professor who doesn’t report this defective form of “harassment” to the campus Title IX apparatchiks, you can actually go to jail (Class B misdemeanor, up to 180 days in the slammer). Texas can, and must, do a lot better, because this just enshrined unconstitutional speech codes into state law.

TWITTER IS A VIRUS OF THE MIND: An excerpt from Glenn’s new book, The Social Media Upheaval.

COCAINE MITCH: McConnell Explains Congress Stuff to Jon Stewart Regarding 9/11 Victims Fund.

YOU’RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BLOG: Democratic Presidential Clown Car Update for June 17, 2019. “The lineup for the first two debates are set, Warren pulls ahead of Sanders for second place in early states, Castro and Klobuchar can’t even crack the top three in their own states, and Gabbard’s childhood in a white surfer dude’s Hari Krishna cult.”

RIP: Gloria Vanderbilt Dies at 95.

Vanderbilt was the only daughter of railroad magnate Reginald Vanderbilt and his second wife. As such, she and a half-sister, Cathleen Vanderbilt, each stood to inherit a share in a trust after the executive died when Gloria was just eighteen months old. Her paternal aunt would eventually win custody over the girl and her share in the trust.  The trial around who would take control of young Vanderbilt’s life and finances was a tabloid sensation at the time.

But the woman’s life of adventure had only just begun. She studied acting and art and also became a top international fashion model, having been in the public eye starting at a very young age.

In the 1970s, she was among the first to grab hold of the craze for designer jeans, launching a line with her signature stitched on to one of the back pockets. Vanderbilt would go on to launch lines of dresses, perfumes, dresses, accessories – even liqueurs. She also turned to the literary world, writing novels and memoirs. In 2016, she and Cooper, the son of her fourth husband, published an account of their relationship, “The Rainbow Comes and Goes: A Mother and Son On Life, Love, and Loss.” A two-hour documentary produced by Liz Garbus, debuted on HBO that same year.

Vanderbilt first married in 1941 to Pat DiCicco, an agent to actors with a rough reputation. The marriage would last just four years. Within weeks of its end, she married conductor Leopold Stokowski. They had two sons, Leopold Stokowski and Christopher Stokowski, but the marriage ended in divorce in 1955. Vanderbilt was married to director Sidney Lumet between 1956 and 1963. She married author Wyatt Cooper on Christmas Eve, 1963. The marriage ended when Cooper died during surgery in 1978. The couple had two children: Anderson Cooper, and Carter Cooper, who died in 1988.

Her jeans commercials were ubiquitous on network TV in the late 1970s and early 1980s, including this one, which mixes blue jeans, Bobby Short, and Cole Porter, in a classic example of Tom Wolfe’s “funky chic” paradigm. As Wolfe wrote, “Everybody had sworn off fashion, but somehow nobody moved to Cincinnati to work among the poor. Instead, everyone stayed put and imported the poor to the fashion pages:”

JUSTICE: Supreme Court avoids new case over same-sex wedding cake in Oregon. “The Supreme Court is throwing out an Oregon court ruling against bakers who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. The justices’ action Monday keeps the high-profile case off the court’s election-year calendar and orders state judges to take a new look at the dispute between the lesbian couple and the owners of a now-closed bakery in the Portland area.”

OLD AND BUSTED AT THE WAPO: “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

The New Hotness? Democracy Dies with Chinese Propaganda. “The Post, since at least [2011], has carried reporting from the China Daily paper under an advertising deal they call ‘China Watch’. But it should – as Julian Baum from Richmond implies – be called ‘China Botch’ since it is nothing like accurate or contextualized reporting on the region. That’s because China Daily is a fully-owned subsidiary and propaganda arm of the Communist Party of China i.e. the government.”

NEW SOCIALIST “IT GIRL” CONTINUES TO PROMISE FREE DIVIDENDS: Chris Christie: AOC Is “Misleading” People By Promising Free College And Healthcare Without A Plan To Pay For It.

DISPATCHES FROM GROUND ZERO OF THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: Student journalist: Shoplifting at Gibson’s Bakery was part of Oberlin College’s “Culture of Theft.”

Jane’s Addiction’s “Been Caught Stealing” is a fun earwig from the last years that anybody still wanted their MTV. But to paraphrase Monty Python and the Holy Grail, dodgy videos about shoplifting are no basis for a system of education. Supreme academic achievement derives from a careful study of the classics, not from some farcical $1.98 rock video.

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HMM: Calpers’ Dilemma: Save the World or Make Money? “California’s public pension system wrestles with new doubts about divestments based on social concerns.”

In the last two years, its directors have opposed proposals to sell stocks in private prisons, gun retailers and companies tied to Turkey because of the potential for lost revenue and skepticism about whether divestment forces social change. One of these directors is now urging the system, also known as Calpers, to end its ban on stocks tied to tobacco, a policy in place since 2000.

“I do see a change,” said that director, California police sergeant Jason Perez, in an interview. “I think our default is to not divest.”

Calpers isn’t the only system wrestling with these new doubts. Rising funding deficits are prompting public officials and unions across the U.S. to reconsider the financial implications of investment decisions that reflect certain social concerns. The total shortfall for public-pension funds across the U.S. is $4.2 trillion, according to the Federal Reserve.

New York state’s Democratic comptroller and unions representing civil service workers oppose a bill in the Legislature to ban fossil fuel investments by the state pension fund. In New Jersey, Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat, vetoed legislation last year that would have forced divestment of state pension dollars from companies that avoid cleaning up Superfund sites by declaring bankruptcy.

There is some evidence that divesting from certain holdings can be costly for systems that oversee retirement savings for millions of public workers.

No bailouts.


In the course of just a couple minutes on CNN, struggling Democratic presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke went from “umm, I don’t know” to “umm, yes, I think so” to “hmm, no, nope, not at all” on a question about an issue that, in this point in the game, he ought to have a stand.

It’s like host Jake Tapper was his position whisperer or something.

Here’s the script, hat tip to Mediaite, beginning with Tapper asking if Julian Castro’s immigration plan calling to decriminalize border crossings — to make it A-OK for anyone and everyone to enter America — was right or wrong.

Tapper to O’Rourke: “Do you agree with that? Should that law be repealed?”

Let the stumbling begin.

Kennedy-esque! Ted Kennedy-esque, unfortunately, for Robert’s chances.

THEY GO WHERE THE MONEY AND POWER ARE: Estimated 10,000 people in DC are spies.

HONG KONG PROTESTS: Activists praised for clearing away rubbish and parting crowds for ambulances. ‘Two million people marched here yesterday, it was occupied all night, and there isn’t a scrap of rubbish on the road.’

Thomas Friedman, hardest hit.

CLIMATE DENIERS: The Seattle Times Story on Massive Heat Wave Deaths in Seattle: Does it Make Sense?

On Friday, the front page of the Seattle Times had a terrifying story about Seattle heat waves that could kill hundreds— in fact, over 700 per event. One suggesting that only by rapidly cutting greenhouse gas emissions, might our fellow citizens be saved.

Their online headline deepened the angst, telling us that Seattle was “unprepared” for the “deadly heat waves” that were being stoked by global warming.

As I describe in detail below, there are profound issues with that paper and with the Seattle Time article that promoted it. And as I will discuss, such poor journalism and problematic papers have the potential to undermine progress in dealing with the actual threats accompanying global warming.

Much more at the link.

WHY IS THE LEFT SUCH A CESSPIT OF DOXXING? “Doxxing” of a Bronx Man Shows News Media at Its Worst. “The scariest part of the whole matter might be recent reports rolling in that Facebook helped The Daily Beast’s reporters track the man down.”

RICK MORAN: Are Hong Kong’s Days of Freedom Numbered?

ROGER SIMON: Only with Real Transparency Will the FBI Ever Be Trusted Again.

THE RESPECT GOVERNMENT DESERVES: Pakistan government meeting streamed on Facebook Live with cat filter turned on.

UAW LOST CHATTANOOGA VW PLANT VOTE, AGAIN: It kind of got lost in news, but on Friday night VW workers at the German auto giant’s Chattanooga, Tenn., plant again voted against forming a UAW-affiliated union.

As LaborPains noted, the margin of victory for the anti-union forces was slightly smaller this time than in 2014, but the defeat was still a loss and came after the UAW spent who knows how much on its campaign:

“Regardless of whether you were pro- or anti-UAW, local news reports made clear it was impossible to miss the union’s message in Chattanooga. The union’s lavish spending on television, radio, digital and even gas station advertisements ensured that workers were well-educated on what they were voting for (or against) this week. A pro-union reporter even suggested that the city was “mobilized” in favor of the UAW.”


TRUE: ‘Latinx’ is not a word in Spanish and Hispanics will never accept it as one. “Progressives have now decided that the binary nature of Spanish is incompatible with wokeness and they intend to bury what they believe is a remnant of colonial patriarchy. Since there is no discernible limit to what the far Left is willing to do in the name of equality of outcome, everything is on the table. In Latin America, there are now efforts on college campuses to upend the entire Spanish language.”

DON SURBER: A party run by children.

AOC and her ilk want reparations. Now! AOC and her ilk want open borders. Now! AOC and her ilk want their student loans erased. Now! AOC and her ilk want gun confiscation. Now! AOC and her ilk want the end of coal, oil and gas. Now! AOC and her ilk want whatever they want, and they want it now.

They view America as genocidal, racist, sexist, Islamophobic and ignorant.

The problem is most Americans know the facts. They not only reject her views but laugh at them.

Nevertheless, Democrats are stuck with delivering on these nutty promises.

Read the whole thing.

LIZ SHELD’S MORNING BRIEF: Trump Fires His Leaking Pollsters. “Do you ever see these kinds of shenanigans coming from the Democrats: people supposedly ‘on their side’ sabotaging their candidate or their president with leaks? No, we see people ‘on their side’ lying under oath to protect their candidate, we see them smashing phones to hide evidence, deleting emails after they were subpoenaed, or even using the government surveillance apparatus in the service of ‘their’ side. Maybe the internal saboteurs aren’t really on our side? It’s worth a thought.

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