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Carly Fiorina: ‘A Lot of Liberals Find Me Kind of Scary Right Now’

by Debra Heine

“I think that I am distinctly horrifying to liberals [since] I am a conservative who right now head-to-head beats Hillary Clinton soundly.”

‘Daily Beast’ to Jeb!: Drop Out

by Michael Walsh

The best thing Jeb! can do for his country right now is to get off the stage.


A New Low in Burning Stupidity

by Michael Walsh

Meryl Streep catches some backlash from the Social Justice Warriors.

About Those Monsters in Your Room…

by Michael Walsh

“Sleep paralysis” is the culprit, scientists say.

Continued Immigration Not in Britain’s Best Interest: Home Secretary

by Michael Walsh

Theresa May finally saying what most Brits already think.

Obama to Visit Roseburg to Meet with Families of Shooting Victims

by Debra Heine

When is the “Consoler-in-Chief” going to visit the victims of gun violence in his hometown of Chicago? More: David Jaques: Obama Not Welcome in Roseburg to ‘Stand on the Corpses of Our Loved Ones’

Reid: GOP Needs to Stop ‘Right-Wing Ideological Crusade Fashioned by the NRA’

“We need Republicans to stop acting as puppets of the NRA,” says beneficiary of NRA donations.

Poll: Carly Fiorina Is Crushing Hillary Clinton In Iowa

by Debra Heine

“She’s terrifying to Democrats.”

Florida Senate Candidate Once Sacrificed a Goat and Drank Its Blood

In a year of unorthodox candidates, Sol Invictus barely stands out at all.

Missing Cargo Ship Has Sunk, According to Coast Guard

Authorities last heard from the crew of El Faro as it was taking on water in the throes of Hurricane Joaquin.

WATCH: Hillary’s Effort at Hip Rebranding on SNL

“You give off such a young, cool vibe,” real Clinton tells faux Clinton in the skit.

TPP Agreement Reached; Obama Vows Congress Will Have ‘Months to Read Every Word’

But Sanders vows to do everything he can in the Senate to defeat it.

San Francisco’s Last Gun Store Closing Up Shop

by Liz Sheld

“It can no longer operate in the city’s political climate of increased gun control regulations and vocal opposition to its business.”

Brace Yourselves: Supes Make Sail for More Controversy

by Michael Walsh

Further trouble brewing in the high court.

Mad Merkel Losing Political Allies in Ongoing ‘Refugee’ Onslaught

by Michael Walsh

Chancellor refuses to deal with reality as 1.5 million “migrants” head for Deutschland.

Israel Approaches Its Moment of Truth

by Michael Walsh

There are times when you simply have to “fight to the death.”

Was Jack the Ripper a Mason?

by Michael Walsh

They All Love Jack

Rand Paul Insists He Isn’t Going to Drop Out of the Race

Reports to the contrary are premature.

Netanyahu: Shut Down Stores of Palestinian Shopkeepers Who Mocked and Abused Jewish Stabbing Victim

Fighting terrorism “does not require harsh criticism, it requires a lot of strength.”

Should Guns Be Regulated Like Cars?

How about no.

Rockefeller: The Richest American Who Ever Lived

by Michael van der Galien

Was America’s first billionaire a greedy robber baron, a generous philanthropist, or both?

Biden as Veep and Presidential Candidate? White House Says, 'No Problem'

by Michael Walsh

Even Hillary must be getting the message by now.

David Jaques: Obama Not Welcome in Roseburg to ‘Stand on the Corpses of Our Loved Ones’

by Debra Heine

“We’ve talked to dozens and dozens of citizens, some family members of the victims, our elected officials…”

General Says Afghans Called in U.S. Strike That Hit Hospital

Doctors Without Borders: “Their description of the attack keeps changing…the reality is the U.S. dropped those bombs.”

White House: Potential Candidate Biden Can Come to 'Person Who Has Won Last Two Elections' for Advice

Earnest notes that if Biden runs, he can’t forget about his day job.

Netanyahu: 'No Restrictions' on Israeli Security Forces to Crush Terrorists After Hamas Kills Couple

“The police are going deeply into the Arab neighborhoods, which has not been done in the past…”

ISIS Is Using Ancient Churches As Slaughterhouses And Torture Chambers

In cities like Mosul and Qaraqosh, terrorists are defaming one beautiful Christian landmarks.

Hillary Clinton Is a Nasty Piece of Work, Part 632

by Debra Heine

The New York Post has been doing a yeoman’s job in shining a light on Hillary’s loathsome character.

Senator Goes on Twitter Rant About Next Speaker of the House, Endorses Non-Lawmaker Pick

Sasse: “Next speaker needs to have the ideas of Jack Kemp, work ethic of Mike Rowe, resolve of Margaret Thatcher…”

5 Top Victories for Putin in Syria

If Moscow can avoid getting sucked into a civil war quagmire, Putin has high hopes for helping Assad.

Did Trump Just Set Back the Gun-Rights Cause?

Said mass shootings will continue in the U.S. “no matter what.”

Islamic Savages Destroy More of World's Heritage in Syria

by Michael Walsh

Time to wipe them out.

As If You Needed Another Reason to Vote Against Hillary Clinton

by Michael Walsh

When the Left says “gun control,” they mean confiscation.

Roseburg Newspaper Publisher: An Obama Visit Would Be 'Very Inappropriate' After He Politicized Shooting

by Debra Heine

“We believe in the Second Amendment. We believe in the whole Constitution.”

Like America in 2015? Thank the Ted Kennedy of 1965

by Michael Walsh

Spake he: “The bill will not flood our cities with immigrants.”