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Did Cop Killer Ismaaiyl Brinsley Visit Terror-Tied Brooklyn Mosque?

Al-Farooq in Brooklyn is one of the most terror-connected mosques in America.

NYPD Cop Killer Ismaaiyl Brinsley Started Fight with Atlanta Panhandler, Discovered He Was ‘Muslim Too’

Cop assassin posted video of the exchange on Facebook.


Two NY City Police Officers Shot Dead in Brooklyn

“It’s an execution,” one law enforcement source told the New York Post. More from Ed Driscoll: 
Its Orgin and Purpose, Still a Total Mystery

Rand Paul: ‘Marco Rubio Used Rude Language’

“I won’t stand for it!”

NLRB Drops the Hammer on McDonald’s Corporation

Fast food companies in the agency’s crosshairs.

Obama Signs Broad Israel Partnership Bill, But Vows to ‘Interpret’ According to His Policy

Will only implement law in way “that does not interfere with my constitutional authority to conduct diplomacy.”

Monsters From the Deep

by Michael Walsh

Talk about a fish story…

And the World’s Sexiest Woman Is… Kate

by Michael Walsh

Who else could she have been?

A Criminal Organization Masquerading as…

by Michael Walsh

Democrats, doing what they do best

Hackers Release New Demands: Pull Online Trailers & Don’t Allow The Interview to Be Leaked

Will Sony go a step further and do the Communist tyranny’s bidding to try and scrub the internet of every trace of the offending film?

The Chocolate of the Future Is in 3D: Hershey’s Has a 3D Chocolate Printer

by The Tatler

The exhibit opens today.

George Clooney to Li’l Kim: Drop Dead

by Michael Walsh

‘Do whatever you can to get this movie out’

Obama Names ‘Task Force’ to Recommend ’21st Century Policing’ Practices

Co-chaired by Philly police commissioner.

Nebraska, Oklahoma Ask SCOTUS to Declare Colorado Pot Law Unconstitutional

by The Tatler

Could other states take similar action against Colorado?

What the Stats Really Say About Racially Motivated Cop Killings

Black lives matter a lot more than the mainstream media wants you to believe.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Shows Up in Court While Conspiracy Loons Support Him Outside

The next Mumia?

Rubio Leads With His Chin, Gets Clocked

by Michael Walsh

Who cares about Cuba?

Obamacare Tax Rules a Boon for Preparers

The IRS will be enforcing a law for which the rules haven’t even been written yet.

Sharpton: Use of Garner, Brown Names by NYPD Killer 'Reprehensible and Against the Pursuit of Justice'

Sharpton schedules press event, prayer service for murdered officers Liu and Ramos: “We have stressed that most police are not bad,” NAN leader says.

Cop Killer Ismaaiyl Brinsley Posted Quranic Verse: 'And Strike Terror Into Their Hearts'

Assassinated two NYPD officers in Brooklyn this afternoon

A Christmas Present Courtesy of Obamacare

Death, taxes…and Obamacare.

Cuban Dissidents Cite 'Betrayal' by Obama

Throwing Cuban democrats under the bus.

Obama: State of Black America 'Better Now Than When I Came Into Office'

Still, he said, the “gap between income and wealth of white and black America persists.”

Feinstein: In Past 6 Years, 'No Real Policy' to Handle Sony-Style Attacks

“It has become a very sad way of life. And at some point, we face a disastrous attack.”

Rangel: Extradition of Cop Killer from Cuba May Not Be in 'Best Interest' of Americans

On most-wanted terrorist Chesimard: “I think you would agree with me that on that radar screen her name doesn’t even come up.”

Obama Says Sony 'Made a Mistake': 'I Wish They Had Spoken to Me First'

Plus: President is a big fan of The Interview star James “Flacco”.

Put Back That Bottle of Booze You're Thinking of Buying as a Christmas Present

A Consumer Reports poll ranks liquor as America’s least desirable holiday gift.

Happy Ending: Vin Scully, the Ribs, and THE Ring

by Michael Walsh

A feel-good story for Christmastime

[WATCH] CNN: Hackers Sent Message to Sony Thanking Them for Obeying Demands

by Liz Sheld

And don’t make any additional trouble.

Senator Wants to Screen The Interview at First Re-election Fundraiser

Kirk: “Teach the North Koreans a lesson about what Americans can and cannot do.”

Earnest: Obama Has 'Certainly Been on Receiving End of Expressions' Like The Interview

Vaguely promised a “proportional response” toward the “sophisticated actor” who hacked Sony.

Poll: Plurality of Americans Opposed to Commercial Drones

by The Tatler

Soon, they could be everywhere.

Carly Fiorina Seems to Be Gearing Up for a Presidential Run

Worth a look and not named “Bush”.

FCC: Hail to the Redskins

by Michael Walsh

Feds rule “Redskins” name not obscene or profane.

In Holland, It's Back to Court for Geert Wilders

by Michael Walsh

Are there too many Moroccans in the Netherlands?