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Why Do Democrats Oppose Voter ID?

It isn’t because of voter fraud.

Chicago Sun-Times Endorses Republican Bruce Rauner for Governor

Hell hasn’t exactly frozen over but it is unusual for the liberal newspaper to endorse a Republican.


Islamic State Renews Assault on Kobani

Kurds hanging tough as attacks intensify.

Speculation Runs Rampant About Mission of X-37B Space Plane

Its two-year mission shrouded in secrecy.

Islamic State Training Pilots to Fly MIGs

Knowing how to fly a plane is one thing. Becoming an effective combat pilot is quite another.

One Last Hurrah for Texas Voter ID

Enjoy it while it lasts.

College Football Success in Mississippi Naturally Prompts HuffPo to Write About Race

Whitesplaining killjoy.

So…ISIS Now Flying 3 Captured Fighter Jets

Time for an ISIS czar.

Fed Chair Yellen Becomes Big Education Shill in Speech

Not your job, lady.

Dan Rather’s Revenge and the Battle for Free Speech

by Scott Swett

NEW YORK – Robert Redford will play Dan Rather in a film about the former CBS anchor’s disputed report about President George W. Bush’s National Guard service. The film, titled Truth, will be adapted from the memoir Truth And Duty: The Press, the President, and the Privilege of Power by former CBS producer Mary Mapes, […]

State Dept. Inspector General Finds ‘Appearance of Undue Influence and Favoritism’ in Internal Probes

“It risks undermining confidence in the integrity of the Department and its leaders.”

Obama on Ebola: ‘I don’t have a philosophical objection, necessarily, to a travel ban.’


Obama to Appoint Gore Recount Lawyer, Former VP Chief of Staff as Ebola Czar

Democratic Party operative Klain has worked as a lawyer since leaving the White House in 2011. More: Obama’s New Ebola Czar Was Deeply Involved in Solyndra Scandal

Expanding Threat: CDC Says Infected Nurse May Have Had Symptoms on Flight From Dallas to Cleveland

Doctors say Amber Vinson did not have typical Ebola symptoms when she was evaluated and diagnosed.

Earnest: Travel Ban Would ‘Drive Those Individuals’ Possibly Carrying Ebola ‘Underground’

“I don’t mean literally underground.”

Nurses Union Asks Obama to Order Hospitals to Use Adequate Protective Measures

“We would not send soldiers to the battlefield without armor and weapons.”

Is the White House Behind the CDC’s Travel Ban Stubbornness? Frieden Won’t Say.

“I can’t speak for the White House,” Frieden dodged.

Senator Doc: Obama Needs to Withdraw Nomination of Young Activist for Surgeon General

Barrasso: “Now more than ever, our nation needs to have an experienced and effective Surgeon General.”

Ohio Orders Travel Restrictions to Ensure Ebola Monitoring Compliance

Individuals being actively monitored for the virus prohibited from leaving their health department jurisdiction.

Idaho City Threatens to Jail Ministers for Not Performing Gay Weddings

The assault on conscience continues.

N.Y. 'Safe Act' Strips 34,500 of Constitutional Rights, Stops Not One Mass Shooting

What the law has done effectively is to create tens of thousands of second-class citizens, branded as dangerous without criminal charge or conviction.

Obamacare Deductibles Forcing Patients to Forgo Preventive Care

In short, there is little practical difference between having no insurance, and having an Obamacare insurance policy.

We Are All Preppers Now

Taking prudent, reasonable, logical precautions to protect you and your family isn’t crazy.

Flip-Flop: Obama's Anti-Travel-Ban Wall Cracks

“…prudent step…”

Perry Backs Ebola Travel Ban from 'Countries That Have Been Hit Hardest'

Had previously shied away from calls for a travel ban, including from the state’s senators.

10-Year-Old Girl Seeks to Become Gun-Rights 'Inspiration'

You go, girl!

FBI Director Comey Concerned about Losing Access to Citizens' Digital Data

by Liz Sheld

We just need more government regulations and laws to fix this pesky encryption obstacle.

Forbes: Small Business Owners Should Be Single-Issue Voters

SBA Time?

Obama's New Ebola Czar Was Deeply Involved in Solyndra Scandal

Obama installs lobbyist to keep America safe from Ebola.

Kerry Compares 'Radical Exploitation of Religion' in Caliphate to Thirty Years' War

“Protestants, Catholics, others who have fought. It’s not new to us. Tragically, it’s more prominent because media is more available today.”

Vice President Biden's Son Booted from the Navy: Cocaine

Was it covered up?

Kerry Meets Iran Counterpart; Nuke Deal Hung Up on 'Sort of Everything'

But they have “reached a level” in negotiations that “we know each other well enough to make jokes.”

Muhammad and Islam’s Sex Slaves


Again: Another Democrat Refuses to Admit Voting for Obama


Putin To Attempt Damage Control With Western Leaders In Milan Meeting

“I haven’t invaded anything this month…”