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Government At Work-Kid Gets Detention For Sharing School Lunch

How did we ever survive back in the day?

Obama on International Relations: ‘Even the Folks Who Badmouth Us Look to Us’

Asks Democrats at DNC event to “choose hope,” because “hope is what gave soldiers courage to storm a beach.”


Roger Goodell Promises to Right the Ship

First-no more surprises.

Catalonia Parliament Approves Independence Referendum

Madrid moves to block the vote.

House Dem Slams Obama’s ISIS Plan: ‘Arming Semi-Bad Guys to Kill Barbarically-Bad Guys’

Spending to arm the rebels is “foolish.”

(VIDEO) Scarborough Wants ‘A Certain Network’ To Cover Christie’s Bridgegate Clearing Like It Did Allegations

“All in on nothing, please…”

Do Democrats Have an ‘October Surprise’ Up Their Sleeves?

Beckel says they do. What could it be?

Gohmert: We Don’t Need to be Helping the ‘Moderate’ Islamists

“Meanwhile, back in Afghanistan…”

Sanders: ‘I Do Not Want to See This Become…War Between Christianity and Islam’

Plus, Bernie argues rich Arabs should do the fighting.

So Now We’re Going to Arm the Syrian Rebels

What can go wrong?

Bookies Call the Scottish Referendum; Here are Odds on the U.S. in 2016

Hillary’s greatest competition in the betting pool?

Court Orders Taylor Off Ballot In Kansas

The courts continue to be Democrats’ little election helpers.

Scots Give 110% in Their Independence Election!

Oh, CNN!

Islamic State, Land of Free Stuff!

“Who would honestly not want to live in such a society?” say proponents of the free-ride utopia.

Democrat Rep. Horsford Brags, Wants the IRS to Become Even More Heavy-Handed on 501(c)(4) Groups

Democrats refuse to get to the bottom of the IRS scandal because they know that they’re at the bottom of the IRS scandal.

Ebola Deaths Have Doubled in Past Month

Because there just isn’t enough wrong with the world right now.

GOP Favorable Rating Inches Up, Matches Democrats

The only time Gallup measured a lower favorable rating for the Democrats was 41% in late March 2010.

No, Jillian, Spanking Is Not Sex

She just likes things a little rough and you’d better not disagree.

Obamacare Exchange Site Doesn't Work Well, NPR Blames Insurance Company For Pointing It Out

Defenders of the Bureaucracy, Unite!

Woman Declared Brain-Dead After Being Hit By Cyclist In Central Park

Just awful.

Sorry, Food Babe, But Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte Does Not Have a 'Toxic' Dose of Sugar In It

The Hyperbole Babe.

Hillary Clinton-The Family Values Candidate?!?

Just spitballin’ here…

Does Fear of Radical Muslims Intimidate The American Press and Legal System?

The jihadist murder of Brendan Tevlin is not getting any national media coverage. Why?

Missing From The Plans To Destroy ISIS: Debate And A Plan To Destroy ISIS

Leaders who fear leading, what could go wrong?

The Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep Gaffe Machine Keeps On Rolling

Mouth open, gaffe forthcoming!

Russia Turns Up to Cause Trouble in Scotland's Independence Vote

Russia lost a potential pal.

The Kingdom Is Still United: Scots Reject Independence

Scots’ vote strikes a blow against progressive utopian schemes.

White House Clearly Relieved at Scottish Referendum Result

“We look forward to continuing our strong and special relationship…”

Ohio Teachers Threaten to Strike Over Being Forced into Obamacare Exchanges

Union reps say eliminating group health insurance will hurt teacher retention.

Obama's Counterpart In France Has Tanking Approval Ratings Too

Sadly, both are staying.

Former Auschwitz Guard Spoke Out Against Holocaust Deniers

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad unavailable for comment.

Harry Reid Finally Finds Something Bad For Which President Obama Is Responsible

“Here’s a sword Debbie. Fall on it.”

(VIDEO) Rand Paul: 'Intervention' To Blame For Radical Jihad Proliferation

Daddy’s boy is back.

Democrats Hold #AskDems Twitter Townhall. It Goes About as Well As a Savvy Twitter User Would Expect.

We did.

Chris Matthews Is Bothered 'Deeply' by Your Worries About ISIS (VIDEO)

Shame on you people who pay attention!