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Journalism’s Death Rattle: WaPo Wastes 1000 Words Lamenting ‘Inequality’ in…Breakfast Sandwiches


No More Mr. Nice Guy: ‘Migrants’ Now Face Jail in Hungary

by Michael Walsh

Break through the fence with Serbia, go to jail.


Palestinian ‘Day of Rage’ Inspires Wave of Horrific Attacks In Israel

by Debra Heine

While the mayor of Jerusalem urged citizens licensed to carry guns to have them ready, Hillary Clinton said “only dialogue can produce lasting peace.”

End of an Era: No More Nudes in Playboy

by Michael Walsh

Now you really can read it for the articles.

Wasserman Schultz: Dem Debate Will Be Better Than GOP Because It’s ‘Not a Reality TV Show’

“They spent the entire debate sniping at one another, trying to out right-wing one another, trying to out-trump Donald Trump…”

Kerry Responds to Israel Stabbings by Mourning ‘Any Loss of Innocent Life, Israeli or Palestinian’

Hear no intifada, see no intifada, speak no intifada?

A Sober Takeaway from Rand Paul’s Decline

The marketplace of ideas has largely rejected market ideas.

Israeli Man with Nunchucks Helps Take Down Terrorist

Four Palestinian attacks in Jerusalem in 12-hour span as Kerry tells both sides to behave.

Vox Cheers Obama’s ‘Sick Burn’ of Putin in 60 Minutes Interview

by Debra Heine

Meanwhile, Putin tosses out a pretty sick burn of his own.

Student Arrested for Threatening Shooting Rampage on College Campus

Emily Sakamoto posted an online message that she would “shoot up” Oxford College of Emory University.

Olive Garden Kicks Out Police Officer on His Birthday Because He Had a Gun

by Liz Sheld

On duty and in uniform!

Woman Stops Intruder Using Medieval Combat Skillz

by Liz Sheld

She went medieval on him.

Christie: ‘The American People Don’t Care Who the Heck the Speaker Is’

“Who cares? I mean, seriously, who cares?” he says of Freedom Caucus demands of next House leader.

Hillary to Campaign with Katy Perry at Iowa Dinner

Clinton and Bernie Sanders are tied in their efforts to woo younger Dems.

Obama: Hillary’s Use of Private Email Didn’t Pose ‘National Security Problem’

Also notes of Donald Trump, “I don’t think he’ll end up being president of the United States.”

That Awkward Moment When Protesting with Black Lives Matter Costs You an Apartment

Hope it was worth it.

Tide of ‘Refugees’ Now Swamping What Used to be Sweden

by Michael Walsh

It will happen to the rest of Europe, too, once the chain-migration kicks in.

Marco Rubio Blames Obama, Clinton for Upswing in Palestinian Terrorism

Quick to blame Barack and Hillary, how would Rubio handle a Middle Eastern conflict with Putin?

Ten-HUT! Women May Soon Have to Register for the Draft

by Michael Walsh

Thank your local feminist, ladies.

Iran Committed UNSC Violations with Missile Tests, Admits Admin, But 'Altogether Separate' from Nuke Deal

Earnest: “We have seen Iran almost serially violate the international community’s concerns…”

DNC Vice-Chair Says She Was Disinvited from Debate for Questioning Wasserman Schultz Decision

Gabbard on Wasserman Schultz: “It’s not surprising to me that she is saying things that aren’t true.”

Planned Parenthood Announces It Will No Longer Accept Payment For Fetal Tissue

by Debra Heine

However, they claim the change is not an admission of guilt.

Hillary Clinton's Staff: Moonlighting Becomes Them

by Michael Walsh

Cheryl Mills does very well by “doing good.”

MH-17 Investigation Confirms Russian-Made Missile Took Down Plane 'Almost Head on'

U.S. Embassy spokesman in Russia incredibly tweets there’s “too much energy spent trying to cast blame.”

Rep. Charlie Dent Calls Himself and Left-Leaning Republicans the 'Governing Wing'

by Michael van der Galien

And that’s exactly why he shouldn’t govern anything.

'Weak' Putin Sees His Popularity Soaring in the Middle East

Putin’s stature on the rise while U.S. influence continues to wane.

SNL Just Made the Best Argument for Why We Need This One Gun Law

As a conservative Republican with libertarian leanings, most folks don’t expect me to advocate for stricter gun laws.

Keith Ellison Feels the Bern, Gives Sanders Second Congressional Endorsement

Now both chairmen of the Congressional Progressive Caucus are in Bernie’s corner.

Stop the Presses: Nobel Prize Committee Gives One to the Right Person

Unlike Obama and his Peace Prize, Angus Deaton’s findings which won him the Economics Nobel actually have brought great peace to the world.

Video: Obama's 60 Minutes Interview Did Not Go Smoothly

by Debra Heine

After seven years, the president’s Jedi Mind Trick shtick is losing its power to fool even the weakest of minds.

Gowdy Slams CNN for Running with Claims of Fired Benghazi Committee Staffer

“That is the difference between journalism as practiced by CNN, and the fact-centric investigation being conducted.”

Obama: 'The Other Side Has Gone Off the Deep End'

Claimed he’s “been felted at times by folks in my own party for not being sufficiently partisan.”

Martin Luther King Monument May Come to Stone Mountain

Georgia’s iconic granite mountain may soon include a new addition to its historical monuments.

Got College Loans to Pay Off? Try Hooking!

by Michael Walsh

Co-eds turn to prostitution to make ends meet.

'That Giant Sucking Sound...'

by Michael Walsh

… isn’t jobs being whisked away to Mexico. It’s Putin eating Obama’s lunch.