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Muslim Televangelist: Masturbating Men Will Make Their Hands Pregnant

Sex ed it ain’t.

GA Mom Arrested, Shackled for Son’s Unexcused School Absences

Heil Department of Education!


Touching Reunion Between Teen and the Soldier Who Saved Her Life

When authorities tried to keep baby Lava Barwari from leaving Iraq, one soldier stepped in to allow her to escape to freedom.

A Day of Remembrance Is Nothing Without Poetry

For Memorial Day, read some forgotten verse by Richard Hugo.

Sarah Silverman vs. Rand Paul on ‘Free Healthcare’

He says the “right” to healthcare = slavery. She objects. Who’s right?

BREAKING: DC Bomb Squad Detonates Suspicious Device Found Inside Car Near U.S. Capitol

Pressure cooker, propane tank pulled out of ‘suspicious’ car as concert-goers gathered for the National Memorial Day Concert on the Mall.

Not Fooling Around: 71 Arrested During Protests After Cleveland Officer’s Acquittal

Number of businesses looted and destroyed: Zero

True Grit, Singapore-Style

by Michael Walsh

The couple tried to persuade Mr Haresh to get off the bonnet – but he refused and threatened to “break their heads.”

Puerto Rico, You Lovely Island…

by Michael Walsh

… you’re dead broke and hemorrhaging people.

Black State Senator Rebukes Cleveland Protester Walking Streets in Slave Garb

“Minimizing the struggle of the ancestors.”

Donald Trump, American Clown, Pops Off Again

by Michael Walsh

Will he or won’t he run for president? And who cares?

Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There

by Michael Walsh

Administration warns on more ISIS attacks on American soil: who’s in charge here?

In Praise of Rand Paul (for Now)

by Michael Walsh

Any enemy of Mitch McConnell is a friend of mine.

Emails Reveal Hillary Was Deeply Concerned After Benghazi Attack…About Her Image


Clinton Email Dump: Hillary Fixer Cheryl Mills Got Colleagues ‘On Board’ Before Benghazi Hearings

by Debra Heine

Why did State Dept. folks need to have a “come to Jesus” moment right before the hearing?

Hillary Clinton Forgets Where She Is

by Debra Heine

Maybe she needs a break already?

Dear GOP: Don’t Work with Obama — Stop Him

by Michael Walsh

Just 23% of Americans say congressional Republicans are keeping the promises they made during last fall’s campaign, while 65% say they are not.

Annals of the One Percent: Fauxcahontas Warren, ‘Expert Witness’

by Michael Walsh

“She did not appear to have any qualms about participating in this process that she now finds appalling.”

Homeland Security Congressman: 'Rand Paul Is Consumed by the NSA'

King says he’s “never met a more patriotic group of people than the men and women of the NSA.”

The 33 Radical Islamic Problems Obama Chooses to Ignore

#US conducts raid on #ISIS in #Syria, kills top official http://t.co/DqDvE6OQWV #obama #radical #islam pic.twitter.com/ybjIbki8AE — ~~~mððnie (@mmmoonie) May 16, 2015 In need of a little light reading on Islamic terror at home and abroad? Check out the ZOA’s littany of incidents of radical Islamic terror at home and abroad that President Barack Obama has […]

Defense Sec at Arlington: 'Troops of Such Caliber' Have 'Great Leader' in Obama

Says Fallujah left “a legacy that has made our military the finest fighting force the world has ever known.”

Obama Uses Memorial Day Address to Explain That Our Soldiers Are No Longer Fighting a Real War

Because Obama won the real war or something.

Memorial Day, 1945: A Commander Apologizes to the Dead

General Lucian Truscott’s remarkable homage to the dead of Anzio.

VSU Flag Stomper Eric Sheppard Still At Large -- Now Issues Vicious Anti-White Manifesto

by Debra Heine

This “maturely independent” “straight A student” has some interesting thoughts on race.

Kicking Off the Summer: A Brief History of the Bikini

by Michael Walsh

Happy days are here again.

The Departed, Japanese-Style

by Michael Walsh

“I had hatred mounting against her… Life was such a pain before she died.”

The Perils of Selfie-ness: Man Overboard

by Michael Walsh


This Is What Memorial Day Means to Barack Hussein Obama

by Michael Walsh

Says it all.

Meanwhile, Back on the Home Front...

by Michael Walsh

A couple of “Californians” were on their way to fight for Allah.

Kurdish Fighters Recapture Dozens of Syrian Towns From ISIS (Video)

by Debra Heine

Imagine what they could do with a little more assistance from the United States.

Official Democratic Party Twitter Account Commemorates Memorial Day with Pic of Obama Eating Ice Cream

There’s not getting it, then there’s REALLY not getting it.

Riots in Cleveland? Police Officer Found Not Guilty in Shooting Deaths

Will protests turn violent?

Would-Be Carjacking Victim Turns the Tables on His Assailant

Hashim Fannin held his assailant at gunpoint until police arrived.

Obama's Big Brass Clanging Tablets on Display at D.C. Synagogue

Obama drops the mic on 1,000 Jews at humiliating synagogue event.

Time Is Running Out for the Patriot Act

by Liz Sheld

Keep your eye on the government today because they want to keep their eye on you.