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DOJ, Social Security Administration Asked to Investigate Nazis Getting Benefits

The AP found four are still receiving checks from the U.S. government.

Has the Democrats’ Fear Game Failed in Colorado?

“Mark Uterus” is losing ground.


US Accidentally Airdrops Weapons to ISIS


Pentagon Confirms One Bundle of Arms to Kurds ‘Didn’t Make It’ as ISIS Claims Airdrop Seizure

“Free grenades just fall from the sky!”

So…Obama’s New Ebola Czar is Really Worried About Overpopulation

Can Obama pick ‘em or what?

Holder Calls Panetta Criticism of Obama ‘Unfortunate’

“That’s not something that I would even consider doing.”

Earnest Says He’s Prepared to Not Get Angry When Reporter Asks ‘Unfair Question’

Vows Obama may soon answer more than one question from reporters.

To MSNBC, It’s Racism All the Way Down


U.S. Lauds ‘Significant Contribution’ of Cuba to Battle Ebola; Castro Says Let’s Do More

State Department “not saying we’re not” willing to “cooperate” on more things.

DHS Beginning Program Next Year to Expedite Haitian Relocation to U.S.

Admin says it’s using same legal authority used to establish the Cuban Family Reunification Parole program.

Pentagon Plans to Begin Training Ebola Strike Team This Week

Kirby says none of the troops currently deployed in Liberia have contracted the Ebola virus.

Rubio, Ross Draft Ebola Travel Legislation, But There’s No Congress Yet to Debate Bills

Waiting until after midterms: Would a ban focus on visas, flights or both?

Wendy Davis Campaign Launches Its Most Absurd Attack on Greg Abbott Yet

Team Davis misses a BIG clue.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker Lies, Renews Assault on City Pastors

Fundamentally dishonest.

If You Like How the Government is Handling Ebola…

…you’ll love their latest control scam.

Your Tax Dollars Fund Retired Nazis

So, you’ve got that going for you.

Ohio Orders Travel Restrictions to Ensure Ebola Monitoring Compliance

Individuals being actively monitored for the virus prohibited from leaving their health department jurisdiction.

Idaho City Threatens to Jail Ministers for Not Performing Gay Weddings

The assault on conscience continues.

PA Governor Corbett Signs 'Mumia Bill'

Hardest hit: idiot celebrities.

Christie 'Tired of Hearing About' Raising the Minimum Wage

+1 for the big guy.

Republicans Lead in the Polls, and in the Early Voting

Is the wave building?

Change: No Ebola West Africa Travel Ban, But New Airport Restrictions


White House Now Says 'Unpaid Bills' Remark Scrubbed from Transcript Was 'Inaudible'

The press pool heard it just fine.

Jindal Mocks Four Stages of Obama's 'School of Crisis Management'

“The so-called smartest guys in government are sometimes the dumbest guys. Why not use common sense?”

Liberia Loses Track of Ebola Patients

Our first line of defense…

Monica Lewinsky's First Big Speech: Shaming the Internet into Stopping the Shame Game

You see the genuinely immoral aspect of her adulterous affair with Hillary Clinton’s husband cannot be found in anything she did — unless loving too much is a crime…

Al Gore: America’s Unofficial Climate Czar

by Jennifer Hanin

The bore.

BREAKING: Possible Terror Attack in Canada by Reported ISIS Sympathizer, Dead Suspect Is Martin 'Ahmad' Rouleau

Incident comes following ISIS call for Western supporters to “slaughter soldiers” in their homes.

Nigeria Declared 'Ebola-Free'

An immediate and aggressive response credited with controlling the outbreak.

New Photo Caption Contest: Hollywood's Flying Monkeys Are Supporting Hillary in 2016


College Students Can Now Get Schooled in 'Rihanna Womanism'

What it takes to get a bachelor’s degree.

Ebola Crisis is So Urgent that Obama's New Czar Doesn't Even Start the Job for a Week


U.S. Attorney General Blocked Aid to Israel, Cost Soldier's Life

Israel reevaluates relationship in the wake of Obama Administration’s failure to respond during latest war with Hamas.

Why Do Democrats Oppose Voter ID?

It isn’t because of voter fraud.

Chicago Sun-Times Endorses Republican Bruce Rauner for Governor

Hell hasn’t exactly frozen over but it is unusual for the liberal newspaper to endorse a Republican.