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It’s On: Two GOP Candidates Sign Pledge to Oppose and Veto All Tax Increases

Guess which candidate has vowed not to sign?

Kerry New Chairman of Arctic Council, Warns of ‘New Kind of Desert’

“Preventing an oil spill from occurring in the first place is the first step in any kind of stewardship of the Arctic.”


ISIS Executioners Hug Two Gay Men, Then Stone Them to Death

Just when you think Islamic State can’t top their last outrage, they find a way to do so.

‘Are You Afraid of Turkey?’: Harf Gets Owned on Armenian Genocide Questions

“I’m not even sure how to answer that question…”

New York Times to Hillary!: ‘This Problem Is Not Going Away’

by Michael Walsh

The NYT fires another warning shot over Hillary!’s bow.

Poll: 1 in 4 Say the Sun Revolves Around the Earth

by The Tatler

Is this surprising?

Taxpayer-Funded Video Promoting Eric Holder as ‘People’s Lawyer’

Agitprop on your dime.

Rubio Leaps to #1 in Fox News Poll

by The Tatler

The previous poll had him in seventh place.

Son of George Soros Launches Anti-Israel ‘Jewish Action PAC’

Continuing Papa’s good work funding the Ferguson-Palestine alliance.

NYT Freak Out: Ermagersh! Ted Cruz Has Gay Friends — and Supporters!!!

This doesn’t fit the narrative.

Obama Literally Edits Out the Genocide, Marks ‘Armenian Remembrance Day’

“I have consistently stated my own view of what occurred in 1915,” Obama insists, but won’t state it as president.

Joe Biden (!) Addresses Sexual Assault at University of Illinois

by Debra Heine

Joey Choo-Choo talks to students about Good Touch/Bad Touch…

Reuters: Third Straight Uptick in Unemployment Claims Somehow Indicates ‘Solid’ Momentum in Labor Market

Let’s take a spinning class!

San Diego Man Arrested for Working for Al-Qaeda Sharia Court in Syria, Fighting with Terror Group

FBI claims Mohamad Saeed Kodaimati repeatedly lied to U.S. officials about his two years spent in Syria.

VSU Flag Stomper Eric Sheppard Still on the Loose: Accused of Having a Gun on Campus, Making Terrorist Threats (Video)

by Debra Heine

Considered armed and dangerous. If you see him, dial 911.

‘Outraged’ Dem Congressman Lashes Out at ‘Sobering Failure’ in Weinstein Death

Wife of slain contractor says White House assistance was “inconsistent and disappointing” since 2011.

Obama Takes Cheap Shot at FL Gov. Rick Scott During Sparsely Attended Everglades Speech

by Debra Heine

They don’t call him the “Divider-in-Chief” for nothing.

How Much More Can Hillary! Take? The New York Times Strikes Another Blow at the Dowager Empress

by Michael Walsh

Get your bets down now: Hillary!s last day as a presidential candidate. Bonus: Hillary!s first day as a federal inmate.

Eric Holder Says Farewell, Predicts This DOJ Era Will Go Down as 'Golden Age'

What he sees as “the civil rights issue of our time.”

Hillary Clinton's Marketing People Display an Epic Abandonment of Self-Awareness

This is why grandma shouldn’t be allowed to play with the Internet. Or the White House.

ACLU Sues to Force Catholic Charities to Provide Abortions to Illegal Alien Minors

An outrageous attack on the Catholic church.

Earnest: Al-Qaeda's Been 'Decimated,' But Some Dangerous Ones Still 'Hiding'

Plus: Why the White House is insisting two killed American al-Qaeda members weren’t targeted.

Senator 'Tried to Throw Penalty Flag' in 2010 on Russia Deal in New Clinton Scandal

Barrasso now concerned Iran may get its hands on the uranium.

Student Sues Columbia for Failing to Protect Him from Harassment of 'Rape' Claimant

by The Tatler

This is not your typical college rape story.

In Wisconsin, the True Face of the Left: Midnight Knocks and Jack Boots

by Michael Walsh

The brass-knuckled fascists in Wisconsin are not wrong, they’re evil.

Earn College Credit for Bashing Jews!

Students for Justice in Palestine teaching a class near you!

32 People Have Now Been Arrested in Connection to KS DMV Fake Driver's License Scheme

by Debra Heine

DMV employee took bribes of up to $2,500 to make fake IDs for illegal aliens using made up social security numbers.

It's Actually Legal to Deny Anesthesia to Unborn Babies in Pain, But Some People Are Trying to Change That

Is your state working on this?

Insulted Native Americans Walk Off Set of New Adam Sandler Movie

Apache women’s names included “Beavers Breath” and “No Bra.”

Comcast Calls Off Mega-Merger with Time Warner

Are consumers better off?

Clinton Asked to Book Two Appearances Before Benghazi Committee

If she cooperates, Gowdy said, the committee could be done with her by the Fourth of July.

McConnell Caves, Lynch Confirmed as Attorney General

Will the real Mitch McConnell please just go home?

White House Says Strike Killed al-Qaeda's Favorite American Twit

Is Adam Gadahn really dead this time?

Ezra Levant Gets a Makeover -- Texas Style

In the Lone Star state to talk about fracking and ethical oil, the Canadian pundit gets his cowboy on.

Obama Administration Refuses to Recognize Armenian Genocide

On the 100th anniversary of the massacre, the president stops short of calling the tragedy what it is.