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Menendez Rips DOJ, ‘Political Motive to Silence Me’ After 14-Count Indictment Unveiled

“I am confident at the end of the day I will be vindicated and they will be exposed,” Obama Iran foe vows.

Syrian Rebel Group Ahrar al-Sham Executes Christians in “Liberated” Idlib

“Moderate Al-Qaeda” group has been the darling of the DC think tank community


Shocker: Justice Department Declines to Prosecute Lois Lerner for Contempt


UN: Boko Haram Should be Battled with Equality, Inclusivity, Reducing ‘Marginalization’

They feel discriminated against so they decapitate people with chainsaws.

Iran Says Talks Now ‘Very Difficult’: P5+1′s ‘Will Has Always Been in Trouble’

Cotton: “The socialist government of France is drawing a harder line than the president is right now.”

Poll: Voters Confused on Religious Liberty

by Liz Sheld

Say what?

Senators to FIFA President: Strip Russia of 2018 World Cup Hosting Privilege

“Make preparations for an alternate host country.”

Nigeria Switching from Christian to Muslim President at ‘Critical Juncture’

“Change has come and a new day and a new Nigeria is upon us,” declares onetime military dictator Buhari.

Will Scott Walker Announce for President Today? UPDATE: April Fool!

by Michael Walsh

At 10 a.m. Central Time.

Thinking about Scientology? Might Want to Think Again

by Michael Walsh

Freedom of religious belief is enshrined in the First Amendment, but that doesn’t mean freedom from criticism. Some other “religions” might want to think about that.

States Push Back on Microbrewery Production Caps

by The Tatler

If you like your craft beer, you can buy more of your craft beer.

Greasing the Skids for Hillary Rodham Clinton

by Michael Walsh

The best hope for someone running against her, all three strategists said, was to be real.

The Media’s Creepy Elizabeth Warren Obsession

“No means no, until it means yes.” – creeper proverb

NY Times Shocking Revelation: Evangelical Rubes Risk Their Lives to Help Poor, Black Foreigners

I think it’s good for the country whenever anyone, even a Times columnist, gets a glimpse at the absurdity of his own bigotry.

MSNBC Ratings Continue to Crater

CNN’s missing planes are faring better.

Poll: American Support for 2 State Solution in Israel Hits 20 Year Low

Sort of like CNN’s ratings.

Obama Lifts ‘Executive Holds’ on Military Deliveries to Egypt

A concession from the White House to the guy willing to fight ISIS and Iran’s rebel movements.

Rubio Plans Big Announcement on April 13, Six Days After Paul’s Announcement

And they’re off!

Story About First Business to 'Publicly Vow to Reject Gay Weddings' Was Fabricated Out of Nothing

Woman becomes the new face of Christian bigotry while literally minding her own business, after ambush interview, media feeding frenzy.

Heart Transplant Recipient Dies Trying to Elude Police in High-Speed Chase

Anthony Stokes received a heart transplant in 2013 and committed a burglary two years later.

With Gratitude for 'Most Tenacious Public Servant,' Nevada Brothel Offers to Host Harry Reid's Retirement Party

“Many of your colleagues are intimately aware of our offerings, but we may have added new options since they last visited…”

Charges Dropped Against Street Preacher (Thanks to Canada's 'Rebels')

Ezra Levant and his viewers chalk up a win.

House Oversight Committee Pretends to Care about Revolving Door Cronyism at Dept. of Energy

Corruption in government? INNOCENCE SHATTERED.

GOP Voter Registration Tanking in California

Those electable candidates who never get elected don’t seem to be resonating. Go figure.

The Pentagon Gets 'NSA Proof' Phones

by Liz Sheld

They want “enterprise capabilities.”

Hallelujah: It's Okay to Eat Red Meat Again

by Michael Walsh

‘If you eat a couple of servings a week, then you’re most likely doing fine.’

Netanyahu, Boehner Meet 'Where States are Imploding and Fanaticism Is Exploding'

House Speaker’s recess tour in Middle East is outreach like the president should be doing.

Indiana's Governor Seeks Clarification on Religious Freedom Legislation

Amid concern from both sides of the debate, the Hoosier State looks to prove the new law does not discriminate.

Abolish the IRS? Defiant Agency Chief Tells Congress to Shove It

by Michael Walsh

“You can call them something other than the IRS if that made you feel better.”

Is Modern 'Feminism' Bunk? Or Is Fifty Shades of Grey More Like It?

by Michael Walsh

‘I found depressed, beaten men – cautious and passive around women. They were, in other words, products of Ivy League universities.’

F-Bomb: Exasperated Activist Unloads at Republican Convention

Which part of this do you find most offensive?

Did the U.S. Just Give Iran What They Wanted on Immediate Sanctions Relief?

“Oil, gas, and banking sanctions will be lifted as soon as a comprehensive deal is implemented,” negotiator tells Iranian media.

Hillary Responds to Drone Crash Email with Breezy Furniture Chitchat

She wants to be Leader of the Free World but she doesn’t even know how to use email.

Cincinnati Reds Create a 'Breastfeeding Suite' for Moms at the Ballpark

Building good will and creating loyal customers.

California Dem: 'Push the Politics Out of This,' Pass New Sanctions on Bad Iran Deal

Sherman: “If the talks don’t go forward, we need a new program. We can’t just continue what we’re doing.”