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Voting by ‘Non-Citizens’ May Decide Election

Hundreds of thousands of illegal votes cast in two recent elections.

New York, New Jersey to Begin Quarantine of High-Risk Travelers

The triumph of common sense over political correctness.


Your Civic Duty: Creating an Alibi for Election Day

On November 4th, the majority of the nation’s registered voters will be hard at it, constructing alibis for their absence from the polls. It doesn’t have to be this way.

And Obama Hugged Her Because…She’s Quite Attractive?

It can’t be a photo-op!

NY’s Top Cop: ‘It Was Terrorism’

Because it was terrorism.

VIDEO: ISIS Jihadi Plants Flag Atop a Hill, US Bomber Removes It


VIDEO — Josh Earnest Claims that DoJ Knows More About Obama’s Executive Privilege than Obama Does


Report: ISIS Has a Pilot to Fly Its Stolen Jet Aircraft

ISIS’ air force has an experienced pilot who defected.

Breaking: Gunman Dead After Opening Fire in Seattle-Area High School

Police continue to search the building.

Michelle Obama Just Nationalized Colorado’s Senate Race


VIDEO – This Dallas Nurse Beat Ebola, Heads Home to See Her Dog


NY Hatchet Attacker, Zale Thompson, Had Islamic Facebook Page

by Zombie

Screenshots of his Facebook page with Islamic imagery.

‘Think’ Progress: Global Warming Causes Mountain Goats to Suffer Significant Shrinkage

Goats before folks?

Former Homeland Security Chairman: ‘No One Should Feel Safe’

King: “We should be aggressive. We should be on offense. We should not be politically correct.”

Obama Urged to Reconsider Arms Sales to Human Rights Violator Vietnam

White House thinks that since maritime torpedoes can’t be fired at dissidents, it’s OK.

CDC Says It Will Track Travelers with New CARE Kits

“Active post-arrival monitoring” to begin Monday.

Man Attacks Group of NYPD Officers with Hatchet, Wounding Five

CNN reports suspect’s Facebook page has “links to extremism.”

Chairman: Obama Should Follow Canada’s Example and Call Fort Hood ‘Terrorist Attack’

“Impressed with the Canadian government’s swift condemnation of what was obviously an act of terror.”

FEC Continues Push to Censor Political Speech on the Net

Political impact of internet becoming a “growing force” says FEC Dem.

General Suspects North Korea at Point of Capability to Build, Deliver Warhead

“I don’t think, as a commander, we can afford the luxury of believing perhaps they haven’t gotten there.”

Inspector General: DHS Pandemic Prep Includes Mismanaged Drugs, Expired Equipment

Congressman: “We don’t know the inventory. We don’t know who’s got it. And we don’t know who’s gonna get it.”

Hillary Clinton: Business Don't Create Jobs!


Iran Soon Expected to Hang Woman Who Stabbed Would-Be Rapist

Mother called to prison to speak to 26-year-old Reyhaneh Jabbari for last time.

CNN Anchor Apologizes to Someone About Something Related to Bristol Palin

It’s not clear to whom she apologized or for what.

Gloria Steinem Has a Short Memory

Which party is it that likes to compare voting to “”your first time”? Don’t forget about Lena’s contribution to the last election cycle.

Breaking: Kathryn Ruemmler Withdraws from Attorney General Consideration

Shoes still unfilled.

Rising Threat of Attacks Resurrects Debate Over Government Surveillance Powers

Leahy has Cruz and Lee on his side: “if you collect everything, in some ways you have nothing.”

Is Obama Half, Three-Quarters or 'Full Mussolini?'

by Jennifer Hanin

Dud duce.

Wendy Davis Now Seen as a Drag on Other Democrats

Mascot for doom.

When is a Possible Legal Violation by Lawyers Worthy of News Coverage?

Lawyers behaving badly and getting more deference than corporations

Obama Just Nationalized the Georgia Senate Race


Islam: Victors Vanquishing Victims

And how the West is enabling persecution of Christians in Muslim lands.

Is the CDC Bucking Obama's Refusal to Halt Travel from the Ebola Zone?

CDC tweets that the “enhanced screening” did not catch the latest Ebola carrier.

New York Doctor Tests Positive for Ebola Hours After Lawmakers Ask Obama for Prep Update

Doctors Without Borders volunteer was bowling, taking subway yesterday; Obama was meeting with Ebola czar.

Official Ebola Toll at 5,000 With Real Number Closer to 15,000

Cultural roadblocks in Liberia lead to spread of the disease.