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VIDEO: Eric Holder Says Race Relations ‘In a Better Place’ After His Tenure

Yes he did. Eric Holder said that. Eric Holder.

[Video] The Day of the Cyborg Has Arrived

Amazing: a man receives prosthetic robot arms he can control with his thoughts.


[Video] Why the Whole World Will See The Interview For Free

Is Sony’s pulling the movie actually a victory for the slave state?

Civil Rights Group Wants Amy Pascal Fired from Sony

by The Tatler

“We must hold Pascal accountable here; not just for her horrendous comments, but also for her role at the helm of a corporate agenda that views Black America as one big, lucrative joke.”

House Chairman Warns of North Korea Hacking Infrastructure Such as Energy Grid

With nuke program, “this really takes it to a new level in terms of dealing with the Kim family.”

A Very Kerry Christmas: On Visions of Sugar Plums in Vietnam

“The tracers were flying in the sky, the flares were dropping…”

Poll: Majority of New Yorkers Want Protestors Off the Streets

by Liz Sheld

How can one support an environment that enacts idiot laws to be enforced with “whatever force is necessary” yet believe there is a problem with the way police interact with citizens?

Obama To-Do: Normalize Relations First, Find Out if Cuba Still Sponsors Terror Later

Just as you’re thinking, “Tonight we’re going to party like it’s 1961,” we find that we’re doing all of this for a nation we currently classify as a state sponsor of terrorism.

TX Movie Theater Will Show Team America Instead of The Interview

by The Tatler

“Hey terrorist, terrorize this.”

[VIDEO] Jay Thomas Tells CNN That Getting Killed by NoKo Would Be a ‘Great End’ to Careers of Rogen and Franco

Too soon?

Studio Folds, Pulls ‘Interview’ – Norks Win, Sony ‘Saddened’

by Michael Walsh

Not to mentioned ‘disappointed,’ too

Highlights from Longest-Serving Congressman Dingell’s Holiday Jingle

“Think the Tea Party’s dead? You should ask my friend Cantor…”

Leadership: Sen. Wyden (D) Objects to Halting Welfare-For-Weed Loophole

Is weed access a human right now? I can’t keep up.

Rubio: Pope Francis Should ‘Take Up the Cause of Freedom and Democracy’ in Cuba

Catholic senator on the Vatican role in today’s developments.

U.S. Navy Reveals Underwater Spy-Fish-Drone

by The Tatler

It looks like a giant blue fin tuna.

The Jarrett-Obama Administration Submits to Yet Another Slave State

Hope & Change: Swapping 3 spies for one wrongly imprisoned American contractor and new steps toward normalizing relations with the Castro brothers’ island prison.

Final 2014 Election Over: Martha McSally Wins in AZ

One more for the red column.

Elvis Costello Had SNL‘s Number Back in 1977

“[N]one of the humor seemed nearly as ‘dangerous’ or funny as they seemed to think it was.”

Li'l Kim, We Hardly Knew Ye...

by Michael Walsh

Who greenlighted this mess?

Jeh Johnson's Short Memory: 'We Do Not Attempt To Restrain' Speech

Hillary Clinton, 2013: “We will make sure the person who made that film is arrested and prosecuted.”

Democrat PA Legislators Indicted for Voter ID Bribes

Jewels for votes

Schumer, Graham to Kerry: Don't Throw Israel Under the Bus at Security Council

Resolution giving Israel two years to pull out of contested territory submitted to council.

Sessions Gives Up Challenge for Senate Budget Committee Gavel

Was seen as the key conservative vs. establishment race of the new Congress.

Carter: Rubio 'Absolutely Ridiculous' for Criticizing 'Very Courageous' Obama

He’s been hanging out in the dictator brothers’ houses.

Hollywood Pulls More Movies in Dictator's Wake

Bows to their new Dictator-in-Chief.

Man Dressed as Santa Claus Robs CA Bank

by The Tatler

Have you seen this guy anywhere?

Jon Stewart Thinks Geraldo Shouldn't Be So Quick to Give LeBron Fashion Advice

That’s gonna leave a mark.

Psaki: Kim Jong-un Comedy Totally Different from Mohammed Film Slammed by State Dept.

“It’s a fiction movie. It’s not a documentary.”

Ban Everything: Squirrels And Beavers Bigger Global Warming Culprits Than Previously Assumed

The accuracy of computer models is hibernating.

No Truer Words: Gross Calls Himself 'A Trusting Fool'

by Michael Walsh

Do-gooder comes a cropper

Hamas: All Countries Should Follow EU Court Decision and Remove from Terror List

Mashal says attacks are “a natural right for the movement and for all nations under foreign occupation.”

Team America: World Pussycat

by Michael Walsh

Major chains pull plug on The Interview.

Scarborough: 'Jeb and I Are Moderate ... We Don't Set Houses on Fire and Scare Kids'

Ted Cruz, arsonist/bogeyman?

Journalism: 72 Million Ways to Die

by Michael Walsh

If the Left has to kill journalism, so be it

N. Korean Hackers Threaten '9/11' Attacks -- Does the US Government Care?

by Michael Walsh

More film criticism from Third World crazies. Updated: Washington knew