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Al-Nusra Coalition Decries ‘Great Pain and Suffering’ Caused By Islamic State in English-Language Magazine

21st century jihad: You’re no one until you publish a glossy periodical.

All-Seeing Eye Surveils Entire Cities

Persistent Surveillance Systems grant government a “time-machine” for surveiling entire urban populations.


CNN: ‘Welcome to the Mitt Romney Primary’

by Michael Walsh

The Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Party, irregardless.

Pataki Challenges Trump to ‘Mano a Mano’ Debate on Immigration

Former New York governor also trolled The Donald in Spanish.

Obama at Pentagon: ‘Twisted’ ISIS Must Be ‘Discredited’ as ‘Ideologies Are Not Defeated with Guns’

“Our efforts to counter violent extremism must not target any one community because of their faith.”

Why ISIS’ Latest Snuff Video Is Especially Tragic

They’re going after activists — some of the world’s bravest people — who are capturing their crimes.

Christie to MSNBC: Their ‘Attila the Hun’ Branding Hurt Poll Numbers

“The relentless negativity that I was subjected to…”

Iran Says ‘Only a Few Items Left’ to Tackle as Latest Nuclear Deadline Nears

Kerry: “If hard choices get made in the next couple of days and made quickly, we could get an agreement.”

Former Business Owner Jailed, Forced to Turn Over Social Media Passwords

Mixing business with personal expression on social media has cost this Texan big time.

What’s Wrong with the Other 30 Percent?

by Michael Walsh

Stop-press item: vast majority of Americans think the media is biased.

Firefighter Who Flew Battle Flag in Parade Suspended

Isn’t it time to move on and stop trying to erase history?

Thank You, John Roberts

by Michael Walsh

The Earl Warren of his day directly responsible for taking more money out of American pockets.

Clinton Campaign Ropes Off Reporters at New Hampshire Parade

“Moving rope line” drags reporters along.

Netanyahu Warns of Western ‘Collapse’ in Iran Negotiations

A disaster in the making.

Iran to America on the Fourth of July: ‘Trust Us.’ No, Seriously

by Michael Walsh

We’ll even be an ally in the “war on terror.” Stop laughing!

Canadian Court: Gay Sex Trumps Religious Rights

by Michael Walsh

As the modern Irishman says to his blushing new bride on their wedding night: “Brace yourself, Bernie.”

Missing UK Family of 12 Surfaces in Islamic State, Urges Others to Rebel Against Democracy ‘Forced Down Our Throat’

“It wasn’t by the command of a single person in the family but by the command of the Khalifah of the Muslims.”

George Takei Apologizes for Calling Justice Thomas ‘a Clown in Blackface’

by Debra Heine

“While I continue to vehemently disagree with Justice Thomas, the words I chose, said in the heat of anger, were not carefully considered.”

Obama Gets Berned: Sanders Outpaces President's Maine Crowds and Donor Rolls

“In case you didn’t notice, this is a big turnout,” said Hillary’s growing nightmare.

Remember When Space Was 'the Final Frontier'?

by Michael Walsh

The decline of NASA mirrors America’s own emasculated, downward spiral.

Netanyahu: 'Every Day' Iran Deal 'Becomes Worse and Worse'

Prime minister asserts that “daily concessions” in deal “will pave Iran’s path to a nuclear arsenal.”

Video: White House Blames Republicans for Immigration Failure that Led to Murder of SF Woman

by Debra Heine

“It’s because of the political efforts of Republicans that we have not been able to make the kind of investment that we’d like to make in securing our border and keeping our community safe.”

Evidence of Alien Microbes on Comet is 'Unequivocal'

The data suggests life living below the ice.

Bush Personally Offended at Trump Remarks on Mexicans

Trump deletes tweets that said Jeb “has to like the Mexican illegals because of his wife.”

'Morning Joe' Crew Guffaws as Hillary Clinton’s Director of Communications Tries to Explain Rope Barrier (Video)

by Debra Heine

A Baltimore Sun poll shows that 84% of the American people disapprove of the campaign’s use of a rope barrier to corral the press.

A Move Toward an Openly Gay Secretary of the Army?

Carter moves his chief of staff into acting Army undersecretary role as McHugh prepares to resign.

Latest Bright Idea from the New York Times: Buy Off Criminals

by Michael Walsh

Just pay them not to kill people. Problem solved!

Annals of the .0001 Percent: Obama Heads for the Vineyard Yet Again

by Michael Walsh

The first family reportedly will stay in the same 8,100-square-foot, seven-bedroom, nine-bath cottage they vacationed in last year.

Farewell and Adieu to You, My Greek Ladies

Referendum “no” vote projected at 61%.

'Sanctuary' from What?

by Michael Walsh

Murder in San Francisco immediately makes Trump’s point about illegal immigration; silence from the Left..

The Walking Dead Get Their Sea Legs

by Michael Walsh

TWD-themed cruise weighing anchor next January.

Caption This: Pic of the Romney-Christie-Rubio Sleepover in New Hampshire

Yep, a sleepover.

Fading Dowager Empress of Chappaqua Refuses to 'Take Back Seat' to Other Socialists

by Michael Walsh

Even though Her Highness hasn’t driven a car since Lenin was a pup.

Hillary Clinton Finally Takes Some Questions from the Press!

by Debra Heine

Given this rare opportunity, what do you suppose the reporters asked?

As Sanders Gains in NH, Hillary Touts Progressive Cred

“I’m the most left leftist left!”