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Vitter: ‘Maternity Hotel’ Raids Show Need to End Birthright Citizenship

“I have yet to talk to anybody in the real world… who doesn’t think this is crazy.”

An Inspiring VIDEO: Senator Ted Cruz Remembers the Alamo

by Michael van der Galien

If you didn’t watch the video last year, you must now.


Obama: Canadian Oil That Keystone Would Deliver Super ‘Dirty’ or Something

Smartest man in the room as long as he’s alone.

(VIDEO) Chuck Todd: ‘I Would Bet’ Obama Emailed Hillary

Or maybe they really, REALLY don’t like each other.

Stop Press Item: New Jersey Senator to Be Charged with Corruption!

by Michael Walsh

Might want to reconsider opposition to the Cuba and Iran deals, Bob. Just sayin’

Daily Kos, MSM Upset GOP Sent Black Senator Rather Than White Leadership To Selma

The Narrative Must. Be. Preserved.

In Case You’re Wondering Which Side Boehner Is On…

by Michael Walsh

The Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Party takes care of its own

PLO Central Committee Calls to Suspend Security Coordination with Israel

by The Tatler

“The Central Council stresses the ongoing boycott of Israeli products as part of popular resistance.”

Jonathan Capehart: Must Protect the… Precious!

by Michael Walsh

You should see what they said about Abe Lincoln

Israeli Ambassador on Pelosi: ‘I Don’t Know Frankly Why She Felt That Way’

Dermer: “The problem is not that there is a breakdown in communication. The problem is we have a difference of policy.”

Hillary Counting On Dem Ops in Media to Save Her Bacon

by Michael Walsh

What the Clintons know is that the mechanics of government work too slowly for the cops to ever catch up to the robbers.

Politico: Dems Stressed, Worried Hillary Could ‘Implode Totally’

Somewhere, Martin O’Malley is smiling.

President Obama’s Preferred Non-Pipeline Delivery Method Derails, Crude Oil Now Burning

Pipeophobia reigns!

Buzz Ballad: The Aging Hillaryous

With apologies to Jerome Ragni and Galt McDermot, and “The Age of Aquarius.”

Iran Demands That ‘All Sanctions are Lifted at Once’ to Move Forward in Talks

In front of Kerry, Saudi foreign minister says we should be “worried about atomic energy and atomic bomb.”

Islam = Vandalism

by Michael Walsh

When these savages get finished with ancient cities, they are coming for ours

Breaking: ISIS ‘Bulldozed’ Ancient Assyrian City of Nimrud


Michael Brown’s Parents Announce Civil Lawsuit

When you’ve lost Eric Holder…

Jarrett Says She Never Got an Email from Secretary of State Clinton

And she doesn’t know if anyone at the White House got an email from the State Department leader.

Days Before News of Corruption Charges, Menendez Warned of Political Foes Trying to 'Break' Him Over Iran Resolve

And he introduced a bill a week ago that the White House really, really hates.

Saudi Arabia's New King Seeks to Unite Sunnis to Fight Iran and ISIS

He has only been on the throne in Saudi Arabia for a few weeks, but King Salman is boldly reaching out to other Sunni Muslim leaders to unite in the fight against Iran and ISIS. “The Saudis think maybe, if the Sunnis are on good terms, we can confront this. Salman is trying to consolidate […]

White House Not Exactly Rushing To Hillary's Defense Over Email Scandal

“You mad, Boo?”

Slate Sex Trafficking Post Proves Feminists Can't Be Happy Even When You Agree with Them


Man Who Once Asked Paraplegic to Stand Lectures on Irrefutability of Climate 'Science'

Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep is this generation’s Isaac Newton or something.

Big Govt + 'Green Energy' = Massive Fraud at Your Expense

by Michael Walsh

Projects by the company in 19 other markets across the country also collapsed

ADL: Farrakhan Cements Status as 'Pied Piper of Bigotry' with 9/11 Accusations

Terrorist attacks were “not committed by Arabs or Muslims at all,” he claims.

Sens. Scott, Brown Lead Congressional Delegation to Selma

“Each of these brave men and women risked life and limb…and for their work, we should all be grateful.”

UN Official Calls Muslim Destruction of Antiquities a 'War Crime'

by Michael Walsh

So do something about it, already

Millionaire in Finland Gets $60,000 Speeding Ticket

by The Tatler

But, at least they have universal healthcare.

For the 'Right' Kind of Women: A Holster Fashion Show

Purely a journalistic interest, of course…

Unhinged LGBT Activist Dan Savage Is Exec-Producing Autobiographical SitCom for ABC

He seems nice…

[VIDEO] Islamic Reformer: Obama's Iran Deal Guides Us Into Disaster

by Michael van der Galien

Cozying up to Iran puts the entire world at risk

Schumer: 'Hard Right Republican Temper Tantrum on Immigration' Holding Up Lynch Nod

Senate Dems want to head off GOP plan B to derail immigration funding after DHS passage.

LaGuardia: When Do Airports Decide Conditions Are Too Dangerous?

Who makes the call? How often does this type of accident happen?

#SledFreeOrDie: Enemies of the State Defy Capitol Hill Sledding Ban

It’s all downhill from here.