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Massive Terror Attack on Military Checkpoints in Egypt’s Sinai Kills Dozens

Associated Press reports at least 30 Egyptian soldiers killed, battle ongoing in some areas; Islamic State affiliate claims responsibility

A.B. Stoddard: ‘Hillary Clinton’s Entire Strategy Was to Circumvent the FOIA’ (Video)

by Debra Heine

“She removed government property and had it destroyed. That is a known fact – that’s on the record.”


Tsipras Begs for Third Greek Bailout at the 11th Hour

Frantic maneuvering by Greece as the clock ticks down to zero.

‘You’re Going to Get What I Think, Like It Or Not’: Christie Running for President

“If Washington and Adams and Jefferson believed compromise is a dirty word we’d still be under the crown of England.”

Congressman Asks St. Louis Mayor to Remove 32-Foot Granite Civil War Monument

“It is not only time for a reappraisal of all public symbols that reflect upon the ‘peculiar institution’ of slavery, but also time for removal.”

After Recent SCOTUS Rulings, Should We Re-Write the Constitution?

Short of revolution, it’s our only viable answer. But would it even work?

In Case You Thought the News Couldn’t Get Any Worse…

by Michael Walsh

Michael Bay will produce a remake of Hitchcock’s classic, The Birds.

Obama to Supes: Drop Dead

by Michael Walsh

How many divisions does John Roberts command?

Fading Dowager Empress of Chappaqua Dragging Down Dems

by Michael Walsh

Enthusiasm for elderly, infirm, unethical and possibly criminal candidate diminishing.

Scientists Discover Global Warming Before There Was Global Warming!

by Michael Walsh

Mega Chad was once the biggest freshwater lake on earth, but rapidly shrunk to a tiny fraction of its former size 1,000 years ago.

White House Downplays Extension of Iran Nuke Deadline: ‘Not Surprising or Uncommon’

House chairman: “A supreme ruler who lives by the motto ‘Death to America’ seems to be setting the tone.”

GOP Field Catching Up To Jeb In Fundraising

“Just $5 a week can save a country…”

Prosecutor Who Went After Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood Assassinated in Cairo

The first successful assassination attempt against a state official since Morsi’s ouster.

‘LoveWins’: Iraq War Vet Amputee Mocked on Twitter, Catholic Priest Spat Upon…

by Debra Heine

What kind of people mock disabled vets and spit on priests?

‘A Magic Trick with the Elections Clause’: Supreme Court Rules on Redistricting

Disagreeing with Roberts, Sanders calls ruling “an important step in the fight against voter suppression.”

Supreme Court Slaps EPA in 5-4 Ruling Against Power Plant Regulations

EPA “strayed well beyond the bounds of reasonable interpretation in concluding that cost is not a factor.”

Should New York Town Take Down Its Indian-Wrestling Seal?

City says it’s history; critics say it’s racist.

Huckabee: People Should ‘Go the Path’ of MLK-Style Civil Disobedience After Marriage Ruling

“I don’t think a lot of pastors and Christian schools are going to have a choice.”

Dem Warns He'll 'Make Certain' That Iran Deal Is Blocked If Ayatollah's Demands Met

Members of president’s party more “alarmed” by Khamenei than they are reassured by Kerry and Obama.

State Department Is Withholding Clinton/Obama 10:00 Benghazi Phone Call Readout (Video)

by Debra Heine

Evidently, the readout of the phone call isn’t “helpful.”

O'Malley: Save Puerto Rico!

“Not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because our region’s economic stability depends on it.”

Revealed: The Same Attorney Who Was in Charge of Retrieving Lois Lerner's Emails, Now in Charge of State Department Emails (Video)

by Debra Heine

An “unbelievable set of circumstances” led to the loss of IRS emails.

Iran Preparing for Failure of Nuke Talks After Washington's 'Buyer's Remorse'

Ayatollah says demands would strip nuclear program “to a caricature and a window without a content.”

TREND ALERT: Adding Bugs into Your Milkshakes

by Liz Sheld

Made with Peruvian chocolate-flavored cricket powder!

Jeb Bush Leads in New Poll. Here's Why Conservatives Don't Need to Worry About It

by Michael van der Galien

No, Jeb Bush will not be the Republican Party’s nominee.

De Blasio Doesn't Want You Smoking in Your Own Home

by Liz Sheld

More liberties go up in smoke.

Terrorist Plots Against U.S. At Highest Level Since 2001

by Michael Walsh

That Iraq/Afghanistan thing sure turned out swell.

New Ebola Death in 'Ebola Free' Liberia


Despite SCOTUS EPA Ruling, Obama's Damage to Coal Industry Permanent

Hope. Change.

NBC, Employer of Brian Williams and Al Sharpton, Finds Trump Offensive and Cuts Ties

The Media Hive Mind is buzzing.

Uber Execs Taken into Police Custody in France

Statists gonna state.

What Fireworks Does ISIS Plan for the 4th of July?

What to do about terrorists trying to spoil your holiday weekend.

Does NASA Have Proof of Alien Visitation?

by Michael Walsh

First artificial-intelligence backtalk, now this.

Just What We Need: Computers with Attitude

by Michael Walsh

AI machine gets testy with its human interlocutor.

Kasich to Jump in Presidential Race July 21, Stress Need for More Empathetic Nation

“I think it’s been a disappearing value.”