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Safe Spaces Without White People: Here’s Why Conservatives Should Defend Them

Offensive as the rationale may be, “safe spaces” stand as an exercise of the freedom of association.

Brian Williams: Death by a Thousand Leaks

The leaks are making it harder for Williams to negotiate a huge settlement.


Shock Video: RT Reporter Surrounded, Harassed, and Robbed by Black Mob in Baltimore

by Debra Heine

“Give it back!” the reporter sobbed.

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Bush?

by Michael Walsh

Nobody. Say goodbye, Jeb.

Christian Bakery’s GoFundMe Account to Raise Cash to Pay Fine Canceled Thanks to Internet Outrage Mob

by Debra Heine

The aggrieved couple claimed they felt “mentally raped” when they were denied a wedding cake and listed 88 symptoms of emotional distress.

Tsarnaev Family Flown to U.S., Housed in Boston at Taxpayer Expense

Three federal agencies guarding the pro-terrorist Chechens.

MSNBC Guest: ‘You Don’t Have to Have a White Person Around to Have White Supremacy Play Out’

Meet the invisible racist responsible for Freddie Gray’s death.

Got Hate? Tanya Cohen’s Back and Wants to ‘Put an End to Anti-Choice Speech’

by Michael Walsh

“Freedom of speech doesn’t give anyone the right to offend, insult, humiliate, intimidate, vilify, incite hatred or violence, be impolite or uncivil, disrespect, oppose human rights, spread lies or misinformation, argue against the common good, or promote ideas which have no place in society.”

Oregon Board Recommends Bakers Pay $135,000 For Not Baking Gay Wedding Cake

Gay activists celebrate the impoverishment of a pious couple.

NBC Preparing to Hit the Beach v. Brian Williams

by Michael Walsh

Network news is dying anyway, but as it fades, how would it hurt to have a real reporter with news judgment as “managing editor” of a 20-minute newscast five nights a week?

Frat Boys in Florida Expelled After Spitting on Disabled Vets, Urinating on American Flag (Video)

by Debra Heine

“They knew who they were and were just getting a kick out of it.”

Eric Holder Says Farewell, Predicts This DOJ Era Will Go Down as ‘Golden Age’

What he sees as “the civil rights issue of our time.”

Hillary Clinton’s Marketing People Display an Epic Abandonment of Self-Awareness

This is why grandma shouldn’t be allowed to play with the Internet. Or the White House.

ACLU Sues to Force Catholic Charities to Provide Abortions to Illegal Alien Minors

An outrageous attack on the Catholic church.

Earnest: Al-Qaeda’s Been ‘Decimated,’ But Some Dangerous Ones Still ‘Hiding’

Plus: Why the White House is insisting two killed American al-Qaeda members weren’t targeted.

Senator ‘Tried to Throw Penalty Flag’ in 2010 on Russia Deal in New Clinton Scandal

Barrasso now concerned Iran may get its hands on the uranium.

Student Sues Columbia for Failing to Protect Him from Harassment of ‘Rape’ Claimant

by The Tatler

This is not your typical college rape story.

In Wisconsin, the True Face of the Left: Midnight Knocks and Jack Boots

by Michael Walsh

The brass-knuckled fascists in Wisconsin are not wrong, they’re evil.

CNN FAIL: Real News Must Wait While Most Powerful Man in the World Is Telling Jokes

Black lives don’t matter much during star-studded Nerd Prom.

Video: College Students Can't Identify Reagan

Wasn’t he “some kind of president”?

Hubble Telescope at 25: Revolutionizing Our View of the Universe

What began as a $2.5 billion white elephant turned into the most productive scientific mission of all time.

The World Barack Obama and Eric Holder Have Made: Baltimore, 2015

by Michael Walsh

You voted for it, America. And now you’re going to get it, good and hard.

The Left Won't Be Happy Until All the Christians Are in Ghettos

You will not be tolerated.

'Covered California,' Obamacare Boondoggle, About to Go Belly Up

by Michael Walsh

Entitlements are forever, even if California is not.

O'Malley Pummels Hillary!'s Glass Jaw, Gets Noticed on the Left

by Michael Walsh

Hillary!’s planned coronation is rubbing “progressives” the wrong way.

Left Piling on Clinton 'Charity,' Demands Audit

by Michael Walsh

“Common Cause called on presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Clinton Foundation to commission an independent and thorough review of all large donations to the foundation and to release the results.”

Carly Fiorina for Veep?

by Michael Walsh

Only if Hillary! is the Democratic nominee.

How Do the Clinton Scandals End? With the End of the Clintons

by Michael Walsh

Just as Democrats left Hillary! at the altar when they eloped with Obama in 2008, they’re going to kick her to the curb and pledge their troth to Granny Warren.

It's On: Two GOP Candidates Sign Pledge to Oppose and Veto All Tax Increases

Guess which candidate has vowed not to sign?

Kerry New Chairman of Arctic Council, Warns of 'New Kind of Desert'

“Preventing an oil spill from occurring in the first place is the first step in any kind of stewardship of the Arctic.”

ISIS Executioners Hug Two Gay Men, Then Stone Them to Death

Just when you think Islamic State can’t top their last outrage, they find a way to do so.

'Are You Afraid of Turkey?': Harf Gets Owned on Armenian Genocide Questions

“I’m not even sure how to answer that question…”

New York Times to Hillary!: 'This Problem Is Not Going Away'

by Michael Walsh

The NYT fires another warning shot over Hillary!’s bow.

Poll: 1 in 4 Say the Sun Revolves Around the Earth

by The Tatler

Is this surprising?

Taxpayer-Funded Video Promoting Eric Holder as 'People's Lawyer'

Agitprop on your dime.