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You Mean the Founders Were Serious About That Second Amendment Stuff?

by Michael Walsh

About 18 states are looking at permitless carry laws this year; ninnies freak out

Feminists Fail to Notice Netanyahu’s Stand for Muslim Women

Big surprise there.


White House Editing the President’s Transcripts Again

Just historical record.

Obama Reads Transcript of Netanyahu Speech, Declares ‘Nothing Comes Close’ to P5+1 Deal

Tells everyone “not to be distracted by the nature of the Iranian regimes’ ambitions when it comes to territory or terrorism.”

Yay Team! Boehner Getting Ready To Cave On Immigration Provisions For DHS Funding Bill

The little majority that couldn’t.

Pelosi ‘Near Tears’ During Bibi Speech Because of ‘Insult’

Sadface. UPDATE: Pelosi’s dis made the lead on Iran’s propaganda machine.

Even Robert Gibbs Finds Hillary’s Private Email Use ‘Highly Unusual’

A Clinton ignoring the law? SAY IT AIN’T SO!

Meanwhile, the Fall of King David Is Complete

by Michael Walsh

David Petraeus that is, whose career comes to a close with an ignominious plea bargain.

Will Rep. Trey Gowdy and Benghazi Select Committee Subpoena Hillary’s Personal Emails?

by Liz Sheld

A source on the hill tells PJ Media that Rep. Trey Gowdy has the authority to subpoena the emails from the ISP of her account.

‘Lesbian,’ ‘Fatso,’ ‘Jewish’ Banned from Nutella Ad Campaign

by The Tatler

“Christian” is permitted but “Muslim” is not.

Wiesel on Iran: ‘When Evil Begins Its Work Don’t Give It Another Chance’

Backs Bibi in Capitol Hill event where Code Pink decides to harass 86-year-old Holocaust survivor.

‘Increasing Global Hatred of Israel a Sign of Divine Help’: Ayatollah Live-Tweets AIPAC

by The Tatler

As administration fights for their right to enrich uranium.

Key Figure In Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Scandal Dies

Former APS Superintendent Beverly Hall did not testify because of her battle with breast cancer.

Buzz Ballad: Stand By Iran

But what can I do, when Netanyahu
Makes me feel I’m much less than a man?

Seven Reasons Why We Really Hate the Media

by Michael Walsh

Incest is best, and it gets worse from there.

Saudi Columnist: Netanyahu Is Right to Insist on Addressing Congress About Iran Deal

by The Tatler

Since Obama is the godfather of the prefabricated revolutions in the Arab world…I am very glad of Netanyahu’s firm stance and [his decision] to speak against the nuclear agreement at the American Congress despite the Obama administration’s anger and fury.

Video Surfaces of LAPD Shooting Homeless Man

by The Tatler

Authorities confirmed the shooting and said the fatality resulted in a struggle over an officer’s weapon.

Seven Reasons Why Marco Rubio Should Not Run for President

by Michael Walsh

Stay in the Senate, Marco, your country needs you

Idiot Nobel Chairman Who Gave Obama A Peace Prize Receives Unprecedented Demotion

His nomination of Ray Rice for this year’s award may have sealed it…

VIDEO: The Great Pat Condell Obliterates Progressive Universities

by Michael van der Galien

“This right to be comfortable is very selective, and only extends to those who hold the correct opinion.”

Feinstein Agrees with Netanyahu That 10-Year Nuke Deal 'Not a Long Time'

But she thought “much of his rhetoric suggested is that there’s a very real possible likelihood of Israel taking aggressive action.”

WATCH: CNN Analyst Calls Netanyahu's Holocaust Mentions 'Political'

by The Tatler

Ari Fleischer fires back.

Nancy Pelosi Turns Her Back on Benjamin Netanyahu's Speech

Drama Queen

Flashback: Bibi in 2011 Joint Congressional Session Speech

Moral clarity then. Moral clarity now.

Senators Want Obama to Support Putin Opponents in Honor of Nemtsov

“We hear your calls for freedom and liberty, and we are forever your ally…”

Say Hello to the Ugliest Politicians in America

by Michael Walsh

As Bibi speaks, remember their names, and take appropriate action at the ballot box

Al-Arabiya Editor-in-Chief: Obama, Listen to Netanyahu on Iran

by The Tatler

“Indeed, it is Mr. Obama’s controversial take on managing global conflicts that raises serious questions…”

ISIS Threatened Twitter over Blocked Terror Accounts

by The Tatler

“How, Jack [Dorsey], will you protect your wretched employees when their necks are an official target for the soldiers of the caliphate and its allies who are scattered among your midst?”

Menendez Pulls No Punches: Takes Shots at Rice, 'Political Friends,' Nuclear 'Mothballing'

Senate Dem: “I will be proud when I escort Prime Minister Netanyahu to the House Chamber to give his speech.”

Susan Rice's Applause Track Off in AIPAC Address

Plus: How she tried to walk back Obama’s “random folks” comment before Jewish audience.

Ann Coulter Lands Cameo in Sharknado 3 on Syfy

Hipper and funnier than a liberal elitist.

[VIDEO] Ted Cruz: 'The Voice of Andrew Breitbart Said... Call Evil By Its Name!'

by Michael van der Galien

Breitbart’s spirit lives on…

Netanyahu to AIPAC: 'Moral Obligation' to Speak Against Iran Deal 'While There's Still Time'

“Never has so much been written about a speech that hasn’t been given,” he quipped of tomorrow’s congressional address.

Ted Cruz: CPAC's Real Winner

by Michael van der Galien

Rand Paul won the straw poll. Woopty doo.

Power to AIPAC: Obama's Commitment to Israel Maybe Not 'Heard Anymore, But We Have to Keep Repeating It'

Makes light of “tension”: “There will never be a sunset on America’s commitment to Israel’s security.”