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Has Obama Already ‘Checked out’ of the Presidency?

The world is collapsing and Obama is AWOL.

Up to 5 Million Illegals to be Granted ‘Temporary Legal Status’

Work authorizations and no deportations for millions of illegal aliens.


Good News on Pennsylvania Hospital Shooting

by Howard Nemerov

Doctor who saved lives unlikely to be fired, prosecuted.

Kerry on Release of Sudanese Christian: ‘Their Concerns Were Our Cause’

“The United States will continue to be an unwavering advocate for the right to freedom of religion worldwide.”

Dallas County Has Its Priorities Right Wrong

by Howard Nemerov

Go after guns, but leave government abusers alone.

CNN Libels Israel, Promotes Hamas Propaganda Line

by Bryan Preston

Neither fair nor balanced.

Rumsfeld an Alien Wizard? Cuba Faked Moon Landing? Congress Banned from Editing Wikipedia

Don’t expect a Congressional investigation into this misuse of public funds.

Stupid and Lame: Wealthy Actress Kristen Bell Begs for Minimum Wage Increase (Update: Reason Rebuttal FTW)

by Bryan Preston

Mary Poppins swears at the kids!

First Howard Stern, Now Joan Rivers Fires Up Passionate Support for Israel

by Bryan Preston

“You’re all insane! They started it!”

Why Not Set Up Refugee Kiosks in Honduras? Can We Consider Any Idea from Obama, McCain?

After all, we’re talking about facilitating legal immigration, and this might keep potential immigrants from piling up in U.S. border towns, jeopardizing public health and straining social services.

Campaigning with the Rich and Richer, First Lady Wants the ‘Biggest, Fattest Checks’

by Bryan Preston

It takes fat cats to write fat checks.

Stephen King’s Immigration Idiocy

The horror writer gets schooled by Twitter.

Rice Lauds Freedom of Sudanese Christian Without Mentioning Christianity

Praises the support Ibrahim, brought to Rome after the Italians got her out, “received from the broader U.S. government.”

Caliphate Adds Tourism Sector with Passport-Free Travel

You thought one of those buses to Vegas was bad.

Bipartisan Bill Moving Forward to Condemn Obama for Taliban 5 Release

“America is not a monarchy and no president is king,” says the lead sponsor.

GM Just Issued Six More Safety Recalls

by Bryan Preston

Obama’s Midas touch…

Deval Patrick Not A Fan Of Hillary’s ‘Inevitability’

Family fight.

Pew Poll Gives GOP Enthusiasm Advantage For Midterms

“Less pessimistic” might be more accurate.

Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton Doesn't Think Congress has a Right to Know What the White House is Doing

“You don’t have a right to know everything in a separation-of-powers government, my friend.”

U.S. Evacuates Tripoli Embassy Personnel by Land to Tunisia

“We did not make this decision lightly. Security has to come first,” says State Department.

McKeon: White House Request That Congress Repeal Iraq Force Authorization 'Past Absurd,' 'Dangerous'

“If the administration fought terrorists with half the tenacity they fight straw men, we wouldn’t be in this mess.”

Self-Defense Story With a Twist

by Howard Nemerov

Defender saved lives, but broke a law?

US Releases Armed Mexican Police Who Strayed Into Texas

by Bryan Preston

Mexico’s violence spills over into Texas.

Netherlands, Australia Sending Troops to Secure MH17 Crash Site In Ukraine

by Bryan Preston


Gallup: If You Oppose Israel, You're Probably an Uneducated Democrat

by Bryan Preston

Younger Americans don’t support Israel despite its strong support for women’s and minority rights.

Speak-O! More Audio of Obamacare Architect Jon Gruber Touting State-Based Exchanges Emerges

by Bryan Preston

Gruber says “It’s really criminal.” He’s gotten that much right.

Terrorist Tycoons: Meet Hamas' Richest Men

by Bryan Preston

They’re corrupt tax-and-spend terrorists.

Entire Firefly/Serenity Cast to Reunite. Sort Of.

by Bryan Preston


Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price Arrested (Updated)

by Bryan Preston

Charges will be announced today.

Obamacare's Architect Admitted in 2012 That Only State Exchanges Get Subsidies

Fast Forward to 2014: He calls what he said in 2012 a “screwy interpretation.”

Deli Food for Thought

Obama’s best show of solidarity: Have a sammich.

Is Tech Site Siding with Hamas Terrorists?

by Bryan Preston

Prog tech site takes an anti-Israel editorial point of view.

BIZARRE: Boeing 777s, After 18 Spotless Years, Crash Three Times Since July 2013

The brilliant plane has zero safety concerns. Yet 540 riders are dead in just over a year.

The Creepiest Story About Government Replacing the Family That You'll Read Today

by Bryan Preston

iRobot to raise our kids…

Vox Wants More Abortion Clinics

by Bryan Preston

Progs want abortion mills to be unregulated.