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In Other News of People Who Will Never Be President

by Michael Walsh

By the time 2016 rolls around, even the dumbest Democrat will be heartily sick of her

Mitt Romney Just Says No to Mitt Romney

by Michael Walsh

Won’t run in ’16 after all, ‘unlikely” to change his mind


‘Critical Theory’ in Action: No Idea Too Stupid to Try

by Michael Walsh

‘What’s anyone’s marital status got to do with how we address them?’

Daily Beast: ‘Sources’ Say Romney Is In (UPDATE: Thankfully, They Were Wrong)

“YAWN” if true.

Warren Supporters Fund Anti-Hillary Poll

The party of youth and diversity gears up for Grandma Wars 2016.

Delaware Approves the Digital Driver’s License

by The Tatler

Delaware is not the only state to consider going digital. Iowa announced last year a plan to put licenses on phones.

Non-Terrorist Taliban Claim Responsibility for Kabul Airport Terrorist Attack

Three Americans killed by non-terrorists.

Former Beltway Cabbie Added to Most Wanted Terrorists List

Liban Haji Mohamed lived in HUD housing, has brother represented by CAIR on no-fly list challenge.

Shultz: No ‘Empty Threats’ If You Want People to Trust Foreign Policy

Reagan secretary of State “very uneasy about the way our negotiations with Iran are going on.”

‘They’re Like Locusts’

by Michael Walsh

If conservatives could reflip the Golden State, the Democrats would never win another national election, ever.

Definitely Not Politically Correct: Who Gets Murdered in L.A. and Where?

by Michael Walsh

Out of 260 victims, 119 were Latino and 112 were black.

Lindsey Graham Keeps Threatening To Run For President

From the Dept. of Awful Ideas…

White House Scraps Constitution, George Washington’s Rules in Netanyahu Rift

by Michael Hamilton

What the Obama administration could learn from our first president.

Congressional Iraq War Vet: Trade by Jordan Would Hand ISIS ‘Moral Victory’

“They will have brought down this infidel regime in Jordan,” Kinzinger said.

Strong Bipartisan Support for Iran Sanctions Bill as it Passes Committee 18-4

Included Toomey amendment on Congress voting on any final nuclear deal.

Code Pink Tries to Arrest 91-Year-Old Kissinger for ‘War Crimes,’ Get Smacked Down by 94-Year-Old George Shultz

McCain to Pinkers: “Get out of here, you low-life scum.”

Sheriffs’ Assoc. Doubles Down on Campaign Against Waze Cop-Tracker

by Liz Sheld

Unless the point isn’t to stop reckless driving or speeding but rather to issue speeding tickets to generate revenue…

Boehner: ‘I Was the Tea Party Before There Was a Tea Party’

Says three GOP chairmen are working on an Obamacare alternative while he works on his Obama lawsuit.

Army Deletes 'Chinks' in Armor Tweet Because PC Crowd Too Stupid to Understand English

Political correctness=free speech cancer

Fourth Quarter GDP Report A 'Disappointment'

They’ve moved on from “Unexpected”.

Has 'Hillary Fatigue' Already Set In? MSNBC's Donny Deutsch Thinks So (VIDEO)

Even Hillary might be tired of Hillary at this point.

Obama Wants $215M to Build a Database of Your Genes

by Liz Sheld

If it’s such a great idea, I’m sure the private sector can run with it.

The Elephant In the Room In Albany: Democrats

by Michael Walsh

A criminal organization masquerading as a political party is killing the Empire State

Man Ordered Pizza in the Middle of 4-Hour SWAT Stand-Off

by The Tatler

The police told the pizza man to leave.

Some Doctors Refusing to See Anti-Vaccine Patients

Jenny McCarthy ruined Disneyland.

Keystone Passes Senate, But Falls Short of Veto-Proof Threshold

See which Dems joined the GOPs, and which Republican missed the vote.

L.A. Times Headline: 'Do Conservatives Die Sooner?' L.A. Times Article: This Study Is Nonsense

Clickbait headline exploits idea of dead conservatives, article brings in expert to shred aforementioned study. Yay journalism!

Godless Militants Go After Alabama Town

The mayor and city council of Winfield, Alabama, have found themselves under fire for an innocuous proclamation.

GOP Senators to Obama: We're Totally with You on Cuba Policy

See which Republicans have his back in trying to lift embargo.

House GOP February Agenda: Tax Breaks And Protection From Common Core

Acting like they won? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!?

Ready For Mitt 3.0? Me Neither

by Michael Walsh

The GOP needs to forget its dinosaur also-rans and accept that its next presidential nominee is going to be either Scott Walker or Ted Cruz

Think Scandinavia Is Paradise? Think Again

by Michael Walsh

“I suspect that few Americans would truly embrace a Scandinavian-style society. The tax rates alone would likely be a sufficient deterrent.”

VIDEO: Mother & Child Burn to Death in Inglewood Apartment Fire This Morning

The Queens Street address that went up in flames might have been our home…

DEA Has Abandoned Plans to Track Cars at Gun Shows

by Liz Sheld

Coupled with very suspicious and punitive behavior by the IRS to target “tea party types” the last thing we should allow is the government to amass information on an “undesirable” class of citizens.

Annals of Dhimmitude, Cont'd

by Michael Walsh

Welcome to the Seventh Century, ladies