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Cruz Scoffs at Notion That He’s Pushing Boehner Around on Border Bill

Straight from the Bilderberg secret jet.

‘Blame Cruz’ Is the New ‘Blame Bush’ for Whiny Democrats

All-powerful, all-knowing…


Willing To Swap? 112 Arrested At Deportations Protest

There are illegal people.

Exclusive: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s Staff Threatens Taxpayer For Asking About Her Impeachment Claims

by Dwayne Horner

A brief glimpse behind the scenes in Sheila Jackson Lee’s Washington.

The Russians Are Openly Mocking Obama on Twitter Now

by Bryan Preston


Report Says Attacks on Border Patrol Officers are Increasing

by Bryan Preston

Encounters with gangs, assaults on officers, and the sound of gunfire into the night.

Islamic Jizya: ‘Protection’ from Whom?

An ugly fact of Islam.

Presbyterian Church USA Criticizes Israel, Ignores Christian Persecution

The PCUSA is very PC.

Israel Fires Back at White House Assertion That They Should Do More to ‘Live Up to Their Standards’

“No country in the world has set a higher standard than Israel,” Dermer reminds press secretary.

Top Dem: You Bet We’re Gonna Scam Our Gullible Base On Impeachment!

by Bryan Preston


Syrian Defector Who Captured Images of Assad’s Brutality Appears Before Congress

“What is going on in Syria is a genocidal massacre that is being led by the worst of all the terrorists.”

Veterans Affairs ‘Overhaul’ Throws More Money at the Problem

Will a new boss and more money solve the VA’s problems?

Media Matters Suddenly Aghast That A Candidate’s Wealth Is Being Discussed

It’s saintly money!

House Votes to Sue the President, 225-201

Five GOP defections.

Watch the DNC Chairman’s Hilarious Admission About Obama’s Poor Work Ethic

by Bryan Preston

Heh, she’s right!

VIDEO: Hamas TV Tells Jews ‘We Will Totally Exterminate You’

by Bryan Preston

“We will not leave a single one of you alive.”

VIDEO: Democrats Rise Up to Keep the Impeachment Dream Alive (Update: Obsession!)

by Bryan Preston


MSNBC Host After Interviewing Israeli Official: ‘Keep it right here on Morning Jew’

by Bryan Preston


Hey, Hey, Hey...Ebola Is On Its Way

Good luck with that…

House Border Bill Pulled, Recess Delayed After GOP Can't Find Votes

Pelosi calls funding supplemental “so bad, but is not bad enough for some of their outside groups to whom they pander.”

Confirmed: Illegal Alien Kids Will Be Going to Publicly Funded Charter School in Texas

by Bryan Preston

Unfair to American kids.

Progressive Environmentalists' Hypocritical Support for Illegal Immigration

by Michelle Horstman

Why all the sudden turnabouts on border security?

Bill Clinton Hours Before 9/11 Attacks: I Could Have Killed bin Laden

Says he would have been no better than bin Laden if he had killed civilians.

Rubio's Utilitarian Case for Traditional Marriage Dodges More Powerful, Controversial Approach

Senator Rubio, I don’t care if you run for president in 2016, but if you’re going to make the case for heterosexual marriage, please: “Go big. Go bold.”

Illegal Immigration Is Now Obama's Worst Issue

by Bryan Preston

Lord of chaos.

Three More Reasons Why Israel Should Destroy Hamas Now

by Bryan Preston

A three-front war? Arabs siding with Israel, for now…

Dem Campaign Chairman: Obama Lawsuit Will Send Swing Voters Their Way

Dems will play up the costs of such a lawsuit, which are unknown right now.

Sheila Jackson Lee Was For Impeachment Before She was Against It

by Bryan Preston


World Leaders Lambast Obama’s 'Failures' in the Middle East

There is no worse friend, no more feckless enemy, than Barack Obama.

Years Later, White House Acknowledges Russia INF Treaty Violations

Senator calls it “senseless” that it took so long to call these Russian actions a violation and brief our allies.

White House Believes 'All Air Travel' Here Safe During Ebola Outbreak

African leaders are converging upon the White House next week for a summit.

ISIS Threatens to Step Into Gaza Conflict, Fight the 'Barbaric Jews'

And pave the path to Israel as their territory.

My Take on the Jesse Ventura Lawsuit Against Chris Kyle's Widow

by Bryan Preston

Truther clown.

Government Investigation Finds Massive Mismanagement Wasted Millions in Botched Rollout

by Bryan Preston

But they’re competent to run the entire healthcare system…?

Say, the Clintons' 'Speaking Fees' Sure Look Like Hefty Foreign Bribes

by Bryan Preston

Hillary ain’t no ways broke.