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Caption This: Pic of the Romney-Christie-Rubio Sleepover in New Hampshire

Yep, a sleepover.

Fading Dowager Empress of Chappaqua Refuses to ‘Take Back Seat’ to Other Socialists

by Michael Walsh

Even though Her Highness hasn’t driven a car since Lenin was a pup.


Hillary Clinton Finally Takes Some Questions from the Press!

by Debra Heine

Given this rare opportunity, what do you suppose the reporters asked?

As Sanders Gains in NH, Hillary Touts Progressive Cred

“I’m the most left leftist left!”

Illegal Alien, Deported 5 Times, Murders San Francisco Woman

Seven felony convictions and San Francisco police let him go.

[VIDEO] Americans Don’t Know Why We Celebrate 4th of July

“It’s the day that we overtook the South.”

Fewer of Us Are ‘Extremely Proud’ to Be an American

Is the recent drumbeat of anti-American screaming affecting how we see the U.S.?

Happy Independence Day — Obama Administration ‘Scaling Back’ Deportations of Illegal Aliens

by Michael Walsh

Because the law is whatever the administration says it is. Just ask the Supreme Court.

Dempsey: Threats ‘Will Have Increasing Implications to the U.S. Homeland’

“Today’s global security environment is the most unpredictable I have seen in 40 years of service.”

Jim Webb Announces Presidential Run, Says Benghazi Attack Was ‘Inevitable’

“I would not have been the president who used military force in Libya during the Arab Spring.”

Pataki Calls on Other GOP Candidates to Denounce Trump’s Mexican ‘Rapists’ Comments

Trump lashes out at former N.Y. governor as Pataki says comments were “wrong 100 years ago and wrong today.”

Team Lightbringer Issues New Holiday Talking Points About Health Care Law That Everyone Supposedly Loves

Who invited Pajama Boy to the barbecue?!?

First U.S. Measles Death in a Decade, Courtesy of Your Neighborhood Anti-Vaxxers

Jennie McCarthy was unavailable for comment.

Confederate Flag Flop: Public Opinion Remains Unchanged From Where It Was 15 Years Ago

by Debra Heine

Americans shrug their shoulders in the wake of the left’s latest assault on the Confederate battle flag.

U.S. blocking Attempts by Arab Allies to Directly Arm the Kurds

by Debra Heine

Arab officials are now looking for ways to fight to the Islamic State without US approval.

A ‘Norwegian’ Named Ishaq Ahmed

by Michael Walsh

Meanwhile, Denmark is instituting “border controls” in the EU passport-free zone.

JOEmentum! Catch It!

by Michael Walsh

Crazy Uncle Joe smells Hillary’s blood in the water.

‘No Bombshells’: Stephanopoulos and Co. Dismiss Latest Batch of Hillary Emails (Video)

by Debra Heine

The Clinton Foundation mega-donor neglected to mention all of the emails she deleted.

Iran to America on the Fourth of July: 'Trust Us.' No, Seriously

by Michael Walsh

We’ll even be an ally in the “war on terror.” Stop laughing!

Canadian Court: Gay Sex Trumps Religious Rights

by Michael Walsh

As the modern Irishman says to his blushing new bride on their wedding night: “Brace yourself, Bernie.”

Missing UK Family of 12 Surfaces in Islamic State, Urges Others to Rebel Against Democracy 'Forced Down Our Throat'

“It wasn’t by the command of a single person in the family but by the command of the Khalifah of the Muslims.”

George Takei Apologizes for Calling Justice Thomas 'a Clown in Blackface'

by Debra Heine

“While I continue to vehemently disagree with Justice Thomas, the words I chose, said in the heat of anger, were not carefully considered.”

Church of Climate Change Doctrine: Because It's Summer, Weather Can Be 'Climate' Again

Kinda sorta maybe almost=SCIENCE!

Ripley's Believe it or Not: Something Useful Made by Government

Traveling to Texas this summer? This app will prove a valuable aide in choosing where to go.

Happy Independence Day -- U.S. Military Cowers, Cancels 'Fourth' Celebrations at British Air Base

by Michael Walsh

“We make every effort to ensure the safety of our airmen, their families and our U.K. partners.”

Happy Independence Day -- Now Fork Over $135,000

by Michael Walsh

Iron fist of of Oregon comes down hard on two people who refused to bake a cake.

Emails Reveal CDC Officials Slamming 'Marxist' Obama During Illegal Immigrant Influx

by Debra Heine

“In ten years or less, they’ll all be voting…Commander’s intent…”

George Takei Calls Justice Thomas 'Clown in Blackface'

“He is a disgrace to America,” says Sulu, adding he “abdicated and abandoned his African American heritage.”

Admin Calls Venezuela Outreach 'Hallmark of Diplomatic Efforts'

When it comes to cozying up to tyrants, why stop at Cuba?

Just in Time for Summer, Step Inside the ISIS Ice Cream Shop

They’ve tried to lure jihadis with this “fluffy, velvety and sweet” concoction…

Karl Rove Exhorts GOP Candidates to Adopt Failed 2012 Playbook

Time to give the white board a rest…

Vibrant Diversity for Thee, But Not for Me

by Michael Walsh

U.S. Twitter employees overwhelmingly white, Asian; just 1.7 percent black

Cell Phone Case that Looks like a Gun: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

by Liz Sheld

Would you use a “faux gun cell phone case?”

Episcopal Church Officially A-Okay with Gay Marriage

by Michael Walsh

The Episcopal Church has shrunk 18 percent over the last decade, after more than a generation of steady decline.

Hillary Gets Berned: Sanders Rally Nearly Double the Size of Her Announcement Crowd

“We have more people at a meeting for a candidate for president than any other candidate.”