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NY Times Shocking Revelation: Evangelical Rubes Risk Their Lives to Help Poor, Black Foreigners

I think it’s good for the country whenever anyone, even a Times columnist, gets a glimpse at the absurdity of his own bigotry.

MSNBC Ratings Continue to Crater

CNN’s missing planes are faring better.


Poll: American Support for 2 State Solution in Israel Hits 20 Year Low

Sort of like CNN’s ratings.

Obama Lifts ‘Executive Holds’ on Military Deliveries to Egypt

A concession from the White House to the guy willing to fight ISIS and Iran’s rebel movements.

Rubio Plans Big Announcement on April 13, Six Days After Paul’s Announcement

And they’re off!

Are Pesticides Ruining the Quality of Your Sperm? Harvard Thinks So

by The Tatler

Research found that men who ate the greatest amount of fruit and vegetables with high levels of pesticide residue had a 49% lower sperm count and a 32% fewer normally formed sperm than those who consumed the least.

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Case Involving Worship in NYC Public Schools

The high court declined to review an appellate court’s ruling that allows all groups except churches to meet in public schools after hours.

Psst, You Do Realize a Boycott Is Discrimination, Right?

What if we made it illegal to discriminate against a state?

Does Jon Stewart’s Replacement, Trevor Noah, Have a Jewish Problem?

Comedy Central has a PR problem after tweets from their “bold” choice, 31-year-old comic Trevor Noah, surface.

California: No Room at the Death Penalty Inn

The deathless death penalty is drawing a crowd.

New ISIS Magazine Singles Out Santorum as ‘Catholic Crusader’ Enemy

And they’re watching Fox News.

Typical: The Pansy Left Defends a Deserter

by Michael Walsh

‘Trying him for desertion and misbehaving before the enemy stands to accomplish little at this point.’ Except serve justice and honor.

Cardin: Iran Deal Must ‘Snap Back’ UN Sanctions Upon Violation, Not Just Congressional

Dem senator looking for “effective arrangement with Iran where they give up their nuclear weapon ambition.”

Who Attacked the NSA? Two Men in Women’s Wigs Ram Gate, Hit in Shootout

One police officer injured as one suspect is killed and another wounded.

CNN’s Dana Bash Tries to Take Out Ted Cruz, Fails Miserably

by Michael van der Galien

Cruz: “I wasn’t a community organizer.”

Macabre: Narcissists Flock to NYC Blast Site to Take Selfies

by The Tatler

“Disaster Porn.”

United Arab Army Forms in Wake of Obama’s Iranian Negotiations

They don’t trust Barry, either.

Survey Says: Middle Class Women Want to Get Laid!

So that’s why the War on Women is really all about free condoms.

Did the U.S. Just Give Iran What They Wanted on Immediate Sanctions Relief?

“Oil, gas, and banking sanctions will be lifted as soon as a comprehensive deal is implemented,” negotiator tells Iranian media.

Hillary Responds to Drone Crash Email With Breezy Furniture Chitchat

She wants to be Leader of the Free World but she doesn’t even know how to use email.

Cincinnati Reds Create a 'Breastfeeding Suite' for Moms at the Ballpark

Building good will and creating loyal customers.

California Dem: 'Push the Politics Out of This,' Pass New Sanctions on Bad Iran Deal

Sherman: “If the talks don’t go forward, we need a new program. We can’t just continue what we’re doing.”

Brother of Mass Shooting Victim Campaigns Against Gun Control

“You’d change your mind if it was one of your family.” Not always.

Warren: 'I'm Not Running' for President, Give Hillary a Chance

“I’m in Washington. I’ve got this really great job…”

Ad Warns Obama Not to Go All Neville Chamberlain on Iran

“Do not sign a deal that allows the potentially catastrophic one-year weapons breakout period…”

Tea Partiers Will Agree with This Leftist Rant

Something scary is happening to America. Whether viewed from the Left or the Right, it can be seen by all.

Reeling Detroit Residents Hit with 62,000 Tax Foreclosure Notices

“But we had PLANS for that money!”

Too Cute: Monkey Meets Puppies for First Time

Guaranteed to melt your heart.

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Free Speech Dispute Over Banning American Flag on Cinco De Mayo

Safety and security at a California high school trumps free speech rights.

Is Tom Izzo the Best College Basketball Coach in America?

Izzo’s seven final four appearances in 20 years is only one measurement of his success.

Is This the Dumbest Reason Ever To Ban Fracking?

What is “social license” and how can it ruin your local economy?

I'm Only Going to Do Business in States That Support the First Amendment From Now On

Indiana really needs to calm down.

Harf: 'Absolutely' There Can Be Iran Deal If They Don't Ship Out Uranium Stockpile

State Department says it wasn’t “assumed” by U.S. negotiators that Iran was in agreement with this provision anyway.

What's More Dangerous: Religious Freedom or Anti-Discrimination Laws Shoved Down Your Throat?

by Michael van der Galien

Apple CEO Tim Cook despises the freedom of religion.

Anti-Gun White House Doesn't Want Congress Interfering with D.C. Gun Laws

by Liz Sheld

The White House has no problem summoning up federal control and involvement in situations where Congress has far less authority to intervene at the state and local level.