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Caitlyn Jenner’s Not Toeing the Liberal Line

Apparently, she expects her follow transgendered to get by on their own dime.

Arab Media Justifies Attack on French Tourist at Al Aqsa Mosque

Defines man as “Israeli extremist.”


Price of College Textbooks Up Over 1000 Percent Since 1977

“…they’re sold like drugs”

Uber Battle in New York Shows the Problems and Promise of the Sharing Economy

Is the “sharing economy” the “Next Big Thing”?

Actress Amy Schumer and Senator Cousin Chuck Team Up for Gun Control After Theater Shooting

“No one wants to live in a country where a felon, the mentally ill, or other dangerous people can a gun.”

Manchin to Vote Against Planned Parenthood and ‘Callous Behavior’

“Until these allegations have been answered and resolved, I do not believe that taxpayer money should be used.”

Where Are the ‘Healthy-Food’ Lobbyists?

by Liz Sheld

After all the GOP, the alleged party of smaller government, just helped pass a law that removes power from the states to put labels on GMO food.

The Campaign Overtones of Today’s Senate Vote to Defund Planned Parenthood

Paul and Cruz both want to strip funding, but they differ on calling up a shutdown strategy.

Wasserman Schultz Asked: What the Difference Between a Democrat and a Socialist?

At least one of the differences is socialist Bernie would answer the question.

Ready for Biden? He’s Getting Ready for You

by Michael Walsh

Whaddaya think? Shall I?

Jeb Bush Can Pander in Spanish, Too

by Michael Walsh

The perfect RINO.

The People of Zimbabwe Too Poor, Too Hungry to Care About Cecil

Priorities, people.

International Athletics Thrown into Chaos as Charges Emerge of Massive Blood Doping

More than 1/3 of medals awarded in long distance events at the Olympics and World Championships since 2001 were won by athletes guilty of blood doping.

Iran’s ‘How-To’ Guide to Outwit the U.S. and Destroy Israel

A new book by Supreme Leader Khamenei gives graphic details on how Israel will be “destroyed.”

‘Public Employees’ Livin’ High On the Hog at the University of California

by Michael Walsh

Your tuition dollars at work.

‘Migrant’ Invasion of Britain Temporarily Halted at Calais

by Michael Walsh

“England is good. All, everybody knows that,” said a 25-year-old Sudanese migrant who gave his name only as Mohammed.

Joe Biden for President?! Hillary Clinton Is a Weaker Candidate Than You Think

by Michael van der Galien

The ultimate proof? Joe Biden may throw his hat in the ring.

Marines Ready to Deploy F-35B Fighter

The most expensive weapons system in the history of the Pentagon.

Camille Paglia Unloads on Feminism, Bill Clinton at Salon and It's Delicious

I love it when liberals criticize liberals.

Report: Obama Admin Taking the Side of Palestinians Over U.S. Citizens in Terror Case

by Debra Heine

“An administration which claims to be fighting terror is planning to weigh in favor of the terrorists.”

Obama's Clean Power Plan Resurrects Cap-and-Trade by EPA Rule

Inhofe: Administration “has no concern for costs, no concept of reality and no respect for the rule of law.”

Despite Celebrity PR Campaign, New Poll Shows Americans Really, Really Don't Like Iran Deal

That old Jack Black magic didn’t work.

Josh Earnest: Obama’s Clean Power Plan Will Make Opponents 'Squeal'

by Debra Heine

In his seventh year in office, Obama seems determined fulfill his 2008 campaign promise of making the cost of electricity “necessarily skyrocket.”

Is Biden Going to Poach Earnest for Campaign? WH Spokesman Says Veep 'Exceeded the Hype' in Office

Not that the Hillary supporters think it’s a BFD.

VIDEO: Earnest Gets Challenged on 'Ugly Stuff' in Planned Parenthood Videos by Chris Cuomo

Then CNN host explained his logic for not calling out Earnest for commenting on videos he hadn’t seen.

Dutch King: the Party's Over

by Michael Walsh

RIP, the Welfare State.

Everything That's Wrong with America in One Phrase

by Michael Walsh

One containing the words, “lawmakers” and “regulate.”

Company's $70,000 Minimum Wage Works Out Just Like Atlas Shrugged Predicted

This is what happens when you give everyone a raise.

Where Will Hillary! Be in 2017 -- the White House or the Big House?

by Michael Walsh

Before you get your hopes up, though, remember what happened to John Deutch: nothing.

Confirmed: Navy Seriously Considering Charges Against Lt. Cmdr Timothy White for Discharging Firearm on Federal Property

by Debra Heine

“We should be pinning a medal on this man’s chest…”

Bernie Pushing Public Campaign Financing Bill Because 'That's Called Democracy'

Says it “will allow people to run for office without having to beg money from the wealthy and the powerful.”

Koch, in Attack on Big Banks, Calls for an End to Corporate Welfare

The “Koch Primary” continues.

Tragic, Really: Bin Laden Family Members Die in Air Crash

by Michael Walsh

Osama’s stepmother, half-sister and brother-in-law.

Gun Used in Garland, TX, Terror Attack May Be Linked to Fast and Furious

And the Justice Department is covering up the connection.

Turkey Bombs Kurdish Village, Killing 10 Civilians

by Debra Heine

Obama gave Erdogan the green light to bomb the Kurds in a phone conversation on the 22nd of July…