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Politico: Dems Stressed, Worried Hillary Could ‘Implode Totally’

Somewhere, Martin O’Malley is smiling.

President Obama’s Preferred Non-Pipeline Delivery Method Derails, Crude Oil Now Burning

Pipeophobia reigns!


Buzz Ballad: The Aging Hillaryous

With apologies to Jerome Ragni and Galt McDermot, and “The Age of Aquarius.”

Iran Demands That ‘All Sanctions are Lifted at Once’ to Move Forward in Talks

In front of Kerry, Saudi foreign minister says we should be “worried about atomic energy and atomic bomb.”

Islam = Vandalism

by Michael Walsh

When these savages get finished with ancient cities, they are coming for ours

Breaking: ISIS ‘Bulldozed’ Ancient Assyrian City of Nimrud


Michael Brown’s Parents Announce Civil Lawsuit

When you’ve lost Eric Holder…

Republican Gov. Charlie Baker Seeks To Slash Romneycare

A Republican who won and is acting like it? A WORLD GONE MAD.

Peeps-Flavored Milk, Yea or Nay?

by The Tatler

It doesn’t sound that appealing.

North Korea Hails Attack on U.S. Ambassador as ‘Knife Shower of Justice’

Assailant tried to erect a Kim Jong-il memorial in the middle of Seoul a few years ago.

Snowden’s Lawyer Says He’s Ready to Come Home

by The Tatler

Snowden wants a guarantee of a “legal and impartial trial.”

British Jihadi Defends Jihadi John’s ‘Right to be Violent,’ ‘Moral High Ground’ of ISIS

Dhar, who fled to Syria, “cannot envisage any piece of land” including Washington “where Islam is not the rule of law.”

U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Attacked by Blade-Wielding Assailant

“No known motive” says Harf as North Korea threatened preemptive strike over military drills.

DOJ Exonerates Officer Wilson, Excoriates Ferguson Police in ‘Searing’ Report

Holder: Investigators found “no other basis” for police patterns than “implicit and explicit racial bias.”

NYC Public Schools to Get Muslim Holidays Off

Focusing on what’s important and stuff.

IRGC Navy Commander Presents New ‘Strategic’ Weapon

by The Tatler

“We have deterred America.”

Netanyahu Rebuts Obama: ‘I Presented a Practical Alternative’ to Administration’s Iran Deal

“I heard encouraging responses from both Democrats and Republicans,” Bibi adds.

How Stupid Is the Obama Administration?

by Michael Walsh

In the Persian bazaar, it’s always wise to count your fingers after the handshake.

For the 'Right' Kind of Women: A Holster Fashion Show

Purely a journalistic interest, of course…

Unhinged LGBT Activist Dan Savage Is Exec-Producing Autobiographical SitCom For ABC

He seems nice…

[VIDEO] Islamic Reformer: Obama's Iran Deal Guides Us Into Disaster

by Michael van der Galien

Cozying up to Iran puts the entire world at risk

Schumer: 'Hard Right Republican Temper Tantrum on Immigration' Holding Up Lynch Nod

Senate Dems want to head off GOP plan B to derail immigration funding after DHS passage.

LaGuardia: When Do Airports Decide Conditions Are Too Dangerous?

Who makes the call? How often does this type of accident happen?

#SledFreeOrDie: Enemies of the State Defy Capitol Hill Sledding Ban

It’s all downhill from here.

Amazing: Quadriplegic Pilots DARPA Fighter Jet Flight Simulator with Her Mind

“Telepathically connected.”

Nancy Pelosi: Hypocrite Extraordinaire

by Michael van der Galien

Pot, kettle, black

What the GOP Is Doing About Hillary Clinton's Emails

Gowdy’s Benghazi committee issues subpoena while RNC wants inspector general to jump on the case.

Hillary Urges State Dept. to Release Her Emails

by Liz Sheld

Gowdy and the Benghazi Select Committee learned six months ago Clinton was using a private email account for government business. So why did he wait so long to subpoena her email records?

Two Days Later, Hillary Responds with a Tweet, Should Be Enough for the MSM

Just a poor, confused grandma…

Hundreds of Lawmakers Urge Against Proposed Ammo Ban

If at first you don’t succeed…unleash one of your regulatory agencies.

Ben Carson: Not Ready for Prime Time

by Michael Walsh

Remember that the media is going to try to make every potential GOP candidate look like an idiot.

Jimmy Kimmel Unapologetic About Offending Anti-Vaxxer Loons

“Sorry seems to be the hardest word…”

Politico Faces Its Worst Fear and Ponders a 2016 Without Hillary

Imagine there’s no Heaven…

Paging Indiana Jones: Who Doesn't Love a 'Lost City In the Jungle' Story?

by Michael Walsh

All this and a monkey god, too

If Supes Rule Against Obamacare, GOP Must Finish It Off Immediately

by Michael Walsh

Democrats are just itching to impose their “single-payer” goal on the American people, by force if necessary