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Looming Pension Crisis Roils Chicago’s Mayoral Runoff

A $20 billion pension shortfall threatens a fiscal implosion.

So What Really Did Happen to Harry Reid?

by Michael Walsh

It’s pretty obvious from the photographs that somebody beat the bejesus out of the soon-to-be-former senator from Nevada.


Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Mob Attacks Family of Coptic Christian Martyr Beheaded by ISIS in Libya

Construction site for church honoring the 21 martyrs attacked with Molotov cocktails.

Boehner: You Try Winning with a Name That Looks Like ‘Boner’

Says he wants to be speaker “until I have had enough of it,” calls stories of attempted coups against his leadership “laughable.”

Iranian Defector: US Team ‘Mainly There to Speak on Iran’s Behalf’

White House “bullying” France into keeping its mouth shut about the deal’s weakness threatens to severely impact relations.

Hillary Clinton’s Emails Deliberately Deleted

As soon as Hillary knew the emails would become public, she deleted “personal” communications.

Military Exercise Not a Dry Run for Martial Law

Is Obama getting ready to round up his opponents and put them in FEMA camps?

‘Smart Power’: Iran Framework Deal Will Not be Written Down

Let the spin begin.

Obama Likely to be Thrilled as Socialist Venezuela to Present Him with Anti-U.S. Petition

by Michael Walsh

Wonder if Barry will give Maduro a bro handshake like he did Chavez.

Maybe It’s Time to Stop Climbing Mt. Everest

by Michael Walsh

Decades of human waste have made Mount Everest a ‘fecal time bomb’

Mitch McConnell Praises Harry Reid: Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Party Takes Care of its Own

by Michael Walsh


Dog or Jewish Boyfriend? Humor or Offensive Stereotyping? Ask Lena Dunham!

by Michael Walsh

Oy, and may I add, vey.

Destroy Iran’s Nuke Facilities. Don’t Wait For Musical Chairs ‘Regime Change’

by Andrew G. Bostom

The threat only disappears when the facilities are destroyed.

Kerry: Reid Led ‘Most Important Period of Progressive Legislating Since The Great Society’

“Without flash or puffery!”

Must-Watch Bill Whittle Video: Fantastic Idea! Why Not Let 16 Year-Olds Vote?

by Michael van der Galien

Terrific! The more uninformed voters, the better! Right?

Guess Which Senator Reid Wants to be Democratic Leader After He Retires?

And you thought House of Cards was dramatic.

Obama’s Middle Eastern Flameout Has Dems, Media Starting to Panic

by Michael Walsh

Alas, we are all prisoners of L’il Barry’s coming of age.

Sen. Paul, Democrats Introduce Bill for Police Body Cameras

Libertarian says legislation is “ensuring that the privacy rights of every civilian is respected.”

O'Malley: Presidency not a 'Crown to be Passed Between Two Families'

“Keeping it in the family” is not the republican way.

Priebus: 'Even Nixon Didn't Destroy the Tapes'

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus didn’t mince any words in responding to the news that aides to Hillary Clinton had deliberately deleted 30,000 emails from her private server. Priebus issued a statement saying that “even Nixon didn’t destroy the tapes.” The Hill: Clinton’s lawyer informed the House Select Committee investigating Benghazi on Friday that […]

J Street Speaker Advocates Arab Palestine, Jewish Dhimmitude

Jews are such an “imposition.”

Netanyahu Speaks with McConnell, Reid About 'Dangerous for Humanity' Iran Deal

Boehner heading to Israel to meet with prime minister, promises to move “very quickly” on sanctions.

Shot Dead by Cops for a Trace of Pot: Is This Still America?

by Michael Walsh

“Today, of course, authorities can break into homes without knocking. They can conduct raids at night… the Founders would be appalled.”

Second Grader Faces Suspension Over Military Haircut

The school, named after a Medal of Honor recipient, claims the haircut is a “distraction.”

This Week's 'Dirty Dozen' Articles on Middle East, War on Terror

Misery and Smart Diplomacy for everyone!

With the World in Flames, Barry Hussein Heads for the Florida Links

by Michael Walsh

Don’t worry; he has his phone.

Grinch of the Year: Kansas School Tells Down Syndrome Boy He Can't Wear Varsity Letter

by Michael Walsh

East High Principal Ken Thiessen says, “Teachers told the parents they would prefer he not wear the letter on his jacket.”

54-Pound, 7-Year-Old Girl Sent Home from School with a Note Saying Her BMI Is Too High

Kylee Moss, a 7-year-old-girl from Belton, Missouri, was sent home from school with a note to her mother saying that the 54-pound child’s Body Mass Index (BMI) was too high. Aside from the idiocy of using a discredited measurement for body fat, what are these administrators thinking? Obviously, they’re not. If they had two working […]

After Netanyahu, Does Obama Have Harper in His Crosshairs?

What failed miserably in Israel just might work in Canada.

Watch This Stellar Video By Ben Shapiro: Can Islamonazi Iran Be Trusted?

by Michael van der Galien

How about “no?”

Lawmaker Calls Colleague's 18-Month-Old Toddler a Racist

Toddler microaggression is the new manspreading.

Poll: More than Half of Americans Think They Pay the Right Amount of Taxes

by The Tatler

Perhaps it would be interesting to see what the results would be if these questions were asked immediately following tax day.

Rahm Emanuel Wants to Name Chicago Airport after Obama?

by The Tatler

O’Hare airport is named after a WWII Navy pilot Edward “Butch” O’Hare and Midway is named after the WWII Battle of Midway. Clearly, Obama is more important than both.

What's Behind That 100-0 Iran Sanctions Vote — and Why Obama Should Worry

While some Dems disagreed on budget amendment’s meaning, it paves the veto-proof way for two bills White House really hates.

Time to Party! Leave Your Farewell Message for Harry Reid Here

by Michael van der Galien

One small step for Harry Reid, one giant leap for the U.S. Senate.