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Sheriffs’ Assoc. Doubles Down on Campaign Against Waze Cop-Tracker

by Liz Sheld

Unless the point isn’t to stop reckless driving or speeding but rather to issue speeding tickets to generate revenue…

Boehner: ‘I Was the Tea Party Before There Was a Tea Party’

Says three GOP chairmen are working on an Obamacare alternative while he works on his Obama lawsuit.


US Ranks 12th in Index of Economic Freedom

First time in 5 years under Obama that the US hasn’t slid in the rankings.

BREAKING: Boko Haram Releases Video Interview With Spokesman

Terror group’s spox Shaikh Abu Mus’ab Albarnawi talks about recent offensive in Northern Nigeria

White House: Taliban an ‘Armed Insurgency,’ So We Didn’t ‘Make Concessions to Terrorist Groups’

Administration justifies why they traded for Bergdahl but are questioning potential Jordan swap with ISIS for pilot.

Dems Beg Supes for a Mulligan On Obamacare Law

by Michael Walsh

Obviously, what we really meant to say was…

Lean Forward: Two Days After Leftist Syriza Win, Greece Faces S&P Downgrade

Leftists win, life gets worse.

Dem Congresswoman: Obama ‘Not Recognizing That Islamic Extremism Is the Enemy’

Gabbard: “If you are at war, which we are, you have to know who your enemy is in order to defeat them.”

Drone Operators to Obama After White House Crash: ‘More Regulation Isn’t the Answer’

“Despite the existing regulations, a quadcopter still made its way onto the White House lawn this week.”

The Tick-Tock Begins for Andrew Cuomo

by Michael Walsh

“If Silver provides new details about Cuomo’s role in the negotiations that led to the commission’s demise, Cuomo’s vulnerability to an obstruction of justice charge increases.”

Imagine a World Without Saudi Arabia — It’s Easy If You Try

by Michael Walsh

“For many in Britain and the US, the rationale binding western interests to the Saudi state is no longer obvious, persuasive, welcome or easily justified.”

Decline of the West, Part Whatever

by Michael Walsh

Charles of Arabia

Laughing at the Death of Little Nell, PC Division

by Michael Walsh

Jonathan Chait has a come-to-Jesus moment

What If They Gave a Snowstorm and Nobody Came?

by Michael Walsh

Pansy Nation gets the vapors over nothing

California Franchise Tax Board Cleared for Suspicious Package…Full of Dog Droppings

I have an alibi.

(WARNING: GRAPHIC) Facebook Jihad: Belgium ISIS Cell Shared Victim Photos, War Stories

Exploiting social media for the jihad.

Report: Bergdahl to be Charged with Desertion

He could get “time served,” though, for his years in Taliban captivity.

‘Yeti’ Wanders Boston Streets During Snow Storm

by The Tatler

Naturally, the Yeti has its own Twitter account.

Annals of Dhimmitude, Cont'd

by Michael Walsh

Welcome to the Seventh Century, ladies

Homeland Security Adviser Mohamed Elibiary Goes on Hate-Filled Anti-Christian Rant, Attacks Jindal as 'Bottom Feeder'

More ongoing attacks on Christians from a senior Obama administration official.

Cuba Whips Out 'Iranian Playbook,' Demands More Concessions from Obama

They want Guantanamo back, and money, and embargo lifted, and money…

This Pastor in Niger Has a Stunning (and Beautiful) Response to Having His Home and Church Destroyed

And he makes a bold prediction about the future of Christianity in his country.

Psaki After Hezbollah Attack: Israel Can Defend Itself, But 'Preference' Is No More 'Back-and-Forth'

“We urge all parties to refrain from any action that could escalate the situation,” she says after missiles hit Israeli convoy.

The Black Knight Rises

by Michael Walsh

Minus their arms and legs, the Democrats still want to fight

VIDEO: AG Nominee Lynch Says 'Waterboarding is Torture and Thus Illegal'

Looks like the DOJ will not be changing its approach to intelligence gathering and Gitmo.

Obama Calls On Harvard Alma Mater to 'Spread Around' $1.5 Billion in 2014 Donations It Received

The president undoubtedly Tweeted Harvard’s Dean of Donations this week to remind him that “at a certain point you’ve made enough money.”

Menendez, Kirk Introduce New Iran Sanctions Bill

“The clock is ticking on a nuclear Iran…”

Saudi Fatwa: Pledge Your Allegiance to King Salman Via Social Media

King hearts Twitter.

Obama Administration Cancels Helicopter Sale, Lending Tacit Support to Boko Haram Terrorists

Empowering the “War on Muslims” myth in Nigeria. Sorry, Christians.

Watch Obama Refer to Himself 118 Times in Three Minutes

Me, Myself, and I.

(VIDEO) Gowdy on Benghazi Hearings: 'We're Going to Ratchet It Up'

No more Congressman Nice Guy.

Boehner: House 'Finalizing a Plan' to Sue Administration Over Immigration

A pleasant surprise…

White House Pulls Together Big Posse of Lawmakers, Admin Officials to Pay Respects in Riyadh

Who didn’t go to Saudi Arabia? Jack Lew, the lone cabinet secretary at Auschwitz.

General Tells Senators al-Qaeda Has 'Grown Fourfold in Last Five Years'

On the run to every corner of the globe.

WATCH LIVE: 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz

Participate in something Obama won’t.