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Meanwhile, in the Capital of the Caliphate, the Trains Run on Time, Impressing the NY Times

There was a time when the Left pooh-poohed theories that jihadis would establish a caliphate from which to launch their conquest of the rest of the earth.

House Working Group Arrives at List of Border-Control Actions

Some recommendations easier than others.


Hamas Threat to Israel’s Airport Demands a New Strategy: Let Israel Win

by Bryan Preston

We don’t negotiate with terrorists. Why are we forcing Israel to?

Go Home, United Nations, You’re Drunk

by Bryan Preston

Having someone else pay your water bill is now a “human right.”

IRS IT: Lerner’s Hard Drive Was Merely ‘Scratched,’ Data Was Recoverable

by Bryan Preston

Plus: The IRS’ incomplete paper trail.

Survey Says Millennials Think Socialism is a Joke

Jon Stewart laughs harder.

GAO “Secret Shopper” Investigation Finds Fraud in Obamacare Exchanges

Investigators sign up for health insurance and subsidies using fake IDs and income information.

Dem Chairmen to Obama: Don’t Wait for Europe to Get Tough on Russia as National Security is at Stake

Ask president to consider designating the Donetsk People’s Republic a foreign terrorist organization.

FAA Empowers Hamas, Sets Stage for Israel’s Long Term Win

Holding international air traffic hostage.

Reid: ‘Let the Dust Settle for a Little While’ Before New Measures Against Iran

“I think we should all feel good that an agreement was reached” — to extend negotiations.

White House Inexplicably Shuts Press Out of Apollo 11 Remembrance

White House spokesman Josh Earnest insists it was “merely a scheduling matter.”

Netanyahu: Hamas Conflict the ‘Cruelest, Most Grotesque War I’ve Ever Seen’

“Not only does Hamas target civilians… it actually wants to pile up as many civilian deaths as possible.”

Religious Leaders Beg Obama to Force Them to Hire LGBT, Then Celebrate His Commandment

Does Christian faith instruct that exemplary behavior should be a matter of the heart in obedience to the scriptures, or merely in compliance with an executive order that amends Executive Orders 11246 and 11478?

Central America Leaders Enter Phase II of Border Extortion Plan

Well, someone is thinking ahead.

Shocking Allegations About Ohio Charter Schools Tied to Controversial Turkish Leader

FBI, FCC, DOE, and Ohio auditor investigating Concept-Horizon charter schools after allegations of cheating, racism, sexism, and sex games.

Kerry Dispatched to Egypt to Forge Middle East Ceasefire

Obama expressed “serious concerns about the rising number of Palestinian civilian deaths.”

Obama: Pro-Russia Rebels Demonstrating ‘Kind of Behavior That Has No Place in the Community of Nations’

“Putin says that he supports a full and fair investigation, and I appreciate those words, but they have to be supported by actions.”

Thanks, Bill Gates: How to Keep Dictatorships Alive, Squelching Liberty on a Global Scale

The Tyranny of Experts shows how a toxic stew of arrogance, altruism and racism has led “the West” to positively hinder “the Rest” from achieving the very thing we value most.

At Fundraiser, Obama Steers Foreign Policy Crises to Economic Equality Platform

“Part of people’s concern is just the sense that around the world the old order isn’t holding…”

How Secretary John Kerry Can 'Address Long-Term Palestinian Grievances,' Stopping War with Israel

Then Kerry could get back on his plane at Tel Aviv’s new Sheikh Ahmed Ismail Hassan Yassin International Airport and enjoy a ticker-tape parade down Broadway.

John Kerry Fan Boy On Not Quite Sure What Hamas Is Up To

They’re so subtle, whatever could they want?!?

New NRA Ad Urges Members To Vote And Protect Their Rights (VIDEO)

To the ballot box!

President Obama Casts Himself as Champeen News Reader in the World, or Something

by Bryan Preston

What a tangled web he weaves…

Americans Dovish, New Poll Finds

Citizens less interested in war than politicians, it turns out.

Ted Cruz Sorry/Not Sorry About Losing the Vampire Vote

Texas senator responds to True Blood episode in which Republicans are murdered at a Ted Cruz fundraiser.

Sir Ian McKellen Says Struggling Actors Deserve “Living Wage”

The X-Men and Lord of the Rings star wants to “help” struggling actors by pricing them out of the few jobs they can get.

State Dept. Denies Coordinating with FAA to Put Pressure on Israel

FAA stops flights into Ben Gurion day after Kerry arrives in region and travel warning issued.

VIDEO: Forget Obama/Kerry, Western Civ Is in Great Hands

This time it’s Biblical.

Heart-ectomy for Obamacare: Did Obama's Lawyers Really Make This Argument?

Basically, the law says only the states can help people pay for their Obamacare policies. So, here’s how the all the president’s lawyers tried to get around that.

Breaking: Federal Court Rules Obamacare Insurance Subsidies Invalid

The notoriously liberal DC Circuit Court rules against the administration. More: Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day

The Media's Shameful Lack of Objectivity on Civilian Casualties in Gaza

Geraldo accepts Hamas’s claims of child deaths, and the BBC ignores its own evidence of the terror group’s culpability.

Joni Ernst Gets The DSCC To Spend Some Early Nervous Money In Iowa

FACT: Conservative women scare liberal men.

AIPAC 'Distressed' by Iran Negotiations Extension, Economic Relief

Fearing Iran will use next four months “to break the international coalition and advance its nuclear weapons program.”

Feinstein: 'World Would Very Much Respect' Obama's 'Increased Attention' on Crises Abroad

“And I think the leader of the free world has to be strong and this is a time where strength is necessary.”

The Criminalization of All The Things

by Bryan Preston

A struggling mom letting her kid play in a park is not “abandonment.”