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Uh Oh. How Is Hillary Going to Explain Throwing Bill Under the Bus?

Looks like the ex-president is going to be a major problem for her.

Menendez: U.S. ‘Leaping with Both Feet’ Toward Iran Demands, ‘Any Deal for a Deal’s Sake’

Senator: “An undue amount of trust and faith is being placed in a negotiating partner that has spent decades deceiving the international community.”


Josh Earnest Requests Twitter Questions and Twitter Does Not Disappoint

The questions the White House Press Corps should be asking.

Another Scott Walker Flip-Flop on Immigration Reform (Updated)

Now says he supports amnesty.

Even the Most Arrogant Administration in History Can’t Stand This Guy

by Michael Walsh

‘He has violated his oath of office. He has violated the law.’

Leaked Report Reveals EU’s 40-Point Plan to Force Israel’s Hand

Echoes of the Obama in the plan to implement peace.

DEA Agents Gone Wild: ‘Sex Parties’ with Drug Cartel Prostitutes, Report Claims

by The Tatler

“The foreign officers further alleged that in addition to soliciting prostitutes, three DEA SSAs [special agents] in particular were provided money, expensive gifts, and weapons from drug cartel members.”

The Mass Murderer Used the Safety Door to Slaughter: How Evil Foils Our Best Defenses

The door did its job. It prevented a flight deck breach, and actually helped the wicked man to carry out his murderous scheme.

Mecca, Medina. . . Dabiq? Why This Syrian Town Is Key to Understanding ISIS

Why an otherwise unremarkable Syrian town is a key place in Islamic mythology.

French Prosecutor: Germanwings Co-Pilot Deliberately Crashed Plane Into Alps

Cockpit recording shows “some kind of deliberate action and willingness to destroy this plane.”

How Do You Rank the Top 10 Greatest Conservative Talk Radio Hosts Today?

Talkers magazine just released their “Heavy Hundred” of the most influential hosts. My focus is a little different: which hosts put on the best shows and have the best ideas to improve America?

Think You Could Get Away With This Congress Member’s Astonishing Parking Fail?

Maybe it’s time for a designated driver.

GAME CHANGER: Hillary’s Campaign Is More Tech Savvy than in ’08

So…like every other candidate?

Three Members of ‘Taliban 5′ Swapped for Bergdahl Tried to Reconnect to Terror Network

More than a year later, still unanswered questions about the deal.

Hillary! and the Rest of Clinton Inc. Hit with RICO Lawsuit Over Emails

by Michael Walsh

Aside from brute force, lawfare is the only thing these miscreants understand.

Controversy Over ‘American Pride’ Themed Dance at High School

Is this really happening in Lexington, MA — the village where the American Revolution began?

Beck and O’Reilly Clash: Are Political Parties Outdated?

by Michael van der Galien

Stop beating a dead horse.

Ghani Tells Congress Afghanistan Seeks Self-Reliance, Not to be ‘Lazy Uncle Joe’

The classic Afghanistan, he said in address, “contrary to wide perception, is well-suited to democracy.”

UNC-Wisconsin Headlines NCAA Tourney Play Tonight

A battle of two excellent frontcourts.

GOP Senators: Obama's 'Obsession' with 'Placating' Iran Led to 'Mideast on Fire'

Saudis notified U.S. just a few hours before Yemen attack “because they believe we are siding with Iran.”

Are You Better Off Today Because of Obamacare? Facebook Users Passionately Respond: 'God No!'

by Michael van der Galien

It’s all about “gradual improvement,” folks!

The ISIS Tax: Budget Amendment Would 'Temporarily' Hike Taxes to Fight Islamic State

“This is not a new concept,” Coons argued. “Our nation has a long history of paying for our military missions.”

Graham: 'No Military Member...Should Expect Our Country to Release Hardened Terrorists to Secure Their Release'

No man left behind? “There is a general understanding that the mission and national interest come ahead of any individual.”

Shocker: Hillary! Campaign Kickoff Delayed by Scandal

by Michael Walsh

Let me make this simple for the media: there isn’t going to be a Clinton campaign, not if you guys do your job.

Kansas Set to Allow Concealed Carry Without Permit

by The Tatler

“Kansans already have two documents granting them the right to concealed carry — the Constitution of the United States and the Kansas Constitution,”

Rubio: Republican Party 'Blessed' with Caliber of 2016 Candidates

And when is his own decision coming?

Issa on Yemen: Obama 'Must Acknowledge' Any 'Real Settlement with Iran is Impossible'

“Months of fairy tale negotiations and appeasement by this administration have led Iran to believe that it can act with impunity.”

Would You Let Apple Store Employees Give You Fashion Advice?

by The Tatler

Does this iPhone make my butt look big?

The Radical Left Fishes for Israel, Uses Jewish Americans as Bait

Jewish Americans, beware of the radical Left’s manufactured crisis.

Saudis Unleash Strikes on Yemen After White House Promotes UN-Led Negotiations

Obama OKs “provision of logistical and intelligence support” to Saudi coalition as Washington talks with Houthi backer Iran.

One FCC Commissioner Has A Suggestion for Stopping Net Neutrality

In my dream world, the GOP wakes up and realizes they won last November.

Obama's Yemen Foreign Policy 'Success' Continues: President May Have Fled the Country

The feel bad story of the day (hour?).

Flashback: President Poor Choices Says 'Absolutely No Apologies' for Bergdahl Swap

Must be relaxing to have no moral compass.

Bergdahl Charged with Desertion, Misbehavior Before the Enemy

And the yearlong period Qatar agreed to keep the Taliban 5 is almost up.

ISIS Reportedly Claims Town Where George Lucas Filmed Part of Star Wars

The Islamic group is bent on claiming all of North Africa — and then some — for their caliphate.