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New York Times Won’t Apologize for Publishing Officer Wilson’s Address

A bizarre “explanation” by the Times.

Ferguson Bakery, Vandalized During Riot, Receives $100,000 in Donations

A great Thanksgiving story.


Senate Dems and President Obama Are a Dysfunctional Family This Thanksgiving

But are the senators racist? Only Chris Matthews knows for sure.

Extra Helping of Turkey: Romney Tops ’16 Quinnipiac Poll

The dressing is still dry and bland.

Marc Lamont Hill on Shutting Down Highways, Burning Business, Etc. in Ferguson and Nationwide: ‘This Is What Democracy Looks Like’

“Exciting moment.”

Making Sense of the Orchestrated Ferguson Riots

A theory.

MSNBC: It’s ‘Embarassing’ that Obama Can’t Talk Anyone Into Taking the SecDef Job

Plus: Mitchell plays the woman card.

Pakistan Sentences Actress Veena Malik to 26 Years in Prison for ‘Blasphemy’


Obamacare Wants to Make Your Holiday Shopping Experience Worse

Like people have any money to shop…

Holder: Federal Ferguson Probes Moving Ahead ‘Rigorously and in Timely Manner’

“So we can move forward as expeditiously as we can to restore trust.”

Obama Heckled on Immigration

by Liz Sheld

No, you get the facts.

Nanny Bloomberg Gives Gun-Grabbing Talking Points for the Thanksgiving Table

by Liz Sheld

Be on guard for side dish of gun grabbing propaganda at your Thanksgiving table.

Legitimate Racial Issues Drowned Out by Ferguson Violence

So long as the tools of protest are looting, arson, and other forms of rights-violating violence, complaints about alleged systematic injustice won’t get the attention they may deserve.

Common Core Sparks Rise in Home Schooling

Jeb Bush weeps…

Death Throes of Print: New York Times Says More Newsroom Layoffs on the Way

The Grey Lady is positively ashen.

Pentagon: It’s Not That Hagel Didn’t Want to Stay, Just a ‘Mutual Decision’ That He Go

Spokesman denies speculation that Susan Rice is micromanaging the Defense Department.

Video: When Michael Brown’s Stepdad Screamed ‘Burn This B**** Down!’


Ted Cruz Says He’s Not ‘All That Conservative’ and He Has a Point

That lower taxes/less government pitch is so EXTREME…

PJ O'Rourke: What We Should Really Be Thankful for Today

Where did that turkey and cranberry sauce come from?

Nationwide Ferguson Protest Arrest Toll Now Over 400

That’s all?

Labor Secretary Asked to Pressure Businesses to Make Thanksgiving Easier on Workers

“We believe the Department of Labor can play a role in encouraging companies to do the right thing,” House Dem writes.

Malia and Sasha Make Epic Faces While Obama Pardons Turkey with Amnesty Jokes

Both turkeys and Twitter are elated after the ceremony.

For This Holiday Season, Obama Rolls Out the Largest Lump of Coal (Regulations) Ever

Energy price skyrockets in flight.

Brewer Leaving Office Without Obama Accepting Border Invitation

“Nothing will be resolved, Mr. President, until you see with your own eyes the issues.”

Outrage in San Diego as Michael Brown's Name Replaces Slain Officer on Memorial Bench

by Liz Sheld


First Post-Ferguson Federal Legislation Aimed at Requiring Police Body Cameras

Cleaver: “All you have to do is be stupid” to loot and riot.

Oopsies! Schumer Admits that Passing Obamacare Was a Mistake

No kidding.

Thanksgiving PSA: Speaker Boehner Teaches You How to Brine a Turkey

by Liz Sheld

Tastes establishminty.

Majority of Americans Oppose Obama's Immigration Executive Order

But Obama isn’t listening to the American people.

ISIS Promises to Send Ferguson 'Soldiers That Don't Sleep' If They Pledge Allegiance to Caliph

Jihadists say grand jury decision makes case for Shariah in America.

Happy Holidays: Consumer Confidence Drops in November

Unex…oh, you know the drill.

Where's Ben Affleck When You Need Him?

Turkey’s Erdogan thinks it’s “against nature” to believe that women are equal to men.

Flournoy Withdraws from SecDef Consideration


MSNBC Analyst: 'Charging' Is Now a 'Racially Tinged Word'

Just words.

To Al Sharpton, the Real Problem Is that Officer Wilson Was 'Like a Child Against Hulk Hogan'

Democrat kingmaker weighs in as only he can.