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VIDEO: Democrats Rise Up to Keep the Impeachment Dream Alive

by Bryan Preston


MSNBC Host After Interviewing Israeli Official: ‘Keep it right here on Morning Jew’

by Bryan Preston



Democrat Who Feared that Guam Would Capsize Elevates the Impeachment Talk As Only He Can

by Bryan Preston

What’s up girl?

Fundamental Transformation: Obama Says He Wants to Lower the Retirement Age. A Whole Lot.

by Bryan Preston

Says a man who barely works even when he has a job.

McDonald’s Ruling Could Bring Big Labor Back from the Brink

by Bryan Preston

Not lovin’ it.

Social Security Trustee: Unfunded Obligations At $24 Trillion

This year’s $80 billion shortfall will be added to the deficit.

Ouch: Perpetually Floundering CNN Overtakes MSNBC in Ratings


Site of New FBI Headquarters Narrowed to Three Possibilities in D.C. ‘Burbs

Cue the war between the Maryland and D.C. delegations.

Turkey’s Deputy PM Tells Women Not to Laugh Out Loud In Public

by Bryan Preston


How the Deadly Ebola Virus Almost Got to the United States

by Bryan Preston

Two Americans have been infected so far.

The Associated (with Terrorists) Press Lives Up to the Name

by Bryan Preston


New Caption Contest: Obama Says Muslims Built ‘The Very Fabric of Our Nation’

From the same guy who tells entrepreneurs “You didn’t build that!”

Hillary Clinton Comes Up with an Excuse for Hamas Hiding Missiles In Schools and Other Civilian Areas

by Bryan Preston

Size matters?

Report: Forced Child Labor Is Behind Hamas’ Terror Tunnel Digging

by Bryan Preston

And at least 160 children have been killed digging terrorist tunnels.

Preening Dopes are From Yglesias

by Bryan Preston

Matt Yglesias is the king of the county!

Obama’s ‘Religious Freedom Ambassador’ Doesn’t Support Religious Freedom

by Bryan Preston


Obama Admin Launches War of Words Against Israel

by Bryan Preston

Smart power!

Pelosi: Qatar Tells Me that ‘Hamas Is a Humanitarian Organization’ (Update: Pelosi’s Hamas Connection)

by Bryan Preston

Well, they’re not.

Say, the Clintons' 'Speaking Fees' Sure Look Like Hefty Foreign Bribes

by Bryan Preston

Hillary ain’t no ways broke.

Bomb-Laden Tunnel Found in Gaza UN Health Clinic

by Bryan Preston

Rigged to kill.

Republicans Whine, "Chicks, Man."

This Party desperately needs a female wing-man.

Lois Lerner Called Conservatives 'A**holes' in IRS Email

by Bryan Preston

How nice.

Three Reasons Why Israel Should Destroy Hamas Now

by Bryan Preston

There may be no time like the present, ever again.

U.S. Senator: 'The Planet Is Running a Fever'

And the only prescription is blunting your quality of life.

Committee Passes Resolution Condemning Obama for Taliban 5 Swap

McKeon on law requiring 30-day notice to Congress: “There are no waivers to this clause. No exceptions. Period.”

Obama's New Russia Sanctions Again Bypass Arms Giant with Pentagon Contracts

Bipartisan lawmakers trying to re-impose Bush-era sanctions against Rosoboronexport.

VIDEO -- Illegal Aliens Can Flout American Law But Americans Can't

by Bryan Preston

Do we really even have a border anymore?

Obama Goads Boehner to Take Impeachment Entirely Off the Table

by Bryan Preston


Russia Test Missiles, Violates Treaty with the US

by Bryan Preston

Reset the reset.

What Is the White House Doing to Guard U.S. from Ebola Virus?

CDC has warned travelers to three countries to avoid bodily fluids, but it’s already infected two Americans and spread to a new country.

IRS Strikes Deal with Militant Atheists to Monitor What Your Pastor Says In Your Church

by Bryan Preston

Atheist group strikes deal to weaponize the IRS against certain churches.

Hamas: A Litmus Test for Libertarians

Ayn Rand Institute executive director Yaron Brook offers insight into why so many professing libertarians support Hamas over Israel.

Sarah Palin Does Not Give Up; Her New Web Channel Has More Potential than Political Post

Who holds more influence in the country: Beck or Boehner? Rush or Ryan? Katy Perry or Rick Perry? Palin pioneers a path I pray others will pursue.

Chamber of Commerce May Back Landreiu for Senate in Louisiana

A significant shift in the Chamber’s political strategy?

Legal Carry in DC Until Further Notice

by Howard Nemerov

DC plans to appeal U.S. District Court decision voiding carry ban in nation’s capitol.