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McCarthy on ‘B-’ Grade for Boehner: ‘That’s the Highest Grade I Ever Got’

Boehner’s take: “I’m sure others have higher opinions and lower opinions.”

Clinton Supporter Named Kevin McCarthy Complains of Getting Majority Leader’s Hate Tweets

So naturally, Clinton campaign puts the Iowa guy in an ad to slam Benghazi investigation.


Obama Combining Visit to Oregon Shooting Victims with Fundraising Swing

Earnest: “It does not require a significant change in his travel plans for him to spend some time with the families.”

Europe Finally Gets Serious About Illegal ‘Migrants’

by Michael Walsh

“All measures must be taken to ensure irregular migrants’ effective return, including use of detention as a legitimate measure of last resort.”

As MSNBC Hits Skids, The Nation Whines: ‘I Want My Progressive TV!’

by Michael Walsh

But never fear: there’s talk of bringing Olbermann back!

Eastern N.Y. Prison 1, Harvard 0

by Michael Walsh

Defending the proposition that illegal alien kids could be turned away from U.S. schools — and winning.

‘Zero Correlation’ Between Gun Laws and Crime

by Michael Walsh

Eugene Volokh does the math.

Ten Commandments Removed from Capitol Under Cover of Darkness

Thanks to Baptist pastor, ACLU, Satan, and Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Panicky Team Hillary Begins Oppo Research on Biden

At this point, what difference does it make?

Archaeologists Claim To Have Found The Ancient Cities Of Sodom and Gomorrah

A New Mexico-based team believes they have uncovered the ruins of two cities that God destroyed thousands of years ago.

WaPo: Trump Has Only Spent $2 Million on Campaign So Far

$18.2 million for Hillary, mostly for security to keep the commoners at bay.

Defense Sec: Russia Incursions Into Turkey ‘May Be Further Sign of Their Strategic Confusion’

Assures skeptical troops that “reality is going to be the first check on the Russians.”

Man Kicked Out of Rubio Event After Asking Bizarre Questions and Accusing Him of Adultery

by Debra Heine

“How do you plan to fix accountability in courts? How do you plan to deal with fraud? The answer is you can’t. You cheated on your wife in Florida.”

Netanyahu: Shut Down Stores of Palestinian Shopkeepers Who Mocked and Abused Jewish Stabbing Victim

Fighting terrorism “does not require harsh criticism, it requires a lot of strength.”

Should Guns Be Regulated Like Cars?

How about no.

Rockefeller: The Richest American Who Ever Lived

by Michael van der Galien

Was America’s first billionaire a greedy robber baron, a generous philanthropist, or both?

Biden as Veep and Presidential Candidate? White House Says, ‘No Problem’

by Michael Walsh

Even Hillary must be getting the message by now.

David Jaques: Obama Not Welcome in Roseburg to ‘Stand on the Corpses of Our Loved Ones’

by Debra Heine

“We’ve talked to dozens and dozens of citizens, some family members of the victims, our elected officials…”

WATCH: Cruz Humiliates Sierra Club Prez at Senate Hearing

by Debra Heine

Sierra Club President Aaron Mair came to a battle of facts completely unarmed.

White House: Putin Not 'Playing Chess, He's Playing Checkers'

“Because he’s making a series of tactical decisions that are leading to a starkly negative strategic conclusion…”

Apple Approves App that Warns of Washington D.C. Speed Cameras

by Liz Sheld

Private citizens are gaining protection against police surveillance.

Amnesty Is Already Here

Debate has become irrelevant.

Savannah Mother Charged With Killing Two of Her Children

Jokeera Morgan admitted to authorities that she ended the lives of her young daughters.

From Beyond the Grave, Lucille Ball Scaring Kids for Halloween

by Michael Walsh


Palestinians Gone Wild: One Stabbing Attack After Another

by Michael van der Galien

Israeli civilians are being attacked at random.

Happy Halloween! Feds to Release 6000 Prisoners at End of Month

As if unemployment numbers aren’t bad enough already.

Some Longtime Clinton Hands in New Hampshire Think the State Is a Lost Cause

Panic hits the Clinton campaign.

AP Reporter Exposes Obama Admin Hypocrisy Regarding Israel in Wake of Afghan Bombing

by Debra Heine

A little over a year ago, an “appalled” U.S. State Department condemned Israel for for its “disgraceful shelling” of an UNRWA school which was situated next to their terrorist target.

Bully Pulpit: Kasich Says He'll Send Bibles to Enemies of Medicaid Expansion

Ohio governor also compares his battles with conservatives on Medicaid expansion to fighting ISIS.

'Afghanistan Is Again at a Decisive Point': General Says Obama Needs New Plan

ISIS “has further complicated the theater landscape and potentially expanded the conflict.”

Carly Fiorina: 'A Lot of Liberals Find Me Kind of Scary Right Now'

by Debra Heine

“I think that I am distinctly horrifying to liberals [since] I am a conservative who right now head-to-head beats Hillary Clinton soundly.”

'Daily Beast' to Jeb!: Drop Out

by Michael Walsh

The best thing Jeb! can do for his country right now is to get off the stage.

A New Low in Burning Stupidity

by Michael Walsh

Meryl Streep catches some backlash from the Social Justice Warriors.

About Those Monsters in Your Room...

by Michael Walsh

“Sleep paralysis” is the culprit, scientists say.

Continued Immigration Not in Britain's Best Interest: Home Secretary

by Michael Walsh

Theresa May finally saying what most Brits already think.