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GOP Congressman Files Motion to Oust John Boehner as House Speaker

by Debra Heine

“These will be very difficult days. It will not come without retribution and that’s to be understood,” Rep Meadows told radio talk show host Mark Levin.

Kerry Explains Why Iran Deal Isn’t a Treaty: Because You Guys Would’ve Said No!

“Because you can’t pass a treaty anymore. And it’s become impossible to, you know, schedule.”


WATCH: OH Democrat Blasts Planned Parenthood Following Latest Sting Video

by Debra Heine

As state and federal officials in Ohio rally to defund the embattled organization.

In Spanish, Jeb Tells Telemundo About Immigration Plans and His ‘Very Hispanic’ Household

Says George P. being teased for skin tone reminds him “that we still don’t have a country of complete justice.”

Gun-Control Senators Ask Dealers to Voluntarily Toughen Background Checks

And they also want to see “stronger executive action” from President Obama.

The New Planned Parenthood Sting Video Is the Worst One Yet

by Debra Heine

A “procurement technician” describes blacking out in horror on the first day of her job.

Obama: ‘If I Ran’ for President Again, ‘I Could Win’

But “no one person is above the law, not even the president,” he tells Africa audience.

Single-Family Zoning Racist? Seattle Thinks So

They’re not necessarily wrong.

Oh-Oh: MSM Starting to Notice that Hillary! Is Stumbling

by Michael Walsh

“A recognition begins to dawn: Democrats may be coronating a wounded queen.”

#BringBackOurRebels: Obama’s 50-Man ‘Vetted Moderate’ Syrian Rebel Army Vanishes After Training in Turkey

Fighters left Turkey for Syria two weeks ago, report says they haven’t been heard from since.

VIDEO: Boehner Weeps During Golf Channel Interview

He cries. A lot.

In Praise of the Market Economy

by Paul Hsieh, M.D.

The prosperity created by the modern market economy creates both material and spiritual freedom.

Obama Calls Huckabee Holocaust Comment ‘Ridiculous If It Weren’t So Sad’

“I want to make sure I’m turning over the keys to somebody who is serious,” president says.

Obama Compares Confederate Flag to Domestic Violence as a ‘Bad Tradition’

“Just because something is a tradition doesn’t make it right,” he tells Kenyan audience.

Dowager Empress of Chappaqua’s ‘Campaign’ Gets More Bad Polling News

by Michael Walsh

At some point, either she throws in the towel or the ref will have to stop it.

McConnell Senate Fails to Repeal Obamacare Yet Again

by Michael Walsh

McConnell and Cruz heading toward a death-cage match.

Alexander After Latest Cruz Clash: Should’ve Learned to Play by the Rules in Kindergarten

Texas senator decries “will of the McConnell-Reid leadership team” in Sunday session, while Reid enjoys GOP “dysfunction.”

Huckabee: Obama Marching Israel to the ‘Door of the Oven’

Incendiary remarks by an also-ran in the GOP presidential race.

WATCH: Kerry Won't Commit to Following Law If Congress Tosses Iran Deal

“Will you follow the law …even if you think it’s absolute terrible policy?” House Dem asks.

Kerry: No 'Plan By Iran to Actually Destroy Us,' But They Do Chant 'Death to America'

“I think they have a policy of opposition to us and a great enmity, but…”

Official: Links Between ISIS and Turkey 'Undeniable'

They’re all playing varsity this year.

White House Gives Chilly Reception to 'Pardon Snowden' Petition

Can’t “hide behind the cover of an authoritarian regime” while “running away from the consequences of his actions.”

In Defense Of Huckabee

by Arnold Steinberg

Huckabee has spoken the truth, harshly and perhaps inelegantly.

DNC Seizes on Trump Lawyer Saying 'You Can't Rape Your Spouse'

Wasserman Schultz: “There is no difference or division between ‘forcible’, ‘legitimate’, ‘marital’ or any other label Republicans slap on.”

The Religion of Peace Forces Hundreds of Pakistani Girls to Convert Every Year

A new report shows at least a thousand forced conversions a year.

Another Obamacare 'Exchange' Bites the Dust

by Michael Walsh

But no worries! John Roberts says subsidies for everyone!

Lawmakers to Kerry: Yank Visas for Diplomats' Spouses from Countries that Don't Allow Gay State Dept. Spouses

125 Congress members argue that recent Supreme Court decision means he has a constitutional obligation to act.

Trump Bows Out of NH GOP Forum

by Debra Heine

The candidate said to be “upset” over a scathing editorial in the NH Union Leader.

Hillary's Plan to Fight 'One of the Most Urgent Threats of Our Time'

“I’m not a scientist either. That’s why I think it’s important to listen to scientists.”

'Clear Politicization' of U.S. Human Trafficking Rankings as Cuba, Malaysia Get Unwarranted Upgrades

Menendez amendment barred fast-track trade deals from going to worst offenders. Here’s how Obama & Kerry got around the law.

These Former Dem Senate and House Members are Whipping Their Old Colleagues Against Iran Deal

Out to “educate the public about the significant flaws and serious consequences of the proposed deal.”

Remember the 'Affordable' Care Act? Suckers!

by Michael Walsh

Thank you, Chief Justice John Roberts.

Jesse Ventura Won, Trump Can Too, Says Democrat

But is winning enough?

Obama Admin Backs NATO Ally Turkey's Double Game with Islamic State After Turks Bomb Anti-ISIS Kurdish Groups

While a new report cites evidence of Turkey’s complicity with ISIS

Al-Shabaab Bombs Hotel While in Nairobi Obama Gives Kenyans Tips for Combating Terrorism

“Extremists who prey on distrust must be defeated by communities who stand together and stand for something different…”