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‘We Didn’t Endorse It’: Baltimore Mayor Defends ‘Destroy Space’ Comment as Riots Rage

Charges that “blatant mischaracterization” by media “not helpful” as “thugs who only want to incite violence” rampage.

Breaking: Rioting, Burning, Massive Looting in Baltimore (Updated: National Guard Called Out)

“Like a war zone,” said one reporter.


John McCain Lashes Out at Judicial Watch over Damning IRS Doc Release

by Debra Heine

The senator doth protest too much.

Not the Onion: Texas A&M Prof Cracks, Flunks Entire ‘Disgraceful’ Class

by Michael Walsh

Horwitz said students’ complete lack of maturity and general incompetence proved they weren’t fit to enter the workforce.

Oh Joy: Al Sharpton Is Heading for Baltimore, Obama Sends Officials to Freddie Gray’s Funeral

by Debra Heine

The racial grievance industry is just getting started…

You Need to Hear What Gov. Bobby Jindal Told Corporate America About Bullying People of Faith

It’s about time someone had the courage to say this.

Gay Businessmen Say They Made ‘Terrible Mistake’ Hosting Cruz Event

One “spent the past 24 hours reviewing videos of Cruz’ statements on gay marriage,” is “shocked and angry.”

Salman Rushdie on the ‘Pu**ies’ Boycotting Award for Charlie Hebdo

“I hope nobody ever comes after them,” notes the writer who knows the chilling reality of a fatwa.

Ayatollah Jumps in on #BlackLivesMatter, Slams U.S. ‘Power with Cruelty’

Never miss a tragedy to exploit.

Would You Let Your Kid Walk Home Alone to Support Free Range Parenting?

A brief explanation of why free range parents and their supporters are insane.

Safe Spaces Without White People: Here’s Why Conservatives Should Defend Them

Offensive as the rationale may be, “safe spaces” stand as an exercise of the freedom of association.

Brian Williams: Death by a Thousand Leaks

The leaks are making it harder for Williams to negotiate a huge settlement.

Shock Video: RT Reporter Surrounded, Harassed, and Robbed by Black Mob in Baltimore

by Debra Heine

“Give it back!” the reporter sobbed.

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Bush?

by Michael Walsh

Nobody. Say goodbye, Jeb.

Christian Bakery’s GoFundMe Account to Raise Cash to Pay Fine Canceled Thanks to Internet Outrage Mob

by Debra Heine

The aggrieved couple claimed they felt “mentally raped” when they were denied a wedding cake and listed 88 symptoms of emotional distress.

Tsarnaev Family Flown to U.S., Housed in Boston at Taxpayer Expense

Three federal agencies guarding the pro-terrorist Chechens.

MSNBC Guest: ‘You Don’t Have to Have a White Person Around to Have White Supremacy Play Out’

Meet the invisible racist responsible for Freddie Gray’s death.

Got Hate? Tanya Cohen’s Back and Wants to ‘Put an End to Anti-Choice Speech’

by Michael Walsh

“Freedom of speech doesn’t give anyone the right to offend, insult, humiliate, intimidate, vilify, incite hatred or violence, be impolite or uncivil, disrespect, oppose human rights, spread lies or misinformation, argue against the common good, or promote ideas which have no place in society.”

How Long Does America Have?

Admit it: you’ve asked this question recently.

Obama Forgets to Mention Second American Held Hostage by Iran

Yucks it up at correspondents dinner while Marine vet being held in Iran is taunted by his guards.

Chipotle Will Stop Serving GMO Food

by The Tatler

Bon Appétit.

(At Least) Three Reasons Why Government Being in the Broadband Business is a Terrible Idea

“If you can find it in the Yellow Pages, the government shouldn’t be doing it.”

Conservatives, on Obamacare Repeal -- You've Been Had

by Michael Walsh

John Boehner, working for the other side.

Baltimore Police Say Bloods, Crips Agree to Put Turf Wars Aside to Target Cops

Gangs “have entered into a partnership to ‘take out’ law enforcement officers,” perhaps nationwide.

Obama's White House Correspondents' Dinner Jokes in a Nutshell

Comedian in chief.

Schumer Wants to Ban Flavored E-Cigs

by The Tatler

For the children, of course.

Why Would the United Methodist Church Want to Remove a Popular Pastor?

Representatives from the denomination cited failure to follow the Book of Church Discipline but failed to follow it themselves when removing the pastor at Still Waters United Methodist Church.

Video: Mayor of Baltimore Explains Freddie Gray Riot Destruction: “We Gave Those Who Wished to Destroy, Space...”

by Debra Heine

“It was a very delicate balancing act.”

CNN FAIL: Real News Must Wait While Most Powerful Man in the World Is Telling Jokes

Black lives don’t matter much during star-studded Nerd Prom.

Video: College Students Can't Identify Reagan

Wasn’t he “some kind of president”?

Hubble Telescope at 25: Revolutionizing Our View of the Universe

What began as a $2.5 billion white elephant turned into the most productive scientific mission of all time.

The World Barack Obama and Eric Holder Have Made: Baltimore, 2015

by Michael Walsh

You voted for it, America. And now you’re going to get it, good and hard.

The Left Won't Be Happy Until All the Christians Are in Ghettos

You will not be tolerated.

'Covered California,' Obamacare Boondoggle, About to Go Belly Up

by Michael Walsh

Entitlements are forever, even if California is not.

O'Malley Pummels Hillary!'s Glass Jaw, Gets Noticed on the Left

by Michael Walsh

Hillary!’s planned coronation is rubbing “progressives” the wrong way.