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Guess Who’s Throwing His Hat Into Kentucky’s Gubernatorial Race? founder Drew Curtis is no politician, and he promises a totally different way to govern.

At Miss Universe Pageant, Miss USA Said What as Her Message to Terrorists?

Maybe we should buy them a Coke.


Well, Surprise Surprise!

by Michael Walsh

KGB whacked rogue agent Litvinenko, world not shocked.

UK Votes Down Fracking Moratorium: 308 to 52!

Greens on the wane in Britain?

Annals of Dhimmitude, Pentagon Division

by Michael Walsh

It’s this bad: thirteen years after 9/11, two senior American military officers speaking of “honoring” the late Saudi “king”

Good News: Winter Storm Cancels House Votes Today

Snow job stopping the snow job? I’ll take it!

U.S. Embassy in Sana’a Stays Open, But Urges Citizens to ‘Depart Immediately’

Rhodes claims U.S. still has “significant ability” to go after AQAP despite government being deposed.

Is the Noose Closing Around Andrew Cuomo?

by Michael Walsh

New York governor is “obsessed with fear” over feds’ investigation.

Sanders: Communist Victory in Greece Shows the 99 Percent ‘Will No Longer Accept Austerity’

“This is wrong and unsustainable from a moral, economic and political perspective.”

Obama Backs Campaign to Defeat Netanyahu in Israeli Elections

The other side of the Bibi-Barry rift.

Rand Paul on Mitt Romney: NO, NO, NO, NEVER

by Liz Sheld

Rand doesn’t Stand with Mitt.

FDA Might Release Millions of GMO Insects in the Florida Keys

by The Tatler

What could go wrong?

Anti-Israel Demonstrators Protest NYC Council’s Auschwitz Commemoration

Use the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz to call Israel genocidal.

The Kids are Back in Charge in Greece

Free ice cream for everyone!

Top Lawmakers: Argentine Prosecutor’s Death Must Shine Light on Iran’s Deeds During Nuke Talks

Journalist who first reported Nisman’s death forced to flee to Israel after threats.

Dueling Visions of Masculinity at the Box Office: Johnny Depp’s Goofy Mortdecai Vs Bradley Cooper’s Sniper Hero

Which one do you suppose is a flop?

Fox News Criticizes Netanyahu for Not Bowing to Obama

Another major news network goes to the dark side?

Palin’s Trial Balloon

Palin dipped a toe in the 2016 waters and found the temp lukewarm.

Media Busy Letting You Know SUPER SCARY KOCH BROTHERS Will Be Spending Money For 2016

Three cheers for money in politics!

Our President Can Walk and Chew (Nicotine) Gum at the Same Time

The fact that Obama can’t go a couple of hours without his nicotine fix is a clear indication he’s still smoking.

Bill Nye the 'Idiot Guy' Hits MSNBC to Blame Storm and Everything Else on Climate Change

Bill Nye is a result of not thinking.

Canada: National Newspaper's Suspicious 'Advertorial' About French No-Go Zones

The Globe & Mail didn’t tell readers about the “Qatar connection” between an American think-tank and prime Paris real estate.

Turkey Tells Facebook to Nix Pages Insulting Muhammad; Facebook Quickly Complies

Not a friend of free speech.

Too Many Laws, Not Enough Sense

by Michael Walsh

Congress needs to start repealing laws, not passing more of them

Police Want Waze's Cop-Tracker Shut Down

by Liz Sheld

More like police departments are worried that their revenue-generating traffic-ticket operation is going to take a hit when drivers are warned the police are holding an informal fundraiser on public highways.

Boehner 'as Conservative as Anyone Here'

Says Tea Party groups “beating the dickens out of me” while their leaders pocket big salaries.

New York Times Discovers Yemen's 'Death to America' Houthi Rebels are Moderates and Possible U.S. Partners

Weapons-grade stupidity.

Obama's Last-Minute Saudi Visit Totally Different from Paris No-Show, Says Administration

Rhodes calls trip “a chance for us to make sure that we’re in good alignment going forward where we have overlapping interests.”

White House Says Murkowski's Angry Reaction to ANWR Land Grab Not 'Warranted'

Senator vows to fight: “I cannot understand why this administration is willing to negotiate with Iran, but not Alaska.”

Netanyahu's Speech to Congress is 'Moral Imperative'

Can truth cut through the buzz?

Did a Drone Infiltrate the White House?

by The Tatler

“Mystery device” found on the grounds of the White House.

Netanyahu: 'I Will Go Anywhere I am Invited' to Defend Israel's 'Existence'

“I am obligated to make every effort in order to prevent Iran from achieving nuclear weapons…”

Doomsday Clock Ticks Two Minutes Closer to Midnight

The clock hasn’t been this close to the end of the world since 1984.

ISIS Demands Prisoner Exchange to Spare the Life of Second Japanese Hostage

ISIS proposes swap with Jordan of a failed suicide bomber.

VIDEO: Bill Maher Refers to Chris Kyle as 'Psychopath Patriot'

Does the left believe there is any other kind of patriot?