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Ebola Fears Hit Airline Stocks

Fly the Viral Skies!

GOP Draws Up Plan to Force Keystone XL Decision if They Take Back The Senate

Getting a little ahead of themselves…


Guess How the Obama White House Learned an Armed Convict Had Been Inches From the President?


The Centers for Disease Control Changed Its Ebola Prevention Page on September 19, 2014. Why?


Nancy Pelosi Talks Baseball: ‘My next door neighbor owns the Nationals’

Good for you!

What If…The Price of White House Security Failure

Video portrays worst case scenario of sloppy security at the White House.

Howard Dean: Worries Over Obama Skipping His Intel Briefings Is More or Less Birtherism

“This is silly.”

New Poll Puts Texas Gov Race in Single-Digits, But…

It deserves an asterisk. Something ain’t right.

VIDEOS – White House Spokesman Questions Kansas City Royals Manager’s Leadership, but Not the Head of the Secret Service

We’re in the very best of hands…

Foreign Relations Chairman to Hong Kong Leader: Give the People ‘Full Democratic Rights’

C.Y. Leung, though, holding fast to his Beijing loyalty.

700 Soldiers Deploying from Fort Campbell at End of Month to Battle Ebola

Kirby says “U.S. military personnel are not and will not be providing direct care to ebola patients.”

VIDEO: Has Obama Intentionally Placed Political Correctness Above National Security?

When you try to bend reality into conformity with your worldview, instead of the other way around, bad things happen.

Wonderful: Mexico Helping to Pay for DACA Applicants Here

No more illegal immigration for oil! Or something.

Report: Just Four Hospitals in the US are Ready to Handle Ebola

Not enough.

Too Good to Check: Kim Jong Un Has Gotten So Fat He’s Broken His Ankles

Heavy hitter.

Has the State Department Learned Any Lessons from the Rise of ISIS? Ummm…(Crickets)

Don’t ask.

Rage Against the Maitre D’ Or, Celebrity Commies Are Full of It, Tom Morello Exhibit

Occupy Clueless.

Did the Obama Administration Make Up the ‘Khorasan Group’ to Justify Evading Congress and the UN?

If you’d never heard of the “Khorasan Group” prior to September 23, 2014 — when the US-led airstrikes on Syria began — you’re not alone. The obscure name had not come up very much at all in terrorism reports or studies, in press reports or much of anywhere else. Most of us who have written […]

Opponent's Plagiarism Scandal Gives Walker a Bump in the Polls

Outside the margin of error now.

Did Patient Zero Come to the U.S. Because He Had Ebola? (Updated: Is This Him?)

He must have known. UPDATE: Is this is Facebook page?

Secret Service Director Out: Pierson Hands in Resignation Day After Hearing on Security Fails

“The president concluded that new leadership at that agency was required,” Josh Earnest said.

Ebola: Second Person Being Monitored, Several Students Were Exposed

Developing. Update: As many as 18 people are now being monitored for Ebola.

CDC Director Confuses CNN with Conflicting Information on How Ebola Is Transmitted

We’re in the very best of hands…

How to Get US Marine Andrew Tahmooressi Out of Mexican Prison

A simple way to get President Obama’s attention.

Texas Court Affirms Lower Court's Decision to Toss Out Tom DeLay Conviction

Free man.

Face of Democracy: 17-Year-Old Takes on Beijing as Student Leader of Hong Kong Protests

When Joshua Wong was just 15, he led a fight against Chinese government “patriotic education” at school.

White House Comms Director Stumbles All Over Questions About Secret Service Head Pierson

Finally, MSNBC wants some real answers from the White House.

Republican Charlie Baker Pulls Even With Martha Coakley In MA Governor's Race

This could be fun.

Congressional Dems Want FCC to Unblock LGBT Sites at Schools, Libraries

Rep. Honda says filtering software being “used to block access to particular viewpoints in a discriminatory manner.”

Priceless: Rep. John Mica Asks Secret Service Why They Don't Install ADT Security at White House (VIDEO)

Maybe get a bigger, inedible dog too.

Netanyahu: Iran Still a More Pressing Threat Than ISIS

So many problems from which to choose…

Another Great Day for the US Secret Service

Great job!

World Health Organization Ponders Bypassing Trial Phase For Ebola Vaccines

Throw out the rule book?

Centers for Disease Control Confirms First U.S. Case of Ebola. It's in Dallas.

Oh no. More: Report: Just Four Hospitals in the U.S. are Ready to Handle Ebola

CAIR Calls on NFL to 'Clarify Policy on Prayer' After Abdullah's Penalty

Muslim group brings up Tebow and “appearance of a double standard.”