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Earnest: Iran Has Already ‘Suffered’ for Holding U.S. Hostages Because They Don’t Get to Be as Cozy with Washington

The White House response to a brave Marine vet that defies explanation.

Podesta Drops in on Senate Dems’ Meeting to ‘Introduce’ Hillary’s Campaign

Aiming for a “tight and disciplined campaign.”


McConnell: ‘Significant Number’ of Democrats Love My Senate

As opposed to Reid, who would “take up a bill, fill up the tree, file cloture, score a point and move on.”

Here’s a Video of Ted and Heidi Cruz Shooting a Full Auto Tommy Gun

Heidi is “Armed and Fabulous.”

Hillary! Clinton: World’s Worst Political Candidate

by Michael Walsh

The sham campaign has already hit the shoals.

Welcome to Dystopia: D.C. Attorney General ‘Looking Into’ Pic of Trey Gowdy Holding an AR-15

Seems super legit.

There’s an App for That: Medical Marijuana Delivery

by The Tatler


Shocker: Media Apparatchiks Overwhelmingly Vote Democrat

by Michael Walsh

And seven percent are obviously insane.

Turkish FM: Erdogan and Obama to Open Mega-Mosque Together in Maryland – Obama Admin Denies

by Debra Heine

Obama said to have accepted his offer “in principle.”

Video: Franklin Graham Calls on U.S. to Halt All Immigration of Muslims Coming from Countries with Islamic Terror Cells

by Debra Heine

“Each day’s news seems to reveal new horrors from militant Islam.”

Should We Ticket Slow Drivers? A WA State Lawmaker Thinks So

by The Tatler

Get out of my way.

Domestic ISIS Arrests Show We Really Are Hated for Our Freedoms

Suspects had a future ahead of them, chose fight against freedom instead.

For Now, America Still Safe From Lynch Confirmation Vote, But ‘Progress’ Made

Bonus: the delay is upsetting Harry Reid

USS Theodore Roosevelt May Intercept Iranian Convoy Headed for Yemen

Pentagon publicly denies intercept role for the aircraft carrier.

Graham 91 Percent Sure He’s Running for President

On Rand Paul and terrorism: “He wants to fight a crime. I’m fighting a war. Big difference.”

Remembering Mark Harding, the man “sentenced to Islam” before 9/11

Convicted of “hate speech” for criticizing Islam, the Christian pastor’s health was never the same.

SCOTUS Will Not Weigh In on Fish Pedicure Ban

by Liz Sheld

De gustibus non est disputandum.

New ISIS Video Shows Mass Executions of Christians in Libya

by The Tatler

Christians must either convert to Islam or pay the jizya tax.

Rand Paul: I'm The One Who's Standing Up to Obama on Foreign Policy - Not His Lap Dogs McCain and Graham (Video)

by Debra Heine

“I’m really the one standing up to President Obama. And these people are essentially the lap dogs for President Obama and I think they’re sensitive about that.”

Rand Paul Calls McCain and Graham 'Lapdogs' for Obama's Foreign Policy

McCain and Graham are due to respond when they’re done antiquing in Maine.

Ohio Terror Suspect Was Caught Lying to FBI Two Days After Becoming Naturalized U.S. Citizen

FBI allowed Abdirahman Sheik Mohamud to obtain a U.S. passport, travel to Syria to fight with Al-Qaeda, then return to conduct terror attacks

African Christians Vow To Move On In The Face Of Persecution

Islamic militants destroyed dozens of churches and homes and ransacked a Christian school.

Podesta: Hillary Campaign Successfully Telling America 'This Is Not About Her'

Plus: When America will get to see Clinton’s medical records.

State Department Goes After Domestic Greek Terrorists

Vows to “take such actions against terrorists and terrorist groups in Greece and elsewhere.”

Children in Mosul Preach Jihad in ISIS Video

by The Tatler

Ninewa children preach jihad carrying weapons, including a machine gun.

Fight Hillary with Income Inequality Jiu Jitsu

She claims the deck is stacked in favor of the rich. But she’s been doing the stacking.

The Rise of Political Persecution in the Age of Obama

by Debra Heine

The use of “state sponsored swattings” to intimidate enemies of the state.

Has Marco Rubio's Breakout Moment Arrived?

by Michael van der Galien

The Florida senator rises to double digits.

Uber Driver Pulls Gun, Shoots Gunman Firing on Crowd of People

by Liz Sheld

Ladies and gentlemen, this is how it’s done.

Michigan Lawmakers Want Homeschooled Children Registered Like Dogs and Inspected by Social Workers

Mandatory government surveillance.

How Do You Even...? Man Faked Kidnapping by Tying Himself to Tree

This case reads like an Encyclopedia Brown mystery.

Of Lawfare and Battering Rams

An incredible, frightening story about the “John Doe” investigations in Wisconsin.

It's 420 Day: Support for Legal Marijuana Reaches All-Time High

by Liz Sheld

All-time high…get it?

'It's Not a Fad, So Don't Get Mad': The ISIS 'Jihadi Wives' Poem

“Preparing our cubs for your slaughter… The next to come might be your daughter.”

Webb on Iran: Nuke Deal Is a Treaty, So Congress Must 'Really Scrub' It

On potential Hillary challenge: “I’m never going to have a consultant whispering whether I ought to go to Wal-Mart or not.”