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Inhofe Armed with Snowball While Arguing Terrorism a Bigger Threat Than Climate Change

On Obama’s “tactic to scare Americans into supporting his extreme climate change agenda.”

Obama Uses Israel to Divide and Conquer America

Far deadlier than not waving the flag.


Middle East Christians Wonder Where the West’s Response to ISIS Is

As the Middle East gears up to fight ISIS, citizens wonder when the U.S. and Europe will step in.

CNN Concern Trolls Scott Walker’s ‘Momentum’

They’re sweating, he’s grinning.

Pew: ‘Harassment’ of Jews at New High

They find that 77 countries reported anti-Semitic incidents in 2013.

Mandate This: It’s Not ‘Health Insurance,’ It’s a Tax

by Michael Walsh

Taxpayers are facing the first round of penalties under Obamacare’s ‘individual mandate’

Hillary Clinton’s Charity Took Major Donations from Dirt-Poor Nations That Received U.S. Taxpayer Aid

For two of the Clinton Foundation’s “donor nations” there’s a troubling specter: taxpayer money laundering.

A Criminal Organization Masquerading as…

by Michael Walsh

Cuomo starts statewide purge of official emails.

After She Calls Netanyahu Speech ‘Destructive,’ White House Sending Rice to Address AIPAC

Slammed “invitation issued by the speaker and the acceptance of it by Prime Minister Netanyahu on two weeks in advance of his election.”

Are ISIS ‘Islamic Radical Terrorists’? Kerry Says ‘Many, Not All’ Are

“Hanging some of their notions of organization and discipline and battle based on …distorted sense of Islam.”

Rahmbo Forced into April 7 Runoff

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel embarrassed by sub-par showing in election.

Kerry to Congressman: ‘Don’t Make Fun’ of Marie Harf’s Comments

“Are these shovel-ready jobs, or are they yet to be created, like Keystone Pipeline jobs?” Chabot asked of jobs for ISIS.

Who Thought This Was a Good Idea?

by Michael Walsh

In the fiscal year that ended in September, Minnesota welcomed 1,118 Somali refugees arriving directly from Africa.

VIDEO: Iran Blows Up Faux U.S. Aircraft Carrier

by The Tatler

Negotiating partner.

What Will House Republicans Do with McConnell’s ‘Clean’ DHS Funding Bill?

Dems get what they want as immigration peeled off into separate bill.

For Sale: One Irish Island, Hard to Reach

by Michael Walsh

‘People who travel to the island will have a real adventure’

Look Who’s Back

by Michael Walsh

Foreign-language versions of ‘Mein Kampf’ are in the midst of a global renaissance

Testimony Concludes In Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Trial

The mood in the courtroom was light and giddy as the judge dismissed jurors and attorneys until March 16.

Jindal's Deal for Obama: 'I'll Keep an Eye Out for the Medieval Christians'

“Why don’t you do your job and go after the Islamic terrorists?”

Walker: If I Can Take on Lots of Protesters, I Can Take on ISIS

Wisconsin governor rolls up his sleeves for packed CPAC address.

DHS Appropriations Wrangling Now Includes Boehner Air-Kisses

Plus, Pelosi says it’s not about immigration at all but Republicans wanting to shut government just because.

Video: Conservative Firebrand Ted Cruz Blasts Fellow Republicans at CPAC

by Michael van der Galien

“Show me when you fought!”

Emperor Hussein Asks Fed Judge: How Many Divisions Do You Have?

by Michael Walsh

A confident President Obama said Wednesday he won’t be stopped by ‘one federal judge’

Send In the Clowns

by Michael Walsh

In recent days, Trump said, he has hired staffers in key primary states, and retained an election attorney

Christie to CPAC: Someone Should Tell the White House to 'Shut Up'

Defends “hot-headed” reputation: “Sometimes people need to be told to sit down and shut up.”

Dana Milbank Rises to Defend President Obama

by Michael Walsh

Some things are just too precious

Islamic State Beheader 'Jihadi John' Yet Another Case of 'Known Wolf' Terrorism

Man seen in videos beheading Western ISIS hostages revealed as Mohammed Emwazi, twice detained by UK authorities.

Three New York Immigrants Charged with Aiding ISIS

Lone wolfpack.

Mitch McConnell Surrenders, Conservatives Outraged

by Michael van der Galien

Surprise, surprise!

Media Haters Gotta Keep Hatin' on Scott Walker

by Michael Walsh

“In a more just world, Walker’s indecent and craven antics would disqualify him from playing any further role in the Presidential race.”

Politico's Partisan Irony


Feinstein Wants to Close the Terrorist Gun Loophole

No-fly list folks passing background checks, but bill would give attorney general broad discretion.

'Exterminate All the Brutes!'

by Michael Walsh

Isis militants ransacked Mosul library, burning over a hundred thousand rare manuscripts and documents spanning centuries of human learning.

Capitol Grinches Shooing Away Sledders Asked to Stop

Snow storm.

Durbin, Feinstein Invite Netanyahu to Dem-Only Meeting; Prime Minister Declines

“Doing so at this time could compound the misperception of partisanship regarding my upcoming visit.”