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D.C. Cop Ambushed by Ax-Wielding Man Week After New York Terrorist Attack

Still on the loose: “We must always be ready for any eventuality,” warns chief.

Source of Possible ISIS Leaflets at Quantico Still Unknown

Under investigation.


Wendy Davis Launches What Has to Be Her Most Dishonest and Desperate Attack Yet

You won’t believe this one.

CAIR Needs A Four-Letter Name Change to HATE

by Jennifer Hanin

Has the Council on American-Islamic Relations published a fatwa?

If Tom Corbett Wins in Pennsylvania, It Will Break His Squander Streak, But Vote For Him Anyway

I would call Tom Corbett a huge disappointment, but “disappointment” is a word too glorious for Corbett.

Even SecDef Hagel Hates Obama’s Syria Policy

It is a horror show.

Dem Rep on Ebola ‘Fear-Mongering’: ‘We’ll Look Upon It One Day Like Terri Schiavo’

“Same Republicans who many don’t accept evolution, don’t accept climate change and don’t accept biology,” Cohen says.

Hagel on Gitmo Detainees Returning to Terrorism: ‘It’s an Imperfect World’

Dempsey says they think recidivists make up a “relatively small fraction” of released detainees.

Ivy League Students to Earn College Credit for Wasting Time. Seriously.

$48,000/year to…surf the Internet?

Guns From Cleveland Gun Buy-Back Could End Up In Your Next Car or Refrigerator

Melted firearms will be transformed into washing machines, car parts, and refrigerators.

Tim Cook’s Silliest Announcement: Apple CEO ‘Proud’ of God-Given Gift of Gay-ness

As Tim Cook goes on, it becomes more absurd on several levels, if you accept conventional wisdom about what it means to be gay.

Dem Senator: ‘Those Responsible Should be Held Accountable’ for Netanyahu Slur

Cardin says “side-shows need to end,” while Rep. Engel says it’s “getting to a point where nobody believes the denials anymore.”

Kerry: If Israel ‘Wants to Be a Jewish State’ It Must Accept Two-State Solution

On profanity directed at Netanyahu: “I’ve never heard that word around me in the White House or anywhere.”

Petition to Keep Kaci Hickox Quarantined Racks Up Signatures


Sanders: ‘The U.S. is on the Verge of Becoming a Third World Economy’

Thursdays with Bernie.

White House Treads Oh-So-Lightly as Burkina Faso Protests 27-Year Rule of Compaoré

President for life now target of the Black Spring.

Holder, Rice Pick Their Movie Doppelgängers

Ready for their close-up.

Massive Non-Citizen Voting Uncovered in Maryland

“Smoking gun.”

NY Times Jettisons the Texas Trib Right Before the Election

As George Takei might say…

Did Kerry Apologize to Netanyahu? Israeli Media Say Yes, State Dept. Not So Sure

Psaki just emphasized that Kerry discussed “provocative actions” on Temple Mount.

Maine Says Nurse Hickox's Roommate Had Ebola

Medical professional “doesn’t know how she got it.”

Hillary's Terror

Her anti-business rhetoric is no gaffe.

National Resources Defense Council Members Profit from Fossil Fuel Investments. Does Leo Know?

by Jerry Rogers

Environmental hypocrites.

King: Not Aware of 'Any Specific Threat' Requiring DHS Security Upgrade

“Not aware of an imminent threat from the Khorasan group other than the fact they have been a threat.”

Obama Leaves Maine Without Meeting Defiant Quarantine Nurse

Earnest “not in a position to render a judgment” on whether Maine’s policies are “guided by the science.”

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D): Louisiana Voters Are Sexist and Racist

It’s so wise to insult your own voters.

Henry Barbour, America's Least Credible Republican, Lectures Republicans on Messaging

This is how you do minority outreach — or something.

Texas Media Play Their Gotcha Games as the Governor's Race Winds Down

Of all the issues across this huge state, why have reporters chosen now to focus on this particular issue?

Possible Islamic State Leaflets Found in Quantico Marine Base

“We are here from Mexico.”

Politico Magazine: 'How to Beat Hillary' (with an unusual cover image that is not a caption contest)

At least two years of this…

Boxer: 'So Sad to See the Party of Lincoln' Attempting to 'Suppress the Vote'

“This is one of the biggest issues of this election of our time.”

Senator: U.S. Should 'Guarantee' Healthcare Worker Re-Entry, Reimburse Quarantine Wages

Coons says “any medical care they need as a result of their trip” should be “provided free of charge.”

NYT Editor Admits Giving a Pass to Palestinian Racism

“Paper of record” is knowingly biased.

Armed Texas Homeowner Stops Two Female Thieves

He had a shotgun. He didn’t fire warning shots.

Treating Israel Like 'Chickensh*t' is Official Obama Administration Policy

Why the administration really won’t hunt down the “chickensh*t” officials in its midst.