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Rand Paul Sounds Like a Democrat Criticizing GOP Rivals’ Foreign Policy

Gross exaggeration and hyperbole when describing his opponents policies.

The Senate’s Red Line: No Immediate Sanctions Relief as Demanded by Iran

“Members of the Senate understand that this is the most consequential vote we will ever take…”


On ‘Immigration,’ Lawless President Heading for Fresh Defeat in Fifth Circuit

by Michael Walsh

“A federal appeals court signaled Friday that it is unlikely to allow President Barack Obama’s request to go ahead with a new round of relief for illegal immigrants.”

Washington Is Hollywood for Ugly People: Menendez, Melgen and the Babes

by Michael Walsh

Senator Menendez is, of course, a Democrat.

Shroud of Turin Goes on Display Tomorrow

The most baffling religious relic of the Catholic Church goes on display tomorrow for the first time since 2010. The Shroud of Turin is rarely displayed these days because of its deteriorating condition. But starting tomorrow through June 24th, the relic will will be available for public veneration in the Turin Cathedral. Numerous scientific tests […]

Last Two Doolittle Raiders Honored on Anniversary

Only two men are left alive from the 80 airmen and pilots who took off from the deck of the USS Hornet on April 18, 1942, and set out to send Japan a message that the U.S. would stop at nothing to win the war begun by Japan a few months earlier. Retired Lt. Col. […]

The Fall of Ramadi Would Upend US Iraq Policy

The goal of political reconciliation would suffer a big setback.

LAUSD Finds That $1.3 Billion iPad Program Was Largely a Bust

Like putting an expensive band-aid on a severed artery.

Cardinal Francis George, Leader of American Catholics, Dead at 78

A tireless campaigner for Catholic education.

Cruz Demands Public Outline of Iran Deal

He should be careful, the State Dept. might give him a good hashtagging.

Turkey Increasingly Upset About Armenian Genocide Being Referred To As ‘Genocide’

If it walks like a duck…

GOP Hopeful, Son and Brother of Failed Presidents, Rooting for Democrat Lynch

by Michael Walsh

“Bush said presidents should have the right to pick their teams.” Tell that to your bro.

Obama on Russian Missile Sale to Iran: No Big Deal, They’re Just ‘Defensive’

But that damn Congress and their sanctions talk!

Reid Relieved He Didn’t Suffer Brain Damage in ‘Freak Accident’

Plus: When McCain said he’d beat the s**t out of Reid.

Deaf Activists Protest Hearing

Rally to preserve deafness and oppose miracle of cochlear implants.

Hillary Clinton’s Uterus For President! (Says Topless Woman, Too Many Others)

“I’m a gorilla” is my new catchphrase, by the way.

Auto Repair Owner to Refuse Service to ‘Openly’ Gay People

An entirely different issue from refusing to participate in a gay marriage.

Florida to Sue Feds Over Medicaid Expansion

Never a bad idea.

Iranian Ship Convoy Heads for Yemen

Will Iran try to run the Saudi blockade?

Mother of Mercy, Is This the End of the Golden State?

by Michael Walsh

“Essentially the state could build enough desalinization facilities, and the energy plants to run them, for less money than Brown wants to spend on his high-speed choo-choo to nowhere.”

This Outrageous Story Shows Why Marijuana Must Be Legalized in All 50 States

by Michael van der Galien

End the war on cannabis. Now.

Not-So-Earth-Friendly Crowd Leaves Big Trash Mess Behind After Earth Day Concert

by Debra Heine

Thousands of environmentally conscious citizens converged on the National Mall on Saturday to be part of the Global Citizen Earth Day rally and concert. Performers like Mary J. Blige, Usher, and No Doubt performed to the crowd  to highlight global poverty and climate change. Via USA Today: Earth Day Network President Kathleen Rogers said eliminating poverty will […]

Celebrate 'Diversity' by Having Girls Wear Muslim Head Scarf?

But the principal meant well so it’s OK.

Yee-Hah: Open Carry Coming to Texas

by Michael Walsh

“Historic” progress on gun rights in Texas.

'Fundamental Transformation' Taking America Down a Peg Economically

by Michael Walsh

We’re no longer No. 1 – not that that’s a bad thing.

ISIS Claims Car Bomb at U.S. Embassy in Kurdistan

Harf: “I think that Iraq remains a dangerous place. Many parts of it do.”

Celebrate Diversity! New White House Social Secretary Is Hip-Hop Expert

by Michael Walsh

“Deesha shares our commitment to a White House that reflects America’s history, highlights our culture and celebrates all Americans,” said Obama.

Perry: 'We Saw a Crazy Man Walk Into the White House...'

Oh, you mean the fence jumper: “I know somebody will take that wrong.”

Delusional Nonentity Totally Serious About Presidential Run

by Michael Walsh

George who?

Low Bar: Scott Brown Says Hillary Would Be Better President than Obama

My shampoo is a better president than Obama.

Did FBI Director Mislead on Americans Joining ISIS Before Mid-Term Elections?

In October, he claimed “about a dozen” U.S. fighters were in Syria. Now we’re told 180 — with 40 already having returned.

PA President 'Abbas Awards Medals of Honor to Fatah Terrorists

by The Tatler

Three “martyrs” to be honored on Palestinian Prisoners Day.

Junior Wing of Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Party Rallies to Dear Leader's Side on 'Free Trade' Enabling Act

by Michael Walsh


They're Not 'Migrants,' They're Invaders

by Michael Walsh

Cultural suicide is precisely the goal the Left wishes for what we used to call civilization.

Italian Police: Muslim Migrants Threw Christians Overboard in Crossing from Libya

Fifteen charged with murder in Sicily. The victims “professed the Christian faith while the aggressors were Muslim.”