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‘Public Employees’ Livin’ High On the Hog at the University of California

by Michael Walsh

Your tuition dollars at work.

‘Migrant’ Invasion of Britain Temporarily Halted at Calais

by Michael Walsh

“England is good. All, everybody knows that,” said a 25-year-old Sudanese migrant who gave his name only as Mohammed.


Joe Biden for President?! Hillary Clinton Is a Weaker Candidate Than You Think

by Michael van der Galien

The ultimate proof? Joe Biden may throw his hat in the ring.

Marines Ready to Deploy F-35B Fighter

The most expensive weapons system in the history of the Pentagon.

Huckabee’s Radical, Extremist Proposal on Abortion

Using federal troops to defy the Supreme Court and stop abortions would be unprecedented.

Donald Trump’s Election Platform Summarized

by Michael van der Galien

I’m rich and everybody else is an idiot!

Illegal Aliens Overwhelm French Port of Calais

The human wave continues to disrupt traffic under the channel.

Animal Psychic Contacts Cecil the Lion; His ‘Profound’ Response Moves Her To Tears

by Debra Heine

You’ll be happy to know that the majestic creature is humble and magnanimous even in death.

How the Iranian Nuclear Deal Fails to Keep North Korea from Aiding Iran’s Program

Claudia Rosett testifies before Congress. A must-read.

Chechen Terrorists In Syria Have Obtained U.S.-Provided TOW Anti-Tank Missiles

Is there a terrorist group in Syria that DOESN’T have our TOW missiles?

Don’t Worry, TrumpMania Will Fade Away

by Michael van der Galien

What has me far more worried than Trump’s meteoric rise to the top of the polls is the GOP’s reaction to it.

Finally: Some Common Sense About Cecil the Lion

by Michael Walsh

Like everything else wrong with Zimbabwe, it’s Mugabe’s fault,

What’s In Those Secret Iran Documents?

by Michael Walsh

Peasants getting restive as Obama thumbs his nose at Congress, rubes.

Cruz to Obama: Let’s Settle This Like Men

by Michael Walsh

“I would be happy to debate him … anywhere in the country in the next 60 days,”

IAEA Refuses to Brief Senators on Iran Deal, Even in Classified Setting

Menendez: “We are putting an enormous part of the national security of the United States in the IAEA.”

Will the Army of Internet Avengers Ever Get Outrage Fatigue?

The over the top campaign to destroy the lion killer.

White House Preparing Response to Petition to Extradite Lion-Killing Dentist to Zimbabwe

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service looking for but can’t find Walter Palmer, DDS.

Obama’s New War Against Government Watchdogs

Deliberate Erosion of Accountability

Tragic, Really: Bin Laden Family Members Die in Air Crash

by Michael Walsh

Osama’s stepmother, half-sister and brother-in-law.

Gun Used in Garland, TX, Terror Attack May Be Linked to Fast and Furious

And the Justice Department is covering up the connection.

Turkey Bombs Kurdish Village, Killing 10 Civilians

by Debra Heine

Obama gave Erdogan the green light to bomb the Kurds in a phone conversation on the 22nd of July…

Cry Baby Dana Milbank: 'Ted Cruz Bullied Republicans for Years'

by Michael van der Galien

And he’s terrorizing people!

MSNBC's Cancelled Alex Wagner's Final Word an Expletive

“Oh my God, that was massive. Woo! Sh*t.”

Clinton Camp Releases Letter from Her Doctor, Tax Records and List of Pricey Speeches

She’s doing yoga and vowing to take a fair share from rich people such as herself.

CMP's David Daleidan Tells CNN What StemExpress Is Hiding

by Debra Heine

God help us….

Remember That 'Hilarious' South Park Episode Where Christopher Reeve Eats an Aborted Baby?

What if baby parts could cure…malnutrition?

Cecil the Lion Prompts Legislation to Curb Importation of Animal Trophies

Would extend restrictions to animals proposed for listing under Endangered Species Act — including African lions.

Education Department Admits It's Violating Law with Prisoner Pell Grants

And it’s something that, if they went to Congress as required, would likely pass.

In Michigan, Bad News for Unions with Hands in Workers' Pockets

by Michael Walsh

State supreme court upholds right-to-work for public employees.

Email Troubles Not Going Away for Dowager Empress of Chappaqua

by Michael Walsh

Secret information from the FBI, the DNI and the CIA as well as a spy satellite agency.

Socialism: Fails Every Time It's Tried

by Michael Walsh

More “bad luck” for Venezuela as the phones go out.

Report: Al-Qaeda Kills Five Members of Obama's 54-Man Syrian Rebel Army

This strike comes after Tuesday’s abduction of the group’s commander and other fighters.

For Zimbabweans, Outrage Over a Dead Lion Is a 'First-World Problem'

by Debra Heine

“Why are the Americans more concerned than us?” More: White House Preparing Response to Petition to Extradite Lion-Killing Dentist to Zimbabwe

The Purge of the Viewer-less Begins: MSNBC Nukes Ed Schultz, Alex Wagner and 'The Cycle'

Their viewer is very upset.

Senate Passes 3 Month Extension of Highway Bill - Export-Import Bank Remains Expired

by Debra Heine

“This Fall, no doubt, the Washington Cartel will make yet another run at reviving Ex-Im,” said Senator Ted Cruz.