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ISIS Claims Responsibility for Garland Attack, Vows ‘What’s Coming Will Be Even Worse’

Homeland Security secretary doesn’t talk about the threat, but about tolerance.

Kerry Becomes First Secretary of State to Visit Somalia, Doesn’t Leave Airport

Takes break from elephant selfies in Kenya for three-hour drop-in.


In Other News, Finland About to Go to War with Russia

by Michael Walsh

Suomi lets 900,000 reservists know they may be needed if the Bear gets frisky.

America 2015: General Cashiered After ‘Indians’ Figure of Speech

by Michael Walsh

Maj. Gen. Michael Keltz told an accused officer that he appeared “drunker than 10,000 Indians” in a photo of him and another airman.

Controversial Georgia Sheriff Shoots Woman, Initially Refuses To Cooperate In Investigation

Victor Hill, the sheriff of Clayton County, just south of Atlanta, is no stranger to controversy. In 2013, he faced 25 charges of corruption amid allegations that he used his office for personal gain between 2004 and 2008, but a jury acquitted him of all charges. Last weekend, the popular sheriff stepped into another controversy […]

Red China has not become the Red Baron-Yet

The Chinese air force is just not as obsolete as it used to be.

The One Disruptive Tactic That Can Recover Our Constitution: Controversial New Book Has Practical Plan

At the very least, Charles Murray earns every penny of your investment of time and money. And perhaps, he’ll earn your allegiance to a plan that just might work.

Report: MSNBC Shows of Alex Wagner, Ed Schultz, and Chris Hayes Facing the Axe

by Debra Heine

The new NBC honcho said to be “underwhelmed” by their story pitches.

Earnest on Obama Reaction to Texas Attack: ‘No Form of Expression That Would Justify Act of Violence’

“We have seen extremists try to use expressions that they considered to be offensive as a way to justify violence…”

The ISIS Penal Code, Including Penalty for ‘One Who Kills Merrily’

Killing, crucifixion, stoning, chopping of hands and feet from the Islamic State judiciary.

DNC Tries to Give Love to Hillary on Bernie’s Big Day

Pre-emptive strikes against Sanders wooing away the left flank?

The Foot in Mouth Disease Common Among Middle Class White Chicks

What’s a hypocrite?

The Gaslighting of America: No, Police Shootings Are Not Way Up

by Michael Walsh

“When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.”

The Ben Carson Candidacy: What Distinguishes Him Aside from Race?

Would we even be talking about a white guy with the same resume?

LIVE BLOG: Apparent Terror Attack in Dallas Targeting Free Speech Event

Shots fired outside Muhammad Art Exhibit event featuring Dutch politician Geert Wilders

Nepal Proves the Bureaucratic Mindset is Universal

Massive amounts of food and medicine piling up at the airport.

How Will the Republicans Combat Vagina Politics?

Time to put race back into the race.

Video: Small-Town Councilman Goes to Restroom, Forgets to Take Off Microphone

Why did this video go viral?

Saudi Oil Minister: Allah Sets the Price of Oil

by The Tatler

He’s “not worried.”

Hillary to Call for 'Full and Equal Path to Citizenship'

by The Tatler

Let’s see who can pander hardest to the Hispanic voting bloc.

Seattle $15 Minimum Wage Killing Jobs, Hurting Students

Surprise, surprise. Artificially hiking wages hurts the people it’s intended to help.

The White Man's Piggy Bank: Haiti and the Clintons

by Michael Walsh

“You see the Clintons at every level.”

Culinary Tips from Kofi Annan: Eat More Bugs

by Michael Walsh

And stop global warming!

Ever Notice Terrorists and the Media Always Have the Same Target?

They love to punch down.

Can't Sharpton Help?: Mother of Cleveland Teen Killed by Police Living in a Shelter

“She could no longer live next to the killing field of her son.”

Pamela Geller: Freedom of Speech Was Targeted Last Night (Video)

by Debra Heine

“We will not abridge our freedom of speech in order to not offend savages.”

Senator's Review of Base Sexual Assaults Finds More Than Half Targeted Military Spouses, Civilians

Gillibrand notes “alarming rates of assault among two survivor groups not routinely counted in DoD surveys.”

Meet the Big-Government Republicans Who Back Increased NIH Funding

by Liz Sheld

You want the same government that could not successfully launch a website for its healthcare program to save humanity? Really?

Carly Fiorina Announces Presidential Run on ABC

“I think I am the best person for the job…”

Media Knives Out for Dr. Ben Carson

by Michael Walsh

Good doc getting the McCain treatment from an MSM that used to love him.

Texas Attack Is Yet Another Case of 'Known Wolf' Terrorism, Suspect ID'd as Elton Simpson of Phoenix

2nd shooter identified as Simpson’s roommate, Nadir Soofi

Ohio Gov. Kasich on Medicaid Expansion: 'It's My Money'

Flashback 2010: “I was in the Tea Party before there was a Tea Party.”

A Triumph for Feminism: Woman Flunks Fitness Test, Gets Firefighter Job Anyway

by Michael Walsh

The next time your building catches on fire, New Yorkers, don’t call a fireman. Call a lawyer.

O'Malley to Make Virtue Out of Necessity

Martin O’Malley to announce his presidential bid in Baltimore — the city he helped ruin.

Harvard Law School Students Are in Distress Over Evil Cops

“Your peace is violence.”