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Cruz: Schools that Boycott Israel Should Lose Federal Dollars

A warning to universities who may think of adopting a BDS policy.

Pelosi: Pope Probably Wouldn’t Agree with Rubio on Religious Freedom

And why she thinks that a woman president will put her party back in congressional power.


Can the Taliban Five Be Kept from Leaving Qatar?

White House discussing “the kind of steps that we believe are important to protecting the American people.”

Same-Sex Marriage: North Carolina Gov. Vetos Religious Liberty Bill Protecting Magistrates, Judges

The legislature is considering an override.

Another Retirement-Aged White Person Will Run for Party of Youth and Diversity’s Nomination

Finally, some 62-year-old young blood.

Guess Which GOP Candidate Gives Chris Matthews a Thrill Up His Leg

The left’s favorite Republican.

Are ‘Hawks’ the Real Reason for ISIS?

Why people get upset when Rand Paul talks this way.

O’Malley Keeps Trolling Opponents with Youth and Hip Guitar Skills

Governor’s announcement coming tomorrow.

Is Texting While Driving the New DWI?

We get it. It’s dangerous. But how draconian do we want to get about this?

From Vox, of Course, the Dumbest Idea for a Holiday Yet

by Michael Walsh

Three cheers for the socialist-anarchists!

Cell Phone? Ankle Bracelet? What’s the Difference?

by Michael Walsh

Your mobile is spying on you.

SHOCK VIDEO: Widespread Support for Sharia and Blasphemy Laws…in Minneapolis

Documentary producer Ami Horowitz finds surprising attitudes in the ground zero of American terror recruitment

Occupy Wall Street Comes to Series Television

A conspiracy by the “top 1% of the top 1%.”

Hastert Indicted on Hush-Money Charges

Former Speaker accused of skirting federal disclosure requirements and lying to investigators.

Pataki Running for President, Makes Declaration in Moderate New Hampshire

“Conservative policies replaced dependency with opportunity in N.Y. I know we can do the same for the U.S.”

Marilyn Mosby to Perform in Baltimore Circus

by Debra Heine

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, welcome to #BlackLivesMatter…

Harf Explains Why Fall of Mosul, Ramadi Were Kinda Different

That “pretty significant setback.”

Santorum: I Know Radical Islam, Can Face Former SecState ‘Very Steeped in Knowledge in That Area’

Running for president again, he’s putting focus on manufacturing and foreign policy.

VSU Flag Stomper Eric Sheppard Apprehended in Tampa (Video)

by Debra Heine

His attorney says Sheppard is “not a threat to the community” and he’s “merely a college kid trying to figure out life under some extraordinary circumstances.”

Revised 1st Quarter Numbers: GDP Didn't Grow After All, It Shrank

The little economy that couldn’t…

News as Melodrama: 'Unprecedented' Flooding by 'Monster Storm'

Texas floods. It’s just our weather.

Menendez: White House 'Conceding on Bedrock Values' of America by Taking Cuba Off Terror List

“The Castro regime is feeling vindicated for 50 years of brutality…”

Frustrated Pilots Vent About Obama's Ineffective Air War Against ISIS (Video)

by Debra Heine

“There were times I had groups of ISIS fighters in my sights, but couldn’t get clearance to engage.”

[VIDEO] J. Christian Adams: Maryland Prosecutor Mosby 'Spanked'?

“If you follow the law in Maryland, the prosecutor may have violated ethics rules about pre-trial publicity.”

New GOP Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum Blasts Obama's Strategy Against ISIS: 'A PR-War, Not A Real War!'

by Michael van der Galien

Pick your target, freeze it, annihilate it.

As Iraq Falls to ISIS, Whose Side Is Obama On?

by Michael Walsh

U.S. knew ISIS was coming for Ramadi, did nothing.

In NYC, Democrat-Commie Coalition Starting to Fracture

by Michael Walsh

“In all of the political circles in the black community, there is a constant discussion about the failures of the de Blasio administration.”

News You Can Use: No Longer Open Season on Basques in Iceland

by Michael Walsh

“The decision to do away with the decree was more symbolic than anything else.”

Chris Christie Declares NJ Will Drop Common Core?

Eyeing VEEP status?

Marilyn Mosby Has a Twitter Problem (Video)

by Debra Heine

Did “the laziest hacker ever” really hack into State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s personal Twitter account?

VIDEO: Actor Answers 'Call to Humanity to Obliterate' ISIS, Fights Alongside Kurds

Describes the Iraqi Shiites like “the French of the Middle East… they just give up.”

Quoting PJM, Mark Levin Slams Obama for Ignoring Shocking Rise In U.S. Terror Arrests

by Michael van der Galien

The Obama administration is putting American lives at risk.

Lead U.S. Nuke Negotiator with Iran Leaving State Department

Is Sherman bound for Clinton’s campaign?

Obama Tells DNC Donors It's 'Liberating' as Second Term 'Concentrates the Mind'

“But ultimately, an eight-year span in the life of a country is pretty short.”

Big Labor Request for Crony Exemption from L.A. Minimum Wage Hike Isn't a Hit

Anyone else having Obamacare exemption flashbacks?