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Customers at Vegan Restaurant Pelted with Meat

Finally, some sanity overseas.

Georgia, a proud nation in the Caucasus that went to war with Russia in 2008, is no stranger to conflict. But a weekend assault by sausage-wielding attackers at a vegan cafe in central Tbilisi is fanning concerns that a simmering culture war could be intensifying.

The attack began Sunday evening at the bohemian Kiwi Café — a popular spot for foreigners and Georgians alike — when, witnesses say, more than a dozen men carrying slabs of meat on skewers suddenly showed up and began pelting patrons with grilled meat, sausages and fish.

Witnesses writing on social media said that customers at the cafe, who were watching an animated science fiction sitcom called “Rick and Morty,” felt intimidated by the men, who refused to leave. The cafe referred to the attackers, some of whom wore sausages around their necks, as anti-vegan “extremists.”

If you’re like me, you are probably surprised any time you read about “sausage wielding attackers” in the news and find out that it’s not a Donald Trump story.

What a difference an ocean makes though, right? Over here, it’s the vegans who turn into food terrorists, usually because they are so hungry. This does, however, seem like waste of good meat. I mean, if I’ve got that much good stuff to eat, I won’t even throw it at people I like. I’m just not very good with sharing. It’s almost a tragic waste to ruin it on a bunch of vegans.

Still, I’d like to see if we can get these guys over here for a PETA convention.