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FEEL GOOD STORY: IRS to Cut Workforce by 2000-3000 Employees

Gosh, say it ain’t so…

The Internal Revenue Service expects its workforce to decline by 2,000 to 3,000 full-time employees during the current fiscal year, the agency’s commissioner, John Koskinen, said.

This decrease in workers will bring the IRS’ total loss to more than 17,000 since fiscal 2010, Koskinen said at a Senate Finance Committee hearing Wednesday.

While the IRS received its first funding increase in six years for fiscal 2016, the agency still has substantial financial constraints, Koskinen said.

Normally we shouldn’t celebrate Americans losing jobs but when those Americans are employed by what’s turned into a private thug enforcement squad for the current president, hey, good riddance.

I don’t know if I am curious or would just be angry to see what a federal behemoth like the IRS considers “financial constraints.”

There was a time when one of the biggest applause lines any Republican candidate for Congress or the presidency could utter involved “ending the IRS as we know it.” I got to hear Jack Kemp say it to a large crowd in the waning days of the 1996 campaign and it was the only thing that electrified a large audience that knew we were marching to a sound defeat. Somewhere along the political way in the last twenty years, the negative connotation that the mere mention of the IRS brought to devoted Republicans went away. The small-government Republicans began having a weaker voice during that time too, which is pretty much how we got to the goat rodeo dumpster fire of a primary we’re experiencing now.

Maybe it’s time to make the tax collectors the bad guys again.