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'CNN' Upset That Legal Items Like Bullets are Available for Purchase

That pesky Constitution…

Under federal and many state laws, the same people prohibited from buying guns are prohibited from buying bullets. But virtually no systems are in place to enforce that. In 46 states, anyone can walk into a store — or click on a website — and buy bullets, no questions asked.

Earlier this week President Obama announced a series of executive actions on gun control — a frank acknowledgment of the political impossibility of getting even the most modest gun background check bills through Congress. The idea that states could enforce background checks for those buying bullets seems far-fetched.

Not so in California. “If someone isn’t allowed to possess ammunition, we should probably make sure they can’t buy it,” says Yashar Hedayat, a spokesman for Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, who is spearheading a new effort on ammunition purchases.
That effort, the Safety for All Act, would require a background check for anyone seeking to buy bullets, using the same system as the existing one for guns. The proposed new law includes several other gun control provisions, including new regulations for ammunition dealers. The state — plus 44 others and the federal government — currently has no licensing or regulation for those who sell bullets.

“We’re not being hyperbolic when we say that a daycare center could sell ammunition,” Hedayat says.

My, my…where to begin?

Let’s start with that last line. The anti-gun crowd lives on hyperbole, and almost all of it is false. Sure, a daycare could sell ammunition if it had a retail license. It could also be a front for an al-Qaeda sleeper cell or a child pornography ring. The point is that the statement is pointless.

If the gun laws (of which there are plenty) are working and being enforced, why worry about someone purchasing bullets? Are they firing them from their finger pistols?

There are two things going on here. The first is that CNN is engaged in a full-fledged PR offensive to sway opinion on Obama’s gun control fever, which we’ve repeatedly pointed out here is out of sync with the American public. It’s important to Obama, so it’s important to the MSM.

How important? So much so that CNN is taking a break from its Trump 24/7 ratings whoring coverage to give Obama an assist.

The second is creating a discussion that aids in the incremental, peripheral attack on the Second Amendment. If they can’t go after the guns directly, they’ll go after the ammo. Or the medical records. Or the social media rhetoric (trust me, that’s coming).

Expect more of this on a variety of topics in the next year. This president’s tenure has been a gasoline soaked barn fire and the press will be working overtime to make it seem like a success and give him a legacy that doesn’t exist in the real world.

Happy New Year.