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Obama Gun Grab FAIL: Majority of Americans Now Oppose 'Assault Weapons' Ban

So much for that…

A majority of Americans oppose banning assault weapons for the first time in more than 20 years of ABC News/Washington Post polls, with the public expressing vast doubt that the authorities can prevent “lone wolf” terrorist attacks and a substantial sense that armed citizens can help.

Just 45 percent in this national survey favor an assault weapons ban, down 11 percentage points from an ABC/Post poll in 2013 and down from a peak of 80 percent in 1994. Fifty-three percent oppose such a ban, the most on record.

This should be good news for fans of the Second Amendment, as it shows that President Obama’s relentless anti-gun agenda isn’t working. As we have pointed out here many times, he keeps getting handed defeats on the gun issue because he really doesn’t grasp just how out of step his position is with mainstream America.

Don’t expect this poll to change things.

Yes, this should be good news for the Second Amendment proponents, but it will more than likely make the president overreach even more when he gets around to taking executive action. He’s incredibly thin-skinned and doesn’t like to be proven wrong. Faced with the fact that his anti-gun, um, jihad is having the opposite effect, he’s probably going to act out.

Then we’re going to need an adult president to take office in 2017 and undo his nonsense.