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Gawker: Forget Terrorism, Income Inequality and Climate Change Are Only Important Issues

If they weren’t so loathsome, I’d be embarrassed for them.

During this election season, you will hear candidates argue about lots of things. Only two things are really important.

Over the course of the next 11 months, here is what you will hear presidential candidates arguing about at length: ISIS; Islam; Mexican immigration; Obamacare; the Iran nuclear deal; gay rights; crime; Black Lives Matter; flat tax proposals; oil prices; charter schools; medical marijuana; Wall Street; abortion; Russia; Israel; guns; and Guantanamo Bay. You will also hear many in the press discussing what the candidates wear; their hairstyles; their accents; the internal management of their campaign staffs; their likability; their poll numbers; their debate performance; and other superficial and subjective measures of winning and losing that keep the political pundit class employed.

Some of these issues are distractions. Many of them are important. All of them are secondary. There are two real issues of primary importance facing America and the world today—two issues that lie at the foundation of many others. Two issues which must be addressed in a meaningful way if we hope to live in a just and thriving nation in the long term. They are economic inequality, and climate change.

Dealing with the progressive left is, on its best days, like listening to a not-too-bright first grader who has already gotten too many participation trophies and fancies himself smart and special based solely on the input of his mommy. The unearned self-importance is sad to watch and the dumb kid’s priorities are always out of balance with reality.

A person who thinks ISIS, Russia and the Iran Nuclear Giveaway Deal are “secondary” to climate change hysteria is not a serious, or very intelligent, person.

The income-inequality nonsense is prioritized because wealth redistribution is the cornerstone of what these leftist loons want to achieve. They won’t be happy until everyone who makes more money is destroyed. They’ll be broke then, but they get those six or seven seconds of happiness before they realize what they’ve done.

That this piece was written isn’t a surprise. What’s worrisome is that this no longer represents a fringe of the Democratic Party. The small-business-destroying socialist redistribution model holds a prominent place in the campaign rhetoric of the party’s front runners.

The lunatics long ago grabbed the keys to the asylum. The problem with the Democrats is that they are forcing the few remaining sane people in the party to move into the nuthouse and undergo ideological electroshock therapy.

These people simply cannot be allowed to win the White House again in 2016.