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If Joe Biden's Dark Inauguration Plan 'Sets the Tone,' He Is Not the Lightbringer He Promised He Would Be

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

For a candidate who encouraged Americans to embrace hope, not fear during his nomination acceptance speech, Joe Biden is making an odd choice for the eve of the inauguration. According to Axios:

To set the tone for his inauguration the next day, President-elect Biden will lead a memorial to remember and honor lives lost to COVID-19, with church-bell ringings and light shows across the country on Tuesday, Jan. 19, at 5:30 p.m. ET.

To set the tone? Sounds like the most macabre inauguration ever. I am old enough to remember when Joe Biden said this election was a choice between darkness and the light. He posited himself as the candidate of light but now tells us our darkest days are ahead.

Biden says he will exert pressure on governors and local leaders to mandate masks for 100 days—even though more than 90% of Americans already wear masks. His team has also come up with some truly whacked-out ideas for distributing the vaccine. It is almost like they don’t want to solve the problem and keep blue-state residents isolated and with their faces covered for the foreseeable future.

The obvious choice is to give vaccines to people over 65 and those with preexisting conditions. Protect the vulnerable and let everyone else move on. Instead, his staff members have advocated giving it to frontline workers for “equity,” and in New York, they are even giving it to those in drug-addiction rehab first. These groups both have average ages well below the high-risk pool, and those who are at risk could be vaccinated simply using the age-based approach.

However, if Biden wants to be comprehensively dark, he should add those who have died due to lockdowns. One analysis of CDC data shows an excess of over 100,000 deaths between 25 and 44. This age group makes up only 3% of deaths due to COVID-19.

Forty states have also noted an increase in opioid overdoses in 2020. This is despite a 37% reduction in opioid prescriptions since 2014. Not only did China export a virus that caused the very conditions that make drug use and deaths of despair more likely, apparently they are still shipping fentanyl as part of the policy of unrestricted warfare.

These analyses do not even begin to contemplate the concern many medical providers have over delayed screenings for diseases that can be treated effectively if caught early. Tests like mammograms, colon cancer screenings, and others were skipped due to COVID-19 fears. One study showed that routine cancer screenings declined 86%-94% year over year as of May.

Maybe Biden would even like to apologize to the millions of Americans who could not mourn the passing of loved ones from COVID-19 or something else. Some people have been waiting for months to mourn the passing of loved ones. My own family has delayed mourning one lost due to Parkinson’s and a fall. Miraculously, unlike so many others, this was not listed as a COVID-19 death. Leaders in Minnesota and Washington are now questioning deaths from COVID-19. The CDC’s own data lists thousands that occurred in otherwise terminal patients and as a result of other causes and accidents.

Finally, Biden might want to take a moment to mourn all of the children irrevocably hurt by the lockdowns. We will not understand the long-term implications of increased rates of depression and anxiety in those under the age of 25 for years to come. The country will also be dealing with a learning gap on a regional and socioeconomic level unlike any it has ever experienced. Where schools are open, children are doing well and learning. Where they are not, failure rates are skyrocketing.

Presidential Inauguration Committee Communications Director Pili Tobar said, The inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris represents the beginning of a new national journey.” In reality, it seems like it will just drag us down the same path of fear and isolation that the corporate media and Democrat leaders hyped for nearly a year.

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