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Stanford Student Who Vowed to ‘Physically Fight Zionists’ Resigns From Campus Post

Hamzeh Daoud is a Muslim student at Stanford University. He recently vowed:

im gonna physically fight zionists on campus next year if someone comes at me with their ‘israel is a democracy’ bulls***. :) and after i abolish your ass i’ll go ahead and work every day for the rest of my life to abolish your petty ass ethnosupremacist settler-colonial state.

If Daoud had been a member of the College Republicans vowing to “physically fight Leftists on campus,” or a Jewish student vowing to “physically fight Palestinians on campus,” he would have immediately been expelled without a second thought.

However, Daoud’s views coincide with those of the Leftist academic establishment — including, no doubt, the administration and faculty of Stanford University — so expulsion wasn’t even on the table. He has, however, “resigned,” apparently under pressure, as a resident assistant.

And this has the budding Leftist propagandists of the Stanford Daily, the university’s principal student paper, in tears.

For Daoud, you see, “apologized for the impact of the original Facebook status — which was later revised to clarify that he does not actually support violent behavior.” He was, the poor victim, “projecting [his] own trauma onto others in a way that is never acceptable.” He was snared by “a vehement statement issued by the Stanford College Republicans (SCR),” and there grew to be “widespread concern about the College Republicans’ aggressive rhetoric toward Daoud.”

The SCR has, we are told by the Daily, been “engaging in vindictive and harmful targeting of Stanford community members for years.” And “while Hamzeh recognized the pain caused by his post, the SCR has never apologized for the students they expose to hate mail, death threats and cyberbullying.”

This is a Goebbels-like inversion of reality.

Hamzeh Daoud, not the Stanford College Republicans, threatened violence. If the SCR did not call for or condone “hate mail, death threats and cyberbullying,” then they have nothing for which to apologize.

According to the Daily, “after an ‘extensive case assessment,’ the University concluded that Daoud ‘does not pose a physical threat to other members of the community.’” However … supposedly “this case has also raised concerns for Daoud’s safety.”

“[T]he Students for Justice in Palestine at Stanford, Jewish Voice for Peace at Stanford and International Socialist Organization at Stanford criticized the University for failing to protect Daoud from ‘politically motivated harassment’ from the College Republicans and other groups that galvanized to push for his removal.”

This jihadi/neo-kapo/Socialist triumvirate continued: “[W]hile Stanford claims that its priority is to protect students from violence, we reiterate that this campaign against Hamzeh was not a sincere response to a legitimate threat, but rather the coordinated defamation of a beloved friend, ally, and leader in our community.”

“Coordinated defamation”? Did the Stanford College Republicans forge the Facebook post in which Hamzeh Daoud vowed to “physically fight zionists on campus”?

One would get the idea that the College Republicans had called on people to “physically fight” Hamzeh Daoud based on the Daily’s behavior: “[T]he University reported that Daoud has faced death threats as a result of this incident … the Daily sent SCR members numerous questions about the incident, including one asking about their reaction to Daoud’s numerous death threats. The organization did not respond.”

Good for the SCR. They shouldn’t dignify the inquiry.

The Daily has turned reality on its head. It absolves Daoud of any responsibility for his words that actually threatened violence, and holds the College Republicans responsible for alleged death threats, although they never threatened or called for violence at all. If “the University” can conclude that Daoud “does not pose a physical threat to other members of the community,” it should also conclude the same about the Stanford College Republicans. But of course, it won’t — because it agrees with Daoud, and hates the SCR.

Apparently, the poor victim Daoud is “entering trauma-based therapy with the Counseling and Psychological Services Center at Stanford.”

What trauma? The strain of making physical threats over spurious claims of Israeli atrocities to students who had nothing to do with those atrocities-that-never-were in the first place?

“Norcliffe Resident Fellows Jack and Nancy Kollmann, both professors at the University, said that they found Daoud ‘caring and inclusive.’” The poor lamb. Next they’ll be hanging posters of poor Hamzeh on Gaza streets.

Here is the Stanford College Republicans’ statement. It contains this important point that is lost on the indoctrinated Leftist bots of the Stanford Daily (They quoted it in an earlier form only to highlight the typos, while obviously missing its truth):

[T]his story supports the unsurprising fact that leftists who argue against racism and hate speech are actually the harborers of hate themselves.

Yes, they are. And Stanford University should be ashamed of itself for allowing this sort of thing to go on without even attempting to inject a voice of sanity.

After my speech at Stanford was forcibly disrupted by administrators and fascist students, I called on Stanford President Marc Tessier-Lavigne and Provost Persis Drell to resign. They didn’t, of course; they probably were too busy receiving accolades from their peers for ensuring that as few students heard me as possible. This disgraceful handling of the Hamzeh Daoud incident, and the demonization of the Stanford College Republicans, once again reveals how Tessier-Lavigne, Drell, as well as underlings such as Nanci Howe and Snehal Naik, have done nothing less than destroy Stanford University. They have transformed what was once a respected institution into a toxic center of hard-Left indoctrination, incitement, and hate.

The fact that Tessier-Lavigne, Drell, Howe and Naik will not resign now is a sorry indication of how far academia in America has fallen today. Their dishonorable behavior is the norm on college campuses.

Enough is enough. Public funding should be withheld from Stanford and all universities and colleges that do not allow for the peaceful airing of all points of view without threats, stigmatization, marginalization, and worse.

Stanford and other radioactive deserts of indoctrination have fattened at the public trough long enough.