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The White House Claims No One Is 'Stranded' in Afghanistan

The White House Claims No One Is 'Stranded' in Afghanistan
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The Biden White House is pushing a new narrative turn they want the media to pick up on. Apparently, Biden’s disastrously incompetent retreat from Kabul should be celebrated, not used as evidence he is unfit to serve as president of the United States. After all, the evacuation (bug-out) is going swimmingly. No nation has ever evacuated so many in so short a time. Even if we leave a few thousand Americans and few tens of thousands of Afghans behind, we will have gotten most of them out.

So quit your yammering and stop comparing the Afghan airport debacle to the fall of Saigon. This is more like the British evacuation of Dunkirk, where only the heroic efforts of the seafaring race of Brits were able to take the British Expeditionary Force off the French beaches and bring them home to fight another day.

If Churchill could do it, why not Joe Biden?

First of all, Biden is no Winston Churchill. The legendary British prime minister could drink Biden under the table, for one. And while Biden has Irish ancestors, he apparently doesn’t drink — something that would have horrified Churchill who drank all day every day. Churchill would have seen Biden’s teetotaling as a character flaw, not an admirable personality trait (he thought Prohibition was barbaric).

But while Americans in Kabul are pleading to be saved from the Taliban barbarians, Joe Biden and his press spokesperson, Jen Psaki, want us to know there are no Americans stranded in Afghanistan.


Psaki recently claimed no Americans were stranded and the White House confirmed that on Tuesday.

Fox News:

“As the president and his team have made clear, the circumstances in Afghanistan are heartbreaking and we are bringing the Americans who want to come home, home,” the official said.

The official also pointed to Psaki’s widely panned comments in which she pushed back against Fox News’ Peter Doocy’s question on whether the claim that there are no Americans stranded in Afghanistan is the White House’s official position on the matter.

“I’m just calling you out for saying that we are stranding Americans in Afghanistan, when I – when we have been very clear that we are not leaving Americans who want to return home,” Psaki said. “We are going to bring them home. And I think that’s important for the American public to hear and understand.”

So it’s a question of “semantics.” People who can’t get to the airport because they fear for their lives and the fact that Joe Biden will not send any troops to bring them to the airport so they won’t be stranded in Afghanistan aren’t really stranded because we say they’re not stranded.

Got it?

The White House’s doubling down on Psaki’s claim comes amid a firestorm engulfing the Biden administration over the president’s handling of pulling American troops out of Afghanistan that culminated with the Taliban taking Kabul.

A mother trapped in the Taliban-controlled nation described the horrors she witnessed as the terror group patrols the streets and pleaded for help from President Biden to fix the evacuation process.

Biden has set the artificial deadline of August 31 to get all the Americans out because the Taliban is telling him to do so. That deadline bears no relationship to the reality on the ground. It’s been set because the Taliban has a gun to our head, not because the needs of evacuees dictate it. If there’s been a more ignominious moment in U.S. history, it would be hard to find.

Kowtowing to terrorists by leaving our Afghan allies behind to be butchered finishes the concept of the United States as a nation with any moral authority at all. Biden does not carry the burden of ignominy alone. There were plenty of hands that aided in this disaster.

But it was Biden who could have salvaged American honor by standing by our allies and facilitating their departure in order to save their lives.