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Trump Support Propels Susan Wright to the Top Spot in Texas Special Election

AP Photo/John Minchillo

Susan Wright, a Republican activist, and widow of deceased Congressman Ron Wright who died of Covid in February captured first place in the “jungle primary” in the Texas 6th congressional district. Twenty-three candidates vied for two spots in the runoff election in July and Wright finished first by a large margin.

In the battle for the second spot in the runoff, air force veteran and Texas state House representative Jake Ellzey is in a tight battle with Democrat Jana Lynne Sanchez. Ellzey is leading by less than 350 votes with 100 percent of precincts reporting.

Wright had received a late endorsement from Donald Trump which appeared to boost her into a comfortable lead.

Texas Tribune:

Several former Trump administration officials were in the race. One of them, Sery Kim, was challenging for the top spot a few weeks ago but ran afoul of the race police. Mrs. Kim made some generalized remarks about the Chinese people that got her into hot water with the media and those who get outraged for a living at anything anyone says they don’t much like.

Kim says she was speaking of the Chinese Communist Party but do you think that mattered at all? She didn’t even receive a thousand votes.

Another former administration official, Brian Harrison, had been accused by other MAGA candidates of trying to make too much of his relationship with Trump. Harrison served as chief of staff to HHS Secretary Alex Azar, but his campaign advertising suggested he was chosen by the Trump administration to run in the district.

Finally, mention must be made of the NeverTrump candidate Michael Wood, who was the great hope of the national media desperately needing a sign that Trump’s influence in the GOP was waning. Wood was touted as the future of the Republican Party without Trump.

He finished 9th with barely 3 percent of the vote.