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Is Farrakhan to Blame for the Murder of the Capitol Hill Police Officer?

Noah Green

On Friday, Matt covered the attack on Capitol Hill police officers that resulted in one officer being seriously injured and another, William Evans, killed after Noah Green rammed his car into them deliberately. Green was killed when he got out of his car and lunged at officers with a knife.

The anti-Trump crowd on Twitter was primed and ready to go.

Well, Green is black, hates Trump, and didn’t have a gun on him when he was shot. Eh?

We could play this game all day — if he had been a Trump supporter, there would be calls for Trump to be arrested and charged as an accomplice. At the very least, every lefty pundit worth their salt would be blaming Trump for the officer’s death.

So does that mean that Louis Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Islam, should be held responsible instead? Green sang the praises of Farrakhan on his now-deleted Facebook page.

USA Today:

But, he said, Farrakhan’s teaching had been a guiding path for him, calling the extremist leader “my spiritual father” and saying despite his path being thwarted, “Allah (God) has chosen me for other things.”

In other posts, Green shared speeches by Farrakhan and Elijah Muhammad, who previously led the Nation of Islam, and wrote about the end times.

“It was definitely surprising to see all this,” Humphries said of Green’s alleged involvement in Friday’s incident. “But, when I remembered the posts and connected the dots, it kind of adds up now.”

Green’s brother told USA Today that Noah moved to Botswana at one point.

A few months ago, Noah Green moved to Botswana, his brother told the Post. The brothers kept in contact and at one point, Noah told Brendan that “his mind was telling him to basically commit suicide” and said he’d jumped in front of a car, Brendan told The Post. Several weeks ago, Brendan allowed Noah to come live with him after Noah said he was “in a really bad situation.”

The picture of Green that is emerging is of a young man desperately looking to find his way in life. That he was hampered by some kind of mental illness seems obvious. Perhaps he saw his act of violence as one of the “things” Allah had chosen for him.

Louis Farrakhan is no more responsible for Green’s violence than Donald Trump would have been if the left’s fever dreams about the killer had been true. But it’s an interesting case study in the left’s hysterical anti-Trumpism and how their paranoia can make them look so foolish.

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