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Bicycle Hoodlums are Now Terrorizing Bill de Blasio's New York

Bicycle Hoodlums are Now Terrorizing Bill de Blasio's New York
Screenshot from Twitter video showing a gang surround a NYC cab.

Police say a group of about 25 kids on bicycles attacked two vehicles in Manhattan last week, adding to the fear and frustration of New Yorkers who are enduring the lawlessness and chaos caused by the pandemic and Mayor Bill de Blasio’s incompetent administration.

The first attack was on a taxi.

The taxi driver was injured when one of the thugs threw his bicycle at him. And just a few minutes later, the gang waylaid a BMW with a 70-year-old female passenger.

New York Post:

The brazen assault took place not in the dead of night, but at 4:30 in the afternoon — and smack dab in the middle of Manhattan, at Fifth Avenue and 21st Street.

As Max Torgovnick and his mother, who is in her 70s, were innocently driving along, a pack of more than a dozen young bikers suddenly set upon their BMW, surrounded the car and pounded on it.

One smashed a bike on top of it. Another vaulted onto the hood, then pounced on the windshield until it partially caved in.

Even the weary and jaded police have been outraged by the assaults.

“This was an animalistic attack in broad daylight,” fumed one Manhattan cop. “It shows how far the city has deteriorated, and the politicians better get their heads out of the sand and start to deal with these problems before there is nothing left.”

He’s right. Murders are up 40 percent this year, and shootings have doubled. Homelessness, vandalism and mental illness have become commonplace on the streets. Now you can’t even drive down the street in the middle of the day without wondering if you’ll be next.

Police arrested a 15-year-old Queens teenager in connection with the assaults but he denies being anywhere in the area. He appears to have a pretty good alibi — a receipt from a store where he bought his mother a birthday present stamped with the same time as the assaults — but the police remain unconvinced.

Lawlessness and mayhem are contagious. Politicians like de Blasio and criminal apologists who want to blame all crime on racism want us to see the chaos as isolated, random acts of violence. That kind of talk only enables more violence and mayhem. It leads to a culture of permissiveness that anti-social criminal elements take full advantage of.

And now, just when we need a strong police response the most, the cops’ hands are tied. All the politicians and activists want to take advantage of the COVID crisis to advance their own agendas, leaving ordinary people to bear the brunt of their foolishness.

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