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'Total Media Blackout' as Antifa Launches Attacks on MAGA Rallygoers in D.C.

'Total Media Blackout' as Antifa Launches Attacks on MAGA Rallygoers in D.C.

Pro- and anti-Trump demonstrators clashed after dark in Washington, D.C., Saturday night following a day-long march by MAGA supporters. After most of the MAGA marchers left the rally, antifa thugs descended on the remaining Trump supporters. An elderly couple with a Trump flag was assaulted and the Proud Boys began to hit back, mixing it up with antifa in the streets.

Andy Ngo captured a MAGA supporter getting sucker-punched by a brave revolutionary. (Graphic violence)

An enraged Trump took to Twitter.

Curiously, the cops showed up late to the riot. Trump scored D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser for dragging her heels in protecting protesters.

Even more curiously, after criticizing the MAGA marchers for not wearing masks, not social distancing, and destroying democracy for questioning the election, the media was MIA as antifa violently assaulted innocent American protesters.

Daily Caller contributor Matthew Miller shared a video of a clash between the Proud Boys and antifa.

An elderly couple, along with women and children, were threatened and harassed by antifa bullies who screamed at them as they were walking down the street. They followed them for half a block before a cop finally intervened.

How brave of them.

Fox News:

Anti-Trump demonstrators allegedly hurled eggs at Trump supporters — or stole signs, hats and banners, and lit them on fire. Videos show them shouting at families, sucker-punching people in the street and harassing an elderly woman carrying a Trump flag.

City police said they’d made at least 20 arrests – three of which involved assaults – but a total count wasn’t expected until Sunday morning. At least two police officers were injured and authorities confiscated seven firearms, according to a city spokeswoman.

They closed off streets and part of Washington’s downtown, already home to boarded up stores and offices.

Watching some of these videos I’m struck by how the thugs employ hit-and-run tactics — running up behind MAGA supporters and pushing them or hitting them when they aren’t looking.

Is this the stuff of revolutionaries? Not exactly willing to die for their revolution if they can’t even stand up to an unarmed, elderly civilian.

(Strong language)

Fox News had extensive coverage, but other outlets didn’t appear very interested in covering the whole story. I guess they’re more interested in ideological purity than in profits.

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