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Chicago Police Promise to Arrest Looters This Weekend—But Will They Be Prosecuted?

(AP Photo/M. Spencer Green, File)

The city of Chicago is girding its loins, preparing for another weekend shopping spree by organized gangs of Black Lives Matter looters. Indeed, it’s “reparations,” don’t ya know.

New York Post:

Ariel Atkins told WBEZ that her group “100 percent” supports the violent looters who trashed chunks of the Windy City on Monday, again repeating her claim that it is “reparations.”

“The whole idea of criminality is based on racism anyway,” she told the NPR station.

“Because criminality is punishing people for things that they have needed to do to survive or just the way that society has affected them with white supremacist BS,” she said.

Her “group” is Black Lives Matter, so we can all expect media and Democrats by the dozens to issue apologies for ever thinking that this collection of criminals, thugs, and misfits was ever a legitimate protest group. And if you believe that apologies are forthcoming, I have a bridge over the Chicago River I can sell you.

Speaking of the Chicago River and the city’s series of drawbridges that connect to the city’s downtown, the mayor has decided to raise those bridges and keep them up in order to prevent looters from descending en masse into the central city.

Pro Publica:

Over the last week, for the second time in three months, Mayor Lori Lightfoot ordered most of the bridges up at night to limit access to the Loop, Gold Coast and surrounding areas after an outbreak of property destruction and unrest.

The move was among a number of measures the mayor announced to protect businesses and reassure residents. But it was the image of the bridges being raised that offered the clearest symbol of Chicago’s divisions.

The Chicago Police Department won’t be caught off-guard this time. They plan to flood the zone with a thousand police officers.


“We want to send a message,” Brown said outside the Chicago Water Tower on Michigan Avenue Thursday evening. “If you come downtown or to anyone of our retail corridors to loot, CPD is doing to arrest you. If someone is attempting to break a window to loot, CPD is going to arrest you. If you’re going in and out of stores in an attempt to loot, CPD is going to arrest you. If you are carrying or transporting merchandise from a store that has been looted, you will be stopped and arrested.”

Brown said police will deploy all tactics necessary to prevent and stop looting – such as deploying spike strips to puncture the tires of vehicle caravanning to an area to the purpose of looting. Two trucks could also be deployed to impound cars, and caravans of looters may be boxed in.

So the cops are going to do their job and arrest you if you loot. But it’s an open question whether you’ll ever go to trial or be prosecuted at all. That’s because of Chicago’s nitwit state’s attorney, Kim Foxx.

Foxx is one of George Soros’s crusading state’s attorneys who favors no bail, no trial, and no questions for all but the most violent criminals. She sees the looters like the BLM organizer sees them — taking what’s owed. During the first round of unrest in the spring, the cops arrested dozens of rioters, looters, arsonists, and disturbers of the peace and she promptly threw open the jail door and set them free.

That didn’t sit well with a lot of people.

Fox News:

Alderman for Chicago’s 15th Ward Raymond Lopez, whose office and home have been vandalized in recent weeks, is calling out Foxx after she approved 42 charges, the majority being burglary, amid a second wave of rioting and looting in the Windy City this week.

“This is too little, too late at the moment,” Lopez told hosts Jillian Mele and Todd Piro. “We should’ve been doing felony charges two months ago when the city of Chicago was first rioted and ransacked by these organized looters.”

He added: “Now to say that we’re finally taking action after the second round only sends the message that Chicago does not have a unified crime-fighting strategy because politicians are too busy bickering than they are protecting the public.”

Macy’s department store in Water Tower Place on the Magnificent Mile has been negotiating with its landlord to vacate the premises. They can see the writing on the wall as clearly as everyone else. In the not too distant future, Chicago will devolve into a dystopian nightmare unless the spineless political authorities grow backbones and retake their city from criminals.