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Rep. Omar Paid Her New Husband's Company $600,000 In July

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

“Marital bliss” means more to Rep. Ilhan Omar than it might to the rest of us. The first-term congresswoman and member of the radical-left “Squad” has funneled more than a million dollars into her new husband’s consulting firm.

I guess that’s one way to become a millionaire in America.

It should be pointed out that this was not taxpayer money. It was money donated to her re-election campaign by supporters. But it’s undeniable that Rep. Omar is shamelessly using campaign funds to enrich her family.

There’s no law against paying family members for consulting services, although there should be, but this may be abusing the privilege.

Washington Free Beacon:

Federal Election Commission records released Thursday show that over the first three weeks of July, Omar’s campaign sent $606,000 to the E Street Group, a D.C.-based consulting firm run by Tim Mynett, Omar’s husband. The money accounted for 77 percent of the campaign’s disbursements during that time.

Omar has sent massive sums to her husband’s firm even as her Democratic opponent, Antone Melton-Meaux, significantly outraised her ahead of the primary. The challenger drew national attention with a $3.2 million fundraising haul over the past quarter, six times the amount Omar’s campaign pulled in over the same period despite paying Mynett’s firm large sums for fundraising assistance. Melton-Meaux is also drastically outraising the incumbent in Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District, signaling he may pose a challenge to the “Squad” member in the August 11 primary.

If you were a congressional candidate and hired someone to raise money for your campaign, and then saw your opponent raise six times more than the company you engaged to fundraise for you, wouldn’t that be a justifiable cause for sacking the laggard?

Probably. But then, you’re not sleeping next to the president of the company you would have just canned.

Mynett’s firm is Omar’s biggest campaign vendor. The campaign had already doled out $1 million to the firm this cycle before July. The $1.6 million in total payments accounts for nearly half of Omar’s $3.4 million in net operating expenditures this cycle.

Omar’s new campaign filings also show that the congresswoman raised $407,000 over the first three weeks of July, nearly equal to the $471,000 she pulled in over the previous three months. Omar now has $732,000 in cash on hand. Melton-Meaux, meanwhile, finished the last quarter with $2 million at his disposal. His campaign’s pre-primary report was not submitted at the time of this writing.

It probably won’t matter. Melton-Meaux is down nearly 30 points as of a couple of weeks ago and in this very Democratic district, winning the primary is as good as winning the general election. So Rep. Omar appears to be a congressional-lifer as long as she doesn’t do anything stupid.

Well, more stupid than usual. She famously declared “Some people did something” on September 11, 2001, that resulted in American Muslims “losing access to civil liberties.” That she refused to identify who those “some people” were isn’t surprising. And the fact that people in her own district didn’t rise up and throw her out tells us all we need to know about who she represents in the 5th Congressional District of Minnesota.

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