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Bill Maher: 'I've Been Hoping for a Recession' to Get Rid of Trump

It’s amazing what liberals daydream about. While many of us might imagine wealth, fame, or attractive women (sorry, Zsu-Zsu), Bill Maher dreams of a recession that would lead to massive job losses and foreclosed homes.

Maher: “I’ve been hoping for a recession – people hate me for it – but it would get rid of Trump.”

Josh Barro: “Recessions are really bad. People lose their jobs and homes and we shouldn’t wish for it.”

Maher: “I know. It’s worth it.”

Actually, it’s only “worth it” if Maher loses his job.

Maher also says he agrees with New Age Democratic candidate Marianne Williamson “about everything.”

Daily Beast:

In the days after she became the most-Googled candidate at the first of two Democratic primary debates this week, Marianne Williamson faced sharp scrutiny on her past statements about vaccines and mental health during combative interviews with MSNBC’s Ari Melber and CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

On Friday night, she found herself in the warm embrace of HBO’s Bill Maher.

Maher went on to praise his guest for “going to the root of things” instead of only focusing on the “surface” like her Democratic competitors. “You and I are simpatico on health,” he told her. “What you say is what I’ve always said.”

When Maher brought up mental health, it seemed for a moment like he might take Williamson to task for her claims that antidepressants do nothing more than “numb” people’s pain. But no, instead he said, “I’m with you on this.”

Suggesting that The New York Times has tried to frame her as a “crazy lady,” Maher declared, “I agree with everything.” Noting that she has “criticized the widespread use of antidepressants,” he said, “I’m down with that!” And on the claim that she “called the distinction between ordinary sadness and clinical depression ‘artificial,’” Maher said he believes she has been mischaracterized.

“Sadness is a part of life!” Maher added. “You don’t always need a pill for sadness.”

For the record, a clinical diagnosis of depression involves a helluva lot more than being sad. That is truly idiotic. There are specific changes in the body, as well as brain chemistry that points to a possible diagnosis of depression. When those symptoms are present, a trained clinician would make the determination of whether a patient is depressed or merely “sad.”

Maher is pretty much a kook himself. Wishing for tragedy to strike innocent people in order to achieve a political goal is positively Hitlerian. Hitler made no bones about his desire in 1932 for an economic catastrophe to strike Germany and give him a shot at defeating the incumbent President Paul von Hindenburg.

Nice company you’re keeping., Bill.

Maybe Williamson could name Maher her vice presidential running mate. He’d certainly keep us all entertained.



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