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Trump Notches Another Victory on Immigration

Trump Notches Another Victory on Immigration
Migrants walk along a highway as a new caravan of several hundred people sets off in hopes of reaching the distant United States, in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, shortly after dawn Wednesday, April 10, 2019. (AP Photo/Delmer Martinez)

Over the last several months, Donald Trump has been addressing the crisis at the border by trying to slow the massive crush of humanity looking to enter the U.S. to apply for asylum. He signed a deal that keeps some asylum seekers in Mexico until their U.S. court dates, and has taken other steps to discourage Central Americans from making the long, hazardous trek to the U.S. border.

While Democrats have been slinging hysterical exaggerations about “concentration camps” and “child abuse” at the overwhelmed and undermanned Border Patrol, Trump has actually been trying to make conditions better by attempting to keep the numbers of asylum seekers down.

In that vein, Trump just notched another victory when the U.S. signed a deal with Guatemala that would keep many migrants looking to flood the U.S. border in Guatemala, forcing them to apply for U.S. asylum there.

The Hill:

The arrangement will require migrants traveling through Guatemala to apply for asylum there before continuing on toward the United States.

“This will really help. This is something that is going to be rather incredible,” Trump said.

Trump said he expected to sign similar agreements with El Salvador and Honduras, but did not elaborate.

Further details about the deal were not immediately made available by the White House.

Trump previously threatened to impose tariffs, slap fees on remittances and institute new travel restrictions on Guatemala if its government did not accept the “safe third country” agreement.

Liberals are absolutely horrified at this deal and the “Remain in Mexico” agreement because Trump actually used U.S. power to benefit U.S. interests. The left prefers the Obama method of diplomacy, which was to admit the U.S. is wrong, bow down, and take the criticism about how mean we’ve been, and promise never to do it again.

The agreement with Guatemala was accomplished not because Trump was throwing U.S. weight around, but because the deal is in the mutual interest of both countries:

Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales was set to sign an agreement last week, but backed away at the 11th hour, citing constitutional hurdles.

Despite Trump’s criticisms of Guatemala, the administration as a whole has sought to collaborate with the Central American country in recent months.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a joint statement with the Guatemalan government on Monday stating that the two sides “have entered into several agreements” to address the influx of migrants moving toward the U.S.

Democrats in Congress have been zero help in this crisis. If you listened only to them and the media, you would think there were a million little kids being held in cages being beaten and starved by evil Border Patrol agents. The reality is that the tragedy of having no place to put the children of illegals is not being addressed by Congress and won’t be as long as Democrats see the issues of border protection and the humanitarian crisis as a political club to bash Trump.