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CNN's Wolf Blitzer Can't Name a Single Way that Dems Support Border Security

Trump aide Stephen Miller appeared on CNN’s “The Situation Room” this past Thursday and his interview with Wolf Blitzer quickly degenerated into a shouting match.

At one point, Miller asked Blitzer to name “some of the border security they support.”

Blitzer tried to change the subject.


MILLER: I’m not going to negotiate here on air, but I would answer that question very simply. If Democrats don’t want the government to shut down, support border security. It’s that simple. I heard earlier you were discussing the steel slat barrier, what that’s referring to is the border patrol’s preferred method of building a physical impediment to illegal entry which are…

BLITZER: Are you talking to Democrats right now to come up with a compromise before midnight tomorrow night?

MILLER: The Democrats, all they need to do is support border security and the government will be funded.

BLITZER: The Democrats — Stephen, the democrats support border security. They don’t support $5 billion for a wall.

MILLER: Could you identify, Wolf, for me some of the border security they support?

BLITZER: They all support border security.


MILLER: Like what? They voted against case law. They voted against ending sanctuary cities. They voted against supporting MS-13 gang members, they voted against supporting violent criminals. They voted time and time against a physical border wall to stop illegal entry. I mean, where is the evidence that you keep asserting they’re for border security? They haven’t been. They oppose closing loopholes for asylum.

BLITZER: Stephen, I want to move on to another issue. Stephen.

Blitzer is right. Democrats support some border security, but it’s never enough. Miller is right to assert that Democrats aren’t serious about the issue.

What makes that exchange interesting is that a national correspondent for a major cable news network can’t name a single border issue that Democrats support. They have opposed hiring more border guards. They have opposed most physical barriers on the border while supporting “virtual” fencing. They oppose requiring local governments to assist immigration authorities in arresting illegal aliens — even criminal ones — and want to abolish ICE.

No wonder Blitzer wanted to change the subject with a record like that.