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A New Way to Transgress: 'Invisibility Microaggressions'

For those wondering “What’s Next?” when it comes to new ways for white people and men to transgress against minorities and women, two academics have come up with an answer.


They call them “invisibility microaggressions,” which basically means anything not covered under previous definitions of “microaggressions” — and even perhaps what you thought was being on the safe side — is now covered.

Congratulations, snowflakes. You’ve just made living a normal life an impossibility. (Oh…that word “normal” is a trigger. So sorry.)

The Daily Caller:

Campus Reform reported on Thursday that a recent study by two professors, Jasmine Mena, who teaches psychology at Bucknell University, and Annemarie Vaccaro of the University of Rhode Island, claim that they are the first academics to discover that “invisibility” is a form of microaggressions not previously described in feminist academia.

“There is a growing body of literature that suggests invisibility is a common form of exclusion — or microaggression,” Mena and Vaccaro say. “However, no studies have focused deeply on the ways women faculty and staff experience invisibility microaggressions on college campuses.”

Your BS alarm should be ringing off the wall. First, any academic who “discovers” something not in the physical sciences should be suspected of just making crap up.

Second, any academic who mentions a “growing body of literature” without citing a single source should trigger you. They are clearly BS artists.


The two professors interviewed 13 non-white women at “predominantly white institutions” and found five different forms of “invisibility microaggressions.” Three were “environmental” and two were “interpersonal.”

Publishing their findings in the NASPA Journal About Women In Higher Education on Aug. 29, the professors claim that the environment-based “invisibility microaggressions” occur when they are “among the few, or only” non-whites in a workplace or communal context.

A sample size of 13? I think I’m going to be sick.

Meanwhile, interpersonal “invisibility microaggressions” are said to hinder non-white people in “everyday work roles” because their ethnicity or gender is being ignored or because they don’t see other non-white people there.

Got that? If you’re ignoring a nonwhite person at work, you are guilty of an invisibility microaggression. And if you stare at them or pay them too much attention, you’re a racist.

The professors say that the only way to deal with invisibility microaggressions is for campuses and workplaces to single out minorities and shower them with positive attention, to make them feel less invisible.

Rather than commend them on the merits of their work like any other employee, the professors suggest deliberately selecting non-white women for high-profile awards and celebrate them on alumni magazines, newsletters, and other materials.

The professors also recommend that campus leaders “must be especially vigilant in considering and recommending Women of Color for leadership roles.”


I think I figured out this whole micro-macro-aggression thing. The whole regimen is designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to drive normal people to the loony bin.

Think about it. Anyone who actually takes this crap seriously has got to be mentally unbalanced. To keep it all straight in your head all the time has got to seriously undermine the sanity of normal people. How can anyone cope with so many rules?

Thankfully, I have a solution. I have compiled a directory of microaggressions called “A Guide to Avoid Being a Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Trans-phobic, Triggering Neo-Nazi.” It’s only $899.99 with monthly updates for just $500.

And yes, there’s an app for that.



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