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Trump: GOP Does 'Very Little to Protect Their President' Over Russia

Donald Trump took to Twitter this afternoon to complain about Republicans not having his back on Russia.

Washington Examiner:

Trump’s complaints come as heads clash between the White House and Capitol Hill, particularly on the Russia investigation and the involvement of special counsel Robert Mueller, who the White House has been critical of over the past week. Trump himself also warned Mueller against looking into his financial records as part of the investigation.

The president also reiterated his desire to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act last week after issues continued to plague GOP healthcare reform efforts, including the lack of support for either the Better Care Reconciliation Act or a clean repeal of the ACA.

His call to do so came in a meeting with Republican senators at the White House on Wednesday.

Just what is it the president wants Republicans to do to “protect” him from Robert Mueller’s investigation? Most of them who comment on the investigation echo Trump’s skepticism of its necessity. What else does he want?

Who knows. This is Trump churning up a froth, getting his base angry at Republican politicians. Then, when healthcare reform fails next week, he can blame them all over again.

Calling GOP politicians cowards for not having the president’s back is not exactly the best strategy to get your agenda passed.

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