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Green Party Candidate Late for Rally Because She Went to the Wrong City


The campaign of the Green Party candidate for president, Jill Stein, made one of those gaffes for the ages. The candidate was scheduled to speak in Columbus, Ohio, on Friday but she arrived two hours late because her staff had booked her on a flight to Cincinnati.

Yes, really.

Washington Examiner:

“A little scheduling error,” Stein said. “I wish we had the resources of the other candidates. We’re the only candidate who operates like the American people.”

Campaign team members already at the event made it up to attendees with free pizza. In addition, the 100 people who originally came out blossomed into 150 people as those running late ended up making it in time to the event.

The Green Party nominee later raced off to Ohio’s northern city, Cleveland, for a 7 p.m. rally.

Stein currently polls at 3 percent in a four-way fight against Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson. She would need 15 percent of voters’ support in five select national polls to be eligible to participate in the presidential debates, which start later this month.

This is entirely understandable. After all, most Stein staffers are of the coastal elite variety. They probably don’t know that Columbus and Cincinnati are different cities. They both begin with a “C,” right?

Actually, it’s kind of cool that this cash-strapped campaign sprang for pizza. But if I were that pizza shop owner, I’d make sure I got my money upfront. Radicals are the last people you want to owe you money.