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Listen as Legendary Broadcaster Vin Scully Tears Socialism a New One

Listen as Legendary Broadcaster Vin Scully Tears Socialism a New One
In this photo taken Sept. 23, 2015, Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully is honored before a baseball game against the Arizona Diamondbacks in Los Angeles.The 88-year-old Hall of Fame broadcaster heads into his 67th and final season in the booth. He plans to work opening day in San Diego and all 81 home games in 2016. (AP Photo/Alex Gallardo)

Vin Scully has been broadcasting Dodger baseball games since they played in Brooklyn in the 1950s. The 88-year-old Hall of Fame legend has seen it all and he’s considered one of the best to ever call a sporting event.

On Friday night, Scully stepped out from behind the baseball broadcast booth to offer some choice words about socialism.

Yahoo Sports:

In addition to flawlessly describing the action and seamlessly weaving great stories into his broadcasts, Hall of Famer Vin Scully has never been shy about sharing his opinion on various subjects. Rarely though does he ever venture into politics, but that’s precisely where he went during Friday’s Brewers-Dodgers broadcast.

With Milwaukee third baseman and Venezuela native Hernan Perez at the plate in the top of the sixth inning, Scully offered his take on socialism, which is currently taking hold on Perez’s home country. It’s also strongly advocated by democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

As many are saying now though, Scully clearly isn’t “feeling the Bern”, or the political theory as a whole, as he spoke against its merits in a relatively short but undeniably strong dissertation.

Here’s the text of what Scully had to say.

“Socialism failing to work as it always does, this time in Venezuela. You talk about giving everybody something free and all of a sudden there’s no food to eat. And who do you think is the richest person in Venezuela? The daughter of Hugo Chavez. Hello. Anyway. Oh and two.”

It’s about as strong a statement as you’ll hear Scully make behind the microphone. It certainly had people talking, though for once not everyone agreed with his opinion. Some also did not agree with him using his platform as a baseball announcer to share a political opinion of that magnitude, but we highly doubt Scully cares. Nor should he.

I find it amazing that after 100 years of evidence showing socialism doesn’t work, there are people who still want to install it. The reason for its failures and why modern socialists believe they can make it work is (take your pick) 1) it’s never really been tried, and all attempts at implementing a “truly” socialist state have been halfhearted; 2) the wrong people were in charge — evil, incompetent men ran their country’s economy into the ground and destroyed freedom; and 3) we’re smarter than they were.

But for some, the reason they want socialism is because all those pesky individualists who demand liberty can be silenced in the name of the good of the “people.” It is the nature of man to dominate and control his fellow man — another truth about human nature that socialists never take into account. At bottom, there is no better vehicle for control and domination of your fellow man than socialism.

Thanks for the heartfelt rant, old timer.