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Manchin: 'Bernie Might Be Living Naked in the Trees'

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va) criticized presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ energy policy, saying that most of America would be “naked, living in a tree” if Sanders had his way.

Manchin made his remarks while addressing a meeting of the American Petroleum Institute’s energy forum about the 2016 elections.

“Bernie reminds me of my friend Brian Schweitzer. Schweitzer has always said ‘unless you’re naked living in a tree eating nuts, by God you use energy,'” said Manchin, referring to the former Democratic governor of Montana. “And I think Bernie might be naked living in the trees.”

Sanders is calling for a nationwide ban on fracking just prior to the New York primary. But those Democrats from states with fossil fuel industries are moving toward the more “energy-moderate” Clinton.

That’s not to say Manchin is in agreement with Hillary’s energy policies either.  “I don’t agree with the things she’s saying,” said the senator.

But former Senator Mary Landrieu is endorsing Hillary because she is more friendly to states heavy on fossil fuels.

“I am proudly supporting Sen. Hillary Clinton for president, and believe she is best suited among the candidates on both sides to try to find a middle ground,” the former senator said. “I think she would be more friendly than what we have currently,” Landrieu continued.