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Brussels 'March Against Fear' Cancelled Out of Fear

A planned “March Against Fear” in Brussels was cancelled for Sunday when organizers were asked by authorities to do so out of security concerns.

“We understand this request. The security of our citizens is an absolute priority. We join the authorities in proposing a delay and ask people not to come this Sunday,” the organizers said in a statement on Saturday.

Authorities wanted to postpone the march for a few weeks so they could focus on the victims of the recent terrorist attack.

“We invite the citizens tomorrow to not have this manifestation,” Interior Minister Jan Jambon said.

The purpose of the march was to stand against terrorism and show that the citizens of Belgium would not be intimidated by attacks on their country.

“This week, we, Belgian citizens have been attacked, in how we live, our customs, our rights, our liberty,” they said.

“The first reaction in such events is to withdraw but on reflection, fear must give way to hope and the defense of our values.”

The mayor of Brussels also thought it was best to delay the march. “Let us allow the security services to do their work and that the march, which we too want to take part in, be delayed for several weeks,” Mayor Yvan Mayeur  told a press conference.

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