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Montel Williams Hits Kaepernick for Calling Soleimani's Death an 'American Terrorist Attack' on 'Black and Brown People'

(AP Photo/Danny Johnston, File)

Former NFL Player Colin Kaepernick labeled President Trump’s decision to authorize a drone strike that killed a top Iranian commander as an “American terrorist attack” against “black and brown people.”

Qasem Soleimani, who was behind the deaths of Americans, was killed in Baghdad last Sunday.

“There is nothing new about American terrorist attacks against Black and Brown people for the expansion of American imperialism,” Kaepernick, who started kneeling during the National Anthem as a San Francisco 49ers player in 2016, wrote on Twitter.

“America has always sanctioned and besieged Black and Brown bodies both at home and abroad. America militarism is the weapon wielded by American imperialism, to enforce its policing and plundering of the nonwhite world,” he also tweeted.

TV personality Montel Williams, who served in the U.S. Navy, disagreed with Kaepernick’s statements.

“The notion the Soleimani strike was a terrorist attack on black and brown people for the purpose of enforcing global white supremacy makes little sense to me,” Williams wrote on Twitter.