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KISS Frontman Gene Simmons Dodges Questions After White House Visit

KISS Frontman Gene Simmons leaves the White House on Thursday. (Photo credit: Nicholas Ballasy)

WASHINGTON — KISS Frontman Gene Simmons dodged questions from the press as he left the White House on Thursday.

Simmons was spotted watching President Trump depart from the White House on Marine One. After Trump left, reporters asked Simmons if he met with Trump at the White House. Simmons replied, “Who?”

Simmons was also asked what he thought of Trump’s job performance in office and he responded, “I think the flowers and the trees are just beautiful.”

In 2008, Simmons was a contestant on NBC’s The Celebrity Apprentice when Trump was the host of the show.

Earlier in the day, Simmons visited the Pentagon and met U.S. service members as well as Department of Defense personnel. He also appeared in the Pentagon press briefing room and spoke about how much his late late mother, who was a concentration camp survivor, loved living in America.

“Every time my mother saw the flag she would start crying,” Simmons recalled. “We need to teach young people to be comfortable with saying ‘God bless America.'”