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Things Getting Ugly at the Chunnel as 'Migrants' Attack

With the weather turning nastier, the “refugees” who have been camping out near the Channel Tunnel in Calais in a squalid bivouac known as “The Jungle” have decided to make a rush for Britain:

An AFP journalist saw young men climb on top of trucks heading towards Britain, with some cutting through the tarpaulin covering the vehicles to get inside. Others could be seen helping their friends climb into the back of a white truck. Several people succeeded in their bid to enter the Channel Tunnel site, the journalist said. “Security forces were deployed… objects were being thrown at them, and they had to resort to using tear gas,” police said in a statement.

French patience with this ungodly mess is beginning to run out. As a result, some of the invading “migrants” are heading to Belgium to try their luck:

With security tight around the Calais Jungle, authorities in Belgium said this week that a growing number of migrants are seeking to leave for Britain from the port of Zeebrugge, located some 130 kilometres (80 miles) north of Calais.

Meanwhile, with a British referendum on leaving the EU looming next year — the so-called “Brexit” — prime minister David Cameron has just dropped this bombshell:

Britain to stop migrant benefits if they are harming public services under ’emergency brake’ plan

This will not end well.