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The Arrogant Deep State at Work: Diplomat David Holmes Rolls His Eyes at Republican Jim Jordan

The Arrogant Deep State at Work: Diplomat David Holmes Rolls His Eyes at Republican Jim Jordan
Deep State flunky David Holmes rolls his eyes at Republican House Intelligence Committee member Jim Jordan. Screenshot: YouTube.

Not a day goes by on which the anti-democratic members of the deep state don’t show their true, anti-democratic (with a small “d”) faces. See here the way diplomat David Holmes responded when listening to Republican House Intelligence Committee member Jim Jordan:

Yes, that’s right: he actually responded with a massive eye roll. Note that Mr. Holmes wasn’t elected by the American people to his position at the U.S. embassy in Ukraine, where he serves as a counselor for political affairs. He is an appointed bureaucrat. Rep. Jordan, on the other hand, was democratically elected by the voters in his district.

In a constitutional republic, with a representative democracy like the United States, being a representative of the people is the highest honor citizens can bestow on someone. By rolling his eyes at Rep. Jordan, Holmes simultaneously insulted all those in Rep. Jordan’s district.

This is the real face of the “resistance” deep state. They are so arrogant, it’s truly stunning.

What makes this even worse, however, is how leftists — who are, nowadays, major supporters of the deep state — respond. They think it’s just awesome that Holmes and his colleagues despise the people’s elected representatives:

The Hill website also seems to think that Holmes’ arrogance is just amazing and awesome.

Remember the time, way back when, when leftists were the rebels? When they were the ones decrying the existence of a deep state that supposedly covered up all kinds of crimes? When they were upset that, regardless of who won the elections, America’s (foreign) policies didn’t change?

Those days are no more. The deep state now consists of an alliance between leftwingers and so-called moderates. The one thing these groups have in common? A tremendous disdain for the common people; for those Americans who have real jobs, who love their family, who pay their taxes, and who want politicians, diplomats, and bureaucrats to put America, rather than their own ideology, first.