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Poll: Vast Majority of Tories Say They'll Vote for Boris Johnson as Their New Leader and PM

(Rex Features via AP Images)

On Tuesday, Boris Johnson is likely to become the new leader of the British Conservative Party (the Tories). He was the frontrunner to succeed Theresa May from the day the latter announced she’d step down and he has only garnered more support ever since. That is, assuming that the latest poll published in the Sun newspaper can be believed:

Boris Johnson is on course for a landslide victory in the Tory leadership race, a survey reveals. The hot favourite is expected to clean up nearly three-quarters of votes from grassroots members. It raises the prospect of him entering 10 Downing Street this week with a huge mandate to deliver Brexit by the end of October. Mr. Johnson has won the support of 73 percent of those eligible to vote, according to an exclusive survey for The Sun on Sunday.

If this poll comes close to the actual results, Johnson will have done even better than David Cameron back in 2005, when the former PM received 68 percent of the votes. That would truly be an amazing sign of confidence and hope in Johnson’s abilities to finally deliver Brexit. As one of his allies tells the Sun:

“With every passing day it became clear that Boris was the candidate most likely to deliver Brexit on time – and the one much more likely to beat Jeremy Corbyn in a general election.”

From the looks of it, Tory-voters agree on both points. The only question that remains is: are they right?