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Merkel and Macron Want to Dominate Europe by Strengthening Their Partnership

(AP Photo/Virginia Mayo, Pool)

France and Germany are making plans to further strengthen their partnership in an attempt to once and for all dominate EU politics. The two countries have been partial partners for years, but Angela Merkel is now putting Emmanuel Macron’s plans for EU reform at the center of her coalition talks with the social-democrat SPD.

French Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Jean Arthuis told EuroNews that Merkel will be able to further strengthen Germany’s relationship with France if she succeeds in forming a renewed coalition with the SPD, led by Martin Schulz:

If this grand coalition is formed, I think it will be favorable to Europe.

By “Europe,” Mr. Althuis, of course, means “the European Union.” Somehow, EU bureaucrats have taken to calling the EU “Europe” as if their Grand Project and the continent are one and the same.

He went on:

Strengthening the Franco-German relationship will be good. Also beyond the partnership to the rest of the European partnership.

Although Merkel is being criticized in Germany because is takes her such a long time to form a new government, the German chancellor is clearly willing to make concessions to the SPD. The leader of that social-democratic party, the horrendous Martin Schulz, said at the end of last year that he hoped for a “United States of Europe.” Apparently, Merkel is more than willing to give Schulz what he wants if it means she can stay in power.

And what Schulz wants is … what French President Macron wants: more “investments” in the eurozone and the creation of a ‘Transfer Union.” By this, europhiles mean that prosperity from the richer northern countries continuously flows to the poorer southern countries. The Netherlands, Denmark, and Germany have to foot the bills for France, Spain, and Italy. Macron also wants a shared budget for the 19eurozone countries as well as a finance minister.

This is the “great Europe” Macron has in mind. Because she needs Schulz, Merkel is willing to go along with it and use the combined power of France and Germany to pressure smaller member states into accepting this new grand United States of Europe, national sovereignty be damned.