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Sore Loser Jill Stein Moves for Recount in Pennsylvania

Dear Jill Stein,

You were a non-factor in this month’s presidential election. Nobody was interested in you. You couldn’t get anything done. I’d call you a distraction if not for the fact that truly nobody cared about anything you did or said.

So why are you playing this ridiculous recount game?

Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein is taking steps to initiate a recount in Pennsylvania. Recount requests were filed Monday in more than 100 precincts, according to her campaign.

It’s unbelievable: Before the elections, leftists were all up in arms about Donald Trump saying he might not accept the election results. The man was anti-democratic! He hated “We the People”! He was undermining democracy!

Not accepting the results? The thought alone made leftists go insane.

Yet now that they aren’t happy with the results, it’s suddenly the left that’s calling for a recount and actually taking steps to make it happen.

The hypocrisy is nauseating.

The good news? By resisting Trump’s victory, the left continues to alienate the electorate. And that means that conservatives (and Republicans) can look forward to many more election victories.

Thanks, Jill!