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The Heroic Police Officer Who Risked His Own Life to Shoot a Suicide Terrorist at Istanbul's Airport

People stand outside Istanbul's Ataturk airport, Tuesday, June 28, 2016. (AP Photo)

This man is a real-life hero. Sadly, we don’t yet know whether he made it out in time.

It goes without saying that we can write many terrible stories about the terror attack at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul yesterday. Dozens of people died — at least 36, and possibly as many as 50 — and as many as 150 innocent travelers were injured.

There is a story behind every single one of those deaths: a story that, sadly, was ended prematurely because of the actions of a few radical Muslims.

However, there are also stories about real-life heroes: people who risked their own lives to save others. Just watch the video embedded in the tweet below:

In the footage, you see a terrorist running into Atatürk Airport. Although every single person in the vicinity of the terrorist is running away — who can blame them? — one lonely police officer chooses to stand his ground. He waits around a corner until the terrorist is nearby. Then he shoots.

At the moment the terrorist is shot he drops his gun. Of course, he was still carrying his suicide belt. The police officer saw that the terrorist was a suicide bomber, but still took the time to take him down. Only after he made sure that the terrorist couldn’t shoot anyone anymore and had only his bomb to work with did the police officer do what everyone else did: he fled.

The explosion was tremendous. The officer undoubtedly knew this would be the case, yet he still decided to stay behind and wait for the terrorist so he could shoot him. That’s pure, real heroism for you.

Sadly, I don’t know whether the officer left the airport alive. The terrorist was shot, but was able to set off his bomb only 10 seconds after the officer made a run for it.

Whether the officer survived this or not, let’s keep him and his family in our prayers today. God knows he deserves it.