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New Hampshire GOP Chair Attacks Donald Trump for 'Bombast and Divisive Rhetoric'

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign event at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center on Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2015, in Myrtle Beach, S.C. (AP Photo/Willis Glassgow)

New Hampshire GOP chairwoman Jennifer Horn has abandoned all pretext of impartiality by launching an aggressive attack against Donald Trump. In an interview with the Boston Globe, Horn says:

Shallow campaigns that depend on bombast and divisive rhetoric do not succeed in New Hampshire, and I don’t expect that they will now.

She went on to say that establishment candidates like Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and Marco Rubio are “underestimated” and will almost certainly perform better than most. This despite their disappointing poll numbers, both nationally and in her state:

People are probably underestimating [New Jersey Governor] Chris Christie. And, certainly, [former Florida governor Jeb] Bush is working very, very hard in New Hampshire.

She adds about Rubio that he has been “climbing in the polls lately.”

Well, yes. The only problem is that he’s still 14.6% behind frontrunner Trump. That’s not just a gap, that’s a ravine the size of the Grand Canyon.

As Matthew Boyle points out at Breitbart, it’s rather strange that the woman who’s supposed to represent the entire Republican Party in her state is so aggressively going after the party’s frontrunner. She’s not the only member of New Hampshire’s establishment who goes after Trump, however. Earlier, former state GOP chair Fergus Cullen tried to take Trump off the ballot altogether, arguing that the billionaire businessman could possibly hand the election over to Hillary Clinton.

That obviously isn’t much of an argument to take someone off the ballot, but it goes to show how strongly the GOP establishment fears Trump. The closer we come to election day, the more they’ll do to derail his campaign. Clearly, they’re willing to risk alienating their own voters to prevent Trump from winning.