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School Board Ruckus! NY Elected Official Screams Obscenities at Parents Over Objections to CRT

School board meeting video screenshot.

Critical race theory (CRT) is really unpopular—and that’s an understatement. All over this nation, parents are showing up at school board meetings to tell board members trying to insert anti-white racist curriculums into their children’s classrooms that they will rue the day they do this. Some of these videos are highly entertaining, like this lady vowing to be this board’s worst nightmare now that she’s retired and has nothing better to do than make them regret their decision to ever run for public office.

Today’s boardroom meltdown happened in upstate New York in the sleepy town of Penfield (which is almost all white as most of rural New York is). The Daily Wire’s Amanda Prestigiacomo had the report:

A school board member from Penfield, New York, named William Yaeger called a parent an “a**hole” following public comments from parents who pushed back against mask policy and controversial “diversity, equity, and inclusion” curriculum.

Video shows parent Rich Tyson, who has a daughter in the district, jump on stage and confront Yaeger after he told him, “You’re not gonna stand up here and do anything to me, a**hole.” Yaeger had to be physically restrained by others on the board and the meeting was halted.


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PJ Media reached out to Tyson, the father at whom Yaeger swore. “I walked up there, obviously not to get into a physical confrontation with him, but to hash it out face to face.” Yaeger responded by trying to physically attack Tyson but other board members restrained him. “If they hadn’t restrained him, I guarantee I would have been punched in the face,” said Tyson. Monroe County officers showed up after the event and spoke to Tyson and no one was arrested.

The outburst followed heated public comment where parents let the board know how they felt about the continued forced masking of children despite the state ruling that masks in schools should be “optional” and the CRT curriculum and employee they were intending to vote through that night. A new position was being created for a “co-superintendent” focused solely on CRT and “justice” issues in the school. Tyson says parents were never informed about the intention to hire this person until hours before the intended vote.

The whole thing was so hush-hush that none of the parents even know the name of the intended new employee. PJ Media reached out to school board members asking for more information on the hire but did not receive a response by press time.

School boards should be on notice that CRT is going to mobilize parents to replace any board members set on pushing through this controversial issue in public schools. Tyson promised the Penfield school board members that their days on the board are numbered after this latest outrage against taxpayers.

The board adjourned the meeting after the outburst and told the public to leave. Parents claim the board members reconvened in private after the public left and continued public business behind closed doors, which would be a major violation of open meetings laws. It remains unclear if they voted on the diversity hire or not. If they did such a thing without the public present, it could result in a lawsuit. One thing is certain: parents are fed up with school boards.

Penfield Central School District issued a statement acknowledging that the board member screwed up but they managed to insult Tyson, too. “Mr. Yaeger engaged in a heated exchange with a parent… which led the parent to jump onto the stage in the auditorium where the meeting was being held. The behavior of both parties was unacceptable.” Board President Mark Elledge said, “I want to publicly acknowledge that Mr. Yaeger’s behavior was completely inappropriate.”

As to the “both people are responsible” excuse, Tyson wasn’t the one who had to be restrained and dragged from the room. He also wasn’t the one hurling epithets at the public. That was Yaeger. And blaming Tyson, whose only action was to tell Yaeger to respect the public, is an insult. It’s on tape!

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Both people were not to blame here, just the board member and, frankly, everyone who was involved in trying to hide CRT from the taxpayers until they tried to ram it through in near-secret. Parents are sending a message loud and clear. School boards will not do these outrageous things in the dark anymore. Get ready. This is going to be an epic fight.