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[Watch] Befuddled Biden Steals a Reagan Joke and Gets Wrecked

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It’s sad really, watching Joe Biden slide into mental decline on camera. It is tough to take. While a lot of people are laughing, I’m just getting more annoyed at the people who voted for this guy. Democrats, going forward, should at least choose someone who can land a joke. Charisma is important and Biden has none. Zero. Zip. Negative. 

This was illustrated perfectly at Biden’s speech to Coast Guard graduates where he ripped off a Reagan quip and then butchered it. Here’s a side-by-side of a master and a putz.

The worst part was when Biden then blamed the crowd for being “dull” because they didn’t understand what he was saying. That’s really the issue. The joke is funny but Biden’s delivery was completely confusing. Just awful. No one could laugh at that because it was delivered in a drawn-out discombobulated way that didn’t indicate it was supposed to be a joke.

This video reminds me of the last time Biden got caught insulting soldiers as “slow stupid bastards.” Maybe it’s not senility. Maybe Joe Biden is just a jerk.

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This incident, which you can read about more in Tyler O’Neil’s article here, reminded me of how much I enjoyed our charismatic and witty presidents. Ronald Reagan could always slay a punchline. I remember being in grade school and rolling around laughing with my dad at some of Reagan’s best comebacks during debates or public appearances. We didn’t really see that level of entertainment again until Donald Trump entered the arena.

It’s not a coincidence that the two most charismatic presidents in recent U.S. history were also media stars. After our society became a screen-based world, it became essential for politicians to develop an on-screen presence. This is difficult. It’s why actors go to classes and study the craft because harnessing that energy to entertain and delivering it in an impactful way takes skill. You don’t just stand in front of a camera and read some lines. There’s an entire process to it that actors take years to perfect that requires an exchange of energy. Much like a game of tennis, the energy acts like a volley. The player throws it toward the crowd and the crowd hits it back. It’s a dance that takes cooperation and understanding that can only be managed by a seasoned professional in the art of entertaining. It’s a skill that Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan spent years practicing and perfecting before moving into politics. I imagine Joe Biden can’t even hold court at his own dinner table.

I’m sure some people will snobbily opine, “We want serious people in the White House and not clowns who can entertain the masses.” But what about when you have a serious person who can also deliver his message to roars of laughter? This man or woman is respected on a level that someone fumbling over his lines will never achieve.

Does North Korea tremble before an American leader who can’t even make his own troops chuckle, isn’t quick with a comeback, and is quick to berate the audience for his failure to launch? Does anyone admire the inability to deliver a joke? It’s not a thing. Positive traits about people include: “is funny.” No one puts on their profile: “can’t tell jokes.” You might as well list “boring.”

Politics is evil and dark enough that it should also be in the very least entertaining. There’s nothing worse than being ruled by evil people unless they’re also boring you into catatonia adding insult to injury. I maintain that the most powerful leader of the free world loses that power when he fails in the public speaking/entertaining/funny category. No one respects a hack.

We hammer Obama a lot here, but one of the things we can’t say is that he wasn’t charismatic or funny. He had lots of great moments and was a smooth speaker. It allowed him to have more power than he deserved and covered up a lot of his flaws. He never gave the world the impression that he might not be mentally fit. Whatever your opinion of his policies, everyone agreed he was sharp and energetic. Isn’t that the image we want for a president? Is that a basic requirement? I feel like a lack of charisma should be a disqualifier in the nomination process.

Perhaps I should not give Democrats any help here, because they truly seem to think that this wasn’t a mistake. But I believe it will turn out to be the biggest one they’ve made to date. The sharp contrast between the mental acuity of Biden and Trump coupled with rampant inflation, civil unrest, and gas shortages are setting Biden up to be one of the most hated presidents in history when this is over. But as long as Democrats are allowed to run roughshod over voting regulations and ballot counting, it won’t matter who they nominate. Because if Joe Biden could *win* an election, the Democrats could nominate a potato and get similar outcomes.

I miss Ronald Reagan. I miss Donald Trump. And I’m looking forward to a presidency that remembers why it’s important not to anesthetize the audience.

As a side note: When I went to YouTube looking for good compilations of Donald Trump’s jokes (which used to flood my homepage) they’ve all been replaced by mean-spirited mainstream news clips of Trump out of context. All the independent content creators are hidden. Big Tech is busy erasing history and trying to make you think Trump was never funny, just mean. I had to go to Bitchute to find any of Trump’s fun moments like the one below. Don’t let them gaslight you. This man was hysterically funny most of the time and much of his humor was directed at himself, like this joke below about looking orange. This is genuine humor and wit. If you want to fight back against Big Tech censorship, don’t forget to sign up for our VIP subscriber service and use the promo code below.

*The 2020 election was legitimate in every way even though we weren’t allowed to check.