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Why Is The Washington Post Giving a Fake Pillow Company Free Advertising?

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David Hogg’s pillow project is off to a strange start that you can read all about in Jim Treacher’s latest article here. Hogg is a far-left activist who thinks he can run Mike Lindell and My Pillow out of business by starting his own pillow company. It’s not because he is an engineer who has developed a pillow that he’s passionate about, but because he hates Mike Lindell. This is not a good business model. Watching him flounder around and pretend to start a business is a lot of fun, though.

This fake business venture is illustrative of the way the left thinks about business. They have no interest in entrepreneurship and the kind of sacrifice it takes to get a business off the ground and instead rely on the social justice model of getting what you want. A perfect example of this naivety was when his “business partner” William Legate—another professional agitator—posted a plea to Twitter asking for a “top-tier” graphics designer to help them create a logo for $200. This is the SJW idea of doing business that has no basis in reality. They think they can get a top-tier designer and pay them next to nothing for their work. Predictably, they found someone—based on the logo it wasn’t anyone in the “top-tier”—to do it because this isn’t about making money, but about scoring political points. That’s not a winning formula for a sustainable business, is it?

What Legate and Hogg actually need is a full branding concept that can be tens of thousands of dollars and hours of research and work for a team of marketing people. But they’re only willing to pay $200.

Witty Kitty Digital reports that just a logo alone will cost a small business between $2,000 to $8,000.

Branding agencies normally charge $2,500 to $8,000 for logo design. If you’d like more than three to five iterations, the price will be on the higher end. However, all logo design should come with at least that many logos to choose from and three to four rounds of feedback. Plus, you should receive all .png, .jpeg, and Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop files, as well as logos in white, black, with a transparent background, and a variety of mock-ups.

Why does logo design cost so much? Because crafting a logo is extremely subjective and time-consuming, so you need time built into the budget to customize to your liking. To speed up the process and save money, we always recommend delivering a mood board of logos you like. That will give the design team something to go on and deliver the first round of logos that’s closer to what you want.

The worst part of this story isn’t Hogg’s and LeGate’s shocking lack of business sense and high expectations that are sure to come crashing down, but the fact that the Washington Post is doing an exclusive story on a pillow company that doesn’t exist, sells no pillows, and just got a rushed logo this week for the sole purpose of having it printed in the Washington Post. Why are they doing that? Why is this doomed vanity project newsworthy? Why is the Washington Post doing free advertising for Good Pillow?  WaPo did print a full-page article, “Parkland Survivor David Hogg Launches His Own Company in a ‘Pillow Fight’ with Mike Lindell.” But did he? There’s no product. How do you “launch a company” that has no product? They literally had to get a logo made for this article to print!

The pair have also used crowdsourcing for ideas, asking followers what pillows they like and what color their pillowcases are. Through tweets, Hogg announced members of an advisory board, including Pulse Nightclub survivor Brandon Wolf, civil rights activist Nadine Smith and Project Lincoln committee member David Weissman. They promised that the company will also have a celebrity-studded “influencer network” but have not yet released names of those involved.

The virtual outreach has also spurred concerns for the young founders. Hogg and LeGate worry about overpromising online something that is not deliverable in reality, Hogg said.

If David Hogg ever delivers a pillow to market, check the weather report for flying pigs.

David Hogg’s Pillow Company Is Proceeding Nicely