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VIDEO: PJM's Megan Fox Chases Down Teens Screaming 'F*** Trump' in Crowd of Well-Wishers at Walter Reed Hospital

Teenagers who tried to disrupt Trump supporters at Walter Reed Hospital. Image from YouTube video.

My time at Walter Reed Medical Center on Saturday was full of fun, laughter, and a lot of love (as you can see in previous videos here and here). But it wasn’t completely without incident. At one point, a group of young teen girls went running through the crowd screeching “F*** TRUMP” to disrupt the president’s happy supporters.

I decided to chase them down and try to talk to them like human beings used to do before everyone decided to hate one another. I would like to encourage our commenters to please remember that these girls are minors without life experience or much knowledge to inform their responses. Don’t be too harsh.

WARNING: language NSFW.

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