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Senate Report Links Hunter Biden to Human Trafficking Ring

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File

The Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs has released a report claiming that Hunter Biden was involved in some corrupt and illegal dealings including human trafficking overseas. The report details huge monetary transactions between Biden and foreign sources as well as transactions that went to foreign women linked to prostitution and human trafficking rings.

The Treasury records acquired by the Chairmen show potential criminal activity relating to transactions among and between Hunter Biden, his family, and his associates with Ukrainian, Russian, Kazakh and Chinese nationals. In particular, these documents show that Hunter Biden received millions of dollars from foreign sources as a result of business relationships that he built during the period when his father was vice president of the United States and after. In addition to providing new and descriptive details about the nature, origin and extent of payments from Burisma Holdings to Hunter Biden, the documents acquired by the Committees also shed light on a much broader array of questionable financial transactions involving Hunter Biden, other members of the Biden family, and their associations with foreign nationals. These foreign nationals have questionable backgrounds that have been identified as being consistent with a range of criminal activities, including but not limited to organized prostitution and/or human trafficking, money laundering, fraud, and embezzlement.26

Hunter Biden has been outed publicly for his extra-marital activities with strippers and for his drug use. Page Six reported that Biden was suspected of smoking crack in a strip club, and that strippers had used sex toys on him, among other unsavory things. One of the strippers had to sue him for child support. The allegation that he may have been in some way involved with prostitutes overseas fit with his character and lifestyle of which we are publicly aware. But the link to human trafficking is disturbing, to say the least.

There is extensive public reporting concerning Hunter Biden’s alleged involvement with prostitution services. Records on file with the Committees do not directly confirm or refute these individual reports. However, they do confirm that Hunter Biden sent thousands of dollars to individuals who have either: 1) been involved in transactions consistent with possible human trafficking; 2) an association with the adult entertainment industry; or 3) potential association with prostitution. Some recipients of those funds are Ukrainian and Russian citizens. The records note that it is a documented fact that Hunter Biden has sent funds to nonresident alien women in the United States who are citizens of Russia and Ukraine and who have subsequently wired funds they have received from Hunter Biden to individuals located in Russia and Ukraine. The records also note that some of these transactions are linked to what “appears to be an Eastern European prostitution or human trafficking ring.”

There sure seems to be a lot of Russian collusion going on here and President Trump is nowhere near it. When will the public hearings begin? A quick review of the Google results for news on Hunter Biden shows that only the New York Post reported this story of Biden’s possible links to human trafficking. The other headlines are maddeningly obscure and clearly meant to convince people there’s nothing to see here.

Republican Inquiry Finds No Evidence of Wrongdoing by Biden,” reads the New York Times headline. None? No evidence? That’s not what the report seems to say above, but let’s move on. The Washington Post headline says, “GOP senators’ report calls Hunter Biden’s board position with Ukraine firm ‘problematic’ but doesn’t show it changed US policy.” Fox News’s headline is the most boring of them all, assuring no one will click on it: “GOP-led committees release interim report on Hunter Biden, Burisma probe.” Snore. Fox did mention the trafficking in the story but buried the lede in the headline. Politico says, “GOP senators’ anti-Biden report repackages old claims.” Well, that’s just not true. Did anyone ever report that Hunter Biden was involved in human trafficking? I’m sure that’s new. But don’t count on the mainstream press, even Fox News, to tell you about it.

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